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Bubba Starling: Path to a decision
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As Monday’s 11 p.m. deadline approaches for Bubba Starling to choose between a college career at Nebraska or to jump to the pros with the Kansas City Royals, it’s worth taking a look back at the journey to this point.

The World-Herald staff writers have provided complete coverage of Starling’s developing story, from Bubba’s time spent fishing on hot, summer days to his dominating high school baseball games with MLB scouts watch from the stands. And of course there’s football, where the QB compiled 2,417 rushing yards and 31 touchdowns (see his player card here) during his senior season and committed to Nebraska.

Here’s some of the top stories from Bubba’s rise:

Dec. 25, 2010: The Legend of Bubba Starling by Dirk Chatelain
Jan. 7: Husker recruit wants to show running skills by The World-Herald
May 11: Huskers lead in the battle for Bubba by Sam McKewon
May 10: NU? MLB? Bubba in no hurry to decide by Sam McKewon
June 4: Two-sports bonus could net Starling $7 million by Rob White
June 4: Will big green beat Big Red? Not necessarily by Sam McKewon
June 5: Starling’s abilities enticing to many by Sam McKewon
June 6: Money? Royals can’t let local hero Starling get away by Tom Shatel
June 11: Starling’s chances at stardom in the majors? 50-50 by Rob White
July 7: Starling to join NU for conditioning by Rich Kaipust
July 13: Big Bubba on campus by Sam McKewon
Aug. 4: Starling: Decision process ‘really stressful’ by Sam McKewon
Aug. 5: Royal welcome for Starling by Jon Nyatawa
Aug. 6: Pelini: Starling won’t practice with Huskers by Sam McKewon
Aug. 8: Pelini, Starling’s father dispute report by Sam McKewon
Aug. 11: Report: No official offer to Starling by The World-Herald
Aug. 14: Choice not so simple for Bubba by Sam McKewon

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Easily track the MLB Draft signing deadline below. Starling will need make a choice by the time the clock runs out:

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  1. Les Torres says:

    Bubba take the $$$$$ and run! Good luck to you. Take care of your family and when you get bored watch GBR!

  2. ian kann says:

    be husker you got skill then later you can sign to a team

  3. Andy Fields says:

    Bubba is you’re reading, good luck with the decision. We’ll be following you no matter what. Once a Husker….

  4. joeuden says:

    bubba go to nebr u will be treated like a god the royals will treat u like a nobody

  5. Tyler A says:

    If Bubba gets a chance to read this….

    You have the chance to play pro sports now or in a few years. The way I see it, is you can go play for the royals and make a couple million dollars, maybe be a commercial here and there, and be the favorite baseball player of a few hundred die hard baseball fans.


    You can go play football for Nebraska. Catapult yourself to superstar status above anything heard of in Baseball in these current times, be admired by MILLIONS of people, make more money, have more endorsements. On top of that, sports isn’t a full life career. If you bypass college, you have nothing to fall back on if you get injured at the pro level.

    Good luck with whatever your choice is. But I think that if you go play baseball for that dump of a team, you are going to be throwing away a hell of a lot more than the money that its worth.

  6. Tim Adams says:

    Take the money big guy and if it doesnt work out in 3 years. Come back and be a College QB at Nebraska..


  7. Tim says:

    Take the money kid…nothing is a guarantee…and injury is always close. You are still a Husker, none of us could be mad about a young man with all the talent in the world not doing the smart thing.

  8. Bob says:

    Who is this Bubba fellow?