Published Sunday, October 2, 2011 AT 12:53 AM / Updated at 12:53 AM
Tom’s Take: Wisconsin 48, NU 17
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Well, this one throws a wet blanket on Nebraska’s Big Ten debut at home. Then again, maybe the Ohio State offense is just what the Nebraska defense needs to get some mojo back. You think ABC is second-guessing its decision to show next week’s game?

This was a very big deal for Wisconsin and Russell Wilson. They both showed well on the national stage. It’s hard to see anyone beating the Badgers, unless they trip at Illinois. Wilson for Heisman? He’ll probably be invited to New York. I still think Andrew Luck will be hard to beat. That could be one heck of a Rose Bowl, Wilson vs. Luck. But we’re getting way ahead, aren’t we?

There will be folks yelling at Tim Beck this week and calling for Taylor Martinez’ job. Here’s what should happen: Beck needs to identify what he wants to do. If it’s put a guy back in the pocket and attack, then find a quarterback who can do that. If Martinez is his guy, then do what No. 3 can do best. Watching this is torture.

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  1. firthyfan says:

    What’s wrong with winning the game instead of trying to get fancy on offense? This is exactly like having Watson as the OC! You’re having success running, and so you do what your quarterback CAN NOT do, and THROW IT? You Keep going three(or less)- and-out and keep putting the game in the hands of a clueless D? I guess it must be a plan to get the D lots of reps, improve their technique, and crush their spirit.
    I call it 70% OC failure, 15% no passer, and 15% youthful D. We have to recruit QUARTERBACKS, not “athletes”! Since we finally have some actual receivers, maybe a REAL quarterback will come here. All these years of offensive vomit is getting really, really, really, really, really, really old. Great job by Burkhead. He did what he could. He doesn’t deserve this kind of pus-ridden OC/quarterback combo.
    I’m still not sure what kind of team Wisconsin has. They actually look pretty beatable (If you have a technique-sound team).
    Great job and congrats Wisconsin! You have a good thing going! Good luck against Michigan in the Championship. We’ll be in the Forgetable Bowl playing our old challenging nemesis – Ball State. Maybe we can play them for a QB recruit! Yippee.

    1. California Husker says:

      I agree with you all of the way. You are right on the money.

    2. Cornhusker Andy says:

      Watching Sport Center’s college football highlights last night, I kept seeing QB’s that actually looked like QB’s when they threw a pass. After watching the Big Red for the last 2 years, even the losing team QB’s highlights made me envious! Nebraska just can’t seem to spot talent at QB. Even Joe Gans had to sit out before coming in and proving he was great. Zac Lee lead NU to a 33-0 win at the Holiday Bowl, then gets rewarded with sitting out his senior year. Now it looks like we are set up for a 4 year run with a QB that cannot pass! Trading punch for punch last night against Russell Wilson really exposed the deficit Nebraska has a QB. So where is the problem? Pelini? Beck? Osborne? Martinez is a good guy, but way over his head as a QB in big boy College Football. It has to be obvious to everyone!

      1. Jerry Roach says:

        I am a Wisconsin fan and agree with your comments. So many other Husker fans are living in the past. It’s like being trapped at a party with Notre Dame alums. Nebraska is a great add for the Big Ten, but it is a tough conference. It is very possible that the Huskers will lose to the Buckeyes, Wolverines AND Spartans. This whole “see you in Indy for a rematch” is naive. Again, not dissing Nebraska folks, but I think the Big Ten is going to be tougher than Husker fans anticipated. At least this year.

        1. 69domer says:

          While Notre Dame has had a rocky road over the past years with its unfortunate rotating coaching experiments, that has come to an end. With its dominance over Michigan State and destruction of Purdue, Notre Dame is no team to take for granted or disparage. We will see how well Wisconsin does against Michigan State. And more thing; you must remember that Notre Dame still plays football using actual student- athaletes, which is not common at most football schools and the schools ND faces (with the exception of Duke and the service acadamies).

        2. NV-Husker says:

          Cut us some slack – you have done a poor job of mind-reading NU fans. Because our program has a storied past, does not mean that the fans live there. Fan loyalty is fan loyalty, and tradition is tradition. The fans are there even when our team does not show up. We fully appreciate that the Big Ten is a tough conference, and NU belongs there. We trust that our coaches will bring our team to competitive excellence – not dominance.

          Congrats to your team – your AD is one of our favorite sons and we hope your teams does well the rest of the year. And we will welcome you back to the future in Lincoln next year, and hope for a more competitive match.

      2. jc says:

        To their credit they did recruit Scheelhaase at Illinois – just didn’t get him.

      3. Vegas Husker says:

        Just watched the Martinez post game interview. He is in total denial, doesn’t care and obviously is not the right leader of this team.

        1. Edward says:

          With Martines, we will be looking at the same type ot play two and an half years form now. He has not been able to do the job with a year and about a half at the head, will he finally get it right when he graduates? I believe he is not the person !!!!!!

          1. Todd A.Gosch says:

            I believe one thing to be true, Martinez is A good PERSON, however if you are playing QB and can only hit 50 yard passes with the guy open by 20 yards(and even then he cant hit him in stride, the recievers have to stop and wait for the ball)whe n any DB is within 10 yards of our WR its more likely to get Picked-off because he has no accuracy, No Strenght to his passes,he winds up like a pitcher, the Defence knows right were the ball is going and breaks on it before it ever leaves his hands,I’m in A weel chair and i”d love a chance to be a Safety against him, they lick their chopps when he dropps back, he kinda throws like Scott Frost(Shot Put) style but with no accuracy, about his running the ball, He is good and fast as long as he doesnt get touched or accidently bumped into by hi own player, he carries the ball like its covered in crisco or baby oil, come on guy! 4 fumbles on ONE DRIVE against Wyoming, needless to say, every time he runs with the pig skin, i hold my breath and prey,cause its about 50/50 that hes gonna fumble,like I said He May be A GREAT PERSON , But sorry BO, Speeds not enough to be a good football player , He may have heart, but if I was coaching, he’d be a slot reciever, someone who Dropps the ball more than FEMA after Catrina should never touch it every down like a QB does, I acctualy love when you go to the wildcat where Burkhead gets the snap, at least hes less likely to drop the ball,,,Sorry Taylor, but you shouldnt be playing QB at any level of college football, Wheres Matt Turman when you need him….Go Big Red anyways

        2. Dave says:

          So who is?

      4. HuskerWhoDat says:

        I’m in complete agreement with Andy. When Martinez throw the long pass, it looks like he’s aiming at the blimp or lingering red balloons. Throwing it up for grabs might work if we had Calvin Johnson. Why did Zac Lee sit on the bench last year after a fine junior season? Pelini said yesterday there’s a huge gap between Martinez and the rest of the QBs. Really? So why were these guys even recruited? And how much of a chance was Jamal Turner given? Seems like he was told he was playing wide receiver while he was unpacking. And let’s not forget the problems on defense. Has Lawlor’s Sporting Goods asked for the blackshirts back?

    3. Skerbater says:

      I told you all a month ago that Corey Raymond would be the weak link… You all laughed and called me stupid.. I am just as big of a fan as you all, but one difference, I’m not wearing red blinders.

      1. ESV says:

        I’ve been saying that even before the season started Skerbater. Read an article about the technique he was teaching and had a feeling something like this would be the result. Let them learn that technique their rookie year in the NFL. Right now teach them how to knock a WR on his route. They’re getting burned playing hands off time after time after time.

    4. Jim says:

      End of Nebraska Football as we once knew it??? My son and I were watching the game and we couldn’t believe the team with the N on it’s helment’s were players for the once mighty Huskers. Recruiting is awful, the Texas base where so many great players came from is now gone. Playing people and teams we have no connection to. This is progress? Who and what happened to the once proud program so many fans loved and followed?

      1. John says:

        Your everything that is wrong with “Old time” Husker fans. Cannot accept change and afraid of the unknown. The Big 8 is gone and not coming back

    5. Husker'78 says:

      Everyone needs to take a step back and really analyze what happened last….the obvious fact is that the Huskers did not prepare very well in any area…It was a sound thrashing…Wisconsin reminded me of the old NU teams that blew out teams back in the day…Have some class and congratulate the Badgers for an outstanding win…They certainly look like a BCS title contending team….What Coach Pelini, his staff, and the players need to do is figure out what needs to be improved and work on it (even if it comes at the expense of paring down the playbook or changing philosophy and personnel)….Take a breath…It’s only one loss….
      A true fan doesn’t leave their team at its lowest moment…

      1. Donigan says:

        Not true. Special Teams looked good. Man am I desperate or what?…

  2. Joey says:

    I will compliment the players, fans, and ABC for showing the game. But I DO NOT compliment the HC of Wisconsin. 4th and 1 with a comfortable lead, and going for it??? That showed LACK OF character, sportsmanship, and most important, lack of being a professionalon the field. The refs were really bad, only 3 calls on Wisconsin??? Time to put in a BETTER qb Bo. the db’s looked worse than JR High School teams. They NEVER turn their heads to see where the ball was. The DL couldn’t shake a block from an 80 year old man in a wheel chair. Congrats Barney Rubble Cotton. LOVED the blocking!!!! Oops, I’m sorry Barney, where were they at??? Wow Bo, NU looked as bad as when Bill was coaching. The killer instinct is gone on defense, the OL still doesn’t have it. Go back to the PESO defense Bo. Even it didn’t look as bad as as the defense did tonight. NU did the right thing joining the BIG, now Bo needs to HIRE A WORTHY qb coach, OL coach, DL coach, and db coach. Because this isn’t working Bo. Martinez looked like Zac Lee out there. And response to a so-called fan who seems to think Cody Green transferred, because of some conspiracy thing with T-Magic. NOT ONLY ARE YOU DEAF, BUT YOU’RE BLIND TOO!!!! Cody Green transferred because HE WASN’T THAT GOOD!!!! So he would never make a starting qb. LEE and GREEN are GONE!!! We NOW have great qb’s, BUT our coach Bo rather put them in another position. WHY??? He still holds his faith on T-Magic, because he has experience. That’s the biggest HOG WASH I’ve ever heard or read. Just ask our AD, better yet, ask our rival OU. They BURNED Osbourne everytime with a FRESHMAN QB.

    1. Travis says:

      Lack of Character??? How about calling a timeout with 12 seconds left in the game to try to punch in a moral victory!?!?!?

      1. sam says:

        You don’t know much about football do you.
        If you did you wouldn’t make such a idiot statement.
        There was time on the clock to go on 4th down.
        You are woefully ignorant about football.

        1. JOBO says:

          So trying to get a little closer in garbage time when you have clearly been BEAT DOWN is showing character? Putting a game away does not mean you have no character, it shows you are smart. I seem to remember NU running up the score when they had good teams… you know back in the day before the invention of cell phones, color tv, computers….etc.etc

          1. iseeredpeople says:

            First of all, I don’t begrudge Wisconsin going for it on 4th down. NU has to stop them. Secondly, all those years that NU was putting the smackdown on everyone but Florida teams, NU nearly always pulled it’s starters by the second series of the third quarter. I don’t ever remember Turner Gill or Tommie Frazier being in the game much after NU was up by 21in the third. Just saying…

        2. husker4 says:

          Everybody feel sorry for Sam; I don’t think he has any friends. Sammy, can you use the word “idiot” at least one more time please. Your like a plethera of knowledge. We are just your stepping stools. All hail Sammy!!!!!!

    2. Jerry Roach says:

      This isn’t about sportsmanship. Respectfully, the Nebraska fans are naive. You will lose at least two more games in the Big Ten. You do not have a Big Ten QB, nor a pass offense. You cannot lose by thirty and blame the refs.
      Madison fans have football in perspective. It should be fun. Nebraska fans take it far too seriously, especially given the mediocre team you have this year. And they have no perspective. It is going to be a long, long winter in Lincoln. And BTW, Pelini lacks class.

      1. sam says:

        thanks for showing us the lack of class you personally have.
        see you in Indy.

        1. Jerry Roach says:

          What was said that lacked class? The truth hurts. You are in a different league. You still have to play OSU, Michigan and Michigan State. I don’t think you will sweep those teams. To think otherwise IS naive. But don’t take my word for it. Just come back and read this post in six weeks, and then tell me I am wrong. It’s going to be a looong winter in the plains.

          1. Rich says:

            Jerry, I’m a Husker and agree with much of what you say. I”think” we can regroup and beat OSU and Sparty at home, that date in Ann Arbor, not so much. Good luck to WI, great team, I hope they win out.

          2. NV Husker says:

            What lacks class, Jerry, is that you insult Nebraska fans as naive, lacking perspective, suggest we blame defeat on the refs, and then denigrate our coach. Not one of these statements is factual – they are just the snarky crowing of some rooster named “Roach.” Your fans’ perspective? Ask Nebraska fans how crudely they we treated by Wisconsin fans at the game and in Madison. Come to Lincoln next year and learn a little something about class and fan perspective. As for your all-knowing predictions on how NU would fare against OSU and MSU, how did they turn out? No need to wait six weeks to tell you that you were wrong. How did WU do against MSU and OSU? Oops, wrong again JR. I guess winter hits Madison earlier than in the plains, huh?

      2. German Husker says:

        Jerry Roach: 99% of Nebraska fans understand that officiating had nothing to do with Nebraska’s ineptitude. You claim perspective. For years Wisconsin football was nothing. Considering that your AD built the Wisconsin program based on principles he learned and borrowed from the Nebraska teams of the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, you have no perspective and have even less class.

        1. Jerry Roach says:

          Everyone knows and agrees that Alvarez learned much at Nebraska. Never said he didn’t. So the perspective comment is null. And as for class,what comment lacked class? You don’t have a good quarterback. Don’t take my word for it, read the thousands of comments by Husker fans. And sorry, but it IS naive to think you will win your division with that team. But hey. Prove me wrong. And good luck. But one piece of advice, don’t give the Indianapolis hotel your credit card number just yet.

          1. mark eash says:

            Jerry, Husker fan here, and you’re right on the money. Good luck to Wisconsin. You’ve got a championship QB (and we don’t) and a good supporting cast, and I’d be surprised if the Badgers don’t win the conference this year.

      3. Fred Dodge says:

        I think there is something in what you say. I did not see the pre-game, but I saw nothing but negative or derogatory in anything the football team or their fans did. Looked like a heckuva party to me and a classy place to be.
        I do disagree with your comment on how Nebraska will fair in the Big Ten. And I fully expect to see you in Indianapolis.
        Parts of the Husker game had big problems last night. IF our coaches are as good as they think they are (and I do have doubts about that), then we will quit trying to fit square pegs into round holes.
        We have the players. It is time to get back to old-fashioned Husker football — and current Badger football — and do what you do well AND just keep doing it.

    3. badgerfan says:

      Sour grapes make a bitter whine.

      1. ESV says:

        Bad metaphor. The fox turned around and walked away from the grapes. Nebraska won’t just walk away. It may take a few years, but those grapes WILL be ours one day… and they will be sweet.

      2. ESV says:

        Clever pun though.

    4. jc says:

      UW is still in contention for a NC berth. BCS computers do care about margin of victory. The solution would have been to do the ‘blackshirt’ thing and stop them.

    5. Donigan says:

      I have no problem with them going for it. They ran the clock down by doing running plays. It could have been a lot uglier. We’re Nebraska. If we can’t stop them, it’s our own fault. Sure we traditionally pull our starters early when the game is in hand. It’s smart football. Backups need reps. Obviously Wisky is hoping for a Heisman, since they didn’t. I have no problem with that. They could have passed for touchdowns on nearly any play, and they didn’t.

      As far as punching one in at the end, that gives a team down on itself something to build on. However, what we got instead was a play that summed up our entire offense that game. Rex pounds his way down there, only to have Taylor decide to keep it so he can get the TD, leading to him getting stuffed.

      Rex in the wildcat from here on out please.

    6. JimmyJam says:

      Up less than two TDs (13 point) on your first drive in the second half and it’s not acceptable to go on 4 and one? WTF planet do you live on?

  3. Mike Stauffer says:

    First, ‘m pointing the finger at Bo and Beck. You cannot call 15 pass plays in a row with TM as your QB. That’s not who he is and Nebraska isn’t the next generation of Air Raid teams. The play calling set TM and the Huskers up for failure. That falls on Pelini and Beck.

    Secondly, I’m even more pissed about the Bill Callahan experiment now four years later. We still haven’t recovered from he and Steve Pederson running Nebraska football into the dumpster. I think Callahan did more damage to NU than we realize or want to admit.

    Thirdly, we’re still a good football team if we do what we’re good at, execute and bring the effort each Saturday.

    Lastly, our staff needs to recruit their butts off! We need several home runs on the recruiting trial.

    1. Todd says:

      Absolutely on the mark. Beck is another experiment in football which must be ended before NU will be able to do anything.

  4. Mike Stauffer says:

    I like Bo, I like his brazen personna, but c’mon man, when are we gonna get up to play and compete in big games and win one??? We get out coached in nearly every big game and in the end we always hear “we played poorly, I’m embarrassed, sorry NU fans, blah, blah, blah…”

    1. California Husker says:

      I like Bo as well, but you are right. The excuses are too much.

      1. Jerry Roach says:

        If a coach has to yell at his athletes that much on Saturday, he didn’t do his job at practice the week before.

        1. TommyG says:

          This is as true as anything else said on this board. Bo needs to coach thru Friday and lead on Saturday. Right now it seems he is doing it backwards.

    2. Fred Dodge says:

      I am not a big Bo Pelini fan…I think he is a fine person, but not so sure about his coaching. Wasn’t the problem with Watson and Callahan and Cosgrove their inability or unwillingness to compromise on their schemes?
      Well Bo, if after 5 weeks of the season your defensive backfield “won’t do what you are asking,” the problem may be that they don’t understand or can’t. Maybe you should figure out what they can do and ask them to do that.
      We know that Dennard can play and strongly suspect Evans can, too. Was Marvin Sanders that important?

      1. ESV says:

        I don’t know that Sanders was that important, but Raymond is a serious dip in talent at that coaching position. He’s trying to teach them NFL skill sets instead of Sander’s mug them at the line approach.

        1. Donigan says:

          Sanders wasn’t the entire defense, but he was a great coach. His leaving is part of the problem. Anyone know why he had to go?

  5. Gibby says:

    How about we lost to a better team? I don’t hear that one tossed around. I think NU overall has more talent than that Wisc team. Sat. however Wisc. was the better team. They played as well as advertised. Kept mistakes to a min. while NU with all the new faces and youth is finding its way and not as consistent. They will improve. This will only make NU better in the long run. Lets see how the crew rebounds this week. Time to earn some Blackshirts. At this rate Carl may never hand any out. And lets don’t forget Coach Beck is finding his way too. The team just hit its first turning point of the yr. How they respond is everything now. They will hear “they can’t…blah..blah” all week. No time to bleed… time to own it…

    1. PhuketBadger says:

      “NU has more overall talent”? You must be joking! NU has 4-5 quality players, UW 10-12. Our players are already being talked up for the Heisman, Outland and Doak Walker awards. How many of your are?

      1. Jerry Roach says:

        Gibby. You did lose to a better team. And the Badgers sent 12 players to the NFL camps this year, so you’re personnel comment is suspect. Nebraska is a great add to the Big Ten, but right now you are not very good,and I don’t think your coach is going to get you where you want to be.

        And just wait for basketball season. This year is going to be a rude awakening.

        1. Gibby says:

          Don’t trip over your words fellas and remember you may have to see this squad again. Great you feel the way you do. Make your fall all the better. I’m sorry, I didn’t see any 12 NFL players for Wisc out there. A receiver, maybe a back and a couple of linemen. Other than that, talent wise no you cant match this squad. NU is just young with a lot of new faces. Many didn’t play and their time is in the future. Wisc looked slow, big and physical. That defense certainly can be had and will be the reason why you will get beat down the line. Hopefully in a rematch. You wont go undefeated. Trust me on that. So prepare yourself. As for basketball…what is that? NU hasn’t had a basketball team since, well lets say they have only won a conf title once in my lifetime. Wont be any rude awakening there. You won a big game. Get over yourselves. Its just a battle…not the war.

          1. flahusker says:

            Gibby, right on. this was the smartest comment that i have heard today. UW will not improve as much as we will by the end of the year. Rematch in Indy will be great.

        2. Empty1 says:

          C’mon Jerry, get real. A rude awakening during basketball season? Nebraska fans have absolutely, positively, no expectations during basketball season.

          Ummm, our volleyball team is pretty good.

        3. drhusker66 says:

          Seriously,…Basketball…who cares!!! NU isn’t about basketball and WU isn’t all that either. Yeah Yeah you have some good players this year and even got the free agent Wilson…I know it’s legal but damn sketchy how he ended up in Madison. You won, good job now go back to your self-congratulatory sites and stay off the BIG RED…we will see you in Indy.

        4. ESV says:

          What? We have a basketball team in Nebraska? Being a Basketball bottom feeder is nothing new at NU. Our girls Volleyball team, however, is rippin’ your conference to shreds.

        5. Bo for Prez says:

          Hey Roach,
          What are you smoking? Wacky Tobacky? Being a Wiscy lover I can assume yes. Basketball? Bahahahaha! I guess I’ll respond with, wait until Baseball season, but then again, I am not sure they play that in Wisconsin.

    2. ESV says:

      Because I think that it’s pretty obvious that we lost to a better team. I don’t think there is one single person on these boards who hasn’t figured that one out yet. So, excuse us while we banter on about what we would do to make our team as good as the better one that beat us. See, we’re called fans. We like to talk about this stuff. We know we can’t do jack to affect any of it, so instead we gabble on and on about whats broke and how to fix it. Now, you may think it’s moaning and whining to say “our QB isn’t capable of the kind off pass game they tried to make him play,” but it’s not. It’s just a way of saying ” Wisconsin is a better team because they have a better quarterback and know how to use him effectively.” I.E. we lost to a better team. In a way, every time we complain about a coaching call, a player’s performance or even a penalty is inherently saying “we lost to a better team for reasons x, y and z” Unless of course you are a conspiracy theorist who believes that the refs Saturday night were a BXII crew in disguise. Just don’t begrudge us our right to kvetch. It’s medicinal.

  6. Barry says:

    The warning signs were all around. Last year kmart could not pass and he still can’t. Brion had a better spring camp because he can pass but ‘stubborn Bo’ would not play him.Would not play him in the forth quarter last night. Bo deserves to get his ass kicked for playing a quarterback ithat is at best fair when it comes to passing.

  7. Illinois Husker says:

    I think T-Mart has (and deserves) one more week to get it together and perform on a big stage (although not nearly as big as tonight.) Otherwise, with two weeks off before a gimme against Minnesota, it’s time to make an alternative plan.

    Tonight’s game was discouraging, both in the team’s lack of growth, and in the offensive play calling. Be who you are!

    1. husker4 says:

      TM does not need another week at QB. I’m sorry, but he is an athlete; not a QB. It is one thing if he is just “off” on his passes or doesn’t fully understand where to go with the ball. Problem is he cannot throw. All you have to do is watch him throw the ball; I don’t think I’ve ever seen an uglier throwing motion on a QB. His throwing motion cannot be fixed and will never change. Carnes is sitting there right now and he’s already 10 times the passer TM is. Time to realize that Carnes is the better QB. TM is not going to start for NU the next 2 and a half years……if he does NU will never win a championship. Beck wants to throw the football; if that’s the case we need a QB who can actually throw. Move TM to WR, let him run a little wildcat once in a while, and lets get Carnes feet wet so he’s ready be the leader of this offense in 2012.

      1. Steve s says:

        You haven’t seen a worse throwing motion? Funny I remember Scott frost, Jamal lord, Tommy Frazier and to a lesser extent Eric crouch. Now the real question is why Martinez throws the ball decently in warm ups then short arms it in games. Also, will he become an accomplished leader of the offense or merely an exciting occasional breakaway threat. I think the defense is clearly young and I’m wondering if the complexity of the schemes keeps them from feeling free to pin their ears back and play for fear of making a mistake and being yelled at. Anyone who thought this team was anything other than a 10 game winner at most whilst building was and is delusional. I think these guys are pretty good for what we have.

        1. GiantHusker says:

          I haven’t watched Martinez in warm-ups, but his mechanics in games are probably the worst I’ve ever seen. On long throws especially, he falls backward and up into the air like a punt instead of a pass. He has “happy feet.”
          He didn’t just set. step forward and zip the ball more than a couple of times in the whole game.
          He doesn’t see any receivers but the primary.
          I blame the coaches, who played him on the scout teams as a wide receiver and defensive back in his redshirt year and haven’t taught him proper mechanics in 2 years as QB1.

        2. iseeredpeople says:

          Taylor’s throwing motion is worse than many of the pee-wee football kidz I have seen. I cringe when he goes back to throw. But whatdo the coaches do at this point? They have hitched the wagon to this horse–kind of hard to switch the yoke halfway up the hill. As ugly as it seems, I think we are stuck with Taylor, warts and all, for the rest of the year.

          1. Husker'78 says:

            Hmmmm….Sure reminds me of the old Sonny Jurgenson throwing motion…Of course now the athletes are bigger, faster and more athletic…you can’t get away with it these days…

      2. sam says:

        Apparently you just started watching football this year.
        Frazier, Frost and Crouch passing skills were much worse.

        1. husker4 says:

          I love how “intelligent” football fans slam people who actually voice football related opinions by poking immature comments at them. Ex: “did you just start watching football this year”. The point is Beck wants to throw the ball 20 plus times a game. Back in the days of Frazier, Frost, and Crouch; Nebraska was a running team and only passed sparingly. That was usually when we had a lead or were trying to catch teams off guard; which meant someone was probably running wide open. If we are going to be a balanced team and hit receivers on the number we need a QB who can actually throw the ball accurately. And maybe I’m wrong, maybe Martinez does not have the ugliest mechanics in NCAA history……but he has to be close.

        2. iseeredpeople says:

          Are you serious? You need to watch some old game film of those guys and then watch Taylor…

        3. Vegas Husker says:

          Their passing skills were not worse. And there is more to it than just passing skills. There is leadership which they all had and he obviously does not. They had the respect of their team and that made for the team to play TOGETHER AS A UNIT. As someone mentioned no one even talks to Martinez when he is on the sideline. I would hope he would be put on the sideline more…..maybe he can find a new friend.

  8. Melvin says:

    actually, frank solich started this all. thank Frank the Tank for all this misery.

  9. Disinterested Sports Fan says:

    For crying out loud, and there is a lot of crying going on, it was a football game. No lives were lost, no property destroyed and the sun came up today. A coach who hasn’t been at Nebraska for years has been blamed; the current coach and offensive coodinator have been blamed. Blamed for what? It’s a game, folks. A sporing event in which one teams scores more points than another. If anyone attaches any significance to it, there is a deep seated problem with that person. Focus on what really matters in life.

    1. STA says:

      I don’t think anyone was comparing the game to the death or destruction. It’s called a forum; so that people with similar interests can have an thoughtful discussion. I’m sure you have something in your life if you care about and devote time to that doesn’t involve “what really matters in life.” Or maybe just making judgments and putting down NU football fans is “what really matters in life.” Please go back to solving world social issues…

      1. PhuketBadger says:

        Great reply STA!!! The only thing better would have been to direct DSF to the Nobel Peace Prize site. :<)

        1. DSF says:

          GEE, sorry to be out of line on this forum. Maybe I should have said, “HA,HA,HA Cornsuckers. Welcome to the BIG TEN! (all 12 schools) Now, Marge, Beer me! Anythihg wrong with a Nobel Prize?

          1. Firthyfan says:

            DSF why are you here? After all, none of this matters. Do you usually go onto sites to tell others that their opinions don’t really matter and the subject is unimportant? Have you ever been diagnosed as having an anti-social or narcissistic personality disorder? These disorders matter.

  10. Otis says:

    This matches the most humiliating loss–the other last year to Texas–that Huskernation has felt in over 50 years. We were embarrassed in SO many ways on the big stage, that if I were a recruit, I would RUN to another team. It was obvious that the coaches simply lack what it takes to get 100% from their players. Now we see the greatness Pelini defenses showed a couple years ago were attributable to N.Suh and his ability to inspire those around him. Look out—the sellout streak will end soon—we are now at years of above-averageness, and the fans are sick of it!!!!


    1. sam says:

      Really you don’t think any of the losses during the Callahnan years were embarassing.
      Not even the 70-10 loss to Texas Tech.?

    2. Brad says:

      No joke. Look at say Bill Snyder and K-State for example. They have average talent but they come out with a plan and execute it and win a big ball game. We are beyond bad. We’re a headcase bunch. I know people think the Big 10 is awesome but, the simple fact is that it’s an average at best conference and Wisconsin is a very vanilla and average team. The top 4 or 5 schools from the SEC, ACC, and the Big 12 that we left behind would handle them with ease. They would just run them off the field. Some may disagree, but before you go to far with that disagreement just stop for a second and try to imagine LSU, Bama, or OU on the field with that bunch. That is why this is so hard to take. We’ve been apathetic all year. Bo was hired because he was a defensive coach and the defense looked good for a year or two and now they are as bad as they were before he got here. Shawn Watson would not, could not, find the proper personnel or play to his personnel’s strengths. Tim Beck seems no different. Being a “tweener” in sports is a bad thing to be regardless of the sport. Our offense is not pro style, option, or spread. It’s the “tweener” offense. Where we can’t do any of the three things mentioned before very well. Nebraska had terrible passers at quarterback for 40 years and they did fine. Forget about throwing the ball on a frequent basis. Tommie Frazier who is widely considered the greatest college football player of all time did have an over 50% completion percentage until his senior year. But did Tom Osborne keep stubbornly throwing the ball his freshman, sophomore, junior and even his senior season? No! because he knew that he didn’t have the personnel to do that. Furthermore he had an objective in mind and his teams practiced, practiced, and practiced some more to become excellent at accomplishes those objectives. Rick Pitino said “Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.” What does our offense have to offer? I guess we offer “tweener” play calling, head cases, and half measured effort. It’s now contaminated the defense as well. I literally am sick of watching these guys and it’s been 15+ years since they’ve won a big game and actually not embarrassed themselves in front of the entire country in the attempt to do so. What a joke.

      1. WisconsinDarcy says:

        Your post is a perfect example of why you — and other Husker fans like you — will continue to be disappointed in your team. You need a dose of reality sprinkled with a touch of humility.

        Wisconsin is not good? In what football universe do you live?

        Wisconsin shared the Big Ten conference championship last year, and earned a trip to the Rose Bowl, where we were defeated because OUR OC got away from black-and-blue football and tried to showcase the talents of Scotty Tolzien, winner of the Unitas Golden Arm Award, given to the nation’s top quarterback. He should have just let our BCS-best offensive line mow down the frogs. But – good for TCU! Andy Dalton is now a starting QB in the NFL, and doing quite well. Meanwhile, Tolzien is a smart guy and will earn a good living in the NFL as a game-managing 2nd-stringer (now w/ SF.) He’ll eventually go on to coach, following in the footsteps of former UW QBs Randy Wright, Darrell Bevell, Brooks Bollinger and Jay Sorgi. Coming out of heavy ‘run-first’ college programs, none of these guys were high draft picks. But they were smart and effective – and found ways to make very decent livings at a game they love. THAT’s Wisconsin football. The coaching staff knows it and the fans know it.

        We take pride in seeing our O-linemen and bruising tight-ends star at the next level. The captain of the Rose-Bowl winning 1994 team, Joes Panos, graduated from my kid’s high school … which is a cross-town rival of the H.S. the #1 pick of the 2007 draft (Joe Thomas, OL-Cleveland Browns) went to. You can bet the kids in my town dream of being the next O-line stud for the Badgers.

        In 2011, Wisconsin sent more guys to NFL camps as draft selections and FA’s than any other school (12) and had as many first-day draft picks as #1 Auburn (Watt, Carimi. Moffit.)

        Why do I mention all this?

        By way of saying that it is ok to be impressed by what Russell Wilson is doing. From the first game against UNLV, Badger fans have been pinching themselves saying, “Oh, THIS is what a real QB looks lke…”, while Wilson is going to bed at night saying to himself, “Oh, THIS is what a real offensive line and running game can do for a QB…”

        Granted, Wisky’s defense is missing J.J. Watt – but others are stepping up. The largely ‘no-name’ squad is, after all, currently ranked #2 in ‘points against’ – right behind Alabama. It wasn’t Russell Wilson who stopped Burkead or sacked and picked off Martinez….

        There is no shame in admitting that your beloved Huskers were beat by a team, a program, that is currently at the top of its game. I’m sure that will change; success is always fleeting – as coaches, student-athletes and even ADs come and go.

        My bff in high school came from a cornhusker family; she and her sister both followed in the family’s footsteps. I remember envying her the success that Husker teams under Tom Osborne had. I’m sure its hard to see you team fall – just as its hard for fans of ND, Michigan, Miami, Ohio State and USC….

        But graciousness in defeat is as important as humility in being really, really good. Embrace the moment. Dissect, analyse and discuss how and why you saw the beatdown unfold. Let youf alumni association (and A.D.) know that you expect more from Pelini & crew.

        But, please, don’t spout some bs about your opponent ‘not being that good.’ It only makes YOU look smaller.

        1. Plattcop2 says:

          To WisconsinDarcy – thanks for the compliments and gracious words about my school (TCU alum) and their win over the Badgers in the Rose Bowl. You had a very good team last year. I don’t think we could have beaten you with Wilson at QB – he was phenomenal in the Nebraska game. I lived in NE for 15 years and had to listen to this drivel week in – week out during football season. You will have to excuse most of the Corn Niblet fans because they are quite frankly delusional. The Niblets NEVER lose because they were beaten (or in UW’s case destroyed by a better team) by another team. Rather they rationalize all defeats by saying things like: we just didn’t play well; the refs stole the game, we beat ourselves, ad nauseum. Good luck to the Badgers – here’s hoping they run the table and get a chance to play for the national championship!

  11. Otis says:

    And to Disinterested Sports Fan—–
    Unfortunately, this is MORE than just a game, it is our identity. If the university made the decision that it didn’t matter, then this wouldn’t hurt so much, but when you decide that something is your ‘THING”, and you STINK at it, then you put a big PATHETIC target on your back.
    Does anyone else notice that this fall into mediocrity started about the same time our cheer squad was banned from using gymnastics on the field—–OOOOOO, you might get sued, so be bad at what you do. No guts, no glory, and NU has NO GUTS.

    1. Disinterested Sports Fan says:

      Otis, Thanks for the perspective on why so many feel so devastated today. It never occrued to me that so many people could link their self-esteem to the performance of a group of young men in a game. I now have a better understanding. It’s a bit sad, but I understand now. By the way, the University of Nebraska does not stink at football. They have assembled a very fine team. It lost Saturday for what, I suspect, is the last time this year. Will that be enough for everyone?

      1. husker4 says:

        NU will not only lose again this year, but probably lose badly. Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State, and even Penn State will not be cake walks. The defense is to disoriented to win with turnovers. Our qb cannot throw the ball and unless Bo makes a change (highly doubtful) this team will continue to throw ints and be one dimensional. You’re right though, the sun did come up and it’s not the end of the world.

        1. sam says:

          What a silly comment. How old are you?
          You sound like a spoiled ten year old

      2. Otis says:

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting differing results. Like a bad stock, it should be dumped. My self esteem is just fine, thank you—my 30 state championships in 33 years of coaching keep me satisfied. I may need to invest my fandom elsewhere, though, because with UNLIMITED RESOURCES, this team just can’t be anything but average——and its been that way since they fired Solich. I don’t blame Frank a bit—it is systemic failure.
        The best coach at Nebraska is John Cook, who they ignore most of the time.

        1. California Husker says:

          30 state championships out of 33? Really? What sport and what gender? Sounds far fetched to me!

  12. mac says:

    Wisc is a very well coached, disciplined fb team with a very poised qb with a balanced skill set who makes very good decisions. We, on the other hand, are really missing two things – a balanced skill set at qb and experienced disciplined d-secondary. Penalties and turnovers are still major factors, again…again…again. i think we are going to get better and i like what i see when things are sync’d to what we do well. We are clearly not a top ten team, but we have what it takes to compete against everyone else when we execute. Ohio State may be a close match, their inexperiencedqb vs our inexperienced and undisciplined dbs, and our erratic qb against their stout d. Looks to be an even contest.

  13. Terry Darnall says:

    Martinez will never be a passing Quarterback. He has to wind up everytime to throw the ball, even for ten yard throws. I know we have a young team especially on defense, but there is something missing, and I think it is coaching. DB’s continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over. Linebackers: Compton and Fisher are slow. Steinkuhler and Ankrah and Williams do nothing. They have ruined Eric Martin, making him put on 30 pounds in one year. He has lost his quickness and ability to get to the Quarterback! He needs to lose 20 pounds, be at 240 and become a passrusher. We have nobody that can push and get pressure. I would replace Six guys on defense, you say with who? Anybody could play better than what we are seeing.
    DL: I’d replace Steinkuhler with Chase or Randle or Guy. They are young let them develope. I would replace Compton with Roach. What I saw of him in one game, I liked He had some moxy and was around the ball and hitting people. I would replace Fisher, he looks like he lost out there, with Whaley again, what I saw of Whaley he was hitting someone on every play.
    DB’s: I would bring in any young guy to play along side Dennard, recruit off the street, anybody, these guys are not learning, they keep making the same mistakes. Replace Cassidy: He is always late to the action. Notice on long passes he is always ten yards beyond the receiver and never there to help jar the ball loose. What is he an escort to the endzone for the receiver. Where is Courtney Osborne? Or try Harvey Jackson, somebody. Again, I believe the coaches are to blame for this. They had the spring and the fall to coach these guys up and it did not happen. Pelini I thought you were a disciplinarian and helped players be accountable, I think I was wrong. Please change the scheme on defense and let the players fly to the ball. Let the DL not be just blockers for the Linebackers, that doesn’t work! I’m beginning to wonder! The defense looks passive, like the Cosgroves defenses, I never thought I would say that about a Pelini defense. INCREDIBLE!

    1. Otis says:

      This post would be funny…….if it wasn’t so true.
      Who would have EVER thought Nebraska would be completely outcoached on BOTH sides of play.
      FIRE<FIRE<FIRE………4 years is too long of a honeymoon.
      Start over again.

    2. GiantHusker says:

      Excellent post, Terry.
      I’m especially glad you mentioned coaching. I had a lot of concern about the lack of credentials for the new OC/QB coach and the new defensinve secondary and linebacker coaches, and their lack of experience is definitely showing. I’m not convinced that these guys are any good, and I’m also not convinced that Bo is a good head coach yet either. For one thing, he picked these guys.
      My preseason guess of an 8-4 record still looks reasonable, and a lot better than those who were giving Nebraska the conference championship and national title contention.

      1. Todd says:

        The credential for the OC/QB Coach??? Other than knowing Bo P. for a long time…. Nothing which would make him worth the amount of money NU is paying him.

  14. gene t smick says:

    Hats off to Wisconsin ~ they came and played. Like most I was hopeful the 1st quarter…til Russel found out we couldn’t cover anybody. As I am upset over this embarrising loss…as a true sports fan I must say that the better team won…and hope that we (the huskers) can learn and meet these guys again…Big 10 championship game?

    Oh…and how about some better calls? 4 weeks we try all sorts of stuff…and after 2 INT’s we continue to pretend Tmagic can pass?

  15. beddog says:

    If you have a quarterback that has the mechanics of an eight year old girl, why in the hell don’t you send him to a remedial qb camp over the summer? Put him at wideout where he belongs and find a qb. God Bless Burkhead, a real Husker.

    1. Trent says:

      We could have kept the game close if our OC had a lick of brains in his head. Burkhead needed to touch the ball and he didn’t plain and simple. We decided to throw the ball which absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe Pellini should find an OC that knows what he is doing instead of one of his high school buddy’s.

      1. Ben Johnson says:

        Can we please stop pretending that different offensive play-calling alone would have changed the outcome of this game? We lost because all aspects of our game were suspect. The only people who put up decent performances were Burkhead (who made the most of the chances he was given) and David (the only player who seems to have any ability to properly tackle on our team). The rest? Well, you saw the results.

        1. Neepster says:

          Sure we still would have lost if Beck had stopped trying to get T. Martinez to through, but it wouldn’t have been by 31 points!

          If nothing else, the extra time we took running the ball would have wasted enough time that Wisconsin just couldn’t have scored as much.

          The secondary sucks… a LOT. The number one rule of a CB is never let the receiver get behind you and I literally lost count of the number of times they let that happen. If Wisconsin recievers hadn’t dropped some balls, the score would have been even WORSE!

  16. Badger Bill says:

    Wisconsin has struggled against option offenses for the last 40 years. I was worried about this game and not feeling good with the Huskers up 14-13 running a balanced attack. And then – Drew Brees mode? Thank you. Keep the ball out of Russell Wilson and Monte Balls hands (and Nick Toon). Could have been quite a game except for your OC. You’ll be fine, Minnesota is on the schedule!

    1. sam says:

      Wow- way to win gracefully. I see that Wisconsin fans have absolutely no class.

      1. cannabisicus says:

        Did that comment show no class? Touchy huh?
        I think that comment was meant to give Neb some credit.

        I have read a lot of posts before and after the game. I think both teams fans could use more tact, but honestly Neb fan comments make me cringe. This is what got invited to the Big Ten? yuk

        Probably we will see at the end of the season is that Wis won because they are a championship team and Neb is pretty good, just not Wis good this year. No shame in losing to the best.

        Welcome to Big 10 Nebraska :)

      2. husker4 says:

        Evidently Wisconsin fans are very classy….Badger fans please disregard anything Sammy boy has to say. I think he’s a little upset and needs a nap.

    2. Michael Lange says:

      Can’t agree with you more. NE play calling at 14-13 was 16 runs & 9 passes. In the next 5 possessions, 14 passes, 2 runs. Result: 3 INTs, 21 unanswered points GAME OVER. I too think it would’ve been a much closer game if Beck continued to call a good game. Biggest difference between these two teams, Wisky has a Heisman caliber 5yr(?) starting qb, NE a sophmore qb that is effective when used properly. Wisky has an offensive identity and they stick to it, NE not so much…..yet hopefully. Wisconsin has a much better TEAM at this point in the season, hopefully NE will fix their problems and we’ll get a chance to play them again. You can’t judge NE fans from these sites, 99.9% of NE fans are excellent, the 0.1% of classless, knee-jerk, uneductated fans get their chance to spout on blogs.

  17. Tom says:

    Stupid penalties continue to back Nebraska up, and by calling up pass plays that Martinez had not much chance to complete, the coaches put Martinez in a position where interceptions were one of two bad things that could happen on those plays and they did happen. The result was to turn over the ball to Wisconsin giving them very good field position. The resulting three Wisconsin touchdowns demoralized the inexperienced and weak Nebraska defensive secondary to the point where Nebraska beat itself. Nebraska is lucky that Wisconsin did not really air it out, but instead kept it on the ground. Nebraska needs to find another quarterback that can get the ball to a converted Martinez and the other wide receivers in the open field where Martinez would be quite effective. Unfortunately that is not going to happen because Nebraska is going to do what Nebraska always does, and will do as long as Tom is around, play option football, which will not win them the big games against fast defenses, too bad for Nebraska, as good opposing coaches just about always know what Nebraska is going to do and adjust accordingly.

  18. bob jones says:

    Thought we got rid of Watson and Cosgrove, but I must be mistaken. We should have learned last year that we need to play and coach to the player’s strengths and not force them to do what they are not capable of. The running game gave us two early TD’s, but of course we reverted back to the Watson philosophy of, if it’s working, let’s try something else, which resulted in nothing but incompletions, interceptions and lots of third and longs. Still too many mistakes, costly penalties and even costlier turnovers and missed tackles, that we are told will be corrected, but never seem to be. It looks like Marvin Sanders loss was huge as about the only time our opponents throw an incompletion is when a wide open receiver drops the ball, the secondary looks completely clueless and plays very tentative. They need to be far more aggressive and need to realize that the receiver that just flew by them, might be their man.We definitely need some players to step up with some strong on field leadership too. Pelini is in his 4th year and he wasn’t hired to turn what should be dominating NU wins into nailbiters and big games against rated teams into embarrassments on national tv.

  19. Bill says:

    Why are people blaming Martinez so much when the biggest problem is our defense! They stink! Why? No one knows, we have great players and great defensive coaching…it’s mind-boggling. They better get their act together. Don’t put it all on the offense and turnovers. Remember 2009? We turned the ball over 8 times against Iowa State and they only scored 9 points. Sure, Wisconsin is no Iowa State…but it was obvious last night that our defense could not stop Wisconsin and it was embarrassing!

    1. sam says:

      Finally someone who knows something about football.
      Even Bo said in post game that the defense was to blame not the offense.
      Where is the great d line we were suppose to have this year.

      1. husker4 says:

        If Sam likes it; it must be true. And how can the defense blame the offense anyway………always given a short field to defent, always on the field because the offense can’t move the ball and continues to turn it over, and playing a very good team on the road………..definitely not Iowa State. That makes so much sense; of course it’s on the defense.

  20. BadgerElvis says:

    I’m a Badger who has never really watched Nebraska play before, but after this game I couldn’t help but notice a couple things.
    One, Wisconsin was having a hard time defending against the option, when it was run well. After Martinez stopped using the “option” part of the play and just took it himself every time, it made it a little easier to key in on. Toward the end when he started pitching it out to Burkhead, then Nebraska really started rolling again.
    Two, Martinez seems like he’ll make all the easy throws to wide-open players, but struggles at fitting the ball into tight spaces or on timing patterns.
    Three, if it’s obvious to me sitting on a couch at home that this is the case, how come your coaches don’t see it? So what if you have a quarterback who can’t throw well, just don’t call so many passing plays. Every time I saw the qb drop back to pass, I felt much more relaxed. Every time I saw him roll out to the edge, I was much more nervous.
    There’s no reason the coaching staff should have gotten away from what was working. Running the option is clearly the best weapon the Cornhuskers have, so why abandon it in favor of a far less effective one?
    See you at the end of the season.

    1. Bill says:

      We’re all wondering the same thing. Hopefully our coaches figure it out. I think if we had given Burkhead about 30 carries in that game and had Martinez throw about 10 times instead of 20, it would have been more like 35-28 or something like that. But instead, we got embarrassed…I hope we aren’t actually as bad as we seemed last night (after the 1st quarter)

      1. BadgerElvis says:

        You could tell that Martinez was out of his comfort zone with so many passes being called. In the first half when Nebraska was rolling right along, he was getting up to the line, calling out plays, pointing out the mike linebacker, and was in charge of the offense. The interceptions, penalties, and playcalling definitely seemed to push him well out of his rhythm. Even on passing plays, it seemed as if play action was rarely called.
        As long as the coaches call a game that plays to the strengths of your offense, the Huskers will do just fine.

        1. Jerry Roach says:

          I found myself thinking that Nebraska’s offense looked like Wisconsin’s fifteen years ago. Strong kids but an unsophisticated passing game. Won’t get you far these days.

    2. Well said, i am an english transplant living in nebraska. I played rugby for the british army and have always considered Neb best asset to be its running game they excell at it.Year after year we have produced great players who can run the ball even Q.B.S’.I dont care how stylish they look or how untidy,or worry about the critism from the monday morning Q.B. of how boring they play, its teamwork that counts that means everybody plays. In rugby you do play like that, if you are in a team and are only window dressing then why bother being there. When we run the ball by the very nature of the play almost everyone is involved, its what i would term as a mobile scrum. I would certainly take abbdulla out of the special team and put him in there with burkhead, and if he didnt pass T.M.but created openings for the two it would not be pretty but we would wear down the defence and win. Might sound like a stupid post but i played hooker when i played rugby my job was to get the ball to the scrumhalf,(QB)then follow up very quickly to a tackling position.

  21. Bill says:

    I think they learn and bounce back, we end up with like 10-2 and get a rematch with Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship where we play them much closer! Maybe even beat them. Think about how the game was going last night before the mistakes started killing us? It was 14-7. At that point there was no reason to think that Wisconsin would end up blowing us out. Later in the season, like say at the Big 10 championship game (assuming we beat Michigan), those mistakes won’t be there as much and we will play the entire game like we played the 1st quarter.

    1. sam says:

      I can’t wait until we play WI again.
      I can’t believe all the temper tantrums our fans are having today.
      And the lack of class of Wisconsin fans coming on this site to taunt.
      Classless fans.

      1. JOBO says:

        LOL…. That is a stretch thinking Nebraska will play for the B1G X title! Thanks for the laugh

        1. sam says:

          don’t know much about footbal do you? WI is not in our division bozo

          1. husker4 says:

            Sammy….sheesh, you’re embarrasing yourself. He means the Big X championship game…..duhr. Man, I thought you were the all knowing??

      2. Ann says:

        Not all of us Badger fans are classless. You will find jerks no matter what school you play. I’m old enough to remember when my Badgers couldn’t win a game if they played a middle school team so I’m truly enjoying what Barry Alvarez did for this program! I appreciate what Barry learned at Nebraska. Good luck to the Huskers against the Buckeyes next week. I’ll be cheering you on. (If you want to find classless fans, you’ll find them at THE Ohio State University!!! I know, I lived in Columbus during the Woody Hayes era!)

      3. Frank says:

        I don’t think Wisconsin fans are different from any other fan base in the country… and the reality is although Nebraska fans are very accommodating in our stadium and visiting someone else’s, when it comes to the message boards we’re all the same. When tapping fingers do the talking sometimes too much gets read into what’s written, or someones minor point becomes someone else’s major sore spot. This was a very tough loss for us. As poorly as our defense played I do put blame for the blowout directly on Beck’s shoulders. Martinez cannot throw the football, not on Saturday night in a big game, not on Tuesday’s practice, not with green eggs and ham, not even when throwing to Sam I am.

        I don’t understand not putting in Carnes when the game had been decided. We need to develop the kid. And more to the point, with as much as T-Magic has to offer in his scrambles, I’d take a dink and dunk quarterback who can manage the offense with accurate throws and smart option play… like say what Brion Carnes could do if given the opportunity.

        What is the deal with Pelini’s jonesing for Martinez so much that we have to sit a more balanced athlete that fits the system better (Brion Carnes – heck I spoke to Tommie Frazier and he says the kid’s better than he is). It would be better for everyone all around. Martinez is not leadership material – that’s his biggest problem. His throwing motion and resulting inaccuracy is is second problem. I don’t dislike the kid – yeah he’s cocky, but that’s fine. Be a cocky receiver that actually has an opportunity to play at the next level. Not a starting Division 1 quarterback.

    2. Neepster says:

      I like the optimism, but not sure where it is coming from. What have you heard from Bo et al that says that we will ‘get better’?

      The secondary lets the receivers just run down the field right past them time and again and has been doing that all season long. Bo hasn’t been able to ‘coach’ the CBs to actually stay with the receivers in the first 5 games, what makes you think that will change now? Heck, the season is almost half over.

      I hope you are right, but I seriously doubt it.

  22. DaubsNU1 says:

    Good take Tom. Always appreciate your words. Coach Pelini’s words in post game were very interesting…I’m paraphrasing…players making mistakes in practice, not listening to coaches, making same mistakes in games. This wasn’t about Beck or Taylor…this was about mistakes on offense (penalties) and mistakes on defense.

    Let’s let the coaches coach, players play and just be fans. Remember, we are dealing with 18-24 year old men. Bo Big Red :)

  23. sam says:

    Come on .Nebraska has a mostly freshman o line and freshman secondary. WI has a o line made up of seniors who have played together for 4 years. Stop blaming the NU offense for our woes. Where is that great d line we were suppose to have this year?

  24. D Joe says:

    Prime Time? I think we only won one game in prime time under Pelini (2009). Unfortunately, for us, next week Ohio State will get there some key offensive skills players back. Still, there O-LINE sucks.

    Just as I predicted weeks ago after watching Washington QB Price. He’s playing on two BAD knees. The Huskies should have beaten the Huskers a couple of weeks ago.

    The unit that I am disappointed in the most are the safeties. Now just the fact it is the last line of defense, ’cause they are the experienced. They started last year…Cassidy, Osbourne, Smith. Don’t get me wrong but the linebacker are vets too.

    I wish Eric Martin didn’t gain all that weight. I put him back at linebacker. Take Fisher out. He can’t move at all.

    I wonder what was the time of possession for the second half. Huskers D couldn’t stop Wisconsin at all.
    We can’t stop the run even more when we are losing. Even TTU in 09.

    Most of the defenses Huskers will play, will be just as good and sound as Wisconsin. 3 big lineman rushed got to the QB (RT). It was OKAY to have balance and be aggressive. We needed to do that the Huskers Offensive strength.

    Is Taylor Martinez another Jamaal Lord?

  25. alan says:

    why won’t the coaches at least try carnes.martinez is not our qb.for the future

  26. HansJ says:

    Damn! What posts we have here! We need some good news. I predict T-Magic and the fellas will all have a terrific game against the Minnesota Gophers! Go B1G Red and White!

    1. JOBO says:

      The Minnesota Gophers that lost 52-0 to Michigan!! High standards you have there. A high school team could stay close with the Gophers. I’d worry about Ohio State next week.

  27. California Husker says:

    There are some good takes here, but lets face the facts. Nebraska stopped doing the things that were working. If they would have kept running the ball, they would have made more of a game out of it. Plus, you cannot have your “QB’ throw three interceptions and expect to win. The defense could have played much better as well. With Martinez at QB, this team will struggle. He simply cannot throw the ball. He looks at one receiver and stays with him. He looks up into the air when he throws the long one, does not stride and throws off his back foot, and rarely hits his receivers in stride. Beck, Bo, Carl, and Raymond are just as responsible. How about throwing to a running back out of the backfield? The Huskers need a true passing QB. For those criticizing Bo for calling the timeout, don’t. You play the game until the very end. There are also people that are criticizing the Wisconsin fans. Give me a break. The same criticisms could be said for Husker fans. I have been on opposing teams message boards and have seen Husker fans taunt after a win. To the one person who posted that it is just a game: you are absolutely right. It is not life or death, but let people at least have the right to post about the game. Now, I am sure that someone will come on this board and rip me. For that I say, “Who really cares?”

  28. John Rino says:

    In as much as I hate any coach even remotely blaming a player to the press – and Beck intimated some things were Taylor’s fault last night – there were open options on some of the pass plays that Beck called. There is SO much asked of Taylor, but he’s gotta take what the defense gives him. Of course, Beck’s play calling wasn’t great either. But, yeah, the passes were there.

    However, everyone’s slagging Taylor cause he plays the most prominent position. The defense never got off the field and had 5 straight drives end in touchdowns!!! I mean, really?!? Yeah, the BAdgers were good on 3rd down, and Wilson was the difference maker, but seriously??!? Bo’s right, the defense was a bigger embarrassment and needs more work. I thought Fonz’s comments in post-game were…very interesting.

  29. ken gilmore says:

    seems to me i remember the OC saying before the season even started that the offense would run the ball, make 4 or 5 yards, move the chains and keep doing this until the defense stopped it and then do something else. the oc said they would find the weak spot on the defense and keep exploiting it until they defended then do something else, whatever happened to that game plan? they would run it until they stopped it, beck stopped himself. coaches have to step up on this one, all of them take the blame. you have to be accountable. ever heard that before?

  30. Tank says:

    The “game” basically started in the 2nd qtr. The score of that game was 35-3. You can’t afford the turnovers when your DBs can’t stay with receivers and you can’t get pressure on the QB. Wilson is a good QB and the O-line was good. I don’t think the Badger receivers are that special, but our DBs are woefully below a Top Ten caliber team. You have to have some pass break-ups, an occasional INT, and a chance at a coverage sack, which just didn’t happen.

  31. redReiter says:

    Dennard’s post game comments are the real story. Guys taking plays off. Not competing every play. Coach Bo, in not so many words, confirmed this. Huskers have a big problem with the secondary. I thought most of it was just youth, but leadership at the player level needs to show soon.

    Go Huskers! Move on. Get ready for “The” OSU.


  32. Stretch Elliott says:

    Come on now gentlemen. If NU had won last night do you seriously think that there wouldn’t have been some NU fans posting snarky comments on Wisconsin blog sites? That goes with the territory, and please just give them the respect they deserve which is none. Hardly cause to denigrate Wisconsin fans in general.
    NU will win some games this year, probably starting with the OSU game. I sincerely think that the badgers are the better team, however. The comment that W has seniors on the OL that have played together for 4 years is way off base. They have a variety of years represented and one of W’s strengths is that they recruit great O linemen.
    If Wilson was the NU QB and Martinez the W QB, NU would have won, but the score would have been closer.

  33. Joey says:

    Classless fans??? Sam would you still be making those pathetic comments if you went to the game, not to mention paying about $500.00 a ticket??? If not why don’t you buy ALL our tickets, and we will clearly see your point eh? You seemed to have forgot, NU didn’t make us. WE the fans MADE NU, it’s OUR money that is paying for Bo to have a nice sweet check. I’m starting to see the similarity of NU and politicians. Those in the White House feeds us lies,,, (R), (D), (I). They lie to us every year, but people go out and vote. 1st we’ll blame (R), now we blame (D). When we won’t except the FACTS. They’re all in it together. That’s why they’re rich and we’re NOT. All they do is take our money, and give us wishing well promises, just so they’ll win their election. Just like NU, remember who T-Magic’s dad is??? That’s why he’s still qb maybe??? POLITICS man, EVERYBODY knows J. Turner is the BOMB for a qb, we also have Marsh, remember how he did in HS, and we have Carnes, which would run the qb position better than Martinez can. BUT we still see T-Magic as qb. This year, next year, until he graduates. You people ALL know that will happen. But what the AD, Bo, and the AD’s boss DON’T know, is that kind of corruption will chase BLUE CHIP recruits AWAY. What student in their right mind would go to NU as a QB, and sit on the bench until Taylor is a graduate. When he would CLEARLY get a starters position in the SEC, PAC 10, or in other prestigious school!!! That’s why we can’t get GRADE A OC’s, GRADE A QB coaches, GRADE A DL line coaches, GRADE A OL coaches. Remember how Scott Frost said he would love to be a coordinator??? He got refused, NOT because they were worried about him leaving NU. He wanted to be a coordinator. BUT, he wasn’t going to work for pocket change that NU is paying our coordinators. I remember reading Scott Frost wanted NOTHING less than a coordinator’s job, and wouldn’t accept anything under $500,000.00 Which that seems fair, he brought Oregon a LONG way. BUT, they let him go. The chancellor seen the price tag on moving to the BIG. He’s not about to take any cuts, all he see’s is GREEN, in HIS pocketbook. Like I said, it’s POLITICS!!!! They’ll pay an arm and a leg to keep Bo, but, NOT offer anything better than pocket change, compared to what other really good coordinator’s make. Like the old saying goes… HIRE SCABS FOR BUSINESS, AND YOU GET … err um, and you know what get for quality.

  34. ChicagoHusker says:

    I think they played well for the 13th to 16th ranked team which they really should be.
    My question is: Why didn’t the coaches look at, or use the plays from, all the Miami-Nebraska game films from yore since “we” supposedly had all this speed and “they” were nothing but big, slow, Big Ten types?

  35. Tank says:

    Agree to a point with Stretch. Not sure our DBs wouldn’t have made Martinez look a lot like Wilson, though.

  36. Joey says:

    Classless fans??? Sam would you still be making those pathetic comments if you went to the game, not to mention paying about $500.00 a ticket??? If not why don’t you buy ALL our tickets, and we will clearly see your point eh? You seemed to have forgot, NU didn’t make us. WE the fans MADE NU, it’s OUR money that is paying for Bo to have a nice sweet check. I’m starting to see the similarity of NU and politicians. Those in the White House feeds us lies,,, (R), (D), (I). They lie to us every year, but people go out and vote. 1st we’ll blame (R), now we blame (D). When we won’t except the FACTS. They’re all in it together. That’s why they’re rich and we’re NOT. All they do is take our money, and give us wishing well promises, just so they’ll win their election. Just like NU, remember who T-Magic’s dad is??? That’s why he’s still qb maybe??? POLITICS man, EVERYBODY knows J. Turner is the BOMB for a qb, we also have Marsh, remember how he did in HS, and we have Carnes, which would run the qb position better than Martinez can. BUT we still see T-Magic as qb. This year, next year, until he graduates. You people ALL know that will happen. But what the AD, Bo, and the AD’s boss DON’T know, is that kind of corruption will chase BLUE CHIP recruits AWAY. What student in their right mind would go to NU as a QB, and sit on the bench until Taylor is a graduate. When he would CLEARLY get a starters position in the SEC, PAC 10, or in other prestigious school!!! That’s why we can’t get GRADE A OC’s, GRADE A QB coaches, GRADE A DL line coaches, GRADE A OL coaches. Remember how Scott Frost said he would love to be a coordinator??? He got refused, NOT because they were worried about him leaving NU. He wanted to be a coordinator. BUT, he wasn’t going to work for pocket change that NU is paying our coordinators. I remember reading Scott Frost wanted NOTHING less than a coordinator’s job, and wouldn’t accept anything under $500,000.00 Which that seems fair, he brought Oregon a LONG way. BUT, they let him go. The chancellor seen the price tag on moving to the BIG. He’s not about to take any cuts, all he see’s is GREEN, in HIS pocketbook. Like I said, it’s POLITICS!!!! They’ll pay an arm and a leg to keep Bo, but, NOT offer anything better than pocket change, compared to what other really good coordinator’s make. Like the old saying goes… HIRE SCABS FOR BUSINESS, AND YOU GET … err um, and you know what get for quality!!!!!

  37. Rob Clatterbuck says:

    Why didn’t Bo pull Martinez after the 1st half? Instead they have him throw 1st thing to start the 2nd half. He threw the 3rd pick right to the defender. Terrible coaching!!! Why not start Carnes the 2nd Half to get him some experience. The quarterback is the field general. Clearly tmart can’t pass. He locks onto receivers and the defenders read his eyes where’s he’s throwing. Very similar to big12/Oklahoma game where we’re up in the game then we self destruct due to poor offensive playcalling/too much passing/terrible quarterback play. Martinez has consistently not shown up in big games i.e. Texas., Texas A & M, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. For the price that the athletic department charges for club level seats, we deserve to see Carnes play!!!! Move Martinez to receiver where he could be a gamebreaker like Jamel Turner has shown at receiver. Give Carnes a shot at QB, then try Turner at QB if Carnes can’t get it done in big games. I’m sure Carnes or Turner could run the option as well as be throwing threats. Can’t put this loss on the D, they are young & will improve. We were winning the game until the turnovers. A quarterback that doesn’t make huge mistakes is essential for this young team. We boosters deserve to see the best players on the field. Martinez is not the best thoroughbred in our stable. Time to make the change Bo, if it’s a rebuilding year, so be it. Get a polished quarterback out there that can win a Big Ten Title & Rose Bowl next year.

  38. Doug says:

    I’ve read a lot of blog comments with a lot of opinions but it seems that very few people are seeing the core problems on this team. DEFENSE–the problem is not the players. We have good enough players to be competitive with anybody. The glaring problems stem from our linebackers and secondary. Those are the weak links. There has been a tremendous step down in coaching of those two positions since last year. Let’s admit that the loss of Mike Ekeler and Marvin Sanders has been devastating. There is no other explanation this many games into the year than poor coaching of our linebackers and secondary. Lavonte David and Alfonzo Dennard both look like shadows of the players they were last year–this can only be placed on the shoulders of their respective position coaches. OFFENSE–This is an area where the problem is a player–Taylor Martinez. The guy is a phenomenal athlete and is a legitimate weapon, but he’s not a Division I level QB. This offense will not rise to a championship level without a QB who can actually read through progressions. We have had receivers or a running back open every week (including last night’s game) and Taylor is not finding them. Can we pick on Tim Beck’s play calling? Yes, his play calling wasn’t stellar last night but if we had a QB who can actually make simple checkdowns and find the open man, we would be calling Tim Beck a genius today. CONCLUSION–Let’s put the blame where blame is due. Some tough decisions need to be made with defensive position coaches and with our QB situation. If these are fixed, we will rise again.

  39. Brian says:

    Was there really 40,000 Cornhusker ( sorry, I meant Husker..can’t use the “Corn” any more it’s not cool) in the stadium last night like KFAB was predicting on Friday? C’mon, get a reality check. 6 hour pre-game, isn’t that a little much? I am convinced that the Cornhuskers really do define the State of Nebraska and there really is nothing more in the state than corn and beans.

  40. fanfan says:

    a bottom line question: when was the last time that NU was an actual contender; and when will it happen again? the answer to both is the same–longer than we want to admit.

    1. randal tyler says:

      about 9 months ago and 4 or 5 points for big 12 title

      1. the red ghost says:

        when “being a contender” applies to a big 12 title rather than a national championship, the point is made, sadly.

  41. steve says:

    I saw a young team play like a young team. This is a rebuilding year – too many young players in key positions. We never were a top 10 team, but we are a top 20 team. Wisconsin came out and executed, we did not. Plain and simple. They were the best team on the field, plain and simple.

    Real faults: yes, Tmart cannot pass, and the run was working – I saw it with the TA&M aggies the last two weeks and on my high school team as well – the run is picking up 6-8 yards a pop and getting you into the end zone, so we should stop that and start passing. Just plain stupid, knowing our QB’s strengths don’t lie there. Yes, he should have made his reads and his dump option to burkhead was often open, but the scheme that was working should not have been abandoned.

    I hate to sound whiny, but the refs DID make a significant effect in the game, just like they did in our favor against Washinton. Key calls at key time turn things around. several times we got a stop on a big 3rd down play, there was a questionable call to give them the 1st, and there were times when holding and obvious contact were NOT called on Wisconsin on similar plays.., holding plays started getting called once the game was out of reach. This alone did not do us in, and we deserved many of the calls, but it was significant, and felt like last year’s calling.

    Mostly it was youth playing like they were young. For those calling for Carnes like we did for Green… I’m just saying…

  42. Vegas Husker says:

    Wow there sure seems to be some hard feelings and a lot of fans who are in denial. I have to agree with about everything that Jerry has to say. Fact of the matter is Nebraska looked like a deer in the headlights for all but the 1st quarter. DB were horrible, OL didn’t seem to care and the QB situation is just pathetic. The old days of run, run, run are over. Come on Husker fans can’t you see that the QB is the offensive problem? Put the kid as a RB or receiver. He looks like he’s trying to shot put rather than pass. And his decsion making….OMG!! Seems like a lot of the comments are from people who don’t want to admit that we are not that good right now and there is a lot of work to be done in order to be competitive in the Big 10. Followed the Cornhuskers for 50 years, thru the ups and downs but I have to say I’m getting very nervous about the remainder of this season.

  43. Gibby says:

    Wasn’t NU a 10 pt dog in this game? On the road? Wow, a lot of people certainly was expecting a win here I see.

    1. Neepster says:

      A 10 pt dog doesn’t mean you lose by 31!!!

  44. peter says:

    Badger fan here. First time I’ve watched Martinez and thot- what a funny throwing motion. Like an outfielder or pitcher.

    Wilson is a shock to Wisconsin too.

    Badger OC is designing amazing plays for Wilson

    Hoped ya all enjoyed Madison. Wisconsin welcomes you always.

  45. Mike Heintzelman says:

    It wouldn’t matter whether the Pinkshirts were playing in the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, or a Pop Warner league. Well, maybe they might put together a couple of consecutive win streaks in Pop Warner play. They would be getting waxed by any of the above. They are not ready to play on any level of a top twenty five….probably not even in a top fifty. Here’s a news flash…’Everything you thought you knew about the Shuckers from pre-season hype was either false or untrue.’ Martinez is no further along in his maturity, passing ability, or decision making than last years’ model of conferring with his Daddy at half-time on a cell phone. After reading his now infamous quote about, “….shocking the world.”, and comparing it to his shell-shocked expression during his postgame interview, it was quite obvious that he and his teammates were the only ones in that category. Dennard even admitted that the ‘team’ was down from being behind so badly at half time and just quit trying. Someone has got to step up and become a leader.
    This is a sad slip back to Bill Callahan’s days as head coach. It is the attitude of the coaches that most influences the play and mindset of the team. For Big Red…..there is ‘Trouble in River City’. Tim Beck is as unqualified to coordinate the offense as Pellini is now to remain a head coach. Neither has the style, grit, or passion for the game to remain in their respective positions. Don’t mistake passion for emotion. Both coaches display emotion, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Emotion clouds the decision-making process and is not ususally consistent. Passion takes you to a higher level and seeks to improve on. Ultimately, Bo has to take the blame for all of this. His apologies to the fans are not enough. The buck must stop with him. But, it is a multi-faceted buck. After four years, this is his team, filled with his recruits, his choices for the coaching staff. I wonder if he just forgot to recruit defensive backs. For that matter, I wonder if he forgot to recruit ball players in the wake of bringing in pure athletes. There is a difference, you know. Without doubt there exists the talent to field a team far better, (with the exception of the defensive backfield), than the one provided last night. With a fleet of amazingly gifted, bonified, and both established and potential running backs, one has to question the abandoning of the running game in the second quarter for whatever it was that was substituted. And, in the wake of Martinez’ sloppy passing efficiency, to open the third quarter with a pass, (and subsequent third interception), it is now a given that Beck’s accumen is derived from throwing darts at board covered with play calls. It provides an exclamation point to the, “He ain’t the right man for the job!”, statement. He provides no invention or panache to his workmanship.
    Now, this takes nothing away from Wisconsin. They are well coached and are reminiscent of the Nebraska teams of old. They have the potential of running the table this year. I wish them well. Perhaps the best thing we have as a team is knowing that there won’t be a second game with them this year. Remember where you read this: Nebraska loses at least 4 more games this season…Both Beck and Pellini will be retained…..Next year more of the same. We can only hope that being in the Big Ten will provide an incentive for better recruits, both on the field with helmets and on the sidelines wearing headphones. Go Big Red

    1. Vegas Husker says:

      Absolutely perfectly said.

  46. Tom Leix says:

    Wow…I can’t understand all the hatred toward Wisconsin and vice versa. I welcome our friends from Nebraska to the Big Ten. As a Badger fan who grew up during the 60s and 70s when we seldom won 3 games a year, it is an honor to be compared to the Huskers.
    All we know is that on this night, when the Big Ten schedule sent Nebraska to one of the toughest stadiums in the country, Wisconsin came out on top. One game. means nothing more than that in the big picture of life.
    I’m proud of the way Wisconsin played. I have no idea if Nebraska played at its level, or below it. And I know this, Wisconsin has tough road games at MSU, OSU and Illinois. The Badgers have no reason to even be mentioning Indy and Big Ten championship.
    And next year? I expect we will face a very fired up and tenacious Nebraska team back in Lincoin.
    I wish you well…and I expect that NU will help take the Big Ten to another level!

    1. Best post on here Tom.
      As a husker fan i am sad that we lost, and happy the Badgers won. Its your turn in the spotlight and you have worked for it. You have some tougher games ahead of you and so does Nebraska.I to am hoping to see good rivalrys developed by all the teams in the big ten. And my hat is of to all those kids winners and looser’s for stepping onto the pitch every year and giving us so much entertainment. Its the man in the arena that counts not the fan sat in a safe seat telling anyone who will listen, “I’would have done it this way”.A grateful husker fan.

    2. Redrr says:

      Thanks for posting something level headed. Lots of manic depression here in Huskerland.

  47. Washington Husker Fan says:

    I’ve told my Nebraska family many, many times.. Our losses (big games) were due to poor coaching.
    and I was met with RAGING HOSTILITY!
    I’ve watched through Devaney, Osborn eras where there was purpose in their themes:: RUN THEM RAGGED. When we clearly do not have personell for a passing offense, and our bread and butter (with Burkhead especially) option specialty is tanked for something we are not proficient in (passing) =
    COACHING problems people… Pellini doesn’t stay with a proven game plan or abandons it the minute he thinks the option is working. (good coaching… NOT) Pellini is the most classless coach I have ever seen. REFEREES HATE HIM.. why?? because he’s an berates them on call after call after call. He ruined the Big 12 Referree pool for Nebraska and he’ll ruin the Big 10′s as well. Even with Video playback his demeanor on the sidelines makes me think he’s a 15 year old spoiled brat yelling for what he wants. This isn’t a head coach that inspires and produces team spirit. He’s a average guy who has a head full of fan’s admiration and is angry with everything but himself for not haveing the drive to stay on target in games and blames the referrees for hating a guy well worth hating.
    Were penalties a problem? YES.. and they always will be.. NOBODY LIKES THIS GUY ON THE SIDELINES !!!
    Oh yeah… isn’t Bo the Defensive coach?? Switch Matinez to Defensive Back! Fixes two problems at once Get a new QB who won’t get so rattled in games. Someone the offense will admire and play for… (Also poor coaching)

  48. Joshua says:

    It is asinine, and nothing more, to seriously believe that you are morally entitled to a championship-level football team. And trying to justify this childish attitude with moralistic language about ‘tradition, honor, Our identity’ only takes it beyond the asinine and into the literally vile. It is physically stomach-turning to see supposed adults honestly express such opinions. If you honestly believe that to be merely above-average is not just unacceptible, but damnibly wrong; well, you can choose a new identity for yourself, you know, it isn’s something set in stone beyond your personal choice. Demand perfection from some aspect of your own life. Become the most dominant car salesman (or whoever you are) in the history of everything. Let your rivals trumble in envy at the flawlessness of your tomato garden. Become the best transsexual classical flute player in all North America. Get a life, is what I’m saying. Any one will do. Because as far as college football goes; this is the cruellest, most zero-sum game in all of sports. The most elite, well-oiled programs can expect a national championship maybe once a decade. Pain and dissapointment are the norm for fans of all teams, no exception. And expecting this game to be a primary source of joy in your life can only ever be a hell of your own choosing.

    1. Neepster says:

      Well said… but Husker fans are truly ‘fanatics’ and while we don’t mind losing once in a while, we HATE losing STUPIDLY (as would most fans). And we lost STUPIDLY on Saturday.

  49. O Street says:

    1. It isn’t like Kansas just hung 48 on you. It was the 7th ranked team in the country at their house.
    2. Husker fans need to realize that the first two years in the Big Ten are going to be very tough.
    3. Watch out at home too. Don’t overlook Iowa. They will not care how cold it is in Lincoln that day.
    4. Don’t panic. You are Nebraska. But the Big 10 is a different type of conference. Impossible conference to go undefeated.

    1. Steve W says:

      I agree with your comments. They need to move on. It’s the middle of the season, better make what you have better, cuz it’s too late to change now anyway. I don’t see any reason the Huskers can’t win 4 of the next 5 Big Ten games. NO TURNOVERS!

  50. Seattle Husker says:

    We all see how Martinez been struggle ever since spring ball, how come Brian Carnes never get the chance to prove himself? Everyone can remembered Martinez comment before the UW game is “We are going to shock the world”, yes he is right he does shock the world by showing how can Nebraska allow a the worst guy like that playing QB at their school

  51. Anthony says:

    How about trying Jamal Turner at QB. I mean, after, all, he WAS a QB recruit….move him to QB (or Burkhead for that matter) and move Martinez to I-back/receiver/kick returner, whatever. Get CREATIVE and maximize performance with the athletes that you have in the right position.

  52. Mike McClure says:

    T-Turnover has had his chance, bench him, and get Carnes up to speed ASAP! Even with Joe Ganz never more than 10 feet from T-Turnover as his “babysitting” duties, he still stares down his first read, can’t go through his progressions, throws like my sister, and is lost out there. T-Turnovers comment “we want to shock the world” was accomplished, he once again shockingly displayed his being over his head as a Div.1 QB. Defensively, we have so many leaks, I don’t know if they can all be plugged and still salvage the season. At this point, I’ll be happy with a winning season……

  53. gw says:

    Great comments everyone. I’m a BIG fan in Chicago and the hype was everywhere last night. We usually make reservations at a local sports-bar and we got the “don’t even think about it” on the phone with a line out the door at 6. It says something when you’re in Chicago and the BIG tv’s were outnumbering ND (yes we are a ND kind of town) and the Alabama-FL game 3 to 1. It was an exciting game; Camp Randall was pretty quite for the first quarter and mid-way points of the second quarter with the 14-13 lead. You can take grins knowing you scored first. If Martinez comes back and doesn’t make half those mistakes over the next couple of weeks I think Husker fans could be back in Indy.
    Alot of BIG fans were routing for NE and know the Badgers are the team to beat. Huskers you have 5 realtively easy games until Michigan and Iowa. Ohio State looked terrible yesterday. It was frightening to believe. You are going to see again alot of BIG fans dwell in OSU losing at Nebraska. Don’t disappoint!!
    That said; welcome Nebraska you are going to be a terrific addition to BIG. Wisconsin has some tough road games especially MSU and Illinois at Champaign. Steelhouse was pretty impressive yesterday with the comeback victory. Your fan base is second to none and you’ll be tasting visits to Ann Arbor, Happy Valley and Columbus soon!

  54. Barry says:

    I have watched them all since the 70s and his is the worse mechanics I have seen including Frost’s. He didn’t throw a side arm ball. Who in the world let him start throwing it that way. I actually feel sorry for him.

  55. S. R. says:

    This team needs a true quarterback! Defenses will predicate their game plans on defending the run first until the offense has a legit passer. Put in Turner, [not Turner Gill of old, I wish...],Jamal Turner. The kid is true quarterback who can throw. Bottled lightening. Really quick feet. Nebraska’s answer to Russell Wilson. A real baller. Bleeds Husker RED. He’s the closest thing we have to what this offense REALLY needs! Everyone can see he has the IT factor.
    Listen…Osborne had tremendous QBs in Gill and Frazier who were pressed into service ‘before their time’ during the early 80′s and early 90′s respectively. These guys were sent in to replaced then season-starting quarterbacks in each of those eras who were serviceable at best. There was no looking back after the changes. The rest is history.
    Imagine the diamond with Turner as QB, Green at RB, Burkhead-Morrow at FB [call it what you want], and Heard-Abdulla at other RB. Cotton or Reed TE. Find a place for T-Mart to use his straight away speed at receiver. Enunwa-Kinnie possession receivers. IMO Nebraska made a mistake when they decided to position Jamal Turner at receiver. NOT letting this kid use his arm and legs at the QB position could be one of the biggest travesties in the Pelini-Beck era. Nebraska will continue limp along against lesser opponents but come up empty against the likes of Wiskey until we have a true QB. The clock is ticking.

  56. ORYGUNRed says:

    Congrats to Wisconsin on a very good team. They are Nebraska circa 1995 on offense. Big athletic lineman, great backs but with a qb who fell frm the sky into their laps. Wilson is what makes Wisconsin (a very good physical tem) a National championship contender. Game would have been much different without him(still a loss but a close one). Alvarez deserves credit,but would Bielema (good DC) have been anointed HC if Calahan had not done them a favor and hired Cosgrove. Would Cosgrove have been HC? Interesting. Wisconsin has had some luck come their way. NU as well. Pelini is our guy(though he sucks on camera). the further we get from the Callahan era(just shed last remnants of his offensive philosophy) the better we will be. We are young and will get fixed. TMart is a ball hog but will learn. In a year or two with an experienced physical run blocking line we will be much better. For now I want to see a few Big tight end sets with Rex getting the ball 3 times more than Tmart and some Play action(no pocket sitting). Can you say :”Give it to Rex, get a first down! Eat up clock!

  57. Knothole guy says:

    Congrats to the Badgers. They beat us fair and square. How many years and coaches did it take teams like Oklahoma to come back from the losing seasons…I agree with a lot of the comments. Bo may not be the one to bring NU back. Taylor M should a wide out..someplace other than the QB. I agree about Bo not having much class. I thought this team was over rated based on how they played in the previous non conference games…I predicted a 500 season…hope I’m wrong.

  58. Blimy24 says:

    Relax everyone. Bo is just trying to avoid any distractions that might be caused by interest from Ohio State in Bo for a head coaching position for next year. Bo is doing everything in his power to make sure that the Buckeyes are NOT interested in him as their new head coach.

  59. Husker8495 says:

    I think we all need to relax a bit. UW has it all this year – a QB, talent on the lines, and good tail backs. They’re an all-around good team. It’s easy to blame T-Magic for some bad decisions and errant passes, but he should not have been put in the position he often found himself due to penalties. Why the play calling does not play to his strengths continues to baffle me. Remember, TO was chided for years not being able to beat the Sooners, and for not being able to win the ‘big one’. We need to show more patience with Bo, he obviously knows where the problems are, and when he said in his press conference ‘they still haven’t found the right combination of personnel’, I took that to mean players and coaches when put in the context of the larger discussion.

  60. Dutch says:

    Man, a lot of Chicken Littles here. Obviously this game could be summed up for me in one word; DEPRESSING! The good news is this game was at Wisconsin and Wisconsin is a legit Top 5 team. Nebraska at this point isn’t. Loved the start, didn’t like they got too cute on offense and unfortunately the D couldn’t catch Wilson nor stop his accuracy.
    Huskers are still plagued by too many TOs and Penalties, that has got to change unfortunately a weak point under Bo’s watch.
    I don’t see NU running the table and getting a rematch, they could get a rematch, (can’t see UW not getting the Leaders division win) but this is a tough Conference.
    What I really want to see if this team grow, TM obviously needs to make better decisions and the secondary better get better and QUICK. Ohio State very beatable this year, take advantage of them being down and get the Conference Record evened up. Anyone looking at the schedule coming into the year should be happy with 1-1 @Wisconsin then the Buckeyes.

  61. RedCam says:

    First off, Wisconsin IS an extremely good team and my hat is off to them – they showed up and did what they needed to do and then some. They put the wood to us. Pure and simple. The fact that they truly are a good as expected and perhaps better is the ONLY reason we didn’t slide further than 15 in this week’s rankings. But being an extremely good team accounts for about 30 of their total points in that game, which would have been enough to beat the Huskers, in all likelihood even if we’d have been competitive in the game.

    But 18 or 21 of those points was accountable to Nebraska just stinking up the joint, in every possible way except special teams and kicking. So, I’m not going to undermine what just might be a great Wisconsin team by saying that the reason they won was because we gave them the game. The reason they clowned us, however, was indeed that we sucked. Yes, Martinez is out of position if we’re trying to show opposing teams a passing game. He’s not so much out of position if we were playing traditional, smash mouth Nebraska football. Throwing the ball that many times didn’t look like a strategy of any kind, it looked like desperation and if I’m the Badgers, I’m smelling blood in the water. And they did. But why the hell so little balance in the offensive game plan. If nothing else, if Nebraska had just gone back to keeping it on the ground, they wouldn’t have gifted Wisky three turnovers and would have kept Wilson off the field. We’d have probably lost anyway because the Defense looked horrible, but we might have at least beat the spread and kept it within 7 to 10 points. If the Huskers stick with TMart they’d better go back to the bread and butter Nebraska offense. He can throw a few passes and there’s no great risk, but THAT many? Come on, who thought that was going to work?

  62. KCHusker says:

    “Know yourself and know your enemy and you will never lose in a thousand battles”- Sun Tzu.
    This coaching staff must see this squad for what it is, not what they would like it to be. This team is basically the inverse of the 2009 team, yet needs a surprisingly similar strategy on offense. Control the ball (run it), don’t turn it over, and limit the QB’s risk (of turnovers). The difference is that this year we need to do it to keep the defense off the field and keep them out of bad situations like a short field from turnovers. TMart should only throw about 10-14 times a game. Just keep pounding and wearing on the defense and then start exploiting them with play action and counters. BTW- where is the counter play?
    Mistakes by a 1st year coordinator are not unexpected and are forgivable. If he doesn’t learn from them and continues to make the same mistakes then there’s a problem (see Barney Cotton and our o-line penalties).

  63. randal tyler says:

    nebraskas recruiting has been off for ten years now and only gonna get worse in big 10. the good players are shifting(staying) to more to southern schools at an alarming rate.penn state,michigan,even ohio state sucks now. as time goes by neb will have to start recruiting some kid in west des moines instead of dallas carter or houston. good luck with that. the big 10 move is just gonna expedite it.

  64. Scott Liggett says:

    The Pelini brothers need to take a clue from higher education–when things do not work as planned–CHANGE. Their actions remind me of a young physician whom is treating a sore throat with penicilln–after three days the pain and fever are still present and rather than change antibiotics–they double the dose!

    The last three minutes of the Wyoming game saw the offense run very smooth under Carnes–at a minimum–he should have played starting the second series of the third quarter.

    When you play Goliath at home you must fire on all cylinders–in over a year and a half Martienez STILL looks choppy, unorganized and can not pass consistently with a very awkward release

    The Pelinie brothers have no one to blame but themselves–the team was unprepaired and without options

    And for this we pay 4 million/year

  65. John says:

    Husker Fan here.

    Seriously? We’re trying to blame the refs? No, I don’t think so. Penalties were a factor in the loss-a factor of poor execution by Nebraska. Pre snap penalties are not bad ref calls, they’re bad coaching and bad execution. And as Steve Stone said, ‘At the end of the day, don’t tell me how rough the seas were boys, you bring the ship in.’

    Defense is BINO-Blackshirt In Name Only. Great penetration (a first this year) IF the QB is willing to stand in the pocket and get hit. Wilson ran away from that penetration over and over again. We’re not mobile anymore. And we have a secondary that is so young and inexperienced, they had receivers going right by them. Every time.

    Offensive line still not gelling. And Martinez needs to worry more about executing and less about making somebody’s highlight reel. He can’t throw and he still doesn’t have the option timing down. He’s trying to be Big Play Man each and every time. Carnes and Kellogg looked better than he did in the spring game and sure enough, we’re starting ‘T-Magic’ every game. Wilson is a better game manager by light years. If we’re going to pin our offensive hopes on Taylor Martinez, we should be prepared for at least two more beat downs at the hands of Big 10 teams.

    Up to now, I’ve heard from others that the Huskers are just playing ‘vanilla’ and just wait until conference play starts. And my answer is that yes it may be vanilla but it was poorly executed vanilla the first four games (Washington-21 points in the 4th quarter anyone? Bueller?) and we were in trouble. I was more than prepared to eat those words and I thought I was going to have to watching the 1st quarter of the Wisconsin game. Then the team imploded. This is not the Big 12. We can’t play a quarter of good football and just get by like we have the last two years. These guys are not ISU or Kansas. We have an Oklahoma or a Missouri each and every week and we need to get used to that idea.

    And I have to call BS on the whining about Wisconsin going for the TD in the closing minutes of the 1st half. Unsportsmanlike? What a load. That’s a team that’s playing to WIN, instead of playing not to lose. They were according us the respect of a worthy opponent-if we truly had our panties in a bunch about it, then we should have stepped the hell up and STOPPED them. So enough sniveling about ‘unsportsmanlike’ when Wisconsin was playing championship caliber ball and we couldn’t stop them. Wah.

    Finally, to Wisconsin: Bravo! Well played game! Watching you was like watching the Nebraska teams of the mid 90s. Congratulations to you and good luck with the rest of your season. I will enjoy watching more Wisconsin football as Nebraska goes (maybe) to another token bowl game.

  66. Pelini--bush league........ says:

    Beliema called off the dogs and yet Pelini CALLS time out with 12 seconds left to set-up a play in an attempt to make the score look better.

    THAT’S THE MOST BUSH LEAGUE THING I’VE EVER SEEN A COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH DO. He just got his A** handed to him—-Whisky could have put 65 points up with no problem and that jerk trys to pad his points as if 48-25 is far better than 48-17. He’s this team as far as he can. The guy is NO head coach.

  67. HuskerGeorge says:

    It’s time to wake up, HuskerNation. Time to face the truth. We are just not very good. Not Yet. But its there. And its all well and good for us to to sit here and criticise the boys for what they did wrong. But that is what we have to remember. They are boys. Playing a game. In a fishbowl that is the state of Nebraska. And its unfortunate.

    But these boys are doing the best they can with what their coaches are teaching them. And the its time for the coaches to start “playing better”. Stop forcing these boys to do something they cant. Design a game plan around the talent that you have. Make them better, buy making them excell at what they do. What made TO so good was his ability to see the strengths in a kid and let him do well at that strength.

    Our coaches seem unwilling to adjust their scheam to fir the players. And I feel bad for the boys. Let then do, what they do well.

    Let them have fun.

  68. Husker Ron says:

    T-Magic or T-Tragic? We don’t lose by 31 with anyone else at QB!

  69. RealbigRed says:

    You guys want to talk about classy…..check this out.

    Should have taken your anger out on our offense, not our towel dispensers at the airport.

  70. Red blaze says:

    We should have ran the ball 50 times and taken our chances with the outcome. Their Heisman candidate was the biggest problem we couldn’t solve. He is so smooth and CALM. THEY COULD HAVER PUT 70 on us. They are far superior to us I’m eating crow this post and then its over. Huge win for Bucky.

  71. TrueNebraskan says:

    Husker football is my life. It either makes my day or ruin it. Saturday night was depressing in too many ways. Wisconsin played Nebraska football. They protected the quarterback every play. The defense pressured us every play. No player on their team took a play off. We have the talent to beat anybody. We need to find the passion that once stood for Nebraska football. Any true husker would stand behind our team in the times of struggle. One loss is not the end of the world. Nebraska is a very good team that had a bad game. Let’s get over it and move on to the next game. There’s a lot of season left. Day by day, we get better and better…

    1. Longtime B1G'er says:

      TrueNebraskan…you REALLY need to expand your horizons. As much as I love my alma mater and their football team, a loss certainly does NOT affect my well-being. That’s truly pathetic.

      You might also consider letting go of the past. Although Nebraska is a decent team, they do NOT “have the talent to beat anyone”.

  72. Steve W says:

    This is a really odd bunch of comments from Nebraska fans. How negative can you be? Is this really the same group that applauds the visiting teams and shows such sportsmanship? What about sportsmanship for your OWN TEAM?? Grow up and focus on what THIS team can do better THIS year. I’m from Minneapolis and am shocked by how negative these Husker fans are on this site. Hey, what if you had the problems of the Gophers? I’m looking forward to going to the game in Minneapolis to see the Huskers AND support the Gophers and their brave Coach Kill!!

  73. Redrr says:

    I suppose.

  74. HoosierHusker says:

    In response to Jerry and the other Wisconsin fans, I grew up in Nebraska but have lived in Big Ten country for the past 21 years, as good as Wisconsin is they always find a way to lose a game the shouldn’t (ie Iowa and TCU last year), the Illinois game seems to be a trap for them. They do not have a shut down defense though decent given their offense. If you are a Wisconsin fan I likewise wouldn’t be booking your ticket for Indy until the night of Nov 19 when things will be much clearer. The Big Ten as a whole is way down this year with the possible exception of Wisconsin, as good as Wisconsin is and their QB they cannot compete with the champions of the Big 12 and SEC mainly because their speed is not equivalent. In regards to the Huskers, in any other year I would say they would have real trouble with winning 4-5 more Big Ten games playing the way they are today, that said OSU has much larger QB issues than the Huskers as does PSU. MSU finally plays a hard schedule and is down a bit from last year. Michigan’s defense will have problems stopping our game whatever that may be and I think our defense matches up well with Mr. Robinson mainly because he has the same throwing challenges that Martinez does. Go Big Red, remember in the late 70′s early 80′s we all wanted to show Ozzie the door. How did that turn out?

  75. k. morris says:

    My advise to those in Las Vegas….I said it before they played Wyoming…Nebraska is overrated (as usual). Put big money on Ohio State. Nebraska is a sheep in wolfs clothing. They can’t beat anybody their own size.

  76. az geezer says:

    Perhaps a little geezer perspective…..was in Humphrey Dome, Mpls, when Pastor Osborne laid 80- plus on Gophers. Mike
    Rozier still playing in fourth quarter! Please compare THAT with Pelini taking a knee at games end vs Wyoming.
    Re: TM passing game…thought it was coaches job to play to team’s strength and devise scheme to use it. If it ain’t passing, then do something else. QB was just trying his best to execute plays OC called.

  77. Husker Tom says:

    OK, so Saturday’s performance by the Huskers got you down? Do not blame the players. These are young kids being told what to do by adults. If you want to point blame at somebody, look at the coaching staff. I have and I cannot understand why they would ask Martinez to play QB when he was recruited as an ATHLETE, perhaps a DB. Well since nobody else stood out at QB, they inserted him there. Why is he still there? Probably a little of both the Staff being stubborn on their belief that they can “make” Martinez a better QB or that the Staff believes that Brion Carnes is not ready to play QB yet. In my opinion, I would look to a switch at QB and find a position for Martinez to showcase his skills. Go Big Red.

  78. Ron Sexton says:

    I remember a fiery Bo Pelini on the sidelines, yelling at everyone, refs, players and coaches. I think his “give ‘em hell” attitude inspired his players and coaches to a higher level of performing. Whether that extra effort was created by fear of the coach, or respect of the coach for having their backs, is not relevant. The man in charge sets the tone for his performing atheletes and coaches. Pelini has the greatest respect from his peers nationwide. But I wonder if his new demeanor is affecting his team. and I wonder why has he changed. I respect his defense of Martinez and his coaches, but I also wonder if this is an experiment to please other people. I would rather have the old Coach Pelini back, with certain reservations. I feel his team would respond favorably to a little more Pelini fire. They all want so hard to please him.
    I feel for the atheletes, as young as they are, being asked to absorb so much pressure and realizing they must please a nation of Big Red fans on a weekly basis, or endure the resulting insults to their character and questions of their performance. Let’s give them the resect they deserve, win or lose. I’ve been a faithful Husker fan since 1962, suffering the Oklahoma days and dissapointments on a yearly basis. My faith is still there. We’ll be OK.

  79. Ill in Illinois over Nebraska says:

    The Huskers need a new offensive coordinator…and a new quarterback….and some very husky, but quick offensive linemen….and a new defensive coordinator…and much better defensive recruits….and soon a new head coach may be in order. You should be embarrassed Bo. Your tough guy image isn’t wearing off on your players. Maybe you should take a page from Osborne’s gamebook and try the low key approach. While you’re at it, find Osborne’s old gamebooks, dust them off, and beg Osborne to take a week to sit down with you and explain his long lost secrets before it’s too late. Does anyone believe in the running game anymore? Do us all a favor and get rid of that Beck guy. I’m sure there’s a junior tackle squad out there somewhere who might give him a chance to prove himself. I say it’s time to put in the freshman QB if that’s the best you’ve got. I don’t see Martinez improving much…he may be fast, but there are only so many non-conference games in which you can look impressive sprinting past third-rate defenses. And please, Taylor, don’t throw the ball away anymore…every time you get the urge, just audible and hand it/pitch it…no, on second thought, just hand it to Burkhead and try to make yourself useful by throwing a block or something. Burkhead can stay, but he needs someone to share the load in the backfield. Does Mike Rozier have a son old enough to play yet, or does I.M. Hipp have a grandson by now? Stack that offensive line with some bruisers and run the ball 80/20 the first three quarters, and 100/0 in the fourth. Until you do, the Big 10 will keep pointing and laughing at you. Right now, Big Red is simply the color of the players’ faces. And the new school song is “There is No Disgrace Like Nebraska.”