Published Monday, August 8, 2011 AT 10:27 AM / Updated at 10:00 PM
Dirk’s brunch bites — Aug. 8
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Let’s assume that Peter Gammons, a world-class reporter, is accurate that Bo Pelini lost his cool and threatened Bubba Starling. Let’s examine why Bo’s right — and why Bo’s wrong.

This Bubba situation has always been a potential distraction for Bo’s team. How often do you put a player on the 105-man roster who likely won’t be around in a week?

Worse, Starling is taking a fall camp roster spot from someone else who worked his tail off all summer.

I can see why a head football coach would run out of patience if he didn’t think there was a legitimate chance the prospect would stick around. (And let’s face it, the chance of Bubba sticking around is miniscule. We’re talking about $8 million to $10 million.)

Here’s the problem: Bo asked for this. Bo recruited Bubba Starling knowing this was coming. He gave Starling license to take this circus all the way to Aug. 15.

Didn’t someone pull Bo aside and tell him Bubba’s family (and advisers) might use Nebraska for leverage? The writing was always on the wall for NU. It has always been in Bubba’s best interest to drag out this soap opera as long as possible. That’s how negotiations work, especially when Scott Boras is your adviser.

But Bo’s program is getting positive publicity every day Bubba hits the news. And unless this supposed rift between Bo and Bubba becomes a big story, Bubba will end up helping Nebraska’s future recruiting efforts, whether he stays or goes.

Hopefully, Bo focuses on the positives, not the fact that Bubba is using fall camp to squeeze a few million out of the Royals.
Boras may be the most hated man in baseball. The epitome of greed. But guess who Nebraska’s greatest ally is in the Starling Sweepstakes?

Here’s a profile of the man who’s reportedly seeking $10 million from the Kansas City Royals to sign Starling. Negotiating against this man would be nothing less than exhausting.


– Since when do caddies get credit for victories? Stevie Williams, who famously walked alongside Tiger Woods for 11 years, escorted Adam Scott to victory Sunday at Firestone.

Then Williams gave one of the stranger interviews I’ve ever heard. A few snippets:

“I’ve been caddying for 33 years and I’ve never had a bigger win. …

“There were a lot of expectations today. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. … It’s an incredible feeling to back it up. I always back myself.

“Just like I do when I go racing. I’m a great front-runner when I go racing and I feel like I’m a good front-runner when I’m caddying. Great belief in myself. …

“Obviously it’s well documented I’ve won 145 golf tournaments.”

I know the importance a caddy can have on a golfer. But that’s pretty bold commentary from a guy who’s never stood over a 4-footer on the 72nd hole.

What else is interesting about the Williams’ win? The reaction. On one hand, CBS columnist Gregg Doyel ripped Williams’ ego.

On the other hand, Gary Van Sickle of Golf Magazine hailed Williams’ words. Which writer do you agree with?


– If you didn’t catch it over the weekend, an Alabama sheriff wins the award for most creative enforcement tactics. Nick Saban and Gene Chizik might hire the sheriff to call plays.

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  1. Jim says:

    Why are we assuming that Gammons knows what he is talking about? How does a national writer who isn’t anywhere near the state of Nebraska beat you guys to a story this huge. I can’t see the local media missing this one. I think he read the headlines that Bubba wasn’t practicing and blurted something out. I know he is a good columnist but twitter is evil and makes intelligent people stupid.

  2. KL in NP says:

    Of course this is assuming that Peter Gammons, called by a few a world-class reporter, is accurate.
    Remember how the word assume is spelled.

  3. Bubba says:

    Dirk, why don’t you run along do some “world-class” reporting yourself and find out the truth. Go on….get moving.

  4. Rob says:

    “Let’s assume”

    do not count the readers in your “let us” assume because as you know, assume makes both an ass out of u and me. I will not assume anything, so your assumption simply makes an ass out of u.

  5. Ryan says:

    How about instead of assuming its true, why doesn’t the OWH ask PG where he got this information. Journalism these days has lost credibility. Instead of having sources we now just assume something is true.

  6. PaulG says:

    My word, the reporting at the OWH has reached an all-time low. I’m out. I’m never reading this useless drivel again. Turn out the lights on your way out the door, Dirk.

  7. matt says:

    Would Peter Gammons answer his phone to speak to you about this Dirk?

  8. Denny K. says:

    Who’s to say that Bubba makes it in baseball? There’s always the possibility that he returns to play football at NU at a later date! It’s happened before & other teams have had QBs in there mid 20s.

  9. Gene O says:

    Exactly what threat is Gammons blathering about? Unless he’s heard something nobody else has, this is reacting to something that never happened. I hope he can back this up with some facts.
    If anything, Bo has been unusually flexible in Bubba’s case. Could it be Gammon’s mistakenly took Pelini allowing Starling to skip the early practice as a punishment instead of working with his family to avoid any multi-million dollar injuries?
    C’mom, Dirk. You are the reporter. Find the facts. You’ve never hesitated to criticize Pelini. Don’t chicken out on going against someone who can’t even take the time to get Bo’s name right.

  10. Cornboy says:

    Dirk–your lack of journalistic ability and your propensity to run w/anything negative concerning Coach Pelini is annoying. Please quit already.

  11. Paul says:

    Why is everyone getting worked up about the words ‘let’s assume’? He is writing an article from that side of the argument… ‘if Peter Gammons is right,’… this, this, and this…
    He is not saying that he thinks Peter Gammons is right… which is far from the point of this article.