Published Monday, September 26, 2011 AT 1:35 PM / Updated at 6:30 PM
A little Husker trash talk… just a little
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

The closest thing to trash talk at Monday’s press conference came from offensive tackle Yoshi Hardrick.

Hardrick doesn’t think Wisconsin has faced a physical offense.

“We got a great chance to wake ‘em up,” Hardrick said.

“I think we’re on the big stage,” Hardrick said later. “We’ve got a chance to silence some critics and make a statement and show that Nebraska’s back.”

Bo Pelini wasn’t biting on the “hoopla” talk. Nor were most of his players. But Hardrick shared a few details of the Huskers’ mind-set.

Hardrick said Pelini compared the showdown to a fistfight. Two backyard brawlers. Best man wins. Hardrick likes his team’s chances. Nebraska needs this win to take the next step, he said.

“(We are) tired of doing the same things,” Hardrick said. “We need to do something different. I think this game is gonna tell it all.”

Hardrick wasn’t completely alone in his bold words. Taylor Martinez left the media with this parting shot:

“We’re ready to shock the world.”

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  1. Ryan Sherwood says:

    Yeah, but all anyone cares about this week is are the Huskers wearing black?

    1. Brad says:

      Sure wood surely you don’t believe what you say. I will bite though I am a traditionalist and always wear red to home games. If I had scored tickets to Wisky I would wear black to let the Huskers see me(not blend in) in the stands. No I am not letting Wisky scare me out of my colors blah,blah,blah. GBR wear black in mad town and beat Wisky!

    2. charles white says:

      I am not sure why all these people are so concerned about wearing black. I think it is a good idea. The Huskers will be in a stadium where all their fans will be in red. The red will make it hard for them to know how much support they really have. For all of you that say the Huskers always wear read I say this to you. If you are a true Husker fan you will do what it takes to let your team know you are there to support them, even if you have to give up your die hard I must wear red to show I am a Husker fan attitude. Better to wear black and show up than wear red and blend in with the Badgers.

      1. Cornhead says:

        How about all of the NU fans wear corn-head hats?

        1. Pete says:

          Those things make the fans look like idiots.

          Just sayin……

    3. Glen Huntington says:

      That’s right Ryan Sherwood! I will be wearing black – how about you?

  2. Fittipaldi says:

    I cannot wait for this game… This is a HUGE deal, I don’t care what our coaches or players say… this game is about respect. This game is about the color red. This game is about winning(and not the Charlie Sheen kind), but it could lead to that… if we win. GO BIG RED!! (THE REAL BIG RED…) Go Huskers!!

  3. Ed says:

    Watching the Huskers this year has left me with a feeling of being unresolved. There is just something missing and it never really comes together. I have gone back and reveiwed quotes and comments from coaches from Spring to today and there is something vastly different about their attitude this fall and going into this week and their feeling about their team. I have really been disappointed in how they have played but I now get the feeling that it was planned that way. Is that possible? Are we in for a huge surprise on Saturday? That is just not the Nebraska way normally but I have a little feeling in my gut that there is a trojan horse or fumblerooski coming in the way of an entire game plan on offense and defense. It would be so shocking if that was the case. This defense should be as good or better than last year and it has not appeared even close. The offense should be better than last year and has shown glimpses but nothing else. Is this on purpose? I guess we will see on Saturday but I have to admit the thought is starting to excite me!

    1. dave fidlefart says:

      I’m afraid that they’ve played the best they can up to this point, let’s just hope they continue to learn week to week. Maybe it will all come together on Saturday. GBR.

    2. Brian says:

      Yes, you do get a funny feeling about them so far. I can’t believe they are necessarily sandbagging but one has to wonder how much is being held back. Either way the defense HAS to stop the run.

  4. says:

    There is no trojan horse. The Huskers are not a top 10 team. We may beat Wisconsin, because I think the Big 10 is weaker than weak this year; however, Nebraska is weak as well. We are 9.5 point underdogs. We can’t stop anyone. We look bad on offense (against inferior teams). Imagine how bad Wisconsin will make us look. I think we are “just that bad”, but I really hope we do “shock the world!”

    1. GBR says:

      I’m not going to go that far, I think the Washington win will pan out to be a good win and the offense certainly isn’t as lame as it was at the end of last year. Defensively is where they need and have to step up this week.

    2. kevin says:

      uhhh.. no… I’m confused. Can you explain this to me. First you say we might beat Wisconsin cause you believe the conference is weaker than weak, but than you say at the end, “Imagine how bad Wisconsin will make us look” which is it, is the conference weak which might allow us to win, or is Wisconsin going to mull us ?

    3. Pete says:

      We are “not that bad”. We have been trying to figure out what combinations work best. Whether it be on the offensive line or our DB’s. We have had 4 games to do this. The Pelini’s will have that figured out this week. We have the big 3 back in the line up for the first time this year. We unveiled the Wildcat this week. I’m curious to see, what the remainder of the offense will look like. Our offense has looked “way better” (other than the passing) than the last few years.


  5. capnamerca says:

    I can’t imagine we’ve made all the mistakes we have made on purpose just to put the competition to sleep. As I see it, fumbles are the biggest problem the O has plus poorly thrown balls. It suggests to me that Martinez is still not ready for the big time. This kid certainly has the skills, but maybe not the mindset. Hopefully, this game he can get it together and prove me wrong. If so, I think we can win this game by a touchdown or more. Gonna have to put up 50 points to win it.

    Defense seems to have some issues too. They’re coming along, but it’s put up or shut up time. Wilson will cut them apart if we can’t lock down Toon. And of course, we need to get some pressure up front, which also looks iffy. If we have Crick and Dennard in the game at full strength, I’ll feel a lot better about it.

    1. The deffense is a real question for sure. I remember the preseason hype. Deep in all three levels of the deffense. Crick, David and Dennard. For some reason Crick has not been the all American cvanadate he was hyped to be. They say because he is doubled teamed all the time, ask Suh about double teams. It was a bad bread for Dennard to be missing for three games and I am sure it has some effect but remember the preseason hype (we are deep with tallent) So far the only producer out of the all American canidates is David.

  6. Peter Wobowitz says:

    I just think Wisconsin is the superior team. Hopefully some day we can get to the level of talent they have. We should just go and take our Whoopin and take care of business the rest of the way. Wisconsin 43-14

    1. Frank says:

      This team has enough talent… certainly as much as Wisconsin. Wisconsin is just gelling earlier. We have a brand new offense and a young secondary. This team has flashed brilliance, and the bulb is staying on longer every game in some area or another. It would be a huge mistake for Wisconsin to believe they’re going to blow us off the field. I would not trade our team, talent level or coaching. Win or lose, I love our players, our scheme and our defense. I also like the big chip on our shoulder right now. I predict our run game badgers Wisconsin. We win 44 to 38. I love being the underdog here.

      1. Pete says:

        Frank says:”Wisconsin is just gelling earlier.”

        They have gelled against 4 high school teams.

        @Peter, Wisconsin hasn’t seen the speed we have this year, and they won’t see it again until the B1G championship game, when they play “US” again.

        1. Meadville Mike says:

          I agree. Everyone is saying Wisc has been rolling but who have they played? UNLV (1-3) Oregon State (0-3) Northern Illinois (2-2) and South Dakota? (2-2) They have not seen speed yet or been hit in the mouth. Husker 24-14

    2. jon humphrey says:

      what kind of neb fan are you

  7. Jack Krelm says:

    Have you ever been in a Turkish Prison?

    1. Jason says:

      Do you like movies about Gladiators?

  8. Big UN says:

    Let’s ditch all the black attire..including the black sox. These guys look like computer geeks at a summer picinic.

  9. Alan Cramer says:

    Kinda question the request for fans to wear black @ Camp Randall…might show team how FEW fans are in the stadium! (Guess

    ducats are VERY difficult to get)

  10. Mitch says:

    I love the confidence. Usually I get sucked in by the glorious talk of how good we are, and how good we’re going to be because of some mysterious or shocking performance yet to be seen. This time I will only allow myself to be pragmatic concerning the outlook for this game. This is due to the teams performance from the first four games; QB and RB fumbles, passes thrown behind wide open receivers, and a defense that cannot stop the lower-end running and passing offenses. Unfortunately the evidence from the first four games outweighs the words of a O-lineman and a QB. But of course, I hope I’m way off track!

  11. Josh says:

    First off, my big question: Tim Beck=Shawn Watson??? Yes, the scheme and output differ(and God bless the man for utilizing the option efficiently). But what I haven’t seen change? THE REDUNDANT PLAY CALLING. I remember screaming at my TV last season(mainly towards the conclusion of said season) because play after play, drive after drive, we’d give the opposing D the same look and just get pile drived, awaiting on T-Magic, Roy, or Mr. Nebraska Football to make a big play and keep the O afloat. … Of course Beck has been keeping some things under wraps against lesser opponents, but will we see big surprises or different schemes as some of the prior comments suggest? I highly doubt it. Calling the same damn play two or three times during one single series will get stomped out by high caliber teams always. The real question then of course is whether our play makers on offense can shake things up enough to make the redundant calls a nonissue. We gotta bring it on Saturday. This is all my own personal opinion, and I hope we stomp the Badgers!!! GBR!

    1. Pete says:

      Last year was last year. This year we are running the same play if it works, (unlike last year, when Watson would call 2 plays that worked, then pull some nonsense out of his butt so we could punt). I am filled with optimism this year. When was the last time we averaged 40+ points after 4 games??

  12. Bret says:

    We have always been a better underdog team than the overwhelming favorite. Nothing like being a underdog on the road to get a fire under the butts of Pelini teams. I dont like some of the stuff we have done. What I do like? This is a tenacious scrappy team that is hungry. We have speed. Tons of speed. I would like to say we can run right up Wiscy’s gut, but we need to see lots of off tackle and screen plays, with a few deep PA passes. Its too bad Martinez cant throw on the run, bootlegs would be good for him. Either way, I am not overly hopeful, but as usual I will be waiting with bated breathe for the Huskers that I bleed red for

  13. Richard J says:

    It’s not all gloom and doom. There’s a reason these games are played on the field and not on paper. Heck, how many people outside of Orchard Park NY thought the Bills would beat the Patriots? I’m willing to bet some of the actual Bills players didn’t think they would win. All of you armchair prognosticators and coaches relax and wait and see what happens on Saturday.

    1. Pete says:

      Two BIG thumbs up on this post!!!

  14. Andy says:

    9-3 again, the sooner you realize it the easier it is to take when it happens.

    1. Bobby says:

      I like the Pelini attitude that Wiscy needs to be smacked in the mouth, which they haven’t yet seen. Huskers will do that & run circles around them with speed not seen by this team. HUSKERS win in a smash-mouth game!

  15. Red blaze says:

    Low scoring game no one will open it up unless they are way behind. The over under is 66 .. Something is smelly here . Two big teams playing smash mouth will leado to a quick game not alot of passes like the big 12.. ……..21-20……..NU

    1. Bobby says:

      I totally agree Red. It’s all about bringing it at the line just long enough for our speed to blow by them!

  16. Red blaze says:

    The big stage won’t bother us. This is about plan like the pelini bros have every year, is this the year?

  17. kennie eastwood says:

    I have not seen Crick play that well,we looked better without him.Kennie caught a pass and did not drop it.Bell and big e look fanstick.Is it ability or couching for the lack of getting to the quaterback?

  18. Travis says:

    Huskers haven’t shown winning a game they aren’t supposed too for a number of years, You are what you are after 4 games and that is :
    1) Offense is sporadic with no real passing game and will never have one with Taylor at QB.
    2) Weak at defense secondary evidence when a redshirt freshman is moved to corner on a Monday and then starts on Saturday and plays over 1/3 game…
    3) Need to move Crick to DE and play Crick, Steinkuler, Moore/Rome and Meredith along the frontline and Fischer is again a non-factor with David overrunning to many plays.
    Final score : Wisconsin 42

    NU 17

    1. jon humphrey says:

      your crazy neb 24 wis 17

    2. Mike in Georgia says:

      Pathetic! About once a week I take a few minutes to read replies from “Nebraska fans” and realize what a waste of time it is.

      Many of you that comment have no clue what you are talking about and spend your time quoting what you hear others say on sports talk radio call in shows or analysis from “experts” on TV. Quit thinking you could coach this team better than Coach Bo and others and TRUST our staff.

      Wisconsin is a very good, well coached team and it will be a difficlut environment for sure…but I think this Nebraska team has speed and talent in critical areas that we have not seen since the late 90′s and I think that will give the Badgers fits Saturday. We are a young team with a new offensive scheme. I know many of you “novice” fans can’t tell the difference, but NU’s offense is vastly different from what we saw out of Watson. The tempo, the ability for QB to audible, formations, blocking techniques, passing routes , etc. It is truly the combination Bo has been after when he first discussed his desire for the offense to be “multiple”. Beck is growing into his position, but the real key is Martinez. Can he handle adversity with poise? Can he get us in the right play? Can he deliver the ball accurately when needed? We know he can make big plays, but can he be a “facilitator” to more consistently get our other playmakers the involved. If he can continue to grow in this area, we can be a really dangerous offense. As I watch this season evolve, those elements are where I am looking for improvement. But to criticize with the “generic” comment that this offense is the same shows many fans lack of understanding on what they are watching on the field. Give it time…

      Defensively, you are seeing how good Gomes, Amukamara, Denard and Hagg were as a unit last year. This year’s version of our secondary is young, but extremely talented. I believe Washington and Fresno State had much better receivers than any team we will see in the BIG the rest of the season. I think it is good they were tested early and often. As is the case most often in big games, the key to this game will be upfront. If we can slow the running game and put Wilson into predicatable passing situations; we can have success. If they are able to run the ball and set up play-action… it will be a long night. Remember this as well…even if the defense neutralizes the run and Wisky is struggling offensively, R. Wilson is the type of QB that can beat your with his feet and will his team to a win. Living in SEC/ACC country I have seen him play often and he made pretty below average NC State teams exponentially better because of his ability. Tom O’Brien is an idiot for letting him go. Anyone who watched NC State play last Thursday night would agree… He is truly a special talent and I believe he may be the difference in the game.

      I exepct Nebraska to play well, but I think home field and Wilson will propel the badgers to a victory. 27-24 Wisconsin :( Let’s hope I am wrong…GBR!

      1. Bobby says:

        @Mike: I totally agree with you on the offense. Huskers haven’t had this kind of speed in a decade. I think it will come down to Martinez’s play against Wilson’s play, comparatively. Our D needs to stop the run first. That makes it a one dim game & brings in the Wilson factor. He’s gonna get what he gets. We’ve been there before with the great ones from OU. Turnovers will be HUGE. And finally, I think our wins over Wash & Fresno will stand out at the end of the season. Those two teams will go far & we were lucky to face them successfully early on. BUT…..NU by 9! SPEED & big plays rule!

  19. Natebp says:

    Hope the “doing something different” includes making 1990′s pipeline-style holes through the Wisky D-line. Hope the O-line can back up Yoshi’s talk. As for TMart – shock the fans by not staring down the receivers, throwing rainbow passes that make your receivers slow down to catch it and hold the ball tight when running.

    Hate the week leading up to the big games. Players talk too much.

    Remember 2010 Texas, the hype and the loss.

  20. mac says:

    Just like in Lincoln, the home crowd of Camp Randall is good for a few false start penalties, and a drive killer or two. (+6 Wisc). The Wisc o-line is vastly superior to anything we’ve seen this far, thus if we stack the line to stop the run…which we’ve not been able to do anyway…Wilson will tear us apart with the short passing game. (Remember he can actually hit the broad side of a barn all day long.) If we defend the pass, the Wisc running game will gash our d for 5-7 ypc. Wisc backs are fast, powerful and durable, far better than anything we’ve seen this year. Bottom line- our def is not as good as their offense (+21 Wisc). Now to their d vs our o. We are better than last year. The line is buiding continuity But the Wisc d is better than any we’ve faced thus far. Martinez cracks under pressure (fumbles/ints). Wisc will focus on pressuring Martinez into mistakes so expect at least 2 picks and a fumble. However, we will move the ball and make plays…our skill positions are fast and the Wisc d isn’t a world beater (+24 NU). Final score: Wisc 27, NU 24). This score gets reversed in the BIG chmpshp game and NU goes to a BCS game where we beat Boise.

  21. Jerry says:

    I wish Hardrick would let his play do his talking. Theres nothing more motivating than a big mouth on the team your playing next to bring out the best in them.

  22. Jesse says:

    Is a #8 beating a #7 “schocking the world”?

    1. HuskerFanX5 says:

      Jesse, my thoughts exactly…

  23. Brian says:

    Looked at one of their message boards and they are as worried about Nebraska fans being “racist” for wearing black next Saturday in Madison as they are about the game. Pretty sure I’ve heard it all now! Talk about too much time on your hands.

  24. Corntastic says:

    It’s interesting that nobody is considering the Huskers defense the first year that the brothers Pelini came to Nebraska. Remember, they gambled with their out-of-conference games, and didn’t really spend any time scheming for them. They spent even those weeks scheming for conference play. I wonder if that is the case here? It really makes sense considering that they were having to soak in all of their new competition within the new conference. I think the Husker D is going to be shockingly stellar this week, and will earn those Blackshirts!

  25. Bobby Red in Gatorland says:

    Huskers will grow up & become a unit….Wisky hasn’t seen this kind of speed. Expect big plays & some mistakes. If our D can stop the run, pray our secondary can keep Toon in check. A true smash-mouth war. NU wins in a close one!