Published Wednesday, June 15, 2011 AT 10:09 AM / Updated at 10:09 AM
Time for a truce on Texas
Lee Barfknecht Omaha World-Herald

OK, sports fans, let’s take a deep breath and use our heads a little on this recent flare-up of the Nebraska vs. Texas bad blood, apparently brought on by the one-year anniversary of NU’s decision to join the Big Ten.

First, Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne and Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe need to stop lobbing rocks at each other.

Osborne complained again last week that it had been ”a strange year” for Nebraska and about how he hadn’t felt welcome in Big 12 meetings. Some Big 12 people and conference A.D.s I know who were in those meetings dispute the lack-of-welcome talk, but that’s not the point.

What did Osborne expect moving forward? A king’s reception? Nebraska sure wasn’t going to get a vote or be part of policy changes in a league in which it would no longer be a member. Maybe the best path would have been to do like Colorado and not take part in meetings at all. 

As for Beebe, he went on talk radio in Austin, Texas, last week and pouted that “Tom Osborne never really liked the Big 12.”

How’s that for a nanny-nanny-boo-boo?

C’mon, Dan. I’ve written in support of you several times. But that was as childish a remark as when you said you didn’t come to Nebraska to present the Big 12 North football trophy because of fears from death threats.

Heck, I get four or five threats a year. So does every coach and A.D. at a school in which the fans are invested in success. You smeared the entire Husker fan base over the actions of a couple of bozos with a keyboard and an anonymous email handle.

The time to stop bickering is now, especially with the College World Series about to begin and Texas making its first appearance in Omaha since the most recent conference realignment shuffle.

Please, don’t boo the Longhorns or coach Augie Garrido. They didn’t set any policies or make any decisions on this.

Texas has been a longtime friend and supporter of the College World Series, and deserves treatment in line with that.

As for everyone else with a Nebraska or Texas connection, let’s end this jilted lover routine. It’s time to play ball, have fun and move on.

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Lee Barfknecht has won nine national writing awards from four separate organizations, and is a 12-time winner of the Nebraska sportswriter of the year award. He covers Big Ten football and basketball, Nebraska basketball and other college financial issues for The World-Herald. You can email Lee at


  1. Bill says:

    Good job. Really, it is time to move on. Thanks for reminding everyone that looking backward is not healthy or productive. And, I wish Texas the best of luck in the CWS.

    1. Bill Hynes says:

      HuskerMax — perhaps you could stop publishing any and all articles that contain the words “Nebraska” and “Texas” ; and/or “NU” and “TX” for the next 12 months. It’s getting to be pretty old and sickening just reading the titles.

      That way we who are tired of this back and forth BS can save a little time and mental anguish just having to read the titles of all these one sided articles that don’t do anyone any good!

      Thank you,


    2. Randy says:

      To all Nebraska Fans. Yes, I am a proud Longhorn fan and have always respected Nebraska sportsmanship and excellent competetive teams. We are disappointed that Nebraska felt slighted and needed to move to the Big Ten. I personally will miss seeing Nebraska and Texas competing against one another. I feel it was series of mutual respect.
      Rather than BOO Texas and a team that had nothing to do with your move; why don’t you cheer for the team we are playing against? It shows more class, and you guys do have class.
      Wait until you see how you are treated by some of the people at Ohio State. You may want to come back.

      Good luck in the Big 10.

  2. Rod James says:

    Will be booing as loudly as possible against Texas. The arrogance that is Texas permeates their baseball team as it does every other sport there. I am not sure why Texas “deserves” better or any kind of treatment just because they have had teams that make it to Omaha. To each their own, if you are friends with their coach or fans, great root them on but for most of us here, we will be hoping they are the first to leave town.

    1. Tony says:

      Rod, this is also why a lot of people cheer against Nebraska.

      1. Rod says:

        Really, beacuase one person stated that he does like the team and would root against them. Tony, thanks for clearing that up, I never could understand why a lot of people cheer against Nebraska (I had thought it was becuase they Nebraska was pretty good).

        1. Tracy says:

          Rod…everyone cheers against NU because they have always been good. Why do you think there is so much hate for the Cowboys and Yankees and on and on?

 defines arrogance as overbearing pride. So if that makes me arrogant because I support and love all things UT….then so be it. Arrogant I am.

    2. Jeff says:

      Texas baseball is a class group. If you have ever been to the CWS when Texas is there they are all about fan interaction. Yes they want to win the Title but when your that close who doesn’t. So they put on the Texas swagger but so do all the teams that have been there more than once. Go support a good group of young men who are doing things the right way.

      1. Alex says:

        I would agree. While I hate Texas, I was well treated by a group of longhorn fans years ago who invited my friends and me to tailgate with them before and after the game. Even though they had lost the championship game that night, they were gracious in defeat and still very friendly.

        1. Rod says:

          For the record, I was not making a blanket statement about Texas or their fans as a whole. I have met and enjoyed talking with many Texas fans. But in general, I do not care for their team and stated that I would be rooting against them.

      2. Abe says:

        While it may be true that for the most part, the UT baseball team is a “class group”, the image of them not going out to shake hands with Cal State Fullerton in 2004 has been burned into my memory. I know one classless and petty action doesn’t make a team classless and petty, but the arrogance showed by that team and coach is all too reminiscent of most sporting events that include UT. The “bad blood” between NU and UT isn’t going to end just because NU has left the Big 12. Should it? I don’t know, maybe. But from a realistic point of view, hardcore NU fans (as well as hardcore UT fans) aren’t going to just drop the rivalry.

    3. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      Wrong attitude, Ron. As an institution, Texas is undoubtedly overly proud of themselves – it’s a general Texas thing. But the kids on the baseball team didn’t make the policies or decisions that we perceive as arrogant; they are just happy as clams to be here to compete and it would be churlish to disrespect their accomplishment with undeserved booing. We in Omaha need to rise above knee jerk pettiness and show all Texans the type of hospitality that will send them back with the message that “Those Nebraska people are OK.” Just like we would any other visitor.

      1. Mike Guggenbickler says:

        As a Texas Ex, I have always respected the people and fans of Nebraska because of their class as fans. I would be surprised and disappointed if they booed Texas players just because of the shinanigans of school and Big 12 officials. They are above that.

    4. CASEY says:

      Rod, couldn’t agree more. Been a lifelong Husker fan, 20 years in the Navy and I live in Florida. As an outsider of Nebraska let me tell you guys what the rest of the world does when an outside team comes to town……BOOOOOO, thats what they do, they BOO

      1. Rod says:

        Exactly, you’d think that by booing you were declaring war or soemthing. Just more of that PC crap. By the way, thanks for your service to the good ole USA!

    5. HuskerNATL says:

      Rod, it’s sports bro…COLLEGE athletics at that. It’s just a game. Get a grip, my friend.

      1. Rod says:

        I have a grip, I am confused though, I can’t root against a team that I don’t like? I didn’t say I would be calling them names or anythiong of the such. Just stated that I do not like them , will root against them. Not sure why that is any different than rooting against anyone else.

        1. Mike Guggenbickler says:

          Why not show the respect of most NU fans and root for the opposing team and not Boo at all. Much more classy !!

          1. Troy says:

            Rod, with you man. I will be booing Texas as well. Can’t stand UT and never will. Just as if Ohio State was there. I hate OSU and would boo them as well. Gee, so much for the perfect world some of these koolaid drinkers are seeing. So much for competition and rivals.

        2. JH says:

          It is bad sportsmanship to root AGAINST a team. You should always root FOR a team, because otherwise, you are always being childish, regardless of who you are rooting against.

  3. BigRedInTexas says:

    Actually there are 2 Texas teams in Omaha you forgot A&M. I believe people from Nebraska as well as all of the other Big 12 Schools need to learn this little saying. What’s done is done, What’s said is said, Never let the past get into your head, for in order to get ahead you must look ahead.

  4. Ruddman says:

    Have to agree with Rod. I have nothing against the baseball team. Augie has been a professional with all our radio stations and seems to be a good dude. The dislike is with the arrogance of the fan base, football team, and B12 commissioner. Jim Delany has acted like a grown-up in all this OSU stuff and thinks before he speaks. Dan fails dramatically in this area. No apologies for the death threat comments? One of the first steps to forgiveness is admitting your mistakes. Has not happened yet. I don’t fault TO because he has shown class in dealing with Dan.

  5. DFW says:

    A&M will go to the SEC soon… is just a matter of time.

    When Gov Perry (possible Presidential candidate) says to go the Aggies will leave. UT will be independent and OU will join the Aggies.

    1. Ruddman says:


  6. nebrico says:

    You can call a truce if you want but Texas is like the old USSR and they never honored any truce unless it was all for them and none for US. So if you want to continue being stabbed over and over you can have a truce with Texas. I pity those remaining members of the big 12-2. My two favorite teams are Nebraska and anyone playing Texas in any sport. No retreat and no surrender here.

    1. David Puckett says:

      Nebrico.. this is the Right attitude to have about those burnt orange people and their cows.

    2. Mike Guggenbickler says:

      Little class either !

    3. darryl says:

      Lol. Did u enjoy the Texas at Nebraska football game this last season? Hehehe. We couldn’t beat much but we beat Nebraska in Lincoln. You all had to leave the big 12. Texas owns your football stadium.

      1. Abe says:

        *perfect example of UT arrogance and lack of class* Thanks Darryl :)

        1. proudoftexas says:

          I grew up in Austin, graduated from Texas, always have season tickets to the three main sports, and now teach at Texas. I am polite, well-educated, and knowledgeable about sports. I always invite visiting fans to my tailgate parties, help them find their way around, suggest restaurants and hotels, compliment their fan gear, and invite them back to my tailgate party even after losing to their team. The vast majority of Texas fans behave just like I do. I’ve never been to Nebraska, but I feel sure that your real fans behave like we do. Stay classy, True Nebraska Fan, and we will, too. There are w-a-a-a-a-a-y more of us than there are rude, petty, immature people who misrepresent our schools and states. I wish you all the best as you begin your new chapter in the Big 10.

    4. RJackson says:

      It’s really sad when people can’t let go, let God and move on!!! Hold on to your jealousies, envies and hatred, (that’s all they are) they may actually get you somewhere. Face it, TEXAS is TEXAS and Nebraska is Nebraska. I for one admire both programs for the exciting games they’ve given me over the years and not necessarily when they play each other either.

  7. DFWOO says:


    Your article is straight out of the Bullwinkel Show.

    To Quote those famous Philosophers, “Moose And Squirrel”—- Wassamatter U ?

    If you didn’t like fellow OWH writer Sam McKeown’s post–tell him. No need to trash the fans who tend to think likewise .

    Booboo is an ***. Always has been-will always be one. DeLoss Dodds’ lapdog. That is okay–we don’t have to deal with him anymore. Fair enough.

    UT threw a bone back to the conference this year (sharing more income)–because they didn’t have plan B in place, have a major black eye, and OU and UT still have the OSU/ A & M issues around their neck. That is the ONLY reason they are playing “Nice” for now.

    Augie is a certified “good dude” . That is enough for me to root for UT Baseball at the CWS. I think most NU fans feel that way.
    ( Ever watch NETV, Lee ?–Augie’s smiling, sun burned face, been on there about 6,00 times in the past month alone–pushing the CWS and Omaha) Augie is the good face of UT.

    Take Sam and Shatel to lunch— and you OWH guys debate how to “report it” . (the BIG XII, 10, err..whatever.)

    Leave the moralizing and fan blame, on the sidelines, Lee.

    Gee whiz, Bullwinkel,….Did Booboo mail the Hardware/trophies to the NU Teams this spring, too ?

    and….Please stop reporting from Wassamatter U ?

  8. Nick H. says:

    I don’t boo any teams, just the actions of a team when appropriate. The last time I was able to go to the CWS, I remember watching a game where the winning team won in the bottom of the 9th. As soon as the winning run crossed the plate, the centerfielder for the losing team was already on his way towards the plate and started a fight. I’m almost positive the winning team was ULaLa and the losing team…Texas.
    The problem I have with Texas is that they have a superiority complex. Every Texan I’ve come into contact with thinks their *crap* don’t stink and the Longhorns have held the Big 12 hostage since its inception. I have great respect for our opponents like Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas, etc and especially Oklahoma. But when it comes to Texas, I don’t have a single good thing to say about them. So while I won’t be booing them, I will be cheering very loudly for their opponent. Their baseball team and coach may be classy individuals, but the university they represent is not.

    1. bruce g says:

      now that makes a lot more sense- cheering loudly for one team whoever it is that plays the team you don’t like. yes i am orange blooded, but am a spurs fan living in maverick land (biggest band wagoner fans around). pre big xii and during i have always enjoyed my times in nebraska. the people and fans there are passionate as they should be. others might see the red nation as almost arrogant much like some of our loud mouths down here. but by and by most orangebloods are just loyal to a program that wants tp be the best at every sport (gee am i talking NU or UT?). lets get back to mutal admiration. good luck in the big x+2.

    2. Mike Guggenbickler says:

      Nick, I do like the class you show in not booing, but rather pulling for the other team. Boo bad calls, bad plays, but not the team. As a Texas Ex, I have always admired the respect NU fans have given their opponents… win or loose. Since NU will not even be playing in the CWS, it would be exceptionally rude to boo anyone who has earned the right to play.

    3. Ed says:

      I imagine you do like the teams you mentioned. In years past they have been easy opponents. However, when you play Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Oklahoma it is a different story. Oh, I know you said you like Oklahoma. Anyway, I don’t blame Nebraska for leaving the Big 12 because they knew they were never going to win another championship unless they found a weaker conference. Especially since Oklahoma State, Missouri, Kansas State and Kansas were also getting very tough to beat. I am sure a schedule with a few more breathers in it will suit Nebraska just fine.

      1. Nick H. says:

        Ed, I never said I like those teams. I said I respect them. Huge difference. So you think it’s a different story? Against A&M, we lead the series 10-4 and against TT, we lead 7-4. OU and NU have always respected each other because of the historically-tough and even series (yes, OU holds a 7 or 8 game advantage through 85+ games). Texas has had our number since 2000, winning 5 straight, but the series was dead even before 2000.
        Instead of discrediting the rest of your comment, I would encourage you to do 2 things before you respond to someone else’s comment: 1) look up the stats and 2) re-read the other person’s comment so you actually know what they said (and didn’t say).

    4. Toby says:

      I’m sorry to reveal your story as just that, a story, but Texas has never played ULaLa at the CWS, nor have the Longhorns gotten into a fight during a game.

      Again, sorry to crash your fantasy. Go back to hating if you want.

      1. Nick H. says:

        Toby, chill. I’m not hating. My mistake was not researching it enough. I said I’m almost positive, which was my bad. I took a few minutes to try to find the record, but I couldn’t so I went based off of memory.
        After your comment, I spent more time looking it up and it looks like it was actually Clemson. Again, my bad. Again, chill.

    5. Don Carlos says:

      Prior to next year, money was distributed EQUALLY in the Big 12 with post season teams receiving points that increased their share. Texas made more than NU because they won more. Some years OU made more than anyone and even NU was or is due to make more than Texas (at least in football). While I believe that equal shares is best for a conference, “to the victor goes the spoils” was the policy agreed to by all the member schools. I don’t hate NU or Texas, and I think all of you that do one or the other are less than classy or just trying to justify yourselves. It’s OK to hate to lose, but hating others just diminishes you.

    6. RJackson says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s not the University, it’s most likely the proud alumni and fans, or maybe even the jealous alumni and fans of less sucessful programs.

  9. Ruddman says:

    Do you remember things Shaq used to say when he was in Orlando? He would make it seem like he was happy and that he felt they could win a championship there. At the same time he was working on acting and music. When the time was right he bolted to LA. LBJ said and did the same thing last year in his “decision” show. Texas would have gone to the PAC10 last year if they would have let them have their own TV network. I know that, they know that and you’re a smart guy even you know that. I call it like I see it, Texas is biding it’s time till it can get a big payday.

  10. Dave says:

    Well, I’m not too fond of the the Texas athletic department, but that’s no reason to give the baseball team grief. Good Luck ‘Horns.

    1. Troy says:

      Yeah, good luck SHORT HORNS. Hope you lose every year.

      1. Horns says:

        1. gee someone is bitter over that 10-4 record

        2. “Shorthorns”? really THAT is the best you come up with?

        3. You Mad Bro?

  11. kjh says:

    You can really see Lee’s obsequious attention to Missouri in text. This is his last attempt to tie the Big XII and Nebraska and get in his jab.

  12. KC Dan says:

    The great thing about living in Kansas City (after living in Omaha for 11 years) is there is absolutely zero talk about any of this bickering. Everyone is so happy about the new Big 12 and the windfall of money. I know we’ll certainly be cheering for the Big 12 schools in the CWS.

    1. TJ says:

      There is nothing great about living in KC. Therefore your comments are irrelevant.

      1. KC Dan says:

        Wow…wow. Good one TJ.

      2. Nick H. says:

        What are you, 12?

    2. Nick H. says:

      I hear what you’re saying about the bickering. When I talk to other CFB fans, Husker fans, or TX fans, I just don’t say anything about it. If they bring it up, I throw in my two cents and let it be. I love my Huskers, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a game.

    3. David Puckett says:

      Zero talk in KC, because there are no sports in KC, oh I forgot the MLS.

    4. Troy says:

      Yeah, the perfect world of riding the fence with your new SouthWest Conference. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  13. Rslugs says:

    As a non NE/TX follower of Big XII, NU and UT have passion for their programs in common but they also have oversized egos that is detested by those not fans of those programs. Newsflash Big Red fans there is little difference between the two programs. Followed Big 8 and Big XII most of 50+ years. My team was on butt end of NU football scores most of that time with some success with UT. Contention all along has been NU departed Big XII because UT was getting best of them in football, not academics and the other smoke screens and that is fine. Someone will have their number in Big Ten regardless of overall Big Red success just as UT will continue to have trouble with some lesser lights in Big XII. It is time to move on.

    1. Diesel Burnes says:

      You’re obviously from a place that has no winning tradition. Keep your loser nose in your own loser bidness.

  14. Steve Anderson says:

    Everybody knows that the Corn ran away because they couldn`t compete with the South and especially Texas. They are like the parents who “redshirt” their kids because they want them to be bigger and stronger than everybody else. The Corn is going to an inferior football conference, a slightly inferior basketball conference, and a hugely inferior baseball conference. Hence, they will do better. Yippee Skippee. Have fun with your JV championships.

    1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      Sigh. And folks wonder why this rancor persists. Who’s got the troll spray?

    2. KC Dan says:

      Tough to disagree with this.

    3. Nick H. says:

      I don’t agree with that at all. In the 15 years we played in the Big 12, we lost 16 games to a South team not named Texas. Sorry, that means just over 1 game per year. I would say we competed just fine. Did Texas have our number? Definitely. The only reason we didn’t hoist the Big 12 trophy this year was because we got hosed by the refs against TAM, lost our marbles in the Texas game, and fell flat in the 2nd half against OU.
      Nebraska, and their fans, never liked the Big 12. With Texas set to create their own network and therefore expand their budget exponentially, it only made sense to go to a conference that would welcome the Big Red and allow them to compete on an even playing field.

      1. Mike Guggenbickler says:

        NU never like the Big 12 because they became “second fiddle” period !! Texas rules the league because they are the school with the national power in every aspect. NU would be doing the same if they had that positioning. Moving now means they will be second fiddle in a second tier conference …. nice going guys !!

        1. Troy says:

          Yeah, how they screwed up the SW conference only to smother the BIG XII with how great they are on the way to ruining yet another. Yeah, used to be a big fan of Texas, Texas baseball, the Cowboys. But the obvious one-sided garbage and the money that steers opinions has to go. Drop the crap of the ‘corn’ running. Texas is like playing ball with a spoiled brat. Take your ball and go home, NU has had enough. In case you want to be the typical know it all, I played UT baseball, and no, I’m not from Nebraska but took the blinders off and noticed the BS dished out.

        2. Nick H. says:

          How were we second fiddle? We won back to back championships before joining the Big 12, went 11-2 our first year in it, and won the championship our second year in it. How exactly does that qualify us as second fiddle?
          8 schools in the Big 10 went to bowls last year (2 in BCS bowls), 7 teams from the Big 12 went bowling (1 in BCS), and in head to head matchups in the bowls, Big 10 teams went 2-1.
          Instead of throwing out opinions, please try to have a little more support for your responses. It’s like watching the Outback Bowl and seeing the fans of the winning team yell “We’re number 1!!” into the cameras. I appreciate their team spirit, but they’re way off base.

        3. Nick H. says:

          Nebraska was always a “1a” to OU’s “1″ in the Big 8. They had great games, but OU had the better winning percentage so you can’t say NU didn’t like becoming second fiddle.
          Texas rules the league, but not on the field. They’ve played in 5 conf championships and won 3 in 15 years. NU has also played in 5, winning 2. Both have won 1 National Championship in that time. Sounds pretty even to me.
          You may be right though. Nebraska undoubtedly was second fiddle in the Big 12…to OU, who played in 7 conf championships, winning 6. So, on the field, Texas was (at best) second fiddle.

    4. David Puckett says:

      Stevie… Big Ten stadiums are mostly full, quite unlike those non-Nebraska and Texas stadium teams.

  15. Diesel Burnes says:

    No truce needed. Texas fans don’t really care as much about you as you think. What was that one week of the (every 2) year leading up to playing you – we think of NU then. That’s it. We have your number (could be worse – K-State has ours!), you haven’t been able to consistenly win the B12-North, and you’re pouters, whiners, babies when things don’t go your way. You showed this. Good riddens NU, there were hardly any good looking women to see up there anyway.

    1. Todd says:

      Texas fans also can’t spell…

      1. Nick H. says:

        True, but at least he spelled “you’re” right.

        1. Troy says:

          pouters? Nothing NU needs to be upset about when everything is going Texas way. What were we thinking.

    2. Andy says:

      whiners? the entire state of texas, the athletic dept at the POS university is full of spoiled, crybaby whiners who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. CAse in point.. 2008 Big 12 title game of OU and MIssouri. texass athletic department admin has the audacity to put “2008 Big 12 champions ” on the wall of the athletic department at ut. Only after it was made public did it come down.

      That issue and texas being left out of 2008 Big 12 title game and possible BCS game was likely a huge motivating factor in the 0:01 and “make up” field goal that the BIg 12 allowed texas at end of 2009 Big 12 title game.

      Gosh, I remember the on field referee for that 2009 Big 12 title game was a texas alum as well as Walt Anderson, BIg 12 Director of Officials was too. Amazing how one POS institution seems able to get important people in important postions to influence positive outcomes for texas.

      Just imagine the whining ass texas bit__ crying if Nebraska had two alumni in very important positions and the game was played in Lincoln!

      1. Dude says:

        Myth- The referree for that game was Tom Walker. He’s born and raised in Freemont NE and lives and works in Omaha. Walt Anderson is not an alumnus of UT-Austin. He went to Sam Houston State.

        Here we are almost two years later and in a new conference and we still hear the whine of Husker fans over that game. And you call Texas whiners? Time to move on!!!

    3. David Puckett says:

      been smelling that Diesel, Diesel? I watched those Texas games on ESPN, there were some real -lookers in the stands all right (NOT).

  16. Todd says:

    I am sick of all the Texas apologists. Dan Beebe is not telling the truth–he is obviously covering his financial assets by backing Texas, like he has always done. He lied about the “death threats” and being afraid of coming to Lincoln. He lied numerous times about the reasons for Nebraska’s departure and he lied about the happenings in Dallas last year.

    Texas wanted Nebraska out of the conference, and they got what they wanted. Nebraska wanted out if Texas was going to be allowed to run the thing, so they got what they wanted.

    I feel sorry for schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, and yes, even Missouri. They were all having fun making their “Go away” and “Traitor” signs last year, but they are ALL going to miss Nebraska being there to watch their backs and bring a huge payday every other fall.

    The new Big 10 is going to be an awesome challenge for Nebraska and will continue to gain in prominence. The new Big 12 is going to be so diminished without Nebraska that it will die a slow death.

    Go Big Red!!!!

    1. Rslugs says:

      We will miss the Red in basketball.

    2. Troy says:

      Thanks Todd. At least someone can stand on two feet around here. Just for the record, go anybody but Texas.

  17. chef says:

    UT alum in Austin here, and I for one agree. Everyone did what was best for their institutions, there’s no reason to make bad blood of it. Nebraska and the big 10 will continue to thrive, as will the big 12 institutions. Any disrespect from either side in this situation is just petty.

    1. Johnny D says:

      NU alum here in Omaha.

      To Husker Nation;

      We need to take a moment and stop blaming Texas for our ills. Most of the angst within Husker Nation has been self inflicted. We’ve made some questionable coaching hires in multiple sports that have set the entire athletic department back 15 years.

      Remember this Husker fans…we don’t point the finger, we point the thumb.

      1. Jack says:

        Most of NU’s problems began when they hired the idiot who fired Frank Solich for daring to lose THREE (3) games in a single season! Then he hired a bigger idiot than himself in Bill Callahan. The team stunk it up, for several years. Meanwhile, like him or hate him, Texas’s Mack Brown posted 9-consecutive 10-win seasons, 3 conference championships and 1 national championship and played for one other. and won 3 BCS Games. Before the Big 12 started NU had won back-to-back NC’s and Texas sucked badly. Yet, right after the Big 12 was formed Texas hired Mack Brown and they have risen while NU has slid. But the real villain here is the fool who fired Solich… not Texas, not the Big 12. This is simply a case where team used to having its own way, with fans who have been spoiled by decades of winning, falls on hard times and decide that a scape-goat must be found… Texas is that goat, but should not be…

        1. David Puckett says:

          forget that d…runk Solich, we didn’t need the fireplug.

        2. Johnny_Nebraska says:

          Texas has had their best decade in 50 years.
          Nebraska has had its worst decade in 50 years.

          Yes, clearly Texans are arrogant, in thinking that
          the reason why the North Teams have not dominated
          the B12 Championships is because they never faced
          teams in the south like TU and OU and OSU.

          Get a clue Texas, we had to “give” you OU and OSU
          so your division could be respectable. Good lord,
          since when did the old Big8 have to prove anything
          to the old SWC.

          But now they have gotten their way like they always
          do. They have cried their cries and stomped their
          foot like they always have, and they are about to do
          to the Big 12 what they did to the old SWC–ruin it.

          Good luck Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor.
          Good luck facing down the Northern teams that no
          longer have to devote any attention to NU.

          Take care Oklahoma, if there is anyone who is going
          to right this ship, it is going to have to be you, or
          possibly Iowa St.

          Welcome to 9 conference games a year.
          Welcome to your future terrible conference record.
          Texas, Welcome to the oblivion that is of your own making!

          1. Horns says:

            correct me if im wrong….but didnt SMU get the Death Penalty? and didnt Arkansas leave and start the actual decline of the SWC? stop blaming Texas for everything i suppose we are also to blame for global warming and the fact that your pizza was slightly cold

      2. Dan Elliott says:

        Nebraska has been its own worst enemy the past decade or so. If the NU fans and AD hadn’t freaked out on such an epic level during the Solich years we easily would have taken several games from TX. Also, TX sucks.

    2. Nick H. says:

      Chef, just a question for you: Do you think that as a member of a conference, universities should do what’s best for the conference? Or do you think they should “look out for number one” at all costs? Maybe I’m wrong (I know I’m biased), but I think NU was trying to look out for the best of the conference and the tension started building when it appeared that TX was trying to make more money just for themselves and leave the rest of the conference high and dry.
      Your thoughts?

      1. Johnny D says:

        NU was in lock step with Texas regarding revenue sharing.

        NU was months away from putting on the finishing touches to its own network.

        What NU didn’t like was the fact that the cultural identity of the conference had an increasingly southern slant to it.

  18. RS Tate says:

    I honestly think that Texas has this financial thing right. Why should Nebraska get the same financial share as Indiana? Has anyone ever watched an IU football game? I wish the top 50 or so colleges would form Major College Sports and leave the NCAA behind. In reality, most fans only watch, care about the top programs. These teams like Michigan, USC, Alabama, Nebraska and yes Texas make all the money for their conferences – why should they pay for the athletic programs that few people watch, care about like Indiana and Baylor? Texas has pumped alot of money into Omaha and has played terrific baseball – let’s show them the respect they deserve. I, for one, hope Nebraska and Texas play again in a bowl game someday. Many of the games during the Big XII years were classics. In the end, both schools did what was in their best interests and both will prosper.

    1. David Puckett says:

      Tate…IU has a very faithful core of fans. have you ever been to Bloomington? I have, nice stadium.

      1. RS Tate says:

        Been there, done that. Talking TV man.

  19. shockedbythehatred says:

    Arent we supposed to be the classy fans? As a die hard NU fan, I’m embarrassed by all the hate. Why dont you guys find a new team to root for. The Lopers could use you.

    1. CASEY says:

      What are you some kind of hippy? Maybe you could go down to the stadium and find somebody to hold hands. Talk about Obama and how wonderful love is and stuff like that. I used to live in Texas and guess what….. THEY HATE NEBRASKA. And they think people like you are why the football team consistently losses to them.

      1. BevoLonghorn says:

        Every Longhorn hates you cornheads! Move the CWS to Austin, Now!

        1. David Puckett says:

          why Austin, if txas wasn’t there ..nobody would come

          1. Messy Marvin says:

            Austin, the only part of Texas that belongs in California, way too goofeyfooted. Austin is a great city, but for the CWS? No-way. You need a place like Omaha whos identity doesn’t live or die by the hometown university.

        2. Todd says:

          I know Longhorn fans who don’t hate me an I’m a cornhead. Using absolutes demonstrates your ignorance. I do not hate Longhorn fans just because they root for Texas, that’s equally as silly. Even on years Texas does play in the CWS, it is not likely it would be well attended in Austin. Nebraskans are sports nuts, and it doesn’t have to be Nebraska teams.

      2. Horns says:

        uh actually most of us just dont give a rip. i actually respected Nebraska until every Nebraska fan i knew started blaming Texas for all the ills in the world. one day thigna were fine the next i had the “classiest fans in the world” telling me that Texas was to blame for anything that has gone wrong in their lives

  20. texashusker says:

    Hey Diesel you do realize that Bevo is a steer right? That means he’s been castrated, which means he has no balls…which living in Texas and having first hand knowledge I would say is a pretty good representation of Austin and tu fans in general. But still no need to boo the baseball team just cheer for whomever they are playing. I just hope Florida loses!

  21. CASEY says:

    Texas sucks, their fans suck, all of their athletes are taught as children that they are better than everyone else. I say boo them. Boo them loudly.

    1. Syndic12 says:

      Our athletes are better than everyone else. Athletically.

    2. Mike Guggenbickler says:

      Every second fiddle hates the first chair !! It’s hard not to feel like the best when you are the best.

  22. Jimmy Kubacki says:

    Write on, Lee! UT is a fine institution and its athletic program has flourished in the Big XII. NU’s did not. Get over it, folks. Time to move on and go win a Big Ten title.

  23. BevoLonghorn says:

    Lee you should come write here in Texas. Your the best sportswriter ever in that state!

  24. hornontherange says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd that there’s been almost 80 comments (maybe more by the time I finish this) on thse two recent blog topics involving Texas and/or the Big 12? I reminds me of the overkill leading up to the Texas-Nebraska football game. Obsessive, maybe?

  25. BevoLonghorn says:

    They should bring the CWS to Austin. Much better city!

    1. David Puckett says:

      no body would be at the game if txas wasn’t playing, not so in Omaha, the NCAA has it Right

      1. Messy Marvin says:

        Don’t confuse Omaha and Husker nation! The CWS belongs in Omaha. You probably don’t even realize that the CWS is hosted by Creighton. BTW, isn’t this thread supposed to be about chillin’ out?

      2. Mike Guggenbickler says:

        Correctomundo … way too much other fun to be had in Austin.

  26. Jack says:

    Solich for daring to lose THREE (3) games in a single season! Then he hired a bigger idiot than himself in Bill Callahan. The team stunk it up, for several years. Meanwhile, like him or hate him, Texas’s Mack Brown posted 9-consecutive 10-win seasons, 3 conference championships and 1 national championship and played for one other. and won 3 BCS Games. Before the Big 12 started NU had won back-to-back NC’s and Texas sucked badly. Yet, right after the Big 12 was formed Texas hired Mack Brown and they have risen while NU has slid. But the real villain here is the fool who fired Solich… not Texas, not the Big 12. This is simply a case where team used to having its own way, with fans who have been spoiled by decades of winning, falls on hard times and decide that a scape-goat must be found… Texas is that goat, but should not be…

    1. Jack says:

      oops! I didn’t copy it all from Word

  27. Jack says:

    Most of NU’s problems began when they hired the idiot who fired Frank Solich for daring to lose THREE (3) games in a single season! Then he hired a bigger idiot than himself in Bill Callahan. The team stunk it up, for several years. Meanwhile, like him or hate him, Texas’s Mack Brown posted 9-consecutive 10-win seasons, 3 conference championships and 1 national championship and played for one other. and won 3 BCS Games. Before the Big 12 started NU had won back-to-back NC’s and Texas sucked badly. Yet, right after the Big 12 was formed Texas hired Mack Brown and they have risen while NU has slid. But the real villain here is the fool who fired Solich… not Texas, not the Big 12. This is simply a case where team used to having its own way, with fans who have been spoiled by decades of winning, falls on hard times and decide that a scape-goat must be found… Texas is that goat, but should not be…

  28. Syndic12 says:

    I don’t think Dan Beebe’s comments were petty. The man is right! Nebraska football took a nosedive shortly after the formation of the Big 12 and there’s reason to believe Osborne blamed that for his program’s failures; not hiring one bad coach after another, not refusing to pass the ball, but simply joining the Big 12. Tom Osborne hated the Big 12 because of Roll Left and other equally embarrassing moments. You can’t hire an ex-coach to be your athletic director and not expect him to bring his animosities with him. People keep blaming Beebe, but Osborne deserves just as much criticism. No justice, no peace. There will be no truce for me until Nebraska admits that revenue sharing and media rights were not the reason they left the Big 12.

    1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      You sir, have mastered the Glenn Beck model of argument: start with a semi-plausible niche premise, conflate it with loosely tangential opinion, then draw a completely obtuse conclusion whose only value is hyperbolic rhetoric.

  29. HuskerNLawrence says:

    I would have to agree, lets move on. It’s way past due. I realized people still write about it to get readers and sell but get over it all ready. I don’t like Texas but really this is getting old.
    I am so ready for the Big 10, new teams and atmosphere.

    The next time I read another one of these Texas/NU articles will only be when we play them again.

    1. Syndic12 says:

      I think this is the key difference. You guys really don’t like us. We have nothing against y’all. This is, I think, what Beebe was saying. How can it not be because you constantly lost to us? Doesn’t that seem kind of petty? Get over it already.

      1. Ozarkshusker says:

        “We have nothing against y’all”? Seriously? Have you read some of the comments on here from some of your fellow fans? You have some nerve saying get over it. You yourself just said in your previous post: “There will be no truce for me until Nebraska admits that revenue sharing and media rights were not the reason they left the Big 12.” Sounds like maybe you should practice what you preach. And by the way, Nebraska’s program didn’t take a nosedive shortly after joining the Big 12, Nebraska dominated early on. It wasn’t until 2004 that things started to go bad. So, not so good with the history, either.

      2. Ozarkshusker says:

        “We have nothing against y’all.” Did you type that with a straight face? Have you not read the vitriol being spewed from some of your fellow fans? Give me a break. And you have the nerve to say “get over it”? From your previous post: “There will be no truce for me until Nebraska admits that revenue sharing and media rights were not the reason they left the Big 12.” Maybe you should practice what you preach. And by the way, Nebraska did very well in the early going in the Big 12, not until 2002 did they have a bad year, so you obviously don’t know have a good grasp of history, either.

  30. John says:

    Lee, is this the same “classy” coach and team that refused to come out for the runner up trophy a few years back?

  31. Husk Guy says:

    You’re outta your mind. What is wrong with you Lee? Texas is the worst, most despicable thing since Creighton and may everyone boo them mercilessly at the CWS. Texas, Texas athletes, and Texas fans are NOT WELCOME in Omaha, ever.

    1. DFWOO says:

      Jeez,Husk Guy…as an Alum of both NU AND Creighton, I have to say….you are a petty, out of control, flamer!

      Ya got something against UT …and now, those “Fish-Eaters”, too ? Are you just an angry NU baseballer ?

      Augie Garrido (UT Baseball coach) has done more for the CWS than most other NCAA coaches. You simply have to respect his efforts and his class, and tip your cap. He is constantly on NETV, National media, etc — putting his mug and support on this ” thing called the CWS”. Whether Texas is there playing or not…

      I’ll root for Augie and UT for that reason alone. Just as I will, Brian O’Connor and UVa…and,…whoever else is there.

      Yeah, I know….Dan Booboo, and about half of UT’s fans are idiots and keep jabbing at NU–and you are evidently hell-bound to be just as idiotic in return—but you have give credit where credit is due. They have some damn good folks at UT and we ought to be good hosts–especially if we expect the CWS to flourish and continue.

      The CWS is a special thing. Leave it that way.

      The OWH Sports staff also needs to collect and temper their thoughts on these things….and recognize that Booboo is just an attention seeking little ***. Don’t give him a drop of ink…unless you are ready for a torrent, in response. Lee’s idea that he can turn off all the ill will, with a lecture–is folly.

      I do like Lee, but …that thinking is fantasy. I also like Sam M.

      To be sure, We can’t get out of the Big whatever–fast enough and on to the Big 10. (..and by “We” I’m not referring to Creighton, either)

      Husk Guy—Step back and turn off the flame thrower–you just toasted the poor kid selling Cracker Jack in the stands, and the three innocent fans around him…from South Carolina , or UVa or somewhere else…!

      Not cool! That kid goes to Beveridge Jr Hi…or someplace just like it.

      Ya got something against kids, too?

      Let the anger go…

  32. Don says:

    It all becomes a moot point this summer. The squabbling will end when the competition ends. A shame too, the rivalry made for interesting news stories and blogs. It’s also sad to see some of the oldest rivalries in college football end: Nebraska has played Kansas 116 times and Missouri 104 times since 1892.

  33. Dan says:

    I spent 7 years living in Texas, or as I like to call it “the 7 years of being held against my will by my parents in HELL!”

    Anything associated with Texas, and anywhere its grubby little fingerprints pop up, should be met with suspicion and derision. The state of Texas has an arrogant, bully mentality that is reflected in their sports programs and which was, as much as Harvey Pearlman would like to deny it, on display as NU was kicked out of the AAU.

    Texas can go pound sand. I hope their World Series appearance is as short lived as possible.


  34. David Puckett says:

    Forget the truce.. I’ll boo any burnt orange steer I see.

    1. Mike Guggenbickler says:

      If you can’t beat ‘em, boo ‘em ….. good strategy !!

  35. Steve Anderson says:

    Instead of hating them try beating them once in a while.

    1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      LOL, we all should have known this would come flying
      back in our faces. Good lord, why even make deals with

      1. Messy Marvin says:

        It’s like making deals with the devil. There’s no coinsidence that the longhorn hand gesture resembles the sign of the devil…

  36. Castle says:

    The article is idiotic. The OWH Sports continues to be idiots writing idiotic things. You continue to be an idiot.

  37. Joey says:

    I’ll tell you why this will never end. It’s called publicty. People wont write or say on what’s not selling. BOTH members are desperatly trying to cover their own butts, to make them look like they’re some kind of Angels. But honestly, business is business.

  38. Grant says:

    As an Oklahoma fan and, as a boy, witnessed the late 90′s as far as Nebraska trouncing my Sooners year after year during those days, I once hated Nebraska. Now, I’m in my late 20′s and have been to OU-Nebraska games and Husker fans are the classiest rivals I’ve ever encountered. They were all very friendly to me and my amigos when Oklahoma went to Lincoln in 2005. I had a great time in Lincoln and never had any problems whatsoever. Compare that to when we went to Dallas, I was in several fights with Longhorn fans Friday night before the game. Texas fans suck so bad it’s not even funny and it’s like two opposite ends of the prism when it comes to how well and how badly fanbases behave. I’m sorry that the suckhorns drove you guys away, it would’ve been awesome had you guys stayed. Well, regardless, we had some great games in the past, but we as fans must look forward. Take care, it was alot of fun. Sincerely, Grant S.- Oklahoma Class of ’07

    1. Jeff says:

      Thanks for having our back. That’s what I like about Sooner fans; they “get it.” I’ve been to a couple of Husker-Sooner games in Norman. Got along well with everyone down there. Had good conversations with OU fans in Lincoln, too.

      To all the Husker haters here: I’m not going to waste my time with you; haters are gonna hate.

      Finally, to Lee Barfknecht: To quote Ocho Cinco, “child, please.”

    2. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      Sooners – the fans we’ll miss the most.

    3. Muy Tejano says:

      Gee, Grant, for a gooner fan you can at least write as though you still have most of your teeth. This is certainly an anomaly for a chokelahoma resident; even more so for a graduate of ou kindergarten. As for the Red River Shootout game that you claim to have had to fought through most of the Burnt Orange Nation merely to attend, are you sure that you weren’t in Stillwater instead of Dallas? I know how color-blind to all shades of orange you little wagonheads can be, as well as how difficult it is for gooners to figure out something as technologically advanced as a GPS device. Too, you don’t necessarily sound like an individual who can stand up to “several” fights in one night. Personally, I think you had your butt whipped, possibly handed to you by an OSU Poke even, and you were merely passed out for the remainder of the night. However, if you truly were in Dallas, when you regained consciousness in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center the following morning–nuzzling that Chicano tranny with whom you were sharing the drunk tank–you started doubting your manhood (not an uncommon occurence for ou girlie men, I hear) and concocted a fable about having fought off a horde of Texans. I’m thinking you might even have had delusions of being Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón for a night. Then, just like we did Santa Anna, Texas beat y’all that afternoon (despite chokelahoma in today’s world being unable to field an indigenous, i.e., okie, football squad and, instead, resorting to filling almost half of its roster with Texas athletic talent simply to be able to compete at a national level) … and the Red River flooded its banks from all the tears of the crybabies headed back north to that little place in Norman that is coming to be known as The University of Texas North – Special Ed Campus.

  39. John says:

    This just confirms the BOZO you are. I believe what Tom Osborne says way before anything that comes out of your mouth. The hate we have is not the Texas players or their coaches, it’s the Texas Adm. They are scumbags from the word go. When Tom Osborne says “Texas makes promises and then never goes thru what they say”, take it to the bank. The last bad thing Osborne said was when he called an Alabama coach “that ole son-of-a-buck” for keeping Big 8 teams from the Sugar Bowl; and that was in the 70′s. Texas does what’s good for Texas, with no care for anyone else, what happened to the SW Conference? Gone!! The Big 12, it will be gone shortly.
    Just another reason to laugh at “Barfnics”.

  40. Nebfan696 says:

    I agree with the writer, the CWS is about supporting all the teams that make it this far
    Augie is a big supporter of the CWS. Sure there are some obnoxious blowhards from Texas ( I lived there for 6 years and they do have far too many classless fans and a far too high opinion of themselves) that think they are entitled to buy championships etc and everything should revolve around them to the detriment of the greater good. But the CWS and our reputation as the best fans in America is more important than getting into fights with pigs. When you do that you get muddy and the pig enjoys it.
    Kill em with kindness, sometimes it wears off a little on them- sometimes it just irritates them, either one is good for us.

    They made their bed, let them sleep in it, time to move on as classy Nebraska fans to a class conference run by quality people with integrity. Love Delaney, class act 100% of the way.

    BTW Im a 1984 Texas A&M grad and when I was there- the student population commonly refered to our football team as the “worst team money could buy”. Cheating was rampant back in those SWC days- a cesspool. You should have seen the cars those dirt poor kids were driving- parked in the athletic dorm. Was common place in SWC, never the case at NU.

  41. dave says:

    Hey corns please stay out of Texas go recruit North and South Dakota. Also all of you carpet baggers please go find a job in California and stop coming to Texas.

    1. Messy Marvin says:

      Time for Tx to leave the Union.

  42. J says:

    Nebraska is full of hypocrites and the football program breeds arrogance from the fans that has been going on for years. There is a reason why the neighboring states dislike Nebraska so much.

    1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      Yeah I know, it’s because we recruit all their star talent.

      (oh did I say that outloud?)

    2. Nebfan696 says:

      You have the wrong information

      Ive traveled to Ames and was treated pretty well- no probems personally
      I did hear of an NU fan getting his car torn up- THAT NEVER happens in Lincoln- we self police- guy would have gotten pummeled

      Traveled to Manhattan last year- treated really well. Invited to pre game and post game BBQ with KSU fans- one let me park in his driveway etc Some college kids with a few disparaging signs, we sat in the KSU section- no problems at all- people around us very friendly

      Lawrence- never a problem with KU fans even during the Big Mans heyday.

      Mizzou can get a little ugly especially when it’s a night game and theyve been drinking all day. No one ever bothered me personally there.

      Boulder- never been but the horror stories. Rocks in snowballs, piss balloons. Seen enough of their people on TV getting tossed from games (game stopped to empty complete section) saw enough of their profane, drunk fans in Lincoln to risk a problem in Boulder.

      College Station- no problems- not overtly friendly and NOT a place to try and have some fun before a game- but no nastiness.

      Miami Orange Bowl- Pretty rough in middle of U fans in 1994, Foul mouthed- were not intelligent football fans- bandwagoners. Awful place to play in the middle of the slums. One guy got in my face and backed down when I got back in his after trying to ignore him. They were of course mocking us, until the 4th quarter- they shut up then- no retaliations after the game at all. Surprised me a bit.

      Hawkeye fans seem to be filled with a little of that green eyed jealousy thing though. Even after pummeling them consistently in pre season games, they have this chip on their shoulder about NU, not sure why. They recruit Omaha real hard and get kids to go there and its a beautiful campus, but they seem to have “issues”, only time will tell.

      Minnesota- great experience

      OU great experience- love OKC and Norman and OU fans

      Notre Dame- I dont know, there were so many of us taking over the Notre Dame stadium, kind of hard to find a Notre Dame fan:,r:1,s:0&biw=1120&bih=727

  43. HuskerJ says:

    Nice column Lee, lots of responses………..what were you thinking? We can all be friend? Not in this lifetime.

    Tom is the Captain of the Ship, where he goes, the team goes and its been a fantastic cruise todate and for the forseeable future thanks to Tom.

    Suicide Lee, that’s what you’re comtemplating with this article.

  44. Steve Anderson says:

    Just think. If Texas would have been polite enough to let the Huskers win a few times this all could have been avoided.

    1. Messy Marvin says:

      You’re right. But then, manners are something you won’t find alot of in Texas.

  45. Johnny_Nebraska says:

    Steve Anderson,

    A few times? Name for me one thing, just one thing,
    that we didn’t GIVE you!!!!

    1. Dubya says:

      We appreciate the gifts. I guess you will just be giving those to Ohio State for the next few years. Nebraska fans are Clueless. Watch the Horn’s come to Nebraska and win again and again. You boo, we will carry the trophy home. Good trade…

  46. Nebfan696 says:

    What seems to really get in everyone craw from the outside is NU has the 3rd most wins in College Football History
    We have the most Academic All Americans in Football and All Sports than anyone in history
    Weve won 5 National Championships in Football in last 40 years
    Weve only had 2 losing seasons in last 50 years (1 coach)
    Our recruiting classes on those 5 National Championship teams like most of our teams were ranked in the 30th-20th range
    All of Texas top rated recruiting classes- hasn’t produced National Championship teams
    Tiny little Omaha had produced 3 Heisman Winners alone
    Nebraska has produced 8 Outland winners- mostly home grown
    Our state has just 1,700,000 people- yet weve sold out our 85,000 seat stadium for 320 games in a row and counting while schools with MUCH HIGHER student and alumni populations struggle to fill theirs. Not to mention being in a state with over 25,000,000 people.
    We consistently win- with far fewer dollars spent than teams like Texas
    We consistently win- with far less talent than Texas or A&M
    Our fans travel and take over opposing stadiums, not the case with Texas or even A&M fans
    Our fans give standing ovations to the opponents, win lose or draw. We treat their fans well when they visit.
    Our coaches and alumni dont nor have they ever bought and paid for players- or got us on probation
    We do a lot with little, they cant stand it, green eyed jealousy
    All that money has got Texas Just a single National Title in the same span NU has won 5
    A&M my school- hasnt sniffed at one since WWII days and they have unreal $$$, players and facilities
    They hate it when they cant buy what they want- things like National Championships and sold out stadiums

    No matter what, be kind considerate and hospitable, it’s our way. Treat them with class all the way. Don’t ever stoop to their level.

  47. Nebfan696 says:

    For those comparing fans:

    Don’t take NU fans words for it, take the Word from Texas Coach Mack Brown “”It’s the only place in the country where I’ve been where we broke a 47-game home winning streak [1998] and I thought Ricky Williams would get abused after the game,” Brown said. “Those fans stayed and gave him a standing ovation after the game and they gave him a chant, ‘Heisman, Heisman, Heisman.’ To me, Nebraska has the best fans in the country. If there has been some tension between Texas and Nebraska I don’t see it carrying over to the kids, I don’t see it carrying it over to the coaches. By and large, Nebraska has the classiest setup in the country.”

    Read more:

    You could also ask fans from Oklahoma, A&M, Tech, Baylor, you name it to compare the 2, it wouldnt be a remotely close contest.
    There is no comparison- no unbiased national source puts Texas fans in the same solar system as NU fans. It’s like comparing Mozart to Millie Vanilli

    Texas, like them or not will be treated well by Omaha, CWS fans and NU supporters.

  48. TOCHILA says:

    Nice article Lee! It is definitely time to move on and let the Texas hatred die off. The more Nebraska fans play into it the more that it becomes what we are known for. The Cornhuskers should be known for being one of the best college football programs in history and for having the greatest fans in the land which they are by most. Lately, however, outside of Nebraska people just seem to be focusing on our negativity towards the Big 12 and especially Texas. I lived in Chicago last year which is obviously BIG 10 country and most people seemed more eager to take jabs at over the Texas rivalry than to talk about us joining their league. Basically, the Texas hating is making us into a one-trick pony. Time to move on.

  49. Johnny says:

    After sorting through all of these comments, the bottom line…Lee is an idiot; I hope he finds work at another newspaper in the near future. The arrogance in his writing has gradually increased over the years.

  50. t says:

    Sounds like the Texas arrogance and “holier than thou” attitude has infected your writing. I am a younger gen husker fan and I will always hate Texas and they need to be hated…they are the Apple, the Heat, The “Damn the Man”, the BP, the Morgan Stanley of the NCAA football world and no matter what conference we are in will change that.


    1. James says:

      Don’t let Augie “snow” you with his misguided charm. His true colors showed through a few years back when he refused to come out to receive the CWS runner-up trophy. Must have felt he and his team were above that. Who would ever root for a guy/team like that ever again…makes no difference that its Texas or anyone other team. I guess it was just a coincidence that it happened to be Texas that would pull a stunt like that?

  51. Johnny_Nebraska says:

    Fan of Nebraska

    I have no hatred for TU
    It was we who had taught you.
    I have no barbs for the Aggies,
    I’ll not be marose, sanquin or crabby.
    I have no traps for the Bears
    who appear no worse for their wears.

    Promissing money for our schools
    you tried playing us all for fools
    but now your stuck with games of 9
    with the four down south and the five of mine

    It’s to the commissioner I now turn,
    Your vile greed a great concern.
    You have goned and turned the old Big 8
    into something less of late.

    May that money you not earn
    until you have a mind to learn
    May a bowl birth not come south
    to such a disrespectful mouth.

    History again will soon tell
    that it was to Arizona St. NU fell
    not that this should cause any great losses
    to the Dollar signs that are your bosses

    Just learn it now and learn it well
    for soon all will know and all will tell
    that this heaven you think you’ve built,
    is nothing more than South West hell.

    We never gave you hurt.
    And we never gave you cause.
    You should have listened to our coach.
    Nebraska’s great wizard called, The OZ!!

  52. Johnny_Nebraska says:

    Sweetheart, they invited us. I don’t know if you know this or not, but there are a LOT of kids that just want to get the heck out of Texas. That is not saying anything bad about your state, that is just the impetuousness of youth. You should be proud that they are going to a school with such a rich herritage of athletic and academic excellence! Besides, who are you to make that rule anyway. Yep, you guessed it, another jealous and arrogant Texan.

    1. Horns says:

      damn right we are arrogant our state has earned the right to be a little arrogant. and what your doing is just as arrogant. this is like the pot calling the kettle black!

  53. Dave says:

    Nebr 696 above really says it all – great summary ! Good luck to NU in the B10 & good luck to TX in the B12.

    My closing thought – NU’s Tom Osborne is a class act – look at his life accomplishments – a plus 800% winning coach record, 3 National Champtionships, Hall of Fame football coach, U.S. Congressman, PHD college professor, and B10 school Athletic Director.
    Anyone in this blog smacking TO just has not met the coach because this is a man with heart and compassion .

    Within the last 2 years, I personally know two people who were near death in California that Osborne took the time to call to try to cheer them up in their final days on earth. He took his personal time to travel and visit one of the ill persons in their home and talked NU football with him and it meant the world to the person he visited for the last time.

    Upon Tom Osborne’s retirement as NU fb coach, Bobby Bowdin personally paid for a full page newspaper ad in the Lincoln, NE paper congradulating TO on his career and thanking TO and NU for helping to build the FSU fb program reputation by competition with class. Yes the NU home crowd alsa cheered for FSU in a fb loss in Lincoln.
    Class shines through and I hope that NU and Omaha fans do not tarnish the reputation of Nebraska as a great host location.

  54. OhMan says:

    As a Longhorn of 3+ decades I can honestly say that I always considered NU to be one of the classiest programs in all of college sports. I also put UT in that group, but am certainly a little prejudiced.
    I am disappointed that NU is leaving the Big 12 since I think the rivalry had certainly developed well over the past several years.
    I DO NOT think that a year and half of some marginally negative history will ultimately have any lasting impact on a strong and mutually respectful rivalry.

  55. Steve Anderson says:

    Johny–Well one thing you didn`t give the South division was losses.

    1. Nebfan696 says:

      NU was:
      11-1 vs Baylor
      10-4 vs A&M
      4-10 vs Texas
      38-45 vs OU
      37-5 vs OSU
      7-4 vs Tech

      The net was- had the Big 8 not rescued those Texas Schools from what was a joke and cesspool of a totally outlaw and weak conference- they would have sunk even deeper into obscurity. I graduated from A&M in 84- was there to see some awfully bad football while I was there. Half filled or less stadiums, very poor out of conference records, blatant and out in the open cheating. Shame that you all destroyed your own conference, then latched on to destroy another.

      Let’s just part and wish each other the very best and as always treat those that bite the hand that feeds it- the utmost of respect, civility and hospitality when they visit- that’s our way and let’s be consistent. Those that have never come to Lincoln for a game- just dont get it- cant beleive it. But amazing all the great coaches that have been here, Paterno, Bowden, Brown, Switzer, Snyder, Stoops etc, even Lee Corso hold it in such high regard- while those that have never been here a single time and know so little cast stones.

  56. Johnny_Nebraska says:

    Steve Again,

    No, I figured GIVING you Oklahoma was enough of a gift.
    Were it not for them, the only Southern Division champions
    would be Texas and Texas A&M. Of course, in the North
    we have had three different schools win that title.

    Yeah, you old SWC teams really dominate, don’t you?

  57. Nebfan696 says:

    Interesting facts FYI
    NU in last 25 years has:
    22 9 WIn Seasons
    3 National Titles
    2 losing seasons

    Texas has:
    14 9 win seasons
    1 National Title
    6 losing seasons

    Amazing what all those top 5 recruiting classes and $$$ got them- no wonder they get so darn huffy- I’d be mad too LOL

    1. Relatively Neutral says:

      Shorten the span to 15 years instead of 25 and how different does it look??

  58. Steven K says:

    I will BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as loud as I can at my TV when I see those classless Texas “Short-horns” and I now live in Oklahoma. They are all that is bad in College sports. I will also BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO them in basketball, football, swimming, golf, field hockey, women’s chess…etc.



    GO BIG RED!!!!

    1. Muy Tejano says:

      How nice for you that the lunatic asylum now has Internet privaleges.

      1. Steven K says:

        It’s also too bad that I am a vice president at a very large bank. Out of over 700 branches in nearly 20 states, we don’t have any locations in Texas. Thank goodness.

        1. Muy Tejano says:

          I agree, thank goodness! In Texas, we already have enough idiots from oklahoma lowering the bar (who move here for better employment opportunities, improved standard of living … and in hopes of being able to date someone with teeth). We certainly don’t need you here, as well, vying for this year’s Darwin Awards. P.S. Your “very large bank” will never have the capitalization necessary to own, or even compete, with a similarly-sized Texas bank. P.P.S. Why is Texas so windy? Because the Big 12 teams north of the Red River suck, out loud. Of course, this includes that little red crybaby school who ran off to the Big Ten with its tail between its legs (and let’s not forget its blow-hard coaching brothers–the ones with no self-control) … a team that couldn’t even beat UT during the Longhorns’ most God-awful season since the Malkovich era; i.e., the ’97 Tear Down the Goalposts Tour. ROFLMAO!!!

  59. Nebfan696 says:

    If you werent around in the 80s in Texas, you just had no clue what a cesspool the SWC was at that point
    Texas, A&M, Baylor, SMU, Houston of course all paying kids huge $$$ to play for them ESPN did a show about it. I was in College Station then and I worked at a dealership part time where we filled out credit apps. A former A&M star came in driving a white Caddie. When I filled the app out with him. When I asked him about the car he said he owed $5 k on it but he had never made a payment on it and there was no payment amt- he had graduated 2 years earlier-he smiled when I asked why no payments-More on what was going on there back then- The Big 8 saved the remnants of the SWC- we tossed them a lifeline :

    Dickerson really came off as a bitter, arrogant sleazebucket throughout the entire show. He made some snide comment about how A&M gave him the TransA&M, and then he just decided that SMU would be a better fit for him. *smile* Then he made some smug remark that he would never reveal what changed his mind, followed by a laughing Craig James saying that ED would be under concrete before he would ever talk.

    Then he told a story about meeting the LB that ultimately blew the final whistle on the program, and telling the staff that this guy was bad news and they shouldn’t be recruiting him. Sort of a “they should’ve listened to me and not ever recruited this kid – he was the snitch.” Then he had the audacity to gripe about the NCAA giving them the death penalty.

    All in all, a tremendous 30-for-30. If you didn’t see it and couldn’t DVR it, go get it on iTunes when it’s available (

  60. Jim says:

    From a diehard Big Red fan who lived in CO for 30 years and now have lived in the Dallas area for 6 years: 1. All of our friends we have met in TX know I’m a Big Red fan, none have ever once made any ugly comments about NU. I don’t find the bile I’m seeing from UT fans in this blog to be representative of the people I’ve met here. 2. The worst fan behavior I’ve ever seen is from CU fans, and I can go back over 40 years with stories. 3. I was surprised to learn that so many Texans from other Texas schools dislike UT. If you really want to hear some negative UT comments, talk to an aTm fan. NU fans are known by and large for class behavior where other’s fall short. Let’s not sink to the level of those who spew bile against NU. Enjoy what NE has to offer. I’m still looking for a restaurant steak in TX that’s better than the ones I used to buy in the supermarket in Omaha.

  61. SERIOUSLY??? says:

    Reading these comments blew my mind. What’s all this “I hate…I hate you…I hate Texas…I hate people from Texas…I hate Texas arrogance….ahhhh….I just HATE”. So, Texas’ football team beat an arrogant NU team (with a blow hard arrogant coach) two years in a row and the only way you corn farmers can reconcile the situation is to hate?? I guess not spending the time to think that through gives you more time to husk some corn. Also, NU fans hate teams that beat them consistently and Texans are the arrogant ones?? Who am I kidding, I am a BSU alum so I hate Nevada…all of Nevada…Harry Reid and Las Vegas and Hell, everything between Colorado and California. I hate it all. Not really, we BSU fans were sorely disappointed that night but, Nevada wanted it more and out played us. Kudos to them. Hopefully our kids learned and they won’t let a season slip away like that again. We don’t lack in passion…we just don’t have any use for haters. I’m curious…when OSU beats the heck out of you for two straight years are you going to pout and join the ACC??

  62. Just Sayin says:

    I keep reading how this UT coach is such a classy guy. I am trying to remember what CWS team it was that after they lost the championship game, they refused to come back on the field to be recognized and to congratulate the winning team. I was thinking it was this coach and his UT team. If I am wrong, I apologize. Fans attending the CWS should cheer enthusiastically for their designated team and be courteous and good sports all around. Coaches and teams should exercise this courtesy and sportsmanship as well.

    1. DFWOO says:

      ..Augie G. has certainly redeemed himself and his program, in my eyes, by all the work he has done in support of the CWS AND keeping it in Omaha….since those events.

      He was perhaps troubled in a passionate and confusing moment…but just look at his body of work, since his… “Pelini Moment”.

      I like the guy.

      I also like Pelini.

      Same kind of guys, in my book.

      Both capable of demonstrating Redemption and growth. Great teachers of young men.

  63. Marv says:


  64. Tim D. says:

    Diehard Husker fan and diehard all-things-Texas hater, mainly cuz they think they have the market on the best and biggest of all things worthy. Heck, I wish they’d secede from the U.S. for that matter.

  65. texasshater says:

    I would love to Boo Texass and the college series. A truce is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  66. Dick says:

    I know that I will be rooting for Iowa State to win the Big 12 for the rest of the century… However, I truely hope that the Big 12 breaks apart in a couple of years and Texas is left with nothing and nobody to play. It will probably take a decade at least to even consider not hating a team with that much hubris… ask Arkansas.

  67. mcfly says:

    I remember when Texas ended NU’s 1000 game home winning streak and the husker fans gave the Horns a standing O. What class. What happened? Regardless of the reasons why NU left the Big 12, Nebraska fans should look at Arkansas as their future. When Ark bolted the old SWC and went to the SEC, they lost their lucrative pipeline into Texas high school football. They have not been relevent since. When OU went down hill before Stuups came in, they had been downplaying their recruiting into Tx. Now they are as big in Tx as when Switzer was there. Nebraska will lose their inroads into TX and it will show and it will only make the other north teams more powerful because now there will be more Texas high school blue chippers to go around. Just ask your coaches.

    On the other hand, the Big 10 is no SEC so they may get a few more wins. Anyway, good luck and god bless.

  68. JIM says:

    And this is why Nebraska fans are some of worst fans in the nation. Its pretty easy to sit there and self proclaim yourself the best fans in the world but then you boo a group of college players because your football team cannot beat Texas. Pretty sad. I am so glad to be a CU fan where we actually show class.