Published Thursday, November 24, 2011 AT 10:41 AM / Updated at 10:03 PM
Recruiting: Weekend visitor preview
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Mike Schaefer over at Huskers Illustrated did a terrific job of whipping up a weekend preview for recruiting. Here’s a list of the big names rolling into town. Remember: If you think Nebraska has a talent deficit, this is one of those weekends where the team can make it up.

Andrus Peat

How he fits into Nebraska’s plans: Peat is the biggest name on Nebraska’s list of 2012 targets. The 6-foot-7, 280-pound offensive tackle is a 5-star and No.10 in the latest Top247 rankings. Peat is the type of cornerstone tackle coaches dream of having to anchor the line.

Nebraska has several other big linemen on the roster, but starting tackles Marcel Jones and Jermarcus Hardrick are both seniors, leaving a spot open on either end of the line.

It’ll be a reunion of sorts as Andrus reunites with his brother Todd Peat Jr., a defensive tackle for Nebraska.

Who else is interested? In short, every team in the country would like Andrus Peat on its roster, however the big tackle is looking at Florida State, Nebraska, Stanford and USC. This recruiting battle could go down to the wire, but Nebraska is in great position if Andrus decides he wants to join his big brother.

Schaefer also touches on visits from Avery Moss, Marcus Rios, Nate Iese, Vincent Valentine, and Zaire Anderson.

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  1. hskrpwr13 says:

    Would you please all just commit at the end of the Iowa game? Pretty please?

    1. mosier says:

      Thanks for the updates Sam. Love the tidbits like how old the guys are and how long they’ve been playing.

  2. mosier says:

    I’ve been really suprised at how four special teams turnovers last week made so many people question Pelini’s recruiting. His class last year was the best since Callahan’s “#1″ class and this year could be even better, albeit smaller. If you want top 10 classes every year you have to oversign like the SEC or be Texas and I know Husker fans don’t want those things. I’m Really excited about the future of the program.

    1. mosier, excellent post. When people look at Pelini’s recruiting they must also remember that before he was recruiting a differnt kind of recruit that fit into the Big 12 style of play. Those players do not often fit in with the Big 10′s style. When Pelini recruited them he was not aware of the confernece change. He is trying to address that issue now with this recruiting class. I am glad you brought up the oversigning aspect, a lot of people do not remember football recruiting before the limit on scholorships. I do and many time back then the better teams would offer a scholorship to a kid just to keep a rival from getting him, Nebraska included.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        so…….has anyone measured, or weighed the recruits NU has coming in to visit the Iowa game? maybe check their 40 times make sure they’re not too fast for the big slow conference? they could be too short or tall to play, im thinking there is a strict height requirement for playing Tackle in the Leaders division, not sure about the legends.
        I did read somewhere that the Legends division was going to put a minimum weight limit on punters, but don’t quote me.
        I would really hate for these kids to bypass Alabama, Oklahoma, or LSU, and find out they do not fit the big slow style of play.

  3. mosier says:

    PS. Sam might want to edit a bit as some of the paragraphs are out of order.

  4. Gene O says:

    The next 2 months will tell if the changes Bo made in recruiting pay off. I just hope he’s justified in giving every son of the O-line coach a free ride in a year were each recruit counts. At least their top-end targets are actually elite players.

    By the way Sam; if you need any help with your HTML, I’m available. :)

    1. Jerry says:

      Bo’s recruiting prowess is being revealed this very moment as the Huskers look like a bunch of walk-ons trying to compete with the real D-1 players. The future is not looking bright for Husker fans. As with Solich and Calahan, Bo must go……away soon. I see Ohio State knows how to pick a coach that can recruit and win and not get blown out on a regular basis. A coach that doesn’t come off as an arrogant jerk to all concerned.

  5. Brian says:

    I would take another half dozen of the Cotton kids. They play hard and show some passion…I think that is all a Husker fan can ask for.

    1. Matt Svoboda says:

      It is not all we can ask for, but it is certainly something we want. I can play hard and show a ton of passion- but if we had a bunch of me on the team we would get murdered week after week.

      Talent does matter. I’m glad we are getting the Cottons. I have never seen anything that tells me they aren’t talented.

  6. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Pelini could recruit the Greenbay Packers and still go 9-4

    1. Highdef says:

      COULDN”T HAVE SAID IT ANY BETTER DEVIL… too many K-Mart Koolaid drinkers here. Wonder what they’ll be sayin if the Huskers lose to IOWA in the rain today.. we’ll never see them here again..

      1. Fallbrook Husker says:

        Never saw a drop of rain and we won the game.

    2. kevin says:

      Not sure but if Pelini recruited the Packers we would have bigger issues then football, primarily probation. For this recruiting weekend devil tell me your ht /wt , 40 yard time ? wondering if maybe you can play ? I’m sure your like most of us.. I have two 40 times the first is really slow, and the second is called taking a break at 30 yards cause I’m getting a cramp…. Must be great to b an armchair QB sitting in my lazy boy throwing back a beer and knowing everything about Fball. Let me guess your undefeated at second guessing, and arm chair quarterbacking ?

      1. cbiz says:

        Love it Kevin!! I am up to my freaking eye balls with that guy! Never ever anything positive but he sure does feel the need to stalk these articles 24/7.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Hope the visit goes well, we need to add some more commits. Almost every other big name team in the country has at least 13-14 commits (or more) and we’ve got 8. Right now most outlets have us ranked about 50th in the country in recruiting for 2012. We’re even behind teams like Oregon State, Virginia, and Colorado. We better get moving or we’re going to get left in the recruiting dust.

  8. Great update Sam thanks. I am sure we will lose out on some of these valuable recruits, but that is to be expected. If we NU fans act the way we have in some games in the past our chances may even get less in recruiting them and rightly so. I would not want to come to a tam were the fans will boo their team. NUCORNDEVIL is probably at the top of the list when it comes to negativity. It is just too bad that his negativity is based on raw emotion instead being grounded in facts. His unrealalistic views of Pelini only re-enforce that idea.

    1. cbiz says:

      Amen CnC!!!

  9. JIm says:

    What happened to Tommy Armstrong, QB. At first he was a commit but now I see he is listed as a”prospect”"?

    1. Paul says:

      I noticed that, too, Jlm. Sam? Anyone? Bueller?

      1. I am not positive but I do belive I read something about his mother wants him to take a look at some other options. Maybe she has taken time to read some of the hate Pelini trash talk going on in this and other sites and is not sure if the fan base will allow Bo to remain the head coach for another 4 to 5 years. Too bad some of these fans just comment out of emotions instead at looking realalistical at what a good job Bo has done for Nebraska.

        1. Gravy says:

          I doubt that Bo will be there in four opr five years.He keeps losing to mediocre outfits like Northwestern hos last year may well be next year.

          1. Highdef says:

            we can only pray, Gravy. I’m willing to start up a fund-raiser or telethon to speed things up..

          2. If Bo is not here in 4 or 5 years it will be a sad day for the Huskers. Bo is every bit as effect as TO was.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          or she watched a game

  10. i believe it is the fact that NU has three good players combined on its starting offense & defense that make people question his recruiting. most important are signees 11-20, because the top 10 never end up playing.

  11. Jiml says:

    The Huskers have the tradition, facilities, great game-day atmosphere, but the head coach is the question mark in a blue chip’s mind. Ask Jamal Turner.

    1. kevin says:

      What makes Jamal Turner so great ? do you have some inside information that you can share on why his not playing ? I agree with the fact the kid has talent so I assume the reason he hasn’t been playing is because of attitude, grades, having a hard time understanding the O and his responsibilities, or maybe his having a hard time with something else. I assume if his as good as we all feel he is that there has to be more to the story, but if you know something plz share.

      1. cbiz says:

        From what I hear Jamal doesn’t practice well and doesn’t have a grasp on the offense. With that being said, I also thought part of Beck’s offense in regards to the WRs was that they had a little more freedom on their routes than in Watson’s offense. Again, just what I hear in the rumor mill (in reference to why Turner isn’t on the field).

  12. ron frost says:

    Bo is a great coach to loose him now would be a huge mistake. He has done a good job recruiting hr has to have a chance to get his type players especially now there running a new offense. I will be laughing at all the ppl who are saying Bo needs to go

  13. Fallbrook Husker says:

    Holy Smokes so much negativity. Bo is finally the coach that says what we all think and he gets railed by naysayers. How about everybody lets him do his job and stop second guessing him or asking stupid questions.

    1. jim says:

      I remember in Osborn’s early days and NU was like 7 & 4 and Colorado was courting him. Some Husker fans were wishing him to leave. Thank goodness be stayed. I think Bo needs several more years here. 4 nine win seasons isn’t bad. Jim

  14. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    I took my Zoloft now. I will no longer be posting here. I’m off to Hastings Regional. Out.