Published Thursday, September 15, 2011 AT 9:51 AM / Updated at 10:43 AM
Recruiting: Prospect performances and the long road ahead
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Our partners over at Huskers Illustrated do a fine job of collecting the stats and big plays of Nebraska’s 2012 and 2013 targets. You can find those here. Enjoy.

You haven’t seen a ton of recruiting updates on the paper side — or here, even — and that’s in part for this reason: Nebraska’s going after big whales this year as part of coordinator John Papuchis’ more ambitious strategy, and a number of these battles for big names are going to go down to the wire.

No longer is NU looking just for niche players. It’s going national and fighting for kids who have a lot of voices in their ear and official visits to take.

Consider offensive line prospect Evan Goodman, who visited for the Fresno State game. He’s technically already committed to Arizona State, but took an official visit to Notre Dame Sept. 2 and will head to Auburn Oct. 14.

Or safety prospect Jordan Diggs, who made an unofficial visit Saturday and returns Oct. 7 for Nebraska’s game vs. Ohio State. Diggs is looking at several SEC schools, including Tennessee and South Carolina — which annually put together strong recruiting classes. Or five-star guys like defensive Jonathan Bullard and left tackle Andrus Peat, also coming in Oct. 7, and looking at every big-name team on the board.

It’s going to be a ditch fight for these kids. Signing Day stuff. In the last decade, Signing Day’s been pretty quiet around here, with one or two kids deciding for or against NU. Expect January to be a busy, busy month in Husker recruiting offices.

There are two notable exceptions, and both are taking their official visits this weekend when Washington comes to town: Quarterback recruits Tommy Armstrong and Alonzo Moore.

Moore, a Louisiana athlete who’s pursued the Huskers about as much as the Huskers have pursued him, is coming to town for the third time, and he appears to be down to two schools: NU and Mississippi State. I suspect he’ll pull the trigger and commit — if Nebraska wants him to pull the trigger.

Armstrong, meanwhile, is the San Antonio-area QB who seems to have narrowed his list to NU and Southern Mississippi. Nebraska OC Tim Beck has worked hard on this kid over the summer, and if he’s ready to be N, this weekend could be the time he does it.

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  1. Lucky--13 says:

    Sam, I enjoyed the article. Many Husker fans have wondered why so few verbal committed recruits for the Huskers at this point. It is good to know that Nebraska is aggressively going for some of the whales. It seemed the five national championship teams all had some whales with a blend of national/regional/instate talent and walk-ons. It seemed toward the end of Coach Osborne’s career at Nebraska he had a great balance of whales, talent, speed, character, leadership, walk-ons, coaching, strength programs, offensive and defensive systems in place, etc. Coach Osborne said the 95 team would have won the national championship with the third string walk-on quarterback. The overall 95 team was just that good; talent, determination, team-work, work ethic, coaching, etc.

    I think that Coach Bo, Dr. Tom, etc. know the athletes and systems that are needed to consistently compete for the national championship. Of course Nebraska wants the best instate Nebraska talent to play at Nebraska. Dr. Tom’s many years involved in coaching and recruiting should be a great input to Coach Bo to get a good balance of recruits, coaching and overall systems to “re-load” each year instead of “re-build” and consistently perform to contend for Big 10 and National Championships.

    Thanks Sams and I will enjoy the feedback from other Husker fans concerning Husker recruiting. Thanks!!!

  2. Paul says:

    No mention of Devin Fuller? We need depth at QB, the kid has the look of something special, is a 5 star guy, and almost assuredly will name NU among his finalists. He seems to fit Beck’s offense perfectly, and our competition for him, including PN State and Michigan, isn’t where we are in terms of “back.” I think he’s the top name, after Peat, in the group.

  3. wa husker says:

    The O-line prospect would be coming to an area of NU football by far the least stable, predictable, or productive these past four years. Reasons and excuses abound; but Pelini and Co. have failed in this area badly. Were it my son, and there were other good-school offers, I would think twice. Too bad…

  4. nufan says:

    Armstrong should be a safety prospect, not a QB