Published Thursday, September 29, 2011 AT 6:24 PM / Updated at 6:47 PM
Nebraska-Wisconsin: Bo’s final pregame chat
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini met with the media Thursday evening for his final thoughts before heading to Madison, Wis., for a tilt with the Badgers. Some highlights:

>> On the week of preparation: “Our approach doesn’t change. It’s the next game. Our approach doesn’t change. I don’t really have many worries about that. It was a good week. I thought we had a good week of practice and we’ll find out Saturday. We gotta execute. Be fun game to be a part of.”

>> On Jared Crick’s return: “Jared had a good week of practice.”

>> On the renewed chemistry with Jared Crick, Alfonzo Dennard and Lavonte David all healthy enough to play: “Chemistry comes as the season goes on. Hopefully all our guys feed off each other. When you execute, when guys are doing what you’re being taught to do and playing the way we’re capable of, we’re pretty good. When we don’t, we’re going to struggle.”

>> On a couple keys to being in the game in the fourth quarter: “The way you guys put it — ‘be in it’… To win? The same things you always do. Execute. Don’t turn the ball over. Don’t make penalties. Play efficient football, and we’ll have a chance to win.”

>> On waiting around for a night game: “We’ve been part of plenty of night games since I’ve been here. There’s no issue there.”

>> On prime-time games having an impact on recruiting: “You hope it helps recruiting. Obviously, the better you play, the more it helps you. It’s just being out there. The more exposure you get, the better it is for your program. It should be a good thing for both programs. A lot of people are talking about this game and with everything that kind of surrounds it, hopefully that’ll help us.”

>> On the physical nature of the Wisconsin game: “I don’t think this game will be any more physical than any other game.”

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  1. Jim Weremy says:

    Where else in the football world can Bo treat the press & the fans with the level of disdain as he does @ NU. Do you think he’d be the same arrogant guy in Columbus as he is in Lincoln? He fits perfectly into the arrogant elite of the Big Ten (Meeechigan & OSU).
    Maybe Paul Rhodes would have more respect for the press & we fans.
    A true Husker fan held captive in Michigan.

    Go Big Red dispite Bo!

    1. Bill Weber says:

      There’s no disdain or arrogance in Bo’s comments above, Jim. I noticed you just made an assertion of disdain and arrogance without any evidence. If you think his comments are disdainful and arrogant and you want to convince someone, and not just slander the guy, then please give some explanation and some evidence.

    2. Marc says:

      Jim I’m not sure he owes you or the media anything, except to win games, run a clean program and ensure as many as possible, of the kids he brings in, graduate, I for one am quite happy with what he has accomplished thus far. He and his program have been a credit to the state since the day he stepped on campus. I would gladly let my son play for a coach and man of character.

      Don’t wish for what you don’t really want. Coach Rhodes is a good man, but having respect for the press and fans as you keep harping on doesn’t win games. And being the coach at Iowa State is a world of difference than at Nebraska.

      I’m sure Bo won’t lose any sleep over your closing line…:)

      Speaking of arrogent your use of ‘Meeeechigan’

  2. Brodyboy says:

    Seriously Jim? “What do you think it will take for you guys to be in it?” OBVIOUSLY the reporter was stating as if we are going to lose. How do you expect a coach to react. Everyone wants him to be more like this guy, or this other guy, yet he is constantly being cut down by the media for being who he is. How would you like it if someone kept asking you stupid questions all day long, then read on one of these or other social sites that we all wish YOU were different than who you are?? Talk about “arrogant”!

    Bo is a tough dude, and acts like it. Guess what… HES NOT GOING TO CHANGE!!! If you cant accept it, ba bye. If you love Rhodes so much, join his bandwagon and get off the Husker bus. Ill hand you your purse as you get off.

  3. huskerland says:

    T.O. treated the press the same way, and many times said talking to the press was the one thing he disliked about his job. Bo is doing things the right way, and I am happy he is on our side.

  4. ron b says:

    It’s all good while we are winning but if we start loosing a lot of the fans won’t think it’s as “bo” utiful sticking up for someone who is as surly, I remember when Bo said this was his “dream job” he has a funny way of showing it.

    But I also agree answering the same questions day after day must get old, Bo would probably be much more pleasent if the media would actually ask techinacal football questions instead of some of the non-sence questions they do ask.


  5. milou says:

    Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. Hasn’t happened all season. If it doesn’t happen this weekend, look for another Cosgrove-like performance!