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Gill fired at Kansas
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald





The first number is Mack Brown’s record after two years at North Carolina.

The second number is Frank Beamer’s record after two tears at Virginia Tech.

The third number is Kirk Ferentz’s record after two years at Iowa.

The fourth number is Gene Chizik’s record after two years at Iowa State — which he turned into the Auburn job.

The 5-19 mark is also what Turner Gill posted in two years at Kansas. He got fired for it.

Well, that’s not quite right. He got fired at KU because too many of the 19 losses were downright ugly; because the athletic director who hired him, Lew Perkins, got embroiled in some nonsense involving fitness equipment and retired; because the new AD, Sheahon Zenger, played college football for Bill Snyder (6-16 in his first two years); because many in the KU/Kansas City media soured on Perkins and thus weren’t sold on Gill; and because, at long last, he was too ambitious.

Gill’s first and most prominent goal at Kansas was to entirely rebuild a wrecked, ruinous culture that centered on former coach Mark Mangino working 20 hours a day, slowly eating himself to death and treating players, student parking workers and critics like the gum on his shoe.

Gill bit off too much. He wanted players to respond too quickly. He took away their cell phones and asked them not to hang out with girls late at night, which elicited hoots from the media. Gill expected he’d have more time. He didn’t get it. He recruited well, actually — better than Mangino ever did after he lost Tim Beck to Nebraska — but didn’t blow a horn about it.

Zenger will have plenty of candidates from which to select. Perhaps one of them can instill a fury in the Kansas football team that inspires brawls with the basketball team.

If Gill made one key error — and it’s a lesson worth learning — it’s this: He didn’t get a quarterback.  He tried going with the guy Mangino tabbed as Todd Reesing’s successor (Kale Pick) and that kid lost to North Dakota State. He tried a recruit from the same junior college as Oklahoma’s Josh Heupel (Quinn Mecham) and he wasn’t any good either. He’d been trying Jordan Webb this year, and Webb is a sack-and-turnover machine. In a 24-10 loss to Missouri, Gill played, I dunno, 32 guys behind center. Webb, two or three Wildcat QBs, two Jayhawk doves. Whoever he could find to gain yards. It was embarrassing.

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  1. Jay says:

    Nice work, Sam. He walked into a terrible situation in Lawrence which apparently wasn’t taken into consideration. He did get a very good QB recruit, Brock Berglund in this last class, but he got into some legal trouble last spring at home in Colorado and decided to sit this year out which meant he had no choice but to go with Webb. Hopefully Gill can bounce back from this.

    1. Nate says:

      Kansas got the raw end of this deal. He was paid well and given every opportunity to succeed after an abysmal first year where the team lost Meier, reesing, and other key players. All turner needed to do to keep his job was show mild improvement in his second year, but he fell well short. He fielded the nations worst fbs team that showcased a historically bad defense and miserable play calling on offense. If you actually watched a game, you would see how terrible of a coach he was.

      Turner walks away making 10 million for 5 wins at Kansas, so don’t feel bad for him.

      1. Bill says:

        Two years does not equate to “given every opportunity to succeed.”

    2. Troy says:

      This is a sad ending all the way around. I think people have forgotten quickly how standoffish Mangino was to boosters and players. When Turner got there everyone wanted out and no one wanted in. I’m not sure anyone could have done much better in two years. After all this is Kansas were talkin about! I hope Turner gets a chance somewhere else, he’s already proven he can be a good head coach. I wish him well, he’s a good man. Now can anyone explain why you would fire a coach (Mangino) because he apparently wasn’t liked by boosters or players and then set your sights on Mike Leach who no doubt is an offensive genius but was fired by Texas Tech for pretty much the same reasons? Come On! and would the Houston coach really trade that job for this? I’d have to think really hard about that if I were him.

  2. Marv says:

    I didn’t agree with some if Gills philosophies as head coach at KU, but you are correct Sam, he got a raw deal.

  3. Kevin Horn says:

    Gill will coach again somewhere. Gee, as a top assistant at Nebraska comes to mind! Or is that just wishful thinking?

    1. Srod says:

      I agree! I think it would be a nice gesture for the NU Football program to let Gill come back home! He had such a huge positive influence on so many young men while he was coaching at NU. I am sure Pelini could find a spot for him.

      1. Gravy says:

        Gill is a fine man,but with a 5-19 record I don’t believe the Huskers are going to be asking him.We already have more than enough problems.I do feel,however that he took over the worst football program in America.

  4. Mufasa says:

    You’re trying far too hard, Sam, to excuse what was a horrendous job of coaching by Gill. It is one thing to lose, even continually lose, but do so while showing some signs of progress or order … Gill could not.

    Ask your boy Dirk to run one of his trademark twitter polls on how many Husker fans would trade Bo for Saint Turner … NU dodged a huge bullet by picking the ticking time BOmb.

    1. Srod says:

      You put any top coach in the situation Gill was in and the outcome would have been no different! That program was in and is in horrible shape, especially when it comes to having any good athletes still on the roster! Come on! It’s going to take the new coach whom ever he is, at least three years of good solid recruiting and decent coaching to even scratch the surface of being competitive in football! Good Luck KU!

    2. hskrlvr says:

      The biggest difference between the Kansas job , and Gill getting the Nebraska job would have been having Coach Osborne to help through the transition. How was Gill going to succeed with his legs removed? Kansas was a bad fit. Had he come to Nebraska, with Coach Osborne mentoring him, his chances of success would have been much greater. He may still have flamed out, but at least would have had a shot. Having said that, I’m still thankful for Bo.

  5. bob jones says:

    Although it is pretty unlikely, would love to see us find a place for Turner back here at Nebraska, a great and classy individual.

  6. Steven says:

    Maybe Asst AD????

  7. Peter Van Hoose says:

    Nice work Jeffy! Commenting on weight is always so clever. Way to stay classy!

  8. Azkiwi says:

    Totally love Turner Gill, BUT, I felt when Callahan and Shawn Watson were here and Turner was up in the presss box area – didn’t feel he was that great a coach. A goodr QB coach, down on the side lines, but he is too good a person to try and be a head coach with today’s youth. Today’s young people are very mature, and taking away cell phones, and not going out with girlfriends, just wont work.

  9. BoMustGo says:

    Bye Bye Turner. You were a great player and a better person. Unfortuantely, like Bo, you aren’t head coach material at a big university. Bo’s turn in the unemployment line is coming.

    1. Bomustgo you seem to be misinformed. How is a 9 win season mediocre when we played 3 teams with 10 win a 9 win team and all but 3 of our opponents had at least a 500 record. now if you knew any thing about football and the realities of it then you would know that what Bo has done in his first 4 years is remarkable, First off in the last four year there is only a handful of teams that have had consecutive 9 win seasons over these last four years (before this weekend there were 7). OU, Texas, USC, and many other elite teams are not included in that. Most of them are teams like Boise State, West Virginga, Virgina Tech and do not compete with top 20 tams regularly. That alone would qualify Bo as a top 10 coach over the last four years.

      Second off many people judge Bo because he has not won a confernece championship. (both fans and sportswritters) you can not compare a conference championship during TO’s time with what it is today. First off TO needed to only play seven games to win the confernece. Bo needs to play 9 games. The level of compatition in TO’s time was a lot less, he only had to gear up for one game a year and that was OU. Beat OU and you won the title. Every year Bo has had to not only play either OU or Texas (many times both and those teams went on to play for the NC) plus a vastly improved level of compitition. A divisional championship today is more in line with a conference championship during TO’s time. To win a confernece championsship for Bo is like to win the championship and then to paly a BCS bowl in TO’s time. Remember it took TO 9 years to win his first confernence chammpionship. Bo has won 2 divisional championships in his first 3 years (referenced above as to why it is equal to a confernece championship)

      Third off people need to understand what shape the Husker football nation was in after Billy C. left. It was in shambles. When TO took over the ship at NU he was hired to keep the ship on course and maintain smooth sailing. The team had just won two NC championships. Bo was hired to right a ship in a storm and was destined to go to a watery gave in a big deep black abysis. Bo has righted that ship, he is bringing back some of the Husker traditions that went by the wayside under Billy C.

      Finally when people compare someone to a living legend the person that is being compared will always fall short. With a living ledend people somehow seem to either gloss over or forget the shortcommings of the legend.

      1. Gravy says:

        Charles,you may be correct in some of what you say.Bo is definately a good coach ,BUT ,not great.I can think of three or four I would rather have but we will never get.Two of Bo’s problems are,quite frankly a gross lack of talented players and,for some reason,the inability of being able to recruit key position players One example which stands out ,and there are many.Who can possibly lose to a lousey Northwestern team on their own field and believe they can win the conference championship or even their own division championship.This is the most, inconsistant team in the country and something is terribly wrong when you can defeat a Michigan State and struggle or lose to an incompetent tream like we have been doing for the past four years.

        1. Gravy, I understand your point, and I will agree with you that Bo is not a great coach now. It takes time to become a great coach and what Bo has done has the markings of a great begining. I will say this about the NWU game, it should not of happened but it did, just like Texas Tech never should have beaten OU or Iowa State should have beat OSU. I do believe a lot of thay happens every year in the NCAA. As far as recruiting goes, I can also see your point there. I do think that when it comes to recruiting these 4 and 5 star recruits NU is at a distinct dissadvantage and that is not because of who the coach is. It has more to do with location (personal opinion there). When you are a 5 star recruit you have offers from the elite teams all over the country and I would venture to say a young man would much rather be playing in Florida, Califonia, or some place that has a little more non football attractions than in Lincoln.

        2. dkdevine says:

          Another thing to keep in mind is that Bo has joined Devaney, Osborne, and Solich as the 4 most winning coaches in 4 years at Nebraska.

          That’s good company to be in.

  10. Michael Terasinski 402- 734 2721 says:

    Gill is a great person but a worthless coach I hope and pray he takes the Bo brothers, Cotton, Ron Brown and Ross Els in trunk of his car with him..

    1. michael, see the above post before you start to preach about something you do not know.

  11. Stephen Johnson says:

    Some of the comments are beyond tasteless on Coach Gill and Bo. I would have liked to see Bo and Turner on the coaching staff together. As others have correctly noted, the players at Kansas were damaged goods and his number one goal was to bring them back mentally healthy and physically ready to compete.

  12. Bluejays87 says:

    Kansas is a basketball school. Always has been, always will be. Gill is a fine man, but he would have been better off staying at Buffalo. To say he is a “worthless coach” is idiotic. Look what he did at Buffalo.

    1. Dan says:

      Yea, his 20-30 record at Buffalo would have had him out on his ass soon enough. People make it out like he was the Knute Rockne of Buffalo. GMAFB!!

      1. dkdevine says:

        He took Buffalo from the worst record ever to winning the conference while he was there. I’d say he did fine.

    2. Bob says:

      His move to KU was pure genius. He has SIX MILLION in the bank. Now he can be the HC at a non-BCS school where the pressure is not so intense and doing what he loves. I should have been so lucky. Now KU may have a different view of the situation …….

  13. randy says:

    I have watched or listened to every ku football game for the last 37 years. Gill’s teams were always badly coached. Look at the second half of all our games. he was terrible at adjustments. I know many of the players and most liked him as a man, but didn’t feel he put them in a posiion to win. he talked a good game. but his teams were very badly coached, showed no emotion, and were embarressing to watch. a very nice guy, but that doesn’t make you a good coach.

  14. randy says:

    what he did at buffalo? he had a losing record and a losing conference record. He had one good year and that w/ recruits who were Juniors and seniors that were there when he got there. His last two years w/ his own players, he was a disaster.

  15. MAJOR says:

    Hard to say where Turner will end up. He got $US6Million as his buy out. He can relax some if he wants too. But I’m sure that the MAC or C-USA would love to have him.. He does more than 2 years to build a team. Now for NU, Ross Els and Barney Cotton can move on as far as I’m concerned. Might as well take Carl Pelini too while they’re at it.

  16. Kansas Ken says:

    Good riddance to Gill. He was a joke of a coach that never should have had the job. I know that you Husker fans love this guy, but I’m not sure why.

    We need to go after Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, or Les Miles. Get one of those guys and restore the glory of Kansas football

    1. john lindell says:

      Dear Kansas Ken, I wasn’t aware there was any “glory of Kansas football”.

    2. dan says:

      Meyer stoops saban and miles huh? Now ur on drugs guy! Kansas won’t ever get that quality of a coach…nor nebraska for that matter!

    3. Kansas Ken, did KU have any glory to restore? Maybe they did over 50 years ago, I have been a Husker fan since I was a kid well over 45 years now and KU has never been a football glory team. Maybe you do not understand why Husker fans love Gill so much is because KU football has never reached the hallmarks of NU football and has never stood on the charature of its players as well as the on field performance.

    4. dave says:

      Ron Zook is available… if he’d even be interested.

    5. kevin says:

      Kansas Ken, before you decide to write in a blog make sure you haven’t been smokin something illegal all day long. You have no idea why Husker fans love this guy ? what r u 16 years old ????? you belong with Corn devil, and High def. Go after Urban, Stoops, Saban and Miles lets see how that works out for you.I’m sure their all waiting for a call from KU.

    6. Howard says:

      What glory does ku football have?

    7. Troy says:

      You gotta be kiddin me! Your Glory was having the guy that played Cannon fool you into thinkin you could play football with the big boys! I’m pretty sure Bill Self doesn’t make close what any of those guys make and KU aint gonna pay a football coach more than their B-Ball coach. Put the pipe down!

    8. Troy says:

      Hey Ken, I hear Joe Paterno’s available he’s probably the best you can get! When him and Snyder face off for the state championship they could have a trophy made out of an artificial hip. Does anybody know if there are any business for rent in Lawrence if Leach gets the job I’m gonna open a Pirate store!

    9. Gravy says:

      Kansas Ken,you just named the gentlemen I had in mind for Nebraska..Love to see your Jayhawks get one of them so you could knock the arrogance out of Texas year after year.

  17. Raj says:

    Turner is a fine human and had great intentions. However, he was far in over his head as a head coach. His teams were ill-prepared, soft and out of condition, and his game management was flat out terrible. He never made a single positive adjustment at halftime and his teams were simply not competitive at all. I feel bad for him (except for the $6 million he will have in the bank), but he was a huge mistake and the change needed to happen.

  18. Bob says:

    Glad to see that Turner gets a $6 million payoff for 5 victories. That betters the $4+ million payoff that Callahan got for 27 victories. Good to see that his family is secure. Maybe he can be an HC at a mid-major school to show that he can be successful and the one year at Buffalo was not a fluke. But, with that kind of money, he can do whatever he wants. He hit the jackpot! His coaching style might fit in better at a small religious school.

    1. And four of those Billy C. victories were over the glorious Kansas.

      1. Bob says:

        Actually KU massacred NU in 2007? – scored over 70 points against Big Red.

          1. Keith Petrie says:

            Yeah, but what would you expect from a Callahan coached team?

  19. shane kramer says:

    Kansas Ken, please stop smoking the magical Lawrence cattails.

  20. Bostache says:

    You don’t really have much room to say that someone else is eating themselves to death SAM! Gill deserved to be fired, Kansas was an absolute joke this year. They looked like they took a step backwards from last year which is pathetic considering last year they were terrible.

  21. Jay Bacon says:

    If Gill could develop a QB, Frank Solich would be in his 14th year as head coach at Nebraska. Even while at Nebraska the QB’s quite improving after Osborne retired when Gill was the position coach.

    1. dave says:

      Crouch was a real bust, wasn’t he.

    2. Bob says:

      I don’t think anyone could develop Jamal Lord (a great athlete, but forced to play QB because there was NO one else) and finally Joe Daley. And then there was Darran Dedrich (I don’t even know how to spell his name) – a Canadian at I back. He was always trying to get the puck out of there. Frank was having a little problem recruiting, eh?

    3. ken says:

      learn to spell, quite ? how about Quit.

    4. Troy says:

      Yeah right, maybe if he could’ve developed a QB that could have played defense and stopped Colorado from scoring 62 points! And played offensive line. and running back. If I remember right he had this one dude named Frazier? but then he got hurt one game and this other guy had to play, but then he got hurt so they put a uniform on a student manager called him the turminator and let him beat the school in Kansas which actually plays real football…. which reminds me why are we even talkin about KU football haven’t you guys started basketball yet?

  22. dave says:

    $6 million buyout? I’d volunteer at a charity and coach a high school team for a few years unless something interesting became available. Definitely wouldn’t be falling over myself to take on another impossible situation. Nice job, Turner; Kansas didn’t deserve you.

    1. Bob says:

      I think the Jayhawks would agree with your last statement! LOL. A matter of interpretation …..

      1. dave says:

        I think you’re right. I don’t know who KU thinks they are going to get to replace him. The new AD has some connections, though, and it sounds like he just wants his own guy in there.

  23. ME says:

    Just because you are a good player, does not make you a good coach. Both Turner Gill and Chuck Long should stay out of coaching. Less than 10 KU players saying anything possitive about their experience with either one. Less than 10 ever said anything bad about Mangino. Bo is twice as mean to his players as Mangino ever was, but because of his weight, he was looked at in a negitive light by those that did not play for him or know him personally.

  24. Rock Chalk says:

    To the people that think 2 years is too little time for Turner Gill. Did you actually watch the games? Did you attend any other KU game then the game in Lincoln last season? I am guessing no. I bought a ticket for 17 (Seventeen) Kansas football games the last two years. There was no improvement. There is talent on the field. However, coaching and improvement during the season never happened. You know, maybe Dr. Tom knew what he was doing when he twice passed over Turner Gill…hmmmmm.

  25. tim p says:

    I wish Turner Gill best in the future. I’d say he gets the last laugh however, all the way to the bank. Kansas fans got a taste of football success with Mangino and they liked it. I wouldn’t mind seeing KU have success in football, but to disparage any coach after giving him two years and the previous staff’s players is ridiculious. Have a clue KU followers. It will not change overnight. The good news for hawkers is, it’s basketball season and it will be 12 months from now, and 12 months from then!

  26. Gary Strnad says:

    Do you think Frank Solich would go to KU?

    Nebraska should had kept Frank There!

  27. ron frost says:

    I would luv to see Turner come back to the huskers as the QB coach I think he can really help out Taylor and the team learn the option. Bomustgo your a retard

    1. Bob says:

      Are you kidding? Joe Ganz is doing a terrific job with Tmart. He has helped Tmart immensely. If you notice, Ganz is there immediately whenever Tmart comes off the field. Don’t fix something that isn’t broke.

      1. MikeG says:

        I agree that Joe Ganz is a good QB coach, but “Dont fix something that isnt broke”? It is still definately broke. If you watch Tm with Ganz, he wont barely even look at him. TM is all about TM, he doesnt pay attention to Ganz. They show TM with his little smirk like he is blowing off Joe’s advice anyway. I think Ganz will be a great coach, but not for TM. TM is hopeless as a QB. And before you bash me, I dont care how many yards TM has thrown for. He is miserably inconsistant and when we need a big pass play he doesnt deliver usually. He has a few nice runs and thats about it. He doesnt run option well, he doesnt throw with any concistency to extend drives on 3rd down, he carries the ball like noone has ever told him about ball security, he throws the ball late, he underthrows recievers and throws behind them. I would kill to have a QB like Joe playing right now. An accurate passer and an average runner is all we need to be in a position to beat anyone.

        1. Bob says:

          That is interesting. My cousin and I commented on how Ganz is always there as soon as TM comes off the field. TM was in fact looking at Ganz and responding to Ganz – that would be a dialogue, but perhaps it was the camera angle. :) As far as a smirk, that seems to be his usual facial expression, so I can’t draw any conclusion from that. Smirk interpretation is not a major skill of mine. Maybe Sam can comment on his observations about the TM/Ganz interface. Otherwise, we will just have to agree to disagree.

  28. Tom says:


    That was Frank Solich’s record when Nebraska canned him.

    Turner Gill mediocre at best at Buffalo and got completely exposed at Kansas, end of story.

  29. ken gilmore says:

    wouldn’t some of the problems be culture, enviorment and past decades of just poor football altogether? what would it have taken to turn the program around? look at bill self, he moves into a coaching spot that is a hot bed of basketball right? what about bo, and i love him as our coach, he moves into a hot bed of our past football championships just because of who we are. gill was going to need a long time to change the mind frame of losing there, look what nu was before devaney. it is championship over night success or you are out’a here. i feel sorry for turner.

  30. Bill says:

    Enjoy your coaching search, Kansas, because you’ll be doing it again and again every 3-5 years.

    1. dkdevine says:

      Actually, they’ll be doing it every 2 years. That’s how long, evidently, they feel you need to turn a program around.

  31. jack says:

    Gill is a an assistant coach at best or Divison II coach where wins don’t mean anything. Big time football is a business…football programs support all the other sports at the school. KU needs to stick to what they do best…BASKETBALL. I always wondered why KU was is always so good in basketball? The weather is no better than Nebraska, recruits go there to win though…where’s NU when it comes to Basketball? Hmmmm…sounds like football in Nebraska is the same as Basketball in KU…you just got to do what you’re good at.

    1. Bob says:

      Naismith, Phog Allen, et al.

  32. Biff in NOLA says:

    Apparently some of the Kansas fans posting here are dilusional about Div 1 college football. OK, mayber Turner Gill wasn’t the right person to take over such a moribund program but except for 2 or 3 years out of the last 50 when was Kansas football even relevant?

    You guys seem to think college football coaches are magicians. Did you not read the stats Sam posted above? Even these so-called empire builders needed time to hit their stride and they all did it at places that had a football pedigree. And just so you don’t get your hopes up too high, no current top 20 coach would want to coach at Kansas. You’ll be lucky to get someone who has already been fired or is on their way up.

    You had a good man and you didn’t give him a chance to turn your program around. Do you think the available coaches aren’t going to notice?

  33. kennie says:

    It does not matter who in the sec Nebraska play they will get creamed.To many arm and missed tackles,kickoff and punt defense way to slow and do not tackle very well.But i will be yelling for Pinelli not to be so stubborn and play a bit more with his brain than loyalty and emotions.

    1. dkdevine says:

      it doesn’t matter how many people comment about SEC teams…it’s always fun to point out how dumb they are :)

      Go away.

  34. Bob says:

    sec? Pinelli? Too funny as opposed to “to many arm”.

  35. Clayton says:

    Any chance Tim Beck gets a shot at HC for Kansas?

  36. randy says:

    Love Turner, but keep him away from the Huskers. Let him go to the Citadel or VMI if he wants to travel back to the 1950′s with no cell phones or girls. What exactly is the reward for the long hours and hard work of a college footballplayer? Church with Turner on Sunday morning?

  37. Bob says:

    Turner was a great QB for NU. No Husker fan can disagree with that. I wish him well and hopes he finds a good position that fits with his goals. But wrt the HC job at NU, he would not be given a second look based on his HC record, were he not a Husker legend. Lets be honest. I hope he goes elsewhere and proves us skeptics wrong.

  38. KU Fan says:

    The writer obviously didn’t watch any of the games coached by TG. He just prefers to cast blame at everyone else. The first point about why he was fired was about 90% of the reason. The others really don’t hold water. No one doubted Gill’s positives but there had to be some improvement in the performance on the field. He wasn’t hired to be a $2M a year life coach. He was hired to be a football coach first. The chancellor that signed off on the Gill hire also agreed to fire him so it wasn’t the AD acting alone. The fan base didn’t believe in Gill because his teams performed extremely poorly on the field and Gill couldn’t articulate how he was making progress when talking to the media. His press conferences and post game comments were painful to listen to. A quick piece of advice for all wanna be coaches out there; noting that you lead the league in net punting as your first point about your team showing improvement typically won’t endure you to fans. Nor does talking about winning the 2nd half when you are down 56-7 at halftime and the other team is resting their starters. Gill was a bad hire and they are trying to fix it moving forward that’s why they paid him to leave. I suppose the new coach can install a fury in his players just like a former NE player showed on Thanksgiving Day when stomping on an opponent on the ground. Tom Osborne had it right when he passed over Gill for the NE head job. If he wouldn’t didn’t believe in Turner Gill, why should KU fans.

  39. KU Fan says:

    Let’s play, cite stats that only prove your point like writer did:

    First two years at KU. Mark Mangino inherited a program in much worse shape than Turner Gill and far less talent so let’s see what they did in year 2. Turner was hired to replace Mangino so expecting better or equivalent results is fair. NE with their incredible tradition and patience fired Frank Solich for not winning like Tom Osborne so this seems like a fair comparison

    Mark Mangino’s 2nd year at KU after going 2-10 in year one
    Record – 6-7
    Bowl game – Yes
    Scoring Margin (-1)
    Losses by 40 points or more – 0
    Losses by 30 points or more – 2
    Program record the five years before he arrived 20-33

    Turner Gills’ 2nd year at KU after going 3-9 in year one
    Record – 2-10
    Bowl Game – no
    Scoring margin (-21)
    Losses by 40 points or more – 4
    Losses by 30 points or more – 6
    Program’s record the five year before he arrived – 38-24