Published Saturday, November 26, 2011 AT 6:19 PM / Updated at 3:58 PM
Recruiting: Prospects react to Iowa official visit
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Reports are beginning to come in for the many official visitors to Nebraska’s 20-7 win over Iowa. As usual, the Memorial Stadium atmosphere — and top-down organization of the football — won over a number of players.

But the caliber of players the Huskers’ are after means automatic commitments aren’t forthcoming. It’s going to be a battle all the way into January.

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Defensive end/tight end Nate Iese

The 6-foot-4, 245-pound Sacramento-area product spent most of his visit with tight ends/offensive line coach John Garrison. But Nebraska coaches are open, he said, to letting him play whichever position he prefers.

“They told me they’d let me choose which position I’d like to play and they won’t make me play anything that I don’t want to play,” he told Huskers Illustrated. “I don’t know what I want to play, I’ll probably base that off of where they need me most.”

UCLA and NU look like the two finalists for Iese. The Bruins don’t get a visit from Iese until Jan. 13. That’s a long time for the Huskers to cultivate this relationship – especially considering the Bruins could dump head coach Rick Neuheisel.

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Defensive end Avery Moss

The visit to Nebraska appears to have gone so well for the Tempe (Ariz.) Corona Del Sol product that he may cross Purdue off his list.

That doesn’t mean Arizona — which just hired Rich Rodriguez — and Arizona State aren’t still in the running.

“I’m strongly considering Arizona, Arizona State and Nebraska right now,” he said. “Arizona State offers me a lot academically and that extends beyond football. I know there is a lot of talk about the coaches there right now so we’ll see how that plays out. Even if the coaches are fired, I’m still going to consider them because of the academics.”

“Arizona is still on my list and I have already spoken to Coach Rodriguez. He called me to let me know I’m a priority and he wants to get to know me. It says a lot to me that he’s only been there a few days and already called me.”

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Cornerback Marcus Rios

The former Boise State commit and four-star defensive back was blown away by his visit to NU, as it far surpassed a recent trip he took to Arizona State.

“The character of the players, coaches and everything was very good and that’s my main point,” Rios told Huskers Illustrated. “I know it’s a school where I can get pushed to achieve all of my goals. That’s what I liked best about it.”

UCLA is still in the picture for Elk Grove, Calif., native. And here comes Notre Dame on the rail. The Fighting Irish has recently turned up the heat on Rios and may get a visit from the 6-foot, 170-pounder.

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JUCO linebacker Zaire Anderson

The three-star linebacker had been considering visits to West Virginia and Mississippi State. Those are apparently now off after he saw Nebraska in person Friday. Especially after Anderson saw Husker linebacker Lavonte David.

“I was looking forward to seeing Lavonte David play so that was pretty awesome,” Anderson said to HI. “I talked to him and everything. He’s an awesome player and an awesome friend. I hope to affect the program the same way he did it.”

Anderson, it should be noted, will get a long look as David’s successor at the Will linebacker spot. He might be more natural in the middle, which could slide Will Compton to the weakside spot in nickel/Peso sets.

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  1. dave says:

    Good, good. We would likely use Zaire right away, so that’s encouraging he enjoyed the visit. Lavonte David’s play over the past two years should show any juco db all he needs to know. And the same with Marcus. If he can come in and compete right away he might be able to grab some early playing time. If I remember correctly, Marcus is graduating early and will be landing on a campus in January, so he would have a nice start before next season. Would love to see both these guys in here.

    1. MAJOR says:

      It will be interesting to see if Zaire and Marcus will have an immediate impact. they haven’t seen the 3 inch defenseive play book yet. Lavonte David was the exception not the norm. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  2. hskrfanzsc says:

    Haven’t seen anything on Andrus Peat yet….let’s hope he was impressed and wants to play with big brother

    1. Highdef says:

      .. that story was here about 5 days ago

  3. Edward J Pearsall says:

    recruits sound good but even if we get Westerkamp what good is it unless you have a qb that can throw.

    1. AustinHusker says:

      Are you kidding? People need to start watching the game. Martinez is more than adequate at throwing the ball. I suggest you get someone that can catch. He has only thrown one pick in the last 5 games. Come on, give the kid his due.

      1. MikeG says:

        True there have been a ton of drops by our WR but there is also alot of poor throws by TM. Way more bad throws than drops. The 1 pick is good but we need to find a way to extend drives. TM has 2 throws, high arching bomb and rifle shot (usually slightly behind his reciever) he needs to work on a little finesse on his throws

        1. RJ says:

          I seem to remember our hero, T Fraz, rifling screen passes into the dirt 5 yrds short of his intended receiver early on in his career. I’m not comparing T Mart to T Fraz nor would I say T Fraz was any great passer, but he developed as a passer as his career progressed and was a decent enough thrower by the time his career ended and he wasn’t asked to throw nearly as much. People need to give T Mart a little slack. He’s a sophomore. He’s not perfect but he is progressing and I thought he played some pretty damn good football the second half of the season. Granted, he’s never gonna be Peyton Manning, but give the kid a little credit.

  4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    DE’s and DT’s should be first and foremost…..then O-Line.

    1. Highdef says:

      .. once again Devil, you’re exactly right. And for once, it’d be nice to see a DB over 5’10″.. and 180 pounds.

  5. Highdef says:

    “and top-down organization of the football”… huh? What in the heck does that mean?? The “football” is organized?

  6. Eugene says:

    What does “top down organization of the football” mean…

  7. MichaelB says:

    so which qb are you referring to? Which one can’t throw? Taylor has 2000 yds. 12 TD’s and only 7 int’s. and is passing at a 56% comp. pct. I will take that every day of the week. give him some receivers that will catch the ball and his comp. pct goes up another 5 pts or more. You know what you are talking about before you spout off nonsense.

  8. SWT says:

    Go ahead and take it “everyday of the week.” I think most people see an indecisive runner who really doesn’t have any instincts. Is still afraid to get hit. Fumbles at some point each game. Can’t run through a “shoe string” tackle, can’t fake out a defender, and decision making on hand-offs and pitches leaves most fans scratching their heads. That is what I feel like I am watching every game. Love seeing the Huskers win, but man is he painful to watch….

    1. Eugene says:

      You said it all SWT.. I feel the same way man. All the Stepford fans in here just refuse to wake up.

      1. MojoHusker says:

        Also he was starting all year as a sophomore. And we won 9 games with the kid and beat some really good teams in some pretty tough games this year. And we have a chance to win #10 over what will be a tough SEC opponent in a Florida bowl game. Not saying the kid’s been perfect, but then again who on this team has been. Let him grow a bit over the summer and see how much he progresses into an upperclassman and please Nebraska, let’s support our team! GBR!