Published Monday, December 26, 2011 AT 2:47 PM / Updated at 2:47 PM
More hurting Huskers
Lee Barfknecht Omaha World-Herald

The injury news gets gloomier by the week for the Nebraska men’s basketball team.

Starting wing Caleb Walker suffered a bruised back in a nasty fall last week against Central Michigan, and it has gotten worse instead of better. Walker was getting heavy attention from the training staff at the start of Monday’s practice in hopes that he could participate.

The health of junior wing Dylan Talley and junior center Jorge Brian Diaz also isn’t improving.

Talley now has a strained leg muscle that developed as he compensated for the severe thigh bruise he has battled. Coach Doc Sadler said it would take ”a minor miracle” for Talley to play Tuesday night against No. 11 Wisconsin.

Diaz still hasn’t practiced for about two weeks because of recurring foot problems. Custom orthotics for his shoes are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, Sadler said.

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  1. kevin says:

    Anymore good news ?

  2. kevin says:

    I’m just thinking…. does the Bball team have it’s own training staff, or do they use the same staff as the FBall team. I mean it always seems like we can’t just have a minor injury, everything is always serious with these guys. Do we need to re-evaluate the training staff. I mean for god sakes.. Talley, Diaz, Walker, Neimann, Almedia. Why can’t anybody come back from an injury ???

    1. David Anderson says:

      2-16 is starting to look optimistic.

    2. Ron from G-Town Texas says:

      It seems like year after year, Doc’s team have numerous injuries (especially the big men)….I can’t understand why….are we recruiting kids without knowing medical histories? Are we working them so hard in practice that they break down? What? I know all teams lose players for periods of time throughout b-ball seasons, but our injury rate appears ridiculous!!!! This year we had 3 big guys – Almeida, Niemann, and Diaz….none of them are now playing…does Doc have an injury “curse” over his head?

  3. Desmoines Husker says:

    Will injuries be the excuse to give Doc another year after another disappointing season?

    Perhaps when crowds are around 2500, the administration will take notice of the need to improve the basketball team, and not just its facilities. Marc Boehm should be fired

    1. kevin says:

      Desmoines, Starting five Spencer, Richardson, Walker, Talley, Diaz. Coming off the bench and playing 15,20 minutes, Almedia, 5-10 min, Neimann. Now our stating five is Spencer, Richardson,McCray, Rivers ( Frosh), Moore (FR) Fox A redhsirt… Not making excuses giving u the facts….

      1. Steve says:

        What’s your excuse for the last half decade?

        1. Doc says:

          Moron bandwagon fans that make comments like that? Lack of support from the athletic department and fans that are fickle and only show when they win. I guess they could have a coach that hates the fans, hates the media, and hates winning more than 10 games a year and then they will show up.

          1. David Anderson says:

            best I can tell, the moron fans that only show up when we win are long since dead and buried! I’m a fan that is disappointed in the product that we have had over the last 10 years, and between the players we now have, and those coming in next year, we are looking at another two bleak years, at the minimum.

      2. Doc says:

        That’s not the starting 5 as Fox barely has played and Rivers comes off the bench along with Moore. That won’t be the starting five either. Good try though.

        1. kevin says:

          Doc. You need to re-read it. The starting five NOW will I assume be Richardson, Spencer, McCray, Rivers, or Moore, and Ubel. The players out are. talley, walker, diaz all starters. Coming off the bench was Almedia, got about 15 minutes a game last year, and neimann. What did I say other then that ?

          1. Doc says:

            That’s not what you said, Talley hasn’t started in 3 games, and you said Fox was a starting five and omitted Ubel originally. Not to be technical though. And rivers won’t start.

    2. MC says:

      I bet Doc gets another raise for another losing season. As that seems to be the standard for NU basketball. Wish I could get a raise based on poor performance.

      1. macjones says:

        Literally LMAO. Yeah, that bUbba down in the smalltown Capitol town gets a raise because he’s part of the Good Ol’ Boy network. Eh.

        That’s how it works. Right, good ol’ boys. Because, it ain’t what one knows- major college hoops coaching-, it’s WHO you know. Say it ain’t so.

        Bottom line is after the conclusion of the RUGGED Big Ten mens hoops season, that Lil’ Herbie mens squad will continue the STREAK. dUh.

        You know which STREAK Yo is yapping of, the CONSECTIVE FIFETEEN ( 15 ) seasons of NO N.C.A.A. Tournament action. Get outta’ here.

  4. kevin says:

    Talley has missed 3 games Doc, 3rd leading scorer, Fox is the 6th guy listed above, he will be getting minutes. And either Moore, or Rivers will have to play, but honestly what’s your point ? the injuries don’t matter, and Fox is getting more playing time. Unless you take the redshirt off of Gallegos

  5. HansJ says:

    There’s got’ta be a nickname for Doc’s troops. Back in the 50′s the Cyclones had the”Dirty Thirty,” only 30 and all beat-up football players on the whole team. I think former Buckeye Coach John Cooper was part of that bunch. How about the “Crippled Cobbers?” The plan tonite should be to have plenty of pain killers [adult beverages] nearby the recliner at 8 pm central.

    Just another thought came to me, if Rabbi Kushner writes another book, “When Bad Things Happen To Good Coaches,” Doc’s picture will be on the front of the dust jacket.

  6. macjones says:

    Thankfully for major college hoopdom fandom, that Lil’ Herbie mens team will ONLY be on nationally telly ONCE this season. Say it ain’t so.

    Because I guess the POWERS THAT BE involved with Big Ten athletics had to throw Lil’ Herbie basketball some bloody CHARITY. lol You know what I mean, good ol’ boys.

  7. Bob says:

    NU basketball sucks yet again. Doesn’t seem like the new facilities will change that either.