Published Thursday, November 10, 2011 AT 1:17 AM / Updated at 2:34 AM
The Joe won’t go on. Should the show?
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

A surreal, out-of-body week just got weirder.

Joe Paterno was fired on Wednesday night, and though that wasn’t necessarily the shock you would have thought, say, last week, the reaction was strong and passionate.

Late last night, TV images showed students gathering in downtown State College, by the thousands. Most in protest. Some just to see what was going on or what might happen.

A TV truck was overturned. It sounds there were a couple of arrests. An ESPN reporter was hit in the leg with a small rock. Film at 10.

Overall, it looked like a peaceful demonstration.

But what does that mean for the men in red this weekend?

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague, Dirk Chatelain, wrote that Saturday’s game shouldn’t be played. His reasoning was more of a moral stand, that there were more important issues to tackle this weekend. I disagreed with that action, but he makes a good point.

But after watching the scene Wednesday night, I wonder if Nebraska officials, coaches, players and fans should be concerned about their safety.

I think that’s a legitimate concern.

While last night was peaceful, the reaction toward Paterno’s exit has just begun. And Paterno might have a news conference on Thursday. Who’s to say what might happen next? Who’s to say if it could escalate again, and possibly into Saturday. The first football game without Paterno would be a logical time for a protest. Perhaps heated.

When you take down an icon, and the school president, in one sitting, that’s a full night. The Penn State campus is going to be unsettled for a while.

Is it a good idea to hold a football game, in a stadium that holds over 100,000?

I’m sure Nebraska officials will be monitoring the situation tomorrow. So will we. Stay tuned.

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  1. jason says:

    Bo n the Huskers should stay home. Our coaching staff n players are too young too handle a hostile situation like this. Big ten n Delaney have a major PR fiasco on there hands. Osborne has to be second guessing this move to the big ten. He needs to step n tell the big ten this game against penn st must be cancelled!!

    1. Husker Jay says:

      Yeah, b/c should have foreseen the scandal at Penn State.

    2. Ken says:

      Penn State & Nebraska officials should be discussing what extra security measures will be taken for Saturday’s game. The fan safety of Nebraskan’s is even more challanging issue on how you protect them from a few jerks who will try something harmful. For the football team, they at least should do things like swap sides of the field the team stands on, surround the visiting team with a blend of State Patrol and National Guard for safety concerns. Also, I wonder if the game could actually be moved at this late date to Pittsburgh or Philly? Yes, those stadiums don’t hold 110K, yet they should put the safety aspect for players and fans first.

    3. Jason says:

      You do know that all these people that are saying STAY HOME are fans that don’t have tickets to the game. If you are asking for advice on here, you’re crazy

      1. Rickenaz says:

        Yet where the rubber meets the road this is just a sport. As much as a enjoy it, just a sport. The FACTS are that people who go there say they are often treated badly, and now we have many folks fumed about Joe Pa. Truth be told there are NO security measures that can be taken to keep our team and fans safe. If we go and play a great game and win out, it honesly is hard to say how some of their fans will react. I for one see this an an unaceptable risk. We really should have canceled this game. I will still tune in and pray for the best. Hopefully enough time has passed and nothing of much note will happen but then again, who thought that a riot would take place a few days ago?

    4. Mike says:

      Questioning the move to the B1G because of the actions of one school… one sport? Sorry….that just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    5. Alan says:

      I’m a Nebr alumni and live two hours from Happy (Not so Happy Valley). I was planning to go to the game. Not now. I’m hoping that the stadium will be half empty to show support for the victims. I kinda doubt it though. The mongers will snuff up the tickets just to say they were at the game. GBR.

  2. Eric says:

    Well, Tom, it didn’t look too peaceful to me. Ever since this story first broke, I’ve been concerned about the potential safety issues associated with Saturday’s game. Having been to Beaver Stadium on previous game days, I’m well aware that Penn State fans make the Colorado hooligans look like choir boys at Sunday Mass. The extreme nonsense usually goes on before, during, and after games. In light of Paterno’s sacking and last night’s display of typical Penn State class and decorum, my safety concerns are now at a very high level. The idea of not playing Saturday’s game doesn’t feel right to me, but the decision-makers need to give the matter serious consideration. Very serious consideration.

  3. Terry says:

    I’m a Nebraska season ticket holder living in Florida. We are scheduled to fly to PSU for the game, but having mixed emotions. The safety issue wasn’t the big issue, until now. My issue is that going to the game, is that showing disrespect to the victims of this tragedy. I’d like to hear from HUSKER fans what they would do?

    1. Don says:

      Watch the news. Extra security should happen, but I think I would wait and see. This could get real ugly. I think I would stay away unless you you and your group are a bunch of “bouncer-types”.

      1. A.C. Podewell says:

        Stay away.

        1. Randy says:

          If you want to go to the game, you should go. I would suggest not wearing red though. If you don’t stick out then they won’t bother you. If I had tickets and a ride to the game, I’d go but I wouldn’t be waving the Big Red flag around while I was there.
          It will be quite the site to be seen in Happy Valley. Just go to watch it all unfold.

          1. Chris says:

            Go to the airport and get on that plane. Show the PSU fans how Husker Nation supports them. Be gracious and display the integrity we Husker fans show.

          2. Zach says:

            Agreed. I don’t understand how not attending a football game shows support to the victims. We can all agree that what happened is bigger than the game of football. So how do we use football (or lack thereof) to show support on an equal level?

            Not only that, but now you are punishing the hundreds of players, coaches, and staff members that had nothing to do with these disturbing events by not showing them your support in a time that is surely difficult for them to handle as well, if they are half as disgusted as the rest of us.

    2. bob jones says:

      As I’m watching College Game Day on Sat morning, it now seems so completely and obviously wrong to be playing a game today. There shouldn’t be fans tailgaiting and partying, their shouldn’t be fans in the stands cheering wildly and this sure isn’t the time to continue what I’ve heard so much of this week, and that is the unconditional support [really Graham Spanier?] and love and respect for dear old Joe. There may be a time later, but it sure isn’t today, and if Penn St does win, is a celebration really appropriate, and hopefully sombody would step in if that is the case and not allow the players to march from the stadium to Joe’s house to present him with the game ball, which they have been talking about doing for the last few days. I can’t imagine how anyone there would think that was appropriate, maybe quietly and in private later, just do not want to see any celebrating there today.

  4. Phil says:

    NU needs to show up and be ready to play (and hopefully win) on Saturday dispite the unrest at PSU. What has transpired the past few days there is nothing short of disturbing and shocking, but life goes on and so should college football.

    While I understand the frustration and anger of the students and atheletes of Penn State, this should not be taken out on people visiting their school for sporting events, we had nothing to do with the meltdown that transpired. We must have faith in the college administration and local law enforcement to ensure a safe and civil enviroment.

    1. SAM says:

      Unrealistic to think that angry Penn State fans won’t take it out on our players
      The team should stay home- this is a very dangerous situation.

    2. Todd says:

      Have faith in the PSU administration and law enforcement that let these “alleged” acts go on for 12+ years??? I think I’ll pass.

  5. dennis sweeney says:

    This is potentially a dangerous situation for everyone, and especially folks attending the game, whether they be Nebraska or PSU fans. Many people are older and not able to fend for themselves if things get hostile, which I think is possible, especially if Nebraska wins or is ahead late in the game. This situation is a boiling kettle, which could get out of hand. The Big10 has to step in, and get the game moved to a neutral site, or move it to Nebraska, and then play next year in Happy Valley when things calm down.

    What an embarrassment this would be for the conference if this goes all wrong on Saturday.

    1. inhusker says:

      I’m going to the game and am really concerned about the atmosphere. It was hostile in 2004 and there’s no telling what may happen over the next three days. Emotions are high and the visitors may become the focal point of the student anger.

      I’m still going, but I may not wear red for the first time in the 50 years I’ve followed the team.

  6. You have not seen anything yet! There are a lot of students and fans that believe that their God has just been ousted! I am very concerned for Husker Fans and the Husker Team. We seen last evening on TV how some of those fans reacted with anger and violence. One little spark of annomosity this Saturday and the PSU football stadium of 100,000 may turn into a soccer stadium riot. The game needs to be played at another sight in Pennsylvania. I am concerned that Happy Valley may errupt into Violent Valley. I pray for the safety of our fans and players as well as the coaches! Go Big Red!

    1. kevin says:

      WOW ! This coming from you ???? thanks

  7. Rob says:

    After seeing last night’s riots, I agree with Dirk. But if the game is played, I’d recommend Neb fans attending the game to go “undercover” and leave the Husker gear at home.

  8. Don says:

    As a Husker alum working at a Big XII (-2) university that has a similar rabid cult following for its football program, I really think that given PSU’s history of hostility to fans of opposing teams when things were RIGHT in Happy(?) Valley that the game should either be postphoned or moved to Pittsburgh or Philly. Lincoln is not an option at this late date. As an academic, I am ashamed of the behavior of the Penn State student body. How much of a bubble do you have to live in to react that way?

    1. Larry Y says:

      Can’t you just imagine PSU winning the Leaders Division and then winning the inaugral Big 10 championship game! What a PR nightmare that would be for our new conference. Delaney needs to step in today and cancel not only Saturdays game but the rest of PSUs games. Declare them forfeited. Whatever other conference or NCAA penalties can await the unfolding legal proceedings. This is about more than football. This is about an institution whose coaches and leaders enabled a child abuser to continue his vile acts for years. Forfeiting a few games should be among the least of their worries.

      1. Tyler says:

        Why would it be horrible for Penn State to win the championship game? You don’t think the current group of guys on the team, aged 18-25, deserve to play their best football? Their leadership was criminal, or at least ethically flawed. But if Penn State wins out and goes to the Rose Bowl, that is the most dedicated and driven group of guys in America.

        1. Frank says:

          Gotta disagree here. Although it’s not fair to the players, Sandusky secured major donors by supplying fellow pedophiles with young boys. Those donors helped create the environment, the facilities, etc. These kids were unknowingly recruited into an environment that fostered and abetted the rape of young boys time and time again. Read the 23 page Grand Jury report. These crimes went unreported to save a football program. That is sick. How many lives destroyed for Joe Pa to reach 409? Penn State football must be punished.

          1. Chris says:

            Again Frank please provide the page of the GJ document that you found this donor information on please!

            There is no reason to punish this current group of football players. Hell some were probably not even alive when Sandusky was first caught back in the late 90s. Which by the had that DA done his job we wouldn’t have even gotten to the incidents witnessed by the janitors and MqQueary.

  9. S.J. Husker Fans are not concerned about losing to the Nittany Lions. If the Huskers play to their potential the Huskers will win by at least 2 touchdowns. PSU has no offense. However, it will be very difficult for Husker Players to play and Husker Coaches to coach if you are getting pelted with debri during the game. Believe me Penn State Fans as worse then Colorado Fans. I am concerned that Penn State Fans will take it out on Husker Fans and players to show their disapproval of their God being fired. The game needs to be moved and Tom Osborne. Emotions are running way to high and their is a high potential for an ugly scene to occure this Saturday! Move the game!

  10. I meant to say tha the game needs to be moved and Tom Osborne needs to start the process now!

    1. Nebraska fan from NYC says:

      Tom I have always appreciated your thoughts and columns. If that game does go on it will be highly emotional and Pellini needs to have our guys in top mental shape for it. I understand the danger issues which are real but if we play, Nebraska has to go in to win and forget the emotions of it all. That stadium will have enough emotions to last a long time and emotions in NCAAFB are the edge for games. Pellini has to prepare the team for a win and a tough game, a real tough game in to many ways.

      1. SAM says:

        It isnt’ the “emotions” it will be the rocks and other debris thrown on the field at our players and fans getting mobbed in the parking lot.

  11. RedinKC says:

    I’ve heard the last trip to Happy Valley was a nightmare (both on the field and in the stands), stay safe Husker fans. It’s extremely fortunate this is an early game.

    Those fans protesting/rioting are a bunch of idiots and should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. huskerbob says:

      I was at that game also and saw nothing but welcome and respect. Then again, we did not try to get into anyone’s faces. State College is full of good people. Fans in the seats near us were knowledgeable and friendly. It may have helped that we were in PSU territory in the south end-zone but I came away with nothing but good memories (apart from the final score, of course)

      1. Eric says:

        You must have missed the pre-game demolition derby where some drunk was bashing his junker car into other vehicles in one of the stadium parking lots — to the enthusiastic cheering of people in Penn State regalia. Right in front of uniformed security people who took no action. I should add that the drunk didn’t seem to be picking on Nebraska people. No, his targets seemed to have been indiscriminately selected. Now that’s tail-gating. This place is barely civilized.

  12. HansJ says:

    Ah!, the good old days of last year. The former November trips to the modern, sunny, warm and friendly Southwest [OK & Tex] are now replaced with trips to the old, dark, cold and hostile Rust Belt [PA & MI]. Best to be risk adverse, save money, stay home and watch the B1G RED on TV.

  13. Morality? What do you expect from a bunch of students who are taught every day situational ethics and lies such as evolution that denounces the reality of a God. Only God can define what is truly moral. Many Penn State Fans have proven by their actions that morality and those precious children who were violated do not matter at all. What matters is their football team and their God of a Head Coach Joe Paterno. If the Penn State Football Team has any class at all they will be wearing black ribbons as a symbol of their sorrow for the victims and the family and not Jo Pa! Joe Pa your legacy has officially gone in the toilet! You may have won more games then Tom Osborne but you will never ever ever be close to being in TO’s class now!

    1. GBR says:

      I’ve been a Husker fan all my life and thinking about going to the game since this is the closest East Coast game I can get to. I fail to see your moral connection regarding this unfortunate situation. The students and alums you see protesting are protesting the fact that the Board of Trustees at Penn St are using JoePa as a scapegoat. He’s already agreed to retire and he did nothing legally wrong in reporting on Sandusky, who was not his assistant at the time. Should he have followed thru? Yes, but we don’t know all the details of the situation and what he knew at what time or what he told administrators higher up that should have oversaw Sandusky’s youth program. These protesters want those responsible at Penn St. to be held accountable but the way the Board is handling things, it just looks like they’re protecting Penn St. and not the kids. There should be an Outreach program and positive steps taken so this never happens again at Penn St. However, to punish JoePa (more than he has already in forced retirement) and his team for something they were not responsible for, is over the top and not getting to the root of the problem. Similar situation as what Herman Cain is going thru….a public lynching by the media with no way to defend yourself.

      1. 5years3losses1degree says:

        Read the transcripts. Sandusky was an assistant coach while the molestations were going on. He continued to molest in the football facilities after he was forced to resign his position following the first in house investigation in ’98.

        It is big and deep and wide and Jo Pa is at the head of the pile due to his position and his ability to have pushed this to the rightful end years ago, saving untold number of youth.

    2. darwin says:

      I told myself not to respond to this post, but I can’t help myself.

      floridafrenchie…. I agree with you that it’s sad many of the fans care so much about the coach and don’t understand the severity of the situation with these poor victims. However, I wouldn’t blame that on some morality issue that you believe to be a byproduct of the classes they’re taking. I think it’s extremely ignorant and presumptuous of you to infuse your opinion about evolution and god in a post about how people are reacting to a football team. Read, do some research and learn about the issues you care about. While you’re at it, try learning how to accept others who think differently than you….. maybe, just maybe that’s what religion and “god” is actually supposed to teach us. Evolution is hardly a lie and can also co-exist with religion and creationism. The world is not black and white and neither is morality.

      There’s a football game on Saturday and it should be played, but we better be prepared b/c penn st is going to come out swinging. There is so much fear in all of these posts it’s a little disturbing. Could something bad happen… yes. Will it…. probably not. If anyone is trying to get rid of their tickets out of fear… I’ll take those off your hands, wear red and cheer for my football team.


  14. Swany56 says:

    The game needs to go on and Husker Fans need to go support the team because believe me the Nits will be fired up and ready to play for themselves not their coach. Penn State fans will not be out looking to mug Nebraska fans and playing or not playing has nothing to do with the “situation” PSU finds itself in. The players were not involved in any fashion and the best thing to do now is move forward and let the legal system deal with the fallout. I applaude the PSU Board of Regents for having the guts to move decisively and remove the potential for continued distraction and I suppose legal exposure. All the media would have done is continue to question Joe Pa’s involvement or actions for the next 6 weeks, at every conference call, radio talk show, newspaper interview, et al….. Yes it is a sad situation especially for the children that had their worlds destroyed by a figure they trusted and wanted to please, it was purportrated by a sick and evil individual that leveraged his position and power for his sexual satisfaction and took advantage of children that had been abused, miss used and un loved all of their lives. Culpability and speculationaside, Joe Pa could of and should of done more is a valid position and I would hope it is a lesson to all following this circus that there is a greater moral responsibility we all have a duty to uphold.

    1. dennis says:

      If one person would cause one incident anywhere close to the campus, that ends in one person being injured, this ends up being a bad decision. I do not want the game cancelled, but it needs to be moved. The downside is so much greater than the upside to this deal. Many people have already been hurt in many ways and by people making a lot of bad decisions, it seems crazy to me to compound the situation.

    2. SAM says:

      It only take ones person and player to get hurt or maimed for life to make going to Penn state a bad deciion.
      If i had a son on this team I would not want him to put his life at risk for a game.

    3. Frank says:

      Have you ever been to a Penn State game? They make Colorado seem like the Good Samaritans. Impossible to have enough security for 100,000 people. They need to work harder on moving the game – even if they have to play it Sunday in Nebraska.

  15. Tbone says:

    Tom. Your article makes a very good point. I hope Tom and Harvey take heed. Please keep on top of this. Good work!

  16. Paul says:

    Has anyone considered a nuetral site game?

  17. huskerred says:

    After watching the news unfold last night, I too now wonder if attending Happy Valley would be a good idea. It is a shame that a few PSU students and fan base have to act like hooligan’s. I realize that their coach was the icon for their University, and they feel he has been railroaded. My hats go off to the PSU BOT as they made the proper decision, because this goes way beyond the game of football. It is just shame that young adults that attend PSU or the fans that are acting out may yet may cause another tragic moment on their campus; for if their not careful it may become the end of their season as well. I do not believe this would be fair to the team, I would understand a decision not to let the game happen if these hooligans are still in thier childish rage however. I just wonder if the Big 10 would sanction having the game moved to a neutrl stadium for the safety of the fans?

  18. Andy says:

    I think Heinz Field would be a great alternative. Pitt is away this Saturday.

  19. gcamo says:

    My 4 brothers (all of which played football, they are big guys!) were concerned about their safety in 2002 at Penn State. The crowd was so hostile they said they would never go back to Penn State. Can you imagine what this will be like1!!

  20. Number 12 says:

    I was 10 when Nebraska decided to play their Saturday football game 24 hours after President Kennedy was assassinated. That decision felt wrong as a 10 year old…This is much worse, the game should not be played

    1. HansJ says:

      Beforehand, Bud Wilkinson, who served in a position for JFK, told Bob Devaney that JFK would have wanted the game to be played. I felt the decision was right as a 1963 NU grad… in Detroit the only way I learned the final score was to call the sports desk at the Detroit News.

      1. Husker Fan says:

        yeah, if Bud could have only gotten into JFK’s mind…. he would have found a gaping hole and a lot of little brain matter bits. No one can speak for anyone else.

  21. extremekornball says:

    Anyone who attended the game at PSU in 2002 knows that it is
    not “just a few bad fans” at Penn State. It is a culture and a mindset in
    Happy Valley to abuse visiting players and fans. In 2002 the abuse
    at times was physical and sprang from mobs. Yes mobs.
    Saturday will be worse. I pray I am wrong, but I fully expect to hear
    about brutally beaten Husker fans after this weekend.

  22. Chi-Town GW says:

    I suspect this situation will remain very fluid for some time. Can you imagine Penn State playing in Madison what the crowd will do? Penn State’s Board of Trustees are doing what is necessary to move forward with what should have been done years ago. “Unintended consequences” of all those involved for harboring a sexual deviate have to be removed. The disgust in all of this is more centered on those who knew and remained quiet of Sandusky’s behavior versus his acts alone.
    That being said, I believe the game should go on and be played. I believe that Penn State players, who could have been those children 10 years ago, are going to play for the respect of those kids and to prove that “Good outweighs Evil”. It is going to be a very emotional game. Here I thought that the Nebraska-Wisconsin game was going to be the seasons highlight of the BIG. This game will have viewers from coast to coast. By cancelling the game I think somehow we are saying that the Evil acts of one man and those who ignored his sickness win. That’s not what we stand for in this Country and League.
    I’m a Northwestern fan but will be routing for Nebraska. Go get em Big Red. I want to see Wisconsin and Nebraska in the leagues rematch in Indy.

    1. HansJ says:

      We would appreciate you rooting, not routing, for the B1G RED, but thanks for your comments.

      1. Chi-Town GW says:

        Sorry about the bad typing!
        I bet there will be alot of folks across the country rooting for Nebraska.
        Not like there wasn’t enough pressure to win in the first place.

    2. Rickenaz says:

      Now that I know the game is on, I hope that the teams have a gathering at mid field before the game to show unity. If something like that is’nt done, I’m really not sure of the security under these circumstances. Yes, I would love for the Huskers to get things together over the next few weeks and see Wisconcin in the championship. That would make or a very interesting game!

  23. Andy says:

    Move the game away from Penn State. Move the game to Lincoln if nothing else. Why should NU players, coaches and fans have to even worry about their own safety for a football game at Penn State? Move it or Penn State should be forced to cancel the game.

  24. gcamo says:

    You obviously didn’t read the Grand Jury report. Paterno knew about another incident in 1998. This stuff was going on well before 2002. That is why Sandusky retired! How can anyone justify that!

    Maybe if your hated media in Pennsylvania would have done their job in 1998 this would have ended then. Asking more questions of why Sandusky stepped down.

    1. Dan says:

      You didn’t read the report, who are you kidding? You heard that soundbite somewhere, and you’re running with it. It still doesn’t adress the fact that Jerry Sandusky and his alleged crimes should be the story. It wasn’t, it isn’t, and only after Paterno was taken down will it be.

      1. gcamo says:

        I actually wanted to make a decision on my own, that’s why I read it.

        Joe Paterno knew. Period. And did nothing. He’s the most powerful man at Penn State.

  25. Fred says:

    By Godwin’s Law, you lose the debate.

  26. Chi-Town GW says:

    Dan, I have to agree with alot of your comments. Yes, we have the Grand Jury indictment and people can all draw their own conclusions of this awful situation, but we have to let justice play out now. This case may not get to trial for a year. In the meantime the circus has begun and what a circus this is going to be.
    Since there is no NBA season and with college-NFL football centered on weekends the media has blown this front and center into their own court room battle live with commentators acting as their own jury pools. Let’s let the Courts deal with the criminal matter and Penn State University deal with their own ethics review and removal of those deemed in the cover-up. Remember folks sensationalization seems to be the norm in this Country from the Herman Cain flap to the Penn State crimes. We don’t need to turn events like this into its own TV Reality Show!

    1. Dan says:

      Well said. People seem to forget that a Grand Jury report is produced by a one-sided proceeding driven by the prosecution. That is where the saying that “a prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwhich” comes from. What exactly Joe Paterno knew is still unclear. I think now that the feeding frenzy is over that we can sit back and see what unfolds.

      1. Nate says:

        Joe Paterno came out and said she should have done more… He knew. He testified. Whether he knew it was sexual abuse or a rape, it doesnt matter. He knew. THats it.

        1. Dan says:

          He said what most good people would say in hindsight. Good people always believe they should have done more, always. So?

        2. GMAC2002 says:

          The true criminal here is Sandusky, making Joe Paterno the story is an injustice to the victims and their lives. I got into a conversation tonight with someone who was ready to throw Joe Pa in prison. WHAT? FOR WHAT?
          Oh by the way, lets not forget about innocent until proven guilty. Great job making sure that Sandusky will never get a fair trail and more then likely walk because of that. JUST LIKE WHATS HER NAME IN FLORIDA!!!!! To much media exposure.

  27. Tyler says:

    are you serious?

    1. Brian says:

      Seriously warped and surreal statement.

      1. Brian says:

        Seriously warped and surreal statement by darnall I meant to day.

        1. Brad says:

          incase you havent noticed crimanls already do run the society

  28. gail rosenbaugh says:

    Aren’t there moral and ethical obligations regarding a University’s membership in a major conference like the Big 10? When a school brings public disgrace to its conference, shouldn’t the other members consider withdrawing its membership to the school? After the recent display by the PSU hooligans showing their total lack of respect of authority, shouldn’t Penn States’ membership in the Big 10 conference be reviewed? As a Nebraska fan and for the first time since we joined the Big 10, I’m ashamed to be associated with a conference that lets the actions of the past week go unanswered.

    1. 5years3losses1degree says:

      Give it time. The B1G does need to make a statement at some point, but not today.

      1. With Respect says:

        How much time does B1G need to make a statement. The PSU display of disrespect is making a mockery of the entire conference. Why shoul players and fans place their personal saftey on the line to follow their team on the road.
        The B!G needs to do something and do it NOW!

  29. Gene O says:

    Security at this game will be a nightmare. The Nebraska football team should go there and play. They can be protected(but keep your helmets on, guys). Nebraska fans had better beware. Any fan walking around in the wrong place by mistake could be in big trouble. And this in not the type of atmosphere anybody goes to a football game for. The worst part is Paterno so far has done as much to encourage mob scenes as to discourage it.

    The game should go on; fans had better skip this one in person.

  30. Not a student but PSU fan says:

    To those concerned about their safety going to Happy Valley, instead of wearing your typical team Red, why not go blue for the game? While this is PSU’s color, it is also the color that is being worn in respect for the victims of child abuse. You can look it up on the internet to verify that this is the actual color for the cause. You would be protecting the safety you’re worried about while still promoting the cause. The students are angry about their coach, they are angry about what Sandusky did, but don’t think they aren’t sad for those kids.

    1. Husker Fan says:

      I’m going to build a BIG jopa effigy, hang it from a tree and burn it. But he will be wearing soothing briuses blue. Is that ok with you?

  31. Rick Harris says:

    We have to wonder what did we get ourselves into joining the Big 10. Two of the biggest programs have major scandals in our first year. As for playing the game Sat, if things are quiet tonight and tomorrow there should be no problem. If “Jo Pa” has as much influence as everyone says—he should make a public statement asking for calm. As for the game—Penn State may be so high that they destroys us or they could be so messed up that we hammer them. It’s tough to tell what kind of influence this situation will have on the football game.

  32. I made a comment earlier about the safety of the Husker Fans, Players and Coaches. As a Husker Fan who has been to Boulder Colorado several times I use to think that CU fans were the worse until I actually went to a Penn State game in 2003. I had been living in Florida for three years and went to visit my son in Dayton Ohio. He was given 4 tickets to the Penn State/Ohio State Game by his future father in law.

    We traveled to State College on Friday and had no incidents Friday evening except for a few PSU Fans doing some trash talking. My son wore a dark jacket and a Buckeye hat. Two of my son’s employees who went with us were wearing their Buckeye gear and I wore my Husker Jacket and hat. As we walked to the stadium we were constantly called every name in possible as well as threatened. Several PSU fans tried to start a fight with me saying they were robbed in Lincoln earlier in the year. We sat with some Buckeye fans and we almost had to be silent when the Buckeye’s made a big play because we were constantly being yelled at and spit on as well we had debri thrown at us. The game was close with Ohio State pulling out and getting the win.

    As soon as we began to celebrate the Buckeye win we were pelted with debri from all everywhere around us. We got hit with cups full of soda and ice and who knows what else. I witnessed one elderly Buckeye fan punched in the back of his head as he was trying to leave and several Buckeye fans were knocked to the ground because of being pushed. None of the other PSU fans attempted to help us and show some class by telling these idiots who were harrassing us to stop. We literally ran to get out of the stadium and get to our vehicle. We were constanlty threatened as we were leaving. However, I was most afriad when we actually got into my son’s SUV and were trying to get out of town. Several times we had come to a stop due to the traffic and our vehicle was hit with debri including rocks that cracked the back window.

    I have been a Husker Fan for over fifty years and have traveled to many opponents stadiums including Miami for Husker Bowl Games. None of the the opponent’s fans I have encountered over the past fifty years are as classless, dirty and hateful as the PSU fans!

    Husker Fans take it from someone who has been at Hateful Valley. If you are going to the game be very very alert and careful. I really do wish this game would be played somewhere else. I pray thafor our fans and teams safety.

  33. Bryan says:

    People like you kill me…if you don’t like what the OWH writers write and you are so in love with the LJS, why do you even bother accessing the OWH website? Stick with the LJS. I read both sites and I like that I can get two different points of view. But for crying out loud, why waste your time complaining about what you are reading?? If you don’t like it…don’t read it.

    Most of the people like you (not sure if you fall into this category or not) are still PO’d that Dirk wrote a piece on Taylor Martinez that you disagreed with and now, all the work the OWH does is crap. Like I said, if you don’t like what you are reading, stick with the zombie following of the LJS…

  34. huskerred says:

    I think most want to see the game played. But the safety of the fans and the team is a legititmate concern. Maybe you are correct in your analogy of the media and should be open for debate. However, it still does change the issue now of the safety of those who will attend the game.

    1. Dan says:

      Remember when Dan Bebee said it was too dangerous for him to come to Memorial Stadium to present NU with the Big XII North trophy? It was nonsense, right? The vast majority of Husker fans aren’t wired that way, and I have to believe that the majority of Penn State fans aren’t either.

      Last night we saw about 2,000 nuckleheads showing their backsides. Is it fair to tar the other 41,998 students at Penn State with the same brush?

      Like everything else attached to this tragic story, I think the Media is overblowing the safety concerns as well.

  35. Phil says:

    The vast majority of demonstrating that is going on in Happy Valley is done by passoniate but misguided 18 to 24 year olds who have lost sight of the real reason why this all came to be in the first place….zero accountability for dealing with a pedifile. From top to bottom and everywhere inbetween, the staff and faculity decided to sweep what happend under the rug in the hopes that it would all go away and no one be the wiser…well, that didnt happen and now its time to pay the piper, from the president of the university right down to JoePa himself.

    Its too late to demand a change of venue for Saturdays game and a forefit by the Huskers should not be an option, let’s show up on Saturday and be ready to play. NU fans attending the game will have to put their trust in the PSU staff and local law enforcement to ensure a safe enviroment to keep any rioting resedue at bay….or elect not to attend if they have concerns for their personal safety.

  36. Bryan says:

    You are absolutely entitled to your own opinion on this subject…that is part of what makes our country great. But I ask you to consider this scenario:

    1. You have a young child.
    2. Your young child is raped, molested, fondled, etc. by a grown man.
    3. Someone witnesses this act and reports it to their superior. (For the sake of this argument, we will say that the person tells their superior that they were not sure what they saw but they feel there was something involving the wrongdoing between an adult man and a young child and this person was extremely distraught while reporting this information)
    4. The superior calls his superior and tells them what was relayed to them and then conducted no follow up. (And later ADMITS to wishing he would have done more)
    5. This person goes on and is allowed to do this to at least one more child after yours.

    With that said, would you or would you not want EVERYONE INVOLVED (not just the superior) to be held accountable for their actions, or in this case inactions, to suffer the consequences???

    People like you need to stop pointing the finger at the media and start pointing the finger at the parties that allowed this travesty to take place.

    1. Dan says:

      I actually have 4 children and seven grandchildren, you have no standing to lecture me on that count. I don’t need a “what if” senario. And frankly, you’re talking out of you backside. you don’t know if you conjecture is even true. Untill the legal process runs its course, you won’t know. Don’t pretend to.

      I stand by my evaluation of the media. Sandusky and the Penn state Administrators, you know, the people actually indicted, should have been the focus.

      1. Bryan says:

        You can be mad at the media all you want…I could care less about that. But there are some facts that you are ignoring.

        I too am a father and I am outranged that more was not done. Joe Paterno himself stated (in a released writted statement) that with the benefit of hindsight, he wishes he would have done more.

        So if he stated that he should have done more than he did, how do yo usay that I am “talking out my backside” and that I don’t know if the “conjecture is true.”

        The bottom line is that Joe Paterno admitted that he should have done more and he didn’t. He, and all other parties involved that did not take the correct actions, are wrong.

        1. Dan says:

          I also reminded Nate that what Joe Paterno said is what good people always wish in hindsight. Good people always wish they had done more no matter what it is. Tha’s why they’re good people. The admission of guilt you seem to read into it isn’t there.

      2. Dan says:

        Oh, and for the record. I had a brother-in-law who molested at least one of his daughters, I’ve seen the police report in which he admitted it. So this is no more a sore subject for anyone else than it is for me. I get it.

        I also believe that my observations about the behavior of the Media is valid. Joe Paterno has a legacy of doing things the right way. To assume, as so many have, that he is somehow some kind of moster is absurd on its face.

        1. Bryan says:

          I am not saying Joe Paterno is a monster and, like I said, I could care less about your opinion of the media. What I am saying is that, based off of infomration provided by Joe Paterno himself, he had enough information to do more than he did and he didn’t do that.

          For that reason, and that reason alone, he does not deserve to hold the position of Hed Football Coach at PSU (or any other school) and he does not deserve the golden legacy that some think he should have. This is a big deal and he needs to deal with the consequences of his inaction.

          I feel really bad for Joe Paterno because he has done so much for PSU and for college football. But it all boils down to the fact that he made his bed, it is time for him to sleep in it.

        2. Kiwi says:

          I think the fact that Joe has (had) a legacy of doing things the right way is part of the reason there is so much vitriol directed his way now. Everyone feels as though they’ve been misled, that the “Joe is God” image was all just a farce, and they’re responding to that betrayal. Personally, I think he knew something wasn’t right and made some bad decisions, and this is the price he has to pay.

  37. Eric says:

    Dan, you obviously have never been to a game in Happy Valley. Each of us will have his or her own perspective on the morality of the whole thing, and I think virtually everyone would agree that canceling the game would be unfair to many folks — not just the players, who’ve worked hard to get to this point. But anyone who isn’t legitimately concerned about the safety implications of playing this game under the current circumstances is living in blissful ignorance. Beaver Stadium and the surrounding environs are dangerous territory under the best of conditions. I guess it’s a cultural thing. Watch out people.

    1. Dan says:

      After my last visit to Boulder, I don’t think Unhappy Valley could be much worse.

      1. Eric says:

        Wrong. I’ve seen both the Buffs and Lions people on more than one occasion. As bad as the Colorado jerks are, the Penn State fans are much worse. I’ve seen many comments about the ridiculous behavior during and around the Nebraska-PSU games in the early ’90s. Those commenters should have been at the famous “out of bounds” game in 1982. Even more stunning than the fan behavior was the feeling I got (perhaps mistaken) that the whole thing was being subtly encouraged by security and other staff personnel. You really have to see this cultural phenomenon in action to appreciate just how bad it is. Personally, I think Saturday’s game should be played, but my tickets will go unused. As much as I’d like to witness the spectacle, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk.

    2. Dan says:

      Bryan, we’re even. I don’t care what you think of Joe Paterno any more than you care about my opinion of the Media. So….

    3. Rickenaz says:

      Eric, I’ve been to Happy Valley. I was hit in the neck with Some type of broken bottle that tumble into the crowd below me. Honestly, it was’nt aimed at anyone in particular I don’t think. It was just tossed. Then after the game, My car had one tire slashed and the headlight broken. Now having said that, MOST PSU fans are normal typical fans, but some take things a bit too far. So in light of what I’ve seen this week,, I.E… the riot, I think it is reasonable for people to question their safty. Again, not normally, but this week is certainly not a normal week.

  38. Lisa says:

    Cancel the game…for so many reasons…safety after the 2000 students rioting and throwing rocks at police last night, out of respect for the victims to show that in American football is NOT more important that children’s safety, to show that the NCAA does not think that going on this weekend while many are still in shock and grief would be a positive reflection on college football. Please post your opinions and I hope that the NCAA does the right thing. Children are more important than any footbabll program.

    1. Rickenaz says:

      Your right Lisa,,,,, unfortunately, they did’nt. This reminds me of 1963 when JFK was shot. We played then too. Honestly, I think JFK would have wanted us to play then. But this is a different animal. The students should be calmed down, but will that remain the case if they lose, especially in a contivercial game???????

  39. Stephen Johnson says:

    When you look at the behavior of the Penn State fans, it makes you appreciate Nebraska’s long time rivalry with Oklahoma. Fierce challenging but always respectful. Both on the field and in the stands.

  40. Davenport Husker Bill says:

    Lots of thoughts here….First, praying that the right thing be done. Our thoughts are with the victims, the coaches and players on both teams. This is not what college football fans need or want. Scary situation for both teams. If one person were hurt, injured, or God forbid, killed in that mess Saturday, in or outside the stadium, it would blemish the game of college football forever! If anything, the PSU fans should boycott the game and not show up in support of their God. No JoePa? No fan base! While the PSU players might be actually ashamed of their coach, staff and school, I am sure some of them are wondering if they should be out there representing. If T.O. works it out right with the NCAA and B1G, the game gets cancelled! The fans stay safe, get refunded for ticket price. Teams do not take a win or loss over this. No forfeit. Not the team’s fault, it is the coach’s situation. Makes me wonder why the B1G wanted Penn State in the first place if they are such thugs out there? If I had a ticket to the game as a Husker fan, I don’t think I would come to that hostile – fearful city. Geez, the whole city’s image is really at stake here now…..Husker fans speak up. Cancel the game T.O.

  41. Husker Ed says:

    I live in Reading PA about 3 hours from Happy Valley; I was planning on taking my son who turns 16 on Sunday to the game. I am from Omaha and my whole family are Husker fans. I was excited to go but now we are not going. I think the game should go on but an alternative site would be wise.
    I dont know if any of you read the grand jury document but it made me sick to read. Unreal.
    I hope the our Huskers go to Pennsylvania and play hard and kick some Penn State butt, however I hope they do it with class. No trash talking about this to the Penn State players. They are just kids who had nothing to do with this and they are devistated by all of this. Let your play do the talking and at the end of the game offer up some kindness to the Penn State kids who are surely hurting right now.

  42. Dave says:

    I agree with FloradaFrenchie above. My wife & I drove over 6,000 miles in 2002 for the NU vs PSU game which was nite game . The PSU greek houses both male & female had been drinking and partying all day long and were very abusive to anyone wearing Red both before & after the game. My advice is for NU fans to enter and leave the stadium with other groups of NU fans as there is safety in numbers. Look out for each other- be NU proud – but do not abandon our NU team by not wearing your RED colors. Our team needs support for this game and seeing lots of RED in the stadium will help motivate our NU team. Finally, DO NOT discuss or argue the Paterno/Sandusky situation with PSU fans or students. Leave it alone and just enjoy the game you loyally traveled to experience. Show Nebraska class – just as you would in Lincoln – and remember this may be the HIGHEST VIEWED COLLEGE REGULAR SEASON GAME of the year and you may be on camera viewed by millions of fans.
    GO BIG RED and cheer our team to victory. Finally, say a prayer for our fans and team attending this PSU game .

    1. Plattcop2 says:

      Easy for you to say “wear RED” and cheer on NE. If I had tickets for this game I would pass and watch it on TV. I have been looking at some You Tube amateur videos from past PSU home games and have to agree with posters who have stated PSU can be an extremely hostile environment for visiting teams and their fans. There is absolutely no way I would bring a minor to this game and have them subjected to the verbal and potential physical abuse from PSU fans. I agree the current PSU players had nothing to do with depths of depravity of Paterno and Sandusky so it is very unfair to them to cancel the game but the conference should move it to a neutral site.

      Finally – to all of you defending Paterno saying there is no proof he did anything wrong I will opine: are you really that naive when you maintain that Paterno didn’t call the shots at PSU? That he was merely just another employee who worked in the Athletic Department? This is a man who was given almost diety like status at this university because to paraphrase his own words “He is Penn State”. The arrogance of this man is aptly demonstrated when he did his own press release independent from the university after the scandal first broke saying I will leave but will do it on my own terms by retiring at the end of the season but I am going to coach the final three games + our bowl game. In other words, he is telling the administration what is going to happen and how the football program is going to go forward! It had been that way for years at PSU. Since he had such a close working relationship with the monster Sandusky for 30 years you are going to tell us with a straight face he had no inkling about what was going on with this creep and young boys at PSU’s own athletic facilities? What planet or alternate reality do you live in?

  43. BlueJay says:

    I say play the game. The players for both teams had nothing to do with this. If I was a Husker fan there I would have my head on a swivel. I never trusted their a-hole fans before this.

  44. Steve says:

    Nebraska should show moral leadership and cancel the Penn State game? Yes.

    Raping one child or serial raping many children with a university exhibiting a moral judgement fog is enough for the University of Nebraska to choose cancelling this game. Security is another, secondary reason.

    Here in Denver there is the debate on KOA radio 850 as to what Paterno’s life grade should be in light of these last day’s revelations. I found it hard to listen to the radio talk show host justify that the totality of Paterno’s life’s work should be taken into account in giving a grade. I so disagree. Paterno knew in 1998. He knew in 2002. Sandusky was quietly removed from the grand consideration of being Penn State’s head coach and no other university in the nation extended a subsequent offer. They all knew.

    So, what good is it in leading a thousand men forward in life if you’re culpable of the violation and the spiritual murder of 8, 11, or 40 male children? Nebraska is now on notice that it happened. Nebraska has observed the response of the Penn State student body to Paterno’s firing and the abject lack of their moral certitude. The assistant coach who inadequately reported the 2002 incident to Paterno is still on the side lines. Are you kidding me?

    Is this the moral corruption we’re to accept and we march to hell together? No. Cancel the game, do not give Penn State any moral support, no matter the cost.

    What are the children’s lives worth? Can’t ask that question. To even ask as a relative question or conduct the Unversity’s activities in a manner that is not clearly opposed to the cover up and the continuing compromises allowing the assistant coach a position with Penn State University football team is completely wrong. Cancel the game.

  45. Ron says:

    I was at the 2002 game…an experience I’ll never forget. Penn’s idea of a sport fan is much different than mine…these are the people who cheered the lions at the Roman Coliseum. Let’s find a way to resolve this without putting our team…and harms way.

  46. 5years3losses1degree says:

    After reading the report, there are a number of people that need to answer for their actions – and inactions – but the only one that was leading a football team onto the field in front of millions of people (live and tv) is JoPa. This goes to the top and that is the football coach at PSU.

  47. Big Daddy says:

    the game will be played. Oddly enough, the only thing I am concerned with (when it comes to the GAME itself) is the officiating. Imagine that little crew of 7 or 8, with 100,000 crazed, emotional, impaired fans beating down on them. If this one is close and heated, the Zebra’s may be intimidated….and the Huskers may get the short end of the stick.

    As far as the scandal goes, prayers for the victims, justice for the perpetrator, admonishment to those who knew and did nothing.

  48. makdaddy says:

    I agree at this point, the emotional level is too high, and there is something still inappropriate about playing a football game, at a location/university which allowed such viscous acts to take place, repeatedly. The game should be canceled.

  49. Nancy Christensen says:

    Why not move the game to Lincoln? I know itd short notice but at least it would be safer for all concerned. Emotions will still be what they are but could be beter monitored in Lincoln away from the spotlight. Couldn’t that be done?

  50. Todd says:

    Dan, you’re right, your opinion isn’t popular for good reason. Please tell me that you haven’t read the Grand Jury report and responded with this poorly thought out opinion. And I hope you’re not a father to kids of your own. The number of kids that Sandusky has been accused of molesting is now in the teens with new information coming out by the minute.

    Sandusky was being investigated back in ’98 and then unceremoniously retired in ’99 at the age of 55. Coincidence?

    Then the then GA, who now is your Receivers coach, catches Sandusky raping what Mike McQueary in his own testimonial believed to be a roughly 10 year old boy in the coaches shower in ’02 and while completely “distraught” reports it to Joe Pa. You’re saying your OK with Joe Pa calling the AD, explaining that he believed there might have been some “horsing around” or “fondling” and leaving it at that. No follow-up to the authorities. No wondering why it’s OK that Sandusky is still bringing kids from his 2nd Mile Foundation to practice as recently as ’07. Really?? The media is blowing this out of porportion??

    This is an EXTREMELY SICK case of self-preservation by Joe Pa (& MQueary) at the cost of many young lives. You sir, are taking this too lightly!

    1. Dan says:

      If you are wondering if I have children of my own, you haven’t read every thing I’ve posted. So I suppose you’re just ranting to yourself. You also missed the larger view I was positing, which had to do with the coverage of the story. I don’t give a damn what you think of Joe Paterno.

  51. Chris says:

    Frank – Where are you getting your information from? There has not been one single mention of anything like that! Let’s just stick to the facts please. In regards to the game. Have any of you taken a second to think that maybe the game is exactly what the PSU community needs right now? To come together for a common cause (to show support of the current players) can be very healing thing! The only people who have to worry about their safety are the ones who are going to spout off and say stupid stuff!

    1. Rickenaz says:

      Your living in a dream world on this topic. There is a very real danger here and as proof I use the fact that there was a riot just days ago. These people did’nt just tip over a van and then cool down. I hope and pray that they are going to stay home.

  52. GMAC2002 says:

    What is truly sickening is that at some point and time someone made a decision that the story would not focus on the victims and the Molester Sandusky. I still have not heard one news report or one article that was written with out mention of Joe Pa and his in-actions. This horrible incident has become about Joe. Joe made one mistake he never followed up. He did report the accusation from the GA to his superiors, just as the LAW dictates. The problem is that he should have done more. But how many of you have allowed something to go that you should have reported. Ever been on the road and called in a drunk driver, or rubber necked an accident (both situations people could die or be dying). Or did you just drive on and not help. Ever wish with all your heart that you could change a situation. Ever taken the keys from a drunk driver. Ever stepped in during a domestic disturbance. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Joe Paterno’s mistake is worse because it involved the life of an unprotected child. But if you think about it each of those previous situations could prove fatal or life altering for an unprotected child as well.
    Get the story back to where it needs to be on the victims and the molester not Joe Pa…

  53. Husker Fan says:

    Educate yourself a little bit, before you make a total dumbass out of your self nexttime. Child abuse lover that you must be.

  54. paul says: