Published Tuesday, October 4, 2011 AT 7:25 PM / Updated at 8:13 PM
Hardrick: NU teammates rallying around ‘mad’ Martinez
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Husker fans seemed perplexed by Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez’s standoffish press conference Monday, and judging by the blowback on message boards, radio talk shows and The World-Herald’s comment sections, some were frustrated with the four-minute chat, as well.

Tuesday, senior NU left tackle Yoshi Hardrick presented some context to Martinez’s brief answers.

“It finally hit him,” Hardrick said after practice Tuesday. “He’d been holding in a lot. He said he couldn’t take it anymore… It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him, like, mad.”

That “it” is the overwhelming criticism and negativity Martinez faces for each performance, Hardrick said, especially his three-interception showing in a 48-17 loss at Wisconsin.

Example: Spanish class.

“Some girl told him, ‘Stop throwing interceptions,’” Hardrick said. “It’s just too much. He’s in a Spanish class and they’re talking about interceptions.”

Hardrick, who said he texts Martinez daily, added that Martinez’s girlfriend fields a lot of criticism, too, when fans and students don’t say it to the quarterback himself. Teammates pull searches off Google and show him criticisms written by others. Martinez declines to read it.

“He told me he’s sick of it,” Hardrick said. “These next seven games, he just wants the world to get off his back, so he had to do something about it.”

Which is?

“He’s trying to keep everybody happy, trying to keep everybody upbeat,” Hardrick said. “He’s not holding his head down. He’s trying do the extra things and be a lot better on his passing. He’s trying to go through his extra reads.”

The team is behind Martinez, Hardrick said.

“Everybody loves Taylor,” he said. “He’s the leader of the team. He’s the quarterback. We turn our back on him — it’d be pretty bad… we can’t let him feel like he’s on an island by himself.”

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  1. Chris says:

    People grow from setbacks in life by how they respond next time around. Performance on the field will show if this is the case. Everyone has their come to jesus moment sometimes in their life. If he comes back with some fire in his gut I would be proud of him. We shall see, still alot to gain from this season. Hope the entire team finds that fire.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Taylor has been in Lincoln for 3 yrs taking snaps as QB………he has lost the ball 33 times in 17 games.
      Lets say its not his fault…….who would put someone in position to fail on an epic level over and over and over and over again? Martinez looks like a scout team QB, the fast guy you put in at QB to simulate dual threat QB’s.
      Reminds me of Craig Bohl who would put a CB that runs a 4.7 40 on a WR who runs a 4.2 and blame the CB for not stopping the touchdown.
      Its the coaches job to put his players in the best position to contribute and help win games.
      Cody Green could have been developed with his arm, unfortunately there isnt a coach on that staff with any QB coachig experience………absolutely zero.
      I’m sorry………I watched Taylor play selfishly trying to keep pace with Russel Wilson(EGO). Our coaching staff needs to see that before i can, and get a handle on it.
      Its good that he is angry, but we all know inside no matter how angry, or how hard Tayor tries to improve, he just isnt going to be the ledgend he thinks he is.
      Ultimately this comes down to coaching, Beck becoming one dimensional with the pistol, and his childhood friend Pelini standing on the sidelines looking into the crowd stunned while he did it.
      These coaches want to blame the kids on youth and inexperience, “Fixing Us” and crazy thots about a process and execution.
      The Defense played worse than i had seen since Cozgrove against a basic Pro style offense, simple gap responsibilities and basic coverages were ignored.
      The offense played with Paranoia, waiting for the kid to melt down, that first interception was like an Ali jab, the next one hit like a Foreman uppercut, and the third connected like a Tyson right hook, prophecy fulfilled once again.
      That team has ZERO confidence in Taylor, I have ZERO confidence in Pelini and anyone he hires from this point forward, I believe if he looking for something to fix he should look in the mirror.
      My deepest apologies for all my bad language and writing toward Shawn Watson.

      1. Ron Scribner says:

        Everytime I read one of your posts, I feel like I need to take a shower to get the negativity off of me. Forgive me if I decide to stop reading when I see your handle.

      2. mike says:

        there is so much wrong with that post idk where to even begin.

        taylor played selfishly trying to keep up with wilson? that might make sense if martinez called the plays. he was running plays he was told to run.

        you obviously have very little knowledge about football. young players will make mistakes. they’re reaction time is slower. they’re not as developed. thats why upperclassmen usually play over underclassmen. hence part of the defense’s problem.

        my, my…how quickly some people call for the coaches head… 1 bad game and suddenly the people that turned nebraska’s program around in a remarkably short amount of time are suddenly incompetent and fans that probably never played more than JV high school football are suddenly smarter.

        1. unknown again says:

          I’m not calling for the coaches head, but Taylor’s decision making on that last play was bad. What I think CornDevil was saying was that he wanted to run the last touchdown in himself, to make his numbers seem better, when the obvious choice was Burkhead. Rex was unguarded, could have easily scored, and even shook his head on the ABC camera after the play. That play was selfish. 48-24 sounds a lot better than a goal line stand and 48-17. It was the last embarrassment to an embarrassing game. We could have built on that touchdown and moved on, but we decided not to pitch the ball…

      3. husker redman says:

        I believe NUCORNDEVIL has said all that needs to be said about the current status of this football team and the coaches……………Well done.

      4. Pat says:

        I have told anyone who would listen for over a year that Martinez lacks key skills as a Division-I QB, but people need to give him some credit for the game-breaking possibility that he brings to the table as a player. He is the best option we have right now. I’m sickened by the criticism I read about T.M. – treat him with some respect; the constant indictment of his character is way off-base. If you like the game and are a husker fan – try to enjoy yourself. Cheer for him. Hope for improvement in ball security, footwork, and pocket presence. He is only human – imagine that he is (forgive me I’m 25 years older than these players) your son.

        1. Husker03 says:

          I agree with Pat……T Martinez doesn’t deserve this CRUEL treatment and it’s ugly how the fans are treating him. You said it very well!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kiki says:

    Honestly, I feel bad for Taylor Martinez. However, he does seem ill suited to handle such a difficult job. This team could ride to 9 or more wins on the back of Rex Burkehead, but he got 18 carries against Wisconsin – he could have easily handled 30. This loss, and the way it played out is on the coaches. We don’t make anyone submit anymore, and Taylor’s throwing motion is so questionable that I wonder if anyone is coaching him on it. You can’t complete passes off of your back foot. Where is the coaching? If his mechanics stay the same, or even if they only marginally improve, his upside as a quarterback is completely limited, as is the upside for this team. Rex Burkehead is one of the best players I have seen at Nebraska since Mike Brown donned the uni – and he is so under utilized. Reminds me of Dan Alexander getting a ton of carries while Buckhalter sat on the bench. Well. at least Frank was smart enough to run it in those days. Lastly, Taylor’s behavior before the media is not unexpected. It certainly doesn’t exude confidence, it doesn’t make him look smart, and in fact, it makes him look like a spoiled child. No shock, considering his coach does the same thing. Aaargh.

    1. Mike says:

      Really, all his upside hinges on his throwing mechanics?

      Go ask Vince Young how his mechanics affected his run to the National Championship. How about Scott Frost? Pretty sweet mechanics huh? Tim Tebow?

      The difference is the coaches put them and their team in a position to win. Tim beck and Bo did not, and have not. Plain and simple.

      And calling him a spoiled brat? Because he isnt all happy go lucky with the media?

      Get over yourself you bitter old Nebraska fan…..

    2. Jim4Bill says:

      Buckhalter was a fumble bum – cost us a MNC @ Texas – so he rode the pine for reason.


  3. dave says:

    I’ve never been more ashamed or embarrassed to be a Husker fan than witnessing all the criticism directed at Taylor. You know, the defense gave up 48 POINTS too. But all anyone wants to do is talk about how Taylor isn’t a QB. BS!!! So tired of it. Come on Husker Fans- we can do a lot better!

    Go Big Red! Here’s hoping the team knows that we are rooting for them, and we’ll get the chance to show them on Saturday!

    1. Brad says:

      Agreed it’s pitiful that he can’t go to class without someone bashing him. This girl was probably put up to this by her punk boyfriend. Like it or not not Taylor is the best we have either support him or find another team to pull for we don’t need you.

    2. Husker8495 says:

      Amen. The Martinez flogging is getting old. There were plenty of mistakes to go around, and the last time I checked it’s a team game – the finger pointing needs to stop.

    3. mike says:

      i agree. however, 21 points were off INT’s. however, the last couple years the defense would have gotten a stop. none of his INT’s were very close to the endzone if i remember correctly. the defense had plenty of opprotunities to get stops.

      im 150X more worried about the defense than taylor or the rest of the offense.

    4. unknown again says:

      Ok ok ok… Did you live through the Calahan era? Martinez may make some bad decisions at times, but we have been through MUCH WORSE in the last decade… If the coaching doesn’t improve against Ohio State, I can understand the few that choose the “Chicken Little the sky is falling” viewpoint. We are not at that point yet. We played an opponent that will contest the BCS, and they exposed our flaws. If they don’t fix it in 2 games, that is when I am out for realignment of the coaching staff. Taylor is a good QB, but needs a good running style QB coach… Who has Eric Crouch’s number???

      1. unknown again says:

        Wow. I messed that one up. I read “I have not been so embarrassed to be a Husker fan” and started going… You are 100% correct with your reasoning. I feel like Martinez is not being utilized efficiently (coaching), and I’m willing to give it a couple of games to fully provide an opinion. I think we need some help in the secondary (I MISS SANDERS!!!) and we need a good mechanics coach with the QB. The line, however, has stepped up in my opinion…

    5. vic says:

      Dave said it all. T.M. is running plays that he s told to do, not the other way around. GOBGRED

  4. @kholland007 says:

    Its great the team is behind him and so are the fans. Beck called a bad game, a very bad game. If he can’t handle the pressure maybe JUCO is where he should be. Do like Cam Newton did, hone your skills and come back to D1. I hate to tell you Yoshi and everyone else but #3 isn’t a D1 QB. Yes he kills against the Chatanoogas but anything a little better and its panic mode and mistakes galore. At minimum 1 fumble or more a game. Its only going to get tougher.

    1. LUDA says:

      Do what Cam Newton did??? Which part of Newton’s doings? The time he stole a laptop? Or maybe when police came to his dorm to get it back and he threw the laptop out the window? He was just honning his passing skills. Or maybe the multiple instances of cheating in his classes when he did go to class? He was only going to be expelled from school for this. Maybe that’s why he went D2. Whatever it takes for wins, I guess that’s all we care about. Please let the coaches know about your post because our stable of qb’s is quite something. I’m sure Carnes is a lot better. Put Kellogg in, he’s really good at giving signals from the sideline. That will translate well to the field. Support the Big Red and we will be payed back in a couple of years. Let’s do things right and win right. GBR!

      1. Rick says:

        Would all you negative people out there just leave taylor alone and let him grow as a q-back, remember he is just a sophomore, and he still has a lot to learn, he is one of the best q-backs i have seen there since tommy frazier. Now back off

        1. unknown says:

          YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dave says:

    We ended with 17 points, but we could have punched that last one in if we’d wanted, giving us 24 points. 24 points would have beaten Texas last year, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Washington. Think about where our teams problems really lie. The defense will come around too, I have faith in them.

    1. Incorrigible1 says:

      Puhleeze. I was embarrassed NU called a time out with seconds in the game to attempt to score against the Wisconsin third and fourth team. Really? We could have scored 24? And Burkhead wasn’t even given the nod for the attempt?

      While thinking of last season, Nebraska and Bo should thank their lucky stars they aren’t in the Big 12 this season. K State and IA State would be very questionable games.

      1. dave says:

        I thought it was classy to not call a second time-out. Call the one, run a play. Fine. The outcome was already decided. I thought Burkhead should have gotten the call too, but hey, I’m not the coach. And honestly, I don’t think it would be any different in any conference. Your team has to show up and play every single week, no matter who you play.

  6. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

    That’s kind of sad reading really. I remember people being furious at Frost and Ahman after the debacle in the desert in ’96 to ASU’s Jake “the Snake” and “Fright Night 80 years in the penal” Freedman but it wasn’t this bad. Maybe they were satiated by titles in the previous two years. Maybe it’s just the age we live in with the manufactured gasbag anger and false dramatics of political pundits on cable news networks has spilled over into the 24-7 sporting world. What ever happened to enjoying the journey? I think most people would have said before the season with integrating a new offense, a new defensive scheme, 3 new coaches, a new conference and 11 new opponents that a national title, or even a Big Ten title was “Wishing on Star”, Rose Royce style. There’s still so much to play for, and in this conference a chance at a January 1st bowl is very likely and a good SEC opponent. I enjoy watching the growth and learning process of the high character kids that Pelini and his coaching staff have recruited. There’s a lot of young talent that just needs time. Attacking a player broadside in the classroom is just juvenile, maybe we need that lake between Omaha and Lincoln to give people something to do other than living vicariously through a 20-year old kid learning how to say I put the fish on top of the table in espanol. I think part of this also has to do with the fact that Martinez has never humbled himself to the NU fan base. Fans sometimes have trouble distinguishing confidence and being brashly self-assertive, which you want in a leader, from arrogance and egoist behavior.

    1. dave says:

      >>”Maybe it’s just the age we live in with the manufactured gasbag anger and false dramatics of political pundits on cable news networks has spilled over into the 24-7 sporting world.”

      Very well said- my impression as well. I miss the good ol’ days when common decency demanded that a mouthy smarta** get popped right in the mouth, lest he run his mouth without thinking.

      1. Spokane husker says:

        Good last point. Also social media has taken the world by storm and given everybody a voice. So many more outlets from the past.

    2. iseeredpeople says:

      I agree. I feel bad that Taylor is taking heat in the classroom. That’s kind of cheap…but like the first guy said, maybe this is Taylor’s “come to Jesus” moment where he hurts so bad that he internalizes things and come out of it a better man a d leader. I have had several of those in my life and each one has made me better and stronger. I too have been frustrated with Taylor’s deficiencies. But I just have to remind myself of my own deficiencies–would I want someone from outside of my business yelling at me?

  7. Spokane husker says:

    I was taught this by a washington state hall of fame high school baseball coach. There are three types of people. Marshmallows. Jelly beans. Rocks. Marshmallows will not withstand heat and are weak under pressure. Jelly beans have a harder shell, can withstand some pressure but will still breakdown. Rocks can withstand pressure, heat, etc. I don’t know Taylor which is why I won’t comment on which one he may be. However, I hope he is a rock and will understand that being the QB for the greatest team in college football means being under fire from everyone between my 4 year old nephews to my 96 year old grandmother. It’s sad to hear fellow students say things like that. They are probably individuals who have never competed in life, let alone football for the Big Red, to know what a gut check is. I just hope his anger is directed at improving his talents and not shutting people up. Block the negative energy, harness the good. Block, harness, control, then send the ball home Taylor, bc no one is too good for their home. Answer me Taylor! Beat those sorry buckeyes Taylor! (not historically accurate but the best way I could incorporate happy gilmore)

  8. Bryan says:

    I do like Martinez, but seriously after watching the replay on espn3, Burkhead was open at least 7 or 8 times and all 3 times that Martinez threw his 3 ugly interceptions(on one of the interceptions, Burkhead rolled out to the left, and there was no one with in 10 yards of him). He does not seem to be able to make the proper reads as a passer. In every instance, Burkhead more than likely picks up a first down. And I believe that Burkhead only had 15 runs and not 18, but either way, by not utilizing him, when he has proven very successful is about as stupid as stupid gets. We let Watson go because of his poor play calling, so what does Beck do… The same damn thing. I also noticed a quite a few penalties that should have been called on Wisconsin that were not, but having said that, if this is the way our D is going to play, we are going to end up about 8-4 or 7-5. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about that and we in fact do win the B!G. But we can only play one game at a time and we need to do some serious damage against the Buckeyes. Let’s hope that the coaches do spend more time with Martinez, both on the field and in the film room(lots of film time, lots….) GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!

    1. David says:

      Great post. There were open receivers. Although I don’t believe Beck called a bad game, because like you said, there WERE open receivers — Martinez just doesn’t take enough time to find them.

      And the bottom lines seems to be that the D stinks. I’m not really that worried about the O. The D I am worried about.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      right on point, Burkhead could have had a great night coming out of the backfield, Blowmea is prolly thanking his lucky stars Pelini is playing the dumbest kid on the team @ QB….
      Had Bucky had to cover Rex that may have given the TE a better match up over the middle……
      We have high school coaches running our offense.

  9. milou says:

    I really have a hard time with the coaches not preparing a backup QB. That, by itself, is inexcusable. Osborne would never have let himself be in the position of not being able to turn to a fresh face if the game was being lost. Also, what happens if martinez is hurt? No one is saying that Pelini should replace his QB. But it is inexcusable not to give the backups any meaningful reps.

  10. Tom says:

    I can’t find fault with Taylor, it was Beck who called those plays. The first quarter was fun to watch, just not sure why Beck changed the game plan in the 2nd quarter and started with the pass happy plays? Seems the offensive line is doing better, but the defense really stinks this year and this is why we lost to Wis., along with the turnovers of course. Taylor has his strong points and weaknesses, not sure why a coach would not see those weaknesses? Its not the first time this has happened with the pass plays concerning Taylor (last year), did Beck have a blind fold on or something?

  11. Bob says:

    It is hard to believe that some girl told him to “stop throwing interceptions” unless she knew him pretty well and made a poor attempt at a joke. I know there were reports of “fans” yelling at players from their cars or across the parking lot last year. They were probably drinking and there is still a degree of anonymity there. But for someone to say that face-to-face in a small classroom, especially a female. I don’t buy it. When I was at NU, I had a few classes with a few players. Students rarely talked to them. But, very few students talked to each other. Its a big school and lots of students. Now blogs and message boards are another story. We have plenty of blowhards that can complain anonymously.

    1. Spokane husker says:

      Bob, that stuff unfortunately happens at the high school level even. Some people don’t have filters.

  12. big red says:

    maybe he needs to spend less time with lauren cook and more time studying the playbook?

  13. kevin says:

    How many of u experts at 19, or 20 had this type of criticism ? How many of you had a national press, and local press in your face @ 19, 20…. I wonder if he could do everything over would he want to come to NU. On Saturday I will start my grill, drink a few ( maybe more than a few ) beers, and watch NU. I will never criticize a kid…. I will criticize Beck for his stupid play calling, utilize Martinez’s strengths. As for all you experts settle down grab another beer, tuck your fat belly back into your pants, and buy a new shirt that hides your gut. Stop talking about when u played football as a 150 OG in 1969 and root for NU, And the kids. If you have an issue with Pelini, Beck than fair enough, but leave Martinez alone, the problem was Beck and the fact he made him play outside of his comfort zone.

    1. Husker8495 says:

      Hua! Couldn’t have said it better.

  14. Scott Davis says:

    I get that people can have their opinion and that we all can get on these message boards and say what we want. But the simple truth about this whole thing with TM, is that he and everyone on that team knows he had a bad game and where he’s at now is going to cut it. They don’t need us saying what a peice of crap he is, or coming up to him in class, etc, etc. I doubt Pelini was thinking how great Taylor did but then he went on to this website and read what we are writting and was like “wow maybe he didn’t play so well…”

    Taylor is going to end up transfering and all of the sudden our second string QB is going to make everyone say… Well I guess the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Like another poster wrote, the defense gave up 48, the OC called a horrible game, our receivers couldn’t get themselves open, the O-line didn’t exactly give him all day, etc. We have a problem at Nebraska bit@#ing about how bad someone is until they leave or we fire them and then when the next person comes in we all talk about what a mistake it was to have let the last person go. We need to lay off the young man and remember how you were at 20 and think just how good you would be handling everything he is handling.

    1. Husker03 says:

      Perfectly said!!!!!!! This is cruel how people are treating Taylor. So much for being the best fans around…..attacking a 22 year old young man like this. It’s SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People need to back off and leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. BigDoug says:

    Give the kid a little bit of a break, it certainly isn’t all his fault. However, he also needs to step absorb some critisim, as do the coaches and rest of the team. Taylor’s mechanics for throwing the football are horrible, he and the coaches need to fix that but I don’t know if there is anyone on staff that is capable of that. I am more concerned about the defense, the line in particular, I know the defensive backs have been poor but atleast they are young so you can understand that to a degree, but more times than not the line is getting whipped like a bunch of brats at a Catholic school ran by nuns… they’ll be lucky to earn pink shirts and ballerina slippers this year. They play “hard” most of the time but I am not sure I am seeing the HEART that you have to play with too.

  16. Larry H says:

    I’ve felt all along that Martinez is going to be a late bloomer as a Quarterback so i’ll leave it at that. I feel every since Pelini got called down by the national sports writers and our college head about his side line temper blow ups that Nebraska has lost it’s fire along with Pelini. Right now Pelini in my humble opinion is not the same coach he was before the chastizing and as for Beck i was suspicious of a KU offensive co-ordinator being one for Nebraska. Don’t forget it was Mangino who was the hot head who demanded his players play his style or hit the road not Beck. All i can say is if i’m correct which i believe i am that this is what being politically correct brings us.

  17. Ryan says:

    Let he who be without sin cast the first stone… Most people complaining are couch potato experts whom have never experienced a snap in their life. Most who have can tell first hand the pressures unjustly placed on them by people whom live their life through them. These guys are gifted student athletes playing a game we wished we could (still) play.

    I would like to end on one simple statment… I enjoy watching Nebraska play football, I will continue to enjoy watching Nebraska football.Go Taylor, Offense, Defense, Coaches, Special Teams, but most importantly Go Big Red!!

  18. I am a long time Husker fan–lived in Nebraska for 32 years and now live in Texas. Living in Lincoln and getting to go to the games was a huge thing my life and the life of my family! I realize things have changed with all of the ways that a person can now communicate their displeasure with players etc., but I know that whenever we lost a game when I lived in Neb. we didn’t badmouth the coaches or the team as a whole. We knew they were mostly still kids and were really trying and not pros getting big bucks for their performances. We also knew that the coaches knew a lot more than we did and were trying to put a good team in a winning position. Nothing will ever make me stop rooting for the Huskers—-I’m happy to have a great state to be from and a team that I am proud of even if they don’t do well. Yes, I scream and yell at the tv when I’m watching and I get frustrated with the way things are going–but I wouldn’t want to criticize any of our players unless they weren’t even trying. Just a few of my thoughts.

  19. UncleThumb says:

    I am a Taylor Martinez fan…Win or Lose…give it a rest people (armchair QB’s, Never faced a tough situation in your lives goobers, etc. etc.)…and that includes the WH beat writers!

    1. Daniel Andrews says:

      Three things:

      1. Martinez had an awful game, he made awful reads on the zone read and he made awful reads and awful throws in the passing game. Failure to recognize this by him, his teammates, and his coaches would be inexcusable. He has to get better which requires a willingness to learn on his part and a willingness to teach on his coaches parts.

      2. Beck has to learn to become an offensive coordinator. He has relay adjustments he needs for the offense to execute in game to his position coaches. He has to recognize how defenses are playing his option plays. He has to recognize how the defense is adjusting its numbers and adjusts his plays or plays calls to that if he is going to run option.

      3. While I will not give the defense a pass on their performance, the 3 INT’s hurt this team and gave the defense little or no break. The defense played bad enough to lose the game, but the lack of offensive game management and execution on reads caused it to be a lopsided loss. I can’t have an opinion on the blocking, because I don’t have the playbook, but we did miss some blocks or the offensive plays were never adjusted to how the defense was playing in some instance.

  20. Todd says:

    I coached little kids (9-12 year olds) for over 18 seasons and i had to tell them that most fans are full of BS (no i didnt cuss)! they (the fans) who have little to no talent, have no idea just how hard the kids work at getting better and once they see a kid improve he/she is now the eigth wonder of the western world! There is nothing in between with fans who have no talent and sit back and criticize those who do. It takes time, patience, and a lot of support to gel a team.. For those who have never coached, it takes about 30 practices (hours) on average to take a single bad habbit and change it to a good one.

    I quit coaching because i watched little league parents (kids were 9-10) have a genuine riot on the baseball field itself just cuz to coaches didnt like each other… geez, it is a game! what type of example are we showing to our kids if we feel the need to blast a single player for a loss? No one player ever loses a game, there are generally many plays that causes the game loss.

    I watched the game Saturday too, think Beck made some bad decissions, i hope he learned from that and will play towards his players strengths.

    Ok, sorry, i will get off the soap box now!

    Good night all!

  21. Husker8495 says:

    McKewon, after reading these posts the only one perplexed by Martinez’s reaction appears to have been the reporters in the room. Speaking of perplexed, that’s usually my reaction to the inane and repetitive questions asked by reporters at press conferences. Seems to me you guys were looking for drama and got it.

    1. Spokane husker says:


    2. R says:

      ..exactly…a Little yellow journalism …to sell papers.!!??

      I don’t care for Taylor, but this is completely ridiculous.

      The rest of the team completely stunk up the joint, too. I’d S*it can the Linebackers and the DB’s, before the QB.

  22. Daniel Andrews says:

    This was a poorly called and managed game from the 2nd quarter on for the offense. I watched all night as the Wisconsin DE who Martinez’s key squeezed the dive properly on the midline or veer zone read which is an automatic give for the QB which Martinez’s did not do. 2 Big Problems any Offensive Coordinator or their Eyes in the Sky should have seen is the Force Linebacker was also to the read DE’s side and Martinez let the read the DE squeeze till he thought he could have the corner which takes time and such time allowed the Mike or Sam Linebacker who has QB responsibility on option keep the ball. The Speed and Load Option plays made some yardage, because Martinez attacks his read key quite well on the Speed and Load Options and it usually goes away from the force linebacker. Also the speed option with a pass option to turner worked well for the same reason even if the force backer was on the playside. Beck needs to manage his zone read , speed, load, and speed-pass options a little better. Beck probably needs a zone-read triple option as well and Martinez needs to give it to the dive back more against a DE who squeezes properly to make him pursue the dive or commit from his squeeze earlier. All I can say is Wisconsin played the option like I would have as Defensive coach, Beck and Martinez have to learn that D1 DE’s at BCS schools squeeze down blocks away from them and veer blocks properly and D1 Backers shed blockers better than HS backers do and their play recognition is better too and there is not much surprise in Nebraska’s option game.

  23. The Big Red One says:

    To be, or not to be: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;
    To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
    Must give us pause: there’s the respect
    That makes calamity of so long life;
    For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
    The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
    The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,
    The insolence of office and the spurns
    That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
    When he himself might his quietus make
    With a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear,
    To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The undiscover’d country from whose bourn
    No traveller returns, puzzles the will
    And makes us rather bear those ills we have
    Than fly to others that we know not of?
    Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
    And thus the native hue of resolution
    Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
    And enterprises of great pith and moment
    With this regard their currents turn awry,
    And lose the name of action. – Soft you now!
    The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons
    Be all my sins remember’d. -William Shakespeare

    Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much…

  24. Incorrigible1 says:

    Three INTs in four possessions. Yet Martinez states he does a “good job” reading defenses. Bo will stubbornly continue playing Martinez and not properly prepare Carnes as an alternative. Could Carnes have done any worse than Taylor Martinez?

    The key to winning is to distribute the ball to play makers. I contend Carnes can do that as effectively as Martinez, and probably not be a fumble machine in the process. Heck, he might even go through more than one progression, and maybe not stare down his intended receiver.

    Martinez is playing out of position. He’s not a D-1 QB.

  25. glass half full husker says:

    I have to agree that the negativity is too much and not helping anyone. this kid is barely 21 and has the weight of the world on his shoulders. the coaches didn’t put him in a place that allows him to be successful last week. He played hard and played well for most of the game. on called run plays he did well. As we learned long ago, dropping back in the pocket and going through reads is not his strength – nor was it a strentgh for Vince Young, Tebow, Frost, Frazier. Play to our strengths, support the kid and let him know we the big red nation has his support and stop with all the negative BS.

    remember what he did after the Texas setback? let’s hope we have another game like Okla State next week….. (with a little better defense)


  26. Ron Scribner says:

    Success is the best form of revenge. I wish Taylor all the revenge he can get on the fair weather anonymous posters, internet bullies, and haters. That is the dark side of sports. I’m sure it was the same since time began. People act like these are professional athletes. They see talking heads on TV and make criticisms of our kids in the same manner. It is filtering down to the high schools and grade school leagues. That is the real shame.

    1. L Phillips says:

      Ron, responding to one of your post.
      Obviously, their are two lines of thinking. This is in regards to TM. Not defense,not Beck, Pelini…just TM..
      1. Be compassionate and try to be touchy feely and kid glovey with TM which is very common now days in this KUMBYEYA world, not being disingenuous here just stating a fact OR
      2. Treat him how most young men are treated in the real world and that is, get over yourself, your no better than the man beside you, you have had your chance, and you will now witness your (present) from the sidelines while someone else is given a chance to do what you have been asked to do and if he fails you will find yourself having another chance to succeed, as will he if you fail.
      Which form works best to REALLY benefit him and the team?

  27. Bryan says:

    If you bother to watch the replay, and the cameras usually cut away, but you can see the frustrtaion from Burkhead when he was uncovered and wide open but Martinez continually threw the ball to other recievers, over, behind and to the other team instead of dumping it off to Burkhead. Nebraska, coaches and all players better analyze the tape and realize that just because you are going to call a pass play, doesn’t mean that it has to be a 50 yard touchdown strike. 5 yard passes are very effective and sometimes turn into 50 yard plays. But if we never throw the 5 yarders and only try for the home run, we are going to lose a lot of games that we should win. As far as the criticism goes, that old saying still holds true: If you can’t stand the Heat, get out of the Kitchen. Martinez is a very talented guy beyond a doubt, but he needs to realize that while he is T-Magic, Burkhead is Superman and he needs to give the damn ball to Superman when he is WIDE-OPEN with nothing but green around him. As for the arm tackling that I read about on another blog, I saw so many missed tackles because of it. I will call Crick out on this as he should of had at least one sack and another big tackle for loss but instead of crushing the guy, he stuck his arms out and got nothing. I am thinking Crick is good, but not great. 2 years ago he had Suh, last year he had Barry Turner, this year it is him, and he isn’t doing all that well, even against lesser opponets(UT-C). If we don’t beat OSU by at least 18 points, then we will be in that 8-4, 7-5 range come December. Huskers, prove me completely wrong. GO BIG RED!!!!!

    1. kennie says:

      My wife loves big red,but not an expert (me either) on football ask me if Taylor can let anyone else have some glory or must he always be the star.I agree Beck calls the plays ,but he has a boss that is suppose to teach couches as well as players.Taylor does look and talk stupid on his press shindigs .There is no REASON not to let some people play when tour ass is buried.When we lose make some good come of it,you never know when you will need the second and third team.

      1. Fred says:

        Other college QBs have figured that out long ago. (See K-State v Miami and K-State v Baylor) Its called ball control and time of possession. Keeps the other team’s high powered offense off the field. It makes too much sense and wins games even with inferior talent. Its called smart coaching. I think the Huskers can do the same thing with superior talent. Its not that flashy but it works and it wins games.

  28. Travis says:

    Please stop with all the crying for Taylor, and how awful it is that people actually criticize his play. Since when did it become illegal for someone to voice their opinion about something? Taylor should be mad and embarrassed, he will go down as one of the most selfish players to ever don the scarlet and cream.

    And for those blaming Beck for calling a “bad game”, I suppose if Taylor would’ve completed those passes, that would’ve made Beck an offensive genius. The players are responsible for executing the plays, remember Taylor is able to audible, which he’s done a lot. So, he might be audibling into some of those plays he can’t execute.

    As for the D giving up 48 pts, whose fault is that? Doesn’t Taylor bear the brunt of that responsibility b/c he threw 3 INTs and forced them to defend a half field or less, or the fact that he couldn’t sustain a drive, which forced the D to stay on the field too long and wear down?

    2010 issues revolved around Taylor, and 2011 will revolve around Taylor as well. Rex can’t run the ball if Taylor refuses to pitch it to him, see the last play of the game for a prime example, or any other game over the last two seasons, where Taylor decided to keep it, couldn’t score and forced the O to settle for a FG or no pts at all.

    The fans that continue to coddle him and make excuses for his mediocre play aren’t doing him any favors. That’s obviously what his parents did while he was growing up, which explains his attitude of “entitlement” now. Coach Pelini is doing to the same thing as well, and it’s costing NU winnable games, enough is enough! Time to play Brion Carnes, and end the TM QB experiment, which will never be different then it is now.

    1. HuskerPhil says:

      Right on! Tell it!

    2. J says:

      Have you ever met Taylor? Do you know his father? Do you know anything about him other than what you see on a football field? So how the (you know what) can you say he has a sense of entitlement if you have no basis for your opinion. Maybe he improves and has a stellar career and maybe he doesn’t. At least he’s out there doing something instead of sitting here badmouthing others who are putting themselves out there. Spare me the internet bully talk. Anonymity has made some of you blowhards too brave.

  29. lil red in vegas says:

    Tmart will be fine….. I am sooooooooooooo glad that Cody Green is NOT our QB……. Anyone that think Carnes is ready must not understand fb…….

    Good luck this wkend Huskers! should be fun and i will be cheering for u till the day i die !! GBR

    1. Lloyd says:

      Not sure you understand football either. Exactly what have you seen that makes you think TM will be fine?

  30. HuskerPhil says:

    I’m going to echo another poster on this: the backup QB needs to have snaps in every dadgum game. When, not if, Martinez goes down with another injury, we’ll need him to take the reins, obviously. When a game is out of hand either way, what good does it do to keep your starter in, other than risk injury? Bo needs to learn this, but probably will the hard way. One more thing: if Taylor can’t handle the heat, get out’ the kitchen…

    1. unknown again says:


      1. Lloyd says:

        It’s just plain stupid not to have a backup QB ready for action when needed. If TM goes down like last year, Carnes will be starting from scratch and thrust into unfamiliar territory. I can’t believe our coaches don’t get that. So why the stupidity?

  31. KShusker says:

    I had no idea so many college football recruiters and coaches hung out on message boards! All this “expert” advice from fans who apparently even make it to practice every day and are therefore highly qualified to decide who should play and when!

    Taylor and Co., all the angry coach wanna-bees and trolls you are dealing with and hearing from know they wouldn’t survive one day with you on the field.. take satisfaction in that! The real fans know you are trying, that you are human, that there will be more great wins and heartbreaking losses (which are necessary to make the wins even sweeter!) in the future, and we are proud to call you our own! Lets show the Buckeyes what Husker Nation is all about! GBR

    1. Mel says:

      We post messages for the same reason you do. It’s a place to vent. If you don’t like it, don’t post.

    2. J says:

      Word, man. Word.

  32. bubbahuska says:

    Have any of you brain surgeons ever considered that maybe, just maybe, we got beat by a better team?
    Oh the thought of it. Taylor, old saying, one ah s##t erases a thousand atta-boys, take it with a grain of salt, do
    your thing, keep working hard and it will all work out for you.

    1. L Phillips says:

      Just me and my keyboard, NOOOOBODEEE KNOWS!
      Coaching. Pelini has brought the Huskers back from bad to good, just not great. Losing to Wis is not good, beating Tenn Chat is okay, but not great.

      Beck/Play calling. Is The offense more adept than Watson. I would say yes but when you beat the ones you should beat and dont beat the ones you need to win to be great, then the verdict is still out. Beck made a mistake in so MANY passes but quite a few were open, thus play called correctly just not executed.

      Defense. Befuddling to more than just Husker fans. 4 years is a barometer SP? for most people on how progression is perceived. Defense regardless of reasons is not near as bad as CoZ but not near as good as The BO GURU has shown in recent years. Again befuddling!

      TM/Offense. Our offense will work. Is our line great, No, but they are good. Our receivers as a whole are better than 60 to 70 % of other college teams. Irving Fryar SP? great. No.
      Todd Peterson, Maurice Purify, equal to or with chance to be much better..Yes.

      Which leaves us QB. Obviously,the biggest point of contention, thus the wordiness..sorry…
      TM fast? Yes. Can he throw? Yes. Can he run the offense? Okay best of my knowledge which isnt insider quality but yes he can bark out the signals, audible and get the play called and ran. Can he pass? NO. THROWING IS NOT PASSING!
      Dual threat?Not really. Okie lite 2010 yes, a few other times yes, but timing patterns, actual precise drops with mechanics correct, seldom, if ever and I believe that is not harsh!
      3 Years in a system.TM is great in open fields against lesser teams. Formidible defenses, rather poor.
      We expect Bo to have the team in great land or close to great in 4 years correct?
      TM gets to much of the praise when he runs for long scores against lessers.
      TM gets what he gets when he plays poorly for having had 3 years in which he has had to work on plays and most of all his mechanics…which are okay for 10 yard cushion corners or the deep ball but not so correct when dbs are pressing the receivers for space. Which leads to the response by all who believe that if you HAVE HAD 3 YEARS to work on your stuff and are a supposed dual threat that can run great, most of the time, and pass poorly 50 percent of the time, why do you respond to the critics with the brashness of someone that has played great?
      TM is trying physically, mentally he has a disconnect, that leaves the fans that pay for tickets, back their team through thick and thin and ultimatly want the team including TM to win, feeling a little confused…..Wis is not the first time his response has been suspect to the media. It happened a few times last year as well.
      His passing mechanics have not improved as far as I can tell, yet his respones via media and body language to those mentioned above who he owes nothing other than his very best effort both physically and mentally, again are confusing.
      I have not played DI ball. I am sure the spotlight is bright, both good and bad. But I believe with a little help in the perception category TM’S rope with those who want the Big Red to Win OFF and ON the field would be a whole lot longer. Most likely wont happen, but hope if he gives his best but still doesnt win them all that he can gain a little humility for the real world that awaits after tassel day!
      Personally, I would encourage both TM and Bo to get with Beck and get Brion some snaps.
      GO BIG RED

  33. Fanforlife says:

    I’m not here to to beat a dead horse, but am I the only one that thinks Taylor is jealous of Rex. I can’t think of another reason that Taylor refuses to pitch or throw the ball to Rex. Through all 5 games Rex has been open for either a pass or a pitch and Taylor acts like he is invisible. I hope I’m wrong but I’m tired of seeing missed opportunities, I think Taylor and Rex could be a unstoppable combo if Taylor would use him. Just my opinion

  34. unknown again says:

    Just watched a video of Ahman Green. Ahman would get plays called to him that he already knew he would get a TD on, and celebrate beforehand. There were also plays where he didn’t know he would score, where his celebration was Osborne-like (giving the ball to the ref and clapping). I hope Beck can get our players (Burkhead) to be confident in the play call, know their assignments, and make the play. Rex puts in the time, but seems hesitant on his role on the team. FIX IT. This kid is willing to put in the hours of practice, and it would be blasphemy to not utilize his full skill. GBR!!!

  35. L Phillips says:

    unknown, agree, AHMAN was the consumate I back and Husker for all I know.
    Would agree, that Rex has all the stuff to have the same effect. Never met him but he appears to be on the road to greatness both off an on the field. What a great combination of presence and ability! Agree on pushing him to lead more….what an EXAMPLE.
    All people are different and we are talking bout 20 year olds here but,
    TM is broken. Gifted with speed, but disconnected mentally for the position he is in.
    I try to look on these guys as kids now and what they may be as men. Really is telling to see them in that light.
    TM would cut the off field chatter down by accepting responsibility for wins and losses with genuine responses, not the how dare you ask that and the poor me responses. I wish him well.Wish the Big Red well.
    Just imagine if TM could pass!!!!!! GBR

  36. Greg says:

    I’m hoping T-Mart has a great game Sat. The defense too. It’s a must win from here on out.

  37. huskrnut says:

    taylor is what we have to work with. i feel he will overcome these obstacles….ya he’s a sophmore, young yet, and i feel games like this will allow him to bounce back and go forward with more control. the wisconsin game might have just sunk in to these guys the big 10 is an all new ball game. let’s go huskers. pull together and move forward with a bang!!!!! let’s take the games from here and put full power to the ground……

  38. nnealey1 says:

    Man…..I’ve been a fan since as long as I can remember. I think we are competitive, it is more than I can say while Billy C was in town. Being a critic is great, but whining about things that won’t be fixed anytime soon is getting old. Support the team…pray the coaches play to our strengths (running the ball) and improve our D. If our D plays the way I believe it is capable 13-17-or 24 points will be enough to win any ballgame. GO BIG RED!

    1. Natebp says:

      “Billy C’s” only issue was on defense. He was too involved with the offense and ignored the defense. And he was to stubborn, and refused to fire Coz soon enough. Had he fired Coz quicker and got a better defensive staff, NU would’ve been a better team.

      Pelini right now is mirroring Callahan, in that he was too involved with solving the defensive woes that he ignored the offense and is too stubborn to admit he was wrong about Martinez being “light years” ahead of where he was last year and benching the kid.

      We’ve reached the pinnacle of Pelini’s career at NU. He’ll continue to win 9 or 10 games, but never get to the Nat’l Championship or stay in the top 10 for longer than a few weeks.

      1. nnealey1 says:

        How many Natl Title Games did Tom win before the 90′s. I love the idea of winning Natl Titles, but you also have to believe that there is nothing wrong with winning 9 or 10 games per year. I would rather do this than have the problems that plague Flordia, FSU, Miami, OSU, Michigan, USC, Oregon or a host of others. Bo should step up here and tell HIS OC..”hey numb nuts….run the ball.” That is his role and I believe he will do this. I also do not believe that we are out of the NC picture. We must simply win out. We knew that this would be our first test. We also knew we had problems, now we must see if our staff can fix the problems. We also must realize that most of the team is Sophs. We are also playing some Frosh players. It is a young team. Overall though as a fan I am realistic….I understand we want a NC every year, but we must also understand its not possible. I also believe that if our fans continue to criticize we will prevent recruits from coming to NEB. Eventually we could run our coaches out of town…..I mean seriously I’ve never seen anything like this. Who are we going to get that is better than Bo? CHILL OUT GUYS!

  39. Natebp says:

    For the sake of the Huskers, we better hope Martinez gets better and bounces back. Pelini has show he’s stubborn and will allow NU to lose games with Martinez instead of benching him and putting Carnes in.

    The Wisconsin loss is on Pelini. He’s the HC and is responsible for the gameplan and making adjustments or correcting the stupidity of the offensive coordinator. He should have benched Martinez for at least a series or two after the first pick. And Pelini definitely should have been on the mic with Beck reminding him that Martinez is NOT a drop-back passer, that NU needed to start pounding the middle with Burkhead.

    Just another big game on national tv where a Pelini-coached team was embarrassed by a big loss. Guess the good thing is this time Pelini didn’t have a meltdown on the sideline.

  40. BlueJay says:

    If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Playing QB at a high profile program like Nebraska means you are in the fishbowl. Stop throwing dumb passes and maybe folks will cut you some slack.

    Maybe Carnes can handle the expectations that come with the job. Pelini needs to get the kids some real playing time just in case Mad Taylor implodes again.

  41. BD says:

    Natebp says “We’ve reached the pinnacle of Pelini’s career at NU. He’ll continue to win 9 or 10 games, but never get to the Nat’l Championship or stay in the top 10 for longer than a few weeks.”

    That sounds a lot like what people said about Osborne during his time as coach. People forget that he coached for 22 years before he won a national title. Remember getting pounded in bowl games – seven or eight losses in a row, right? Remember the stories about him almost being fired because it took six or seven years to beat Oklahoma? I’m glad Devaney had the patience and the intelligence to ignore idiot fans and allow Osborne to do his thing. I’m also glad Osborne is there now and will give Pelini time.

    As far as Tim Beck and the offensive staff go, of course they’re going to make mistakes. It’s their first year together. They need time to develop cohesion as a group, and for the players to learn and understand the system. This spring all we heard about was the “deprogramming” that had to take place from the prior staff. Obviously everyone is learning something new, and it’s unrealistic to expect the offense to function like a well oiled machine the first five weeks of the first season the system is in place. Did Beck make some calls against Wisconsin he’d probably change if he had the chance? Absolutely. But I don’t think that means he’s an idiot and that we can’t win with him. They’ve shown the ability to move the ball, and that’s a big improvement from what we saw last year.

    Finally, a lot of “fans” need to back away from the ledge. So the Huskers had an ugly loss to Wisconsin (a top 5 team – possibly the best overall team they’ve ever put on the field. Wilson was the piece they needed to push them to the next level.), on the road, in the fifth game of the season – does that mean the season is ruined? Absolutely not. The Huskers have a lot to play for, and they can still meet their goal of a conference title. Will it take a lot of work and improvement? Would Wisconsin be favored if NU plays them again in the title game? Yes, but we’ve all seen what happens when a team gets pounded by one team and then has to play them again a few months later.

    Instead of wasting so much energy whining and complaining, let’s support them instead. I guarantee none of us want to win worse than Pelini, and none of us are more disappointed with the Wisconsin game than he is. If he believes Martinez is the best guy to lead the offense then so be it. Pelini is obviously more qualified to make that decision than any NU fan is. We base our opinions and evaluations on what we see in one 3-hour game on Saturday. Pelini bases his on what he sees daily in practice, on film, etc. He’s the coach. Let him do his job, and let’s do ours as fans by supporting this team and the players. Let’s start by showing up on Saturday and being LOUD.

    Go Huskers!

  42. Rick says:

    I have been watching husker football since I was 5 yrs old ok, I am now 55 and i can tell you this give Taylor the benefit of the doubt , jeez he is still growing, and the kis has a chance to be a superstar unless you want cody green back, get a grip folks this isnt 2nd grade it is college.

  43. Jeb says:

    Rick, get a grip you say? A grip? I can’t believe you expect us to get a grip! The entire Husker nation is falling to obscurity and we’re supposed to get a grip? Life as we know it as Husker fans is slowly settling to mediocrity at best. We haven’t even won one single conference game yet! We get smashed on national TV every time we play a conference game! How will we ever face the BIG conference if we become the next “aagh” Minn? Panick I say! Its time to panick and run (not pass) for the hills! Grips are no where to be found (except on my bike handlebars and other assorted machines)! I’m going to go look for and get a grip and when I do, I’ll hold on to it during the OSU game this Sat. I’m with you, Rick, let’s cheer our team on to their first conference win on national TV this Sat night! GBR!!!

  44. Cal says:

    Retired QB coach (many years). When T-mart throws, his front shoulder points to the sky, it shouldn’t. His release point is way too low,it should be above the ear. Too late to change at this age, should have been corrected in JH. If he’s the best we got, lets go with it and hope for the best. He can run like a deer!

  45. ckhusker says:

    There has been crticism in college sports for as long as it’s existed, the internet and television just exacerbate it. While it’s not always justified, and tends to be a little harsh at times, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When you’re the center of attention on a national stage, you have to learn to accept the criticism, roll with the punches, and take the praise gratiously when it comes. While much of the criticism is deserved, keep in mind that this is just one game. Criticism is one thing, calling for the coaches head and/or a new QB is whole other. Remember where our Defense was before the Pelini’s came to town? Is this D as good as the one we had two years ago? No, it’s not even as good as last year’s. Was it a poor gameplan both offensively/defensively against Wisconsin? Yes, a quarter was arguably okay. Was the execution of the gameplan even worse? Yes, penalties, turnovers, etc., are hard to overcome. Does Martinez need to improve and play more unselfishly? Absolutely, even the best play calling doesn’t work if you can’t execute. The zone read doesn’t work if you don’t ever hand it off, the option doesn’t work if you don’t ever pitch (if you do your RB is only a yard from the sidelines), and you can’t try to win the game on every passing play. None of this is any reason to start all over, programs go through cycles, and players and coaches have to be given time to grow. It’s not really out of line to think, that with a couple of assistant coaching changes and a new conference, we would run into some problems. We had to prepare for 8 brand new opponents this year, our opponents only had to prepare for us. Nebraskans are passionate about their football, some are overly critical and some continually keep coming up with excuses for why everything went poorly. Regardless, we all want the same thing, WINS.

  46. wa husker says:

    Easy way to solve this: Switch him (and his incredible speed) to either WR or Safety. Good prep for one of two places he might have a shot at in the NFL, it puts the monkey on somebody else’s back, and, if he agrees, settles once and for all the questions about his ego and team spirit and leadership. His family is apparently a small football factory in the S. CA desert; and, having taught university QB’s in the Pac 10 (before it was the Pac 12) for awhile, it isn’t a stretch to wonder about the degree of parental involvement in these matters. Ambitious parents (a guy named Newton comes to mind) send their kids to schools for VERY specific outcomes. It is impossible to know if that is the case here; but, there is also Martinez’ history before NU and his apparent close ties to home while playing at Nebraska. He is not “cool” under pressure; he seems completely (almost stubbornly) determined; and, he is humorless and not at all self-effacing when criticized. Young or not, only one of these attributes can morph into performance success, typically. The rest aren’t attractive qualities when you are viewed as an erratic performer. That said, the coaching staff bear great responsibility for making sure this kid stays focused on his education and putting him in the position to a) be realistic about where and how he can best succeed; and, b) insist that he provide that to himself beyond all outside influences. This may be the biggest challenge this young man faces for now and his future. The girl in his class had none.

  47. California Husker says:

    I do not care what anybody says, but Martinez does not deserve to go to a class and hear about it there as well. It is sad that people can’t leave him alone. Then to talk to his girlfriend about his performance really shows a huge lack of class. Yes, he is not a passing qb, but he is still a young man in college and does not deserve this treatment. The coaches do not know how to develop quarterbacks and that is not Taylor’s fault. They should be using him in different ways. Bring in Carnes and have Taylor in some wide receiver sets. Make the opposing coaches think a bit. The coaches need to show some creativity with the offense. When was the last time that happened? All they ever go to is wildcat. Mix it up. Well, with that being said, I would not blame Martinez if he left at the end of the season. Way too much criticism for one player to deal with. It is ridiculous.

    1. unknown says:

      I feel bad for Taylor!!!!!!!!! You are right….it’s CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. The question is who will show up at QB for the Huskers this Saturday against the Buckeyes? T-Magic or T-Mistake!

  49. Husker03 says:

    I would just like to say to those of you who say you don’t like the way Taylor acted toward the press on Monday…..I didn’t see a cocky or arrogant young man…….I saw a young man that was hurting bad and it took guts for him to come out there knowing he was going to be attacked by the press with such STUPID questions over and over. I thought he handled himself well considering what people are doing to him. The true HUSKER fans need to SUPPORT him and the others need to back off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Taylor……’ll be just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. sterlingjosiah says:

    Last year we built an offense around Maritinez’s running ability and then he got injured. So in protecting him we are trying to build an offense around his throwing ability which has injured not only him but our team. I don’t understand the desire of Beck to make him into a drop back passer which he is not and why should he be. Could you imagine an offensive coordinater taking a qb like John Elway and run the option play 15 out of 17 play calls and then criticize Elway for not being a runner. Hell no we would be screaming why are you running Elway when he is a passer. Why can’t fans and coaches especially Beck understand that. They have neutered Martinez! You can see he is not the same runner as he was last year due to the coaches trying to limit the hits he takes. I understand trying to limit injuries but anyone who has played football knows that it’s the one is timid that gets hurt. I am not saying that Taylor should go out there and take on everyone but do you remember Frazier, Frost, and or Crouch run timid. No you didn’t they juked and jived to avoid the big hits and when that didn’t work they lowered their shoulder and put a hit on the defender. Martinez got injured on a fluke hit. It wasn’t this huge knock-out blow it was akward. Another reason he is neutered watch when he drops back to pass there is a moment when he sees green in front of him he wants to run and make big plays (like Michigans Dennard Robinson) but he stutter steps and stays in the pocket. Why? I believe that the coaches want him to look down field, check off receivers, and find the open one. Sounds great when your that type of qb but he is not. Martinez is trying to please the coaches by doing what they ask of him but it is not who he is. This is not on Martinez it is squarely on the coaches. The coaches are trying to force a square peg into a round hole. When are they going to realize this? We talk about legendary qbs at Nebraska I don’t remember the coaching staff building an offense off the arm of Frazier, Frost, and Crouch. They were runners who could throw the ball effective enough off of our success at RUNNING the ball. We talk about going back to old school Nebraska football with the option and all of that but I don’t recall the heavy push for throwing the ball. Maybe the coaches should look back at film from the championship seasons and realize that you have a qb that has the potential of a Frazier, Frost, and or Crouch. Help Martinez get to that level by building on his talent as a runner and an efficient passer off of the run. If you want to throw the ball recruit a throwing qb and when he gets here then build your offense off of him and his ability otherwise stick to what Martinez’s abilities are.

  51. The Big Red One says:

    the struggle within…The strenuous daily violent effort we face is never about “them”…It is about us…Wars are won and lost, moment by moment, battle by battle…Who we are, what we are…Who we choose to be…Do we submit to our vanity and fear, choosing the easy path, or do we engage ourselves in the struggle to be more than who we are. Truth..Grace..Honor..Dignity..Courage…They are not just words..They are states of self awareness.

    Time is a mirror. Memories, the reflections of ourselves and the choices we all make…The words we say, the actions we undertake…”Why do we fall down? So that we can learn to stand up” –Thomas Wayne to his young Son Bruce…”with great power comes great resonisbility” -Ben Parker to his nephew Peter Parker…Although these axioms may seem quaint, They are that way because at the heart of them lies some very basic truths about who we are as human beings..
    These are seminal times for the Nebraska Football Program…Evolutionary times…I think the best advice anyone can offer is to ask the Coaching staff and the players to be honest with themselves..TO step back and look at the crticisms they read from a distance and ask themselves, “how did we come to this. how can we make it better?” …I think in truth..thats all any of us can ask of them…or ourselves for that matter…