Published Thursday, November 10, 2011 AT 1:46 PM / Updated at 1:52 PM
Osborne releases statement on Nebraska-Penn State game
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

“I am saddened to learn of the recent events at Penn State and we will continue to monitor the developments on their campus. We will hold the alleged victims and all those involved in our thoughts and prayers.

“We have had a number of inquiries from fans regarding the circumstances at Penn State and the conditions they might expect in attending the game. UNL Chief of Police Owen Yardley is in touch with the Penn State police department and we have talked with interim Penn State Athletic Director Mark Sherburne. We have visited with Penn State security and we understand they are enhancing their security efforts for Saturday’s game and are taking extra precautions to ensure that all players, coaches and fans are treated in a respectful way. We also appreciate that there is a student-led effort at Penn State to respectfully welcome Nebraska fans to Beaver Stadium and into the Big Ten Conference. We know that our fans will reciprocate and display good sportsmanship toward Penn State’s fans and players.”

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  1. Glen says:

    The game should not be played. This is bigger then football.

    1. rob says:

      Yeah, that’s the correct response. Punish the Penn State players on senior day when they had no part in this at all. Come on what is this kindergarten where one kid does something wrong and everybody gets punished for it? That idea is absurd, if you want to protest the game then don’t go or watch it, let the innocent players play!

    2. SusanEL says:

      The Penn State football team should not be penalized and deprived of their Senior game because of the actions of some very irresponsible coaches, staff and administration parading as adults. The young men did nothing to deserve losing the right to represent their school and play the game they love. They’ve worked hard to get to where they are and deserve to finish out their season. BUT the rest of the season should definitely be under new leadership and the fans/players/staff should all behave in a professional and adult manner before, during and after the game. This is bigger than football, but should be taken to the courtroom NOT the gridiron. Nebraska should step up and be adult about it as well. We should go in and play a clean game to the best of our ability. Forfeiting this game proves nothing other than we let the protestors’ juvenile behavior overshadow a good sport. Step up Nebraska and Cornhuskers, play ball!

      1. Susan Frary says:

        Nebraska should step up and be adult about it? Are you insane? 2000 rioters is adult behavior? Safety of our team and fans is not trivial!

    3. Steve Jones says:

      Sure it’s bigger than football. But what does that even mean? It’s bigger than your job, too. Are you going to work tomorrow?

    4. Doug Bearz says:

      Game should definitely be played for players sake. Put Penn St. procedes from the rest of the season’s games into escrow account for the victims to be dispersed to them, not lawyers, when the situation is sorted out.

    5. Chris says:

      I think in order to make it fair, they should have played this game at a neutral location.

  2. Eric says:

    Penn State should do the right thing (finally) and forfeit the remainder of their games.

    1. Mike Komasincki says:

      Why should the Penn State football team be forced to forfeit their final games (or season)? The kids on their football team haven’t done anything wrong! What happened in Happy Valley is despicable and those proven guilty will hopefully be brought to justice. So, why make the innocent submit to the brunt of public wrath? This isn’t about football, it,s about the poor victimized children and the people who let it happen.

      1. Chris says:

        Unfortunately the situation has become larger than football. Although the players deserve to participate and pursue the goals they have been working for, if the atmosphere surrounding the game would put anyone in danger it should not be played. It is unfortunate because it appears there are many students, and others connected with Penn State, who seem to understand the significance of the events leading up to Paterno’s dismissal and there are many who are as delusional as their former coach. For Osborne to suggest that Nebraska fans maintain a level of anonymity and not wear red to the game, to reassure people about the conversations concerning a security build up, it appears there is some potential danger in having the game on Saturday.

        1. Susan Frary says:

          Finally someone who makes since! Thanks!

        2. Chris Buda says:

          good point chris, but this fans are hurt and they don’t understand the big picture here, all they see is their coach is fired and the penn state system is being broken up at it’s core, and i’m not sure what is going to happen on saturday because this fan are hurt, and may do something stupid which is what everybody got to worry about.

        3. huskersoldier says:

          tell me where Dr. Tom Osborne “suggest that Nebraska fans maintain a level of anonymity and not wear red to the game”?

    2. Highdef says:

      Yeah, that makes sense. Forfeit the remaining games of Penn State. That’s a real fix to the problem. You afraid to play them?

      1. james says:

        not afraid of the football team,just the freakin wierdos out and about right now in HAPPY valley

        1. Susan Frary says:

          How can Nebraska not be worried about the safety of their team and fans? In other news….2000 students riot and destroy property and threaten people! Your right, nothing to worry about! Those rioters should seek counseling! Sick, or stupid people! They should be and will be ashamed 10 years from now!

      2. Susan Frary says:

        Your ridiculous! Really? Afraid to play them? You may have missed the last several days of news! Maybe check it out!

    3. huskersoldier says:

      The abuser is a retired defensive coordinator. To say that they should forfeit their games this season is an absurd, and rediculous statement/argument. The university of Penn State will play continue football this year; A statement saying they are bigger than Joe Paterno. Not playing the game would give more power to Joe Paterno. Paterno did not live up to his moral ethics that he spent his whole career preaching.

  3. Concerned says:

    For the sake of the victims of abuse — Penn St. should forfeit the game. If the game is played it should be played at another site (for safety reasons) and the gate receipts should be given to the victims of abuse.

    1. Eric says:

      Yes because money solves everything

  4. UltimaRatioRegum says:

    Well, it is one step short of a travel advisory, but I still would not go. That place was nasty last time we were there, and it will be exponentially worse this time around. No thanks.

  5. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    There is going to be a lot of drunk angry students looking for someone to take their frustrations out on.
    Penn State should forfeit all of their 2011 games…….

  6. A.C. Podewell says:

    Cancel the game. The allegations are expanding into even uglier territory.

  7. Californian for Huskers says:

    I agree with everyone here and others sites like Facebook, the game should be cancelled. If no one at the University of level is seriously engaging in considering this than the Board of Regents or the Governor should step in and call an meeting to at least discuss this. Furthermore, the article headlined, “Huskers tune out Penn State scandal”, should be retracted. Is this what we want for our athletes, who are students, to just stick their head in the sand and just trot off to play a meaningless football game? Sure – just hop on a plane, fly off to Happy Valley, suit up and pulverize them. Isn’t the reason we have universities in Nebraska is to address and learn from issues like this? Someone might answer, sure, after the game. First let’s beat them, and then let the players absorb the immensity of the situation afterwards. How shallow is that? Nebraskans are bigger than that and it starts with discussing why we’re playing the game in the first place.

    1. The Big Red One says:

      Amen….We like think that the people we have in charge of our program are not that shallow…But truth is…They really are…The next 24 hours will read volumes about who and what the NU Athletic program is really all about…

  8. The Big Red One says:

    In light of the recent events, chiefly the protests, vandalism and violence that has been perpetrated for PSU’s student body…..If Harvey PEarlman and Tom Osborne & the ever vaccuous NCAA allow this game to proceed and put our players, students & fans at that kind of risk, all for the sake of the mighty football dollar…..They need to handed their walking papers…They have obviously lost sight of their ethics & priorities as well as the people at Penn State University…

    I hope that the Powers that be at Nebraska are prepared to be held accountable for their actions..Because they will be…

    1. james says:

      Agreed,reschedule the game at a nuetral site

    2. TXHSKR says:

      Seriously? OK, cancel the game and punish the players. That will teach ‘em.

  9. Scott says:

    I live in Pennsylvania and I will be going to the game in red from head to toe. I was there in 2002 as well, and yes, that experience was an awful one. But this is going to be different. Despite the TV and print reports from last night, the rioting was isolated to a few knuckleheads. It is going to be a somber atmosphere on Saturday, but I also hope that it is one that all the Big Red faithful with tickets will come to witness!

    1. Dee says:

      Well said Scott. Way more good could be done by having the game. The initial shock is over from Paterno getting fired, drunks got it out of there system. Security will be in place. These current players on both sides deserve to play the game. Penn St. made the right moves this week and Osborn is right.

      1. Scott says:

        This is truly going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all involved. The first game without Paterno on the sidelines in some capacity in 61 years? This is going to be an event. Nebraska needs to make sure they are represented. My tickets are in the Huskers section, so it will be nice to watch how the rest of the stadium reacts. But safety is NOT going to be an issue, if anything, PSU fans and especially students are going to welcome other people into their cocoon with open arms

        1. The Big Red One says:

          What is the matter with you???? …How could you posibly even want to step foot into that putrid, tainted house of degredation, humiliation and pain without wanting to throw up? The house that Joe built? That Sandusky built? The entire place should be razed…The good people of Penn State University, the ones with morals and ethics and empathy for these victims should be insisting on it…Should be clamoring to scrub every plaque, statue wall engraving…every single reminder of Joe Paterno should obliterated…

          1. Highdef says:

            .. so, The Big Red One.. if your brother goes out and commits a crime, you want your wife and kids to be crucified as well? Your logic is laughable. I’m guessing your perfection is without question, right?

          2. james says:

            Highdef,or should it be dork,it is more than 1 person involved it is a “family” of coaches ans staff,who influence these players,go back to your hole in beaver stadium you moron

          3. huskersoldier says:

            What is Joe Pa now, a dictator?

        2. Brian says:

          I do not see how you say safety won’t be an issue. My wife and I attended the game in 2002 and when we were separated from the group we were with to go back to the bus we were treated so badly that I will never ever go back to a place to be treated like that. People running up and yelling in your face and knocking off your hat. Trying just to intimidate you. It was not a surprise to me that the fans in Happy Valley reacted like that even though the victims of this could have been sparred if a couple people would have done more.

    2. Californian for Huskers says:

      Scott, I appreciate that you and others have bought tickets. I have attended every game the Huskers have played here on the West Coast for over 20 years. Some, more expensive than I want to admit. However, if you’re sitting there in the stadium on Saturday what are you cheering for? Go Big Red? OK. Now you have Penn State. Go Nittany Lions???? Really? Everything in that stadium is Sandusky and Paterno. Everything. Let’s just have cheering for the Huskers but not for the PSU. Well, obviously, that is ridiculous. But I said it to make a point. The more you digest this the more foul it becomes to the stomach.

      1. Dee says:

        If everything was Paterno or Sandusky then Paterno would still be on the sidelines. Penn St made a statement. That university has just stepped up and made the initial steps of righting a horrible wrong. Game will be played.

        1. Californian for Huskers says:

          With all due respect, Dee, I think you’re missing the point. Paterno is Penn State. He built the Stadium. His edifice is everywhere. The players are his. They came to play for him. The athletic department thrives on his legacy. According to Forbes, the football department is the 3rd most valuable program in all of college football. (NU is fourth by the way) Penn State is known for defense, a legacy that Sandusky created. As I said, everything about Penn State is those two. I don’t know how to put in simpler terms than that.

          1. Dee says:

            So then Penn St should get the death penalty? They fired Paterno. He is not there. I can’t state it any more simply for you.

            This is a disgusting situation. But your emotion has the better of you. These players are not Paterno or Sandusky.

        2. The Big Red One says:

          Dee, go read the Grand Jury report on Sandusky I posted below. Then you come back here and explain to everyone why Penn State University should not be banned from the NCAA…

          1. Dee says:

            See above Big Red. Step away and clear your head.

          2. The Big Red One says:

            Dee…you step away and see if you can find your tragically absent moral compass…

  10. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    As if the big slow didnt ‘suck’ enough, nothing like an NCAA investigation and a decade long child molestation case to dangle in front of quality recruits……….how do you like your mediocrity served?

  11. Carole says:

    It was the coaches that were doing wrong. Why should the football players have to suffer the consequences? They deserve to get to play.

    1. The Big Red One says:

      It’s not about punishing players. It’s about doing whats right. It’s about acknowleding that there are more important things in this world than money & football..Its about human decency, its about law, it’s about empathy for a 10 year old boy who’s life was ruined & who’s innocense was stolen from him by a monstor…It’s about the young boys Sandusky preyed upon afterwards who could have been saved had Paterno and his lacky’s valued human life and children’s safety more than they valued their own glory & greed….

      Can’t you see that?

      1. Big Red in KC says:

        The situation was horrible, but I don’t see how not playing helps anything. As stated several times those players did nothing. Nothing at all. Playing the game doesn’t mean they are in favor of what happened. It means they are college football players who are supposed to play college football. I just think about those seniors who have been playing 4 or 5 years working towards a goal. Then they are going to have their last home game taken from them for something that they didn’t do, they couldn’t stop, and weren’t even aware happened. That would be horrible for them. I just don’t see how playing a game without any of the people involved in teh crime participating make the situation any worse.

      2. Californian for Huskers says:

        Big Red One. Thanks. You said it with clarity and perspective. I’ve appreciated everything you posted today.

      3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        yes yes yes im a believer, lock them all up in the state pen

  12. The Big Red One says:

    I only read the first few pages…But this is what they got on Sandusky so far and why all the assistants and higher ups are being involved. It pretty much proves that Paterno and everyone else knew what was happening…

    And they still did nothing…

    This is why Joe Pa belongs in prison…And why this game and all other PSU games should be forfeit…

    1. The Big Red One says:

      After reading this….PSU doesn’t even deserve to be in the NCAA….

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


        1. Linda Weinmaster says:


    2. Californian for Huskers says:

      Apparently, it mentions in the Grand Jury testimony that Joe Pa downplays the information when assistant coach Mike McQueary came to him and reported seeing Sandusky in the Penn State showers with a young boy. Although, he reported something to the AD, I think that is possibly what the Board of Regents reacted to is what he said in the grand jury investigation and explains why Paterno just stopped there instead of pursuing it any further.

  13. JG says:

    Why punish the players of both teams for what people no longer involved with situation did? I have a feeling McQeary will not be associated with the game in any way so why not play the game? What does it solve or what does it help to not play? What happened is absolutely despicable but the players had nothing to do with it. I would imagine by saturday the un-happy JoPa fans that rioted will come to their senses and realize how wrong he was for not putting an end to this in 2002, and I don’t see any issues for NU fans, no more than normal. If you don’t want to attend or watch in protest then by all means go for it. I think it’s why they fired him yesterday, so the game could be played.

    1. Highdef says:

      Very good points there, JG. Wish more people had higher amounts of brain cells.

    2. The Big Red One says:

      It’s not about punishing players. It’s about doing whats right. It’s about acknowleding that there are more important things in this world than money & football..Its about human decency, its about law, it’s about empathy for a 10 year old boy who’s life was ruined & who’s innocense was stolen from him by a monstor…It’s about the young boys he prayed upon afterwards who could have been saved had Paterno and his lackies valued human life and children’s safety more than they valued their own greed….

      Can’t you see that?

      1. Highdef says:

        .. not playing a simple football game is gonna give a now 20 year old man, back his “innocence” ? ? ? ? Maybe you missed the debacle that you catholic church is going through , too, right?

      2. Skytown J says:

        It’s not about a 10 year old. It’s about any child that was ever victimized, and the adults who could’ve stepped in, but instead turned their backs and tried to pretend it didn’t happen. If Penn St could take a giant gulp of ipecac right now, that might help. They will be writing a bunch of checks in the not to distant future with lots of zeroes on them. But that won’t fix these now young men. However I see no value in cancelling Saturday’s game. What needs to happen is for the acting president of the university to address the crowd, and ask for about 10 minutes of silence from the crowd, and the nation, to acknowledge the suffering of those victims, ask for forgiveness and prayers, and to try to begin the healing process from that day forward.

      3. Huskergirl59 says:

        Big Red One

        Stop, take a deep breath, NOW LISTEN. THE PSU players had NOTHING to do with what is happening. THEY deserve to play, that is why they came to PSU!!!! Let us let the justice system take care of the guilty, let the civil system compensate those poor boys/men who were involved. YOU need to be reminded that almost all of the victims are adults now. PSU has been playing all along, should they forfeit all of their games since 1994? You are being absolutely ridiculous!!

    3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      didnt current players for USC just get punished?

  14. Highdef says:

    So many people in here want to be the first to cast their stones. I’m guessing all of their backyards are full of rocks.

  15. bleedred says:

    We march in to Happy Valley and play this Game…..These players should not be punished for something they never knew about.They need the senior day and to celebrate that. As a husker fan I was there in 2002 and will be there on saturday with all my red on..As faithful Nebraska fans we need to support both teams but we also need the win……..

    1. Californian for Huskers says:

      Why do you think they went to the extent to cover it up in the first place. So Penn State, in all of it’s glory, can go out and take the field to play the likes of Nebraska. Don’t you see the hypocrisy in all of this? It’s not against the players. Don’t you get it. It’s about the victims. The fact the players are on the field is because of the system that led to the cover up. Think about it for awhile.

      1. Big Red in KC says:

        The university of Penn State did not commit this crime or cover it. The students, athletes, and professors did nothing wrong nor did they even know anything wrong happened. The victims deserve our thoughts and prayers. But punishing people who HAD NOTHING TO DO with the crime makes no sense. Penn State football didn’t rape a little boy. Certain people did that and helped cover it up. They deserve what is coming to them and much more. I just don’t see what cancelling the game does for anyone. It won’t do anything to Paterno, Sandusky, and Co. It won’t help or mean anything to the victims. And it only hurts those who weren’t invovled.

  16. Lon Richards says:

    Reading some of these quotes are almost as sickening as what happened in the showers there at Penn St. Find all of the people responsible for those pathetic acts, and send them to prison!!..Joe Paterno will have to pay for not stepping up for whatever reasons he didn’t at the time!! The college football game between the two schools are not involved in what happened ,let them play the game… Penn St. has fired Paterno and more people will have to pay for not reporting what happened almost ten years ago!!.Hopefuly these kids will be able to leave this terrible situation in their past,and can move on with their life, and have been able to get all of the professional help they’ve needed all along since the beginning of all of this!!…That is it, don’t give this anymore life….

  17. Californian for Huskers says:

    I am done here. People don’t understand if you say the game must go on, then you are marginalizing the victims and putting it in an abstract place to disassociate it with the events surrounding the tragedy.

    I hope and pray you none of you ever have a child or grandchild who is the victim of a sick predator like this.

    Everything that was done in a coverup was done so the GAME WOULD GO ON.

  18. Joey says:

    ENOUGH WITH THE JOEPA STORIES. I ALMOST THOUGHT THIS WAS THE NITTANY LIONS POST!!!!! Is there any questions on, is T-Tragic’s starting QB spot FINALLY going to be be challenged by a MORE deserving QB’s like Turner, Carnes, or even Marsh next season?? Or has Carl seen his last days at NU as DC??? Or will they hire a REAL DL coach, or DB coach?? Or better yet a REAL QB coach to help the QB’s to become more effective option and passing QB??? Instead there’s this… Look Joe is fired, it was a disgusting thing those kids had to endure. Now that it’s being corrected, LET IT GO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! Write to the Penn State Journal, or ESPN, or the NCAA administrators, or whatever. DWELLING ON IT DON’T CHANGE WHAT HAPPENED!!!! So can we ALL get back to NU sports???

  19. Dawn says:

    I am going and wearing my RED with pride!!! From a Nebraska fan from PA!!! GO BIG RED!

    1. dennis says:

      I do not think cancelling the game is an answer, but why can they not play at a neutral site, and save possible problems with crowd control issues? Why would such well educated folks, want to make themselves responsible for potentially putting fans/players/coaches of either school in a situation in which they could be injured. What am I missing here? Seems like they could be setting themselves up for further problems, by Saturday night. Though I hope I am seriously wrong, and it is a great game, and of course the Huskers kick some Nittany Lion a…..Go Big Red!!

  20. The Big Red One says:

    Been following this off and on all day…. You can sure tell who the non parents are on this board. I can’t help but wonder that if that had been one of their children in that shower if they would still be posting the way they are…

    I’m done here…

    1. TXHSKR says:

      Yeah!!!! he is done.

  21. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    This is how the big slow creates interest in their games, its called the ‘dumpster fire’ effect.
    Where is Maury Povich when you need him?

  22. Travis says:

    I like pizza!!

  23. @kholland007 says:

    Without reading the other comments, if I was incharge, we wouldn’t be making this trip. Even if we had to take a loss. It would be a win, in every other column and probably named national champs for taking a stand. There isn’t an innocent person on the Penn State staff. They all knew who and what Sandusky was. Take a stand, there aren’t two sides of the fence here, only one, the right side. Teach these kids that not reporting a crime is wrong.

    1. The Big Red One says:

      As I said in an earlier post…Everyone will learn VOLUMES about where Tom Osborne’s & the Nebraska Cornhuskers moral compass are when this game proceeds as plannned on Saturday…

      I for one am done with this Orginzation…They are disgraceful, greedy cowards…My tickets are in the trash can and I will never buy another one…

      1. Highdef says:

        which of your tickets are in the trash? and, what dumpster do I drive to?

        1. The Big Red One says:

          the one with the big bright glo in the dark crosshairs on it…Doesn’t surprise me at all that a piece of trash like you would dig in the trash…for trash….

          You just take your time in that dumpster…I’ll be along shortly…. :)

  24. AL says:

    I would be a republican if Coach Osborne asked. He’s the best. Ever.