Published Saturday, November 12, 2011 AT 10:40 PM / Updated at 12:22 AM
Tom’s Take: Nebraska 17, Penn State 14
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel offers his key observations from Nebraska’s 17-14 win over Penn State on a solemn Saturday in State College, Pa.

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When receivers coach Rich Fisher said Rex Burkhead was probably Nebraska’s second-best quarterback, I thought he was kidding. Superman played several snaps under center, running all but once, when he looked to throw but tossed it away. The Wildcat under center? It was a nice wrinkle from offensive coordinator Tim Beck. Burkhead turns the corner quicker than Taylor Martinez. But don’t use that wrinkle when running out the clock, Tim.

They play field position in the Big Ten, and nobody played it better Saturday than Nebraska punter Brett Maher, who averaged 45 yards on eight punts with a long of 61 yards and five that landed inside the Penn State 20. There needs to be some thought about Maher being the all-Big Ten punter.

Nebraska improved its bowl options with this win. If the Huskers win out, and don’t make the Big Ten championship because Michigan State wins out, you could see 10-2 Nebraska getting BCS consideration. The Capital One Bowl now looks within reach, and next weekend’s game in Ann Arbor will have ramifications for that bid. Remember, Michigan State went there last year.

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  1. kevin says:

    Way to go Big Red… what a day, what a game. I didn’t think we could win because of the situation. Pelini gets knocked every week in these blogs, but what a man… to have your team prepared to play in an atmosphere like that , WOW ! He has had a rough two years. Last year our last year in the XII every team wanted our heads, and this year in B1G they’ve thrown everything at us ( All the top teams in the conference ). People we are lucky to have him… For all you people that are about ready to get on here and talk crap about Pelini, Martinez, and Beck… at least listen to Coach Brown’s press conference. He puts it in perspective. Once again Martinez played a great game. As a freshman he lead us to the XII Championship, and as a Sophomore he has us sitting at 8-2, but no matter if he was 10-0 still wouldn’t be good enough for some of these bloggers. I’m proud of my Huskers, get job !

    1. dusty says:

      Well said, Kevin. I think we are extremely fortunate to have Bo and Taylor on our side…

      1. Scott says:

        Yea, yea, yea—-
        As a Defensive Cooridinator he’s great–he is still growing into a head coach–for 4 million a year what do we have to show for it ?

        Martinez still looks like he is throwing a sack of potatoes over a fence–so why hasn’t this been corrected like by last year. Perhaps the coaches are counting something other than Championships.

        We are one tackle from disaster with Martinez–what coach would not be playing their back up QB for the experience and to “push” the starter with competition and improvement–oh I know the answer–our 4 million dollar a year “God” that has trouble speaking complete sentences.

        And let me guess–”he’s the only one” that can do the job–gee let’s see–there is Madison WI, Norman OK, Little Rock AR, Portland OR etc

        Get Real

        1. tom says:

          Hey Scott, who cares what he throws like? No ones changed Phillip Rivers’ motion, who seems to be doing allright. In your vast coaching experience, what blowout games would you have played back-ups in? Maybe your looking for a statesman instead of a coach! Pelini is a good man, who is also a pretty good coach. Lighten up, it’s college football!

        2. Joey says:

          NO Dolphin, he has the HONEST OUTLOOK!!! 4 years NO CONFERENCE TITLE, 4 years, 2 QB’s as starters, and a cheerleader could throw a beter pass than them( Quack Lee and T-Tragic). 4 years Bo pep talk on NU is about CHAMPIONSHIPS (WHERE ARE THEY??? ). 4 years we hear the same excuses 4 years NOTHING changed 4 years and we STILL lose to UNRANKED TEAMS, 4 years and we can’t beat a TOP 10 team. 4 years and we still can’t make a BCS major Bowl game, let alne a BCS National Title Game. Maybe you and Kevin love paying hundreds of $$$$ fo NU to make the Banana Bowl. But WE the fans want more beings we pay him a HEFTY 4 mill to get us there!!!! NU WONT get the BLUE CHIPS in recruiting, if he CHOKES on the big games!!! He has the skilled QB’s and puts 1 on the bench, 1 as a DB, and the other as a WR. I know as much as other Husker fans Jamal or Carnes, or Marsh could run circles around him. lol.. Then BO thinks recruiting ranks means NOTHING!!!! Maybe that’s why the SEC seems to be in a NATIONAL TITLE every season with ALL their BLUECHIP RECRUITS huh?????

        3. bleedred says:

          Mr.Scott is 100% right on.We were sloppy at best.Couldnt put the game away and almost let PS come back to tie or win after 17 pts ahead.Martinez looks like an elf trying to throw the ball,let him do what he does best and run with burkhead??? To many dropped balls today and burkhead was not effective.It was an embarrassing performance/2.3 mil and we still need a professional coaching staff.I think Coach Brown made us all proud to be Huskers which probably made up for the poor performance.We are not a top 20 team……

          1. eL. Rando says:

            bleedred & joey I’m glad I don’t live in your world of EVERYTHING EVERYBODY ELSE DOES MUST BE PERFECT. If you 2 are so darn smart hey become a coach and drop me a line in 4 years to see your progress. And you call your self a true fan. Seems to me you’re both a couple of crybabies that nobody could please no matter how good they did. It must be a terrible life to only find fault in others. I’m assuming you guys are both perfect. lol.

          2. Andrew says:

            Give me a break, I am sick of all the whining abbout how Taylor throws the ball! Is it a perfect motion? No but I would like to see who has one. Watch last weeks and this weeks game especially and you will see how Taylor has improved from year 1 to 2, he is still a sophmore and he is now seventh on the all-time passing list. Taylor has gotten better so relax a little!!

  2. Lucky--13 says:

    Coach Ron Brown actions are a class act; before the game, during the game, after the game, every day. We are blessed at Nebraska to have Dr. Tom, Coach Bo, Coach Brown, others in leadership positions, players, coaches, professors, students, fans, etc that represent the University of Nebraska and the state of Nebraska in such a positive way. To strive to do the right things in the right way to be the best.

    I agree with Coach Bo and others that the game should have been cancelled. The situation was greater than the game and wins/losses. But if the game was to be played it was handled with the usual Nebraska class.

    Coach Osborne had a book written after the 1983 season loss in the championship game against Miami called “More Than Winning”. It can’t be said better than that. Some things are more important than winning. It helps to put a 3 point loss to Northwestern or 3 point win to Penn State in perspective.

    I also agree with Barry Switzer that Coaches at Penn State and others know what was going on for years. Why was it not reported to the police years ago. Because it would hurt the image of Penn State University, Penn State Football, Coach Joe Paterno and others. That was placed above the welfare of children. Coach Jo would have been fired years ago. Let us remember that even after Dr. Tom, Coach Brown and others are not at the University of Nebraska that we must always continue to do the right things in the right way to be the best we can be. Anything less the wins and losses do not matter.

    Joe Paterno is the alltime winningest coach. It is interesting that the story did not come out until the week after Coach Jo set the record. There is a statute to Coach Joe at Penn State. It is wrong to honor a man who placed his own self interest above the welfare (rape and abuse) of children.

    More than winning. May GOD give always give wisdom to those at the University of Nebraska and everywhere to do the right things in the right way to be the best we can be.

    1. Larry Shefferd says:

      Amen Lucky–13 Very well said, Thankfull for leaders like Tom and Ron, CLASS ACT

      1. Kenneth freed says:

        Have you people lost your minds, or at least your memories? Osborne was and is not guilty of the horrific types of omissions as Paterno, but he certainly put his reputation and the football program above justice and fairness to victims during the Lawrence Phillips. et al affairs. Have you forgotten that he allowed one player to practice and stay on the team after he had been accused of attempted murder? Don’t you remember the gun he hide in his safe to protect a player? Don’t you recall the sheriff and prosecutor from Lancaster County criticizing Osborne for interfering in criminal investigations? How about when Osborne tried to stop the Rag from publishing stories about the criminal activities of the football team?
        For all those with impeded memories, Google Tom Osborne criminal affairs, or read the Sept. 25, 1995 Sports Illustrated article.
        When the University of Nebraska stops putting its athletic program, particularly football, above all else, perhaps the school will be readmitted to the Association of American Universities as a top-rated educational institution.

        1. Lucky--13 says:

          Kenneth, thank you for your comments and including the reference to the Sept. 25, 1995 Sports Illustrated article. I went to the internet and read the article. Being a native Nebraskan and following the Huskers since approximately 1965 I hope that I have a reasonable understanding of the program, its values, Coach Osborne, Coach Brown, Coach Bo, etc.

          It is my understanding that Dr. Tom felt throughout his coaching career that he served a parental role for his players especially if they came from a less than ideal background. It was his promise to parents/family that if their son came to Nebraska to play for the Huskers that he would look after them as if they were his own children.

          When issues arose with the players he would do as he promised to the family. “Get the facts” and apply the appropriate discipline. He also felt, if possible, it was better to have a player in a structured program. Some school principals also think similar that it is better to have a student serve an in-school suspension than getting into trouble out of school.

          Lawrence Phillips would have won the Heisman if he did not get into trouble. Yet the 19995 team did not need him to win the national championship. Lawrence was suspended indefinitely after he was charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault. Dr. Tom tried to help Lawrence turn his life around as if he were his own son.

          Now there is less tolerance. I personally have some mixed emotions about which approach is best.

          If you want to know about a Head Coach or CEO or manager. Look at the people that surround them. Coach Brown is a good example of the kind of coach the Osborne wanted; strong character yet strong competitor. “More than winning…”

  3. Husker63 says:

    I’ve been watching and going to husker games for over 40 years.We those two teams met at the middle of the field it was the second time I was brought to tears in all those years.The other was 1994 when they lifted TO and carried him off the field for his first championship.Very classy and it really does bring sports into perspective.

  4. Blair Boy in Tokyo says:

    Fellow Big Red Fans—Agree with much of what has been written and said about the turn around from Northwestern, but it would have been much better “class” if our head coach had not said “the game should have been cancelled” after we defeated Penn State. That is attacking when a team is already down on ground! It would have been much better to have said nothing, or before the game he might have said, “I respect the idea that this game, because of this immense moral cloud, should be cancelled, but if the officials of Penn State wish this game, I will help lead Nebraska to a great effort!”

    1. LeftCoastHusker says:

      To Tokyo Boy – That sounds like something you would say BEFORE the game…remember, he said it after the game and how he said it was just fine, geez!

    2. Bleeding Red says:

      I don’t think that Pelini gets to make that decision, although I’m sure his opinion is listened to. It reads sour and weak, and contradictory to those that ultimately make that decision (Rule #1, don’t contradict your boss, especially in mixed company and through the media-this is true in every profession BTW) if you say it before the game. Also, it seems to everyone you are creating your excuse if you lose. If you say it after you lose, it appears you are making excuses for losing. The only thing you can do is win your football game, so you can voice your feelings about humanity and sadness and tragedy without appearing full of sour grapes. To me, the only time he could say what he said and not seem like an attacking jerk (towards his bosses, towards the opponent) or a weakling hedging his bets, is AFTER the game…For me, I was really glad to read that so many of our staffers felt it inappropriate to play the game, and that we asked Penn State repeatedly if they were positive they wanted to play this game. I didn’t think we should participate and was willing to take a loss (to take a victory in integrity and dignity), and wondered why we didn’t have any open uncertainty about the game. It’s nice to hear that we DID have reservations, but couldn’t express them yet…BTW, I thought both teams played tough and left their hearts on the field…if we had to play, I’m glad the game was played that way…

  5. Jay in Singapore says:

    It was an awesome day and Ron was inspirational.

    Let’s turn the focus to Michigan and stop Robinson’s cut back runs! This has been a weak spot for several seasons…..

    I have many friends from PSU and there is more pain to come I am afraid.

    And I don’t envy them going to Wisconsin.

  6. Husker78 says:

    It was quite a week…
    Congratulations to the Huskers for a hard fought road victory under very trying circumstances. In what can only be described as a surreal experience, it was a day filled with emotion for all who participated and watched.
    Congratulations to the coaches and players who exhibited grace and class in dealing with all that came their way during this difficult week; in particular, could there be a finer gentleman that Coach Ron Brown. I applaud him as a true role model for everyone in America (especially after watching his post game interview). In a time when the young people in America need role models and adults need leaders, he has provided a shining example of both. “The measure of person is not what they do when everyone is looking, but what they do when no one is looking.” Fortunately, a lot of Americans were watching.
    It is in times like these and seeing people like Coach Brown rise the occasion that I am proud to be a graduate and alumnus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

  7. @kholland007 says:

    Today I am congratulating the coaches and players, not for the win, but for the way they handled this week. Coach Pelini, now I know why your players will run through a wall for you. Your post-game interview was perfect, well spoken, and put into perspective. For the first time in 40 years (except for military deployments) I didnt watch the game. I didnt think it should have been played, and like Pelini it wasnt my call, but I took my small stand on whats right and wrong.

    Coach Brown, as always you find the right words and scripture to put life into proper perspective. The players, for joining in with your peers and knowing there is more to life than football.

    So who cares about Taylors footwork or throwing motion today, or if play calling was good or if the blackshirts were awarded or not. Just for one week, think about those poor kids who had there innocence and childhoods ripped away! Much, much bigger than the BIG RED.

  8. Gene O says:

    Beck called a heck of a game- except when he had Rex go under center one time too many near the end of the game. Hope he learns from that and to work a little more at killing the clock in the 4th Qtr.

    Maher not only deserves promotion for All Big Ten punter, but for kicking, also. I never thought a year ago I’d be thinking “Alex who?”.

    I hope Northwestern pulls off an upset against MSU in the last game. If they don’t, let give Pelini and his coaches some credit. Against this schedule, in a year when the defensive secondary had to be rebuilt, the offensive line had mostly sophomores and freshmen; Nebraska coming out of it with a 10 – 2 record is a good year. Yes, they could have done better; but they could have done worse. Lets take it and see what they can do next year.

    1. Hskrbll says:

      Gene, Yes 10-2 IS a great record and will lead to a nice bowl. One poblem, …we still have to win the next two games, no short order. Given our up and down tendancies, we will have a daunting task next week in Ann Arbor. Even though there are only two, let’s take this one game at a time….please. Nebraska looked classy yesterday with the pre-game, etc. I was sickened by the image of people kneeling in front of the St. Paterno Cathedral (his house). False idol anyone??? Perhaps they were just “joing” Joe Pa in prayer,..whatever,… it looked to send the wrong message. There is enough pain, confusion and mis-guided loyalties to go around for a long time and not just at PSU. God save he Republic.

      1. Hskrbll says:

        Sorry for the typo……should read, “joining Jo Pa in prayer”

        1. Ken says:

          I lived in Neb for 20 years and don’t tell me if TO was still the coach that TO wouldn’t be a idolized in Nebraska and you can’t tell me that he still isn’t. Been there seen it. By the way welcome to the B1G…. GO BLUE !!! Retired USAF living in KS.

          1. Larry S says:

            Tom, would have went straight to authorities, if this happaned on his watch.

          2. Mr Dolph says:

            So sorry and so sad that Jo Pa put winning ahead of morals and values. Too bad such a tainted end to a wonderful career. Any one notice they let him get the record before they blew the lid off this story? Dr. Tom already proved that winning isn’t everything in Miami.

          3. jim says:

            and your point is ?

          4. Bleeding Red says:

            I’ve said this all week Ken and everyone that I’ve spoken to agrees, if Dr. Tom allowed children to be raped (making him just as guilty as the rapist in my eyes), then I would be heartbroken, but he would have turned from my hero into a villain for his betrayal of everything he presented to us that we believed in. Like everyone I’ve talked to, I have never had ill feelings towards Paterno and in fact felt as if he were Penn State’s version of our beloved Dr. Tom. We held him in respect and dignity, almost as if he were one of us. Until now. Apparently Ken,you didn’t learn enough about these people you lived beside for 20 years. Most of us feel a betrayal by proxy, and are extremely sad that a great one can no longer be called that anymore. And most of us are grieving for those betrayed children and their lifetime of damage that they are just beginning to understand, not happily picking at the bones of a fallen giant. You really didn’t get to know us at all, did you Ken?

    2. Jim Holstein says:

      The Big 10 will be a tough conference probably every year and IF we go 10-2 this year it’s good by me. Just remember, we’re still 2 wins shy of being 10-2. GBR- you Can do it!

    3. milou says:

      I think he was just trying to do the Johnny Rodgers thing with Rex (Notre Dame bowl game). Showing that he can do just about anything.

  9. AZHUSKER says:

    Why can”t we drop the hammer on some of the recruits?
    do we need a new recruiting coordinator?

  10. HansJ says:

    I’ve been watching or going to B1G RED games since 1906, or was it 1960, I forget. But damn it Tom, regarding “Rex The QB,” where in the wide world of sports did Beck get the idea to move the IB [Rex] behind center and hand off the ball to the FB [Legate] trying to move forward behind the left guard? The ball was fumbled, State Penn recovered and drove in for a TD making the score 17-14 and the final outcome was then in doubt, it completely changed the momentum. Beck reminds me too much of Shawn Watson in big games.

  11. Husker8495 says:

    Great performance Huskers! Tough day, tough environment, tough game. It’s easy for the armchair QB’s to sit and find fault, dismissing just how good and motivated Penn State was, but I thought NU looked good on both sides of the ball. Games balls of course to the usual cast including David, Burkhead, Bell, and the O-line, but here’s an extra shout-out to T-Magic. With each game he looks more confident, makes good decisions, and his passing game is now good enough for NU to compete with anyone. Without his outstanding play as of late, the Huskers would not be where they are now.

    The fans will remember this game vividly for along time not only for Coach Brown’s inspiring pre-game prayer during a most troubled time for PSU, but also for the way my beloved Huskers rose above the adversity to show their true character as instilled by our excellent coaching staff. GBR!!

  12. ArkHusker says:

    Please lets stop with all this song and dance about the atmosphere…thats smokescreen and an excuse to cover up another pathetic showing on offense and poor play calling (especially on 3rd down). Tim Becks idea of inverting the QB/RB STINKS…now instead of the defensive honing in on 2 potential carriers they only need to key on Burkhead…SMH! 3rd down and 3 is a RUNNING down for crying out loud! Penn State had little or no will in this game…they were down 2 coaches and all we could muster up was to hang on by a field goal…SMH! This was a disappointing win…a quiet home crowd for most of the game and we couldnt put them away! The offense is too cute when all they need to do is hand it off and throw off the run…why do we make football so hard? Pelini’s choices in coaches will cost him his job 1 day…he chose his homeboy Tim Beck who can only get 1 TD in a half and Scott Frost is apart of one of the most prolific offenses in the nation at Oregon who score 30 points a half…..but Bo wants his guy! Its just pathetic in college football now to have an inept offense when there are so many things you can do. Im sorry I just believe in being realistic about my team…I cheer them on but this is not going to work in the long haul and last week game at NW proves it. We need a redefining of our philosophy…we arent a drop back passing team when you got receivers who can catch and a QB thats an average passer…the clock mgmt in this game was horrible…we got a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter but running hurry up offense snapping the ball with 14 seconds on the play clock…SMH…and at other times …hurryup offense but you snap the ball with 3 seconds on the play clock..huh? Pelini needs to show me that he is not a coordinator with a head coach title but he can really be a head coach over every factor of the team.

    1. huskerred says:

      “Pelini needs to show me that he is not a coordinator with a head coach title…,” seriously? With Pedersen and Callahan absolutely gutting the NU football program, NU moving into the the Big 10 conference, the boo-birds we now have in the Husker Nation, and those who seem not to know anything about the game. Things are moving week in and week out in a positive direction. Bo has turned the program around and has moving in the right direction; therefore, I believe Bo has done quite well.
      Sleeper teams like NW has always been problematic for the Huskers, this not something new. I agree it is hard to swallow when it happens, but it is what it is. Fact: Bo has the same win/loss record the first three seasons as Devaney, Osborne and Solich. Then you say, “Scott Frost is apart of one of the most prolific offenses in the nation…,” I agree. However then you say a couple of sentences later, “… we arent a drop back passing team,” correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the ducks a passing team? So what is it you really want?
      Then when you say, ” …when you got receivers who can catch and a QB thats an average passer,” I wonder how you come to this? T-Mart is not a flashy QB, he is arkward in motion, still he is currently breaking all records ever set by any QB in NU history (compartively at their same point in time) and may become the greatest QB to ever play at NU. Not a pretty sight granted, but numbers do not lie. As far as recievers that can catch, I have seen ours consistently drop them.
      My take NU played a good game under less than an idealistic gameday. It was a physical defensive game just as most of the experts expected. But a win is always better than a loss. As always Go Big Red!

      1. kevin says:

        I will make sure Bo gets your approval… r u hiring ? what do u pay ?

      2. Bleeding Red says:

        I’m with you huskerred! I don’t understand all of the hate. Martinez has been playing lights out. He put the ball in great spots and our receivers have been having a case of the drops lately. Beck is in his FIRST year calling the offense and in no way does he remind me of Watson. He always declares his mistakes loudly, then spends his time trying to not repeat those mistakes. A lot of young kids on our team and we’re playing pretty well. Yes we are a bit up and down and that is terribly frustrating, however it is perfectly understandable. If we had to participate in that game, the ONLY thing that we could not have done is lose. And we didn’t. Against the best defense in the conference…BTW, I wasn’t at the game but rthe quotes in the OWH articles stated from Penn State fans that it was the loudest they had ever heard the stadium. Like I said, I wasn’t there, but if that’s true, that hard fought battle was a good victory. Not flawless, but the most important feature was Victory…When are you guys gonna get the right perspective? We are building towards what you want (domination), it will be worth the wait, so have some patience and enjoy the ride…

      3. Joey says:

        Breaking records???? In what… INT’s??? Seen his SEASON STATS lately???? Quack Lee was 14TD’s and 10 INT’s. T-Tragic almost has a INT every game ( NOTE: I said ALMOST ). Jamal Turner is the 4th BEST QB in the recruits in his position. Marsh broke the records set in High School BY Scott Frost ( which look very impressive ) Then there’s Carnes, who can, and would be a much better OPTION, and PASSING QB. But noooooooo T-Tragic is Bo’s PRIDE & JOY. But T-Tragic is NOT the full blame. We have an offensive line that can’t even bully Northwestern. WHY??? NU OL has no AGGRESSION. Look at the confidence NU had in the 90′s. That’s because the OL coach does NOT get them the AGGRESSIVE attitude. As well as the DL, where’s the Classic Husker aggression??? It’s not there. Plus Bo needs to recruit BLUE CHIP prospect. Not 2*, 3*, or walk-ons, and expect them to play like BLUE CHIP players. HONESTLY, that’s not going to happen. Bo needs to stop the attitude that those recruiting ranks mean NOTHING, because YES it does!!!! Those recruits from High School, make stats that the NFL would look at, and they’re just out of HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Look at our DL, they are BUTT NUGGET SLOW. NU is lucky to get more than 2 sacks every game. That’s NOT NU football. He goes for size NOT speed. That’s why they can’t get to the QB quick enough!!!! They’re too SLOW!!!! The DB’s need MORE SPEED!!!!! But nooooooooooo Bo is trying to play BIG style of football, instead of playing his style of football. That’s the same style of coaching WATSON did, and that’s GUESSING. Look what NU got offensively out of guessing from a OC!!!!!! This is why NU isn’t getting back to National Title material. Bo wants a National Title?? He needs a National Title coaching staff, Nationa Title Recruiting staff, National Title BLUE CHIP Recruits. Or get used to playing in the Banana Bowl

        1. bleedred says:

          Very very well said Joey, no can argue with the facts……………..

        2. Terry says:

          Uh Joey for the FACTs…… # 7 on the passing yards passing Turner Gill and T-Magic is only a Sophomore. What story book are you reading? Shoot I’ll take his unorthodox but effective throwing motion. Is it pretty no, but pretty doesn’t do anything for yards and scores.

          1. Joey says:

            Have you even WATCHED a game???Terry, T-Tragic has been really REALLY struggling on BIG PLAYS down field. Teams are now shutting off T-Tragic and Rex. Because that’s 80% of their team. Big schools like Wisconsin, Oregon, LSU, Alabama, OU, Okl St, K State, would destroy us because our DEFENSE is tooooo slow. That’s NOT even including an OFFENSE that can’t even produce a mediocre passing game. NU barely beat a Penn State offense that has been struggling bad. BUT moved the ball quite well against NU in the 2nd half. Nu and their PREDICTABLE OFFENSE, continues to look mediocre. Because NU can’t hit a deep receiver for 45+ yards with T-Tragic, even if his career depended on it. THAT PUTS US BACK TO BEING A 1 DEMENTIONAL OFFENSE AGAIN Terry. NU isn’t going to beat Wisconsin or any other TOP 10 TEAM, until NU provides a MUCH more balanced Offense. That’s NOT going to happen with a T-Tragic as QB.STOP thinking with pride, and really REALLY look at the truth the way it is. WE keep hearing how much T-Tragic has improved!!! Looked at his INT’s lately Terry??? It’s coming close to matching Quack Lee’s INT’s. Zac is as bad as T-Tragic is. Only difference is, T-Tragic has faster running speed. AND THAT’S IT!!!!!!

        3. huskerred says:

          Heres why I defend Martinez, you should really not let your feelings or anger get in the way of researching out what the facts are. Here are two places you can start:


          As always Go Big Red!!

          1. Joey says:

            Then MAYBE you should check your factshuh? Tell me WHY Quack Lee, and T-Tragic’s INT’s are almost DUPLICATE!!!!! I guess that you DIDN’T look at huh?As ALWAYS, another who puts his pride before what’s really there

    2. @kholland007 says:

      17-14 Nebraska WON! 3 and 3 is NOT a running down all the time, especially against PSU defense that is stingy. Scott Frost is coaching at Oregon so that isnt possible for him to call plays last saturday at PSU. Get over your arm chair O coordinator who thinks he knows football. Just accept the win, its exactly what Pelini’s job is to do.

      1. Joey says:

        YUP, only coach to be paid a HEFTY 4 mill, for a MEDIOCRE season. That’s a great deal for any coach, especially 4 years ,, NO Division Title, 4 years NO NATIONAL TITLE, 4 years and NU still LOSES to UNRANKED teams, 4 years and NU still can’t beat a TOP 10 TEAM.. 4 years and Callahan still recruited BETTER players on OFFENSE and DEFENSE!!!! It’s OK I understand your LACK of knowledge to FACTS @kholland007

        1. ArleyInSD says:

          Michigan State was ranked #7

          1. Joey says:

            7th??? With a offense that can’t even get into the TOP 25, let alone the TOP 10. That’s NO #7 in my books. #17 YES. Look at the facts if we played Okl St. It would be over by the end of the 1st quater. So what has NU really improved??? Come on people, I know you love your team, but for crying out loud…BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!!!!!!

  13. Falcon 78 in Northern Virginia says:

    I was fortunate to be in State College yesterday. A glorious day for college football. Great game. We were treated very well by PSU fans and didn’t see anything out of the normal fall Saturday college football atmosphere.

    $40 for parking for those grassy lots around the stadium charged by the university. I hope they were taking up a collection to buy some asphalt to at least pave the entries and roads in the parking lots. Can you imagine those lots on a rainy, or snowy winter day? And that’s after how many years of use for the stadium with 100K+ crowds. Traffic was horrid to get into the stadium. They kept flashing on the electronic scoreboard–”125 years of PSU football.” Obviously with not a lot of improvements to the stadium grounds.

    I would only ask why in the early 4th quarter and knowing that you wanted the clock to be your friend, the Huskers had it 2nd & 2 near midfield. I’d stake a month’s pay that even 2 QB sneaks could have picked up the two yards, and maybe more importantly kept the clock running with running plays. But no-o-o-o-o, the Huskers had to call a fu-fu flavor fancy Wildcat play that resulted in the fumble. If–if–the Huskers would have lost or had Penn State tie the game, you could have hinged the game on that sequence. Sometimes its not the guys that touch the ball with the responsibility to get the first down, it’s the O-line, and I think they were up to the task. The Huskers had run the ball between the tackles, and with 2nd & 2, there was no need to go to the back of the playbook and pull up the unread pages.

    Other than that–great game Huskers. Way to go–on to the Big House.

  14. Bleeding Red says:


    I’m with you but must amend your statement. “JoePa” is a term of endearment and affection, which he no longer deserves. To me, he is simply Paterno or Joe Paterno. Also, molesting is inappropriate touching of children (touching, fondling genitals etc.). Child rape, rapist, raper refers to people that have intercourse with children. In this situation it seems important to make that distinction…the fact that we repeatedly asked Penn State if they were sure they wanted to play the game, and they repeatedly said yes, feels once again as if they were putting football dollars over the acknowledgement and understanding of the atrocious crimes committed under their banner…and yes, everyone had to know…and yes, very sad and creepy week…

  15. still a sker says:

    It took Tom Osborne over 20 years to win his first National Title and when he did finally reward the patience of Nebraska he did so with one of the most dominating 4 year stretches in College Football History. I am willing to give Bo Pelini time to make his run. If after ten years he still hasn’t played for the title then maybe we can talk about finding someone else, but I am just fine with consistent 9 and 10 win seasons that show we are very close to the goal of Conference and National Titles. Besides after seeing what happened at Penn State I am glad the we have guys like T.O. and Bo in charge, because if the worst things we have to worry about is 9 and 10 win seasons and our coach getting angry every once in a while then I think a lot of schools would gladly trade places with us.

    1. Joey says:

      Hey STILL, are you forgetting how bad of an offense Penn State has?? But they really seem to move the ball quite well against NU and their lagging defense. Should I remind you of the defenses season stats for NU??? The only thing worse than that was, NU and their offense in 2009, and 2008. Now we have, Bill Callahan’s defense…….. again. Except this time, we have a QB, with only running skills. Why not put Abdullah in as a QB, how about Braylon Heard, OR Green for that matter. I don’t think they can do any worse in throwing the ball. His season stats are starting to look like Quack Lee’s 14 TD’s and 10 INT’s for a whole season. Now, about Tom Osborne and what he did, are you neglecting to realize, Osborne also went out and recruited the best of the best. Bo seems to think recruiting ranks mean nothing. Maybe that’s why, the SEC has been winning national titles for the last 5 or 6 years in a row. WITH ALL THOSE BLUE CHIPS huh?

    2. Joey says:

      nd let’s NOT forget, Tom Osborne wasn’t paid no $4 million neither. Or did you forget that one.

      1. HuskerzRed says:

        @Joey, I pity you……..

        1. Joey says:

          Don’t….. Because I have NONE for you!!!!…lol

  16. Bill says:

    I thought it was a great win. I also, contrary to some guys, think Burkhead under center and Martinez at the I-back position can provide some issues for a defense. We did not see a pitch to TM, but I think in space on the edge he would be very dangerous. One thing that bothered me came from Sam, I believe. He seemed to indicate that should Bo and the team win out (a big if) get ready for people coming after him for HC jobs. I apologize if it was not you Sam, but jeez are we to begin this process again. I love Bo and have no problem with him going to OSU (hell, that is where he played) but I don’t want to have to worry about him going to Texas A&M or Arizona or the other places suggested. Has there been any hint at that, probably not. So, spare me the speculation at this juncture of the season. Also, someone also suggested that a coach would be leaving–if you can’t name the guy don’t bring it up.

    1. @kholland007 says:

      Maybe if people would accept a win and not complain about every little issue, he wont think about leaving

      1. Joey says:

        This is NU, not NMSU football. Here we expect a win, not cross our fingers and HOPE for 1… Capiche? When NU struggles to beat a team with a REALLY BAD OFFENSE, or DEFENSE, or BOTH. That looks REALLY bad to BLUE CHIP recruits.

  17. ED Seattle says:

    Proud to be a cornhusker

  18. ED mueller Mill Creek, WA says:

    The way the situation was confronted, I was proud to be a Cornhusker.

  19. jim says:

    loved the hit(s) by David. Nice to see Taylor improving in game management. Beck is a huge improvement in the area of imagination. How about the Long twins as walk-ons ? Dropped balls are really disappointing. Like to see more of Kyler Reed.

  20. Accounting Prof says:

    Why don’t the haters that seem to be unemployed and have plenty of time to Blog discontinue watching our Red. The time they waste would be better served looking for employment. Perhaps when they fire Pelini for his horriffic 9 and 10 win seasons and winning divisional titles they can polish up their resume and throw their hat in the mix for the next head coaching position.

    1. Joey says:

      Acounting… Why do people like you call people haters for pointing out the truth?

  21. Steve Swartz says:

    As a native Nebraskan and a long time rabid Huskers fan I’m compeled to say that the concept behind Coach Ron Brown’s prayers that he is wont to offer does have merit. However, he proves to be totally without compassion for those who are not of the Christian faith. The same holds true for those who so quickly rise to his defense. Perhaps they all should refer back to their bibles and read the passage (which is, in fact, intrinsic to all religions) reading: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    1. @kholland007 says:

      Seems like you are airing a religious grievance and not sport related. I have known Ron Brown for many years and witnessed him treat everyone with great respect. You should visit your chaplain, priest or rabai or someone within your faith for guidance, not the OWH sports section!

  22. DaveH says:

    I have never heard so much sniveling and whining about NU from so-called fans. How about enjoying the fact the team won, they gave it there all, they and the fans that traveled to the game displayed tremendous class, and they are 8-2. I’ve always heard that any given Saturday anybody can beat anybody. So NU got beat by NW. They beat a really good MSU team. TM gives it all he’s got every Saturday, cut the kid some friggin slack. Enjoy the teams efforts and the fact that they represent something really good, win or loose. CHARACTER & CLASS!! Something that is in very short supply these days.

    1. Joey says:

      Dave you annoy me, so please PLEASE shut up