Published Tuesday, November 29, 2011 AT 10:35 PM / Updated at 11:22 PM
Recruiting: Carl in California
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

It’s well-known by now that Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini handles most of NU’s contacts and recruiting in California; he’s the guy who helped land Taylor Martinez and Daimion Stafford, among others.

As the Huskers’ week of in-home visits continues, Pelini is out in California again, making a stop by Upland, Calif., where three potential Husker targets — wide receiver Kenny Lawler (who officially decommitted from Arizona State), fullback Christian Powell and athlete Marques Mosley — play.

“The Huskers have left their mark on all three athletes — the program is a top school,” Upland’s Mike Esquivel told Huskers Illustrated. “We’ll see what happens, but they are all excited. We’re all excited.”

Lawler, who visited for Nebraska’s summer camp, is probably the most coveted of the three targets. He may be getting an offer to Michigan that changes his recruitment. Powell is a fullback getting strong interest from Texas A&M, but lists NU as his current No. 1 Mosley does not yet have an offer from Nebraska.

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  1. ty says:

    Carl needs to lock up these recruits. More difference makers the better!!!

  2. TheoHusker says:

    Lawler is an absolute stud! If you throw the football anywhere near him, he comes down with it.

    1. mosier says:

      That’s great, but these don’t seem like major needs to me. I guess you don’t turn down a major reciever when you can get one at Nebraska, and the coaches have definately liked this guy all the way through as they didn’t really offer any other WR’s when he committed to ASU and then when he was soft they maintained contact. Hopefully that pays off.

    2. HuskerinLA says:

      Totally agree. He’s been on Roggin’s Heroes a few times on KNBC-TV here in LA with game highlights…

      View more videos at:

  3. Jeff says:

    What does he say to these recruits? I won’t be there next year, but you should go to Nebraska?

    1. Gofast says:

      Wow Jeff you must know something that none of us know. With a bowl win this is a 10 win season in the first year of the Big Ten. Pretty dog gone good.

    2. highdef says:

      We can only pray, Jeff, we can only pray. (hopefully his little dog, bo-bo, too)

    3. OKCHusker says:

      Jeff you are a moron. Your probably the type that still lives in the 90′s and thinks that if we don’t score 50+ and hold opponents under 7 points and 150 total yards that it’s been a disappointing game and that somebody needs to lose their job over it. Carl is going nowhere and if you want to start landing big time recruits it’s naysayers like you that need to shut their mouth and support the staff that you do have.

      1. mike says:

        Jeff is clearly commenting about the rumors that Carl Pelini is going to take another job outside of the program. I don’t buy the rumors yet, but obviously thats where he is coming from. Where in his post does he suggest Carl is going to be fired? Talk about putting words into people’s mouths……..

        1. Marv says:

          He’s probably referring to the rumors that they have already told him he’s not going to be retained for next year due to his habits of “hanging” around boosters’ daughters and cheerleaders. If this is true, I would guess Bo & Dr Tom are trying to land him a HC job at at a lower level DI school (Fla Atlantic).
          If true, insert Mike Stoops at DC and consider it an upgrade.

    4. Doug says:

      This guy probably isn’t a Big Red Fan anyway. My guess is Jeff altered his name and is only on to stir up trouble.

      1. highdef says:

        … and you’re only on here to sell your mindless, Stepford fan koolaid.

        1. FloTrey says:

          Are you a fan at all of nebraska? Negative @#$%&*

    5. Josh says:

      Jeff, since you take the opportunity to “coach-bash” on a small article about recruiting, I gather that you are one of these NU fans who is incessantly negative about everything in the program. But, let’s humor you: OK, fire Bo and bro, hell, take your pick of assistants, too. …Then what? Roll the dice on TG, or scour the country for a coach you think will deliver a national championship in one year…? Get real. Or. Like we did with The Good Doctor (Tom), give him some time, and see how things pan out. The worst that will happen? You do get your wish in two-five years, if Bo can’t produce hardware by then. The best that could happen? Bo’s Nebraska winning championships the way Nebraska should win championships. Like you, Jeff, I am borderline in need of psychiatric help with my devotion to Husker Football, but c’mon man… Try having a little PATIENCE and maybe even a little OPTIMISM from time to time! :) GOOOOO BIIIIIG REEEED!

      1. Jeff says:

        Josh, I did not say Bo should be fired. I personally don’t think he has what it takes to be a head coach of a major program but I will continue to hope i am wrong. As you said, there really isn’t anyone else out there right now anyway. That being said, I do not see what good Carl is doing Nebraksa. He doesn’t call the defense, doesn’t recruit, and is a mess off the field. I would be shocked if he was here next year. GBR!

  4. highdef says:

    Didn’t realize that we had Carl to thank for K-Mart.. gosh, and here I’ve been “thanking” Bo all these months..

    And on a side note, I actually saw Barney Cotton doing a TV interview on the local 10pm news last night. I WAS IN SHOCK..

    1. FloTrey says:

      So you admit you don’t know what your talking about! ( Carl for k -mart)

  5. Husker Bill says:

    Does anyone know what kind of a recruiter Mark Stoops is? Anyone else hear rumors that he coming to NU?

    1. walleye says:

      Mike Stoops to NU in what capacity?

      1. Husker Bill says:

        Defensive cooridinator. Carl is needing some “time out” is what the word on the street is.

        1. Husker Bill says:

          Ooops, I meant Mike, not Mark.

          1. Marv says:

            Decent recruiter. Failed as HC because he had his staff picked away piece by piece. Just never jelled the way he thought.

        2. kevin says:

          Word on what street ? make believe drive ?

    2. highdef says:

      .. you want a stoops for a recruiter? sort of like wanting a Pelini for a head coach. OOh, oops, wait.. what am I saying..

  6. walleye says:

    I keep hearing that Carl and Barnie are on the way out. Is that so? Why would we get rid of Carl unless his “extra curricular” activities got him in hot water. Time will tell………………..

    1. highdef says:

      … yeah, Carl is going to be linebackers coach at Mooney High. Barney is the next head coach at UCLA.

    2. Husker Bill says:


    3. Marv says:

      Ask Marvin Sanders

    4. mosier says:

      That’s some pretty big charges your implying there. Thou shall not bear false witness. If true that would be very concerning to have to incidents in two years, however I will wait for even the slightest bit of evidence.

    5. HuskerinLA says:

      I support these kinds of “extra curricular” activities

  7. Every year at this time the rumor mill starts churning at high speed. Rumors that Bo interviewed for the Ohio State job. Rumors that Turner Gill is going to be hired as the next Huskers QB coach. Rumors that Carl is leaving to take another position. Can anyone just give their opinions backed up with clear cut facts. Carl is not going anywhere! Believe me if he was Bo would not have him out recruiting. Most Husker Fans are smart enough not to listen this rumor nonsense alone repeat it!

    1. Marv says:

      Ask miss nebraska for some facts.

      1. HuskerinLA says:

        I’ll ask her … she’s here with me and Miss Kansas

    2. mosier says:

      I think it’s these rumors that drive Bo crazier than anything else. We start them, usually as wishful thinking, then OWH/LJS guys ask Pelini as something they’ve heard and Pelini looks at them like they just peed themselves.

    3. MikeG says:

      Frenchie, It is a fact that Carl was recommended by Tom O and was interviewed for the HC job at FAU. He claims there hasnt been a decision yet. It is fact that he is looking to leave.

  8. mosier says:

    Pelini definately looks like he’s trying to bring back smashmouth football. Looking to bring in his 4th FB recruit since taking over. Looking forward to seeing Marrow next year.

  9. dkpsycho says:

    word is barney moving upstairs in the offices in some capacity, carl out if bo can find him a dc job someplace, (ohio st maybe?) and mike stoops in as dc here

    1. dkpsycho says:

      john garrison would mopve from grad asst to ol coach

      1. mosier says:

        Isn’t Garrison already a coach? Moving Barney up to administration would make some since since they already have a line coach and that would free up a spot for someone like stoops, or maybe even Sanders?

        1. dkpsycho says:

          yes but also heard bo and beck really like what ganz has brought to team and may need a spot for him next year on the staff

  10. mosier says:

    Sorry, but doesn’t Marv just sound like the kind of name a creepy pervert would give himself on a board. I think the name along with what your implying made me think of that.

  11. Justin says:

    I remember the last year of Bill’s tenure at Nebraska. Everyone was screaming to get rid of him. I distinctly remember telling a friend that instead of going after big name coaches, we needed to hire someone to come in and change the defense. We were not just getting beat by mediocre teams but being slaughtered. Teams were putting up huge numbers in yards and lots and lots of points on the board. Then we brought in Bo. The defense changed immediately. If it wasn’t for the job he has done with our defense then we would have never had a chance to beat OU when we can only score 10 damn points. Everyone needs to remember how bad things truly were just a few years back. I will never forget how Colorado simply pounded us by running the ball down our throats and we could do nothing about it. The game when KU put up 70 some points on us was not that long ago. Bo has done a great job so far and yes we still aren’t there yet but it’s looking much better now than it did 4 or 5 years ago. I personally think we need a better passing QB who is also mobile. We need better d-lineman. When Suh was here, we never had to blitz and our secondary was outstanding simply because the front four put so much pressure on the offense that our d-backs could solely focus on routes and what not. When we start to really get the right pieces filled, then the B10 and the rest of college football should watch out!! GBR

  12. Husker Bill says:

    Alright, let’s focus on football not coaching rumors. Good season, not the best. What bowl game are we going to?

  13. kevin says:

    I believe whatever Highdeaf / corndevil say. They r two of the smartest people in their own minds that I have ever seen.

    1. FloTrey says:

      I completely agree! Best analysis wait… information wait… bs wait……. (I would’ nt even go that far) a so called Nebraska fan could give. Thanks for the insight.