Published Wednesday, November 2, 2011 AT 10:22 AM / Updated at 12:27 PM
Patrick Witt Update
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Former Nebraska quarterback Patrick Witt — remember him? — will have a tough-but-good dilemma on Nov. 19.

The Yale starting quarterback is scheduled for his final Rhodes Scholarship interview in Atlanta. The Bulldogs are also to play Harvard in a noon game. Witt wants to make both. According to Business Insider, he’ll try to by conducting the interview at 8 a.m. — then hopping a plane to play the Crimson on Senior Day.

You’ll remember Florida State defensive back Myron Rolle successfully did this a few years ago, although he arrived at the Seminoles’ game with Maryland halfway through.

This season, Witt, a history major, has completed 115 of 203 passes for 1,393 yards and 11 touchdowns. He’s started since 2009 and is on pace to break all school passing records. Yale is 4-3.

Not many quarterback transfer stories turn out as well as Witt’s did.

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  1. BetterRED says:

    This is an awesome story and I am glad it worked out for him but it is really too bad he decided to transfer from Nebraska.

    Good Job Witt and good luck in the future.

  2. hastings husker says:

    Good for him,personally I’m still a little peaved that he tried to force Bo to name him the starter before spring ball,and then quit when Bo refused to do so,but whatever,he’s better off where he is and we are better off without him,cant hardly blame someone for wanting to attend one of the most prestigeous schools in the nation,good luck to him!

  3. Gnome Master says:

    Good to see. He was a class act when he was here and it seems he has done even better than most would have thought.

  4. Tad says:

    good for him. No one in teir rih mind couldfault a kid for transferring to YALE….yes…he should have left Nebraska to attend YALE!!!! Good Job and Good luck…

  5. Robert says:

    He has made his opinions of the University of Nebraska quite clear in many interviews, and those opinions expressed are an insult to all of us with NU degrees. Go Harvard!

    1. Wild Eye says:

      Hey, Robert, let’s face it. Your degree from NU isn’t even worth a fraction of a degree from Yale. Plus, I’m sure the last time you checked, not a lot of Rhodes Scholars come out of your alma mater.

      1. ed says:

        Mine is, jerk. It’s a DDS and I have done very well with it, thank you very much. Where did you attend college? It sounds like a school that offers a double major in arrogance and smart mouthing. By-the=way, I didn’t attend Yale because they don’t have a College of Dentistry like the University of Nebraska has; and Harvard’s is weak in clinical practice.

        History studies would have been much more interesting, and I think, less difficult at times, than all the sciences in which I needed to excel in pre-dentistry, which made them much more difficult to study.

        Nevertheless, good work Patrick.

        And Wild Eye, yes, ivy league degrees are, indeed, very valuable, if for nothing else than bragging.

        But don’t tell us how our degrees from NU are not valuable. Warren Buffet might not agree. His was good enough to get him into Columbia’s grad school and help him become one of the three or four richest men in the world, as you may not have heard.

        Johnny Carson appreciated his NU Alma Mater a great deal, also, as do many more successfully wealthy folks.

      2. ed says:

        Oh, Wild Eye, I forgot to say the University of Nebraska is honored to count 22 Rhodes Scholars and 3 Nobel laureates in the ranks of its alumni, according to the office of the Chancellor.

        So, I’m sure for someone with your obvious intelligence, 22 would seem to BE a lot, considering that it, seemingly, would be close to the limits of your ability to count.

        1. Wild Eye says:

          Wow, a whole 22. Stop the presses and inform the football team.

          1. ed says:

            answer the question, wild eye, And are you a Rhodes Scholar. And which college(s) have you attended?

            By-the-way,senior math major Zach Norwood won a Cambridge scholarship last spring–4 years tuition at Cambridge University (that’s in England home boy) for any graduate school study he chooses.

  6. Wild Eye says:

    I suppose if ol’ Zach Norwood is as smart as you think he is, he won’t be wasting his scholarship at Cambridge on a DDS degree so he can waste his life drilling teeth and filling out insurance forms for payment.

    1. Robert says:

      Witt demanded Bo Pelini give him a guarantee he’d start, Bo didn’t do so, Witt figured there was no big NFL contract in his future, and then he took an opportunity to transfer to Yale figuring it would make him stand out more in the job market. I can’t blame him for that, but I can blame him for the sour grapes since leaving NU. Comparing academic bragging rights of Yale and NU would be ridiculous; one is an elite, old-money, private institution, while the other is a public, land grant university. But I do disagree with a school that has produced the wealthiest financier in U.S. history, a General of the Army, 22 Rhodes Scholars, three Nobel laureates, and seven Pulitzer Prize winners being characterized as some kind of remedial diploma mill. Witt’s commentary about NU suggests a lack of class at best and some bizarre, insecure need for one-upmanship at worst.

  7. Robert says:

    By the way, 22 Rhodes Scholars by Nebraska is a pretty high number. That’s five less than Cornell and three more than Pennsylvania (both of whom are Ivy League colleges).