Published Wednesday, December 28, 2011 AT 3:30 PM / Updated at 6:57 PM
Capital One Bowl: Quick notes on Fisher, Carnes, Marsh and more
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

ORLANDO, Fla. — We’ll have ton of fleshed-out notes later for you guys, but here are a few morsels to munch on for now:

>> Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini wouldn’t confirm Wednesday that wide receivers coach Rich Fisher is his new recruiting coordinator — as suggested by a report at — but the first-year assistant is “one of the options.”

“I’m still weighing it,” Pelini said of his decision.

>> Backup redshirt freshman quarterback Brion Carnes gets the question constantly: Is he so frustrated at his lack of game snaps as Taylor Martinez’s backup that he’d consider transferring?

His answer Wednesday: “I haven’t really considered it,” he said. “I’m with Nebraska. I haven’t really thought about transferring. Other people ask me that all the time, but going to college is about other things. Football is not forever.”

>> Wearing a blue jersey, freshman Bronson Marsh worked with the quarterbacks. Marsh was the offensive scout team MVP in 2011 at the position; he moved there after Broekemeier got hurt.

Pelini said he’s “99 percent sure” Marsh — who broke the state’s career passing records at Millard South High School — will move back to safety in the spring.

>> To a man on Nebraska’s offense, one South Carolina defender stood out: Defensive end Melvin Ingram. It’s the guy head coach Bo Pelini identified, too, as the Gamecocks’ best player.

>> Defensive tackle Jared Crick was pleased with his current recovery from a torn pectoral muscle, but no – he wouldn’t have been ready to play even if NU was playing for the national title.

>> Tight end J.T. Kerr is no longer on the team, an NU spokesman confirmed, and Bo Pelini told Nebraska’s site that cornerback Joshua Mitchell did not make the trip with the team.

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  1. Big UN says:

    I’ve seen this before with Cody Green, Carnes is gone after this semester. Armstrong will give Taylor a run for the money, these Nebraska kids can make it interesting just like Gerry Gdowski.

  2. JoeS says:

    While I agree that they should have gotten more time in some of those games for Carnes, C’mon QB isnt a position you can readily rotate, so just because you aren’t starting/playing is ridiculous to transfer when you are 2nd string. If you don’t fit the system, that maybe one thing. But someone has to be 2nd string.

    1. Raul says:

      JoeS it is hard to keep quarterbacks on roster if they dont get a chance to play. Wisconsin game would have been great, after taylor officially gave game away with his third int. That moment would have been good time to see what carnes was made of.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        great post, and very accurate.
        just another blunder from an overpaid, inexperienced coaching staff.

  3. HansJ says:

    I’ve been impressed with continuous parade of fine young talent at QB in the bowl games so far, but don’t expect to be surprised tonite by Texas. Mizzou’s soph. QB looked like a perfect fit for Beck’s scheme. Soph. T-Magic doesn’t appear comfortable or knowledgeable. The Gamecocks soph. QB looks like a bigger factor in the game than T-Magic. Except for the last game against Clemson, the Gamecocks’ offense wasn’t that great. But for the B1G RED the 4 games in November led me to believe Beck’s offense isn’t much more effective the Doc’s BB team; i.e., 25 NW[L], 17 PS, 17 Mich[L], and 20 Iowa. I think T.O. would have given Marsh a shot at QB, he would have 4 more years to develop.

  4. Ed says:

    Transfer and go play somewhere Brion. They will never remove T-Tragic from the QB position no matter how many INTs he throws and games he costs UN.

    1. Ryan says:

      People can debate all day whether or not Taylor is or is not the right QB for the Huskers to win with (personally, I think he is), but please get your stats correct. During non-conference Martinez threw two interception in the Fresno game and none in the other three games. Wisconsin was his rough night with three picks. After Wisconsin game Martinez threw two interceptions the rest of the year and none in the last four games. In fact he had more games with zero interceptions than games with at least one interception (4 games with at least one, 7 games with none). The only game you can for sure say Martinez was a negative factor in was the second half of the Wisconsin game, and you MIGHT be able to make an argument for Fresno (219 yards passing, 1 TD, 2 INT, 166 yards rushing, 1 TD), though that is debatable. In the rest of the games he was pretty much either neutral or a positive factor.

    2. NU FB says:

      Name one game that Taylor cost us on his own. You could possibly argue Wisconsin because of the picks, but I think that loss should be put more on coaching decisions and defense.

      I think Taylor has grown this year exponentially, and at times, he showed me that we could even win a championship with him at QB.

  5. Lincoln Realist says:

    Huskers have won in spite of Martinez this year and certainly not BECAUSE OF HIM. He is a one trick pony. Carnes should been in the Badger and Michigan game. And it would not have hurt to give him a shot to mix things up in the Cats game. Plus it was obvious Iowa with Careful Ferentz came NOT TO LOSE. Carnes could have played the entire 4th quarter…… Boob is going to ride Taylorina untl the wheels come off.

    I pray I’m wrong but the Cocks are going to make Monday miserable for Taylorina…. Our defense better bring it big time because our offense will be lucky to put 10 pts on the boards.

    1. Sounds to me your real screen name should be Lincoln defeatist. You amaze me, what is Taylor’s one trick. Taylor is a very real dual threat QB. He was limited in the running game this season to try to protect him during the season. If you noticed in the Iowa game Taylor was allowed to run a little more than he was during the season. My guess is that he will be allowed to go full bore in the bowl game since it is the last one and no need to save him since this is the last game of the season. In just two years he has landed in the number 5 spot of all time Husker QB’s career total yardage leaders. You seem to think that just because South Carolina has a tough D that we have no shot at the game. Here are some real facts for a realist. NU has played 4 teams that are in the top 16 of all D’s in D1 FB. Taylor and Rex are the 3rd best QB RB rushing tandom in the nation. In Taylors last 7 games he is passing at close to 60% completion. His career passing % is rated higher than Ferrogamo’s. You remeber him the NFL QB.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid post LR

      1. redNhastings says:

        When was the last time NE had a four yr or even a three yr starter at QB?

  6. Fitzy says:

    While I too would like to have seen more Carnes at certain times this season, the fact still remains that he is a redshirt freshman. You should not be thinking about transfering after your redshirt freshman year due to low playing time. If Brion honestly believes he has no shot at ever playing here, then he probably should transfer becuase that is a pretty weak attitude to have. The coaches will play the best player and if Brion becomes the best player between now and fall camp, he will play. I am convinced that people saying Taylor is embedded by Bo are insane. Bo wants to win… Beck wants to win… that is why they are coaches… they will play the QB that gives them the best chance to win. Thre has to have been some reason why Brion was not played this year in the blowouts. My guess is there is no conspiracy to not play him for the sake of not playing him, but to probably save him from getting lit up and ruined as a redshirt freshman. If Brion sticks around, he will continue to grow and his time will most certainly come and he will have the opportunity to win the QB job by outplaying the guy in front of him.

  7. gordo12 says:

    Martinez has become a game manager. He is not the dynamic threat he was in the past. Opposing D’s stack the box and T-magic needs to pass, which as we know is a work in progress.
    It is obvious that Bo thinks T-magic needs all the reps he can get, even in a losing effort (MI, WI,NW ). Bo is set in his ways, so Brion will be lucky to see the field.
    Brion has the right attitude, football is not forever.

  8. Tim says:

    If we hold on the the pig, we win. GBR!!!

  9. Johnny Reno says:

    Man, if Bo gets Fisher as the RC, what a coup? Just think of all the high school golf contacts he has back east. Maybe the NU golf team can steal a recruit or two or maybe we can have a couple of two sport players. This program becomes more of a joke every day!

  10. socalhusker says:

    I am still trying to figure out what the Beck offensive system is. Was this an experimentation year trying to see what will work? What I saw most was the single back set running the zone read. To me, this is a sideways running system that will not work against the best defenses that move more players to the line. I know I am an old dog but I really believe you must be able to the run the ball straight ahead with force. If I were going to run the zone read I would spread the field as much as possible and use a QB that is Vince Young size. Then I would make sure these outside players got the ball enough to keep defenses honest. By the second half my big QB would be breaking tackles and he would never be told to slide down.

  11. Jim Melton says:

    I hope I am wrong but I think TO’s influence on what type of offense we will be running is trending back too a one-dimensional running offense where we have running backs for QB’s, (offensive line/blockers) instead of receivers and all the practice rep’s going towards practicing the option plays. Bo is about 99% sure Bronson Marsh is going to play defense whom could be a real decent passer (not needed in a one-dimensional running offense, Carnes probably feels like the offense is trending away from the type of QB he is, (he looks to be a decent passer too). Enunumwa already has said that team members refer too him more as an offensive lineman blocking for the running game. It is all adding up. The gamecocks are already saying, load the box, stop Matinez and Burkhead from running and they win because they think we don’t have a passing game. Pelini and Beck both used to believe in balance between running and passing but it looks to me like they are getting away from that philosophy.

    1. socalhusker says:

      Balance comes from having receivers who can beat man to man coverage and can catch the ball. They know they are going to be thrown to 5-10 times a game by a QB that can put the ball on them. I think play action passing fits this bill perfectly and can be used with power oriented running attack. Mix in some screens and some throws on first down and you start to get balance. I like having a guy who is more of a pass first threat but can take off and scramble when the field is wide open.

    2. MikeG says:

      Of course they will load the box!! Thats what teams do against running QB’s and option teams. Well, every defense except Bo’s does that, thats why Robinson, Colter and Wilson made Bo’s defense look like they were useless.

      1. kevin says:

        Thanks Mike. Did Bo call you, or interview you for the D-Coord job ? he should’ve, it’s obvious you have the skills / knowledge, don’t know what you do for a living but it’s the wrong profession

  12. barb says:

    If NE ever gets back to stability like we had for years and years and years. each season all we had to do was RELOAD. The stability came from keeping the same coaches rather than to replace this one and that one every time we turn around The success also came from the over all character and discipline of the Huskers as we once knew them With Bo Pelino allowing a player to play after a DWI or any other problem with the law, it sets a poor example for the players and Nebraska. I can’t help but wonder where we could be today if Frank Solich could have stayed. And what about our so-called wonderful Carl Pelini ??? He is gone now, and don’t think Bo will stay if he gets a big enough offer.