Published Friday, October 21, 2011 AT 1:09 PM / Updated at 1:24 PM
Friday Tailgate
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Conventional wisdom says there won’t be any upsets this week. But I’ll find a couple.

1. Nebraska 42, Minnesota 14. Rex in the City.

2. Wisconsin 24, Michigan State 21. It’s Oct. 22 and Bucky finally hits the road. This will be a really hard, brutal, physical game. But nobody’s tougher than Bret Bielema’s outfit. And Russell Wilson makes the difference in the fourth quarter.

3. Mizzou 45, Oklahoma State 42. I remember when this wasn’t an upset. But OSU is top-five good. But that defense makes them vulnerable. I was going to wait until Okie State’s trip to Ames to pick the upset. But I’ve got a feeling about Mizzou. Or maybe it was the cold pizza from last night.

4. K-State 35, KU 14. There will be more purple in the stands than blue beneath Mount Oread. And the hot seat returns for Turner Gill.

5. Clemson 38, North Carolina 21. Little Dabo do ya.

6. LSU 42, Auburn 17. They’ll have to suspend about a dozen more players to impact this deep, scary Tiger club.

7. Oregon 63, Colorado 21. One day the Buffs will compete in the Pac-12. This is not that day. Or year.

8. Texas A&M 35, Iowa State 21. The Cyclones have lost their early mojo. And the Aggies have found some.

9. Northwestern 21, Penn State 14. The Lions are a shaky team. I”m still not sure how they beat Iowa. I think the Wildcats get ahead and hold on.

10. Stanford 42,  Washington 40. Luck For Heisman moves on, in the game of the day.

11. Tebow 24, Miami 17. Let’s just drop any pretense and the Broncos name. This is about Tim Tebow now. And Tebow making his first start with a reunion of the 2008 Florida national title team. We can’t go against the script. The Bad News Fish make that easier to do.

12. Raiders 28, Chiefs 24. I was going to pick the upset here — that would be KC — until the Ray-dahs picked up Carson Palmer this week. This is already a good, young club. And now they have some buzz, some momentum. First home game without Al Davis, too.

13. Lions 28, Falcons 17. Jim Schwartz will make sure to shake Steve Martin’s hand after this one. For those who haven’t seen a photo of Mike Smith, tell me he doesn’t look like one wild and crazy guy.

14. Green Bay 42, Minnesota 14. The Christian Ponder Era begins. The Aaron Rodgers Era Continues.

15. J-E-T-S 24, Bolts 21. Neither Rex Ryan nor Norv Turner have a Super Bowl ring as head coach and both should, well, shaddup about it.

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  1. Pipeline says:

    The Raiders’ game vs. Cleveland last week was their first home game since Al’s death.

  2. Matt in MN says:

    Tom, a few things:

    1. Huskers 55, Gophers 17 (at least NU SHOULD get into the 50′s tomorrow)
    2. Nice upset pick with Mizzou–I am very skeptical, but the Tigers looked really good last week. I just don’t know if they have the horses to hang with Okie State.
    3. You really think KU – K-State is going to be that close? I hope T-Gill pulls off a miracle tomorrow. He needs one bad!
    4. No way Green Bay comes in here and wins that big. It will be tough for the Vikes, especially with their depleted O-line, but other than this past Sunday they have led in every game, and by double-digits in all but one of those. The Packers may win, but close my friend (channeling my inner Lee Corso, though I don’t have a pencil to hold up at the moment)

  3. Pierre le Grand says:

    Look for BC to be closer to Va Tech that the spread.

  4. HansJ says:

    And I thought the Mizzou curators would have the good sense to wait until after the Cowboy’s game to announce approval of a move to the SEC. Look for the Cowboys to shoot some Tigers for lunch today.

    Tom should have mentioned that last month the J-E-T-S Rex Ryan was inducted into the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Football Hall of Fame. That puts Ryan in the elite class of NFL coaches.