Published Monday, September 12, 2011 AT 2:14 PM / Updated at 2:14 PM
Bo: LBs made mistakes
Rich Kaipust Omaha World-Herald

Always hard to rely on the stat sheet for everything, and same goes for Saturday night and the tackle numbers posted by Nebraska linebackers Lavonte David and Will Compton.

Each finished with 15, including six solo for Compton and five solo for David. But Fresno State also ran 81 plays compared to 56 for NU, and the Huskers were gashed for 190 rushing yards and 444 total yards.

“They made some plays, they made a lot of mistakes,” NU coach Bo Pelini said. “I thought those two guys got to play a lot better than they did last week.”

NU safety Austin Cassidy said he watched film with Compton and David on Sunday. Cassidy said he didn’t exactly know their assignments every time, but said it was obvious they were around the ball a lot.

“Those guys are really fun to watch, because they fly around, they’re fast and they hit hard,” Cassidy said. “A lot of times when I’m watching those guys I’m not even watching to see how they fit into the scheme, I’m just watching for entertainment, because they make some pretty cool plays.”

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  1. Tbear says:

    I would rather talk about the lousy game Cassidy played. He got beat twice deep (one pass was over thrown), dropped an easy pick at the end of the game, but the worst offense was when Carr was heading for the corner of the endzone he dove at the QB’s ankles to make a tackle. A saftey passing on a chance to make a big hit (not to mention Carr made him look foolish by easily jumping him for the TD)? Good grief, can you imagine Larry Asante in that same play. I bet the QB would still be picking out tire shavings from his back. As Chris Carter likes to say “Come on Man”! I think the whole defense has lost their attitude. Hopefully, they can get it back and quick. FYI, the look Bo was giving his brother during the game was priceless.

    1. A911guy4u says:

      I wish it was Stafford bearing in on Carr for that hit. Lights out baby! Far too many times I’ve watched Cassidy getting beat on deep routes, standing around waiting for the play to come to him instead of attacking the ball-carrier, etc. It’s going to be a long season, seems like the Defense it taking steps backwards.

    2. AF says:

      Something tells me Daimion Stafford wouldn’t have gone for the ankles, either.

    3. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

      Chris Carter and ESPN ripped off media personality and DJ Ed Lover’s original saying “C’mon Son” without paying royalties. I have to point that out because it’s disrespectful and foul of ESPN, but what else is new with that network? Back to the issue at hand, it’s obvious they miss Gomes, Hagg, and Amukumara more than they let on. Especially the versatility of the first two. Whether it’s Sanders or Raymond, the depth is not there, keep wondering if Corey Cooper is going to be in the mix this year before it’s all over.

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    this is what happens when you stop practicing the one’s in full pad contact practice, Stafford is fresh, he is used to hitting, it was probably a requirement where he came from, halfway thru the season you will watch Stafford soften up, much like rest of that no hitting soft NU secondary, losing Sanders was an obvious blow to our defensive backfield.

    1. Matt Svoboda says:

      Agreed… Sanders was HUGE for us… But I do think we will see significant improvement when Stafford gets experience and Dennard comes back.

      After the last 3 years I HAVE to believe the Pelinis will get the D together. I expect an impressive performance this weekend on defense.

  3. Matt Svoboda says:

    Cassidy isnt playing well, but either is Blatchford(spelling?). I’d like to see some Corey Cooper and Dijon Washington- at least they make plays on Special Teams.

    Dennard, Osborne, Stafford, Evans, and Corey Cooper- yes please!

    1. Ben Johnson says:

      I agree, Matt. Blatchford looks horrible, and Cassidy is one of those players who can’t afford to make mistakes like Stafford can. Cassidy just does not have the athletic abilities to NOT be fundamentally perfect on every play. It’s even more pronounced when you see what Ciante is doing with his work. These guys need to come together or this is going to be a tough year for us.

      More telling was how poorly our line and LBs did at getting behind the LOS to bust up plays. Whenever we DID get in the backfield, our players would miss tackles or plain be out-played by guys in their backfield…

  4. huskerfanbb says:

    Ditto on the Blatchford comment. Has he covered anybody yet? Evans didn’t play well against Fresno, either. Green was actually quite a bit better than both Evans, and himself from Week 1.

    We are definitely missing Dennard–not to mention Amukamura, Gomes, and Hagg.

    Hopefully we’ll get Dennard back and some of these other guys will step up.

    1. Ben Johnson says:

      Green is good when he’s not tripping all over himself…

  5. Yes the defense is playing poorly. But kiddies please do not panic yet! Remember who are head coach is. If you think for one minute Bo is going to allow this defense to continue to play all season like they did Saturday night you are sadly mistaken. Bo reminds me of one Bob Devaney who also had a couple of games in the late 1960′s when the defense and the rest of the team did not play up to theis standards. Devaney did what Bo will do and that is kick some butts in gear including some coaches. The Huskers will find the answers and will have more of a complete game this Saturday. Huskers will win by more than three touchdowns over Washington. Score NU 41 WU 17. So calm down and stay positive!

    1. HuskerDave says:

      I agree. If our team has some defensive struggles early in the season, despite a boatload of talent, can you think of a better coaching staff to get them in order? I think we’ll be fine against most opponents. The only games I’m worried about this season are Michigan State and Wisconsin (in that order).

  6. nu5times says:

    Right now, unless the defense and the offense imporve in massive amounts, we are going to get our hind ends handed to us on a silver platter come Wisconsin. In fact, Washington is going to be a very strong challenge. Love Bo, love Beck, love the possibility of this offense, but right now we are 1980′s team. Still building with all the reasons why we are not there. Praying for this team and this season.

    1. DJ says:

      And you call yourself a Husker fan? All I can say is…WOW! Don’t post this drivel please.

      1. Matt4NU says:

        Ok cool-aid drinker, I suppose you think they are going to get 10 wins again this year?
        Aint happening!

        1. DJ says:

          The reincarnation of Jim Jones himself would be impressed with the calibur of Kool-Aide you’re trying to sell here. While I share some of your concerns, it’t way to early to get down on the team. So why do it?

  7. Taylor Martinez says:

    I can run real good.

  8. miroj1 says:

    If I were Cassidy, I would be watching a lot less of the linebackers, and start paying attention to his assignments. I thought Green played a fairly decent game, even better than Evans. Fisher, Crick and Meredith need to step up… To be honest, I’m kind of scared of Washington all of a sudden. Their coach is no dummy.

  9. tracey dowling says:

    I luv how everyone is bashing the DBs, corners and LBs for the horrific sefensive performance on Saturday. Will the real culprit please stan? That would be the defensive line. Not one sack, very few stops at the line, and many times the cameras found them flat on their backs. Crick – All American??? Give me a break.

    1. DJ says:

      I like blogs.

  10. HUSKERNATL says:

    Ahhh the sweet sounds of pontificating Husker fans, many of them obviously far more qualified to call the shots than those who spend 80 hours a week studying these things on a professional level. Gotta love it lol

  11. Butch says:

    When are we going to scrap these linebackers that are unable to make a play and get some guys out there who can move, cover and run? Through two games, Fisher and Compton haven’t done squat. Same goes for Cassidy, even though he is a DB.

    When your starting middle linebacker, strong-side linebacker and strong safety can’t make plays that impact the game, it is time to make some changes.

    Let’s get some athletes on the field, and get the speed and tenacity back on the football field.

    These other guys aren’t getting it done.

  12. joe says:

    have i missed something, i thought we were supposed to have a lot of depth on the defensive front. i think merideth, crick, and steinkuhler played nearly the whole game.

  13. natty natty Boi says:

    i think we should run a 3-4 or we need to get sure tacklers and speed into the defense… cassidy has lb speed so him playing near the line of scrimmage wouldnt be a bad idea esp as a hybrid lb. would like to see the other cb/safeties playin in the dime instead of blatchford who cant guard anybody with speed. Dline needs to be more aggressive where is E-martin when you need him…

    i have a feeling were holding back but why the coaches want to do that is beyond me…there is no mystery to our offense and our defense may have been exposed..

  14. Firthyfan says:

    Our defense can only practice against our offense. So it’s amazing that the db’s learn to stop good passers and receivers at all. This “deep” d-line has to help out these young db’s.

  15. HuskerinLA says:

    So far … the team stinks.

    After watching Nebraska for decades, you can tell when we have a championship-caliber team and when we don’t. You never know whether the team will get it done or not. But you can tell after a few games whether we’re a championship contender. This team ain’t even close to being championship caliber. I do think they can improve throughout the season. But there’s no way we’re going to win our division in the B1G.