Published Monday, November 28, 2011 AT 8:09 PM / Updated at 6:25 PM
Recruiting: Huskers still tops for DT Valentine
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

A last-minute decision to spend one last Thanksgiving with family precluded three-star defensive tackle Vincent Valentine from making his official visit to Nebraska for the Iowa game.

So NU recruiting coordinator John Papuchis — charged with spearheading the effort to land a difference-making class in 2012 — made his first in-home visit Monday to the 6-foot-4, 315-pounder.

“It was crazy, especially when he told me it was the first day that they could go out,” Valentine told Huskers Illustrated, a recruiting partner with The World-Herald. “He chose to come to my house first so I was really excited about that. I already liked Nebraska in the first place so that was great.”

Valentine still plans to decide in January. He’s down to Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee.

“Nebraska is on the top of list right now,” he said.

Read more about Valentine’s rescheduled visit and what he likes about NU here.

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  1. Joey says:

    Ooooh goody. Another DT that runs the 40 in 6.78 lovely. So much for blue chips eh Bo???

    1. NU FB says:

      He also weighs like 315 pounds. You get that big and try running fast…

    2. mosier says:

      I’m confused, do people want 4.8 DE types like Crick or big run stuffers like Valentine? Make up our minds. Valentine would be a huge get. From Illinois and got offers from most of the SEC, dont see that very often. Just another example of a great recruit that this staff identified early on before he became so popular.

      1. Jay says:

        It is possible to have both run stoppers and faster rush end guys. You take the best recruits you can get period. It is also possible to have a bigger, more physical running back like Burkhead and a smaller, faster guy like Abdullah. There is always room for a variety of players as long as they can contribute.

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Actually we really only need him to just not be moved back 6 yards off the LOS.
    This would be a great pick up, regardless of star’s.
    Not sure what Papuchis can teach him, but he will eventually figure stuff out by his junior year.
    Would be nice to play Arkansas in a bowl game.

    1. mosier says:

      Can’t believe I agree with you on something.

  3. Shane says:

    Yeah, Arkansas, Florida, and Tennessee must be idiots for offering this kid, right? Come down from the ledge, Joey.

    1. Shane says:

      I failed to mention the other dumb schools who offered this kid a scholly, Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, Wisconsin, and about 10 other schools. What were these schools thinking?

      1. Guido says:

        Shane – I think they were thinking that Joey is a putz. Oh, nevermind – that is what I was thinking.

    2. HuskerinLA says:

      I don’t know about this Valentine cat, but the Huskers current d-linemen do certainly seem to be running in sand whilst the rest of the players on the field seem to be running on a sprint track by comparison.

      1. mosier says:

        I know, they could even run down Denard Robinson. Worthless. You would think we could get some half way decent lineman to track down 180 lb. 4.3 40 QB’s…

  4. MojoHusker says:

    I definitely hope Mr Valentine decides to try us out. With Todd Peat, Mcmullen (hope he doesn’t get buckeye fever soon), and others we could definitely be getting a special group of linemen for our coaches to work with. It’s always exciting on paper, and hopefully these kids get to enjoy Lincoln and have a special 4-5 years while they get their educations.

    Come on down Valentine, it’s beach weather out here right now!! GBR!

  5. Gene O says:

    So this kid blows off his visit at the last minute…. but NU’s still on top of his list? Right… and I’ve got some riverside farmland just north of CB for you, Sam. I hope I’m just being cynical, but this kid sounds like someone who’s telling people what he thinks they want to hear. Keep an eye out for the next kid, JP. This one just may be jerking you around.

    1. teddy says:

      Could be. It has certainly happened before. Hope not.

      1. mosier says:

        I thought I heard something about a family member being critically sick, so deciding to stay home for one last thanksgiving makes sense. Gtting him to the game would have been great but let’s wait and see.

  6. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    I think we all need to understand this Tom Osborne 20 year thing, Mr. Osborne took over a team splitting @ the seams with talent having just won two national titles, it took him 9 years just to beat Oklahoma, he was on the hot seat most of his career, even though he eventually beat OU, Osborne always came up short in national championship games in much the same epic meltdown fashion. In 90 Tom was on the way out, yes, a man winning 9-10 games a year, was looking into other HC jobs.
    Tom Osborne is an intelligent man, very high I.Q. and it still took him 20 years to change his defense.
    We have no idea, and can only speculate, what might have happened if Bob Devaney had hired someone more like himself, a cussing, drinking, tuff, ornery coach.
    Bo Pelini isn’t the brightest bulb on the christmas tree, Osborne’s offenses were in “a distant galaxy” compared to the mindless plodding Pelini puts on the field.
    Kevin Steele’s defenses, in my opinion, make Pelini’s look like a first year coach @ lil Vike’s football in norf omaha.
    I dont need sportswriters, ignorant fans, and rival coaches to tell me how good Pelini is, I know by what he has produced offensively, aside from his first year, it’s only something a mother could love.
    Osborne being light years smarter than Mr. Pelini with waaaaaaaaay more talent, took 9 years to beat his only competition, and 20 years to win a national title…..ball and chained to the 500lb moniker ‘cant win the big one.’
    I know I know, Pelini is rebuilding a destroyed recruiting base……..really? Suh, Helu, Amukamara, Haag, Paul, Slauson, im sure there are more.
    The excuses are outweighing the results……………………once again.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Somethings you need to understand. COACH Osborne took over from Devaney after the cussing, drinking, tuff, ornery Devaney went 10-2-1 (Tied by Iowa State) with all that talent from two national championships including Rich Glover, Johnny Rodgers, Willie Harper John Dutton, etc. COACH Osborne was the Offensive Coordinator for all of Nebraska’ 5 National Championships and many near misses. The defense he changed was the 52 Monster. It was great against running teams but not so great against the pro-passing attacks the Florida teams were killing everyone with. It featured zone defenses that would probably work better in the B1G today than the pro – 4-3 with man coverage especially against mobile QB’s because in zones everyone keeps their eyes on the QB till the pass is thrown. COACH Osborne is in the College Football Hall of Fame and is considered by many unbiased observers to have possibly been the greatest college coach of all time. Kevin Steele’s Baylor experience belies the confidence you show in him. I coached high school football in Nebraska, Colorado, & Kansas for 40 years, coached over 70 college players (20 at the D-1 level), knew COACHES Devaney, Osborne, & Solich, and knew, coached and coached against many of the Huskers greatest players. I disagree with most of your assessments.

  7. huskerred says:

    Kids are not going to want to play at OSU with the sanctions to delivered yet from the NCAA. Everyone seems to oh my Meyer we are doomed! Hello! OSU is going downhill as their illegal recuriting has not felt the full force of the NCAA yet. Meyer came for the money. Even OSU understands this as they locked in a seven year contract with Mr Wonderful, just about what it will be before OSU is a possible wrecking force again.

    As far as Neb recuriting, I believe, the coaches have it well in hand. See article today at

    Quit with all the booing! And please all of you who think Meyer the wonderful is just the cats a$$ please drewel quietly.

    1. huskerred says:


  8. Chucky-T says:

    He’s gotta play for us…does any other school have a town in their state with his last name?

  9. Eclat34 says:

    This kid can flat out play! We need him bad to plug the holes and free up are LB. He would be a great add.

  10. Red I 73 says:

    He also did not have all his credentials (grades, test scores) in order, therefore he was not allowed to take an official visit as per NCAA rules

  11. bill says:

    With Todd Peat, Mcmullen and this kid…the blackshirts would be back in a big way. We’ve seen him play and you can just forget about running anything up the middle….he doesnt need to run anyone down..he just needs to eliminate an entire area of the field for them to run to.