Published Monday, November 7, 2011 AT 2:45 PM / Updated at 7:03 PM
Martinez: ‘Cats after calls
Rich Kaipust Omaha World-Herald

Taylor Martinez said Monday that Northwestern did its homework last week, and it might have resulted in the Wildcats’ defense having a feel for what the Nebraska offense was going to do Saturday.

The NU quarterback said “they were looking at our sidelines to see what plays we were running” and “they maybe kind of caught on to what we were doing.”

“It was a lot of film study, I’d say,” Martinez said. “It’s Northwestern … smart school.”

Martinez got some laughs with that last comment, but said the Huskers might have to work on mixing up their signals going forward to combat it happening again.

In its no-huddle offense, Nebraska comes to the line of scrimmage, assesses the defense, then usually steps back and looks to a handful of people on the sideline signaling in the call. Only certain ones are “live” – relaying the play coming from offensive coordinator Tim Beck in the press box – while the others are decoys.

Martinez said he never noticed another opponent this season trying to figure it out.

“During the game, I kind of caught on that every time we would look over there, (they) were looking at me for the play or at the sidelines for the play,” Martinez said. “So during the game we kind of mixed up each signal.”

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  1. kevin says:

    Joey,Corndevil, Lowdeaf I’m sure that was Martinez fault to right ? but what’s interesting is it sounds like he was speaking english ? As the intelligent threesome that you r I thought u said he couldn’t speak English, sounds pretty articulate at the press conference.

    1. Jared says:

      Martinez imo had the best game of his career and people are dawging him??? he is improving and growing up each week….It is a process, you don’t just become good over night…nebraska will win out and msu loses this weekend to Iowa, then all u pole smokers will be back on his jock!!!! fake fans

      1. Highdef says:

        .. Jared, odd, are you like trying to self-stimulate this afternoon? In public? Wierd. Actually, after Penn State wins unfortunately, you’ll go back into hiding for another 10 years.

        1. Jared says:

          Nah man didnt have a chance to see the nc this afternoon..i guess it is called common logic…weird how that works…I will reply to this thread sat win or lose kid!!! I expect you to do the same???

          1. Jared says:

            Ps if you want to hear from me more frequently follow me on twitter always on that!! jamurra15

        2. Frank says:


          Really? This is the same garbage you pasted pre-Michigan State. The team is going to lose to Michigan State / Penn State and that will show everyone… what? That you’re a fair weather fan. That you hate Bo Pelini? That you’re a quasi-corn misanthrope? If we win at Penn State what then? I didn’t see any apologies after your prescient MSU musings. Please read and re-read your postings. Tire of them, like the rest of us and post something different.

        3. scott king says:

          Mr. Shortbus,

          If you are gonna bash someone for errors in their posts, check your punctuation. nobody likes an a55hole.

  2. kevin says:

    What potential do you have ? As you mention I’m sure Husker fans want to know ? best burger flipper in the city, best doughnut maker, best fry cook what, what is your talent. ? come on Husker fans don’t we want to know ?

    1. Highdef says:

      Kevin, I realize that you normally follow Wake Forrest, so mediocrity is an acceptable thing for you. You were on Sunday articles all day long, pressing your pansy-is-better theory about the program. Didn’t get any good feedback yesterday, either, did ya? And, stop stalking that one guy.. you’re freakin’ him out.

      1. Preston Gehle says:

        needless to say if you look at stats martinez had a hell of a game who wouldnt want that burkhead fumbled at the what 5 get off of martinez dont like what the huskers do there is plenty other teams that could use your negative thoughts following them. support the team or leave it

        1. Whew Preston—–a few commas here and there would help us be able to tell what you were trying to say! Yikes! I couldn’t even take a breath!

    2. Stan Hartman says:

      No sense in getting down on fry cooks. What deep seeded issues do you have with them?

      1. Highdef says:

        .. it’s seemingly a deep-fried hate there, isn’t it?

  3. Nameless says:

    Has everyone forgot that weve been inconsistent for about 8 years? Its not martinez. Fault. Or tim beck. We have great offensive strategy in big games. Second half of ohio state we were great. Michigan state.. We ran plays over and over but guess what it worked.. So before anyone that isnt coaching or plays football shouldbt criticizing them.. Leave it to the professionals.. When we win everyone likes martinez. When we lose its all martinez. Fault. O all these fair weather fans that go for nebraska when we win games.. Leave us alone. Go cheer for usc or someone..

    1. kevin says:

      Amen brother.

    2. Andrew says:

      Wow, def. You are a barrel of positivity. Good thing your def is high, because your IQ is apparently not.

      1. Highdef says:

        .. that’s it, that’s all ya got there, Andrew?

    3. Huskerfan4lifeidb says:

      Ty…sometimey fans they are. Same old story…we lose, fire everyone/bash Martinez. We win…all is right with the world. Was once told that we Husker fans were spoiled for far too long….it seems so when all these “fans” act like spoiled children when not getting their way.

      1. Highdef says:

        .. since you weren’t here or changed your name from last week, you obviously never read what I wrote about the MSU win not being an end-all to all of our problems. Many fans then agreed with me, as did those that had the vision and cajones to post yesterday, too. You babble here. Make your point more clear next time, instead of speaking through misty-eyed rationale.

        1. Husker4lifeidb says:

          Def…you truly are a moron if talking to me. This is the first time I’ve ever posted on here and it’s because of morons like you. It’s “fans”, (and I use that term loosely in your case) like you and YOUR babbling on to rationalize just how idiotic you are that make true fans read in amazement. I’m sure you love all the negativity you so crave as I’m pretty positive you have no life seeing just how many times you’ve posted and the BS that comes from your simple mind.

        2. Charles N China says:

          I agree with most of the real Husker fans. Its time to get off the teams butt. I wondewr how many people were remembering what the Huskers predicted record would be this year. Most had them anywhere from 7 n 5 to 9 n 3 with a few at 10 n 2. Seems to me we are about where people said we should be. For those of you that dog Pelini think of this as of 2009 Pelinis win loss % was at .714 where was Miles, Saban and Mack Brown. Lets see Miles was at .687, Saban was at .710 and Brown came in at .677. Pelini’s warse record as a Husker coach was 9 n 4 the other seasons he went 10 n 4. I am wondering how many D1 schools would love records like that. MOST would. The problem with these fans that think the world ends every time NU suffers a loss is that they have some dilussion that the Huskers are intittled to a NC every year, they act as if they are some kind of princess and its their right to have a NC every year. The fact is if you look at NWU’s games they were in every game and in most had a lead late in the game. So tout all you want about NWU being a sub 500 team, the fact is they are a much better team than thier record would indicate. For those of you that call for Pelini’s head every time we lose I can tell you this. I remeber the days when they called for TO’s head also. The same TO they elevate to an almost God like status today. The same TO that had a wining % of .836 when he retired. The same can be said about Stolich. But then those fair weathr fans talked about what a raw deal Frank got after he won 9 games his final season. Bo’s worst season with the Huskers was a 9 win season, he still has that opportunity this year.

    4. truehskrfan says:

      I think TRUE husker fans would rather have you take another sleeping pill

      1. Guido says:

        or cyanide …

  4. Matt in MN says:

    Dude, if you are going to pick on Taylor for the way the offense played Saturday, you either didn’t actually watch the game or are just a wee bit ignorant. Taylor was about the only guy (along with a couple of the receivers) on that side of the ball that actually played well. As for the OC, would you rather have Watson back? Or Jay Norvell? Or have Barney Cotton call the plays again?

    And are you really even a Husker fan, or just trying to be the cool guy that delivers only criticisms?

    1. huskerred says:

      No I don’t want Watson back. But I guess just being a fan I do not understand why we try to keep selling the pro set all the time. Especially when I as a fan has seen the success with the diamond. I understand we need a mix, but I have not seen a mix consistently from week to week. No diamond at all this week? Just confusing.

      1. Highdef says:

        .. you’re spot on there, Huskerred. And, where did the short, over the middle passes go to that we saw work so well early in the year and even last year.

    2. Frank says:

      Same old flap. Everyone’s a suck-up except Lord Def, who in his finite wisdom has seen the gossamer thread that shall unravel not only our season, but alas, our corn-soul identity. Thank you. Thank you, Lord Def. Thank you for every comment… dare I say every sentence. Your every word lord Def is like a 60 Minutes’ expose uncovering the lie that is Nebraska football.

    3. High def—-what makes you so disagreeable and unhappy and rude to everyone? Can you not answer a question or comment to someone without make snide and snotty remarks? I would say you have a personality disorder of some type and probably need to see someone about it. If being on this site makes you so angry why don’t you go do something more productive that being so critical of every single person who writes on here. You are a piece of work.

      1. Highdef says:

        Mary, if you would, please take the time to actually read some of my positive compliments to many of the responses here. Instead of picking and choosing what you want to whine about. My original comment that was the first posted, is now offline from this thread, so, you have no idea what I said.

        1. Highdef says:

          and Mary.. simply look at the very next post and you will see my agreement with a post. Don’t be so quick to jump on a bandwagon. Instead, be a free-thinker.

  5. Drew says:

    I think Taylor was the least of our worries Saturday. The offensive and defensive lines got OWNED, that’s where our problem lies. Taylor was 28 of 37 with 2 TD’s and no picks, and Saturday was somehow HIS fault? Give me a break man, open your eyes and watch the same game everyone else does. Everyone WANTS Taylor to be the reason we lose, even if he plays well. Grow up and post a comment when you have something worthwile to say.

    1. Andrew says:

      I disagree. The beauty of the 1990s Cornhuskers was that they only ran about 6 plays, and still, no one could stop them.

      1. truehskrfan says:


      2. Highdef says:

        … I think Tommie Frazier and Scott Frost would like to speak with you privately. Bring a pencil with an eraser.

    2. linda brooks says:

      Have you seen how Andrew luck reads all his plays off the cetners arm?? Why do you think they memorize? Luck is at Stanford too!!

  6. James says:

    Really, someone get this kid a brain! If this was what was happening, you don’t admit it….jeez. Bo must be pulling his hair out, what he has left.

    1. Highdef says:

      James, you’re a wise man buddy. Wish more readers here agreed with you and I.

    2. Me says:

      Why not admit it?? Its irrelevant. They’ll be changing the signaling scheme regardless.

  7. Cara says:

    I thought for the most part Martinez had a great game, it’s just a shame when you have recievers dropping catches and RBs fumbling. The Defense looked terrible, take those Blackshirts back and at this point only give them to David and Dennard, they are the only two that have played their butts off all year at this point.

    1. Highdef says:

      .. right on, Cara!

    2. huskerred says:

      I agree Cara. But lets not put the sole blame on the kids. Everyweek we have a new starting line-up on the defense. Mind boggling! How can any team ever get any consistentcy that way? That is a coaching issue jot a player issue. David and Dennard seem to be the only two out on the field consistently from week to week. Again what about Carl getting burnt not knowing what to call, the denfense was waiting for the play call to come in as NW was snapping the ball. Maybe Bo should take back the defensive play calling, less soft zones sets and more blitz packages would be nice to see, which is what the two are noted for.

      1. Highdef says:

        … huskerred.. one of the most intelligent posts here. Good points man.

      2. Cara says:

        I completely agree you can’t put blame on the kids and the coaching staff needs to step it up several notches, it just sucks you see the potential in these guys, you root them on every week and when they lose to a team they should’ve beaten it just sucks, especially after the way they have played the last couple of weeks. Everyone and even I have forgotten that we are for the most part playing this year blind with not knowing each team like we did in the Big 12

  8. extremekornball says:

    Yes, I too would like to know in what field of endeavor “Highdef” excels,
    other than picking on college kids? Isn’t it time you move out of your
    Mom’s basement, Highdef? Aren’t you late for that Occupy rally?

    1. Bob says:

      There is a Do Not Disturb sign on his tent ……

    2. Andrew says:

      I am so impressed you have a Benz.

    3. kevin says:

      How’s your post going ? I couldn’t have said it any better then the 30 other post. BTW it’s ESPN, not ESNP Read your post you idiot. I have room for you in the drivers seat on the short bus. Love how u criticize everybody who bashed u. Guess we just don’t have it figured out like u do…. oh got to go here comes the short bus, BTW next time u get on the bus make sure you have your helmet……

      1. Highdef says:

        Kevin, using someone else’s comeback instead of your own isn’t good comedy. Be more original and creative, you’ll get more laughs.

        1. Messy Marvin says:

          LMFAO, Kevin, that was too funny. Oh, and HD, you know you’re funny, there isn’t a bigger joke on here. Wait for it…here it comes…a sly and creative comeback from the one true artisan of wordsmithing here, Highdef. You’re exactly the kind of Husker fan I’ve come to rely on for my entertainment. Thank you kind Sir.

    4. Kiwi says:

      Ah, so you’ve added “bigot” to your other charming qualities. I love how you claim to be an adult engaging in open, honest discussion, but as soon as anyone disagrees with you the name-calling and childish responses begin.

      1. Kiwi says:

        There are many reasons to use quotation marks, not just when quoting another person. In this case, I’m using them for emphasis, since I couldn’t underline or italicize. Thanks for checking on my English skills, though. And not bothering to deny your bigotry. It takes a big “man” (quotes used for irony here) to tacitly admit his shortcomings anonymously on the interwebs.

      2. Highdef says:

        “interwebs” … holy cow, how very Al Gore of you. And, just as a clarification, saying someone speaks in “ebonics” isn’t being a bigot. But then if you personally speak that way, perhaps you should simply call me a “hater”, that’s much more hip.

        1. Kiwi says:

          You’re probably confused by the fact that your post got deleted, but you earned “bigot” for implying there was something wrong with having two dads. “Homophobe” would work as well.

    5. Highdef, to quote you LMAO. So you live in a gated community and drive a Benz. I am wondering here, is that gated community located in Beatrice or in some other state run insitution? You clearly are delussional and have an inflated value of your self worth.

  9. Jay says:


    Your a class act. Martinez threw for 320 yards and 2 TD’s with 0 Int’s. Great game kid. If you want to send him a message, tell him to hang in there and don’t worry about dipsh*ts like yourself.

    1. Me says:

      Highdef: Please get a life.

      Martinez had a great game. This loss is absolutely not on him. If you can’t see that and are dead set on blaming him for everything then you truly are a sad sack.

      1. Highdef says:

        A “sad sack”. Dear Lord, are you like 83 years old? Are you the one they caught sleeping again under the viaduct outside Mem Stadium? If you’re going to whine about what I write, read what I’ve said, not what others have written. The loss was not on K-Mart, the loss was on K-Mart’s inability to run more than 8 plays.. all year, not just during the NW game.

        1. Highdef, you must be basking in all your glory today. Almost every post here is about you. It just goes to prove the point that a third grader with low self esteem can get all the attention he craves if he just acts bad enough. Because to them even a bad response is better than no response because they get the attention they need.

  10. Husker1 says:

    Highdef are you being serious? I realize that we have had to dumb down the playbook in Beck’s Offense, but to say that this is all Martinez’s fault is ludicrous. Taylor’s numbers for the game were some of the best of his career, and his decision making was better than what we have seen all year. His play on the 2-point conversion was a awesome. Blaming Martinez for this loss and then criticizing his response to this question is just dumb. I wasn’t on the field Saturday. I don’t know what Northwestern was doing defensively, but I do know that Martinez played a hell of a game. Beck’s play calling has obviously gotten it done for us so far this year. Yes we have struggled at times, but this is also the first year of having this offense installed. Not to mention that this is Beck’s first year as the head offensive coordinator. If you want to whine about losing and point fingers at someone that’s fine, but at least give some facts to back up your accusations. Also I don’t care if we run the same play all game. If the defense can’t stop it, then why shouldn’t we keep running it?
    I will agree that Martinez says some pretty boneheaded things in interviews, but he’s only a sophomore and isn’t the type who likes to be in the spotlight. For those reasons I’ll allow him a few of those comments from time to time.
    This is a young team in a lot of ways, and I think we have a bright future ahead of us. Hopefully we can learn from this loss, and with a little help still make it to Indy.

    1. Highdef says:

      .. oh yeah, ok, you’re right.. “beck’s play-calling has obviously gotten it done for us so far this year..” Yeah, woopee, that Wisc and NW loss , right on, Beck sure got it done.. Lay off the Chantix man. Your rationalization is laughable.

    2. Highdef says:

      … has it REALLY COME DOWN TO THIS NOW…?? Are we now in a place where we have to throw flowers and lollipops to our QB for getting a 2-Point CONVERSION?? Oh, how our standards have fallen, grasping at the most minute points of optimism possible.

      1. Mike says:

        how dumb are you? This game was on the defense and Ciante Evans. We let their second and third string QB run and pass all over us. Our offense is damn good. top 10 rushing? then when we dont run the ball Maritnez finally made a few plays. Maybe re watch the game and key on #17 of the Husker defense, this was carl and Bo’s fault for leaving Evans in the game.

        1. Highdef says:

          Hey Mike…. I’m guessin you REALLY loved watching the first half of the Ohio State game. Bless your heart. Yeah, you’re right. The D was pathetic on Saturday.

          I began these comments by commenting on the ARTICLE. Get back on topic.

  11. BlueJay says:

    Give me a break. The offensive line was still sleeping in their beds. How they could not generate a push against the 95th ranked run defense is a joke.

    The Huskers needed to forget all that mumbo jumbo and run the football between the tackles 50 to 60 times. This strategy worked for other teams against the Cats.

    I give Martinez credit for showing up and giving an honest effort Sat. If the rest of the players did the same NU would be 8-1.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      This all lies on the shoulders of the Head Coach and his old cub scout gang from Mooney High, mediocre coaches produce mediocre results, regardless of talent.

      1. Corndevil how stupid are you? To say Pelini is a medicore coach is inane. Is Less Miles a medicore coach, is Nick Saban a medicore coach? Well Pelini has a better win loss record than both.

  12. Me says:

    You, sir, are pathetic.

    1. Highdef says:

      Outstanding comeback, “Me”!! Impressive. Love your name, too, Me.. very, very creative. I’m guessing “Guest” was too generic for you?

      1. Andrew says:

        I love how you properly inferred that Me was addressing you (Highdef) with his “pathetic” comment – even though it was an original post and not a reply. Maybe you aren’t as thick as you seem. Pathetic, yes. But maybe not dumb.

        1. Highdef says:

          when a thread runs out of room on the right column, it “threads” it’s way downward and re-aligns itself on the left side column. Thus, the commonly used term “thread”.

  13. Just Me says:

    It looks like a couple people here just want to bash the players and call them stupid. They want to pick on guys trying to get their education and play football while they’re at it. I wonder why it is they think they have all the answers.

    If you want to blame anybody, blame the coaches for not having the team ready to play.

    1. HuskerinLA says:

      No, it really seems to be a combination of untalented players on defense (save the obvious Dennard and David), unmotivated linemen on offense, and a solid defensive coach, who is in over his head trying to manage a major CFB program and is delivering mediocre 4-loss seasons, including consistent home losses to unranked teams.

  14. Lucky--13 says:

    Of all the post game interviews I enjoy T-Magic’s the most. He doesn’t have many words but goes right to the point and goes to some of the “grey” areas that the coaches or other players don’t want to talk about. He really doesn’t care what people think, including Coach Bo, but tries to stay somewhat within the guidelines that he is given for post game interviews.

    Many of the great quarterbacks have an attitude… Frazier, Crouch, Frost… Some are liked/disliked, respected/not respected… but they are winners. I think that T-Magic is a tremendous talent and winner. Last year he was thrown into a very difficult situation. This year he is more experienced/mature. To me he is a great talent and the next two years look very promising… Hope he stays healthy.

    1. lowdef says:


    2. Highdef says:

      .. more experienced, more mature, more sacks.. yes, a definite progression.

    3. Lucky, Amen. It is refreshing to have someone at a press confernece that is not concerned with being PC all the time. Right or wrong Taylor says what he thinks.

    4. Lucky--13 says:

      I am also pleased with a lot of the young talent that should match well with T-Magic. On the offensive side players like Turner, Bell, the 3 running backs, and others. Much of the recruited offensive line was red shirted. So we improved in recruiting some great talent on the offensive side which was a need. Also needed changes were made in the offensive coaching area. So I think that the offensive side has great potential the next couple years and beyond.

      It used to be said that if your concern about the team was the offense when Dr. Tom was Coach that the team was going to be good. Likewise if your concern about the team is the defense with Coaches Bo/Carl you know that the team will be good.

      I like that Coach Bo is going after some whales in the recruiting class so they are taking their time to get the best possible talent in the areas that are needed.

      I am very positive with the talent and overall direction of the program. (Thank goodness we don’t have the problems that Penn State, USC, and some other major programs have experienced.) At the end of the day, you know with Dr. Tom, Coach Bo, Coach Brown and others that Nebraska is doing the right things in the right way. That’s what matters most.

      We all need to be thankful that we have such a great University, Leaders and Players that represent the state in a positive manner. GBR

      1. MojoHusker says:

        Amen Lucky, Amen. And Go Big Red!!

  15. Highdef says:

    Dateline- Lincoln, NE: (AP) The University of Nebraska announced Monday that beginning Saturday, November 12th, 2011, all football play-calls sent from the sidelines to players located on the field will now be sent via braille. All 8 plays in the current Husker playbook will transferred onto braille flashcards, and shuffled in and out of each game as players are substituted.

    Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne, in a brief interview with reporters on Monday afternoon said that while his preferred method of calling plays in the future would be with sign language, he reflected on the dumbing down of braille as being a quicker fix to opponents reading the lips of sideline players and coaches.

    1. IWASBS says:

      I can only assume from your comments that your name is HighDeficate…you would be quite an asset in preparing fields prior to planting.

      1. IWASBS says:

        Your incongruous reply only validates your cranial fecal composition.

  16. lowdef says:

    hey, highdef, where did you play div.1 collegiate ball again? i forgot.

    1. Highdef says:

      … I was on the debate squad and tutored pom-pons for Colgate. Then, got my graduate degree at Kearney State in quantum theory, after writing a dissertation in trying to correct the modern thought process of many blinded Husker fans. Oh, and Low-def, call your local cable company. They have many basic cable packages that might be in your price range. You would really enjoy HD.

      1. IWASBS says:

        You obviously mastered string theory, as the one and only person with a graduate degree in physics from UNK…you even managed to crossover from your alternate reality.

        1. IWASBS says:

          Highdef–Try to steer away from Rick Santorum* producing activities.

          *Santorum–Google it…

        2. Kiwi says:

          Just when you think it can’t get worse, you trot out this gem. Talk all the BS you want about football, but joking about the situation at PSU is disgusting.

  17. George says:

    Get a life man. Don’t you have better things to do than going around bashing people?

    1. Highdef says:

      George.. I would bash you, too, but you haven’t said anything stupid. Yet.

  18. Gravy says:

    Frankly I’m agreeing with Highdef and believe he has made a point.I predicted at the beginning iof the year that we would have at least four loses and the next two games,at Unhappy Valley and the Big House will add up to the four.Just have to make certain that the Penn State staff is not invited into the guests shower room.Unfortunately “T” Notmagic will probably start all our games the next two years,ergo our record will NOT improve.Any Q back who looks as though he slipped on a cow turd when he “winds Up” to deliver is NOT heading for the Heisman

    1. Mike says:

      Martinez not our problem

    2. Highdef says:

      Good points there Gravy. Going into a new conference always posted the possibility of going 8-4 or even 7-5. Either of those, albeit not a fun way to start for fans, wouldn’t be so awful. FACE IT PEOPLE, the Big 10 is a powerful league, hello!?!? I miss the 84-14 run-ups on teams like Minnesota as much as any fan here. But those days are long gone. We should only settle for wins of a few points, and NOT SETTLE for losses to teams by a few points that aren’t good teams. W”re going to lose every decent potential QB recruit we’ll have in the next 3 years!

    3. MikeG says:

      I dont think Martinez was our problem this week. I think we have a coaching problem. Carl Pelini putting in a hybrid nickel package against Persa wasnt as bad because Persa isnt that elusive, but everyone on the planet knew that Cain Kolter is a “run first” guy who didnt pose a huge downfield threat. Mobile QB? You have to stack the box and contain him, not worry about the deep ball, especially when one of your DB’s is one of the best in the country. NWU didnt throw a deep ball all game, when they did pass, it was short and over the middle. Carl’s defense works great against a pocket passer, like Cousins, hence the success against MSU but it wont work against a mobile QB. We havent successfully stopped a mobile QB in Carl’s defensive scheme yet…ie, Tyrod Taylor at VT, Russell Wilson at Wiscy, Braxton MIller at OSU before he got hurt, Iowa State QB in 2009, Ryan Tannehill at Tex A&M, and others, but yet other good defenses stack the box against us and shut Taylor down all the time. Offensively, Beck tries to be too multidimensional that we arent “great” at ANY of it.

  19. Nard Dog says:

    What a hilarious article. I honestly don’t think this is something that you want to admit after a loss. However I think it’s interesting that T-Mart’s personality in front of the press is changing a bit. He seems to be warming up and getting a little more comfortable with things. I see this as a good sign.

    On another note, although I was very dissapointed with the loss I think if Nebraska had this offense the last two years they would have been in BCS bowls. Yes, they had a down week. A very down week! However they’ve been putting yards and points on the board pretty consistently this year. I’m not as much concerned about the offense as I am the defense and recruiting of athletes on the defensive side. I think from an offensive standpoint they’ve done a pretty good job recruiting. However there is a noticeable dropoff in athletes on the defensive side of the ball from the last two years to this year. Obvious that Pelini has done very well with Callahan’s recruits and not so much with his own. I hope to see this trend change soon. It sounds like we’re going after some big time recruits. It will take a little time for some of that to pan out if we land some of these guys. That is a big IF! If we don’t have success in landing these guys then we’ll have some major issues.

    Another point that I’d like to make is that Tom Osborne is known for, among other things, winning at least 9 games per season over the course of his entire career. To this point Bo has done the same. Osborne had years when he had good offense and average defense. He also had years when the offense wasn’t great either although his offenses were typically pretty darn good. It took him time to recruit the right athletes to really compete with the Oklahomas, etcetera. I’m not ready to throw in the towel on Bo yet as his performance has done nothing to warrant that. I think if these guys can figure out how to recruit they’ll be ok. I don’t think there’s any question, at least in my mind, that they’re pretty decent coaches. There’s a big gap between decent and great. It just takes a little time to bridge that gap.

  20. GO Huskers!!! says:

    Highdef: Are you really that much of an idiot! Don’t you have anything better to do than bash a bunch of college kids playing in a COLLEGE game??? This isn’t the NFL, or maybe you didn’t realize that. Why don’t you and your Benz move on down to Texas with the other so called football fans. We don’t need your kind in NE. GBRED!!!

    1. Highdef says:

      Go Huskers!!!: Please, read earlier postings here before asking the same question all over again. I grew up in Omaha and Lincoln, have an original felt pennant from the national champions of 1970 that I got when I was 13. I just moved back from 24 years in Dallas. Trust me, I know how hard it is to be a Husker fan in a hated place. I rag on the Huskers because they are better than they’re playing. And, HAVE BEEN better than they’ve played since 2001. So, GO Huskers.. get a spine, grow some cajones and state your opinions, not just your lack of acceptance of the truth, if it’s not your truth. By calling me and them “so-called” fans, you’re admitting that there are many Husker fans out there that feel the same way I do. And you’re right.. there are!

      1. Messy Marvin says:

        No one needs to re-read you drivel, just to be schooled again by the class clown. You need to be less repetitive. Please Sir do us all a kind favor and go back to Texas. (shoulda known)

        1. Highdef says:

          … somewhere, there’s a Toys R Us store missing it’s “messy”..

    2. HuskerinLA says:

      If some 18-222yo kid accepts the challenge of being a scholarship football player at the #3 Winningnest program in history, and then turns in an unmotivated or sloppy effort, that 18-22 yo kid deserves to be ripped and ripped harshly.

      This is NEBRASKA. Get it done.

      1. Highdef says:

        .. we may as well give up our attempts at being free-thinkers here, HinLA.. As a native Husker, life-long fan, it’s not allowed here to speak the truth or even opinion, unless it is completely positive. These Stepford Fans need a new remote control.

        1. Frank says:

          Ahhh crap. Not the Stepford fans line again. Didn’t you promise not to pull that out of your go-to arsenal again.

          1. Highdef says:

            .. Frank.. every time you fade away for another nap, I never know when to expect you to pop back around here. I’m flattered that you’re starting to listen to me though. After you writing that our win against Wisconsin was historic, I was starting to get the idea you had Walgreens on speed dial.

  21. John Cress says:

    The whole game sucked. We sucked. We played a game and got beat at that game. That is all. I still am having a hard time letting it sink in that Northwestern beat us.

    We’ll get them next time. I agree with BlueJay. Run the ball between the tackles 50 times a game. Whenever you see the Defense creeping up, audible to a bomb. Simple.
    Also: See how the Redskins used Helu? Screen Screen Screen some more. GBR. At least we don’t have a Sandusky @UNL.

    1. MikeG says:

      That was awesome to see Helu do so well. Dont you wish we would throw a screen to one of our fast talented backs once in a while?? Good lord, I dont think Beck knows what a screen pass is! Becks philosophy…Lets not try to run plays to the outside because their defense might get mad at us for running to where they arent, lets run at the 9 man front instead.

  22. garife says:

    I rarely read comments or comment on them since they repeatedly seem to be drivel like the ones on this page. I was bored and, unfortunately, decided to read these anyway. Unsurprisingly, people only seem to, once again, want to dismantle each other instead of using critical reasoning skills to have constructive conversations about the subject matter at hand. I continue to be dismayed that we are incapable of getting along, even when we all root for the same team. In any case …

    First of all, Highdef, a dose of your own medicine: “proof-read your posts before you click “enter””. It’s not “”, it’s “” … dude. But actually, even if you weren’t dyslexic (are you?), it’s really not a biggie, just a minor spelling mistake, one we all do from time to time. However, you should not admonish people for making such a mistake and then go on repeating said mistake.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong in running the same “dumbed-down” plays over and over again, especially if they work. This is football and not (sic) chess. Yes, there is strategy, but it’s not a Space Shuttle launch. That’s how the Packers kept winning in the 60s and how the Huskers kept winning in the 90s. Especially in football, simple but effective is a good thing. You don’t need a great variety of plays. You just need to have the right ones that your team is capable of executing with the maximum of effectiveness (i.e. perfecting the technique). I was just as stunned as everyone else that Northwestern’s defense seemed to be at the right place and the right time just about everytime Nebraska ran plays. That should have been statistically impossible given that Nebraska pretty much ran the same plays against Ohio State and Michigan State who have arguably much better defenses. They even worked for the first 2 drives and again the last 2 drives against Wisconsin until we went to a passing game.

    T-mart … sorry Highdef … K-mart (so witty of you), was in a first-hand position to notice that the Northwestern players were often looking at Nebraska’s sidelines instead of the players in front of them and then adjust their defensive strategy accordingly. The only reason they would do that is because not only did someone on the Northwestern side do their homework and watched a ton of film on Nebraska this season, but they cracked Nebraska’s signal-calling code. Very smart indeed.

    1. MikeG says:

      Nail on head Garife!!!! Beck wants to be so multidimensional that we arent real good at any of it we are just ok at it. Everyone used to know we were gonna run option at them and it didnt matter because we were so good at it they couldnt stop it. I agree with you, simplify, work out every possible kink and be great at a handful of things and we would be a more successful offense than we are. Couldnt have said it better.

  23. Highdef is a loser says:

    Highdef, you need to find a new hobby. Clearly you have no life and occupy your entire day commenting on this site. You are not a Husker fan, and should not be commenting on the team.

  24. linda brooks says:

    highdef Why are you such an angry person? Do you not have a life? Get one and then maybe you won’t have to be so negative to folks you don’t even know.

    1. Highdef says:

      Dear Linda, Sweetie, honey, don’t you have some knitting to do, or maybe a PTA meeting to get to? Just wearing red, doesn’t qualify you as someone who does well in psycho analysis. Mine, or yours. I’m only angry in a senseless loss. I know many fans such as yourself try to protect their children just as closely as they try to protect their revered Husker players. Ya know, kind of like The Emporer’s New Clothes sort of thing. “Let’s all just close our eyes, hold hands and sing Kum-BY-ah, make some smores, and watch the Stepford Wives.

      Suggesting someone get a life simply because they don’t share your blind love, isn’t original.
      That comeback went out with the Husker championship of 1997. Let’s move on and search for something
      better in an attempt to be informed.

  25. linda brooks says:

    garife Best post of the day!!!! Amen

    1. garife says:


  26. BoMustGo says:

    When is everybody going to wake up. Its not Martinez. Its not this or that. ITS BO!!! Bo Must Go!!! As I’ve said a thousand times. Bo is nothing more than an above average defensive coach. He IS NOT head coach. Look at the way the team plays. Bo is so dumb he couldn’t pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. You want national championships? Bo IS NOT the answer and never will be.

    1. Highdef says:

      … careful, people will write mean, ugly things to you about not having a life, and asking why you have to be so negative. Being able to post comments here, or, to think for yourself, is not allowed here.

    2. Dotbo says:

      Can you please be more specific?

      Look, I’m aware that Bo comes across (in interviews) as a bit of a low-brow, blue-collar, salt-of-the-Earth type guy. Honestly, I think he plays this card with the media, cause their opinion means nothing. He sees media interviews as a distraction. For all intents and purposes, they are just that. I see a guy who would prefer to get back to work trying to win.

      I also see a guy who understands how to motivate his players. Football players come in all types of motivation. Some are walk-ons. Some are raised on football. Some are intellectuals. Some are more emotional. Bo understands this, and recruits guys who want to work hard and compete. He motivates using rousing speeches that the “intelectuals” out there would roll their eyes at. That’s OK. It’s rah-rah time in the locker room, and execution time on the field. However he gets it, fine.

      We were used to seeing a bit of a more intelectual, conservative approach in Tom Osbourne. We remember his approach winning in 1994, 1995, and 1997. What was his record for the first 10 years?

      Winning means recruiting the guys you need, working hard, and executing. If Bo were not a decent fit, he’d be let go by TO himself. TO would not put up with a guy who didn’t have what it takes to get the job done.

    3. Stephen Johnson says:

      It sounds like you are saying that Bo is leading to mediocrity. Perhaps you want Bill Callahan back. Bo is the coach and has done a pretty good job. He is the head coach and not the defensive coach. For some reason the defense is not working that well this year. I do not know why, no one does.

      1. BoMustGo says:

        No. I don’t think Bo is leading us to mediority. He should be leading us out of it and he’s not. BoMustGo!!!

  27. Highdef says:

    did you mean to use the word “’re” ?? English major. Ok. Online courses maybe.

    1. Frank says:

      You failed to capitalize “did” which is not really a crime of course… but the misuse of your 2/3 ellipsis: inexcusable. English minor perhaps?

      1. Highdef says:

        no, no, no.. that’s ASIA minor. English minor is the guy digging for coal just outside of Liverpool.

  28. steve says: league.3 senior starters on d.3 senior starters on o.we knew we would not win em all.but the program is building and getting deeper.worried bout the corners tho.these are facts not emotional irrationality

  29. kevin says:

    This will be my last post of the week, wasting way to much time. But I want to say I’m relieved I was actually starting to think everybody had lost their marbles…. so reading the positive post here helps me realize MOST Husker fans have diginity, morals, values. It’s absolutely OK to b upset with getting beat. Heck I cussed Saturday at the TV, and yep I was very disapponted. But Highdef, Corndevil, and Joey r Husker fans when they win, and still criticize, but show hate, and anger when they lose. Never would I, and apparently neither would about 80 other bloggers continue to call out a Kid / Kids for the way they played. I will not hang my hat on an 18,19,20 year old kid…His a kid ! I have a child the same age and wonder if the threesome above have the same unrealistic expectations of their kids that they do of Husker football players. If you go back and read the post from yesterday, and from the last month these three continuously bash T-magic, or others… everyday. As a matter of fact they question rather or not Martinez knew the english language, and other racial remarks of players that r in past blogs. Thanks Husker fans for restoring the values that make the human race decent. Sorry for the length of this.

    1. Highdef says:

      … if your “19 year old kid” goes out and gets drunk, then kills 3 people.. guess your argument will be “hey, my kid was only 19?! An 18,19, 20 year old can make babies, can vote, can go to war and can appear on the next issue of Jerry Springer. Your kid is no kid.

      A kid is one of the 12 children that are part of the Penn State scandal.

      1. kevin says:

        My kid wouldn’t go out and get drunk and kill 3 people. R u really that far off your rocker ! u compare that 2 a fball player. You really have some very serious issues. Plz seek help this is no longer funny but sad. You r one disfunctional cat. Highdef I used to make fun of u. I actually apologize for that u need help…plz

  30. DJ (fla) says:

    Jay Norvell was the offensive coordinator, but he never called any plays…that was Callahan. Lane Kiffin does that same thing.

    Bo needs to go all right. He needs to go to a better school, better location, and therefore he will have access to more talent and he will win multiple championships.

    Oregon has about 6 plays. You’d think people figured them out, and still can’t stop them.

    1. MikeG says:

      Exactly, I wish we would focus on being great at a few things instead of average at a bunch of things. IN the past, everyone knew we would run option and yet we still did it successfully against teams that knew what we were doing. Thats the “identity” picture that people keep talking about that I wish we would find. Its like Texas Tech, you know they are going to throw the ball, or Hawaii under June Jones, their gonna throw it, or Oregon, their gonna run spread with alot of zone read, but the key is, they are very good at it, it IS thier identity and we dont have that at all, Beck wants to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

  31. Gravy says:

    Agreed with Mr. John Cress.We get humiliated in our own house by a 3-5 team.Something VERY wrong with this.We are,quite frankly suffering a talent gap.As long as we are able to get only the two,three and four star players instead of the four and five star players this will remain a problem.I’m aware that Ozzie didn’t have a lot of STAR POWER on his teams but somebody back in those days knew how to develope talent.Am wondering what happened to that ability???

  32. gfw says:

    time stamps tell me that “highdef” has spent more than three hours trolling the comment section of this article. wow, get a life.

    go big red.

    1. Highdef says:

      .. gfw… you spent quite a bit of time, checking out the time stamps on every posting here today. My life? LOL.. hmm, what about yours little man.

  33. mac says:

    Why is everyone missing the point? What once upon a time was competition on the gridiron, the wave of the future, besides fantasy national championship mantra is blog site combat. Clearly this is now Nebraska’s most competitive and entertaining arena. This was the braintrust’s gameplan all along…get the fans agitated at each other, create apathy with repetitive soundbites, and then sit back and watch potential recruits chose us as their last resort…so we can call it “closing strong down the stretch.” Brilliant!

  34. Me says:

    Man, this HighDef guy is just a Troll, sitting here for the past several hours, posting every few minutes, just to get a rise out of everyone. Not to mention he’s watching other people posting on other stories, like a blogging stalker… Obviously he’s got no life, I mean seriously, have anything better to do with your day? I don’t know why everyone keeps feeding him..

    1. Highdef says:

      … Hey, Me.. you were here posting a while back today. But you’re not a troll. You’re ME!

    2. Stephen Johnson says:

      I agree, Hidef is just a troll. Over half the comments just respond to Hidef. The only thing more boring than hidef are comments to hidef. Stop feeding the troll. Just ignore him. Frankly, he is not worth the effort.

      1. kevin says:

        So kind of like at the zoo ” don’t feed the ignorant animal ” Your right….

      2. Highdef says:

        .. ok ok ok, Stephen. You love the word “troll”. We get that. I guess the word “hater” wasn’t available?

  35. Huskewer says:

    After wading through just a few on the comments here, one thing becomes apparant. “Highdef” is definately high.

  36. Martinez had a solid game. The lines on both sides of the ball let us down. This is still a very young team, in a new conference.
    A loss like this could hurt recruiting, however, the fans stayed to the bitter end Saturday which hopefully will mean something to the recruits who were on hand. Our coaches should have had the lads better prepared. Beck is a rookie, and we are feeling it. Texas hires the OC from Boise who has proven to be pretty creative while we stumble along with an unknown. I hate to be negative, because I still believe Nebraska is the last best place of college football.

    1. garife says:

      Hey CheezHead Husker! I also live in WI! GBR!

  37. BigRed says:

    Maybe I was watching the wrong game and our uniforms just resembled Nebraska’s. But if I remember correctly, the person you are referring to as K-Mart completed 28 of 37 passes. A few of them incompletions should have been catches. I’m no math genius but that is over a 75% completion percentage. There are plenty of qb’s that would love to have that stat as well as his 289 yards passing. This K-Mart character also had 12 rushes for 53 yards which isn’t too shabby either. K-Mart also did not have any of the two costly turnovers that could have instead been a touchdown. You add another touchdown to our score and guess what? We win. Again, I am no math genius so maybe another touchdown would not have helped Nebraska win.

    There were mistakes made all over the field offensively and defensively the whole game that led to Nebraska losing this game. But overall, this K-Mart character that we are speaking of had one of the better performances of they day.

    1. Stephen Johnson says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is one of the first on this post that hit all the marks and represented a great fans comments about Nebraska. Thanks.

  38. george jung says:

    I can’t believe so many people have wasted so much time and energy responding to a Troll.

    Go away ‘hi def’…..

    and grow up

    Oh, and GBR!

  39. Please go back to the Big12 says:

    Everyone is giving Nebraska a pass for “coming into a new conference.” The point of that is, the Big 10 is having a VERY down year this year. It can only get better. And yet, Nebraska still struggles. Michigan will not be down for long, it recruits too well. Ohio State will get Urban Meyer and become what Florida was. Wisconsin will stay powerful. I think NU is in big trouble, and in a conference that is frankly not very good, and extremely boring, as a whole, to watch.

  40. dave says:

    Haha, love the comments by Marty. You gotta like it when players or coaches deviate from the typical coachspeak and tell you what’s on their mind- I do. He played a great game and I’m glad he’s our quarterback. He’s smart, tough, fast and a competitor. He’s a winner. He’s also still young and still improving. Hopefully we have him for two more years.

  41. Hey Husker Kiddies, why don’t we all just admit to the painful truth! Lets’ quit deceiving ourselves into believing that the Huskers are a good football team. They are not! They have been a mediocre team most of the season and they will finish out being a mediocre team. This team has a poor defense with an offense that still has not found its identity.

    Everyone wants to hang their hat on the Michigan State win. Even mediocre teams can rise up now and then and beat a good team. What you saw on Saturday against NW kitty cats is more of a reflection of the 2011 Husker Football than the game against the Spartans. The Huskers will lose this Saturday at Penn State because the Lions the Huskers will be going against a good defense not a poor one like they did last Saturday. There is a good chance the Huskers will lose to Michigan and possibly Iowa. So let’s all take a good dose of the truth so we won’t be too disappointed with the season ending 8 and 4 or 7 and 5. Maybe next year!

    1. MikeG says:

      I agree on one part, I think we are a mediocre team this year with alot of potential going forward if we use our talent correctly and coach a little better. I am not as worried about Penn State or Iowa, I think they will be tough, close games but I dont see Penn coming up with enough offense and I think we can handle Iowa, but MIchigan….Dear Lord, I think Dennard Robinson is going to make our defense look silly unless Carl changes up some things. Hope I am wrong…

    2. dave says:

      Some Husker fans have gone into the fetal position to shield themselves from the possible disappointment of losing some games. Not me. We win and we lose and we get what we earn. Same as it’s always been. If 7-5 is what we earn this year then so be it. I have had more fun watching the games this year and following along than ever before. I tend to believe that, as a fan, there’s no criticism I can level at the team, particularly in the comments section here, that the team isn’t already fully aware of, so, as with family, I just try to be supportive. I think in the end that will help the most. But I will not throw tantrums if we lose some more games.

    3. Stephen Johnson says:

      Though not a betting man, I would wager there is a better chance we will win all of them than lose all of them. Penn State does have a better defense than we have seen to this point. Perhaps the best defense of the year, but their offense is not good. Michigan has been able to be kept under control by controlling the quarterback. There is enough info out there on how to do it. Iowa looks like a win that can be had but I think they will become a rival due to geographic location. We will know all within the next three weeks. Also, a team learns more from a loss than a victory. I am still most worried about 3rd and 1s. The line does not seem to be able to push around the defense. This was true with Minnesota and Northwestern. Contrary to popular opinion the offensive lines at Nebraska in the 90s did not run the same 6 plays over and over again. They also did not just do man on man to move the line. There were a lot of guards and tackles pulling and going to the other side. We also had more than one back. Perhaps it is time to restore the full back position. But that is up to the coaches. We are just fans.

  42. kkhusker says:

    You need to chill, we are suppose to give a coach 3 to 4 years to build. Now we switch our conferences, so you might as well add 2 to 3 more years. I think our boys are doing greatfor what they’re grouped together to do. We’d to remember we still have a young team and a new play caller. Next year we should be much better and hopefully a lot smoother.