Published Sunday, November 6, 2011 AT 12:13 AM / Updated at 12:55 AM
Tom’s Takes: Northwestern 28, Nebraska 25
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel offers his key observations from Nebraska’s 28-25 loss to the Northwestern Wildcats on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

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One of the things about handing out Blackshirts based on merit, or performance, is what to do with them when you get a clunker like Saturday. What do you do now? Take them away? They probably won’t. But the Blackshirts should feel strange wearing them this week.

This just in: Rex Burkhead is human. Who knew Kryptonite was purple?

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck will get some attention this week, but there aren’t a lot of good plays you can call when the offensive line takes the day off. And the fumbles and drops. Those are on Beck’s tab, too. There wasn’t much urgency in the way NU played, and that showed on offense. Its early play seemed to say, “No problem, we’ll figure it out later.” Then the Wildcats kept the ball 34 minutes. The irony was that this happened on the day Taylor Martinez zipped throws in and out of tight spots and looked like a passer.

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  1. Sven Bonde says:

    Bo is a young Frank Solich. Good coordinator but a bad leader and a lazy, lazy recruiter. He was great when he had Callahan’s recruits (Suh, Amukamara, Hagg) but not so much with his own guys (Lance Thorell, really???). Get lost Bo, bring on Chris Petersen.

    1. gkchickenhawk says:

      Holy schneike!!!! Bring.on Chris Peterson?!?! I remember when I had my first beer.

    2. Brian says:

      Lance Thorell was a Callahan player

  2. jim says:

    agree with the above statement that Bo can’t recruit, especially the big fellas on both sides of the line. Wonder why Bo insisted on running Burkhead 35 plays against State when the game was well in hand by the 4th quarter? Did we not see an over tired nicked up Burkhead in today’s game? Where was the “diamond”? Where was the offensive line all day? We were put in a position we had to pass

    1. Butch says:

      Total failure and mismanagement of the RB carries as you mentioned. Against MSU, give Burkhead a breather once the game is locked up. Against NWestern….clearly Burkhead didn’t have it, and you have 3 guys with fresh legs sitting on the sidelines…….yet the combine for 1 carry.

      Our coaches are really a baffling bunch, they do things that totally defy all logic and reason. Those guys need to get a clue.

  3. Jay in Singapore says:

    Bo has the unique ability to coach down to inferior opponents. As mentioned in the game articles this is not new just another addition to the tired out story.

    As my fellow posters point out, one of his main responsibilities is roster management and recruiting. I’d say he gets an F.

    He was at LSU and we all saw those big run stuffers in the middle.

    Our defensive players are puny by comparison and people run right at and over them.

    I note that Carl decided to not face the media; he’s probably working on his resume.

    Enough already about “the process” and win some games.

    Given how many Youngstown guys are now coaching here apparently we can say with surety: they have never figured out how to defense cut back runners especially QB (Iowa State, Washington, and now Northwestern!).


  4. R says:

    …I sat under the North Stadium for the entire game, instead of up in the stands. Close observation spot. Windy day. Telephoto lens.

    The pre-game warm-up for the O-line was a joke–Marcel, and others jumped off-sides repeatedly. Joked when fellow O-liners tripped over their own feet, and generally acted like the game would be over after the first Qtr.
    Coach Cotton was doing a slow burn in PRE-GAME ,….already. I’m less inclined to blame O-line woes on Barney, now.

    The kick returners struggled with the wind.The kickers were obsessed with figuring out the wind–Bondi kicks an damn ugly ball, with or against the wind. He has no focus. He is not going to be reliable. Long snappers are pretty good, this year.

    The backs were loose–too loose!? The D-line looked lost.

    During the game, there was alot of extra ‘Signalling” from the coaches/ Bench–there were substitution screw ups (Defense mostly) and the youth of the D-Line was most evident–didn’t know what to do–Carl was obviously frustrated–Ole #51 (Compton) tried to “Interpret” for the defense—but all I saw was –Lavonte David repeatedly begged for a “call”–as N’Western was snapping the ball. N’western fed off the dis-organized D. The D-line injuries were devastating. There was no penetration–no Gap management by the D-line. Safeties got sucked in on run support–and the 81 yard TD Pass was not surprising. Evans looked lost out there.
    #15 played most of the 4th qtr with a useless injured hand. I hope it is not serious. He was a gamer, and so was about 2/3 the defense.

    I don’t blame Carl for skipping the Presser–what could he say ?? Blame Jackson for not knowing what to do ?? — He is a 2 week “project”. Can’t blame him–if he’s all you got.

    N’western dominated both lines of scrimmage. The B1G refs call holding very inconsistently– game to game. N’western held numerous times–but with the blessing of the refs. Next week ? 7-8 calls will be made. No sour grapes–just an important “Intangible”.
    Persa is a stud. Can throw and run. Threw zippy, tight spot passes in the flat/sideline between 2 defenders. Pro skills.

    N’western wanted it more… and they deserved the win.

    Martinez played exceedingly well. More in control. Intensely competitive. Good decisions, mostly. Rex had no where to run–no where to juke. The O-line was poor. Kenny Bell, Cotton and Brandon dropped balls. Marlowe was just intense. Old # 25 looked plain frustrated–like he was #44 from last year ( Mike McNeill) . He needs to get out of someone’s dog-house–fast! Tight ends basically blocked like crap. No where for Rex to go. N’western owned the corners.

    Frankly, Most of the Linemen/Team acted like they drank too much Beer last nite. Can’t blame the coaches for that –Away game ? different story.

    Bo fell on the “Spear” for the team at the Presser. I feel sorry for the coaches–NU just didn’t show up in key areas.

    Unity Council meeting this week ? The players lost this game. Only 70 % actually dressed for the game…Kind of like Wisconsin.

  5. bob jones says:

    There is one thing we don’t put up with here, losing to 3-5 teams, especially at home. It is still stunning that we take 2or3, or maybe 4 games a year off, where it looks like most of the team has no interest in putting out any effort. The coaching staff should give their paychecks the past week to charity, maybe the area flood victims, because they sure didn’t earn their money this week, what a complete embarrassment.Maybe the people on this team who only want to show up once in a while, when they really feel like playing, need to find a new sport, preferably an olympic sport where you only have to be ready to play every four years. Simply put, we are tired of the excuses, we don’t expect to win every week, but we expect the team to at least show up every week. This is Nebraska, we play big time football here, and that doesn’t mean once in a while, it means every week a game is scheduled, period.

    1. HuskerFanX5 says:

      Dude, it’s a game…. Good grief…

  6. ladyhawke says:

    “There is one thing we don’t put up with here, losing to 3-5 teams, especially at home.”

    Sorry Bob but we DO put up with losing to these type of teams. If you look back at Tom Osborne’s history when he first started you’ll find that he had the same type of profile that Bo has right now. Whether we like it or not, we have a young team. It’s so easy for ‘armchair coaches’ to sit back and tear this team apart when they lose. Oklahoma had the same type of game against Texas Tech yet they are staying the course and continue to win.
    It just makes me tired to hear our team crucified when we dare to lose. This isn’t the 1995 Nebraska team-this is our current team. They need our support when they lose, not kicked in the teeth.
    Many thought this was an ‘easy’ game. Bo didn’t. He said last week that this would be a tough game and it was. NW wanted it more than we did. Our boys overlooked this game, plain and simple. However, one thing I think they are learning in playing in the B1G is that there are no easy games.

    1. jim says:

      it took tom osborne 20+ years to lose to a team with a losing record. iowa st about 1994, I think. the schedules were far more rugged his first 2 decades. the teams were always on an an even keel. This ‘us against the world’ scheme of pelioni’s will only take you up to the game. you still have to play. hell; callahan never lost to a 3-5 team. or a team with a losing record.

      1. lowercase_dave says:

        The schedules were far more “rugged” the first two decades? Really? I love coach Osborne, but NU was in a different classs during the 70s, 80s and 90s. We had two tough games per year, most years, and a couple mid-level opponants. KU, KSU, ISU, Okie State were gimmie wins, like Minnesota this year. CU and MU occasionally had decent years, but rarely anything great. Our biggest competition was OU and the bowl opponant. The parity increased markedly in the 90s and 2000s to where now, there are one or two gimmie games and 10 real games.

        Callahan was a horrible head coach for NU, whose best season was worse than all of Pelini’s seasons.

        1. HuskerFanX5 says:

          Well said low…

      2. Tyler says:

        Callahan let a 5-6 Colorado team score 65 on us in ’07. And, really? We lost to ISU in 1994? Boom, there goes any credibility you may have had. It was 1992. We won the national championship in ’94. Anybody who knows anything knows that.

        1. Gnome Master says:

          Hey we have lost to teams with losing records at home four years in a row. Name me another coach who you can say the same about

          1. HuskerFanX5 says:

            Then go root for a different team… No one says you have to stay on our wagon…

      3. huskerred says:

        Osborne would recurit 100+ scholarships, Bo only 85. Osborne use to recurit players just so teams like KU, KSU, Mizzo and Iowa State wouldn’t get them, sorta like tipping the playing field. Henceforth, the new NCAA ruling. If Bo could have done that; Persa may have been our starting QB yesterday. New era, not fair to compare apples to oranges.

    2. omahastakes says:

      Wait a second…I’ve been Nebraska die-hard fan for almost 40 years: what you forget is that Osborne would have been ushered out of Nebraska if Charlie McBride didn’t take the defense to a higer level and Turner Gill didn’t get the quarterback play to a higher level. Without that leadership, we would have been perennial 2nd place in the Big 8 and Big 12. Without good leadership from his assistants, Osborne would only be remembered as college football’s most famous choke artist. He finally got over the hump after fielding one of the best teams in football 25 years running, managing to lose the big games over and over again. Osborne survived a ton of well-deserved criticism because he had great personal character. Osborne’s appointment of Solich started the downward spiral in the program so even Osborne is not off the hook for today’s sad situation. In contrast, Pellini is simply a jerk, people don’t like him, young kids don’t like him – and won’t like him so his recruiting will be poor. He was also overrated as a defensive coordinator, his defenses had huge letdowns when he was at Nebraska in 2003, also when he was at OU and at LSU. He is arrogant and his days are numbered. Nebraska will not be a national title contender with Pellini. Sorry.

      1. Tom says:

        Pelini is no Osborne, not even close,never will be another like him.

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Great take, Pelini could never defend a mobile QB……still cant, that cut back seems to elude him.
        I would like to add, Kevin Steele actually incorporated the new 4-3 defense for Osborne, and yes, Gill was tremendous in developing Tommie, it always helps when a coach and kid can relate to each other @ this level of competition. I think we missed the boat when Pelini didnt hire Frost as OC, he may have been able to help Taylor and Brion develop @ this level of competition.

        1. Army1 says:

          How was Solich bad? Have you ever thought maybe the limitiing of scholarships had something to do with things changing in late 90s?? Players NU would have got ended up at KSU and other places. And look around..all the teams have caught up with each other. Solich was a great coach. Intense and hard worker.and HE was one of those assistants that you say were the reason NU was winning. The world has changed…I am happy that we aren’t getting beat 66-10 like those Callahan years. At least there is effort now.

    3. Butch says:

      This myth about TO losing to teams he should have beat on a consistent basis needs to end, immediately. It is simply false and a bunch of rubbish. You don’t go 9-3 or better every season for 25 years by doing that.

      It is a total lie and a fabrication. Losing to OU is not the same as losing at home to a 3-5 football team that you plain and simply should have handled.

      Quit apologizing for Pelini and his continued inability to get the job done.

  7. Husker63 says:

    Nebraska and Michigan get beat,MichiganSt gets pushed to the end.You cant take any weeks off in the Big 10.If the team was looking ahead to Penn State this was a good learning experience for them.And any fan who chalked this up as an easy win.
    The season is not over and they have a chance to rebound that’s the fun part of our schedule when the released it.They are all BIG games.Lesson Learned.

    1. Firthyfan says:

      You’re right 63. This program is having steady improvement. I saw it in the fans and media before the NW game – the EXPECTATION to win. It has been long since we’ve had that.
      We beat some good teams this year (MSU, OSU). We beat some good ones last year (Ok st., Mizz). We are improving because we have that old “it could have been a great year, if not for….” feeling.
      This program – coaches and players – are learning how to win again. Even TO had to learn. Even the players had to learn the standards excellence that they needed in order to win. The ’97 crew did. They saw that it requires even letting a guy punch you without retaliating (see Grant Wistrom’s black eye).
      I do believe Bo is going in the right direction. The increase in fan expectations is a good sign.

  8. Red says:

    After watching this game, I wonder if we will win again this year. We were beaten in all phases of the game. Not Husker-like at all. I hope they can bounce back, but I have my doubts after watching this game. I hope the boys can find a way to salvage the season. GBR!

  9. Bob Harris says:

    Pelini has shown he is a pretty good coach. He fixed a big leak, took Callahan’s stars, and won about every 3 out of 4 games. This is his program now. His staff and his players. After a second half comeback against Oho State and domination against Minnesota — I was becoming a believer. I’m a skeptic again.

    The score was close yesterday. The game wasn’t. Their second and third strong quarterbacks went through our defense like a knife through hot butter. The game plan and readiness of the athletes were the problem. Bo Pelini’s is ultimately responsible for both. A pretty good coach of a pretty good team.

    Pelini and the troops will have another 9 – 4 year and finish the year just inside the Top 20. Pretty good. Or maybe average when you consider many wins are against pretty bad teams: Tennessee Chattanooga, Fresno State, Wyoming, etc…

    Pretty good is the new normal. Pretty good is what we are. And pretty good isn’t good enough around here.

    1. John says:

      I agree. Nebraska is good, but not top ten.

      Objective people would say compaining about a winning team is rediculous.

      But the reality is Nebraska Fans expect championships.

      Bo can win, it is unclear if he can take to the next level: BCS bowls and conference championships.

      1. Butch says:

        Sadly John, I do believe it is clear. Bo isn’t taking us to the next level. This is his 4th season and yet his worst team. We’ve see the limits of what he can do here, as much as I hate to say it.

  10. Tim says:

    Bo simply can’t recruit. He gets his boys to class, he wants to win very badly, he just can’t get the talent. The title years were amazing because the talent was elite. When Caputo/Thorell/Evans/Blatchford/Moore/Meredith/Martinez/Kinnie are lettering multiple years, you’re just not going to be relevant. If you’re a championship team, these guys are only seen during blowouts or on Senior Day. Bo is frustrated in part because he knows this. “We gotta fix us” is a quote that makes me cringe every time i hear it. Home stretch in year 4 and still losing to a 2-4 team…at home…by being dominated at the line of scrimmage? And losing the second half to Minnesota with 1s and 2s playing? If Bo wants to accept elite program pay and demand elite program facilities and still bash the fans repeatedly, then start delivering a product that is at least consistently relevant and stop with the same dozen cliches every year. Nebraska should expect to be in contention for at least the BIG title every year. For a program like this, certaily that is not asking too much. What we saw yesterday is moving away from that. The thing about the TO years…they won the games they were supposed to win. Even in the lose-to-elite-team years, they always beat the teams they should. Not so now. Losing to unranked teams at home every year, even those with losing records…. definitely moving in the wrong direction.

    1. lowercase_dave says:

      You conveniently left off your list Pelini recruit Rex Burkhead- one of the most popular and productive players in Nebraska history.

      1. Tyler says:

        Not to mention Lavonte, probably the best linebacker in the country. Yoshi and Martinez are pretty good, too. And, oh yeah, our two four-star freshman running backs, back-up four star quarterback, and numerous defensive backs that just haven’t panned out. To say Pelini CAN’T recruit is stupid. The staff needs to start developing these kids a little better than they are now.

        1. Tim says:

          Also LOVE LaVonte David. Great speed, makes plays all over the place. But he goes down, the defense is really really in trouble. Compton is weak in the open field and the rest of the LBs are suspect. Again, lack of recruiting. I would love to be wrong, believe me. But depth is not talent. Having a lot of average players at a given position (DLine an LB) means nothing if the dropoff is significant. If these backups are that good, they should be on the field like most elite programs do with younger players from time to time. They are tentative with Carnes as he doesn’t even get much mop up duty.

        2. Husker Jay says:

          You can’t expected to win national championships or even conference championships by recruiting only 2-3 good players each recruiting class. Go take a look at the recruiting rankings and then look at the football rankings. There is a direct correlation. Plain and simple Bo does not like to recruit and that is very evident in the production of our football team.

      2. Tim says:

        LOVE Burkhead. Great attitude and is carrying the offense most days. But he goes down, NU is in trouble. Lack of recruiting.

    2. huskerred says:

      How does the new recuriting (scholarships allowed) affect our team or Bo vs Tom era’s?

  11. lowercase_dave says:

    Martinez played GREAT yesterday! I’ve really been impressed with his improvements this year in game-management, avoiding big hits and passing. He’s showing why the coaches have him running the show. When he gets comfortable enough in there to seamlessly mix in those long runs from last year with the passing and distributing the ball from this year, we’re going to be lethal on offense.

    I have confidence that Bo will get the team’s focus problems figured out. There are a lot of variables to putting a winning team out on the field- as we see every week in college football. I’m certain Bo wants to win, and I believe he’s smart enough to get it done. But there are going to be bumps along the way. We can help him by being supportive or we can become just another distraction.

  12. Gary says:

    I think the offensive line and defense are having an identity crisis. They’re good – but how good? Obviously not good enough that they can’t see beyond their own hype. Thing is, Northwestern didn’t buy it did they? The only time the defense looked good was against MSU, which raises the question why the coaches didn’t go with the same defensive scheme this time? Was last week just a fluke? Let’s face it; the desire wasn’t there for the Huskers. Surprising that after a week of practices not one coach noticed it? I always shake my head when a coach says: “We were out-coached.”. Criminy, you’re making the big bucks. That’s what you were hired for. I’m just an old man that could see it halfway through the first quarter. Are the coaches incapable of making any changes in a game plan other than half-time? If at all? I want to believe in the Huskers as much as any other fan, but this year all I can come up for as a description for them is: “Questionable”.

  13. @kholland007 says:

    Backoff these are 18 to 22 year old kids playing a game! Get back in touch with reality. I was upset we didn’t win but to call out kids on having fun in pregame, cmon man!!!! If you looked at the roster, and the last NFL draft you would know this season was rebuilding year, but you can’t say that in college football.

    1. Gnome Master says:

      Get off that. When I was 19 rapidly going on twenty I was in a Green Uniform in Diego and then Pendelon practicing for an minor unpleasantness in south east asia and I was one of the old guys. All these kids have to face is daily practice and 3 hours on saturday. I’d say the big problem is maturity and motivation. If the coaches we have now can’t solve this then they better change players before someone decides to change coaches.

      1. Husker MO says:

        Maybe you should watch more college football and realize upset’s happen on a weekly basis.

  14. Gene O says:

    The bottom line is- Northwestern showed up ready to play, Nebraska didn’t. Part of that blame goes to the players. But it’s up to the coaches to get them ready: for that they get a big “F”. I am a fan of Bo’s, but I hope when the home stretch of this recruiting season comes up he spends more time focusing on recruits; and less on blackmailing more money out of the administration by “showing interest” in a school that ends up on the death penalty waiting list. Consistency and focus were how Osborne kept his record streak of winning seasons going so long. When Bo and his staff get that down, the Huskers will be one of those teams in championship games every year.

    And anyone suggesting that Callahan was a better coach needs to take a long, thoughtful walk off a short, broken pier.

    1. huskerred says:

      Yesterdays lost falls squarely on the coaching staff, not the team. They attempted to do what was asked, coaches on the other hand are in control not the kids.

  15. Falcon 78 in Northern Virginia says:

    I’m a Husker fan–that and $.35 will get you a senior’s coffee at McD’s–because I can’t be at practice and in the players’ “heads” during the week, but I am mystified as to how you go from pretty well dominating Michigan State at home, and the next week lose to a sub-.500 team at home, knowing the implications of such a loss. The young men looked as if they were strictly “punching the proverbial clock” yesterday and mailed it in, while Northwestern (obviously) came to play. It will be an interesting game at Penn State next week given the breaking scandal at Penn State, but in front of 100K+ crowd. Remember, on Penn State’s home page, the largest crowd ever at Beaver Stadium (over 110,000) was for the 2002 destruction of the Huskers at 40-7. Crowd noise was a huge problem for the Huskers that day, particularly in the one end zone.

    1. HuskerFanX5 says:

      I doubt the crowd or crowd noise will compare to 02 since the game is at noon. Hell, after the way we looked yesterday maybe we’ll catch PSU mailing it in. My Bo is using some sort of reverse psychology or something. LOL!!!

  16. kevin says:

    People how many times is a guy like Osborne going to come around ? Paterno,Bowden,Stoops, Bryant, etc..point is not often. Pelini’s a great coach, We got beat. Someone above asked why we didn’t play the same D against NW that we did against MSU… Really ? different style of O. We certainly have some D weaknesses, and Bo knows that his doing his best with what he has. Remember he was recruiting for the Big XII. We flat out got pushed around. What’s amazing to me is the amount of frustration people display… Yes I’m disappointed but this is a very young team…. All year long everybody wanted to crack on T-Magic ( Tragic) do we still want to crack on him ? Kid played a great game… settle down

    1. huskerred says:

      I agree with most of what you say Kevin. 85 scholarships has ended eras like Osborne, Bryant and Switzer. That was the whole philosophy behind the NCAA ruling. I for like it. Where I disagree is having a starting defensive line up from week to week is in the long run non-productive. As excution depends on that team bonding aspect, in my opinion.

      1. huskerred says:

        (typo) …having a different starting line up…

    2. Catfan says:

      Do you realize you got beat by a SPREAD team? I thought Nebraska’s defense was designed to stop the spread, which is prevalent in the Big 12. You got pushed around by a SPREAD team that was not using a FB.

      If Pelini had studied the Cats this year. He would have thrown the ball and challenged our horrible defensive backfield all day long, and not when Nebraska fell behind by 10-11 points! Sheesh, when teams threw against us, THEY TORCHED US!!! BO, go look at the Illinois game, the Michigan game, the Iowa game!

      IMO, the game was lost by Bo having an horrible game plan against NU, thinking he could wear us down with the run. Total FAIL!

  17. Phil says:

    The Huskers played so flat against Northwestern, I just dont get how their performace level can rise and fall so dramatically from week to week. The offense and defense sputtered so long, and then tried to make a last minute rally to pull out a win. Somebody better inform Bo and the fellas that doesnt work every game….Ohio State was a gift.

    1. beenaroundtheblock says:

      If you can’t figure out how this happened you never raised a 19 year old boy. Up one day down the next. Performs well today and not tomorrow, why?? Nobody will ever know. Sure kids in the military perform, I was one of them, thats because every part of their life is controlled for every minute. College is shall I say “different”

    2. Catfan says:

      I don’t think Nebraska played flat as much as they played with the wrong instructions and game plan for beating NU! What happened when you were “forced” to pass…instant TDs! Every fan of NU would tell you that the way to beat NU was to challenge the defensive backfield! Fortunately nobody told Bo Pelini.

      I seriously question the guy and his staff’s intelligence to come up with a game plan! To beat NU….PASS, PASS, PASS!!! Go see our last 4 losses for assistance. It will be very clear to you that I’m right and Pelini needs work on his game planning. Northwestern preys on teams that have stupid game plans and don’t take NU (the real NU) seriously. Presumably you’ve been warned about this by fans of other teams.

  18. Illinois Larry says:

    I was stunned by the outcome of this game until I realized that this game was just like all the others beginning with last year’s Holiday Bowl. The only deviation from our “normal” play was the fourth quarter against OSU and the entire game against MSU. Otherwise we see the same thing week after week regardless of the opponent. This is the new normal for Nebraska football. Regardless of how badly we want to emerge as the dominant power we once were it isn’t happening. I think we need to be more realistic about what our team can and will be. All the hype about how we could be national title contenders, division winners, BIG 10 champs is just that, hype. You still have to play the games and from the body of work shown to us so far we are an average team on most days with above average capabilities on occasion. That doesn’t mean we don’t support the players and respect all the hard work they put in, just have more realistic expectations. Iowa is a team with high expectations every year and always seem to stumble (Minnesota last week) yet have a very vocal and loyal following.

  19. Dwaine4OU says:

    Welcome to the Big Ten. That is the way the conference is. Just when you think you have it, another will step up and take it.

  20. 4ron says:

    The mark of a championship team is consistency. Nebraska is not there yet. This year’s team is still evolving. Bo Pelini needs to shows a more human side. His press conferences are very uninspiring! I hope that he doesn’t relate to the players the same way.

    1. Dave says:

      Bo’s more recent press conferences have been great- except the post-OSU one (which I thought was the worst ever). I really liked yesterday how he said the team maybe didn’t want it as much as NW. I mean, that was clear to us fans but unusual for him to admit it. Also, Taylor said maybe some of the players overlooked NW. We all know that, but it’s nice when the team (coach/players) admit it.

      And I agree that championship teams have consistency, but also have focus. We have all the pieces, just need to put them together for an entire season. Easier said than done.

  21. R says:

    Folks, despite what I saw, I am still very Pro-Pelini and Pro NU.

    Bo and his staff have made huge strides in the past few years. No thugs, No cops, No Spiderman attacks on “girlfriends” (LP), …..No colliding with /driving over pedestrians and leaving the scene with a shredded tire, etc ( NU Volleyball-Wake UP!)

    A Good on-field football product 90 % of the time, etc. I can live with that product, knowing it’s AN AMATEUR SPORT.

    A Team GPA North of 3.0. Going to class. Positive regard for the community and themselves.etc.NCAA compliance met. Higher graduation rate(s). Recruiting the right kind of kids to campus.

    My comments simply point out the effect of 85 scholarships on a program like NU–that experiences a rash of injuries–ie. to the D-Line. Carl Pelini can’t instantly coach ability into a kid…it has to exist, first.
    We (by necessity) used some lower level of talent, the O-line took the day off, and some “Seasoned” athletes lost their poise. Fixable stuff.

    NWU was mostly healthy–NU (especially on the D-Line) is not healthy.

    We have NO DEFENSIVE TACKLES LEFT DUE TO 85 scholarships. No use screaming at a Kid who was O-linemen just a couple of weeks ago….and is trying his best.

    Yes, these are 19-22 yr old young men.
    Still love them like sons….but the “System” broke down Saturday and it’s up to the Unity Council and the Orthopedics folks, to address these issues.

    I expect they will.

    Go Bugeaters!

    1. kevin says:

      Thanks R good to see one person hasn’t lost his freakin mind.

    2. Great post. I to am a Pelini fan. What a lot of people say when they talk about recruiting and Bo’s lack of is pure bunk. We have to remember we are from Nebraska, and to get a top tier talent to come to Nebraska is no easy task. Many of these young kids that have offers from USC, FSU, LSU and such have little desire to come to a state that is a frozen wasteland in the middle of winter. The only reason why we have a prayer or chance to get them is because of Bo and NU status as an elite football team. Nebraska will always recruit well in state as do other top teams such as OSU, UM, MSUI and PSU. The problem is that because Nebraska has a lot smaller population than those states the talent pool is a lot smaller to draw on.

    3. Husker MO says:

      Good post R. At least these there are a few sensible people out there that can make a logical comment. I do not live in NE anymore but like to check out the local articles to see the quotes form the coaches and players. As I read down and hit these posts I am always appaled but the comments of the clueless fans.

      Why not support the team and coaches? I do not understand. Sure they looked flat and were out played but after a big win last week, this happens on a weekly basis if you watch college football. Parity is here to stay.

      Good luck Bo and boys @ Penn State!

    4. Catfan says:

      Healthy? NU (the real NU…Northwestern University) was playing their 2nd and 3rd string QBs, as well as their 3rd and 4th string RBs!! Yes, fourth string RBs! Treyvon Green is #4 and had 57 yards. Trumpy and Smith are RBs # 1 and #2. If we had had Trumpy, Schmidt’s 10 yard gains would have been 40 yarders! We also were dinged up on the DL.

  22. Redwave says:

    I think we should all be grateful we dont play in the big 12 any more. Watching the K State vs Okla State game last night me realize how much better the competition and athletes are in the big 12. The huskers problems run deep.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      i agree, we are now in a more softer, slower conference, where everyone has been conditioned to accept mediocrity, and little brown jugs as consolation prizes…… mom heaven.

  23. omahastakes says:

    I’ve been Nebraska die-hard fan for almost 40 years: let’s get some perspective: what we forget is that Osborne would have been ushered out of Nebraska if Charlie McBride didn’t take the defense to a higer level and Turner Gill didn’t get the quarterback play to a higher level. Without that leadership, we would have been perennial 2nd place in the Big 8 and Big 12. Without good leadership from his assistants, Osborne would only be remembered as college football’s most famous choke artist. He finally got over the hump after fielding one of the best teams in football 25 years running, managing to lose the big games over and over again. Osborne survived a ton of well-deserved criticism because he had great personal character.

    Osborne’s appointment of Solich started the downward spiral in the program so even Osborne is not off the hook for today’s sad situation. In contrast, Pellini is simply a jerk, people don’t like him, young kids don’t like him – and won’t like him so his recruiting will be poor. He was also overrated as a defensive coordinator, his defenses had huge letdowns when he was at Nebraska in 2003, also when he was at OU and at LSU. He is arrogant and his days are numbered. Nebraska will not be a national title contender with Pellini. Sorry.

    1. Husker MO says:

      “People don’t like him”? I certainly do. Have you ever heard any of the comments of the recruits…they like him. So does the group of young men he coaches.

  24. dryheatjoe says:

    No wonder Bo can’t recruit. How do you think it plays in living rooms across the country with high school recruit moms watching Bo scream at his players on the sidelines with that maniac face look he’s got going.

    1. huskerred says:

      Really? Its football not soccer! Lets not chew out the kids because they don’t like it. Lets hopp on over to manby pamby land and give them cake and ice cream! Really? My opinion if they get their feelings hurt that easy who cares how many stars they have in the recuriting ranks, they need to go play somewhere else! Welcome to the real world! Absolutely laughable!

    2. kevin says:

      Guess Moms have no impact on their children going to the Military ?

      1. huskerred says:

        Guess he never has seen Saban, Stoops, Bryant or Hayes on the sidelines! Just this new age entitlement generation requirement I guess. My youngest is in the military (USN) and he was let down in booth as he was excited to do things like his Dad had done: such as, carry a piece, run to Texas, assume the thinking position and on the grinder in 95+ degree weather, no service week, don’t do their own laundry and 5 weeks shorter overall. He said discipline is nearly non-existent anymore as parents have writen their state reps and now DI’s are not allowed to make them man up like they did in the mid-seventies. Scary but true.

        1. dryheatjoe says:

          Well I’m not sure using Woody Hayes a a model coach (left coaching after punching a player from other team) is your best argument but in fact I agree with everything you said as it is exactly my point. All of the recruits are from the entitlement generation and most (not all) of the 5 star recruits are using college for one thing- a conduit to a big payday in the NFL and all else being equal, they are going to choose the “player” coaches like Mack Brown, Chris Peterson or Les Miles or even the current coaches you mentioned who are fiery but don’t dress down their players to the degree I have seen on our sidelines. You can say you don’t want those players which is fine on paper but it doesn’t build competitive programs. A coach has to change with the times and this is a media, politically correct driven country exacerbated by u-tube and the like. You don’t like it, I don’t like it but Bo needs to adapt if he wants to take this program to the next level. Tell your son I thank him for his service.

    3. Catfan says:

      Yeah! Bo does look like an imbecile! I can’t imagine how a recruit would feel after having in-house visits from Bo Pelini and an articulate, bright-looking, enthusiastic guy like Pat Fitzgerald.

      Bo doesn’t have much inspiring charisma or upside to him, IMO.

  25. Colorado springer says:

    As a high school coach for forty years, I know that there were always days when the varsity would get their butts kicked by the J.V.s. Football is a game of passion. Ask OU’s Stoops after their Texas Tech game. Ask Wisconsin’s coach after two loses to lesser teams. USC only won by two, Michigan State barely beat, and Iowa lost to a team (Minnesota) that couldn’t hold Northwestern’s jock strps. Ask ohio State’s coach how his team allowed 28 points in a quarter and a half to Nebraska. The NCAA changed the recruiting rules long ago to Nebraska’s disadvantage and Osborne warned us at that time what the effect would be. Nebraska used to win on conditioning and developing walk on players through a superior weight program. Now everyone has a superior weight program. I saw this game pointed out as a trap game in the media before the season even started. Welcome to parity folks.

  26. huskerred says:

    Lets get the train loaded up again this week; everybody needs to be run out of town! Really? The team had some real problems this week, but I dare to say that it was a coaching let down.

    Defensively, as anyone could see when the team is looking to the side lines as NW is set and snaping the ball! Really? Cmon Carl! Where is Green or Baptise this week? Our interior LB are slow, they have been beaten all season, but they keep their starting call? Makes you wonder how bad the rest must be? Soft zone, how long before the coaching staff sees it is non-productive, it has not worked all year, but still we go back to it. Where are there the blitz packages that the Pellini Bros are known for?

    Offensively, is yet another coaching debacle! Beck is stuck on the pro spread. Makes you wonder if he is not trying to use NU as a stepping stone to the NFL? Where was the diamond formation? Thats right it works so lets not use it? Hopefully Beck now understands that even Superman gets tired! Fairly easy to defend against NU’s offense when the key is Martinez and Burkehead!

    Head coach Bo, I agree it is about the process. But I guess the process the fans, sportswriters and critics see and what you see are two different enities. I thought the process was figuring out what works and what does not, leaning into that which is most productive. Not saying that there is no need for a mix, but lets figure out which side our bread is buttered would be nice. Lets develope a starting line-up and sub with those who are still learning to give starters a breather; not show a new starting defensive team week in and week out. How can execution ever develope with no consistency of team players? I am not asking to abandon the process, not in desperation type move, just define, streamline and adjust to the needs of the team, if that makes sense.

    Officiating in the B1G is less than sub standard! It seems that it has been loped sided towards Nebraska’s opponents favor all year. Nobody has said anything about the B1G officials? I seen offensive holding on the NW offensive line all day and they was never called, blocks in the back, questionable pass interference. I guess the B1G would be quite embarrassed if Nebraska came in and won the conference championship the first year. So maybe now the officials can start calling better games, since it will be a mathmatical wonder for NU to participate in that game now?

    1. Catfan says:

      Complaining about the officiating = whining! Northwestern took it to Nebraska ALL DAY. Nebraska was too stupid to exploit NU’s weaknesses…like a HORRIBLE defensive backfield in pass protection. Everybody else won against NU passing…Bo decided to run until he was behind by 10-11 points. You lose. Oh, and your defensive front 7 needs serious work when a walk-on 3rd string RB, and a 4th string RB, rushes for 115 yards on the dreaded blackshirts. You guys got pushed around by a “finesse” team.

      1. huskerred says:

        Sorry thought it was a football game not a wrestling match. You are correct Neb lost, but officiating was less than sub-standard. Glad to hear a 3 point win is ” Northwestern took it to Nebraska ALL DAY…” In reality it was NW bowl game 2011 and Neb looking forward to PSU and treated the game like a scrimage and got burnt. “Finesse team” = a 3 and 5 team, really? Dang-it-boy!

  27. Lucky--13 says:

    Remember this is Coach Bo first season with “his” full staff… Dr. Tom indicated that he didn’t want to much change too fast so Coach Bo/Carl needed to fix the defense while the offense transitioned back to more traditional Husker football. It takes a few years to get the athletes and system to match and function well… All things considered I think that 9 or 10 wins per year until the system is fully functioning is okay… (Of course Husker fans want more.) The Huskers continue to have huge fan support, home sell-outs, bowl games, top-25 rankings, respectable recruiting, etc. In my opinion the offense is improved, the defense is still a huge improvement over the prior coach, good athletics were recruited and most red shirted this year, and needed coaching changes were made. The process continues to getting back to expected Husker football…

    Also remember this is Nebraska’s first year in the B1G with the most challenging schedule possible this year and next…

    I have confidence that Dr. Tom and Coach Bo and others in charge are moving the program in the right direction… Have faith and give the team your full support. GBR

  28. Bluejays87 says:

    Northwestern treated this game like the Super Bowl. The Huskers like a scrimmage. Why the Huskers only ran the ball 35 times is another mystery.

    Iowa and Penn State just kept running the ball on NW and by the 4th qtr they Cats were dead on their feet. Pounding the rock is as much an attitude as anything else. The Huskers had a whole week to be ready for this game.

    The defense is all based on a dominant front four. When this does not happen they are in trouble. Penn State is going to run and run and run.

    The Huskers stil have 3 games left. Hopefully they get the focus back for next week.

    1. 49 years a Husker says:

      Burkhead was exhausted… and apparently, Beck has little confidence in any 2nd-stringer, as he showed with Michigan State – game in hand, and yet Martinez and Burkhead stayed in, risking injury and exhaustion.

      Play some subs, Beck!!

    2. Catfan says:

      Did I read that correctly? Why did Neb only run 35 times today??? Because they were getting nowhere on the ground, Einstein! The way to beat NU is to PASS!!! Look at their last 4 losses! Teams were behind until they decided to pass!

      BO SHOULD HAVE PASSED ALL DAY LONG! You didn’t….NU wins!

  29. Ben says:

    Our defense is just terrible. We could go 0 & 3 these next three weeks. Sure hope not. But man! Our defense really stinks.

  30. HansJ says:

    I’ve been watching Cornhusker Football since 1906, or was it 1960, I forget. But I digress…..

  31. Vegas Husker says:

    Pelini does not embrace the Husker traditions of the past and that is evident by his lack of an understanding of the meaning of the Blackshirts. How can they pass out a total of 21 Blackshirts and think it has significance. I find it very disturbing that the solution that Pelini always gives is ” we need to fix us”. What does that mean??? Pelini needs to fix himself, and his brother and Beck. No imagination with the offense, nothing the least bit unusual or suprising. The defense looks flat and they don’t seem to tackle very effectively. And the sideline antics just keep on coming from Pelini. As someone pointed out who would want their son playing for this lunatic? I’ve followed the Cornhuskers since I was a child growing up, I went to games when Jennings was the coach. I watched us become noticed with Devaney and then Osbourne. And I never saw those gentlemen act like Pelini does. And one more thing……….Pelini hasn’t won a thing…not a conference title…….nothing. Yet he acts as if he is the anointed one with his cockiness and do it my way attitude. Change is needed and I would hope either Pelini “gets it” and does change or he is given the opportunity to change.somewhere else.

    1. FatB says:

      Amen brotha!! Everything was well said with the exception that you failed to bring up Carl’s name. Even though the head coach takes final responsiblitly, your defensive coordinator is ultimalety responsible. Carl’s job should be on the line from this point out.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Great Post!
      I’m down for hiring Tom Rathman…………………………………………………like yesterday!

  32. rudeness1971 says:

    wow this was a tough loss to accept. after reading all of these posts, no one wants to point blame for this loss where most of the blame is due. @ the players. Burkhead fumbling at the 1, Enumwa fumbling after the catch, and the 1st t/o of the game resulting in no points from the o. just the 2 fumbles alone you’re looking at 10 points possibly (assuming we score a td if RB doesnt fumble). as a sports player, like many of us, i believe games are won and lost thru execution. you cant blame BO for the turnovers. the only thing you can point the finger at him for is maybe not having his players AND coaches focused to play NW. Bo is a great coach and has brought us back to respectability. now its time for him to take it to the next level and i believe he will do that. what disturbes me is how mediocre teams are coming into lincoln and playing lights out football and going up and down the field on us. getting beat at home 5 years in a row to unranked teams is very disturbing tho. thats my only concern about the pelini era so far.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      please, we should have been able to fumble 9 times and still beat that team by 20

      1. Catfan says:

        If you had fumbled 9 times, you would have lost by 40! We actually turned the ball over MORE TIMES THAN NEB DID!!! Watch that game again and see just how badly your OL and DL were pushed around by NU’s DL and OL. NU flat out beat the crap out of Nebraska on the LOS!

        Northwestern’s MAIN WEAKNESS all season was poor pass defense! Nebraska NEVER challenged NU withthe pass until you were down 10-11 points! MAJOR COACHING FAIL!

        Get a new coach who is smart and doesn’t look and act like a moron!

  33. Dwaine4OU says:

    You need to think back to how long it took Tom to win a title. I can recall in 1991 when Osborne started the season 1-2 and people were calling for his head. We all know what happended several years later, he took on the Miami and Washington defensive schemes and started to go after the speed. He recriuted a kid named Tommie Frazer who brought them a national title and many more top recruits. Until Pelini figures out how to manage the 18-22 year old kids on his roster they will continue to be inconsistent. I am not a husker fan and do take pleasure in their losses and have enjoyed the post Solich era. Keep your head up Husker fans, 2 and 3 loss seasons will be the norm for the Big Red in the Big Ten.

  34. Husker Outlier says:

    I can’t believe that I am defending Bo Pelini, because I am not that big of fan, but I am a little surprised at the mercurial nature of the fans here — and I am a lifetime fan that stretches back to the Devaney-era. One week he is loved, the next he is a loser. Yes, Nebraska layed a clunker on Saturday and I believe that Bo did a poor job of preparing the defense, and they seem to lay at least one every year right now…and it reminds me of the 1970s with a young coach named Tom Osborne. Anyone remember Wisconsin ’74, or Wazoo with the Throwin’ Samoan Jack Thompson (coached by Warren Powers). And people forget that when Florida State came to Lincoln and beat Nebraska the first time that Bobby Bowden had yet to build a power. And there was Mizzou a couple of times in the 70s — who can forget what James Wilder did one year.
    I am not a huge Bo Pelini fan, but that is because I am afraid he will become a gridiron Bobby Knight. As far as wins and losses — and recruiting go — let him either grow into it or fail. The difference between Bo and Frank Solich is that Frank inherited a Great Program, Bo is having to re-build. And quite frankly, the fact that he is competing for conference championships year in, year out — we should be happy with that.

  35. Welcome says:

    Life long Hawkeye fan. I’ve been telling my Husker friends for decades that the Big 10 ( no surprise here) isn’t the most talented conference. But if you don’t come every single week to play you’re going to get beat. My Hawks prove that theory out year after year. And that’s the single biggest reason why the Big 10 has so few National Championships in the last 30 years. It’s too damn difficult to go through the league undefeated. This isn’t your daddy’s Northwestern any longer. They should have beat Iowa. And they gave Michigan and Penn State all they wanted. So take this for what it’s worth. Enjoy the weekly ride through the Big 10 of up’s and downs. But forget talking about National Championships. When Tom and Harry received their Golden Egg ticket of $$$$$ they handed in their coupon for National Championships. It’s over my fellow Big 10 pals. Nothing personal. Did you see the stats of the Goph/ Sparty game? Well if you didn’t look again. Then you may understand where I’m coming from. A team the Huskers beat two weeks ago almost went down to Minnesota. A team that Nebraska destroyed. But turns around and gets whipped on both sides of the lines by Northwestern. Again, nothing personal but forget about future National Championships. Trust me when I tell ya. The Hawks are not the only team that loses to teams in the Big 10 it shouldn’t. After about five years you’ll get use to it. So enjoy the fall ride. Some years are really crazy. mrod sioux city

    1. Starman says:

      Couldn’t agree more and it proves that talent alone doesn’t win football games.. Gary Barnett took Northwestern’s losing program to the Rose Bowl by motivating ordinary players to become extraordinary. We wanted parity and we have it in the Big Ten. It makes for some exciting football.

  36. Jason says:

    Disagree that this is on Tim Beck. He called plays that are simple and worked against a MSU defensive front that was/is much better than the Northwestern front 7. The oline didn’t execute. Watch the film.

    1. huskerred says:

      Jason, Beck called a great game with MSU…but it had a mix to it. Did you see any plays in the diamond formation at NW as you did in the MSU game? The answer is no it was back to the pro set. Defensively we keep trying the soft zone (which is a Carl call). Just wondering who will be Carl’s starting line up next week? Defensively we see a new team every week. I believe both offensively and defensively we seen this type of game plan once before this year…. Camp Randall ring a bell?

    2. Catfan says:

      Beck didn’t exploit NU’s major weakness! Their pass defense! Beck = MAJOR FAIL!

      Compare Martinez’s numbers against your rushing numbers! Hello?

      Stupid coaching staff!

  37. gary says:

    I am a big NU fan living in SEC Country fan who encourages the fans of NU to not give on Bo and this team. Right now this team is young and talent wise does not totally over match a Northwestern team which is solid but has had a few bad breaks in close games. If you look at NU with the eye test they have great potential but need help on the D-line as everyone has commented. They seem slow and not nearly as physical as is needed in the BIG. Give Bo a chance to recruit and fill this void. Also as most comment a speedy HB is needed so Rex can run out of FB position. The diamond formation would benefit them as some have commented and also possibly I think some shovel pass plays keep the D honest. With the speedy frosh I like the use of the jet sweep, anything to try and get some of this speed in space. I am optomistic even with 3 tough games ahead, and think the talent level can compete if the players heads are in the game. This is just not a top 10 team right now, but hopefylly progress can be made.

  38. Hub says:

    C’mon Man! Wake up and smell the coffee people. If we panic any time the Huskers lose, we will be looking for a new coach every year. You people need to get a life. Keep the Faith. Go Big Red! Stop with all of the Husker bashing. My 8th grade students are making fun of me and my feelings are hurt. Can’t we all just get along? Abby says this is too cheesy. Tate enjoys when the Huskers lose, but he is a Viking fan and doesn’t have a lot of experience with winning and high expectations. Dane doesn’t understand all of this as he doesn’t pay attention very well. Matt likes Alabama. Go LSU! Foley is stuck in never neverland as he thinks the Vikings will win the Super Bowl. Annie justs wants world peace and for everyone to be happy. Lauren wants to be a Husker fan but doesn’t like all of the negativity. Rico is suave. Adam wants Brett Favre to come back so he is still living in Wonderland. All in good Fun. Go Huskers!

  39. FatB says:

    At what point does the finger start pointing at Carl Pelini? It’s his job to get his defense ready, motivated and prepared for all games. Are Bo and Carl a package deal? I’m a life long fan of Big Red and having to watch a very sub-par defense each week is making me crazy. Where have the days gone of having a crazy eyed psycho player like the Peter brothers or Suh? There just isn’t anyone wanting to step up and take on that role. Carl needs to be made aware that his job is on the line. Walking out and declining to speak to the press after that miserable showing should be a hint that he might want to start updating his resume. His whole defensinve scheme is very questionable. FIND some players that want to play! I can’t take watching the defense trying to make arm tackles. This is football and last time I heard it requires you to have to hit somebody. Missed tackles and blown coverages ain’t gonna get you to the big show. Carl, find and understand your weaknesses and make changes. Or the only changes that will be made (and should be made) is your job!! Simply put “NO EXCUSE” for what you’ve put out there this year.

    1. kevin says:

      Did Carl / Bo get any credit for the past 3 years, or who got that credit ? Now I think what happen this year is the Pelini’s woke up and took a stupid pill and can no longer recall how to teach D….. Come on people where better then this. We got beat, move on ! as someone said earlier there kids in college they have a few distractions. Man I can’t believe have angry people get over a loss, it sucks but what do you expect ? I remember in 94 -95 we won 25 straight games starting in 96 I believe we won our frst game to make it 26 in a row, then got beat at ASU and the fans ate up Scott Frost, booed him at the next game. Where does that entitlement mentality come from ?

  40. John says:

    Criticism will always be part of college football.

    Complaining about people complaining makes no sense. See, I just did it!

  41. TNHUSKER2 says:

    I’m working on being a Big Red Fan for over 50 years and have just a couple of comments. I think we are making progress on offense. I wouldn’t trade Rex for any running back in the country. He has great leadership and the biggest heart in the game. Martinez is playing better and with Kinnie, Bell and Turner as receivers I think we can be really good. Tim Beck has done an extremely good job as a first year coordinator. Now for the bad news. I don’t understand how so many players with talent can be so out of postiion on so many plays. Is it lack of coaching or lack of talent. I believe the coaching needs to get better and I think the talent on the field needs to show the talent on every play. I hope the players understand the Big Red Tradition and buy into it. I also hope our fans will never again boo the kids wearing the Big Red.

    1. huskerred says:

      3/4′s through the season and Carl still has not got a consistent starting line-up (less Dennard and David); just a guess but getting any consistency now will be most unlikely. I’ve been a husker fan for more than four decades and I cannot ever remember not seeing a starting defensive line-up change from week to week, until now. Not even in the prior three seasons. Beck is doing who knows what? Again there is no consistency in his play calling from week to week. Never have I seen the Huskers (both fans and coaches) want to see a passing team; until now. NU has always made their mark in being aggressive, in your face, smash mouth football team. I guess I do not understand why we deviate now? Lets go back to what they have done well (prior to the Callahan era), smaller play book with the power I, option (wihbone or power), screens, a few shuttles and add the diamond. I am only a fan, but believe football is a sport of fundamentals and execution. Execution is a key issue and when the play book is larger than the Los Angeles phone book execution becomes only a theory, the kids are only in school 4-5 years.

  42. patrick Mullin says:

    Why does everybody lose the fact that even the poorer teams wev’e faced have had an enormous no. of yards rushing.I think one of the only teams to rush less thn 2oo yds. was MSU.When you have 4 Dlinemen rushing the q.b. and you have no body plugging the holes what else can happen.When we finally figure that out then they lob a pass to a wide open wideout and out run our speedy dbs,yes speedy har har.Either that or the QB sees the opening on one side and runs for another 15 yds.Watching the other teams defense it seems like they always have coverage on the outside.

  43. @kholland007 says:

    hey Gnome Master,
    you are comparing a college football game to Vietnam? WOW, get your life and priorities straight!!!! 25 Year veteran here and I know the diffrence

  44. KC Phil says:

    At year 4 in the Pelini era and no progress. I think now its the right time to completely blow this thing up and start over. I think the Nebraska job will be much more attractive now that it was in 2007. I would bear 2 or three loosing seasons if it means a new coach can build this thing up the way it needs to be. I think it is coaching, look at Florida. They are in shambles without the leadership of Urban Myer. What NU needs is a real coach and we need to do whatever it takes to get them. I think we won’t get the top flight talent but we should get enough talent with a real coach to pretty much be in the running for the big 10 each year. Look at Wisconsin, they never have a top 20 class, yet they are always in the thick of things each year because of coaching. I think with what we are loosing next year on defense and no direction on offense, and with the schedule flipping next year, we will be in real danger of returning to a loosing season, and i say if that happens Bo needs to be gone.

    1. Pierre le Grand says:

      Quit your whining, Huskers. Welcome to the Big 10. You are playing big-time foorball now.

      1. Joey says:

        Tell that to the fans who payed good money to watch NU get popped by a team with a LOSING record. I can see YOU didn’t BUY a HOME GAME TICKET!!! Or you wouldn’t say things like that. If you DID buy a HOME TICKET GAME, and this is all NU football means to you… BUY MY NEXT TICKET FOR THE IOWA GAME!!!!! Otherwise, put a sock in it ….ok?

  45. huskerred says:

    I like Bo he brings great emotion and fire to the team…just watch…..