Published Tuesday, December 20, 2011 AT 8:07 PM / Updated at 8:15 PM
Recruiting: Seisay commits to NU
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Junior college cornerback Mohammed Seisay announced on Twitter and Facebook Tuesday night that he plans to play football at Nebraska.

He’s the ninth known member of the Huskers’ 2012 recruiting class. Seisay, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, picked the Huskers over Arkansas.

Seisay, from Eastern Arizona College, is expected to sign a letter of intent Wednesday — when the signing period beings for mid-year junior college transfers. He’ll have two years of eligibility at NU.

It’s an important addition for Nebraska, which will lose talented senior corner Alfonzo Dennard after the Capital One Bowl.

Seisay’s tweet Tuesday night: “I would like to say that I WILL BE A BLACKSHIRT.”

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  1. BoMustStay says:

    Bo knows football.


    1. Husker_Mort says:

      Love it. I don’t suppose we’ll see much of BMG around if recruiting keeps up like this.

    2. Bryan says:

      I SO Completely agree BoMustStay…. and I bet this kid starts for his 2 years of eligibility also. Go Black Shirts, Go Big Red!!!!!!(p.s. Beat the snot bubbles out of South Carolina!!!)

  2. Jason says:

    Is Bo taking the Bill Snyder route to success? If it works then I’m ok with it

    1. Twitty says:

      Bill’s route is called coaching and quit whining about recruiting.

    2. Husker_Mort says:

      I don’t think 2-3 Juco guys/year and a top-ten strength of schedule is a far cry from the mildcats of Manhattan.

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        Sorry. Take “I don’t think” off the post above.

  3. power OF red says:

    Thats the CONFIDENCE we need !!!!!!

    1. bringbacktheattitude says:

      don’t you mean false hope?

  4. Chippy Brown says:

    Another sign the program is in decline. . . .

    1. realisticfan says:

      clearly correlates with decline, just like when Mike Rozier came from Coffeyville the program was headed down the tubes

      1. bringbacktheattitude says:

        and you are a realistic fan? you must be hooked up to an iv of mark pelini kool-aid.

    2. Andrew says:

      How do you figure thats a sign of the program on decline? Good pickup for Nebraska look forward to seeing him in a husker uniform. Go Big Red

    3. evilone31 says:

      Program in decline….Why because Pelini takes one or two JUCO’s a year. Honestly! Think where would NU be with out
      Lavonte David (JUCO) the last two years. How about Dejone Gomes before that, pretty sure those two were great gets.

      Some people just need to go away and you are one of them. Pelini takes a couple 4 star JUCO’s to fill immediate needs and
      its the end of the world for some. He is also filling the class with other 4 year players at the same position. Just relax and
      enjoy the fact NU got this commit.

    4. Greg says:

      Yeah, just like when they recruited Lavonte David. I mean, what were them Pelini boys thinking? I am SO tired of the haters. Go be a Buffs fan. We don’t need your kind round here.

      1. Twitty says:

        Hey and wouldn’t you love to not be filling holes and have a guy like David contributing for 3 and 4 years? Year 4 brotha and Bo’s run with Bill’s recruits is coming to and end and it don’t smell real good.

        1. JH says:

          Twitty: Wake up or leave.

    5. Husker_Mort says:

      I think this is sarcasm. But it IS tough to detect on the Boards of Pessimism.

  5. Gene O says:

    Good to hear. Keep it going, coaches. If the numbers aren’t available, go with quality. If JC guys get the job done, great. 4 year guys would be preferable, but talent is talent. Works for Bill Snyder(never thought I’d say that).

    1. Husker_Mort says:

      What’s with the comparisons to Snyder? It’s not like 2/3 of the class is Juco.

  6. MojoHusker says:

    Any kid that wants to commit to us at this point is obviously ready to be a Husker. Mohammed, you could have went to Arkansas as well as other schools which you could have played for but you chose Nebraska.

    So, welcome! We’ll be rooting for you to get out there and knock some Big Ten receivers out of their cleats for the next 2 years.


    1. bringbacktheattitude says:

      2 years to learn mark pelini’s defense. by then his eligibilty will have ran out. wow-what a recruiting gem!

    2. 1hskrfn says:

      “Mohammed, you could have gone to Arkansas”


  7. Twitty says:

    When we gonna stop trying to shuck corn with a bunch of jucos? Can’t play w the big dogs. Can’t recruit with ‘em either. No place like Nebraska, so Bo diddly says. Wonder what this kids gpa is? Is he on Twitter….ban that!

    1. kevin says:

      Wow ! so I got it, when we lose a game Bo sucks, when we win the other team sucks, In recruting if we lose a recruit it’s cause Bo sucks, can’t recruit, when he gets a recruit it’s cause he can’t play with the big dogs and nobody else wants the kid… I think I got it, No wonder Bo wants to leave. You negative bloggers need your as* kicked

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        You got it, Kevin. Pathetic “fans” all over the OWH blogs.

      2. JH says:

        He’s just trolling on the NE site. Ignore him as he has no value to offer here.

    2. Curtis says:

      Shut up twitty dum. You have no clue what you are talking about. What a tool.

  8. Husker_Mort says:

    Welcome to Husker Nation, Mr. Seisay! You made a great choice and will be a better football player and student with the resources Nebraska can provide. Go Big Red

  9. huskerhomersaretheworstfansofall says:

    kevin-just because someone doesn’t share your opinion doesn’t mean you can threaten them. play nice little kevy.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Glad to have a talent like this coming in with Dennard leaving, and because he’s a JUCO he should hit the ground running. I’d also like to say that the punishment handed down to Ohio State today from the NCAA was a joke. I’ve seen jay walkers get tougher sentences.

  11. red in illinois says:

    Check out the University of Nebraska at Lincoln football rosters around 1971, 1972, am sure they never recruited junior colleges football players.

    1. RedColoredGlasses says:

      Recuiting forty yrs ago, one had well over 100 schoolies to give so most programs stocked up with players to prevent others from getting them. Bob nor Tom needed JC back then. When the NCAA started to reduce the schoolies then the JCs became a larger player.

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        Well said, RCG. IMPOSSIBLE to compare that era of CFB with this one. Devaney also used to hang out at Barry O’s without being interrupted.

    2. steve rosen says:

      Actually, they did recruit junior college players who turned out to be key members of two national championship teams. Players such as Carl Johnson, Bob Terrio, Bill Sloey, Dick Rupert. As a Nebraska fan who attended his first game in 1964 against Dan Reeves and South Carolina, I think people need to chill out on recruiting. Last time I checked, the coaches were the ones being paid the big bucks to evaluate talent. Let them do their job. They seem to be a class act when it comes to recruiting, something you can’t say about many schools.

      1. Remember Scott Frost? says:

        You can’t say that about most of the bloggers on any Husker story or Husker website as well. I’m just glad Bo and his staff don’t give two s#!ts what these idiots say on these stories. GO BIG RED… Good Luck Mo Seisay. Make Huskernation proud…

  12. TexasRed says:

    Quit feeding the haters folks and they will starve. Ignore them and they will eventually stop their worthless drivel. It just gives them a reason to come back and jerk your chain again when any of you respond. Sooooo, show some restrain and Ignore, Ignore, Ignore.


  13. red in illinois says:

    Bob Newton

  14. skiboy27 says:

    First time comment and last. How many of you idiots have division 1 coaching or recruiting experiance, Obvioustly none keep your remarks to yourself unless you show us resume. People like you haters give this wonderful program a bad name. There are several programs out there cheeting and are getting caught and still get these recruits so they are cheaters to. Hope Bo keeps trying the best he can whithout cheating.Now thats a coach!

    1. thinkbeforeyoupost says:

      skiboy27-callahan also did the best he could without cheating. nice argument. i hope this is your first and last(please god) comment.

      1. thinkbeforeyoupost, I think his comment about you haters was meant for you also. I agree with him as many others here on this site. I wish that was your first and last post.Other than that, as my friend Kevin would say, screw PC Merry Christmas Husker Nation (Husker haters are include in the seasonal greetings).

  15. Bill says:

    Finally some good recruiting news! Let’s hope this is the tip of the iceberg!