Published Sunday, October 9, 2011 AT 1:05 AM / Updated at 1:05 AM
Tom’s Take: Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Taylor steps up
Is this the beginning of a new Taylor Martinez? Who knows? But you really have to give Martinez his due. He looked like a leader in the second half. In a situation where some no doubt were expecting a meltdown, No. 3 stepped up big. Is this the kind of game that can elevate him to a more confident, consistent place? Hard to say. Martinez doesn’t say much and doesn’t offer many windows into his psyche. Hopefully Martinez and his critics can take a deep breath after this one. They both need to give each other a break. Martinez has to realize that criticism and praise are part of his job. Last night, it was a job well done.

Salve for Bo
This was a feel-good win, and Bo Pelini needed it. Maybe fans will forget how Pelini angrily gestured to them before halftime when they were booing a Martinez interception. How many coaches do that? And after the shot Pelini took at the fans last week? Pelini spends a lot of time trying to answer and scold critics. There are other areas where he could give some attention, like a defense with tackling issues.

Sitting pretty
I thought Nebraska had to have a split of these first two Big Ten games to be on the path to a division title. They wouldn’t have been out of it with an 0-2 start — not in the Hardly Legends Division. But 1-1, with a favorable schedule the next month, is a good place to be.

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  1. Firhtyfan says:

    The Martinez and the CO were excellent in the second half. The CO called smart plays and the Martinez was smart with the ball. I eat my words and I’m happy to do it. I am Job from Job 38:1 to the end of the book. Martinez answers me out of his whirlwind of criticism.
    I don’t know how the rest of the season will go. But right now I couldn’t care less. YOU did it Huskers!
    Husker fans: Once the pretenders left, the true fans stayed behind the team. Great crowd once they left, just like in the old days.
    Buckeye fans: Very classy. You appreciate and know good football. Pleasure to have you here.

    1. HansJ says:

      Yep, as in Exodus, “And do not boil the kid [T-Magic] in his mother milk.”

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Reality……..that was terrible football, i always seem to walk away from an NU game wondering who is doing the developing, the players or the coaches?
      27 to 6 @ halftime? Michigan State BLITZED that OSU QB till his head was spinning…….we make him look like Dennard Robinson, I’m not sure if you Husker fans realize Miller is still 17 years old.
      Who really calls defensive plays on game day? Bo or Carl?
      I have never seen a more ‘bipolar’ football team in my life, Tim Beck’s play calling was nothing new, actually seemed normal for a change in the 2nd half, love to see the I formation, does wonders when people(Beck) listen to what people are telling them…..I’m thinking the formations were Barney’s idea since play calling and offensive line blocking looked ‘Old’ school.
      Imagine if we keep the ball on the ground a little more, with more split backs?
      Everything opens up, i refer all Sker fans to NU v.s. T-Tech circa 1995……..NU 28 – T-Tech 0… NU never threw a pass.
      We have just as much speed, if not more, on this team as they did on that one. Thank you Barney!!!!!!!

  2. Jane Carter says:

    Was that Calvin Johnson with Suh – it sure looked like him

  3. GOBK2IA says:

    Tom you are ridiculous. Your attempts to right such epic material are great. I tend to avoid them but somehow clicked on this article… and are you serious? Please move to another city and follow another team. Stop worrying about Bo’s reaction to some absolutely classless “fans” that Booed our (maybe not yours) starting quarterback let alone anyone inside of Memorial Stadium. I think you need critics for everyone of your articles and I’m willing to be that guy. Enjoy the win Husker fans. And for you Tom, take your negative vibes elsewhere, you mean nothing to Bo… probably don’t cross his mind but he is your livelihood.

    1. Danny says:

      Wow, just WOW! Tom doesn’t “follow” NU, he reports on NU. Do yourself a favor and call it a night!

    2. ESV says:

      Yeah, I guess some people think that we should always shower the program with rose petals and oil their feet on a daily basis. Sorry GOBK2IA, some of us have perspective and live in a little place called “reality.” Tom may write it, but a LOT of us feel the same way. That doesn’t make us “fair weather” fans… I still cheer for the Huskers win OR loose… but just because they won last night doesn’t mean all of our troubles and worries have suddenly disappeared. You have to maintain balance in your outlook or you’re just fooling yourself.

      1. jim says:

        I agree strongly.

      2. Highdef says:

        I strongly agree as well! I’ve always said, I don’t mind my Huskers losing a game when I know they’ve played the best that they can. This team is barely playing, period. Bad enough we wait 4 years to be competitive. But 6 games into the season, I expect Marcel Jones to have his head out of his buttocks by now! How many penalties is this fool gonna keep accruing for us??

      3. GOBK2IA says:

        “…if we should win, let it be by the code, with our faith and our honor held high; and if we should lose, let us stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by.”

        We should praise these kids. How many of you took 12-18 credit hours and played d1 football let alone at Nebraska. These are kids playing for fun and we should never boo them. Get over yourselves… follow a pro team then.

    3. jim says:

      Not classless, just realists. The Huskers have been a disappointment for a long time, IF you have been watching you would know this. I’m still an avid fan but i do’nt look through big red colored glasses. They have along way to go.

    4. GMAC2002 says:

      I am with GOBK2IA – Tom needs to drink a big old glass of shut the **** up. I doubt that Tom Shatel could coach a kid out of a wet paper bag. Maybe instead of planting seeds of doubt and feeding the fake husker nation with stories of how bad T-Mart is for the school after a loss.. he could take some of the blame on himself for hyping up a Nebraska team that is not a top five team. HUSKER FANS you have done this damage to yourselves listening to guys like shatel that know little about football, and even less about what it takes to win a game. Nebraska with Bo at the helm is a top 25 team year in and year out… DID YOU REALLY EXPECT TO WIN A NATIONAL TITLE EVERY YEAR…. Also if you were one of the fans that was “Booing” turn in your student/season tickets. You do not deserve them. Turn in your red and white. Never again can Nebraska claim the title to classest fans in college football…

      Shatel it is time for you to leave this state and find another job. The OWH needs to fire you…

      1. GOBK2IA says:

        YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are sane people in this place!

      2. husker redman says:

        You Fans are wrong,Shatel tells it like it is.Bo give us all Headline news with his yelling,screaming and his sideline antics. Did you really listen to his Post Game last night.he choses to attack a Sports writer in the room.He needs to attack a plan to make our team better and Stop his un professional be havior on and off the field.With the exception of Kelly at ND, no coach behaves this way in the NCAA. If Bo left tomorrow, Huskers would be better off. Sorry for the Kids……..

        1. GOBK2IA says:

          You are crazy. Pure crazy. You are wrong. He stands up for his kids and I respect that 100%. No other fan base attacks their players and coach the way you guys do.

          1. Biff in NOLA says:

            “No other fan base attacks their players and coach the way you guys do.”

            Two weeks ago Jordan Jefferson (LSU QB) came into the game to run it in from the 1 yard line. He was booed by the home fans.

            There are many fans and sports writers MUCH harder on their teams than Husker fans and Nebraska sports writers.

            You need to get out more before you make statements about things you know so little about.

    5. bobk says:

      i love toms articles! his is the first one i look for on sunday mornings. if you dont want to read his articles just dont read em!

    6. Shirley Overton says:

      Isn’t this the truth. Tom, you have moments when you think, rationally and compassionately for the kids, yes, they are only kids. And it sometimes just so hilarious to hear the DUMB questions out of reporters.

  4. Teh Snork says:

    Most of the criticism Bo and his team received this prior week was earned.

    The only acceptable answer is consistently coach/play at the level they are capable of and led the fans to expect and win.

    1. GMAC2002 says:

      You said it – “MOST” not “ALL” – critisism is alright when you lose 48-17, calling a 20 to 21 year old University of Nebraska student out is not right in any circumstance. Asking why the oc went away from the run at wisconsin is solid critisism asking why you would put a sophmore qb in the situations they did is alright. Beating Down T-Mart by media and huskerfans is just wrong…

  5. Husker63 says:

    This game is getting pub nationally after hardly raising any talk before the game.Bo has to realize when the team played like they did for two and a half quarters after last weeks beatdown,the last thing we want talked about is his berating his own fans.Not all were against TM,so he needs to pick his battles and were and when to address the BOO’s he was hearing.
    Great job Huskers,very proud moment and season changing comeback.

  6. Bill says:

    Right again Tom! I not so sure that fans were booing Martinez after his interception as they were Beck. Seems I just saw that play last week with 2 minutes left in the half against Wisconsin. Actually, I don’t hold Martinez so responsible as I do Pelini’s defense! How many of Martinez’s INT’s were taken back for TD’s?? None that I recall. Yet our defense would just let them march down the field and score!! As long as our defense can play against slow, white quarterbacks we’ll be ok. I shudder to think about our defense playing Michigan and Denard Robinson . . .

    1. dave says:

      The “boo” was for the interception, and maybe a little for the playcall. I didn’t get the sense AT ALL fans were “booing” Martinez. But for fans cheering the whole game, what are we supposed to do for an interception? Cheer? Husker fans were great last night: LOUD, in rain that fell most of the game, and I didn’t notice any exodus when we were down by 21- but judging from some of the comments maybe I missed everyone leaving.

    2. GOBK2IA says:

      Ha! Crazy sobs. Now you are speculating as to who the crowd was booing? Are you a booing expert Bill? Nope just probably another uneducated Nebraska “fan”. IDC WHO THEY BOOED… YOU DON’T BOO AT NEBRASKA. PERIOD.

  7. HSKRNOHIO says:

    We live in Columbus, OH and watched the game with some Buckeye fans. At half they were all saying, “Welcome to Big 10 Football,” and not in that welcome-wagon sort of way. At the end, as they sat silently stunned, we said, “Hey, thanks, glad to be here.” This was an important win on so many levels. Great job!

    1. jim says:


    2. HuskerInMichigan says:

      Did you check your car yet to see if it has been keyed. You know this might have happened in the dark last night and you just haven’t discovered it yet. I’d check. Welcome to Ohio State Fans. I’d fly into Columbus next year or at least rent a car outside Columbus with Florida plates on it and take that to the game. Texas has nothing on OSU.

  8. Big XII 6/10 in the Top 20 says:

    Way to go Huskers, you just beat a team with a backup quarterback that will finish the season 5-7. I would leave the Big XII too if I had to play the schedule Kansas does.

    1. John says:

      Because the Bigb12 is so stable. While you sit drinking the Big 12 Kool Aide have you noticed that the Big 12 is in the headlines for the wrong reasons?

    2. jim says:

      Do’nt be jealous.

    3. Highdef says:

      .. I’m guessing you’ve been a Longhorn fan, only since 2005, right? Oh, wait, after yesterdays whipping, you I’m sure are on a bus outta Austin by now.

  9. G says:

    If OSU doesn’t lose qb to injury NU doesn’t win. The next month is not favorable as TS reported. NU will lose at least two more times , fair weathered Husker fans!

    1. jim says:

      aww, another make believe husker fan.

  10. Husker Outlier says:

    After defending Pelini and Martinez all last week, that 1st half had me ready to hand in the red in my wardrobe. That Nebraska team was just a bad, bad team. Then the 2nd half…What the heck happened? Martinez looked like a quarterback. The decision-making was great. The defensive backs were actually COVERING people! Still not good tackling…I am confused and I don’t think anybody gets off the hook. I am extremely happy with the win, but I can’t just excuse that 1st half…the Huskers were really bad. And I will need a full football game against Michigan State to even begin believing again. I don’t even say they have to win (although if they play a full game of good football, I don’t see how they will lose), but they have to play up to their abilities.

  11. Falcon 78 in Northern Virginia says:

    Things happen in football games. OSU’s QB got hurt through no fault of any Nebraska player. He turned his ankle on his cut. Remember, Martinez got hurt last year toward the tail end of the season, and he hobbled and limped around trying to play. I must admit, the replacement OSU QB was dreadful, but hey, that’s the breaks. How about Nebraska–with its options and ball handling–having no fumbles in the almost game-long rain? How about Jean-Baptiste getting the INT? How about Maher? “Automaher?” Abdullah–a true freshmen playing high school last year at this time–makes every return a threat to take it to the house? How about those freshmen receivers and running backs making contributions? How about Quincy Enunwah? It’s a game folks. College kids playing a game. Ya, we like it when they win better than getting shellacked at Wisconsin, but give everybody a break. Let ‘em play and cheer for the Huskers through thick or thin. If you haven’t been on the field to perform like the players are asked to do, you have no skin in the game. Be the best Nebraska fan you can be.
    Be thankful for what you have–if you are a football fan–in the Nebraska football program.

    1. jim says:

      And accept mediocrity, sounds familiar. Steve P.

      1. HansJ says:

        Northern Virginia…..sounds like an Obama Democrat talking.

        1. GOBK2IA says:

          Ha of course! Pulling politics into it! Get out of here Hans. He does sound like a Democrat…. I sense intellect and feelings. You are 110% right falcon!

    2. RON KAIPUS says:

      This is the first comment that really makes sense. These are “kids” playing a game we love to watch.
      The media needs to realize the same thing. Leave the kids and the coach alone.

  12. Bob says:

    Matter how the team plays or what the score is – every member is supposed to give 100% and not let up, play through pain and not not whine about bad breaks for the whole 60 minutes. -That’s the team standard. No Excuses. Those Husker “fans”, really mere spectators, who boo and don’t have the discipline to cheer on their team on matter how badly they are losing, don’t have the guts and discipline they expect from their own team. What a joke.

    Memorial stadium seats to actually watch your team play are a privilege not a right. I think there should be a reward (maybe signed Jersey from a member of team, because I bet they would support a weed out) for reporting fans booing by having cellphone clips and witnesses or calling security to have them removed – the AD should refund these gutless wonder’s season tickets and bar offending students – There are plenty of loyal fans who can and would like to replace these clowns. They are an embarrassment to the team on the field, former team members, UNL and truly committed Husker fans.

    1. jim says:


      1. HansJ says:

        I myself would give the bastards 5 years in the State Pen, or Penn State, the same thing.

        1. GOBK2IA says:

          You are a hypocrite. Leave.

        2. GOBK2IA says:

          Not you Bob… this Hans character.

  13. Brad says:

    Tom, I appreciate what you do and how you do it. I don’t expect you to be a “suck up” to the Husker program. Just report and write what you see. I am not sure exactly what you meant by “Maybe fans will forget how Pelini angrily gestured to them before halftime when they were booing a Martinez interception”, but after several readings it appears you’re almost saying the crowd is justified in booing. I will say at least someone had the sack to do or say something to them. Should it be the head coach? Probably not but good for him for standing behind these young players and not puttin up with this 1st grade behavior by these so-called fans. Rediculous. Those “fans” should not be allowed in the stadium. I bet this group were cheering their butts off 30 minutes later. Too bad idiots. You’re not welcome.

    I hope the fans don’t forget how Peline gestured. I hope they learn something from it. I hope they do something themselves the next time a group of non-fans boo Husker players.

  14. Tankk says:

    An important win, in my opinion. O-line and D-line got dominated in 1st half. Gave up way too many “yards after contact” on tackles, esp. in 1st half. On the bright side, Rex got his share of “yards after contact”, also, and we had a DB finally realize that a ball floating through the air is fair game for ANYBODY to catch. Not sure all our DBs understand that. Not sure what would have happened if the OSU QB stays healthy, or if they had all their players, but you play the cards that are dealt and NU came up with a winning hand last night.
    An un-related thought. The “commercial” with Devaney and then TO being carried off the field after championships would have been really funny to have Callahan being chased out of the stadium by an angry mob with pitchforks and shovels. :)

    1. Ben says:

      I hate how people are saying those who booed are fairweather fans. Bo and TM need to realize that if you aren’t playing well you deserve to get booed and if you do well we cheer. It’s like being at a job. If I was doing poorly at my job, I would hope people would criticize me even if I didn’t like it and made “angry gestures” at my boss. Man up bo. And good win

      1. John says:

        Fine, except that TM doesn’t work for anyone. He’s an AMATEUR. And even if he were the worst QB in America, no amateur deserves criticism from the fans – and his classmates, for God’s sake – like he’s been receiving.

        Bo gets paid the bucks, and should be booed lustily when he walks on and off the field. Not for his coaching. For his lack of respect to the fans and media. Yeah, the fishbowl sucks, it’s Huskers 24/7 around here, the fans are absolutely relentless. So what? He didn’t know that when he came? Is he pissed? Fine, go work somewhere else. I would LOVE to get paid 2-3 million $$$ to coach a sport, any sport, even curling…..

        Congrats to the players. Way to keep fighting!!

        Bo can go screw.

      2. Creighton says:

        Ben, its not the same as your boss. The fans, despite what state believes, have no input on the coaching decisions. Trying to compare fans as the boss is absurd.

        1. rick says:

          Ben, you’re an idiot. Its not like a job at all. Nobody boos you when you dont mop the floor perfectly. Cheer for your team no matter what, if they play poorly or not up to your expectations too bad, cheer anyway. Thats what a real fan does.

          1. GOBK2IA says:

            Thanks guys for being reasonable people. This blog makes me sick. This a sport for fun… no booing necessary… ever… EVER.

      3. GMAC2002 says:

        Ben – When T-mart throws an interception it is time for the fans to pick up the defense and cheer for them to get the stop or three and out. Nebraska Fans can be some of the hottest and coldest fans in the nation. Booing in memorial stadium is not an option for a mistake by the home team, and your line of reasoning is why we are losing the recruiting battle. Why the **** would a good recruit want to come to Nebraska after watching and listening to our fans and media. Do you think your helping Bo and Nebraska by going on the way the fake husker nation does…

  15. tom says:

    The booing at the end of the first half was for Tim Beck more so than Martinez. Replay of last week. Points we weren’t going to get wind up being points given to OSU.

    1. mds4752 says:

      From my seats (granted, 85 rows up), the booing at the end of the 1st half was more for the defense than anything else. The INT was tossed with about 15 seconds to go I believe and the D immediately gave way to a big play that included some whiffs of tackles and allowed 3 more OSU pts. Secondarily, they may have been expressing displeasure with the play calling — I think the overwhelming fan sentiment is that NU had been throwing way too much prior to that particular play (perhaps both at Wisc and vs OSU). I personally wasn’t booing, but that’s what it seemed like to me anyway.

      This entire discussion of the media and its role and its importance and how the coaches / players should or should not interact with them is tiresome. Count me as a fan who couldn’t care less about the media and their feelings. Maybe I’m shallow, but I want to read about is the team, the game, the players and some occasional well – informed, rational insights — not about writers or writers writing about their colleagues. That’s it.

      Everyone here knows that if the OWH closed its doors today, we as fans would still find more than enough coverage of the team.

  16. t0m says:

    which reporter was pelini upset with at the press conference

  17. Highdef says:

    I for one, support and admire your courage in standing up to a coach, “our” coach who shows less and less tact and class every week. Had OSU not ended up with an injured QB, the people commenting here against you, would’ve been screaming their heads off at the NU staff and players, big time. And, calling for heads on platters. Husker fans are fickle, pure, simple and maybe deservedly so. We don’t like watching a good program flush itself down the toilet. And when on the outside looking in, about the only thing a fan can do during bad times (yeah, this year, we ARE havin’ some bad times) is to call for hard and swift justice. Other than maybe 7 players on the Husker team, NO ONE ever ever imagined Nebraska would’ve or could’ve pulled out this win. How quickly my fellow fans have forgotten the humiliation of the entire first half.

    But to see Pelini snort, snot, yell, curse and play the spoiled brat on the field when his team can’t do anything right is disgusting. And even worse, it’s completely sickening to see how he treats the media in a post-game interview. God forbid a sports writer ask him a question he doesn’t care for. What a moron. Sure, one or two questions sounded like it came from a third-grader. But Pelini didn’t have the class to answer like a representative of a class school like Nebraska.

    It kills me to say this, Husker fans. But I hope you remember your places when you comment here onine in your future ramblings and ravings. Any fan with barely any IQ can see the Huskers headed for at least two more losses before the conference championship. And we all know that the poor winners commenting here will be the same ones calling for Pelini’s and Martinez’ heads in about 3-5 weeks.

  18. greatwin says:

    Great win. If it takes criticism for the team to finally decide to play like a team, well then it was well deserved. The coaching staff deserved criticism after the Wisconsin game, and after the 1st half of this game. Hopefully what we saw was Tim Beck finally not trying to win the game on every play. Nice to see on 1st and 15, that the play call was for 7 or 8 yards instead of trying to get the whole 15 yards on the next play. At the end of the 2nd qtr it seemed like Beck wanted to score, with the big play and it cost the team with the interception. The defense is still playing poorly. The dbacks are not playing awesomely, but it might help if the Dline would do anything. Is it just me, or does the d-line just look slow and often confused?
    I don’t like the booing, but I will take booing over leaving, or throwing stuff on the field.

  19. Highdef says:

    And one piece of advice for the coaching staff: Why not put Carl Pelini or some other Defensive staff member up in the PRESS BOX??? GIve them a birds-eye view of what’s going on down on the field.. and then make quicker adjustments!

  20. fan says:

    was pelini upset with Tom Shatels questions at the press conference

    1. HansJ says:

      Nope, someone kept giving Bo the middle finger after each of his short answers.

    2. GOBK2IA says:

      Yeah… Hans was there……

  21. jjjackson says:

    Bo spends a good deal of time answering questions from you yahoo’s because thats part of his job. If he had the choice, he would not waste as much time with this part of the HC role. The area I respect most about him is that he has his players backs.
    Read Husker Mikes articlee: Rain Down on Ohio State and Dirk Chatelain. Its on Huskerpedia links.

    1. GOBK2IA says:

      Exactly Jackson. Thanks for being a reasonable person unlike the rest of these wackos.

  22. roderunner says:

    The boos were directed at coaches, not TM. Agree with Tom, more time devoted to tackling, than reading papers and listening to the media. That press conference was a disgrace. Bos attitude should be addressed by TO. If thin skinned Bo cant handle the heat, he should move on to a school with fans that dont care or dont know football. Im sick of his attitude. It was a great win and a great game, but everyone knows if their QB doesnt get hurt, we were whipped.

    1. husker redman says:

      Bo should not be allowed to speak to media like he did post game Sat night. It needs to be addressed or he needs to leave……….

  23. DICK EVANS says:

    the question i’ve had for sometime now is: how come we can hear the interviewee but seldom hear the question. In this time of electronic marvels seems to me we should also hear the questions. Any thoughts on this?

  24. GOBK2IA says:

    You are the unreasonable ones. You will all be the ones swallowing your pride when Bo brings NU a Nat’l Championship. Idk if you noticed all of the championships he has already won. How long did it take T.O. to win one? Even if he never was to… get over it.. you guys treat these coaches and players like the BOD and MGMT of a company you have invested millions in…. maybe you have?

    1. HansJ says:

      If I was making $2.8 million a year I’d also take my time winning a National Championship.

      1. GOBK2IA says:

        Yeah but your not. And your not paying that salary so get over it.

  25. GOBK2IA says:

    “I strongly agree as well! I’ve always said, I don’t mind my Huskers losing a game when I know they’ve played the best that they can. This team is barely playing, period. Bad enough we wait 4 years to be competitive. But 6 games into the season, I expect Marcel Jones to have his head out of his buttocks by now! How many penalties is this fool gonna keep accruing for us??”….

    Barely playing?! THEY ARE 19 and 20 year old freshmen and sophomores! You guys act like this is a senior group falling apart. They are a young team trying to find themselves and doing a pretty damn good job at it. Not every year are you going to compete for a title, GET OVER IT! They are what… a 120 some other teams trying to do it? Marcel Jones plays great football, nobody is perfect. And we wait 4 years to be competitive??? Bo took almost the same team that was 5-7 and made them 10-4. You guys need to check yourselves along with you Tom. This is why I can’t stand being in this state. And 6 games into the season to become competitive?…. 14th in the nation (once again out of how many teams) and 5-1… I’d say that’s pretty damn competitive. This team will do big things by the time Taylor is a senior although you guys don’t want him to.

  26. huskerred says:

    Tom are you for real?

    Tom says, “Maybe fans will forget how Pelini angrily gestured to them before halftime when they were booing a Martinez interception.”

    Anything less from Pelini would be a travesty! Kudos to Bo for standing by his kids! Great coaches support their kids, really Tom how do you keep your job? I am booing you…shame on you and your negativity towards the huskers week in and week out. I guess the positive here for you is without that what would you have been able to write about?

    1. mds4752 says:

      I saw the replay of this ‘angry gesture’. I thought it was far from it. What it did appear to be was Bo waving off the boo birds in a move of frustration, not anger. It also appeared to be him saying to give the kids a break instead of booing the home team. Bo does seem to be getting tired of the fans behavior. However, there was no middle finger, no taunting motions, nothing. Just a quick wave of an arm after some fans decided to boo. C’mon Tom…..try and choose some better adjectives next time.

  27. Jeff P says:

    I live out of state and have been a Husker fan for a long time. I thought the win against Ohio State was a great win for the players and coaches. However, the Bo Pelini act is getting old. I know he gets frustrated with the media and the refs and the players etc.. but he really needs to show a little more professionalism. I think his pouting and dismissive attitude during the press conference was the icing on the cake. Take a little heat and respond with some character and class. It might be a little more tolerable if he was competing every year like an elite team, but he hasn’t done that yet. I think he has some talent, but it is getting hard to watch.

    1. GOBK2IA says:

      Taylor responded with nothing but class. When asked about the crowd he pulled every positive aspect out that he could. Class act.

  28. Michaela says:

    I worked Security at this game last night, so trust me, I know how the crowd was. And to be honest, I was a little bit surprised.

    Usually NU fans are among the classiest, especially when it comes to our own team… and even the other team. And I watched the visiting side the whole night. The OSU student section was relatively well-behaved, save for one rather obnoxious woman (outside of that section but still near me). However, even the Husker fans I kept an eye on weren’t that bad. Things must’ve looked very different on the opposite side of Memorial.

    The other thing that surprised me was how many people I heard at halftime saying that they weren’t coming back to the game. I’ll confess I’m a die-hard Husker (heck, I go to school here) but leaving halfway through a game? I’ve learned never to give up on the Huskers until the 4th Quarter play clock has run to 00:00. I say shame on everyone who left early.

    I can’t blame Coach Pelini for getting upset at the crowd. There were a lot more boos the first half than I would’ve liked to have heard. That said, I still have the utmost respect for Mr. Shatel and his articles. I like his insight and have been reading his articles for as long as I can remember. I’m proud to be a Husker from Omaha, now living in Lincoln. I still pick up the World Herald every day from the Union.

  29. HuskerinOhio says:

    There is no place for booing our team or our coach. Period. Get behind your team, or give up your tickets. I was outraged by our fans’ behavior at the game. Classless, very classless. Go Big Red.

  30. Joey says:

    If a fan wants to BOO, they have the right too. They PAID for their ticket NOT YOU!!!!! You want to talk about CLASSLESS!!!! Why are you people DICTATING, what fans can and can’t do????? This is USA, not CUBA!!!! They DIDN’T buy a ticket, just so they would get a standing ovation from you!!!!! We have enough (R) in this country, ooops I meant DICTATORS in this country. Sorry my bad.

    1. Jerry says:

      Booing is rude boorish behavior. Just because you bought a ticket doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk. And to some of the other boo birds I will say: there is no such thing as selective booing, that is, ‘I’m only booing the coach” or “I’m booing the play called”. Down on the field all boos sound the same, and it is boorish behavior.

  31. Gibby says:

    Wow so many read so much from a few comments from Tom. He address a couple things that matter to many around here. Personally, I know fans will boo. So I have no problem with that. Bo basically told them to knock it off. He is gruff like that.. We know this, I had no problem with that as well. I loved this line “Hopefully Martinez and his critics can take a deep breath after this one.” Sounds like good advice to me seeing the he said-she said events of this last week. I just don’t understand the childish attacks by some here on this blog entry. Pretty harmless stuff really…

  32. YOU'RE KIDDING ME !!! says:


    1. mds4752 says:

      Your caps lock key should be somewhere on the left – most edge of your keyboard. Or maybe it’s jammed.

      By the way, are your boys Div I caliber athletes in football? Or was that just an extreme statement meant to further the discussion along?

      Kirk Ferentz? I seriously doubt he’s considering leaving Iowa and if he did, it probably wouldn’t be to coach at NU.

      Thanks for the insights!

  33. The Big Red One says:

    I really can’t wait to see what all these asshats who are defending Bolini & Martinez have to say after the Cornhuskers barely slide by Minnesota in a couple of weeks and then proceed to have their collective arses handed to them by just about everyone else on the schedule.

    The Huskers proved nothing Saturday night except that every so often, they too can get lucky…The Defense still managed to give up 27 points in one half…At Home, in the rain….Had OSU’s starting QB not been put out of the game at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, I think it’s fair to assume that the “defense” if we can still call it that, would have given up as many in the second half..(yeah thats 54 points) to the worst Offence in the B10.., T-Tragic (although improved) is still not making the correct reads once he’s pushed out of the pocket (how many open receivers did he miss in the first half?) and continues to float the ball like a hotair balloon and is still afraid to pull the trigger on the running plays.. (thank God for Rex Burkhead) After half a season of “adjustments” we are still weak at the defensive corners…(thank our lucky stars above we are not playing OU or OSU anymore) With Crick not himself we have ZERO pass rush… The Offensive & Defensive lines continue to struggle (apparently even against teams crippled by injury and missing key players)

    Bolini continues to prove to everyone that he has the class of a duck and the temper & maturity of a 10 year old…And a mouth to go along with it…

    Yeah, things are just lovely here in Bolini Land…Maybe once Lord Bolini & crew get through patting themselves on the back they might consider this.. The best thing we can say about the Huskers so far this year is that last night, they managed to dig themselves out of a hole, at home..against an injured, diminished & UNRANKED opponant..If you don’t find that little factoid troubling then you have forgotten what it means to be a Husker Fan…..GBR

    P.S. My aplogies to well mannered intelligent 10 year olds everywhere…

    1. WSJevons says:

      The Big Red doesn’t really need fans like you. Go away and we will all be happier.

      1. SOUPerstar says:

        Why WSJevons….? So myopic fans like yourself can’t have a dose of reality every once and a while? You need to stop drinking the “Bullini” kool aid, the guy is a hot headed bully, who eventually will ferver himself into a much worse situation than the post game Saturday night. I love Husker football, but the promise of championship contender is 4 years gone, that’s plenty of time to assemble a staff and players to get to that level. Maybe if Mark would put as much effort into his defense, instead of chastizing a reporter for speaking what almost every civil, level headed husker fan thinks, the team would be better off.

  34. HuskerzRed says:

    @TOM, please explain to me why it’s ok for “media” and fans to criticize coaches and players, but not ok for coaches and players to criticize the media and fans?

    1. HskrBll says:

      HusskerzRed: By far and away THE best question posted on this blog ! Critics of Pelini & Co. don’t understand what goes on Sunday – Friday. They take their work personal. When critics ask moronic questions I imagine they think the media is as stupid as the media thinks Pelini & Co. are. Let’s move on, be good sports and hold on unitl basketball starts. Go Doc!

    2. HuskerDave says:

      Excellent comment. The OWH writers keep doubling down on this idea that only Coach Pelini was wrong, and they are innocent little angels in all this. I do think people are making too much of it, but the OWH sportswriters are perpetuating it with these continued attacks on Pelini. And how is it nobody else seems to have seen this ‘gesture’ from Coach to the fans?

  35. panhandle says:

    Whew………………………I guess I don’t want to jump on anybody today. I would rather just say that it was a relief to win the game; the players played harder in the second half; our coaches are working hard to help the players do their best; there are many good Nebraska fans; and we all need to step back from all this anxiety and concern. Everyone involved, including the fans, the payers, the coaches, and the sportswriters want the Huskers to do their very best – realizing that everyone in that previously mentioned group – still will have times of despair and failure, but………..will reagther themselves , come back, and try even harder. I want everyone that’s taking the time to write comments or read them to have a GREAT day :)

  36. panhandle says:

    …and I will try harder next time to either proof-read my comments, or at least use spell check :)

  37. dj2012 says:

    Bo is a winner and a competitor. He showed that the other night. Hopefully all talk media idiots and fair weather fans don’t scare him away to greener pastures!

    1. SOUPerstar says:

      By a winner you mean 8-4, or 9-3 playing in the Holiday Bowl? Nice try. Mark, don’t let the door hit you on the %$* on the way out.

  38. Keith Magee says:

    Great piece and exactly what happened on Saturday.

  39. Steve says:

    Good thing Dirk’s article is locked from comments now. He deserved every lashing word that came out of Bo’s mouth. As a coach you have to stick up for your players and that article was too low.

    Martinez is growing as a QB and will only get better with time. OSU’s defense was no joke. People keep saying that if Miller hadn’t left the game the Huskers would not have won- whatever you think about that the outcome of the game from that standpoint isn’t on Martinez’s shoulders- if that would be the case it would have been on the Defensive performance. Martinez played pretty well outside of one REALLY bad interception throw.

    Cut the kid some slack.

  40. Husker8495 says:

    The OWH sports writers think it’s game-on with Bo? Trust me, the fans in this state like UN football a lot more than they like the OWH. Who do you think will win the battle for ‘hearts and minds’.

    We knew what we were getting when we hired him, and I have no buyer’s remorse. He was hired to coach, now kowtow to media types. You guys need to spend more time reporting the news rather than creating it.

    1. Steve says:

      Awesome awesome thoughts.

    2. Jay Lowrey says:

      So it’s ok in your opinion for the coach to treat us with zero respect? He locks the media out of practice, he won’t answer any question or give us an insight on virtually any subject.

      And, frankly, where is all the great coaching you cite?

      I watched us get out coached by Texas last year and Washington to name 2. Ohio State used that cut back similarly and dominated us until Miller went out. I guess Bo and Co don’t know it’s coming?

      And I love the comment that he’s not to “kowtow” to media types.

      The media is our representative with the coach and staff and we all see how they get treated…….at least I do.

      And Bo doesn’t get a pass on what he did or did not inherit from Callahan; he owns the results lock stock and barrel.

      By the way, let’s all note how the guy at Clemson is doing in the same amount of time.


  41. woodster says:

    Tom is half right. I think the OWH is a bit unfair in its criticism of the players. Thanks to the final stages of the Callahan legacy this is a young team with only one senior skill player and only four seniors on defense. Thankfully we do have Martinez despite his inexperience or we would have no hope on offense. On the other hand there is no excuse for Bo’s immaturity. Nebraskan’s rightfully take great pride in all aspects of our football program and have embraced the association with the class act Big Ten (after years of suffering Texas greed and arrogance.) Any thing that distracts from our pride such as the Pelini brothers’ antics should be a source of criticism. We have a tradition of not just winning but winning with class. Those of us who were critical of other team’s Switzers and Spurriers must be critical of “our” Pelinis to be consistent in our values. I have no doubt that Martinez and his teammates will continue to mature. I wish I could say the say about Bo and Carl.

  42. Roy says:

    The Huskers won! We won the game! A win’s a win! Take every win you can get and enjoy it! GBR!!!

  43. kevin says:

    Again I want to say how upset I am, I don’t understand the criticism… maybe Callahan, and Cosgrove need a job. How can you guys call yourself fans when after the very first first down of the game you start with the criticism ? I drove 1,000 miles from San Antonio to watch my Huskers with my 13 year old son. I had to spend the 1,000 miles driving back explaining to my son MOST Husker fans aren’t what he experienced in the North End zone Saturday evening. You know it almost sounded like HATE. Why do you show up if after the first first down of the game you start to criticize a 19, 20 year kid / team. Why must everything be half empty ? I paid $ 150.00 per ticket to have an experience with my Son, and the game was great, the fans are worthless. I realize that the majority of Husker fans are great people but we need to start silencing the very vocal minority. As for the Old Guy sitting behind me at the game who told me to sit down cause I was blocking his view ! you need to sell your season tickets to a fan ! Get up off your old As* and cheer for our Huskers. If I wouldn’t have been with Son I would’ve knocked you out ! that’s how disappointed I am at the reaction of the vocal minority. If you’re a fan support your team and help cheer them on.

  44. brandon says:

    Tom…what in the name of Gilbert M. Hitchcock is going on at your newspaper? You have always been opinionated, but honest. Like a fan. Dirk is trying to make a name for himself like a tabloid TV reporter. Then Barfknecht comes across like a moron without fear, favor, or malice. Do something. You, Mike Kelly, someone with real journalistic skills. Please?????

  45. Justin says:

    I love the constant barrage awful spelling and grammar in the comments section of every single article.

    1. GOBK2IA says:

      Including your lack of grammar?

  46. Husker Dan says:

    The crowd wasn’t booing. They were shouting “Bo!”