Published Wednesday, June 1, 2011 AT 8:43 AM / Updated at 6:07 PM
Nonconference scheduling update
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Empty spots in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Nebraska football schedules should be filled this summer, NU director of football operations Jeff Jamrog said Tuesday.

The Huskers are “really close,” he said, to finalizing contracts for a number of individual games. Once several agreements are complete, “we’ll make an announcement on all of them.”

Jamrog declined to disclose any of the teams, but did say most of them would be “individual games” with the “potential” for some Division I FCS opponents. NU played one in 2010 — South Dakota State — and one in 2011 — Chattanooga.

The Huskers have two open non-conference spots in 2012 and 2014, and one open spot in 2013. But in each season, NU already has a non-conference road game. Like most teams in a Bowl Championship Series autobid-conference, Nebraska prefers to have seven homes games per season.

So scheduling any non-conference road game before 2016 – when, currently, Wyoming, Fresno State and Tennessee are slated to visit Lincoln – was unlikely.

Jamrog did add that NU had agreed “in principle” to a series with an opponent that included a road game. That series may or may not be announced this summer.

The current nonconference lineups:


  • 09/01 – Southern Miss
  • 09/08 – at UCLA


  • 08/31 – Wyoming
  • 09/07 – at Southern Miss
  • 09/14 – UCLA


  • 09/13 – at Fresno State
  • 09/20 – Miami (FL)


  • 09/19 – at Miami (FL)
  • 09/26 – Southern Miss


  • 09/03 – Fresno State
  • 09/10 – Tennessee
  • 09/17 – Wyoming


  • 09/09 – Tennessee

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  1. Sooner Steve says:

    Filling out opponents for non-conference games in 2012, 2013, and 2014 right now sorta makes the old excuse about not knowing how good teams will be in the future look kinda foolish doesn`t it? Looks like lots more directional schools and techs in the future. If you thought that the Big 12 schools made fun of your scheduling wait until the Big Slow 10 gets a good look at it.

    1. Matt Svoboda says:

      Maybe you are naive, but Nebraska’s non-conference scheduling is pretty much the same as 90% of schools. Does OU schedule tougher? Yes… But even Bob Stoops has recently said that it isnt worth it because it isnt rewarded like it once was. It is called being smart.

    2. cloneofkane says:

      Comparing NU and OU:

      2012 – NU: So Miss & UCLA; OU: Notre Dame
      2013 – NU: WY, So Miss & UCLA; OU: Notre Dame & Tulsa
      2014 – NU: Fresno St & Miami; OU: Tennessee & Tulsa
      2015 – NU: Miami & So Miss; OU: Tennessee & Tulsa
      2016 – NU: Fresno St, Tennessee and WY; OU: Ohio St
      2017 – NU: Tennessee; OU: Ohio St

      Interested in hearing how OU’s schedule is more difficult than NU’s in the next 5-6 years based on what we know now, Sooner Steve… add in the fact that NU will have a significantly more difficult in-conference schedule AND a conference championship game to contend with. That TX pill OU got jammed down its throat must be a bitter one — will be for years until TX blows the conference up once and for all. Good luck with that!

    3. HuskerRog says:

      Hey Steve,

      Do you miss us that much already? Seems strange that you are trolling NU news when we aren’t part of Big 12 anymore. Don’t go away mad, just go away please.

    4. Butch says:

      Steve, you are a dork. Go ahead and root for your Boomers and watch them once again fall short with all of that talent. Too bad Big Game Boob is a flop when the chips are on the table. Take care, y’all.

  2. Matt says:

    BYU already leaked that they are scheduling a series with Nebraska. It looks like there will be one game at a nuetral site or three games (home, away, nuetral). The dates are not yet released yet.

    1. Marcus says:

      Actually, the BYU AD said the Nebraska rumor was absolutely false, and he is not in discussions with Nebraska. His statement can be found on

  3. Danny says:

    Hmmmmm, more FCS teams in the future? I don’t agree with Sooner Steve, but those schedules will look a lot softer once you add those lower division games in there. I wonder what the story is behind that, are teams avoiding us, or are we looking for some lay-up games?

    1. Jack says:

      BCS teams pretty much all try to schedule seven homes games every year, because they need the money generated by that seventh home game to balance their athletic budgets. In a 12-game regular season, Nebraska can’t do a home-and-home series with every opponent and still get seven games at home (that recipe works out to be a six at home, six away schedule every time). A few years ago UNL got its extra home game by scheduling a single game in Lincoln against teams like Utah St. or CO St., giving those teams a chance to play on a bigger stage than usual and receive big checks to balance THEIR budgets. Those teams are no longer willing to do an away game without getting a return game of some sort–sometimes they will do a two-for-one like Wyoming is doing now (WY comes to Lincoln twice and in return NE goes there once). Since they still need that seventh home game somehow, the BCS schools are turning more often to FCS teams that are willing to play a single game for a large paycheck, with no return game required.

      This is the same reason that I’m very skeptical of the rumor about BYU that Matt mentioned above–the notion that Nebraska is going to sign a series with BYU where Nebraska doesn’t get at least one extra home game sounds far-fetched to me. I understand why BYU would jump at that arrangement, but I don’t see the incentive for Nebraska. If Nebraska wants that type of series they would get a bigger bang by arranging something with USC, Oklahoma, Florida St., Alabama, or any of a number of other BCS schools. I suppose M-A-Y-B-E espn could TRY to broker a deal with the promise of putting it on television, but I don’t see that as much incentive for Nebraska either–after all, do you honestly think that a Nebraska-Alabama or Nebraska-Oklahoma game wouldn’t get televised? Nebraska doesn’t need espn to broker a deal to get that type of series on TV.

  4. Marcus says:

    This article didn’t tell us much of anything. At least Jamrog could have mentioned what conferences some of these teams play in. Chances are any FBS school will come from the Sun Belt, WAC, MAC, Mountain West, or Conference USA.

    “Most of them will be individual games” tells me there is at least one series, although it could be two games at home. Perhaps Jamrog is referring to the series that may or may not be announced this summer.
    “The potential for some Division 1 FCS opponents” tells me there is will be one or two of them as well.

  5. Sooner Steve says:

    I guess it`s OK to say that Bob Stoops can`t win the big one. However conference championships are usually considered big ones. Lets see… if you add up all T. O.`s, Frankies, Billy C.`s, and Little Bo Peeps Big 12 championships and multiply by three, (ask a Sooner fan for help) you still haven`t won as many as Bob Stoops in the last 11 years. I realize that I am fighting unfairly by using facts but what the heck. And if we are comparing non-conference schedules just remember that we have an extra game against somebody in our conference not some school that nobody has never heard of. As far as a more difficult in-conference schedule…since when? Most polls have three Big 12 schools higher that any Big 10 schools and that doesn`t count Texas whom you ran screaming from. Instead of whining about them try beating them once in a while. Last I checked games against the Horns are considered big ones but I`m sure that you are excited about Tenn- Chattanooga and whatever 3 Sun Belt schools you have on tap. Have fun with whatever tech school that you are playing while we tee it up AT Florida State.

    1. Michael J says:

      And all of the national media have said the Big XII has gotten easier for Oklahoma, Texas, and A&M while the rest of the conference is on spectator status. At least before a weaker team had something to play for in a one game championship (Texas in 96, A&M in 98, Colorado in 01, K-State in 03) as opposed to running the gauntlet only to fail against the big 3. Talk facts all you want, but the fact is that you’re grinning ear to ear with the way your conference is set up. A 9 game conference schedule gives you reason to schedule more FCS foes and get that extra home game. What is your rebuttal about schedules when the Big 10 goes to a 9 game schedule in 2016/17 and still has a conference championship game???

  6. jim54 says:

    Personallly, I don’t think any FBS team should ever play a FCS team.

  7. Brian Gray says:

    If no FCS ever played a FBS we would never have had magical moments like App. st. upsetting Michigan IN the Big House. Or James Madison shocking VT last year. Priceless!! Hell even we struggled with SD st last year. Bring em on I say.

  8. Mike says:

    Sooner steve. It comes down to class and apparently you have none. Nebraska got tired of the big 12 commissioner screwing them so we went with a sweeter deal. Oklahoma will have a great time in the big Texas 12. Go antagonize elsewhere and get some class.

  9. Husker39211 says:

    Sooner Steve enjoys discussing facts, but the problem is, when it comes to history, he doesn’t have his facts straight. I know, big surprise there. Let’s just take a look at recent history and see what the facts are. Here are the OU schedules from 1992 forward:

    1992: 5-4-2 & 3-2-2 (Big 8) with non conf. opp. being Ark. St. (SUX), USC (unranked & Sucked big time then), & Texas (unranked & sucked then)

    1993: 9-3 & 4-3 (Big 8) with non conf. opp. being TCU (unranked & Sucked then), Tulsa (Sux), & Texas (Sucked then)…all three unranked!

    1994: 6-6 & 4-3 (Big 8) with non conf. opp. being Syracuse (unranked & Sucked), Texas A&M (Good & ranked 16th) who you got hammered by 36-14, & Texas (Good & ranked 15th) who beat you 17-10.

    1995: 5-5-1 & 2-5 (Big 8) with non conf. opp. being South Dakota St. (Sux) SMU (Sux), & N. Texas (Sux)….these stellar teams accounted for 3 of your 5 wins.

    I could stop here but I’m having too much fun discussing the facts Steve!

    1996: 3-8 & 3-5 (Big 12) with non conf. opp. being TCU (unranked & sucked at the time), San Diego State (Sux), & Tulsa (Sux)….you got beat by all three including SDSU completely destroying you 51-31!

    1997: 4-8 & 2-6 (Big 12) with non conf. opp. being N’ Western (Sux and killed you 24-0), Syracuse (Sucked), CAL (Sucked), & Louisville (Sucked)… lost 3 of 4!

    1998: 5-6 & 3-5 (Big 12) with non conf. opp. being N. Texas (Sux), TCU (unranked and sucked), CAL (unranked and sucked), and Texas (avg that yr)

    1999: The year Stoops arrives to save the program…7-5 & 5-3 (Big 12) with non conf. opp. being Indiana St. (Sux…I didn’t even know they played football!), Louisville (unranked & Sucked), Notre Dame (unranked but decent), & Texas (unranked but decent)…you lost 2 of 4 and I’ll let you guess which 2.

    2000….ahhh yes, 2000, that magical run to the National Championship. Let’s see just how tough the non conference schedule was that year shall we…..UTEP (Sux), Arkansas State (Sux), & Rice (Sux)…..all three at home of course. Talk about LAME! When it came right down to it though, did you care then? How about now? Of course not! What you cared about then and now is that you went undefeated and won the National Championship. Do you run the table with a stiffer non conference schedule? Probably not!

    Here are OU’s 2001-2010 non conference opponents:

    2001: North Carolina (Sucked), Air Force (Sucked), N. Texas (Sux), & Tulsa (Sux)
    2002: Tulsa (Sux), Alabama (unranked but on their way back up), UTEP (Sux), South Florida (Sux)
    2003: N. Texas (Sux), Alabama (unranked and still on the way back up from the bottom), Fresno State (unranked but usually good), & UCLA (unranked and Sucked)
    2004: Bowling Green (Sux), Houston (unranked and Sucked), Oregon (unranked and Sucked)
    2005: TCU (unranked but decent & beat you 17-10), Tulsa (Sux), & UCLA 9unranked & Sucked)
    2006: UAB (unranked & Sucked), Washington (unranked & Sucked), Oregon (Good), & Middle TN St. (Sux)
    2007: N. Texas (Sux), Miami (unranked & Sucked), Utah St. (Sux), & Tulsa (Sux)
    2008: U.T. Chattanooga (Sux), Cincinnati (unranked but decent), Washington (Sucked), & TCU (Good)
    2009: BYU (Good & beat you 14-13), Idaho St (Sux), Tulsa (Sux), & Miami (Good & beat you)
    2010: Utah St. (Sux), Florida St. (decent but overrated), Air Force (Good), & Cincinnati (decent)

    2010 was the first year since 1994 that your non conference schedule had only one team that sucked Royally. The rest of the seasons you played at least two cupcakes and the year you won the National Title you had what must have been the easiest non conference schedule in the country….UTEP, Ark. St., and Rice…..are you kidding me? The FACT is……OU schedules much like any other Div I FBS school has past or present when it comes to non conference games. You are an IDIOT!

    1. Eric says:

      gotta love it

  10. Sooner Steve says:

    Husker 39211- I will only destroy your arguments on a couple of points. Tulsa sucks? Why don`t you compare them to the Big Pinks incredible non-conference opponents. They are better than Washington which is your highlight game for last and this year. They are better than UCLA which is your highlight game for the next couple of years. And seriously you are making fun of a non-conference schedule that includes Texas and USC? What, we didn`t schedule enough Sun Belt Conference teams? I would go through and pick out the years that the Big Pink has played an embarassing non-conference schedule but it would be like trying to hit the wall with a dart. Pick any year. Hell, when you played a bad Notre Dame team it was the greatest event in the history of college football. We played them and Texas in the same non-conference schedule. When the big boys talk about non-conference scheduling you just need to go to the corner and listen. You might learn something.

  11. Husker39211 says:

    Nice try Sooner Steve but that dog don’t hunt! The above documentation shows that….like I said, OU schedules much the same as any other Div I FBS school, past or present. Utep, Ark. St., and Rice the year you won the National Title! Blow me!

  12. Husker39211 says:

    STRANGE…..where the Hell is my original post? It just disappeared aparently.