Published Friday, September 30, 2011 AT 7:24 AM / Updated at 1:16 PM
Recruiting: Martinez 2.0?
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

According to Huskers Illustrated — The World-Herald’s partner on recruiting — Laguna Beach running back/defensive back Drake Martinez — the younger brother of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez — has a verbal offer from NU and could act on it soon.

From the article:

His coach, Mike Churchill, said Martinez has not committed to Nebraska yet, but said it wouldn’t surprise him if his star junior did. He said Martinez is always wearing Husker gear around school and even has his group of friends wearing Nebraska apparel, and is very proud of his older brother’s success in Lincoln.

The Huskers already had a step ahead of most schools because of the family connection and having already convinced Casey Martinez, Drake’s father, that Nebraska was the right place for Taylor. But after Martinez burst onto the national scene in recent weeks with eye-popping numbers, it appears the Huskers are also the first team to step up with a scholarship offer.

Martinez ran for 313 yards in one game earlier this year. He’s averaging 16 yards per carry right now. And, yes, he attends the high school popularized by MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” TV programs.

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  1. Dennis Pettit says:

    If you think about it, If Dad is so hard to get along ,Do you think Bo would have anything to do with this Martinez, last year was a Father loking out for his son, when all the stuff started

  2. natty natty Boi says:

    question is does he play rb or Db…i trust that drake is fast but is he gonna wanna sit around and wait or go straight to defense .

  3. natty natty Boi says:
    heres his sophmore highlights. they say hes 6’2 which is bo ideal cb height.

  4. Eric says:

    Doesn’t a group of high school kids wearing Nebraska gear in California mean they’re in a gang?

    1. LAHusker says:

      That’s in Northern California, not Laguna Beach…and they’re the latino gang called the Nortenos!

  5. Sixsigma Husker says:

    If you have ever watched your son get seriously hurt at an athletic event you would understand. Parental emotions that drive you to want to protect your child are very hard to control. It’s probably fair to assume that the stronger the relationship, the stronger these feelings are. Most good parents have a strong relationship with their children. So, let’s give this family a break. No one in Nebraska owns this kid because he has an athletic scholarship. Let his dad be his dad. He’s been doing something right up until now. He son is competing on the highest level in college sports. His dad is owed a lot more respect than some of these commenst reflect. And any of his kids should be welcome at this school. Sorry to lecture, but no more cheap shots at the guy.

    1. Huskersean30 says:

      I totally agree with those comments, the hardest part of watching your children play isn’t if they score 6 TDs in one game, its the one time they might get hurt, and I think as a parent you tend to forget about all the fall media fallout because you sole focus is the well being of your children….Excellent words sixsigma husker

    2. June Colgrove says:

      Well said…thank you!

  6. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    grow up people………………………Welcome Drake!

  7. landon410 says:

    Eric, i read that somewhere too.
    I saw some tape of this kid, and its so hard to tell how good he is or isnt because it looked like class C nebraska football.

  8. Skers In So Cal says:

    I know Drake and Taylor a little, Drake may be a better athlete. Both are awesome. And the daddy baller stuff is blown way out of proportion. I’ve talked with Casey and he’s a very decent guy. All of them are pretty mellow people.

  9. skerdoctor says:

    He has backed off a lot from last year. Not the same issue

  10. PastisPast says:

    Welcome Drake, if you do decide to come here. Good luck wherever you go, if you don’t.

  11. DC Husker says:

    Given the music on his highlights, sounds like a “blackshirt” to me. Looks pretty good…couple bad angles, but he’s certainly got that martinez speed.

  12. Larry Dozier says:

    Let’s hope he has his older brother’s speed. If Bo doesn’t see the dad as an issue, no reason for me to sweat it.

  13. Steve Lamb says:

    I strongly concur with Sixsigma and NUCORNDEVIL. Getting Drake to Nebraska would be outstanding…another sibling in the Husker tradition (going back to the Fischers–before most of your time, the Makovickas, Wistroms, Peters, Cottons, Greens…and, let’s hope, the Peats!). I don’t particularly care whether he’s a RB or a CB…I have a lot of confidence that he and the coaching staff will make the right decision. Most Husker fans strongly support Taylor, but there’s a vocal minority that seem very negative and not just about Taylor. Husker Nation has always been positive and upbeat and it’s to the team’s benefit (and, probably, a help in recruiting). GBR!

    1. Dave says:

      You cannot honestly compare the Martinez family with the Makovicka’s. Makovicka’s were the heart of Nebraska football for many years. I wish there were more Makovicka’s.

  14. CarlBugeater says:

    Sounds like a Blackshirt to me also.
    Tall, and fast in the secondary are big pluses, put some meat on that boy and we got a Baller!

  15. capnamerca says:

    All that garbage about the contention between daddy Martinez and the coaching staff was a product of the media, and the forever gossiping of so-called football fans. Anyone doesn’t realize that needs to get a grip. That’s one of the reasons Bo doesn’t care so much for all the reporters. They’re always looking for something to sensationalize, even if it’s nothing. And when they can’t find anything to sensationalize, they’ll make it up. Very irresponsible.

  16. Idahosker says:

    All I can see is the upside in getting Taylor’s brother here. I say go for it and good luck to Drake wherever he decides to go, but if he like’s Nu’s red then all I have to say is “GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!” Drake!!!!!