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Dirk’s Brunch Bites, Dec. 20
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Is Bo Pelini looking for a backdoor out of Lincoln?

His name was linked Monday to another job, this time Penn State. Pelini denied it. This morning, more details emerged.

The Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh reported that acting Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner interviewed Pelini last week in Texas.

In nine of 10 professions, there’s nothing wrong with listening to a prospective employer. But the football coach at Nebraska is the face of the university. For the well-being of the program, Nebraskans need to believe that Bo wants to be here — and that he embraces his lofty perch. That’s not an easy sell when Pelini is linked to other jobs, especially a program (like Penn State) in shambles.

Many fans are growing tired of the drama. It’s not just the uncertainty of the situation; it’s doubt about whether Pelini is fully invested. Does he believe Nebraska is good enough for him?

I know this is a tougher place to recruit than Bo would like. I know the scrutiny — both from fans and media — can be a nuisance. But the positives clearly outweigh the negatives at Nebraska. If Pelini can’t see that, he probably needs to move on.

This is the mercenary age of college football. Coaches don’t dream of spending a career at one school. Ten years is a long tenure. I get that.

But Pelini needs to recognize his environment. Nebraska fans want a coach who views the job as a destination, not a stepping stone.

If Pelini stays, he needs to show Nebraska fans a little more love. Act like he’s appreciative of the citizens’ money, time and interest. Either way, Bo would be wise to win big next year. Because a large portion of the fan base doesn’t forget this kind of stuff.


>> Another game, another big scoring night (35 points) for Doug McDermott. At 25.2 points per game, McDermott is second in the country. But more impressive is his versatility, the ability to score from inside and out, to score while dominating the ball or without dominating the ball. Monday night, McDermott got almost all his points from the post as Tulsa tried to slow down Creighton’s shooters.

Check out this bold quote from Tulsa coach Doug Wojcik: “I thought the guy single-handedly broke the spirit of my team.”

Valley schools will be tougher on McDermott. They will double-team him. His scoring average will drop. But if the Jays stay in the top 25, McDermott will draw plenty of national publicity in February and March. And one of the first questions will be, “How did this kid get away from Big Ten and Big 12 schools?”

>> On paper, Creighton’s non-conference schedule wasn’t bad. Very few low-major teams. Road games against legitimate mid-major programs — UAB, San Diego State, St. Joseph’s and Tulsa. What’s not to like? According to the computers, a lot.

The Bluejays’ non-con schedule ranks 282nd (out of 345) by Ken Pomeroy. Real Time RPI ranks it 146th. What’s that mean? The Jays’ at-large profile isn’t as strong as we think. They don’t need to win the Valley to get into the NCAA tournament, but they do need to have a very good Valley season.

>> Yes, Kansas lost to Davidson in Kansas City. No, Steph Curry didn’t suit up for Davidson. Bill Self has an unbelievable run of seven straight seasons with at least a share of the Big 12 title. That streak is in serious jeopardy. KU is lucky Nebraska is no longer around :)

>> The 18 most annoying golf partners. If you play, you fit one of these descriptions. (I’m the Volcano).

>> Barring an upset loss at home to either Miami or Buffalo, New England will be the top seed in the AFC. The battle to watch is the AFC North. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are tied at 10-4. The Ravens hold the tiebreaker, but will likely need to win out, including a road game against Cincinnati on New Year’s Day. The reward is significant: the division runner-up is looking at a wild-card game at Denver; the division champ may receive a bye.

>> Jason Whitlock says the NFL is the model for America. A perfect blend of capitalism and socialism.

>> Joe Moglia is the new head coach at Coastal Carolina. In other news, you can kiss the UFL goodbye.

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  1. BlueJay says:

    Pelini would be a fool to leave Nebraska anyhtime in the near future. There are not too many places to coach that are any better. The fishbowl is present for any major program.

    I can’t wait to watch Creighton play Northwestern. Doug McDermott is something special and the kid is only a sophomore.

  2. Lewis says:

    Bo is a commodity… People want good coaches….Be happy that we have Bo! Nothing is as ever bad as it seems.!

    GBR! Beat South Carolina!

  3. aaron says:

    What??!!! Why do we care that our coach is courted by other Universities? Most of these interviews turn into “recommendations” for other guys. This is insane. We should be thankful that other Universities would want our coach. Get over it. Please. Folks want Bo, . . .yes!

    If Bo wanted to leave he would have done so already. You really think Miami was a worse job than PSU? We need to get a grip on this stuff, and realize what it’s like to have a young, successful coach in the internet age. The only reason people weren’t after Osborne in the 90′s was because of his age. That’s it. He was sought after many times before that.

    1. Sidney says:

      Miami and Penn State are both quite the destination. Both programs are, as Dirk said, in shambles. Miami due to the Shapiro situation; PSU for obvious reasons. No “real” big time programs want Bo.

      Want an example of a young coach making it look like he wants to be where he is? Look at Chris Peterson. He shoots them down BEFORE sneaking off to interview.

      Bo is a mercenary looking for another couple hundred thousand dollars from our pockets. Nebraska can do better – both in terms of quality of football being taught and in terms of integrity and representing the university.

      1. Bill says:

        Most schools looking for a new coach are in shambles. That’s why they’re looking for a new coach.

        That said, Miami was in decent shape when Bo was linked to the job. Remember, this was before the Yahoo Sports story came out.

    2. Dave says:

      Aaron, Miami turned Beau down, not the other way around. It’s really bad when MIAMI thinks someone doesn’t have enough class.

      And, once again, Mark’s lying about it. At least he should have enough sack to man up and admit it instead of skipping out on meetings for phone interviews, or having clandestine meetings in TX when he should be recruiting.

      1. Dave says:

        OK, too many Daves on this board. My comment re Miami’s turning down Mark is separate from the Dave who explained the hiring process.

  4. Dave says:

    Aaron … your viewpoint is exactly that of typical Nebraska fan. You have it reversed. The coach (actually his agent/lawyer) floats his name to the Universities. Do you think Bo would really be doing interviews (Miami, OSU, PSU) if he wasn’t looking for a way out? You don’t do the actual interview if you are happy where you’re at. The ONLY pass is OSU and that’s only b/c it’s his alma matter. Why do you think Bo won’t hire a national name for DC or DL? Because it handcuffs him from leaving. Bo’s act with the media (extension of the fans) has worn thin. Us against the world? Give me a break Bo. Who do you think pays your salary and comes to the games — home and AWAY. Time to cut this marriage short. TO needs to step up and hire a real coach. Not some hot head coordinator.

    1. Dave says:

      DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

      Hammer, meet nail’s head.

      1. Dave says:

        BTW, I’m a different Dave than the other poster.

    2. Johnny says:

      Dave, you are right. He is a Defensive Coordinator, not a Head Coach. And actually, a DC in the NFL where he can act like a wild man. Not a Head Coach or DC at the collegiate level trying to set an example. Personally, I think Bo is in over his head, personality wise, at a place like Nebraska. He tries to act as if he is above NU and the fans, when in fact I think the NU, the state and the fans are above him.

    3. Skytown J says:

      You make some great points, though we don’t know that he actually did interview for the Penn St job. His situation in Lincoln changed a lot in the last month, Carl is gone, and Meyer took the Ohio St job (which I imagine he secretly covets above all else). Bo may be growing weary of the weight of the expectations in Huskerland. Bo has a qualities that the players seem to really like. But he often acts like the media and the fans are the opponent. I don’t think anyone questions his abilities as a defensive expert, just not sure he’s a great fit as a HC. T.O. needs to sort this out asap. Other recruiters are for sure using this ammo even as we speak.

    4. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

      100% agree with everything you said, Dave.

  5. Joey says:

    As I always say, I wonder where this whole thing with Bo is going to end. He “acts” as if he is unhappy at Nebraska, he criticizes the “fans” (who pay him $3,000,000 a year), his name is floated all the time whenever a job opens at “Wherever U”, yada, yada, yada. As I always say, I would like to see him stay, but just like in any business or for that matter a marriage, if you are that unhappy, just leave and let’s move on. Bottom line to me: Nebraska has played serious football for about 120 years before Bo. We will probably be playing serious football for about 120 years after Bo.

  6. Dave says:

    And in further news, just a few minutes ago Mark Pelini was asked POINT BLANK to confirm his commitment to Nebraska, and he refused.

    Get the “heck” out Mark. You’ve been lying to the fans for the last two years. If you don’t like it, please leave. If you don’t like the “fish bowl” you’ll find at ANY major university, please go coach at Northwestern Montana Polytechnic Beauty College for the Deaf and Blind. Then you won’t have a “fish bowl”, and fans who won’t care enough to pay your multi-million dollar salary. And, people won’t care if you physically threaten people off the field, nor if you’re ok with your brother assaulting a photographer, nor if you pretty much treat everyone like crap who doesn’t in your view directly benefit you. Please just leave and let NE go back to being classy.

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  8. OhioHusker says:

    I’m just really getting tired of all this crap. You guys have no memory..wishing a great coach would leave. We started getting 9 and 10 win seasons back with Bo, even in the midst of a major conference shift and changing offense. Pelini is the best coach for our university. The fault is not Pelinis but the media for their take on him. You get your feelings hurt by Bo and take it out in this public forum called news. I want news and not your little journal therapy sessions to make you feel & look better. (which they really don’t make you look better at all) And then you get mad when he tells you in a public forum what you did is wrong. (which I totally agree). I wish he would do more of that and not less.

    I’m just sick and tired of this. Bo sticks up for his players & coaches, he runs a clean program, our student athletes are amonth the best in the nation, our players once again play with passion, again the 9-10 seasons. He’s been been one or two plays away from BCS bowls and conference championships last year and the year before. He will continue to improve as he doesn’t settle for mediocrity. Remember that word and see where it got us in the early to mid 2000s. It got us far below mediocrity.

    Since the writers can write about not thinking Bo is right for the job…why don’t we start to write in mass about sports journalists needing fired or moving on. Or instead…maybe just maybe…write some positive articles on Pelini. Yes there can be many, many articles on the positives of him. You’ve clouded your mind and many readers.

    1. Johnny says:

      Agree with your assessment of Bo, but you forgot one thing. He doesn’t want to be here.

      1. GabrielNATL says:

        I wouldn’t wanna be there either, the way these idiot fans act. What the heck do you want? Someone who can bring a national title to Nebraska yesterday? WAKE UP Husker fanATICS. It’s not happening!

    2. HuskerPhil says:

      I agree with most of your points. But Bo doesn’t do himself any favors by dissing the media most of the time. We the fans can’t walk up on a regular basis and ask Bo these questions, so the media is there to do it for us. Yes, their questions can be annoying or leading, but they fulfill a desire by the fans to know their head coach and program better. I agree with Johnny that Bo seems over his head in the head coach role, namely, the public relations side of it. That being said, there are so many weasel coaches out there who leave their programs high and dry in pursuit of opportunity. Bo does not seem to be one, and for that we can be thankful.

  9. ClevelandRocksBigRED says:

    I love the Huskers but the fact is we are NOT and haven’t been for a long time what we were. But far too many fellow Huskers can’t get it through their thick corncobs that were NOT Bama, Ohio State, USC, heck even the troubled Penn State. It was obvious after ONE YEAR with Brady were not Michigan either. And the Cats owned us in our own house. The one trip I made back from Cleveland to watch my Huskers. Geez La Weez. We got whipped.

    But we can be a great program again with the right HEAD COACH who is allowed to bring his entire staff in without Tom telling who can come and who can’t? The Husker way is a thing of the past. MOVE ON. T.O. is our own legend but it’s time for him to step aside. Getting us in the Big 10 in my opinion is his crown jewel. But with him and Bo in place we are NEVER GOING to get back to to that place we were so long. I believe Bo is truly a good person. But he is NO HEAD COACH if my opinion. Our recruiting class has some nice cattle in the pasture. But the gate is wide open and they’re coming into the barn. Here we go again.

    1. GabrielNATL says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. cbiz says:

    Dirk – Bo has no control over what kind of crap and rumors are written and published. I think the opening of this article is slightly irresponsible.

  11. Husker_Power says:

    Haven’t you idiots seen the new story… the Penn State AD said he wasn’t even in Texas last week! Step off the ledge and back our team and our coach for once. I am so tired of reading this stupid comments from you guys wanting Bo out! We will again be in the title hunt in the next year or two… CHILL OUT!

    1. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

      Never. Chill. Out.

      Keep the pressure on Pelini … He is failing thus far and needs to turn things around quickly.

      1. GabrielNATL says:

        Failing at what???

        1. Bill says:

          Failing at winning any conference championships, NCs, great recruits are avoiding the ranting coach from Lincoln.

  12. GO PSU says:

    Say there Husker Power. The A.D. is going to protect anybody he interviews. Of course he’s going to say he wasn’t in Texas.

  13. M. O. Stnebraskafans says:

    Your entire article is written based on derived “facts” from other reporters have also derived “facts.” I don’t understand how you feel comfortable ponficiating this way. You are creating the stroy instead of reporting it. Shame on you.

    Are you a professional journalist or are you just dissastified with your job? Maybe your negative slant is because the coaches don’t like you? I think we’re all tired of the drama. Maybe it’s the evnironemnt? You can’t find any good stories, so you are finding if more difficult to be good at your job and just want to leave? I’m assuming all of this because, well, that what you do…assume. And by the way, it would be wise of you to write better. Just do it, be better at what you do. We all expect that from you and our fan base won’t forget how you fabricate, derive, and pontificate.

    1. Mike says:

      You kids get off my lawn! Oh, how my hip hurts.

  14. GabrielNATL says:

    Dirk, you say fans are tired of the drama…I’m sure Bo is tired of the fans and others nitpicking his every move, trying to change the nature of his personality, inspite of his coaching that has led Nebraska to it’s most successful four-year period since the late 90′s early 2000′s. Selfish, myopic, unrealistic expectation-having Husker “fans” would be enough to drive even the most stoic Husker Coach away (See Tom Osborne 1978).

    1. Tony says:

      I can’t root for any Husker team any more due to the fan/media cr-p. It’s way too much.

      1. GabrielNATL says:

        I’m almost with you there.

  15. AP says:

    Wow, was Creighton impressive last night. Tulsa chose to take away the outside shooting of the Jays and thought their huge inside guys could handle Doug and Greg E. Antoine Young, after only 2 points on Saturday, recognized this and had 10 points at half time slashing to the hoop. The rest of the Jays were smart enough to recognize it. Doug carved them up inside and Greg E. scored the first 9 points of the second half after the refs kept him out of 18 minutes of the first half. I’m starting to believe that this team is for real. If you have not been to the C-Link Center to see them and Doug McDermott, put it on your “to do” list. The Valley will be blast this year.

    1. Carl P. says:

      If he wants to be someplace else, kick is butt out of here! Others will find he’s an a– just like we now know. Go ahead Penini get a move on! The sooner the better!

  16. Tyler Durden says:

    Its just like losing on a bad call. Put yourself in a position that a bad call doesnt matter. Win big games and the critics shut up. Bos ego will never let him do what he does best and should doing, being a college DC. 2 years and its all over, Bo takes a pro DC job and TO hires Turner. Then how will you complain, with the your hero as the coach? Roll Rhinos!