Published Monday, November 28, 2011 AT 3:07 PM / Updated at 4:30 PM
Pelini: ‘Absolutely no truth’ to Ohio State interview report
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

With Ohio State naming former Florida coach Urban Meyer as its new head coach Monday, brief Nebraska interest turned to an online report from reporter Jeff Rapp, who runs his own Web site and covers the Buckeyes for 610 WTVN in Columbus, Ohio.

Rapp tweeted Monday that NU’s Bo Pelini — who played at Ohio State — was one of three people to interview for the job. Meyer was one and a “minority coach” was a third.

Through a spokesman Monday, Pelini told the Omaha World-Herald there is “absolutely no truth whatsoever” to the report.

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne said via email Monday that he and Pelini have not had any discussions about the Ohio State head coaching job. According to Osborne, Nebraska was never contacted by an Ohio State official or anyone representing that university for permission to speak with Pelini about the vacant position.

At 4:00 this afternoon — just as Meyer was being introduced at Ohio State — Rapp retracted his story following a phone conversation with Pelini.

“Coach Pelini says he’s a man of his word and I will take him at it,” he tweeted. “Obviously I am not out to hurt his reputation or his recruiting efforts at Nebraska. What I can’t get grip of is why two impeccable sources would have this wrong — separately. It makes me wonder if Ohio State put on some sort of front, quite frankly.

“The problem is I don’t have time to get to the bottom of this right now. I have a press conference to attend. But since this has spread and could be hurting Coach Pelini I have to respectfully retract.”

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  1. Robert says:

    Just like there was no truth to his interest in the U of Miami job last year. . . right?

    1. Brad says:

      There was no truth in it you dill hole.

      1. mosier says:

        Retracked. So yes, exactly like miami : )

    2. Matt in MN says:

      Bo never denied that he talked to somebody about the Miami job. He mostly dodged the subject. I don’t believe he ever came out with an “absolutely no truth whatsoever” type comment about Miami though.

  2. mosier says:

    Give me a break, local radio guys are notorious for this garbage. The more people that you can say interviewed for (or wanted) the job the better you look. The good thing about Meyer being hired already is we won’t have to listen to all this is Pelini going to OSU speculation for a month.

    1. mosier says:

      Already retracted, what a DB. But he got more attention today than ever before so mission accomplished.

      1. Joey says:

        STOP WITH THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED COMMENT!!!!!! BUSH said that, and ALL he accomplished was sacrificing American lives to help MAJOR OIL IND. GET RICHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. kevin says:

          I notice your political slant from time to time, let’s leave that off the sports page. Because of Bush you have the right to post whatever you elect. I currently have a child in the USMC…They do not believe as you do, no place for that take on a sports page…please

          1. Kevin, once again I find myself agreeing with you. Joey on he other hand never takes time to think about what he says. He seems to come out and make brash statements without any justifications for them. My guess is tha he reads hack job semi news reports and takes away from them what he wants to hear, then posats them as his own thoughts. (Hmmm kind of sounds like NUCORNDEVIL also) I am surprised we do not see any of Tom’s hack job on Pelini recited on here by him. And the most important thing you said was LEAVE YOUR POLITICAL COMMENTS OFF A SPORTS BLOG. Joey can you rread that.

          2. Other Kevin says:


            You say that political comments are better suited for sections other than the Sports pages, but you violated your own statement, and as a member of the USAF for the past 26 years, I was offended by what you wrote for two reasons. First, Joey’s, and your, right to post whatever he, or you, elect is NOT because of Bush (either I or II). Our Freedom of Speech rights were fought for, and established, long before Bush was born. I agree that our military, along with our political, monetary, and social, power help to preserve the American Way, which includes all of our Constitutional Freedoms, but our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with, and was not necessary to uphold, our Freedom of Speech rights. Second, I appreciate the fact that your child is in the USMC, and commend him/her for serving, but request that you not attempt to speak on behalf of the military. There are some, perhaps many, in the USMC, and other branches of the military, that believe as you do, but such an over generalization is not accurate.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          facts are facts Joey, absolute disgrace to see young Americans dying for corporate oil.

          1. Colorado Springer says:

            Our entire civilization is built on oil. Almost everything is manufactured from oil derivatives, shipped by oil products. Homes heated by oil, clothing made from oil. Homes manufactured from oil products. Cars made from oil products. The price of oil goes up, our economy goes down. Most of us have oil stocks in our retirement portfolios. Most wars are fought over economics. Or religion. I’d rather fight for our way of life. I doubt if you ever thought anything was worth fighting for.

          2. HuskerDave says:

            If those wars were for oil – where is it? Why are we still paying over $3 per gallon for it? I already knew you were an ID10T – now you go and remove all doubt.

        3. Craig says:

          wow, you are a tool. So if you want to be a socialist go to Columbia or somewhere other than here. Last time i checked out economy was built on capitalistic ideals. get your rich daddy to buy you a plot of land somewhere and go commune with someone, and leave those BS remarks to yourself. last time i checked the gas prices are higher now then when W was in office.

    1. HuskerDave says:

      Me too.

  3. Zado Mac says:

    I wish they would’ve taken him. Not because I want Bo gone but because Ohio State would be worse off than they are going to be now. Meyer is going to make OSU into a beast that will leave the rest of Big 10 in the dust, unfortunately.

  4. mosier says:

    Meyer is a great hire for them, but his whole golden boy image is a sham. Florida had more player arrests than any other team while he was there. Don’t think he is coming in to clean up the program. I will take Pelini, our academic all-americans, team 3.1 GPA and zero arrests.

    1. kevin says:

      Amen brother. Meyers is probably a good guy.. but I believe he goes with the theory of ” See no evil speak no evil” if I pretend I don’t see it then I can convince myself I don’t know anything about it. “… As for Zado Mac, Well OSU has been pretty good the last 20 years, don’t reckon they would’ve gone down hill without Meyers… Corndevil / Highdeaf sorry you didn’t get an early Christmas present, but look at the bright side it gives you guys something to complain about for another year. I mean Jesus if we hired a guy you wanted you would have to stay positive for awhile, and neither of you could handle being positive…. Sorry Bro

      1. Joey says:

        Dude… honestly.. Say JESUS name in PRAISES, or don’t use his name at all!!! He’s OUR SAVIOR, and the ONLY true friend we will ever witness!!!!!

        1. boomcoty says:

          Not sure if trolling.

        2. Nathan says:

          Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh God the world is going to end! :)

        3. Gogetemjoey says:

          Joey seems to be a classical nut job who is more Antichristian than anyone on here. Get a realistic clue man. Embarrassed that even the Huskers have screwball fans. You all thought it, but I just said it for you….102.7 here comes Joseph! GBR

    2. Dotbo says:

      Urban Meyer punched a dude’s face in a team meeting at Utah, breaking his nose. Guy was paid hush money, and fired. Urban’s image is in fact a huge sham. He’s a jerk, which is partially why his health problems are such a deal – he’s got all that pent up rage that some jerks have. Mangino is like Urban, but with fat.

    3. Other Kevin says:

      I completely agree. Now, he’ll also have to play by B1G rules regarding academics, and the new NCAA rules regarding over-signing of athletes. Additionally, OSU will probably have some scholarship reductions and other NCAA-imposed sanctions for him to deal with. He’ll do well, and OSU will still be one of the top teams in the conference, but I don’t think he’ll have the same success he had at Florida.

  5. Randy says:

    Note to Bo…your job just got a whole lot harder. You best find some assistant coaches who can recruit the 4 and 5 stars you will need to compete in the Big 10. Your current staff does not fit that description.

    Note to Husker Nation: Don’t even think about the possibility of Turner Gill becoming the OC at Nebraska. Ain’t gonna happen..ever. That would be a step backwards…even with Beck at the helm.

    1. BC says:

      But Turner would be a great addition as a quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator…I hope NU welcomes him back with open arms.

    2. Note to Randy, Husker football has never had a lot of 4 or 5 star line recruits, heck very little 5 star recruits at any position over the years. Second note Randy, You act as if the Huskers will play OSU every year and that aint happening. Third note, OSU does not make the big 10, the Big 10 makes OSU. Bo will have his hands full in the Big 10 every year and not just because of OSU. How many Big 10 schools are bowl eligable this year, 9, I think and every Big 10 apponent NU has played except for Minnesota this year is bowl eligable.

      1. huskerred says:

        Actually 10 teams are bowl eligible, only Minn and Ind did not qualify. As far as OSU after next year we have the next two years without OSU on our schedule. I do not understand (less the 40M 7 year contract) why Meyer took the position. After the NCAA hands down their findings, OSU will most likely be non bowl eligible for years. In turn the B1G by-laws will then not allow OSU to be in the championship game either. All this will make OSU recruiting nearly an impossible task. My belief Meyer will not look as good as he did at Florida.

        Then to factor in the possible NCAA violations from PSU (most likely same scenario or worse than OSU) one may guess that Wiscy is going to have a long ride in the championship game for the next few years in the Leaders Div. What coach will touch the now damaged PSU program? Should be interesting. With Wiscy loss of Wilson, Toon and possibly Ball the badgers will not be a dominating force like this year’s team. Therefore, in the Legends Div teams like Neb, Mich and MSU will begin to shine.

        1. Skytown J says:

          What NCAA violations did Penn St commit? A former coach is a pedophile, and some administrators looked the other way over it. Those people will be punished by the legal system. But that has nothing to do with the student athletes. I am unaware of any NCAA rules being broken.

          1. huskerred says:

            Skytown, it has only been begun in the earliest of stages. Here is a link:

            But as quoted in article: “NCAA president Mark Emmert sent a letter to Penn State president Rod Erickson saying that the governing body for college sports will look at ‘Penn State’s exercise of institutional control over its intercollegiate athletics programs’ in the case of Jerry Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator accused of 40 counts of child sex abuse.”

            This will more devastating than OSU episode I am afraid.

          2. Skytown J says:

            It appears that the ncaa is far overstepping their intended puprose if they wish to start investigating subjective matters on moral responsibilities. What’s next? Investigating some coach for cheating on his wife? They need to stick to what they know.

  6. Johnny Vegas says:

    I BO-LIVE BO and TO…… story is done, move along… just like IOWA is a ” Rival ” …. nothing to see here…

  7. Zado Mac! Are you kidding me? You think Urban Meyer is a good coach but he is not the reason why Florida won 2 National Championships. Urban inherited a team that was full of All-Stars! I mean the same kind of players the Huskers had in 1995. He saw the handwriting on the wall in 2000 when he didn’t get the recurits he needed. Look at where the Gators are today! Believe Urban would not have done a whole lot better with this group!

    I for one believe Bo is as good of a coach as Meyer’s and if gets the right kind of players he will contend every year for the BIG title!

    1. Howard says:

      If Cam Newton had not stolen the laptop, Meyer and Florida would have continued to romp. Every top dual threat QB is going to put Ohio st. at the top of their wish list for years to come. And really, does anyone think Bo was considered for the top job at Ohio St? Bo is not able to create near the fear we are all feeling of Meyer at the helm of the buckeyes…

      1. teddy says:

        didn’t C Newton leave FSU, I thought?

        1. Dotbo says:

          Cam Newton was caught with a stolen laptop he had purchased, in his University of Florida dorm room. He threw the laptop out of the window.

  8. I meant to say Urban saw the handwriting on the wall in 2009. Recruiting dropped off.

  9. tom k says:



    1. Brian says:

      The CAPS LOCK button is on the left side of the keyboard. Unless you were intentionally shouting. I agree though, Bo need some time and I do not think we have a better hire waiting in the wings. Everyone forgets how most wanted Osborne out of town for losing 2-3 games per year in a terrible Big 8 and losing bowl games most years. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride and hope for a QB to pan out later on. No offense to Talyor, I think he has gotten better, but he not leading anyone to an undefeated or even 1 loss type season. GBR.

    2. German Husker says:

      (1) In his second year Tayler has surpassed Tommy Fraziers all time passing yardage.
      (2) I have not been a Cotton fan, but his offensive like is certainly better compared to two years ago.
      (3) This year was the first year for our OC and fourth year for our head coach. Coaching staff is young. Team is young. They will grow as they come down the learning curve.
      (4) I’ll take Pelini’s no nonsense approach to team discipline and emphasis on preparing men for life (good GPA’s, good graduation rate, no off-field arrests/incidents) compared to Penn State, OSU, etc.
      (5) The team is a close group. They work together hard and this culture will become a dynamic that builds consistency and success.

      1. Mike, he passed Farragamo also and he was a passer. NFL doesn’t draft college QB’s to be an NFL QB if they can not pass.

        1. GBR says:

          Are you seriously going to attempt to convince anyone that TMart is a better passer or QB than Vince Ferragamo? Totally delusional! Ferragamo only attempted 135 passes his junior year in 11 games. NU rushed the ball 676 times in 75…we were a running football team. VF played in the NFL for 9 seasons. TMart will never see the NFL.

  10. HuskerHuwe says:

    ‘Sources’ close to the situation told me today that journalism standards have reached an all time low

    1. HuskerDave says:

      +1 if those were “anonymous sources close to the university, but not authorized to speak to the media.”

  11. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    There is always hope, ASU and UCLA are coachless!

    1. mosier says:

      Please for once just enlighten us on who would be so much better for NU?

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I actually believe your High School football coach is more qualified.

        1. Corndevil, it is posts just like this that make you a joke on this sight. You show how clueless you rreally are.

      2. Larz says:

        Perhaps a coach who plays second stringers to bring them along when the game is out of reach. You know, for the sake of future success.

    2. kevin says:

      Corndevil do you have time to blog ? I mean shouldn’t you be preparing for the National Arm chair QB tournament in Peoria ? I heard the winner of the tournament gets the outhouse dumped upside down on them…. you would be the prefect winner… good luck

    3. NU corn you seem to be of a great coaching mind, maybe you should apply for those vacant positions. Oh never mind it would take them less than a mili-second during the interview to see that you are clueless when it comes to coaching football.

  12. HuskerNLawrence says:

    I believe Bo 100%. No way was there any truth to it.

    1. Jeb says:

      100%… Really?

      1. Dotbo says:

        That’s what he said, yes.

  13. Stephen Johnson says:

    The only problem at Nebraska is a few Jerks who recently learned how to type when they put down their banana. I have great respect for Bo and Turner Gil. I would also like to see Scott Frost back here some day. Putting out neg. comments about previous players who have moved into coaching is really so low and not worthy of “the best fans in college football”. Everyone needs to learn to live up to that motto.

    1. mosier says:

      Agree, but what are you talking about?

    2. Bob says:

      Yeah, Turner did a heck of a job at KU! They should have kept him around a few more years since he was winning and all. Just saying….

    3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Frost would be solid, far more qualifications than Beck, especially with duel threat QB’s.
      He very well may be the OC @ Oregon after all this coaching swapping is done.

  14. Chet says:

    All together now! Let Bo go! Let Bo go! Let Bo go!…. on and on

    1. John says:

      There is ALWAYS some truth to every rumor. I believe he was at least “contacted”. Immediately he did not tell TO about this. I think this was a grave mistake. Trust was broken, he screams at his players, screams at the reds, and maybe…just maybe Pelini might be on his way out.

      My prediction: “Bo coaches 1 more year max” unless he wins a championship.

      1. John, really, wow. an AD would fire a coach because in 5 years he did not win a NC, especially when it took that AD 22 years to accomplish that feat when he was a head coach. Great logic.

      2. huskerred says:

        I can’t hold it against Bo for yelling at the refs. I yell at them a lot they suck in the B1G. Turn on any game in the B1G and officiating is questionable at best. My guess John, Bo stays for a long long time. When he wins that NC bet you whislte out your other side….just sayin

  15. Zado Mac says:

    floridafrenchie: Good luck with that theory. I suppose he inherited great teams at Bowling Green and Utah too. Fact of the matter is, the dude can recruit, and the dude can coach great recruits. You say that Ohio State was good for 20 years. Well, friend, I don’t live in the past and OSU went .500 this year. That’s not good. And they are going to get sanctions which were going to knock them down further. Now, though, Meyer will build them into a machine with top-notch recruits and they will be a thorn in the rest of the Big 10 just like they used to be. I agree we need OSU to be good to give the Big 10 credibility, but I don’t know if we wanted them to be THAT good.

    1. huskerred says:

      Zado Mac, what top notch recurit will go to a team that will not be bowl eligible or championship game eleigible? Kids want to play in games such as these. Meyer is a great coach but I am guessing he has a much harder road to produce the dynamic teams he produced at Florida. Once the NCAA hands down their sanctions OSU will be in the “rebuilding” stage for 7-10 years. History has shown this to be true. I do not believe even Urban can escape it.

      1. Husker says:

        See USC.

        1. huskerred says:

          Exactly loss of three years bowl eligibility, and 30 scholarships for six years. They (USC) are 10-2 but take out Oregon the pac 12 is a weak conference at best this year. So saying USC is somehow a dynamic a team seems to a stretch at best. This was over one athlete (Bush) bad behaviors. Guessing the sanctions for OSU will be more severe.

  16. Randy says:

    Dear Tom K,

    No one said Bo wasn’t a good coach. But anyone who doesn’t realize his goal to win the Big 10 just became more difficult is brain dead!

    I am curious Tom. How many Husker home games have you attended in the past 15 years? How many road games have you traveled to? How much do you donate to the athletic department every year? I thought so. You are one of those armchair scholars who are all talk and no walk. And who died and left you in charge of who can comment on this site? Better to remain silent and have people suspect that you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  17. Randy says:

    …and BTW I begged Pedersen to hire Bo in 2003 but if fell on deaf ears. But what do you expect from that empty suit? I also begged TO in 2007 to hire Bo and not repeat Steve’s mistake.

    I am a big Bo supporter. I saw him play his last game in the Liberty Bowl in 1990. FYI, I was born and raised a Buckeye fan. But saw the light on Thanksgiving Day 1971. There is nothing I want more in this world than to have Bo become the most successful coach in the history of Nebraska football. But if he is to finish that journey he must learn along the way that successful coaches adapt and learn from others who came before them.

    If there was even a hint of thinking about replacing Bo I would be the first one camped out in front of TOs office.

  18. Alex says:

    Nebraska needs the Big Ten to be relevant in order to recruit well and regain its status as an elite program. With that said, Meyer to tOSU is good news for Husker fans; apparently, there if life outside the SEC.

  19. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    I’m so down with your thinking Alex, now if only NU could step up to the plate, and go after a proven recruiter and developer of players like for instance Chris Peterson @ Boise, or that Paul Rhoades cat @ Iowa State, Better coaches just might be able to lift the big slow to respectable standards.

  20. Nebraska does not need any former Huskers at the job, nor can we afford the time to have freshmen coaches like Beck at the helm. We need to recruit some creative minds who can help Nebraska carve it’s identity and help develop top talent. Not yes men. Bo is learning, but he needs to admit that. Also he needs to hit the road and get more 4 and 5 star players to Nebraska, while getting average players to do great things like Wisconsin has.

  21. Husker Holk says:

    Cheezhead, I think Beck/Pelini are both pretty creative coaches. Pelini’s defensive schemes have shutdown some of the best quarterbacks in the nation and the quadruple option play that Ameer scored on against Michigan even had the announcers singing his praises. Don’t forget the second half tOSU turnaround, too. The diamond formation completely stumped OSU’s defense which was 8th in the country at the time.

  22. Husker Holk says:

    Also, in regard to player development, I think it was pretty evident that Martinez has developed quite a lot. In the offensive line we had two walkons starting at times this year. When a walk on can take a starting spot away from a scholly player, I’d call that player development. Just sayin’…..

  23. Husker Holk says:

    When I read some of the posts on here, it’s disheartening. TO knows football and he chose Bo for a reason. HAVE SOME PATIENCE. Bo will get us there, Urban Meyer will make things more difficult, but Barry Switzer did too. Bo’s time will come. He does adjust when things aren’t working and that’s one of the marks of great coaches.

  24. RPS says:


    It has been a long time since I laughed so hard. Do you really believe that THE Ohio State University would hire Bo Polinin? Sorry guys, but we r stuck with this bumbling coach and his “coaching” staff.

  25. Huell Howser says:

    I love Nebraska but Ohio State is 1) A better job and 2) Bo’s alma mater. I wouldn’t blame him for talking to OSU and I’m pretty positive there was at least a conversation.

    If Urban Meyer had backed out I think Pelini jumps to the top of their list and we’re all wondering who our next coach is going to be.

    1. RPS says:

      Your wondering who our NEXT coach is going to be? Oh if we could be so lucky to have to search for another coach!!!

      1. Well even if we had to look for another coach just thank God Pederson in not here to hit another homerun hire.

  26. RPS says:


    Wow, I am still laughing!!!!! I’m sure that the fans of OSU look at Nebraska since Bo has been here and just “wish” their program was as successful as ours is right now. I mean all they have had recently are Big 10 titles, Rose bowl victories, a National Championship, and NFL players on their roster. Yeah I’m sure they would trade all of that for 2-3 star recruits, 28 point losses on national tv, and trips to the Holiday bowl.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. you will soon seen that the road to the Big 10 title has gotten a lot harder for every team in the Big 10. Adding one more high impact game to the schedule always makes the road harder. Ask the SEC and the Big 12 how much harder it is with those confernece championship games now being played.

      1. RPS says:

        OK, I will ask Mack Brown, Nick Saban, Les Miles, Steve Spurrier, Bob Stoops, Dan Snyder, Urban Myer and others at top programs that seem to do ok with getting there AND winning it. Hell, it sure has not hurt the SEC at all.

        1. Mack Brown eh. If he is such a good coach then why does BO have a better winning % than him. What was his record this year anyways. Here is a news flash for you. In the last 4 years less than 7 teams have had 9 win or more every year. Guess what Texas wasn’r one, OU wasn’t one, Ohio State wasn’t one and most other elite teams have failed that test. Most of the other teams that are still in their with 9 or more wins a season for the last four years do not come from the SEC, Big 12, or the Big 10. Lets see what conference does Boise State play in? How about the Big East they have a representative and so does the ACC. Hmm when has Steve Spurrier won the SEC? I wonder if you remember Stevie’s name being mentioned for the Husker HC job when Pederson hit his homerun hire with Billy C. Even the mention of Spurrier’s name and the Husker HC job mentioned in the same sentence had the Husker Nation’s blood boiling.

  27. florida jim says:

    good year huskers! choach Bo is as good as we will ever get. but,,,Dr. Tom, Bo., mr Pearlman, WHOEVER,—-you better get Scott Frost into the fold—now! whatever it takes! as was reported, he is a hot comodity in coaching circles. he is a true Nebraska man. he lived the Husker glory years playing under the greatest coach. he bleeds scarlet & cream. if Nebraska is to truly return to the top, we need the Nebraska men in the fold who have lived it(as Scott has). yes there are others, but can’t think of a better start.

  28. SWT says:

    The days of Coaches staying at one place for more than 5 or 6 years is certainly over….. I believe they are constantly looking for the next job. Just the way it is! As for RPS…. Relax!!!!!!! Its a game we all enjoy, try rooting the Huskers on to a 10 win finish.

    1. RPS says:

      Your right SWT, but do you want to see our program go the way of Notre Dame? Look at what UM, UW, OSU, and soon Penn State are doing. Programs on the rise!!!!!!

      1. huskerred says:

        RPS really? OSU and PSU are going to have sanctions from the NCAA. What recurits will want to play there? No bowls or championship games equates to difficult recuriting at best. Wiscy losing 21 seniors including Wilson and Toon and possibly Ball equates to a re-building year there. Michigan will be the one great team you mentioned in blog.

        Bo has reached many milestones since the Callahan?Pedersen days. He is moving the team in a positive direction every year. Tom took 8 years to win a big 8 championship; my guess, Bo wins B1G in 6 years or less (guessing 2013). Bo red shirted many 3 and four star recurits this year and has some good prospects this year as well. Bo has his teams academically performing at much higher level than many years before him; this equates into non reduction in scholarships allowed. Bo is on the right track, I for one think Bo is the right coach at the right time. I agree he is sometimes bull-headed and stuborn but still he is reaching new milestones year in and year out.

        1. RPS says:

          swt, you seem to have some very good knowledge of football, and I like that. However, USC had sanctions, and look how they are playing. OSU with Myer, will deal with the sanctions, and from the way it looks, those wont be all that serious. are we to the point that we “settle” for a coach like BO? I think not!!!!!!!! Redshirt? What coach redshirts freshman who can play. I promise you LSU, Alabama, and other top schools put their top playmakers on the field. That is what helps recruiting.

          1. huskerred says:

            I disagree USC is a 10-2 team, remove Oregon and the pac 12 is weak as a conference this year at best. OSU in my opinion is going to have much greater sacntions leveied as it is more wide spread than USC’s one individual (Bush).

  29. Walleye says:

    Get off Beck’s back!! I think he did a very good job as OC this year. Our offense will only improve as we get improved talent! He didn’t do too badly at KU for MM.

    1. RPS says:

      ahhhhhhhhhhhh, to get improved talent, you need a coach that can recruit. Have you seen our recruiting lately?

      1. yes I have seen it, I see Ameer, the Greens, Chase Rome, Peat, Dennard, David and Burkhead. All Pelini recruits. I see we have as many as 8, 4 or 5 star recruits still interested in us.

        1. RPS says:

          Interested in us? Really, is that what it is all about? Hate to bresk it to you, but out competition is SIGNING top recruits, not just talking about players who are interested in us. Do you watch the games? Defensively, we r falling behind. How do you have the number @ pick in the draft in SUH, and you can not land ONE top DT since? hmmmmmmm

          1. me says:

            chase rome is a 4 star DT who is a pelini recruit who started this year…

  30. Spinbubba says:

    I rarely read and comment on these blogs simply because the anonymity allows normally easy going individuals to turn into venom spitting trolls slinging mindless words and angry thoughts.

    I believe that half of the folks who respond to these sites have only one goal in mind…to get under the skin of the other half. The hatred spewed here seems odd to me.

    I know of NO true Nebraska fans that would share such hateful diatribes as some have here.

    Is Pelini the great coach ever? No but he has a chance to be.

    Did he make mistakes in coaching this year? Sure…just like all coaches on all levels in all sports.

    Was Pelini contacted by OSU? He said no and unless you have proof otherwise, then why speculate?

    Did Meyer deny he was in line for the job at OSU? He did on National TV last week and maybe he hadn’t been contacted yet.
    does it matter?

    Is Meyer going to dominate the Big 10? while it is possible, I have yet to see a Meyer/Florida style team ever dominate in a cold weather climate.

    Will he get all the best recruits? Most high school recruits probably do not know much about Urban Meyer and for the enxt couple of years are going to be leery of OSU sanctions but he will get his fair share.

    Should Nebraska be wary of Meyer as a formidable coach? Nebraska should be wary of EVERY coach in the Big 10…and beyond.

    Could I, or anyone else who has commented on this blog, done a better job coaching than Pelini or Beck or Turner? Come on…you do not really think the answer to that is yes do you?

    Should those who spew hatred and disrepect on this and other blogs grow up and act civil? Yes…but we all know they won’t.

    1. huskerred says:

      Well said!

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      +1…and I hate Nebraska.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        That’s always obvious.

  31. larry says:

    Joey … you said leave the politics out of this on BUSH … then why did you step in with your son and a full page of garbage. In fact BUSH and Nebrska’s Chaney did nothing for our freedom as Iraq is and was a waste as historians will state. I am Just A Vet from a real war zone just to say lots of opinions but hard facts do and will show Iraq a waste. GBR

  32. Denny says:

    I can’t believe that people don’t check facts first. Especially people who now write for Big Ten Conference teams. The fact is, in the Big Ten by-laws, it states that a current head coach in the Big Ten conference, cannot leave and take the same head coaching job at another Big Ten conference school.

    Sure wish you idiot writers would know your stuff before you write, tweet, text, post….whatever. LAZINESS