Published Friday, November 4, 2011 AT 2:45 PM / Updated at 4:45 PM
Friday Tailgate
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

You heard it here last:

1. Nebraska 42, Northwestern 21. NU’s offense is too much for NU’s pourous defense. NU’s offense is similar to a Big 12 offense and NU’s defense knows how to slow that down. NU gets to rest Rex and get ready for November to remember. Got that?

2. LSU 20, Alabama 17. Can we wait until the game is played before we call it the “Game of the Century?” That said, this will be fun. Hard to have an upset in this one, but nobody seems to be picking the Tigers. Both have nasty defenses. Bama is more balanced on offense. Bama is home. But I like the Tigers. Les Miles will roll the dice and do something completely upside down and people will cringe but he’ll win. This is LSU’s year.

3. Iowa 24, Michigan 21. This is generally what happens when the home team coach is catching  heat and the wagons are circled and the home team is good at home. I think Vandenberg gets hot and Denard Robinson can’t play catch-up.

4. Iowa State 35, Kansas 7. Things are boiling around Turner Gill now. Can the Cyclones win one more to become bowl eligible against Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Kansas State?

5. Michigan State 42, Minnesota 7. Back to normal, on both sides.

6. Oklahoma State 49, Kansas State 24. The Wildcats showed last week what happens when they fall behind big. The Pokes score fast and often and don’t look back.

7. Washington 45, Oregon 42. This looks like a fun game to watch late Saturday night, after the day’s dust has settled. I like the Huskies. This is a good young team that’s going to bite someone. Game’s in Seattle.

8. Wisconsin 35, Purdue 21. Last play won’t matter this week.

9. Chiefs 24, Dolphins 14. Remember when Kansas City was thinking about Andrew Luck? Now, they’re thinking playoffs.

10. Raiders 28, Broncos 7. Carson Palmer’s real debut in silver and black.

11. Packers 31, Chargers 21. This looked like a fun match-up back in September, but San Diego’s in the tank.

12. Bears 28, Eagles 24. Jay Cutler over Michael Vick? Why not?

13. Mucho Macho Man wins the Breeder’s Cup, over Dialed In, Uncle Mo, and my personal favorites, Pants on Fire and Stay Thirsty.

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  1. HansJ says:

    B1G Red fans must root for the Hawkeyes tomorrow. Northwestern on the other hand represents the best that most all Nebraskans cherish—private enterprise—the free market—pursuit of excellence. NW is ranked #1 academically in the B1G and survives on the playing fields by exercising their wits, brains, and courage… socialist state subsidies for them.

    1. gw says:

      Hans, thanks for the nice comments. Yes, but we were also hoping this year Northwestern would be at Stanford’s same level in football. Guess like the ole Cubs saying goes, “What till next year”!

      1. HansJ says:

        As an “ole Cub” fan, Mr. Epstein will, I predict, bring our fabulous Cubs a World Series appearance beforetoo long, and hopefully against my other favorite, the New York Yankees.

    2. John says:

      So, by your logic, Dear Old Nebraska U is a socialist enterprise and is not as good as Northwestern because some of the tuition is subsidized by state taxes? You do realize that Northwestern profs often subsist on the same federal grant money that UNL profs do, right? But this is a non-political sphere, so…I’ll stop now. And Go Big Red, and go Northwestern, and go everyone except Texas!

      1. HansJ says:

        But, and it’s a big but, Northwestern’s profs get many millions more research dollars [think AAU] than my old favorites at UNL. NW’s Kellogg School [Business] ranks in the nation’s top 10, UNL’s CBA [my college] wasn’t even ranked last year. If Husker walk-ons had to pay NW’s tuition rate they would think twice about playing football.

    3. Just sayin' says:

      I’m not going to rant, but I wince every time I see comments like this — it’s like people who drive on roads, send mail, deduct their mortgage interest and “support the troops” forget we’re all eager beneficiaries of public largesse.

      If you want to compare one major source of university funding, let’s look at research grants: Nebraska drew $107.7 million in federal research funding in fiscal year 2011, according to its press office. Northwestern — that bastion of private enterprise — drew a whopping $511.7 million in research funding from all sources in fiscal year 2011, most of it state and federal.

      Anyway, GBR.

      1. HansJ says:

        You’re a good man, you know the facts, I just wish the B1G RED had won today. One week at the top of the B1G was great, two weeks would have been better. But, I was NOT suprised…..NW beats the Hawkeyes regularly.

        Just checking how the B1G RED volleyball team came out, we beat Michigan State 3-0 tonite so we’re still #1 in volleyball, and that’s great!

  2. gw says:

    Hey Husker fans, can you clarify something for a Northwestern fan. Do you consider your naming tag line UNL, NU, UN or just Big Red Husker fans. There is this story line in the Chicago Trib of the two NU schools battling for the first time. We had an office pool today that said Nebraska doesn’t like to be called NU. We have three “I” named schools in BIG with U of I being two and IU being one. There are also two U of M. Northwestern is typically always considered NU.
    I’m hoping for a few more points by Northwestern but Tom you are probably close to the right score. I think there should be a good contingency of Wildcat fans in Lincoln tomorrow.

    1. rcshusker says:

      NU to outsiders or UNL locally to distinguish from UNO.

    2. Larry Y says:

      Hey GW – Historically it has always been NU, even the old school fight song (dating back probably to 1890 or so) has the phrase “There is no place like Nebraska, dear old Nebraska U”. During Bob Devaney’s coaching tenure in the 60s “Big Red” became popular and we retain it to this day altho another school fight song refers to the scarlet and cream. UNL is sometimes used athletically, but the term really differentiates the Lincoln campus and university from UNO (Omaha) and UNK (Kearney, Nebraska) both state universities but different campi and different administrations.

      1. gw says:

        Thanks for the insight.

    3. Laura says:

      Whe I was younger I think we just called it “The University.” I grew up in central Nebraska. To us there was no other university and if you said “The University” everyone knew which one you meant. Back then UNK was still Kearney State College and UNO was just for Omaha, so it didn’t really count. During my freshman year in ’76, I learned ti call the university UNL. So my experience was that we called ourselves UNL. I don’t really remember NU being used very much, if at all.

  3. BlueJay says:

    Huskers need to run the ball 50 to 60 carries. NW defense is not good. NU 44 NW 17.

  4. BigRedBub says:

    I believe the NU tag is all those things but really it’s from the old BIG12. NU, OU, KU, KSU, OSU, ISU, CU, MU

  5. BigRedBub says:

    OLD BIG8 , that is….

  6. Husker Dave in SD says:

    Huskers 42 NU 13 NU gets a TD early, Huskers settle down and NU gets a couple of FG’s, one off a turnover and the D holds, and the last FG on the 4th string D late in the game. You heard it here first!

  7. Highdef2012 says:

    Tom, once again your mouth and editorials can’t back up your predictions. Nebraska’s ego was prime for the picking today and proved they should just wrap it up this year. Play some 3rd and 4th stringers, use the rest of the year as training time and call it a wash. Then, fire both Pelweini’s, Barn Cotton and Timbo Beckles and give somebody that has never even heard of “Cardinal Mooney” a chance to come in and coach. We looked pathetic at Wisconsin. We looked liked morons at home against N’western.
    . oh, and I can’t WAIT to see your predict Nebraska 66- Penn St. 2