Published Tuesday, September 27, 2011 AT 5:30 PM / Updated at 5:30 PM
Husker Practice Report, Sept. 27
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Just a few days left before Nebraska’s matchup with No. 7 Wisconsin. Check out video from Tuesday’s practice to get a sneak peek at Nebraska’s preparation for the team’s first Big Ten game.

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  1. My God can Martinez throw something other than a lob ball. Sometimes it looks like he is playing slow pitch softball. Wisconsin is going to load the box and completely stare down Martinez and dare him to try to beat them throwing the ball. Taylor won’t be able to do it because he can’t. He will complete some passes but not enough to make the Badgers back off and play more of the pass because honestly who would with a passing offense that has one of the worst efficencies in the country that the Huskers have. On the other hand Wisconsin has a quarterback that can throw the ball and run as well. Plus they have one the best offensive lines in the Big 1 and possible in the country against an average defensive line and a talented but too young defensive backs.

    This will be the Badgers toughest test but unless Wilson and Toon stumble and break their legs coming out of their tunnel before the game, the Badgers will win this one by 21 points.

    1. Old School says:

      Unfortunately I agree with you. If we can find a way to run the ball right up the gut with some success – we are in for a long night because to your point we won’t complete enough passes to have them back off from making us beat them through the air.

    2. Pete says:

      Hey floridafrenchie, tell us how you really feel there buddy. You say”Wisconsin is going to load the box and completely stare down Martinez and dare him to try to beat them throwing the ball. Taylor won’t be able to do it because he can’t.” I say anything is possible, just ask Okie Lite from last year.


      1. cactus pete says:

        I agree about Martinez. I think he would be better as a wing back or wideout and put the freshman QB in.

      2. go big foster says:

        Amen on the okie lite thought…

        PS – Dennard will own Toon. Garunteed

  2. Hey Pete, the Huskers actually had a defense last season and they don’t this season and Okie State had one of the worst pass defenses in the Big 12 last season.

    Besides the fact like all of Husker fans that you really really hope the Nebraska will win what real football facts makes you believe they can beat Wisonsin? Please do not tell me it will be because Pelini will have the Huskers ready to play because so far this season he really hasn’t done that especially on defense. Every opponent’s offense has moved the ball sometimes way to easy against this Husker defense. Washington was a couple of bad calls away from making that game much closer than it was and Wymoing receivers dropped 5 passes in which 2 would have went for touchdowns making that game much more closer. It’s not like the Husker defense has had one bad game in last four. The Husker defense has not been consistent yet and going against the Badger offense that is very bad news for the Husker offense because they will not be able to survive a shoot out like they had with Okie State last season.

    So now tell me some facts. I live in SEC Country and we do know what kind of teams it takes to win Conference and Championships and National Championships down here! Believe me the Huskers are not even close yet!

    1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      Ok, here is a fact.

      Neither the Florida Gators or the LSU Tigers have ever defeated Nebraska.
      What was all that you were saying again bout SEC country?

  3. T Darnall says:

    Too many question marks on the Husker Defense. Coaches are in denial. They don’t see Cassidy not covering anybody? They don’t see a defensive line that can’t push themselves out of a paper bag! If that is because of scheme, shame on the Pelini’s for not adjusting their scheme. We must put pressure on the offense. Passive defensives is what we saw with Cosgrove, not good! We need to dictate to the offenses, not the other way around. Steinkuhler is an average player. Randle is better, and Rome will come on, but not if the coaches are telling them to stand up and see where the play is going! Ankrah and Williams aren’t getting it done! Until NU’s defense gets tough and aggressive, it’s going to be a long season.

  4. Anthony Pick says:

    Think Frenchie has watched Rickey Bobby too many times? If ya ain’t first yer last, right? Lighten up and git with your husband already! I am pulling for the huskers to win and if they play well, they will. If not, they won’t but it’s not because the team or the coaches are somehow not worthy to represent the university.

  5. T. Darnall exactly my thoughts. If the Huskers had any kind of defense they had last season I would give them a fighting chance to not only beat the Badgers but win the Big 10. However I believe this season is going to be similar to the 2002 season. In 2002 you will recall theHusker offense did OK against lesser opponents to start the season. However, we saw a real problem with the defense early against the less than average opponents and nobody wanted to admit it. The Huskers were highly ranked the Saturday they went out to Penn State and they ended up getting their asses royally kicked. The problem that season was that the defensive line did not dominate the line of scrimmage and the opponents quarterbacks had way too much time to find open receivers. The Huskers dropped out of the top 10 then a week later out of the top 25 and never returned on the way to a 7 and 7 season.

    This is exactly what I see now. No doubt the 2011 Husker offense is much better than the 2002 offense but in my opinion is much like the 2002 one! This year’s Husker defensive line has rarely pressured the quarterback and they are not getting any sacks plus they are giving up chucks of yards on the ground. Top that off with the fact we have seen receivers from average and below average offenses running wide open and that spells a long season in my book. I hope I am wrong but with a defense that has been getting pushed around way too much against lesser teams what do you think is going to happen when the Huskers actually go up against a good team? Unless things change drastically the Huskers Big debut may be a very disappointing one. I believe the best the Huskers can hope for this season is 9 and 3 but I say it is going to be more like 8 and 4 or 7 and 5. I hope the Huskers can pull of the win but the facts say they lose to the Badgers by 21.

  6. Anthony, pulling for the Huskers does not negate the fact that they do not have the kind of defense that can stand up and shut down a good offense like Wisconsin’s. I’m talking about football. Your talking about wishes.

    1. kevin says:

      Florida person. Good to see you respond to everybody. Hope I also get the pleasure of getting a response. First off I called the NU athletic department and told them to cancel the trip cause Frenchie said we didn’t have an opportunity to win… didn’t sound like the NU athletic dept. was going to listen to my ( your warning) In closing you mention your an SEC FAN.. LET ME GET A RESPONSE FROM YOU ON THIS. 1970,71,94,95,97 National titles, 1982, 1993,2001 lost in the title game. Now refresh my memory how many has the powerful Gators played in ? I will wait for your answer ? or was it Criminal U that your a fan of I can’t recall…. hope you reply frenchie. One last point do u dislike NU cause of the bowl spanking UF took in 1995. That was so bad I thought Spurrier was gonna call the Cops for abuse.

  7. Jerry says:

    Let the Game Be played then u can talk good or bad,

  8. Jerry says:

    Also Who has wisconsin palyed this year that has made them a super unbeatable team?

  9. kevin says:

    Come on Frenchie, you replied all night from 6:30 on, Now nothing ? one of three things happen, 1) You had to get off of the State of Florida Prison system computer by 8:30 PM, 2 ) You had to go to your job as an overnight dishwasher at Denny’s or 3) Your mother pulled you by the ear and told you to get your home work done… which is it ?

  10. Larry says:

    You nailed it, Kevin. Nothing from the Florida SEC man…

  11. Joey says:

    Floridafrenchie… Yea maybe you’re right. BUT if I remember right, didn’t Okl St do the exact same thing last year??? Because like you, they thought he couldn’t pass neither. Can you tell us what happened to Gundy’s plan of jamming the line.. It’s ok man… Open mouth insert foot. The way I remember it, every team that has doubted T-Magic’s pass ability, has gotten burned badly by it. Might wanna do some FACT check up in here before you shoot your trap, because you have very little proof backing up your comments brother. You make Wisconsin seem like they’re invinsible, and they’re NOT!!! UNLV moved the ball at will against them, without hardly passing the ball, and guess what formation they used with a NO HUDDLE OFFENSE??? You got it buddy, The Pistol. WOW the same formation NU is now using. So HOW tired do you think the Badgers 300+ pound D-Line is going to be, if NU uses it the whole game, every down? Their faces will be stuck to a air mask like Big Mouth Warren Sapp’s was don’t you think???

  12. t dub says:

    GO BIG RED!!! DENARD shuts toon down wilson loses swagger when laying on the ground wit big ole 94 on top of him

  13. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    i live in Tempe, Az……..ASU fielded its youngest team since 1985 against one of the greatest Wisconsin O-Lines EVER(3 are playing professional football Carimi won the Outland)Bucky barely survived that game, 20-19………they dont have 3 Pro’s on that line now, and they are going to face a seasoned NU D-Line who has faced the likes of Texas, OU, OSU, and Texas, A&M, who i believe are all ranked in the top 25……….Wisconsin hasnt seen speed like NU, and when it gets a taste…….the ‘Machine’ tends to smoke and sputter……..i know what Pelini has been doing with the secondary, and there is method to Becks madness, be prepared to see all black NU uniforms and some triple option circa 1983………………..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!

  14. husker redman says:

    Bottom line,we can not beat the badgers,they are a much better team than the huskers….on both sides of the ball. Only chance we have is to let the freshman start the game…maybe than can run it and make a good game of it…………..

  15. Kevin, sorry I could not hang around and put you nicely into your place. I do have other commitments like watching my SEC Football Program and seeing real football teams prepare for real football action. I can’t respond to every idiot who thinks the Huskers will beat Wisconsin just because they have an N on the helmet. Well Kevin it seems to me all you have is a bunch of old history to hang on! For your education the Gators have played in 4 National Championship Games and won 3 Kevin. We recently won two in the last decade 2006 and 2008 Kevin! The SEC has owned the BCS National Championship over the past five years Kevin! What has the Huskers done Kevin in the last 10 years Kevin? Other than getting their asses kicked by Criminal U (as you called them) in a BCS game the Huskers had no business playing in ? What had the Huskers down, let me refresh you very short memory, nothing, O, zilch, zereo, not even a conference championship! The Gators will win their4th , 5th , 6th, and 7th National Championship before the Husker win their 5th and a half one.

    KevinI will be back to say I told you so this Saturday after the game or this Sunday after Wiscosin wins! Remember these words, Kevin I told you so! I told you so! Repeat them, I told you so,I told you so!

    1. ATL_Husker says:


      Husker fans thinking that the N on the helmets is worth something is a lot like Florida fans thinking that they’re hot shi* because of the SEC patch on their jerseys, eh?. I’m so sick of hearing SEC fans talk about their damn conference. The SEC, like the South in general, is bloated, corrupt, flashy, and supremely arrogant.

      And for your education, four and three is (quite a bit) less than eight and five. Actually, it’s almost half as much. Gasp! Nebraska has the best college football culture of anywhere in the country. Period.

      For the record I say Wisconsin by a couple touchdowns. I’m only posting because you’re obnoxious, Frenchie, and you reminded me of why I hate the South so much.

    2. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      Actuall, Frenchie, the NCAA is thinking of vacating all the wins Miami has had in the last 9 years due to their current misconduct. If that bares out, that would mean that they would have to vacate their 2002 NC win against the Huskers. Just food for thought.

  16. Tim says:

    You know, regarding Martinez throwing only the lob ball, I was looking at his high school highlight reels on YouTube and it looks like that is the main throw he has learned. I wonder if he was ever taught the mechanics of different throws as a QB, every single play (at east the big plays that made it to the highlight reel) he just lobs it up in the air and this teammate he had that is really tall and athletic run up to it and caught it for a touchdown. It’s a lob and catch over and over and over again. I don’t think he was ever really taught well as a passing QB and at his age now it would be very difficult to get rid of his bad habits (have you seen how ugly his mechanics are?).

  17. Brian Bosiljevac says:

    Okay I am both a Husker fan and rationale. Frenchie…I am very proud of the Husker past and tradition that we have. I think it is something worth being proud of. But that fact that we’ve some titles back in the day has nothing to do with us playing Wisconsin this week. And Nebraska probably is a little over rated this year and will have to play a great game to beat an exceptional Wisconsin. But don’t get your panties in a bunch just because there are a few of us here in Big Red Country that actually think it can happen. That’s are what fans do around here I guess. I’m sure you’ve already but the “L” on your schedule since the Gators play Alabama this week, which is clearly a better team than Florida. BUT NO WORRIES it’s another win for your precious SEC. But I do think your wrong about NU…while it will be a tough game…I think there’s a chance. With Crick, David, and Dennard all on the field together for the first time you may see a defense that shows glimpses of last season and the offense is a million times better than in the past. Taylor may have the worst mechanics in the world but every now and then he gets the ball to talented wide outs (yes NU finally has some talented WR’s) and most importantly Taylor is smarter than last year. Plus watch out for old Rexy. Mr Consistent. Maybe we shouldn’t be No. 8 in the country. Maybe it’s a long shot. But I’d say we gotta chance. GBR! By the way idk why but I HATE TIM TEABOW.

  18. Colorado Springer says:

    Matinez mechanics are bad for a pocket passer, however, when he throws on the run they get better. Teams are moving the pocket against us and we should do so against them. There are whole systems based on the sprint out pass that are very effective, in fact the offenses of the early seventies that Tom O. installed were based on a sprint out passing game and moving pocket pioneered by the Kansas City Chiefs with Len Dawson at QB. Living in Colorado Springs, it is fascinating to watch the Airforce Academy’s option, play action, & sprint out passing offense and wonder what Nebraska could do with the players that they have. Airforce had over 700 yards of offense in their last game.

  19. Husker Dude says:

    Frenchie your the definition of a Troll…. Go back to your hick state and your cheating hick conference… and get a life while your at it.