Published Tuesday, November 22, 2011 AT 12:49 PM / Updated at 12:49 PM
Recruiting: QB Fuller sets his final six
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska dual-threat quarterback target Devin Fuller is down to five – and perhaps six, depending on what Penn State does in the offseason.

The 6-foot, 185-pounder from Old Tappan, N.J. visited NU for the Ohio State game.

He’ll now add Alabama, Rutgers, TCU and UCLA to his official visit list according to 24/7 Sports. Obviously the Crimson Tide stands out, but the two teams to watch closely, in my estimation, are Rutgers and TCU, which joins the Big 12 next year.

About Nebraska Fuller said: “Nebraska had a great atmosphere when I was there and they are recruiting really well. I talk to the coaches at least once per week and they keep me up to date with their recruiting class and stuff.”

Penn State, probably the frontrunner for Fuller’s services, is on the outside looking in.

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  1. HansJ says:

    If he’s a good passer, he could beat out T-Magic next year.

    1. Highdef says:

      … Hans, are you new here? Pelini will not -let- anyone beat out K-mart next year. End of subject.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        The next TWO years.

  2. Highdef says:

    … you can always tell when a Husker football season ends early. The last home game or bowl game hasn’t been played, yet we’re seeing these fluff stories pop-up about recruits we will never sign.

    I think the quote that speaks volumes here: “..Nebraska had great atmosphere..” Is this what we’ve become to recruits now, a great atmosphere? I can see the headlines now:

    Dateline: Nov 23rd, 2045

    Lincoln, NE (AP): College football phenom Joey D. Joque, senior start quarterback at Centennial High School in Dade County Florida said after his official visit today that “Nebraska had a great atmosphere. I’m not going to play there, but really nice trees and the sidewalks were immaculate.” Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini III was quoted as saying “let’s not worry here. We’re teaching out kids the fundamentals and we’re on the right course, we’re improving. We don’t care what other people think, it’s not their program. I’m sure we’ll find the 25 players to put on scholarship somewhere. I have faith.”

    1. Wooper says:

      Atmosphere is something nebraska has sold and people have talked about for years not sure what you are talking about. The gameday atmosphere is what he is talking about…..please think before you talk.

      1. Bob says:

        Good luck getting Highdef to think.

  3. mosier says:

    not likely, Armstrong would probably have a better shot not to mention Carnes and Turner. That being said Martinez is a top 5-10 QB next year, will continue to improve and lead NU to a great season.

    1. WestNE says:

      Top 5-10 are you serious?

      1. tom says:

        In the Big Ten – LOL

    2. skerbater says:

      If the coaches turn him loose and let him run without trying to protect his body from injury, there is no doubt he is a top five qb… There is no run threat from him right now, that falls on the coaches.

      1. skerbater says:

        yea, i said it! what!

      2. Chucky-T says:

        I agree. Ever since he’s been coached to protect himself while running, he is not near as effective on the ground. He also seems to get shoe-string tackled alot.

      3. dave says:

        Seems to me part of it is that he’s trying to do a better job with passing and distributing the ball. As he gets more comfortable with more aspects of being a QB in our offense, I think we’ll see some more running, and I suspect it will be more efficient than we saw last year, and without taking the beating.

  4. mosier says:

    Hard to see him playing QB for any of those other teams. Suprised there is no Oregon or Arizona after him. If he wants to be a QB he should be N.

  5. BlueJay says:

    Anyone but TMagic. He is not a QB. Don’t care what Bo says.

    1. mosier says:

      This guy is stupid.

    2. mosier says:

      Neither were Crouch, Frost and other NU greats. If you want a pocket passer with great mechanics you might not want to be rooting for a spread option team…

      1. BlueJay says:

        Boy, you sure read alot in a person’s comments. I don’t expect Martinez to be a pocket passer. I just don’t think he has and feel for the position. If that bothers you, tough cookies.

        1. NU FB says:

          Do you not realize that Taylor has been the single highlight of this season. He has gotten sooooo much better since the Wisconsin game, and I think he looks like a QB that we could actually win a championship with. He has improved as a passer and is really being turned loose in Beck’s offense.

      2. Travis says:

        T Tragic does not even belong in the same conversation with Frost or Crouch. Running up personal stats against pre-confernce cupcakes doesn’t make you a great QB, I don’t care where his stats rank him all-time at NU. He will graduate w/out ever bringing home a conference or nat’l title. In fact, he will be responsible for losing the 2010 conf title against OU.

        He will go down as a serviceable QB w/ great stats but no consequential wins during his time at NU.

        1. James says:

          It’s T Ragic and that’s been trademarked by his daddy for t shirts!

  6. Johnny Fastback says:

    What Bo needs to do is relief Carl of his duties and he might even consider Tim Beck as the way I see both of these so called coaches are holding back some great players. More Carl then Beck. When you tell your players to just fix it instead of telling them how to fix it is not a leader in my mind.

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      Yes, fire the guy who had two top 15 defenses in a row. That’s always a great idea. Also, get rid of a first year offensive coordinator after he just installed a new offense which, believe it or not, is a vast improvement over the previous one.

      Some of you fans have no clue. That’s alright. I’ll remember your names and in a few years when we are consistently a top 10 team, I’ll remind you of the dumb stuff you posted on here.

      1. David says:

        Too funny. Pretty sure about that, huh? Consistently a top 10 team? Not likely as long as Pelini is here.

        1. NU FB says:

          Why the negativity? I don’t understand you people…

          Young team, new conference, new coaches… a 3-loss season and probably a new year’s day bowl is not bad… I for one feel very good about next year and the next five to ten years, especially if we can finish strong on our recruiting class.

      2. Husker says:

        By the time NU is a consistent Top 10 team again, we’ll all be dead.

    2. Jay says:

      Johnny Fastback probably wanted Osborne run out of town in the 70′s and 80′s.

  7. Not enough play makers on this team kiddies. I said after the Fresno State Game that this Husker Team will either be 9-3 or 8-4 at the end of regular season with no Big Championship bid. I hate that I am right. I am one Husker Fan that will never accept 8 or 9 win seasons every year. I really never expected the Huskers to lose to Northwestern but did expect then to lose to Penn State and Michigan. Anyone who has any idea how the game is played can clearly see the Huskers still have no solid defense and the offense still has no idenity. What is missing is consistent play on both sides of the ball.

    I really do hope the Huskers can sign a good passing quarterback but until the receivers learn to catch what difference does it make. Also, the Huskers have got to go out and get some quality players on defense. If the Huskers do not beat Iowa this Friday and win their bowl game you can throw this season in the toilet and count it as a failure!

    1. dave says:

      Douchy comments. In which loss were we out-talented? Oh, that’s right- none of them.

    2. Husker says:

      I predicted 8-4 before the season started, when everyone else, including the national media, was predicting NU would be conference champ and contender for the national title. Those people forgot to look at 3 things: the total lack of experience at many positions, the killer schedule, and the underqualified coaching staff.
      Depending on Friday’s result, I will either be OK (8-4) or mildly pleased (9-3) with the season.
      We clearly need to have the talent and/or the coaching improve to get back to the second tier, let alone the top tier, of college football.

  8. mosier says:

    I think consistancy is our biggest issue. In my opinion good old fashioned Nebraska consistancy is built on strong line play dominated by fourth and 5th year players. The O-line has exactly one such player who has battled chronic back pain his whole career and the D-line had two such players, one who was a preseason all-american but is out with injury and the other is a servicable DT. That is the reason we are inconsistant. These recruiting failures are not Pelini’s. The line play on both sides will continue to improve and NU will be fine.

    1. David says:

      The recruiting failures are NOT Pelini’s? Whose are they, then?

      1. NU FB says:

        What recruiting failures?… We’ve had solid classes especially on the O-Line the last 2-3 years, and this year we have a chance to sign anywhere from 14-18 players, with as many as 12-15 of them being 4-star or better… What’s a failure about that?!

  9. As far as Taylor Martinez goes he is a much better passer then we thought he could be so let’s give him some credit. However, I still have concerns about Taylor’s inabilty to make good quick decisions. Far to many times when his receivers are covered he stays in the pocket instead of using his speed and taking off and picking up positive yardage. Several times in the Michigan game he could have broke big runs but he waited to long. On four occasions when he did run he ran right smack into a group of defenders instead of going the other way where their was a wide open hole. Also, he carries the ball like a loaf of bread when he does run. We are seeing the same bone headed playing from Taylor we saw last year at the end of the season because he is not taking care of the ball and taking care of business!

    I heard some Husker Fans the other night on Big Red reaction say we need to give Martinez more time he is only a sophmore. I am sick and tired of these same old excuses! He is a third year player that by now should know what he is doing and should be doing it well. Look at what Dennard Robinson did and he is a sophmore. What are we supposed to do wait until Taylor is a Senior then hold him to the standards we all expect from a Husker QB? Yes we need to go recruit some top notch QB’s!

    1. mosier says:

      Shoelace is a Junior. T-Mart has flaws but he is a good college QB. I can’t think of any Sophmore QB’s in the country that would be better for NU. It’s also not really his 3rd year as he wasn’t a QB as a freshman, maybe not the right decision by Pelini (thought C. Green was the heir apparent) but certainly not T-Mart’s fault.

    2. HUSKERS_10 says:

      Taylor Martinez has played Quarterback for 4 years…freshman year they had him working in with the WR’S. Denard Robinson has played QB all his life so Denard should be better than Taylor, But he isnt by much. Taylor is improving week in and week out on his passing. If he had some WR’S that could catch he would be a much better QB. Everbody is bitc**** that Taylor is a crappy passer and they want a better passing QB and he is getting better, he can run too and now you are complaining that he isnt taking off as much as he used to. What the hell do you want? hes young still and has a lot of room to grow…Taylor can be a top 10 QB next year and hopefully by his senior season He can be top 5!

      What we need are some big defensive recruits, dont worry about the QB cause he is fine. If we had our top 10 defense like we have had in the past we wouldnt have lost to anybody this year.

    3. MikeG says:

      I agree with most of what you said except that he is a much better passer than we thought he was. He is a much worse passer than we need. His timing is way off, rarely do we have a WR with yards after catch because Taylor gets him the ball as the defender is closing on him and not when the WR is making his breakinto the open. Many of Taylors completions are due much more to a good catch rather than a good throw. If Taylor worked with his recievers on timing issues he could be alot better. He struggles with instincts.

  10. mosier says:

    The Huskers are putting together a great class so far this year and are still in it with many of their top targets that are waiting until signing day. Every year Pelini’s classes have improved including potentially great class last year. Pelini deserves at another 2 years before he can be fully judged with all his style of players.

  11. The Huskers have a very small recruiting class put together so far this year. They do have some good quality players that are committed but the last time I checked the Huskers are not in the top 50 in recruiting. With only a couple of months to go the Huskers need to finish strong!

  12. Husker 10 we all know Taylor can run. The problem is he isn’t. I am not sure if it is because he is told not to as much so as not to risk an injury or if it is because the offensive play calling for running is to give it to Burkhead.

  13. Brendan T. says:

    I give Martinez a ton of credit for how far he’s come this year. I don’t want to sound too negative but no, no way. No way in heck. NU hasn’t recruited a true difference maker at QB in close to 14 years. There’s just enough talent overall, and QB has in particular been a huge problem for multiple NU coaching staffs. I’m not going to convince anybody here, but just watching a handful od games Saturday night was a devastating comparison. Baylor, Oklahoma, Okie St. USC, & Oregon had way, way better QB’s than Nebraska. QB’s like RGIII are just naturals awareness wise and then get even better w/ coaching. Just the teams we’ve played this year, Fresno St. & Washington’s QB’s played well, Ohio St. Michigan & Northwestern’s (both!) QB’s were just better. All either matched Martinez’s performance, or at least proved that we don’t have a difference maker at that position. This isn’t a criticism of Taylor, he’s done a pretty good job this year. It just illustrates what an uphill battle Nebraska faces in recruiting.

    NU really needed that Big12 title game last year. It would’ve taken the pressure off. Btw, Michigan currently has the #1 ranked recruiting class & reports are coming out that Urban Meyer will be named Ohio St. coach next week. Sigh… GBR

  14. Brendan T you have made my point exactly. Taylor is OK but just not the QB we need to win Championships. I am concerned about our recruiting. We have to go out and get high quality players especially on defense. We do have some decent players coming up but we need more. Also, we need a quality QB that will at least push Taylor. Sometimes Martinez gives me the feeling like he is the only QB at Nebraska so he does not need to compete as hard to keep his job.

    1. tom says:

      I think we should see Brion Carnes and Jamal Turner qb for a game or two ,with a plan that suits there stengths, and judge for ourselves if T-Mart is our best option. I think we would end up seeing another Joe Gans /Keller situation. Unfortunately Pelini is to arrogant to let that happen because it might expose what we all know.

  15. Dave says:

    Subj: Pelini RECRUITS – when Pelini arrived at NU he inherited Bill Calahan’s recruit players – some of which had 4 years to play – ending this year. SUH was a Calahan recruit as were the many others who through this year have built Pelini’s winning record thus far. Questions – name a dominant player excluding junior college transfer David who Pelini has recruited and signed ? How many 4 and 5 star HS players has Pelini signed in 4 years ? How many NU football scholarships have been given to children and relatives of the NU coaching staff ?
    I live in So Calif which is an area rich in HS football talent. A recent summary of top fb players listing future college commitments DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE PLAYER commiting to NU. Where is the Nebraska effort to land some outstanding talent in SoCalif ???

  16. Scott says:

    “Let Carnes and Turner play and then we will decide”???????????????? Really????? Who in the world is going to ask for your opinion of who should be out QB? I find is unbelievable that there are so many arm chair QB’s and coaches. The coaches are playing players that give NU the best chance to win…period! If Carnes was better than Taylor, then he would be playing. If Carnes and Turner could learn more than 5 plays and could be trusted to know what to do on the various plays that are called then they would play! In the college game today, you need to run more than 5 plays on offense to win and if some of the younger guys don’t have the mental capacity YET to get the playbook memorized then they shouldn’t play, they are more of a liability than an asset at this point in their careers. GBR!!!!!