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M-I-Z, S-E-C, Y-E-S
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Mizzou to the SEC? Yes, if possible. Absolutely. Tomorrow. Whenever.

I’ve had some requests to comment on this story, since I may have spent some time in Missouri, or so the rumor goes.

I hesitate to jump on this for one simple reason: it’s not a done deal yet.  Lots of folks are talking and writing like this is going to happen by Friday. But nothing is over until the fat lady sings. Or leaves Shakespeare’s.

So let’s go with a small disclaimer: IF the SEC is offering…

Then this is a no-brainer. And I don’t say that lightly.

I’m a son of the Big Eight Conference. Grew up in KC. I was raised on the Big Eight Holiday tournament, then post-season shindig starting in 1977. I saw Kim Anderson and Jim Kennedy fly over the press table against KU, saw Stan Ray take down K-State, Derrick Chievous and Lee Coward take on everyone. That tournament, in that town, is one of the great events in college sports. I’ve never been to the Big East shindig at MSG, but I can’t see how it could be better, more passionate, more electric than when the sparks that fly when MU-KSU-KU get together.

Mizzou heads south and that tourney changes, even if it stays. All of MU’s old Big Eight rivalries/series are gone. Probably even with Kansas, the border war that goes back to the Civil War. All that history is history. I don’t take it lightly. I understand the significance.

But I think a move south is a natural move, and I’ll go over a few points and then we can get back to watching Minnesota film.

1. If you turn it down, you’re betting your future that the Big 12 stays together. What has recent history taught us? Texas and Oklahoma hold the league together. Texas will do whatever is best for Texas. So will OU. You can’t trust Texas. And now you can’t trust Oklahoma. Just last month, OU was gone. Leaving. If the Pac-12 had bit its lip on the Longhorn Network, there would be no Big 12 today. The Pac-12′s last-minute stonewall doesn’t change that. Things could change in a year, three years. It happens. OU could leave again. So could Texas.

Yes, the TV tier one and two rights have been promised, and Texas can’t leave as long as the LHN is tethered to Bevo’s tail like an anchor. But how long will the LHN last? Who’s going to watch it, who’s going to distribute it nationally? I could be wrong on this. But I don’t see a long future for the LHN. And when UT and ESPN settle the money and say it was a nice try, then Bevo is free to entertain all offers.

Why would Texas leave the Big 12? Why did Texas want out of the SWC? At some point, Bevo gets tired of carrying the water for TCU, Baylor and the rest, and now ISU, KSU and KU are along for the ride. Moreover, Texas lives on the cutting edge, always pushing the envelope. Texas will eventually get bored in the Big 12.

That’s my opinion. But if you’re Missouri, do you really trust your future on Texas and Oklahoma saying they’re staying put?

Answer: If KU, K-State or Iowa State could leave, they’d do it.

2. Okay, so the Big 12 breaks up one day. What happens to Mizzou?

This notion that the Big Ten is going to be there to scoop up Ol’ Mizzou is a reach, and possibly a catastrophic miscalculation, in my opinion. Look, Jim Delany isn’t going to pick up teams like scraps to fill out a 16-hole scorecard. He may have to go 16 if the Pac-16 does, but would you bet on it? The Big Ten marches to its own drummer. Delany is very particular about who gets invited to The Club.

If the Big Ten does go to 16, I’d be willing to bet a $70 parking space across from Camp Randall Stadium that Delany already has a plan on paper somewhere in his desk. And if that plan included Missouri, why weren’t the Tigers taken last year?

If Mizzou is part of the Big Ten’s plan, why wouldn’t you step in now and take MU before the SEC does?

More than likely, because MU is not part of the Big Ten’s plan. Now. Or ever.

Maybe the Tigers would get saved by Delany. But if you’re MU, would you bet the future on that? And, wouldn’t you already have done some research with the folks in Chicago to see if that was the case?

3. This notion that Missouri football is going to get buried in the SEC is ridiculous. And short-sighted.

Historically, Missouri football can compete with anyone. It just does it in doses. Alabama? The Tigers went to Dixie and beat Bear Bryant in the opener in 1975. In 1978, Mizzou led ‘Bama — a Bryant team that would win the national championship that year — at the half before succumbing in the second half. MU seemed to win everywhere back then — USC, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, then come home and lose to Kansas.

Mizzou football at its best, historically, has beaten the best. The problem has always been consistency. And mismanagement. Coaches like John Cooper, LaVell Edwards and Joe Gibbs were passed over early in their careers for Warren Powers and Woody Widenhofer.

There’s absolutely no reason — none — that Mizzou can’t compete and beat Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky — and I’ll throw in Georgia and South Carolina at the moment. LSU? ‘Bama? These things go in cycles. Back in the 1990′s, ‘Bama and LSU weren’t doing much. The power was Florida and Tennessee. Who’s to say Missouri couldn’t have its run?

This will put extreme heat on Gary Pinkel.  He’s built a nice program, but he’s done it in the Big 12 North. He’ll have to upgrade the run game and defense or else. But imagine Pinkel’s offensive imagination with a reliable run game and defense.

Missouri has long been considered a sleeping giant, an underachiever, much like Texas A&M. Pinkel has done a better job at in-state recruiting. The facilities are there. Imagine what MU could do with the SEC brand, and later an SEC Network, and so many games on ESPN and CBS. Instead of Fx.

Meanwhile, Missouri hoops would do very well in the SEC. It would be one of the big dogs right away. The other sports? Challenges, sure. But the SEC isn’t really an upgrade from the Big 12 across the board of Olympic sports. In fact, you could argue that, this season, Big 12 football is deeper in quality.

Sure, going to the SEC is a risk, an all-in gamble, but life in the fast lane could be just what the program needs to get to the next level. I’m sure the good folks down south don’t fear either MU or A&M. But what if those two realize their potential in the fast lane? Could be a scary thought.

Here’s a scarier thought and a bigger gamble: staying put, then watching Texas fly the coop in six years. And watching Delany turn to the east coast, or, scoop up Texas and Notre Dame and call it good.

If those things don’t happen, and the Big 12 lives, then historians will say Missouri blew it. Except that Missouri will still be in the SEC, an equal partner in a national power, rather than waiting to see if Texas wants 10 teams or 12 teams or all home games.

The only gamble here is not taking the gamble. Pass the grits.

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  1. lil red in vegas says:

    Interesting TOM , great read!! Mizz this yr in the SEC would be 3-5……. just the facts!

    1. Tony says:

      So would Nebraska.

      1. HuskerJay says:

        Maybe but NU isn’t going to the SEC

        1. Tony says:

          Neither is Mizzou, yet.

      2. Banshee says:

        NU would only lose to LSU and Alabama. By the way, their loss to LSU would be the first time ever. NU is 5-0-1 Vs. LSU.

        1. Travis says:

          Now that is funny.

        2. Bill says:

          Those NU victories over LSU were many years ago…..these are different times.

    2. Garrett says:

      So we should judge the move off of what Mizzou would do in a down year? That makes no sense. Last year, I really can’t see any SEC teams beating us outside of Auburn and Alabama, and we would have only probably played one of those teams, at most, if we were in the East.

      1. john says:

        they would have got killed last year just the same as this year. sorry but take off your black and gold glasses and you would see this also

        1. Clayton Reeves says:

          Based on what? Please, let me know. In the last five to ten years (which is the only time the SEC has been relevant outside of the indomitable and legendary Bear Bryant), how would we have been so overwhelmed? Last time I checked we’ve had some pretty good players. Just show me where, head-to-head, the SEC has so overwhelmingly crushed us.

          Just the facts, please. Take off your SEC glasses and refer to actual Mizzou relevant information.

    3. Steve says:

      Actually, that’s merely your opinion.

    4. go cats says:

      They will be lucky to be 3-5 in the Big XII

      1. Travis says:

        So would NU…MU is better than NU in nearly every statistical catergory this year…so maybe they would be lucky ot go 2-6.

    5. Gepaart Vision says:



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  2. john says:

    Tom you really need to stop hitting the bottle at work. Mizzou would get killed against the top 6 teams in the sec. the other 6 they would have a chance against. But to even think that they would have a shot at the sec champ. game in the near future is laughable at best. they cant recruit like sec schools .

    1. Southern Fried says:

      Why do Nebraska fans care what Mizzou does? I honestly couldn’t care less about where Nebraska plays. Once they’re not in the same conference why would they care?

      1. Triage191 says:

        I guess Nebraska high octane offense would do so much better.

    2. dave says:

      OVER-, clap-clap- RATED, clap-clap!

      The sec is espn’s darling conference, like texas, but they’re not any better than any other conference. Players and teams have won those MNCs, not a conference. If auburn doesn’t pay cam newton they don’t win. If alabama doesn’t sign double the recruits they don’t win. If Tim Tebow plays somewhere else they don’t win. etc, etc. As soon as the ncaa figures out how they are cheating they’ll all be back on probation and back to irrelevant.

      Plus, sec games are b o r i n g . Who would want to watch a 9-3 game? Not me.

      1. Russ says:

        You havent seen Arkansas play lately have you? LOL

        1. Joey says:

          RUSS, you mean that ARK. team that struggled to beat Tex A&M, that NU did NOT allow to score 1 lousy touchdown!!!! Wow why didn’t that sooooo impressive Ark. play OU, Ok St, Boise St, speak up son, your voice is fading.

  3. Top 6? Mizzou lost by 10 to OU.

    1. Troy W says:

      True! and missed two field goals in the process. Could have easily only lost by 4pts to the #1 team in the country.

  4. No Mo says:

    To think MU would have any chance at all to compete for an SEC championship is way way out of bounds. It isn’t like they have a tropy case full of Big 12 Titles and what about the Ol Big 8. I n the 70′s and 80′s they would have an occasional gamer like a James Wilder, a Winslow or Phil Bradley but never enough to get to the top of hill. The only thing they were really known for back then was when they would try to take out knees on players like Jarvis Redwine during a PAT. As long as they have Gary “Rose covered glasses” Pinkel at the helm, forget it. He would be an average Jr High coach. This is the guy that spend 4 yrs trying to make Brad Smith a passer. As far as recruiting SEC country, all they are going to get is the same Florida prep leftovers that they are already getting and that don’t gett picked up down south, who would want to come to MU if you can play for one of the Big 6. The reason surely wouldn’t be MU FB tradion because they don’t have any. Sleeping Giant, don’t think so. Would I want to play in Gainesville, or Tuscaloosa. NAA I think I want o play Columbia stinking MU, Right…….

    1. Southern Fried says:

      Jealous much!?

    2. Dragon says:

      No Mo,

      I believe the argument for sleeping giant is based mostly in Missouri. Missouri has three of the largest 100 cities in the country (STL, KC, and Springfield). Mizzou tends to get about half of the recruits from in state, while the other half tend towards going to the SEC. Many believe that going to the SEC would “lock down” the Missouri borders and that Missouri would have a much stronger presence in state. Couple that with getting 2-3 top 150 recruits from FLA, TX, LA, OH, TN and Missouri can only get better.

      And to your comment about Gary Pinkel being a subpar Jr. High School Coach, I guess being a consistent top 25 team, having three 10 win seasons in the last 4 years, and the second most first round draft picks of any school in the country, is a less than average coaching job.

      In the words of Jim Calhoun, “Get ya facts, and get back to me.” Just admit that you are blinded by your hatred for Missouri, and give up.

      1. Katie says:

        Good response Dragon! And you did it without bad grammar and typos!

    3. 5years3losses1degree says:

      MIZ to SEC will have the effect of reducing recruits to KU, KSU, UNL, ISU.. Big 12 TV package has been horrible for years with B12 north schools on ppv or not at all most weeks. Given choice between that option – that doesn’t appear to have changed much with Beebe’s fabu deals last year – and being on an SEC channel? Yeah, this is just filler time while Mo plans the parade south.

      Word of caution. Crossing Bevo and by proxie ESPN will get you bad publicity for a couple years. So you will be better off, but Herbie and Corso will not like you. Tough trade…

  5. No Mo says:

    They are setting at a impressive 3-3, they may not even be become bowl eligible if they are not careful. Their 3 wins this yr are against Western Il, Miami of Ohio and powerhouse Iowa State. All at home. If you look at the rest of the schedule they very easily could go 4-8 or or 5-7. Yep I bet the SEC is looking at that and shaking in their boots

    1. Southern Fried says:

      Who do you follow? I doubt you support anyone.

    2. Erik says:

      3-3 with losses on the road against #3 OU by 10, on the road against #12 K-State by 7, and on the road against #24 Arizona State by 7 in OT. Now I know it’s not basketball, but those are QUALITY losses. After we upset OSU at the ZOU this weekend you can eat your crow and choke on it!

      1. HuskerJay says:

        Leave it to a Mizzou “fan” to talk about “quality losses”. What a joke!

        1. Dragon says:

          Leave it to a Nebraska “fan” to talk about “quality losses”. What a…Oh wait, that’s right, you lost to Wisconsin by 31.

        2. Travis says:

          NU would have the exact same record at this point with the schedule MU has had so what it the point. MU plays 5 road games this year…all against ranked opponets. NU gets a tough road game at Minnesota???

      2. john says:

        a loss is a loss no such thing as quality losses LMAO

        1. Travis says:

          If NU was still in the Big 12 they would be lucky to be .500 this year. No woder they wanted out to the weaker Big 10.

  6. kcbugeaterr says:

    Can you imagine if the Tigers had to play Oklahoma FIVE times EVERY season?
    Next year you won’t have to imagine.
    MU’s odds of winning a conference title and going to a national title game in the next 20 years just went from 50/50 to zero.

    As a side note, I’m a fellow KC native and this will be a HUGE blow to the city.
    Losing the Big XII basketball tournaments, KU-MU at Arrowhead and the occasional Big XII title game will cost the city millions.
    The SEC tournaments, title games will NEVER be in far flung Missouri.
    Where the hell are the Missouri politicians on this? Oh yeah, they are ignoring St. Louis’ step child as usual.

    1. Southern Fried says:

      If ignoring the step child is what it takes to do what’s best for the family then that, as stated in the article, is a no brainer.

      1. kcbugeaterr says:

        “Best for the family”?? how many millions will the state of missouri lose by not hosting another a major conference tournament or title game over the next 10, 20, 100 years?
        That and Missouri’s program is relegated to the dung heap of history instead of being a top 3 program in their conference and THE top team in their division if Big XII goes back to 12.
        Less money, less success. I’m not following how this is good for the family.

    2. Garrett says:

      We would have had a great shot at going to the SEC Championship game last year if we were in the SEC East. Try again.


        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one!!

      2. john says:

        Wow you drinking from the same bottle as tom is . wow NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    3. Steve says:

      Five OUs in the SEC? Man, you’re dumb.

      There has NEVER been a season in the SEC where there have been 5 teams as good as OU is this season. This year, Alabama and LSU are head and shoulders above everyone else. After that you have a very good Arkansas team, solid Auburn and South Carolina teams and then an overrated Florida and Georgia.

      If only MU could go to the Big 10 where it’s Wisconsin and then a bunch of trash.

      1. john says:

        thats why the big 10 has more ranked teams in the bcs top 25 than any other conf

  7. Pipeline says:

    People just don’t get it, Tom. It’s not about how competitive Misery will be in the next handful of years. As you so clearly spelled out, it’s about conference stability (and $$$ of course) over the long haul. Look at Indiana and Minnesota, how many B1G championships have they won lately? But they’re in a respected and stable conference and will still rake in enough money to support their sport programs. Do you think ISU, KU or KSU (heck, nearly every team in the B-12 outside of tu) wouldn’t trade places with either of these schools in a heartbeat? I find it funny that NU and the B1G called their union “a hundred year” commitment while the fractured B-12 is touting a “six year” commitment. Six freakin’ years! Misery would be the fool of all fools if they pass up the SEC to stay in the six-year league.

  8. Pete says:

    Finally, a sportswriter from Nebraska who isn’t marooned on a Big Red Island! Why does Missouri’s future have to be based on Nebraska fan memories of the the good ole days and their past success? Is it that you couldn’t stand seeing Missouri succeed? It’s not like Missouri fans are sitting around waiting for Nebraska to get get blown up by the Bo Pelini misguided missile. (you know it’s just a matter of time)

    1. wichitahusker says:

      LOL! Nice one, Pete. I hope the irony/contradiction in your message was intentional. But, tragically, I doubt it was. “It’s not like Missouri fans are sitting around waiting for Nebraksa to get get [sic] blown up by the Bo Pelini misguided missile. (you know it’s just a matter of time)” Didn’t you just disprove your own sophomoric point with your little parenthetical? Didn’t you just indicate that you are in fact waiting, as it’s “just a matter of time”? If you weren’t being facetious (you might want to google that word b/c I doubt you own a dictionary), it’s painfully apparent that you share the same intellect with majority of the Missouri fan base.

  9. No Mo says:

    Pipeline. I get what Tom is saying and yes Tom, you are right, from a stabily point of view, the Columia Kittens should consider a move to the SEC, but as far as them ever being able to really compete is not going to happen at least in FB. Had we not made the mistake of bring in Callahan allowing mediocre teams like MU to compete with us for a few years and we stayed at the top, MU would have let Pinkel go after 3-4 years and probably have hired and fired 2 other coaches by now. That is what is going to happen again if they go south. CU Buffs had some success in the 90′s but it to went away because the total commitment is not there either, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Look at the mighty Buffs now. Their fans don’t get it, their administration doesn’t get it. For schools like MU, CU, KSU, Iowa State, Kansas, they may come up and bite someone every once in a while, but it will be short lived. As far as BB, they will be ok, but really BB doesn’t pay the bills in the SEC, it is all about FB. Look at Florida, they win a couple national championshipss in BB and I bet the average Gator fac couldn’t probably name more than a couple players on those teams, I bet the average husker fan took more pride in the Husker gymnastics teams of the 70′s and 80′s that won all those national championships, that is not a knock on Florida fans, it is simply not just that big of deal

    1. AR says:

      I’m waiting for Nebraska to come up and bite someone.

  10. 5years3losses1degree says:

    MIZ to SEC will have the effect of reducing recruits to KU, KSU, UNL, ISU.. Big 12 TV package has been horrible for years with B12 north schools on ppv or not at all most weeks. Given choice between that option – that doesn’t appear to have changed much with Beebe’s fabu deals last year – and being on an SEC channel? Yeah, this is just filler time while Mo plans the parade south.

    Word of caution. Crossing Bevo and by proxie ESPN will get you bad publicity for a couple years. So you will be better off, but Herbie and Corso will not like you. Tough trade…

  11. dwightfischer says:

    Tom — Love your columns and find you to be the most (if not only) unbiased sports writer at the OWH. That stated, your argument that Mizzou will be able to compete in the SEC in football is ridiculous.

    You refer to 2 games from 1975 and 1978 — one of which MISSOURI LOST, for God’s sake — as evidence?!? Come on. To say you are grasping at straws here is a HUGE understatement.

    You want to talk cyles and underachievers? Let’s talk Tennessee. Missouri simply doesn’t have a prayer of competing with the money, tradition, facilities, stadium, and passionate fan base of a school like Tennessee over the long (or even short) haul. Would theTigers beat Tennessee if they played this year? Most likely. Will Mizzou win a few upsets over the big boys now and again? Yes. Every team does. But will they post anything even approaching a winning record against Tennessee, ‘Bama, Auburn, LSU, and Florida over the next 20 years? No way. Same goes for A&M and Georgia. Same probably goes for S Carolina and Arkansas. Mizzou will be lucky to compete at the level of Ole Miss. I’m not saying Missouri doesn’t have some fervent fans. But one truly down year or God forbid 2, and all the Johnny Come Lately Mizzou fans will drop the program like yesterday’s newspaper.

    1. MO Razorback says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      1. MUPT says:

        More uneducated blabber…
        - Mizzou has an all-time record of 18-8 against SEC opponents
        - Mizzou has a winning record against Alabama – how many teams can say that?
        - Mizzou shellacked Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl (38-7) a few years ago when they had McFadden AND Felix Jones

        They may not be a powerhouse in the SEC, but they can (and will ) certainly compete.

        1. William says:

          Mizzou is actually 20-8-1 vs. the current SEC. Won the last 4. 1-0 vs. Fla., LSU and Auburn (all games played in the south), 2-0 vs. SC, 2-1 vs. Bama. MU has beaten the SEC rather convincingly in each decade with most games played in the deep south. MU is 7-2 in bowl games vs. the SEC.
          When Mizzou goes to the SEC, donors are poised to give $$$ in record numbers. A stadium expansion is all but guaranteed. Mizzou won’t be going into this gingerly. Nope, it will roar. The malaise of 1985-1996, 1999-2002 is ancient history. Mizzou will finally be able to live up to its potential and rid itself of the vestiges of much of the post-Devine era, which was never as good as it should have been. The awakening of the sleeping Tiger has always scared our rivals, and even some of our change-is-bad fans who simply don;t aspire for enough. Now, many of those rivals are jealous. Mizzou will be very successful in the SEC and I can’t wait.

    2. AR says:

      I wish Nebraska could upset a big boy.

  12. 5years3losses1degree says:

    I love how Big 10/12 fans are saying Mo needs to stay (Neb left for less fellow husker fans), and they support their weak opinion by saying that the SEC is too good of a conference? The reality is that most teams (around 120 at last check) won’t win the National championship every year. They all do have to fund their athletic departments, they do have to remain relevant to their fans and donors. It is about money, and money is about winning, and winning is about money.

    So lets summarize. Tx locked in $50 million more than whatever you will get every year, unless they don’t and then you won’t be in a BCS conference. or you could get good better money on par with everyone in the conference, light years better tv time for fans and get to play the best. Throw in that they are a confederate leaning state, while the rest of the B12 were free staters.

    Yep, go south, hire a good QB and start competing!

    1. 5years3losses1degree says:

      probably ‘were’

  13. 5years3losses1degree says:

    Phenom price is around $180k, new TV deal several million more.

    Miz will be competing with the best in 3 years.

  14. Mike says:

    Great article, and one of the most fair, balanced, and most importantly…LOGICAL angles given to the MU to SEC topic! Well done and I look forward to more of your views.


  15. No Mo says:

    Pete. Not trying to pick at you here but. I agree, Tom wrote a nice article. Yes Bo is intense, Yes Husker fans are intense and Yes a move by MU to the SEC for stabilty makes sense. Have you seen the headlines on Muschamp this week, basically the same thing as Bo. A fan in Alabama poisoning 100 yr old trees on the in-state rivals campus. Spurrier thowing his head set every other week. One SEC school turning in another SEC school about every year. So if you don’t understand intensity when it comes to a Husker fan, wait until MU runs into that every week down there. FB pays the bills and down there FB is life and not to knock MU, but if they can’t get the intensity thing as far as Husker fans, you will shocked once you join the SEC. Good luck in the Swamp and Death Valley. A .500 record for MU in the SEC will be a major accomplishment that will happen about 1 out of every 10 years

    1. Pete says:

      i understand the intensity. You are as irrelevant as anyone else not named Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, or Texas over the last 10 years, so get off your high horse and down in the mud with everyone else. Please don’t start quoting me your statistics and make the “except for the Callahan years” disclaimers. The past is the past

  16. Steve Roberts says:

    The SEC is THE premier conference. Nebraska moved laterally into the Big10, Mizzou is taking a MAJOR step forward. Trying to downplay their move wreaks of desperation and jealousy.

    Nebraska has gotten a lot of premier recruits from the state of Missouri over the years. With Mizzou in the SEC, nobody should be looking that direction anymore. That pipeline is gone. If you are a premier recruit and your choice is an SEC school and a Big10 school, 8 out of 10 recruits will choose the SEC because it’s THE dominant conference in the country.

    Tom Osbourne made a comment about Mizzou in the early 1990′s. Basically he was saying that if Mizzou can ever figure out their recruiting, they’ll be a national power year after year. Sadly for Nebraska, that might be happening. Regardless, the recruit gravy train for Nebraska through Missouri is dead. Those kids will go Arkansas, Auburn, Alabama or Tennessee instead of looking to the cold of Nebraska.

    1. john says:

      No the it will go the other way. like it or not kids like going to a program that has a chance . MIzzou in the sec= no chance at winning anything. Nebraska will compete year after year in the big 10

  17. Mark Broderick says:

    Now hear me out.. I live in Kansas City and as a Husker fan, i think Missouri going to the SEC is awesome… I believe that the interest in Missouri in KC will drop and Nebraska, which still does well recruiting in KC, increases their already strong brand and eventually takes the city over again in recruiting as it did in brfore 2005. Also as a fan, We will be looked at in KC as a group of potential clients for bar and resturuants to replace Missouri and increase our already big presence in the city
    … Just part of my plan for the Big Red to take over the world..

    1. MUSkip says:

      I am sick of hearing about Mizzou not being as big in KC if they switch to the SEC. This is just a stupid speculation.
      Why would MIZZOU fans that live in the KC area be less passionate if they switch conferences?? This has got to be one of the stupidest theories I’ve ever heard. KC area MIzzou fans will support them no matter what conference they are in. What sounds like a better experience, going to watch Mizzou on the road in that high school stadium the jayhawks play in? Or going out in the middle of no where to watch them play k-state. Or going to Death Valley or Tallahassee or Athens?

      1. Huskerman21 says:

        MUSkip, I’m just wondering if MU does move to the SEC, who and why would they play in Tallahassee? What does Florida St. have to do with anything in the SEC? And don’t be quick to bash your current Conference members in KU or KSU. Remember it was Missouri that thought that they had the Golden Ticket to the Big 10 only to have that fire back in their face. You haven’t been offered or have been accepted into the SEC yet. Be thankful that you have a BCS AQ Conference to be apart of. I wish you the best of luck in whatever the future holds for you.

      2. William says:

        Agree. Most idiotic theory EVER. Mizzou will be wildly successful in the SEC. That scares KU and KSU beyond belief and so they (and a few bitter husker fans) are latching on to this bizarre notion. Once OU, OSU, Tech and UT bolt for the Pac12+, the Dust Bowl conference that remains will simply be pulp. KU and KSU will be one step above Washburn. Since they went Big 10, Nebrasla is already has talked about as the Iowa Hawkeyes. 1.3 (of the 2.0) million in the KC metro area are still MISSOURIANS.

  18. Devin says:

    Nice piece Tom, and I have to say that you’re one of the few in the media and outside of the Mizzou fan base that gets it. I find it interesting that many of the commenters are focusing on whether Mizzou can compete for a conference title in the SEC. To me, as a Mizzou alum, that’s such an afterthought that it’s really not even part of the decision at hand.

    As you so aptly stated, it’s about stability and having a viable home for the next 20, 30, 50 years. The Big 12 minus 3 might not last 20, 30 or 50 days. I would remind all the Husker faithful posting to remember why you left the Big 12 for the Big 10. Your program had regained its footing and was again competing for conference titles, so really your decision had NOTHING to do w/ competition. It was 100% about going to a strong conference run by practical people who wanted to be business partners w/ Nebraska. That’s all that Mizzou wants: practical business partners who are commited to the joint venture of the conference for years and years to come. UT, and to a lesser extent, OU have proven that they are completely focused on themselves alone…which is why everyone w/ a parachute has already bailed out of this nosedive (Neb, ATM, CU).

    1. Huskerman21 says:

      Devin, I appreciate and respect your comment. You totally understand and get why Nebraska made the move they did. If and when the SEC extends an offer, I hope you accept it and never look back at the tragedy of the Big 12. The Big 12 along with money and greed truly ruined what was a GREAT Big 8 Conference.

  19. No Mo says:

    MU alltime FB record 625 Wins and 518 losess for a winning percentage of 54.6%
    Under the brilliant leadership of coach Pinkel 80-52 winning percentage of 60.6%
    Now that is just a drastic improvement. Finished in top 5 one time and the other 2 rankings you are referring to are #18 and #19. You are right that is impressive as far as MU FB is concerned.. He is 8-24 against top 25 teams. He if you are ok with that than more power to you.

    1. AR says:

      What is Bo’s record against rated teams?

      1. Travis says:


  20. Red Head says:

    Missouri and their quality loses. Dragon, here is the difference between MU and NU, We are not looking at that loss to Wisconsin as a quality loss, no loss is a quality loss when it comes to the Huskers. At MU it appears there are such things as quality losses and happy to be 8-5 or 10-4. By the way I have an oceanfront propery for sale in central Nebraska, you sound like you may be the perfect client to buy it.

    1. Travis says:

      When is the last time NU won a meaningful game??

      1. john says:

        you talking about games other than mizzou the last couple years?

      2. HansJ says:

        How quickly you forget the 1936 victory against the Texas Longhorns in Lincoln.

  21. ChadronHusker says:

    Great article Tom. As a KU and NU Alum I am not sure I fully agree with you about MU leaving for the SEC, but you are probably right, the people who assume that TX and OU are suddenly 100% loyal to the *long-term* existence of the Big 12 are being naive. Who knows what the landscape of college conferences will look like 5 years from now? Did anyone predict this in 2006? The SEC is a safe bet and a unique, entertaining conference. As far as academics go too, that changes with time. Yes, the BIG 10 is the best- but the demagraphics and $$$ of this country are moving South and Southwest. The AAU label is way overrated. UGA, TN and UK are excellent schools, especially UGA. AL has a bright future. Vanderbilt is one of the best and snobbiest private schools in the country. Ole Miss has regional prestige, especially in the humanities. LSU leads in several environmental and scientific fields. Mizzou and A & M will add to this. I just hope the adults in the room keep the MIZZOU and KU game going annually … fat chance I’m afraid.

  22. Matt in MN says:

    Tom, I would love to watch a live debate between you and McKewon on this one. One item of note though: when discussing Missouri’s ability to compete, yes the Big 12 is the top football conference right now, but who has Mizzou beaten so far? They are 1-2 with their only win against lowly Iowa State. And I still maintain, as far as overall athletic department success, there is nobody lower on the totem pole than Mizzou with a whopping one, yes ONE conference championship since the Big 12′s inception…and that was in women’s softball.

    Point being, yes they could and should be able to compete in the SEC to some degree at some point, but it would be a while with the right players in place to get there.

    1. Travis says:

      Those two loses were to Top 15 teams on the road by 10 and 7 so yes they could compete. MU has won 40 games the past 4 years. Rebuilding a bit this year with a sophomore QB but they aren’t going to go back to being doormats of the Big 12 and they wouldn’t be doormats in the SEC either. If you flip NU’s and MU’s schedule this year they would probably each have the same record as the other….but honestly this year doesn’t matter.

  23. Angie Hull says:

    Agreed on all points, not to mention the demographics of the country moving southeast (and west too), leaving a dying midwest and industrial core. The booming southeast, along with Missouri’s own booming southwest population, is a good long term 100 year decision. The hard pill to swallow is that we as a state really are a fit in the south, even with our midwest feel and values and Union label. Southern Living magazine is sold here for a reason. Border state.

    As far as academics, with a population boom and an institutional commitment to education, many SEC schools are strong and getting stronger. The AAU no longer allows federal ag funding to count toward its ratings, so MU (and any other school with a strong agricultural base) could well lose its ability to boast its AAU status. (And do we even want that label anymore, with such an obvious east coast/ivy league bias in their anti–ag policy?!)

    I once feared TX and OU in the Big 12 from the Big Eight. All it did was open doors for us. We can do the same again.

  24. JohnnyFootball says:

    Makes no sense for anyone to be in conference with Texas.
    Why bother with them.

    1. Scott Arnold says:

      Here is a comment from a Mizzou alum living in Atlanta (where the SEC championship game is every year). Like the Big 12, Mizzou football will generally be in the middle of the SEC pack with some really good years and some off years. Just like everywhere, SEC schools go up and down; FLA won natl titles, is now down. Check out ALA during the Shula years. TN is down. Auburn won last year but is middle of pack this year. GA is only ok this year and hasn’t won big for many years; Mizzou has been more highly rated more recently. I would predict Mizzou will compete about like Ark does or better. If you look at the list of schools above–and by the way also Nebraska, alot depends on the coach and his ability to get the program to perform to its fullest potential.
      The big change for Mizzou will be the ability to recruit in SEC markets–GA, FLA etc are football hotbeds and the outliers (Ark, LSU, MSU, SC etc) all recruit heavily and successfully out of these areas. Plus w A&M in SEC, TX will remain a good recruiting area. With the large populations already in the State, Mizzou has the chance to really improve its football program.
      Finally, the point about instability in the Big 12 is a good one. TX is not a teamplayer. OU wants out but can’t get out because tied to OSU. Not a good long term situation. I also agree that Mizzou has undoubtedly fully tested the Big 10 and its not in the cards. The SEC is a very good alternative and Mizzou will prosper.

  25. Travis says:

    Typical Husker response…if it’s not red and doesn’t have a big red N it doesn’t matter…lol!

    1. gary says:

      I live in SEC country and we would welcome Missouri into the SEC. For the record I follow NU from this area as an interest and think both NU and Missouri could compete in the SEC this year being only inferior to Alabama, LSU, and possibly Arkansas. They both could beat the others. The other conversation is very interesting.

  26. Keith says:

    I don’t think it would be a good move, but whatever. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, just like A&M. What needs to stop is anyone touting Mizzou’s record against the SEC (19-8-1) or games against the top SEC schools from 40+ years ago.

    Mizzou has played exactly 5 SEC teams since 1985. NINETEEN… EIGHTY… FIVE. Only one of those teams was ranked, and they had a collective record of 31-31. And the last time they played Alabama (1978), Auburn (1973), Florida (1965), Georgia (1959), or LSU (1978) was so long ago, how can that be relevant to how Mizzou would do in today’s SEC?

    If they can maintain anywhere close to a 70% record against the SEC in the 2010s and beyond (when they’ve been under .500 in the Big 12 since its inception), then more power to them. Otherwise the honeymoon may be over rather quickly.

    1. William says:

      20-8-1, actually. 7-2 bowls. Only a handful of games in Columbia.
      Okay, so can we erase all of Nub football history before 1985, too?!??! You can cherry pick your way to your version of the facts as much as you want, but Mizzou clearly HAS competed well vs. the SEC in EVERY decade and their is no reason to believe it won’t compete even stronger vs. the SEC in the future. Mizzou hasn’t reached it;s potential yet and that no doubt frightens you.

  27. Red Head says:

    You sound like you are getting a little closer to getting it Travis although still not quite there. Let me simplify, Missouri football doesn’t matter, it never has in the Big 8 or the Big 12 and it never ever will in the SEC. So they get a few wins sgainst NU in the last couple years when we are at our lowest point in half a century and even with that in Pinkels days at MU, he still has losing record against NU. At least when someone say Husker fans all go back to their glory days, at least we can say have 5 national titles since 1970, whereas MU can’t even claim a conference title. Dragon, the other delusional MU fan so proudly pointed out the Pinkel has 3 -10 wins teans in the last 4 years. TO averaged 10 wins over his entire 25 year career. So MU’S glory days include one top 5 finish…. ever. The key thing to remember is NU football will be back and you know it will, but MU will never get over the hump espesically in SEC. I bet you Pinkel doesn’t make it to the end of his contract which expires 12-31-2015

    1. William says:

      Nebraska’s population will continue to remain stagnant – or decrease. Its population will age dramatically. If the state ever had glory days, they ended long ago. Like Big Red football did after Osborne. After the steroid scandals. After partial qualifiers could no longer fill the roster. Face it. There is very little to attract recruits of the future to play in Lincoln, Nebraska. Visits to rust belt towns for FB games? Doubtful. Sure, NU may squeak out a few more good seasons; however, demographics are killing you. And that must scare you a lot. Mizzou, meanwhile, is booming. A record 32,800 students on campus in Columbia this year. Columbia grew another 28 percent during the last decade. Donors are poised to shower the athletic dept. with donations once the move to the SEC is made official,making a stadium improvement+addition likely. The only way is up for Mizzou. And Red Head: that’s clearly making you green with envy.

      1. HansJ says:

        But we’re talking football, right? Boise State is better than almost all the SEC teams today.

        1. dave says:


      2. Travis says:

        It’s because the Huskers are all the state of Nebraska has…nothing else to care about the rest of the year.

    2. Travis says:

      What do you mean “doesn’t matter”? Yes NU has a storied football history. But do they matter any more than MU does right now in the landscape of college football. No…it’s all based on history. In the grand scheme of things none of this “matters”. MU football matters to me just like NU does to you. I could care less about NU football or what they do. MU will never have NU’s history…and so what. NU will never be the same as it was as the landscape of college football has changed…no matter how much NU fans want to go back to the “glory days”. Does it make you a better person because you “root” for a college football team with a better history. Not by a long shot…but that is the way many Husker fans feel. How could anyone possibly root for MU? or be satisfied with 10 win seasons?? It’s just laughable really.

  28. JP says:

    I live in Atlanta. Bet this doesn’t happen. None of the fans want Mizzou in the SEC. Texas A&M is not a popular addition, but at least they fit geographically. Mizzou? Not so much. Mizzou diminishes the brand, plain and simple. They are very very very mediocre in terms of football. If they come in they will be a door-mat in this conference. Mark it down.

    1. William says:

      Really?!?! well. I lived in Nashville for 8 years. Everyone I know there is smart enough to realize that getting Mizzou is a coup for the SEC. They just wish it would hurry up and happen. The notion that only an elite FB program should be added is only an opinion with maybe bama, Auburn and LSU right now. Ask a Kentucky or Ole miss or UT fan and they’ll say that a well-rounded athletic program like Mizzou’s with a FB program that has had it;s highs and lows is much better than some other ego (like Texas). Plus, MU has been better than A&M in the past 5 years in FB. And btw, check your geography, College Station is actually farther from the rest of the SEC schools than Columbia, Mo. is. Texas is also farthest west and only touches two SEC states. Missouri is as north as Kentucky, Columbia is farther east than Fayetteville and College Station and Missouri borders THREE SEC states.

    2. Travis says:

      Simply not true.

  29. HansJ says:

    As Missouri’s famous General Sterling Price said after the 1862 victory in Arkansas at Pea Ridge: “Go Southeast Young Men!”

  30. TommyG says:

    I hope this happens for Mizzou. It is a good sports & business move, academics is a seperate debate. I will be cheering for you in the SEC. Better start adding track work in the Spring – faster is better down yonder in the South.

    1. HansJ says:

      Speaking of academics, it’s “separate.”

  31. Joey says:

    Just the FACTS…LOL. The so called POWER HOUSE divison. In $$$$, yes. As being the BEST… NO. The SEC plays SO MANY cup cake NON CONFERENCE games, you would think that Hostess’s is their schedule sponsor. 2nd most The TIDE, the LSU teams NEVER schedule OU, Boise State, Wisconsin, Ok St, WHY??? Because they would get BEAT!!! The SEC LOVES to over rank the SEC teams. Like 1/2 the SEC in bowl games last season. Oh let’s NOT forget the ridiculous 10 OF THE 12 SEC TEAMS IN BOWL GAMES!!!! Is it because their that GOOD….LOL…NOT!!!! It’s because they are that syndicated. Here’s an example HOW many SEC teams keeps getting in trouble with the NCAA?? What gets done about it??… nothing. WHY??? Because the SEC pulls in this.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Honestly the SEC should have had the DEATH PENALTY by now. BUT, politics will be POLITICS!!! Boise St, Ok St, OU, and Wisconsin could eaaaaaaasily beat The TIDE, and LSU on ANY given day!!!! That’s why they WON’T schedule them in a regular season, Sure the SEC will schedule GA, Tenn, Ark,Ole Miss, Miss St, S Car, Vand, KY, as well as The Gators, & AU. WHY??? Because THEIR HAS BEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice LSU didn’t schedule Oregon LAST YEAR, when they were at it’s best. Why is the SEC soooooo affraid of Boise St, Okl St, and OU in the REGULAR SEASON??? Because that would kill their chances, of a SEC team at a BCS National Title. LOL, you know what’s even funnier, BEFORE this season even started, I took ONLY 1 look to see where the National Title is going to be played. As soon as I seen it was going to be played in Louisana, I already picked LSU.Because the LAST 2 TIMES THEY DID!!!! 1 time EVEN with 2 LOSSES, and should have NEVER been put in front of USC. This is getting so predictable & PHONY. It makes the WWE look more real every day!!!!! LOL…

    1. Travis says:

      Why would they schedule any more tough games…SEC conference schedule is brutal enough. Those cupcakes must really hurt when they keep winning national titles.

      1. dave says:

        yeah, Mississippi, Miss State, Vandy, Tenn, Kentucky, Georgia… real world-beaters those teams. Add in mediocre Arkansas, SC, Auburn and Florida, and they’re not much different than any other conference- except for the annoying fanbase. The Big 12 is just as good this year; Big Ten is deeper. Pac 12 in-between. Did I mention the annoying sec fans?

      2. Joey says:

        DID YOU READ THE LAST PART TRAVIS???????????????? I picked LSU to win it ALL, & ALL I HAD TO DO WAS LOOK WHERE THE BCS TITLE GAME IS BEING PLAYED.. Think it’s just COINCEDENCE LSU last 2 BCS TITLE GAMES WERE PLAYED IN LOUISANA???? All the NCAA cares about is PROFIT!!!! Fans would pile in to see their HOME TOWN team win.. That’s called POLITICS Travis!!!, NOT, may the BEST TEAM WIN. Because honestly Boise St has been waiting to clobber the so-called SEC’s ELITE BEST!!! Funny OHIO STATE PLAYED FLORIDA in CFB & CBB, IN THAT SAME SEASON!!!!!!! And that doesn’t seem a lil fishy???? How about Ole Miss ’08, LOST 4 games, but beat TOP SEATED FLA Gators, but LOST to 2 unranked teams which were struggling for a winning season. Then in ’09 Where did they rank these OVER RANKED CHUMPS???? That’s right Trais 9th in the NATION. Funny NU lost 4 games, BUT NONE of them to a UNRANKED team. But in ’09 NU would have destroyed Ole Miss, YET NU wasn’t even in consideration for a TOP 10 vote. FUNNY THOUGH, 4 teams from the SEC was.. Now tell me your delusioned LIES, & I got PLENTY MORE FACTS to throw back at you!!! SEC are HAS BEENS not winners. WINNERS FIGHT & BEAT THE BEST, THE SEC GETS THE MEDIA TO OVER RANK THEM EVERY YEAR TO SOLIDIFY THEM A BCS NATIONAL TITLE, THEN GIVE THEM A CUP CAKE SCHEDULE TO PLAY. SO THEY GO UNDEFEATED TIL DIVISION GAMES START!!!! Ohio State never DUCKED ANY LIGIT TEAMS, they played USC at their BEST.. TO BAD THE SEC BEEFS UP ON THE SUN BELT CONFERENCE GAMES. Playing OU, Wis, Ok St, Boise St, is ALOT different than playing Troy, W Ken,UL Monroe, or Middle Tenn. What’s next for the SEC, are they going to target the WORST of the 8-man HIGH School teams. Makes it look better on HEISMAN RANKINGS huh? Of course SEC is in a NATIONAL TITLE GAME EVERY YEAR, BEINGS THEY ONLY HAVE 1 GAME TO PLAY ALL SEASON, WHICH IS THE TITLE BCS TITLE GAME!!! Funny I remember hearing & reading Boise St said they would LOVE to challenge the SEC, BIG 10, PAC 12, or the BIG 12′s BEST!!!!! NOTICE they said SEC 1st!!!!! So if your BLUE COLLAR chumps are so great, PUT THEM ON THE SCHEDULE!!!! DONT BRAG HOW SEC IS THE BEST, TIL THEY TAKE ON THE BEST, and NO I’m not reffering to the Divisional teams of the SEC ( Southeastern CUPCAKES).

  32. Joey says:

    ooops I meant 1/2 in the RANKINGS

  33. Red Head says:

    I don’t think my last post made it on here. You made a great comment yesterday and that was simple that “none” of this really matters in the grand scheme of things and I agree, that is one thing all fan bases can agree on

  34. kc ron says:

    Is there a Husker fan who remembers which team won the National Championship in 2008? It was an SEC team, LSU.
    Does any Husker fan remember who beat the eventual National Champ in the final regular season game? Answer: Arkansas.
    Does any Husker fan remember who demolished Arkansas 38-7 in the Cotton Bowl? On my God it was Missouri? Not exactly
    ancient history is it? I think Mizzou will do just fine!

    1. dave says:

      Husker fans don’t care about Arkansas, the sec or Missouri. Or 2008 for that matter. Good luck Mizzou, take your rotten fans and booger-eating quarterbacks with you.

      1. AP says:

        Just like the rest of college football does not care about Nebraska or what they did 20-30 years ago.

        1. dave says:

          And yet, here you are… *shrugs*

          1. Rich says:

            Wasn’t the article about Missouri, not Nebraska. ???

  35. Jim says:

    Mizzou belongs in the SEC simply judging by the number of Waffle Houses east of State Line Road

  36. Ben says:

    Tom, while i think you are right that Mizzou should go to the SEC, i don’t think they will compete. Sure they may get that big win once in a while, but like most fb fans, Im sure mizzou fans want championships. Also, even though they would be a good b-ball school in the conference, the big 12 just seems to be a better fit. I mean would Mizzou fans rather play KU and K-State in KC or play Arkansas and ole miss and kentucky. I know tradition goes by the wayside these days, but honestly MIzzou KSU ISU And KU should join the Big East, or try for the Big 10 if the Pac 12 expands because it will happen at some point. Also, while the SEC seems to want Mizzou, do they realize that just because they have the tv markets of KC and STL doesn’t mean people will watch. I remember you’ve always said that KC is a KU town and I don’t know where STL’s loyalty lies. Honestly SEC should go for W.Virgnia, or should have gotten an ACC team before it increased the exit fees. It might be good for mizzou in the sense of stability, but competitively it will be a while.

  37. ThisIsMyHammer says:

    MIZZOU to the ???
    If Mizzou is not comming to to the Big 10, also known as B1G and B10, then who in the state of Nebraska should care what happens to Mizzou

    Nebraska has departed the Texas Intercollegate League, AKA ‘University of Texas Keeps it all League’.

    You, Nebraska are now a B1G conference school and need to be worrying about what happens in places like Ann Arbor (AA2 -AASquared), Columbus, Madison, East Lansing, Evanston and State College. If those are too far away, then start with Minneapolis and Iowa City. Nebraska can look longingly to those short trips to Lawrence, Manahattan, Ames and “Mizzou”. but I dont think you are going to have alot of love to be found at these schools after levaing them to the RabidMadDogs… I mean Longhorns.

    I know… you had a LONG marriage to those schools in Missouri, Kansas, and somewhere called Ames. Even those season ending love bites with Oklahoma are a thing of the past. Make the cut clean and let the schools of the Whatever12 go their way. and get ready for a tough remainder of the Big Ten Schedule!

  38. gymnastics says:

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