Published Monday, January 2, 2012 AT 8:44 PM / Updated at 3:18 PM
Tom’s Take: Capital One Bowl
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

World-Herald sports columnist Tom Shatel offers his key observations from Nebraska’s 30-13 loss to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl.

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The media covering this shindig voted for the MVP. However, I didn’t get a vote. I sure wouldn’t have picked South Carolina junior receiver Alshon Jeffery. As big as his impact was, he was ejected from the game for trading swings with Alfonzo Dennard. You don’t get thrown out of a game and win the MVP award. How silly is that?

Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck will take his shots from the peanut gallery, and some are deserved. But Nebraska had a good game plan, especially in the first half. Beck strayed a couple of times, like early in the third quarter after Taylor Martinez ran to the South Carolina 8-yard line, and two of the next three plays were passes when NU was running it down SC’s throat. Some of us agree that Beck needs to get his young playmakers on the field, but when you see Ameer Abdullah lose the ball like that, you understand the reluctance. And Beck has a quarterback who makes decisions in the passing game that drive you nuts, but you have to pass the ball. Just win, Tim. And develop a backup quarterback who can play.

John Papuchis and the defense will get lost in this game, but they did well. The coverage was terrific, for the most part, and helped quarterback Connor Shaw get sacked four times. The Huskers could have blitzed on the Hail Mary, but really, how often do those things work? Oops. I liked Papuchis’ energy. He bounces around a lot, high-fiving and encouraging and yelling, if it’s required. Gotta work on takeaways. South Carolina had no turnovers.

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  1. dave says:

    The good news is that we could have, and should have, easily beaten South Carolina. SEC speed, the best athletes and all that nonsense? Not so much. But the bad news is that we shot ourselves in both feet over and over again.

    1. Tom says:

      “Easily” beaten South Carolina?

      Good grief.

    2. macjones says:

      Get back on your bloody MEDICATIONS! And I highly suggest this good ol’ boy bUbba seek help of the nutcase variety. dUh.

    3. raincntry says:

      Did you watch the same game? Nebraska was equal to USC for the first quarter. They got their second TD because a penalty on a punt kept their drive alive. Their offense could not move the ball at all in the second half. USC’s defense simple beat Nebraska. USC’s offense made enough plays to win. Carolina went for it on 4th down twice and succeeded. Where was NE on those two 4th down plays?

      Lest you think the game was close, 30-13, shut out the final three quarters.

      Better luck next time.

      1. BigBen says:

        Are you serious? “easily”? Looked to me like it took South Carolina about three possessions to get the Nebraska offense’s number. After that, the only success the Huskers had was on USC defensive penalties.
        Nebraska was owned in the second half. Just plain owned. Hey Bo – Mr. Class Act – as is usually the case, the better team DID win the game.

        1. When you leave 4 possible TD’s on the field and you have as many drive killing penalties as NU did then yes we should have won easy.

      2. Colorado springer says:


    4. jay says:

      Gamecock kicked our Buts. Their QB had all day to throw. Shut out for 3 full qters.

      The final drive 73 yards 13 plays and over 7 minutes in the 4 qter. In addition to 3 fourth down plays which South Carolina clean out our defense. Steve Spurrier made Bo look like a rookie. Bo was yelling at his player and refs while our once proud Huskiers where sinking. How much longer can we expect our second rated Coach.

      Bo is a Loser not everyone else as he claims.

    5. J Payne says:

      The game was very close the 1st. half and the final stats were also close, except for passing. Bottom line is SC executed when it counted ( remember #15 getting whipped at the end of the half?) and NE did not. NE’s O line just could not handle SC’s D line. After SC figured out how to defend against the option they dominated NE’s O line. Why do you think those big ole’ corn fed boys kept jumping off sides? They were being beat physically and in speed. The blind side tackle kept jumping up because the #1 freshman in the country, Clowney was running circles around him. Heck on the Cornhsuker’s last drive Clowney was being held (a flag was thrown) and took down the QB and LT. That, friends, is called total domination.

      1. Colorado springer says:

        Not your friend ya troll.

      2. Jeromethechicken says:

        Clowney was getting owend by Hardrick. He didn’t make a single play until Hardrick went out with an injury and a true freshman came in to replace him.

  2. Donigan says:

    I agree with Dave. As terrible as we played, I saw a team that pound for pound looked stronger than a #10 SEC team. That game was very winnable if we hadn’t literally gone backwards in the 2nd half.

    1. Jon says:

      It appeared that the Defense wanted to play “patty cake” with the SC Offense, as the watched them run by. I’ve never seen a team try so hard to loose a game.

      1. Craig says:

        So a fumble on the SC 8 yard line , an interception just before halftime, which our defense fell asleep and let them turn into a hail mary pass touchdown with time expiring, a blocked extra point, which turned into 2 points fot SC, & a missed fg didn’t have a thing to do with the outcome? Give them at least 9 points & take away 7-11 points of our own would not have had any bearing on this game. You can’t add very well!

  3. Richard says:

    Same excuse heard for the umpteenth time: “We should have won but simply beat ourselves.”

    Sheesh, don’t the Huskers EVER get beat by a superior team?

    1. SkipperG says:

      Gamecock fan here, and former Offutt AFB alum. Huskers were beaten by a superior team. I was in Lincoln for the 1987 South Carolina-Nebraska game. Gamecocks played hard and lost. We said we were the better team, but in reality were not. The scoreboard does not lie. Best wishes.

      1. jerry white says:

        You are so right! This Nebraska teams just does not have it. They don’t have mental or physical capacity to compete with top 10 teams. The quarterback should be at a small state college playing ball. Only a few players, such as David, Burkhead, Dennard & a few others have the desire to win. The rest are hapless players, satisfied with lackluster performances.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          You USC trolls can shoot your mouth off all you want because you won. However, your greatest team ever had trouble beating one of our more average teams. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

    2. Hall says:

      Both teams had there share of breaks and stumbles. Denard finally got called for mugging someone and it got both of them thrown out. When they showed him in multiple defensive scenerios they all looked like pass interference. I don’t blame him for playing rough, but in other games that shoving and grabbing gets called interference.

      1. Eric says:

        False. Contact with a receiver is perfectly legal until the ball is in the air. It’s called good defense.

        1. Big Cock says:

          It’s called holding

          1. Jeromethechicken says:

            Not when the WR initiates the contact. Jeffrey pushes off every time he goes into his breaks while running routes. He just finally met a corner that he couldn’t push around. And yeah, he had a lot of yards, but they came on two plays. Otherwise he was shut down.

          2. Big Cock says:

            not sure what game you were watching but AJ was held on just about every play…but he donimated anyway…that is what GREAT receivers do…

  4. pat says:

    I’m done with football for 5 months. Talk to me the 3rd week of April.- good night.

  5. don jordan says:

    again we use prevent win defense with 6 seconds left in half that is we rush 3 275 lb tired guys .why not put some lean fresh athlectic guys to chase the qb

    1. 3ball says:

      Because NU has zero “lean fresh athletic guys to chase the qb”

    2. Colorado Springer says:

      The ball was poorly played by our short of stature receivers. We had five players around the ball and got out jumped. It happens. Live with it.

      1. JustTim says:

        Well, actually the receiver pushed off to make space. It was one of the more obvious push-offs I saw during the game and it should have been called offensive PI. Who knows, maybe that makes it a different game…maybe not. But is was not the defender’s fault.

  6. The Big Red One says:

    I’d like to know why in the 4th quarter, down by 10 points, Martinez was burning the clock instead of running the hurry up?

    This was a one of the worst managed, shoddiest, most frustrating game I have seen in a very long time. It’s time for Bolini to coach elsewhere.

    I’m actually glad this season is over. I don’t have to watch these clowns anymore..

    1. jerry white says:

      Martinez doesn’t have it upstairs. He has some running ability, but he can’t pass and he can’t manage a game. Polini should spend more time trying to motivate his players than chewing on the game officials. They are a bunch of clowns, except I’m not laughing.

    2. Colorado Springer says:

      You sound like The Little Red One. Feel free to never root for Nebraska’s “clowns” again. I take it that you played or coached a lot of ball. Taylor Martinez runs the offense at the pace the offensive coordinator orders. Maybe you should go down to Lincoln and tell the “clowns” what you think to their faces.

  7. omahastakes says:

    The long drought in Nebraska continues: Solich, Callahan, Pelini. Nebraska has regressed and ended the last two seasons poorly. Home losses to Iowa State and Northwestern, blowout losses in too many games, too many embarrassing losses on the big stage; Pelini administration peaked in 2009 and he’s lost his players and Nebraska country is turning against him. It’s pathetic to see Nebraska unable to execute basic plays, keep trying to do things we’re not good at in critical situations, have no offensive rhythm, game plan or consistency, get stupid penalties, give up big scores in the last drive of a half or game (Wisconsin, Northwestern, Va Tech, Texas, etc.) The leadership and coaching on this team is terrible, it has to be changed or it’s just gonna be 8 or 9 win seasons for years to come.

    1. Army1 says:

      How did we “regress” under Solich? Solich was a great coach. We finished number 2 in ’99. And we still had strong teams until he was fired after a 10 win season. He was making what 700K a year? SO we fire him and pay these guys 2.5 million a year for what? We certainly would have been getting AT LEAST these reuslts with Solich. He is doing great at Ohio and is winning conferences and bowl games. He is obviously a good coach. Just because you pay someone 2.5 mil does not make them a good coach.

      1. jerry white says:

        I agree, the decline came after Frank.

        1. Ah but wait, what am I hearing on this board. Am I hearing how great of a coach Frank was. Am I hearing that maybe we should have never fired Fank. Seems to me that all of those singing Franks praises now are the same ones that were calling for his head back then. We went with Billy C., we all know how well that came out. Billy C. desteoyed everthing that as Husker football, from streaks to the culture. Be very careful what you ask for Husker fans. If we fire another HC within 5 years how many good coaches would ever care to coach here. Any top flight coach will shy away from NU.

        2. bob jones says:

          Frank had a pretty rough year in 2002, finishing at .500 after losing to Mississippi in the Independence Bowl, but after making long needed coaching changes and improving big time in 2003, he was not given the chance to continue his upgrade because of an ignorant and arrogant AD who thought it was all about him. Frankie has more than proven his abilities with his success at Ohio and we have all seen the bungling with all the football hirings and firings at Pitt. The jury is still out on Bo, still too many games being given away through mistakes and a lack of focus and discipline, and he really needs to smooth his sideline and postgame demeanor. Bo might be wise to remember the old saying about not picking fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel.

      2. Craig says:

        All of those players Solich had was recruited by who? Not by him. He was here 4-5 long years after Osborne retired. All of Solich’s recruits were done so by Osborne & his staff. I certainly don’t miss Solich! Ohio plays in a very tough conference,too. More of Solich’s speed!

      3. Colorado Springer says:

        Coach Solich was having some personal problems at the time and needed to move on for the good of the program. Coach Solich is doing great now. More power to him. He has moved on. Nebraska fans need to also. As for Coach Pelini, he gets big time pay and needs to show he is worth it. Four loses is an average season at Nebraska and even Coaches Devaney and Osborne took heat from fans when they had four loses. Endomican Suh spoiled Nebraska fans and raised our expectations for defensive play. He was an entire defense to himself. Nebraska has had terrible luck in recruiting QB’s and many have transfered over the years. Taylor Martinez didn’t even play QB his redshirt freshman season. He will never be a Pro style QB. We don’t need him to be. He is just fine the way he is. We have to win with ball control. We have got to build the lines back up to the old standards. That’s where Nebraska football wins. The rest is distraction.

    2. britgolf says:

      Right on Bo’s got to go. A coach that cannot discipline himself has no business on the side line with young men he is coaching. Did you ever see Osborne rant at ref’s like that or the media? No!! As a defence coach maybe ok, but as a head coach, no way ever. This last game will not help us recruit anybody.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Baloney. We got two big time recruits out of Arizona right after the game. Players are going to go where it looks like they can play right away. And, Lord knows, it looks like we have a lot of openings for good young players. As for Coach Osborne, he was one of a kind. You think that comes along more than once a century? Besides, I saw him rant at refs quite a few times. Check out his reaction after the refs gave the ball back to Oklahoma after “THE HIT” in 1978! Also, if he had let his emotions out a little more, it might have been better for his health.

        1. Firthyfan says:

          Colorado Springer I’m glad you’re here. I totally agree with the little known Solich personal troubles, and the forgotten emotional TO of the 70′s and 80″s. I am going to pay attention to your messages and so should others.

      2. I have not seen TO rant on the sidelines but sure did see BD rant on the sidelines and anywhere else he wanted.

  8. Blair Boy in Tokyo says:

    Tom, Tom, where is your usual analysis. And often critical at that. This is perhaps the saddest performance by coaches and players wearing the Red that I have witnessed in over 50 years. I cheered for this team when they had nothing but Bobby Reynolds. Remember that! But this coaching staff seems to have no concept on how to REIGNITE their team when play gets tough. Not only did they steer away from very successful power rushing but they stopped it, for failure, in the zone. There was bluster but no leadership in the sidelines. And, unfortunately, our quarterback has exhibited no clear talent for on field motivation. Remember a slim young fellow that knew how to “kick butt” in the huddle, after a hammering, and the next thing you knew was that the team would rather score a touchdown that listen to him. His name was Tommy Frazier. He exercised verbal as well as physical gifts. Where was that in this pitiful game?

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Really? Worse than some of Bob’s loses to Bear Bryant? How about Bob’s last season when returned most of the talent from Back-to-Back National Champions (including Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Rodgers, Rich Glover, & Willy Harper, John Dutton, etc.) and went 9-2-1 (tied by Iowa State). Ever hear of “Sooner Magic”? How did you feel in ’78 when we finally beat Oklahoma and then lost to Missouri the next week and had to replay Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl? How about some of those loses to Iowa State that Tom had (Back-toBack). But this was the saddest performance? Sounds like you have a selective memory Blair Boy.

  9. Firthyfan says:

    Can we give our team psychologist the authority to call time-outs? This team has run-away meltdowns like a reactor core.
    Throughout the year I have wondered what this team is – the team of the first three quarters against OSU, or the team of the last quarter? The first 1.95 quarters against USC, or the last 2.05? I see that it is both. It is that kind of team. That is what I will expect from the program until it shows otherwise. Brovado, excuses, and words like “consistency” mean nothing until you see actual execution.

    1. RedMan in Massachusetts says:

      Even in some national predictions prior to this game more than one reporter stated,”It depends which Nebraska team shows up”… Sad, but oh so true. My 79 year old Mother and I watched and you could see signs of the Nebraska unraveling at the end of the half and the 3rd quarter. And I said to her, “This is where coaching will win the day, or lose it.” I’ve noticed a pattern. Outside of the MSU game, we have not played consistently. In the OSU game we unraveled for 3 quarters in the beginning and somehow pieced together one solid quarter.
      This is what I think happens… Coach Bo gets SO wound up and crazed that some of that or a lot of that gets passed on to the players. They either try too hard or are so afraid of messing up…they mess up! I think Bo is a good coach but when things begin to go wrong as they always will in a game, they don’t snowball, they erupt, he explodes, the unraveling accelerates and then it’s all over… Until Coach addresses himself regarding this, I fear we will be an up and down team…

      1. Idaho Husker says:

        Bo needs to look in the mirror and realize that his behavior is modeled by the players. We have the ability to be a very good team next year if Bo addressed his own issues first!

  10. Evsports says:

    I hate to say it, but Nebraska is now officially a second-tier football team. In the early years of Pelini, Nebraska’s losses were close and hard-fought, such as to Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Texas. Now, the losses are either embarassing or blowouts. Northwestern was embarassing but the others this year were worse.
    In the games against Wisconsin, Michigan and South Carolina, the Huskers started out strong, hit a wall in the 2nd quarter and collapsed in the 2nd half. From the 6 minute to play point in the 2nd quarter of those 3 games, Nebraska has been outscored by a cumulative score of 89-10. Mercifully, those games ended when they did. If this were boxing, the referee would have stopped the fight. Nebraska can still be a top 15 to 25 team but no way top 10.

    1. Husker_Mort says:

      There is a huge difference, EVS, between playing to win and playing to keep it close. The latter is what you saw in 2009 and the former is what the Huskers did this year. Sometimes, when you play to win the score gets out of control because you have to take chances. No need to be so melodramatic when you understand this shift.

    2. Brubaker says:

      I’ve been a die hard Husker fan for nearly fifty years, since marrying into the Husker family. I’ve reveled in the high points, and suffered through the lows. This season, I hated seeing the loss to Wisconsin, but only the point spread came as a surprise. Likewise with Michigan.

      Northwestern was a whole different matter. That was pure embarrassment. There simply is no way that Nebraska should ever lose to a third-rate team like Northwestern, especially while playing at home. Still, a 9-3 season is nothing to sneer at, and we got into a quality bowl game against a good team.

      The first quarter looked good. The second quarter also looked good — until the Huskers gave up a Hail Mary TD with the clock running out. There simply is no way that pass should have been completed. If you can’t intercept or knock it down, draw a foul on the receiver. Stop the completion anyway you can. Instead, the defenders appeared to just stand around waiting to see what would happen.

      To my mind, that was the turning point in the game. The Huskers came out flat in the second half and seemed to implode in the fourth quarter, moving backward more than forward. They seemed completely demoralized, beating themselves rather than being beaten by South Carolina.

  11. Longhorn larry says:

    Don’t get too down Husker Nation. From an outside perspective you guys really were making a top tier sec team look very average. When your line matures and Tommy Armstrong arrives you will be fine. May be a few years but you should put the pitch forks down. At least your not paying 5 mil for 8-5 and 5-7 seasons. Be thankful. The foundation is being built.

    1. Joey says:

      Oh really? Texas thought they would snag Boise St qb, and it’s off to a NC title appearance. Oops, guess Texas forgot 1 HUGE reminder OU refreshed your memory with. What are you going to do for a DC. At least NU beat Mizzou, wow you bums didn’t. Besides Oh coach Macky there seems to have a MORE constant losing streaks then Bo and the Huskers do. In fact, the entire BIG wanted NU there for years. I never read where Texas really is wanted by any division. Unless Conference USA is feeling sorry for ol Macky baby.

      1. GotYourNumber says:

        Hey JOEY…whatever Texas does in the future it will always best the results of the Huskers. You guys always complain, always make excuses and never produce results, oh, unless you want to go back over 15 years ago and brag. At least the Longhorns can guarantee they will be back on top one day. I doubt the Huskers will ever be better than they are right now. What kid worth his salt wants to move to Nebraska when he can play at a better school in a better climate? You have 9 scholarships to give, 9! Get used to losing.

        1. Jeff says:

          Will it be another 50 year drought like the last one?

        2. kevin says:

          what r u talking about ? UT has won ONE NC in 40 years ( 2005) , u also have gone 13-12 over the last 2 years with the top recruit class every year…. so not sure what your talking about.

        3. Colorado Springer says:

          Texas has the pick of the players it wants in the biggest recruiting area in the USA and has losing seasons. Sounds like you need to recruit in Nebraska and lure some of our walkons away.

    2. Brian troyer says:

      Gamecock fan here…thanks for the compliment of top tier sec team but I hate to say only LSU and Ala have that distinction right now…we are on the way up but at least we GC are realistic. Bottom line USC is a much better team…we had our share of mistakes ans still won ugly…we certainly didn’t play our best game as if we did it would have been over much earlier than it was. Good luck

    3. Husker_Mort says:

      Kudos on the perspective, Larry, and my sympathy for the results that you have to regularly put up with as a Longhorn fan in the middle of the most fertile recruiting territory in the country with the highest-priced staff.

  12. Scott Liggett says:

    Funny–I could have sworn Carnes was on the travel roster

  13. CharlieNChina says:

    Well all you unbelievers. I told you so. I was off on the final score a LITTLE (I predicted 34-12 – see previous OWH posts. I’m not bragging, its just that Bo’s Huskers are so easily predictable), but a loss is a loss. In this case, another loss is another loss. Keep Bo around and there will be lots more pathetic losses to follow. One thing he can coach is anger. Seems Dennard is another in the growing list of Bo’s anger accomplishments. Anger Management U! What a thought! We’re going to make the Miami teams of the mid 80’s and 90’s look like choir boys. Bo makes me puke.

    Bo is just a loser as a head coach. He needs to go now before the job turns into something nobody would ever want, no matter what it pays. Bo may be a good person, but he’s a disgusting head coach! It makes me sick to my stomach watching what he has turned our Huskers into. Rant all you want about Callahan, but Bo is no better, and in many ways is much worse. Callahan couldn’t coach, but he could recruit. Pelini can’t do either. TO could recruit, teach and COACH. Bo just can’t! How many times have you EVER seen TO throw tantrums on the sideline like Bo does all the time? Bo makes me puke.

    This is the best we can do? These are the best players we can play? This is it? This is as good as it gets? How many more years of this $hit do you want? How much more can you take? I’m fed up. I can’t take any more Pelini BS. I don’t ever want to hear “We’re ready to play” ever again. I don’t want to hear “They’re a good football team” ever again. I don’t ever want to hear “We’ll be fine” (halftime today) ever again. I don’t ever want to hear “I’m here to win championships” ever again. I don’t ever want to hear “we just didn’t execute” ever again. I don’t ever want to hear “we had our opportunities” ever again. I don’t ever want to hear “bonehead plays” ever again. It’s all BS!!! He can’t coach!!! He can’t recruit!!! Surely even TO is getting sick of this. Bo makes me puke.

    Beck? Offensive Coordinator? The offensive part is right! Papuchis? Defensive Coordinator? Give me a F’ing break! Most of our defensive players couldn’t tackle their own shadows.

    Go ahead. Call me a troll. Call me a Husker basher. Go ahead and say there’s no way I could be a Husker fan. Morons!!! Is this the coach you want? Really? Morons!!! Say, yes, and we’ll keep our losing ways Callahan/Pelini style. Say no more Bo and there may be hope. Otherwise it’s Anger Management U and 8 and 9 win seasons as far as the eye can see. Losers!!! Morons!!! Just remember. I TOLD YOU SO, and I’m telling you so!!! Bo makes me puke.

    1. Husker_Mort says:

      …so much for staying constructive, CNC. You have fallen into the pit of despair with the rest of ‘em.

      1. Vegas Husker says:

        Absolutely spot on Charlie. It is totally a fantasy if people believe Bo can deliver anything more than he has, and it’s not much. With this group of coaches and players we will never compete in the Big 10 let alone for anything like a BCS championship. Bo’s antics on the sidelines also make me puke. My phone rings constantly from friends here in LV and in other parts of the country who are just laughing themselves silly at the carrying ons of our esteemed football leader!!! He acts worse than Little League Mom’s!!! Too many of the players act like thugs and the perception of the program around the country is at an all time low. Currently Nebraska is just another football program, and not a very good one. Let’s hope Penn State calls this guy up and offers him the spot there. After all it is obvious he is only in it for the money as it is also obvious he doesn’t care about any of our traditions. So Bo makes me puke as well.

        1. Rick Harris says:

          I too get calls from friends around the country laughing at Bo. He may be a good coach–but he doesn’t coach during the game as he’s too busy yelling at anyone and everyone. On one play Sunday South Carolina was called for 3 penalties. Spurrier took off his headset and yelled at the refs for 3 seconds, put the headset back on and resumed coaching. Nothing wrong with yelling at the refs—you just can’t do it all the time at every game. He also looked like a fool running off the field at halftime—repeating “we’ll be fine” several times. You weren’t fine Bo!!!

      2. kevin says:

        not the CNC

      3. Husker Mort look again that is my imposter. I should be flattered that he uses a knock off of my name to post his negative crapola. He knows what I say makes perfect sense and wants only to counter anything positive about NU

    2. TrevForAD says:

      Brilliant, Charlie you should be a sports writer. You called it last week, they don’t have the nerve to call you a troll.

  14. bleedred says:

    Probably the most frustrating game I ever watched.We had a great game plan going in and then someone flipped a switch….I dont know what the answer is any more…..Thank God for the off seasons……………..

  15. Joseph Smith says:

    Nice article. In my opinion, the Huskers talent wise were not out matched by the Gamecocks. The Huskers simply self destructed and S.C. was good enough to capitalize on it. I am not a raving Pelini hater, but when he loses his composure and internal discipline it seems to only unravel his team even more. Yelling at the refs almost the entire second half and rudely brushing off side line reporters doesn’t help your team. Honestly……I can’t be the only person who sees this?

    1. CharlieNChina says:

      You aren’t!

    2. Skytown J says:

      The Husker d-line was outmatched compared to the USC d-line. And somebody will say, well, they had 4 sacks to USC’s 6, so it wasn’t that bad. But the USC qb frequently stood in the pocket for 6-7 seconds. Eventually someone will get off a block in that amount of time. While Martinez was often met by defenders the same moment he set up to throw. I didn’t believe it before, but apparently Bo’s emotional meltdowns do seem to affect the team’s concentration. Outside of the 1st drive, they fell apart in the 2nd half. In all phases. P.S. Martinez was steady, if unspectacular, and Rex was his usual self. So there’s that.

      1. Firthyfan says:

        Just an FYI. Compton got a sack in the game.
        It was his first of the season.

        His FIRST! Are you kidding me! For a starting linebacker to get his FIRST sack of the season in the bowl!

        I don’t know what factors have contributed to this horrid stat, but this “stay-at-home” style of D is agony to watch. Every time an opponent snaps the ball, I’m so tense I can unscrew a beer cap with my butt cheeks.

    3. Brian mahan says:

      I agree with your assessment. As a gamecock fan I was amazed at how Pelini got caught up in the emotion, to the point that is was a distraction. I never saw Osborne act that way. I was also disappointed in his post game comments. Really negative and almost puked at the thought of giving s.c. Credit. Like a kid who just keeps pouting. Not a great example to his team and does not reflect well on the great storied program that is nebraskas.

    4. RedMan in Massachusetts says:

      The pattern I see is that when Bo gets angry and loses his composure…so does the team! They either try too hard to do well for him or become so anxious to not have his wrath directed at them they unravel! And not just the players, I would guess some of the coaches get nervous as well. For God sake, look at his face! Scary!!! Until coach learns to manage his anger and motivate, not intimidate, you WILL see more of the same unravelings against competitive top tier teams.

    5. Jeff says:

      You realize his players had no idea he brushed off a sideline reporter right?

  16. WyoHusker says:

    To paraphrase Osborne when asked about his calm demeanor ” You can’t think if you are screaming and yelling on the sideline” It’s the easiest and most natural thing to do when you get obvious bad calls. It just doesn’t accomplish anything.

    1. macjones says:

      Maybe that’s why Wooden’s Bruin squads won ALL those National Championships. dUh.

      In other words, the Wizzard of Westwood was the ABSOLUTE opposite of a Bo THE MAD HATTER Peliny. Eh.

      1. Bobby knight seemed to have great results.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          That is an excellent reply. ;~}

      2. Colorado Springer says:

        Wooden was criticized often for treating the refs terribly. Some said he shouldn’t have a rosary in his hands (he carried one during games) when he said some of the stuff he said. Get your facts straight.

  17. Ben says:

    What happened Tom, did you take a big helping of Big Red Koolaid? I’ll agree that things aren’t as bad as we seemed and i will agree we had a good offensive plan which our players screwed up, but a Nebraska team should not be getting stupid penalties and a defense giving up big plays is not the nebraska way. I think Pelini needs to either change or we need to get him out. I blame him for all of our penalties. He’s an undisciplined coach and his teams are undisciplined. He can’t control his anger (which makes me worried he will go all woody hayes on someone) and as a result his players get startled and make silly mistakes. I know bo will never get fired and maybe we’re too harsh on him, but seriously, it’s sad. The only problem is that no coach wants to come to nebraska because of our high expectations so instead i’ll just have to hope pelini can maybe win some sort of championship someday though i bet it would take 20 years at this rate.

    1. Craig says:

      As much as everybody bitches and moans, how long did it take for TO to win his 1st of 3 national championships? About 22 years. If not, that is close.

      1. CharlieNChina says:

        Right. But, look at how many times he played for the National Championship. terrible reasoning and example Craig.

        1. kevin says:


  18. Mark says:

    The blame for this loss should put directly on the shoulders of Coach Pelini.

  19. Bill Simic says:

    Nebraska fans need to get use to a 9-4 season. With Taylor Martinez at QB we will never get any better. How can we tolerated two years of the same thing? For some reason Pelini thinks this guy will improve. The truth is he is as good now as he will ever be. In the modern game a QB is needed who can pass.

    1. Husker_Mort says:

      “With TIM at QB we will never…”

      SO melodramatic, Bill. Last I checked, CFB players had limited eligibility, so it sounds like improvement is just over two years away.

      If we had a natural passer, you would all complain about the need for a dual-threat QB in “the modern game” whatever that means.

    2. Colorado Springer says:

      Tim Tebow jerseys have sold out in Colorado. We don’t play modern football in Colorado. I guess Urban Meyer & the Florida Gators didn’t play modern football either.

  20. HuskerViking says:

    Reality – Bo has issues. We should all expect better than his Tasmanian Devil impersonation on the sideline. Aren’t we now in the era of his players? And it seems our defense and offense continue to regress. We will never win a game of significance with Taylor Martinez as QB. We can’t rely on Burkhead to make every play on offense. When was the last time a Husker was ejected from a game for throwing a punch???? It all reflects directly on the attitude and demeanor of the coach. Nice guy or not – he does not represent Nebraska or our legendary football program in the right way.

    1. macjones says:

      Absolutely WRONG! Because, approximatley SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT (75%) of y’all LiL’ Herbie good ol’ boy bubba’s, be smalltown, rural, suburban rUffians of the knuckle-dragging NEANDERTHAL type. Eh.

      1. CharlieNChina says:

        Time to get off of mommy’s computer. She needs to check her messages on eharmony.

  21. california husker says:

    As Pelini loses his composure, the team does the same. That was the most ragged effort by NU in a long time. The coaching is not taking our athletes to the level that they possess in ability. Isn’t that the essence of coaching? Take your talent level and maximize it? Pelini has failed to do that on more occasions than we care to count. An 8 or 9 win season will be the norm, as will losses to well coached and disciplined teams. Get used to it, this has become the face of NU football.

    1. Red says:

      Pellini needs to go….and NOW! His antics are disgraceful!!!

  22. Brian Troyer says:

    USC fan here…like the article except for the part about Jerrery not deserving the MVP. Someone please show me where Jeffery threw a punch. I have watched numerous times and what I see is #15 throwing an upper cut and then my man Jeffery using both hands to shove him and then your guy throwing another swing. Both were personal fouls but only 15 should have been ejected for throwing punches. I have seen shoving many times without ejection so YES, Jeffery is very deserving of MVP. I think Bo needs to take a little class lessons from Spurrier…a true class act. He may throw his visor but he gets it out and gets right back to coaching…no tirades like Bo. Have always thought highly of NU and it’s fans and still due but give credit where credit is due…the Cocks won and was the better team.

    1. Brian Troyer says:

      Sorry for some of the typos above but on the iPad and not the easiest to type on…anyway good luck to NU in the future…hopefully we will see you in June for another baseball world series championship!

    2. macjones says:

      Absolutely agree on South Carolina being the better team yesterday.
      Matter of fact, Georgia would’ve MOLESTED Lil’Herbie by DOUBLE-DIGITs yesterday!
      By the way, South Carolina was mighty GENEROUS giving Lil’Herbie a second chance T.D. See the 15-yard penality on the Lil’Herbie punt, after the BIG gameCOCKS held Lil’ Herbie on downs.
      Bottom line is the bloody lot of Lil’ Herbie good ol’ boys be a buch of EXCUSE MAKING WHINERS! That’s all. Eh.

      1. CharlieNChina says:

        Time to get off of mommy’s computer. She needs to check her messages on eharmony.

    3. Barb Smith says:

      It was a travisty that Jeffery received MVP. SC beat NE fair and square and had many players deserving of the MVP title. What are we teaching our kids? Catch a football, help win a game and everything you do afte that is OK, in fact we will reward you? It does not matter what one individual saw on a tap versus another, the fact remains he WAS ejected from the game and therefore should not have received the MVP. I don’t know who votes on these things but they made a huge error and really have downgraded the meaning of the MVP player award for all that have and will receive them. Someone from SC deserved that title, just not him.

      1. Brian Troyer says:

        Totally diasagree Barb. Jeffery is an outstanding young man and has represented the USC with class throughout his career. When someone throws a punch and has molested you for a whole game every man has is breaking point. You don’t have to look at the whole tape just watch Jeffery’s part and you will clearly see he threw no punches. If he had taken one swing then I would agree totally but the fact is (thanks to all the cameras) he was not guilty and is the most deserving for MVP.

      2. Brian Troyer says:

        And all innocent men should go to jail!

        1. Brian Troyer says:

          Wow…this one is especially funny…you really got me. I guess that is why everyone takes all their vacation in NE…popular tourist spot…unlike beautiful beaches and vast mountain ranges…everyone wants to live here

        2. Brooke says:

          I have never left a comment before in my life. . . CharlieNChina I read your previous comments and I tended to agree with you. Nebraska will never be a championship team with your current head coach. He was way out of line; however, that comment was even worse. For you to bash the current head coach for his rants and then make a comment like that makes you look like a hypocrite. Just saying. . . bean teeth? sister marrying? backwards state, (sounds like your head coach to me)

  23. Mark says:

    We all have to remind ourselves that these are kids, some one or two years out of high school. But, the coach, that’s different. He is getting paid major bucks to have these kids ready to play and had a month to do so. Getting beat is one thing but the performance by the Huskers left a lot to be desired. The penalities, the dropped passes, the fight, the sideline “meltdown” does not give one the impression of a well-coached team or a coach that has control of his team (much less his emotions). The other few bowl games I watched I did not see anything close to what we saw on the Nebraska sideline. I don’t necessarily expect another Tom Osborne but what we saw on display yesterday on national TV was an embassassment. Plus, if you are a parent of a Nebraska recruit does this give you pause to send you kid here?

  24. DKeith says:


    You need to go back and watch the film. Denard threw three punches, and Alshon Jeffrey threw none. Jeffrey made a two-handed push, clearly did not throw a punch, and should have received a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. If he wasn’t clearly the best player on the field, who was?

    1. CharlieNChina says:

      You don’t win an award for playing in half a game. Ejected rightly or wrongly. You don’t get an award for playing in half a game. Period!

      1. Brian Troyer says:

        So…with that logic…if he would have been injured instead of ejected he still wouldnt have deserved the MVP?

        1. CharlieNChina says:

          Crawl back to your hillbilly, sister marrying, backwards state

          1. Jeff says:

            Charlie – you represent your team about as well as your coach. If I was a Neb fan I would be absolutely embarrassed to have you as a fan. Perhaps you should do a little research on South Carolina before you make such stupid ignorant statements- Ever hear of Charleston (where I happen to live) listed as a top 5 tourist destination and has been rated on of the friendliest and most polite cities in the country numerous times. Ever hear of Hilton Head – A popular vacation island for many Yankees, ever hear of Kiawah Island – home of 1991 Ryder Cup, 2010 Sr. PGA Championship and the 2012 PGA Championship – Ever hear of Greenville SC – home to one of the ;largest and most successful privately owned textile companies in the world – Milliken. Ever hear of Myrtle Beach – while not my cup of tea, a vacation spot for tens of thousands northerners. Ever hear of Columbia – home of the University of South Carolina and the GAMECOCKS who just kicked the crap out of your cornhuskers.

            You suggest we have relations with our sisters, nice such a logical statement. Does than mean the fine people of Nebraska (yourself excluded) enjoy the relations of their farm animals?

            Your post are quite possibly on the most IGNORANT, DISRECTFULL and just plain DUMB ARSE comments I have had the displeasure to read.

            You are an embarrassment to your state, school, team and any person who has the misfortune of knowing you! Go crawl back under the rock to which you crawled from under!

            So please explain exactly what Nebraska has to offer – corn! Thanks!

  25. Brian Troyer says:

    How about Connor Shaw…he got knocked out by a very dirty hit…I guess he wouldn’t have deserved it either because he didn’t play the whole game?

  26. CharlieNChina says:

    Crawl back to your hillbilly, sister marrying, backwards state.

    1. Brian Troyer says:

      Wow…great comeback…I guess that’s all you got…can’t stand up to logic can you…I guess we know what the real backwards state is if you are a NE educated person

      1. Craig says:

        You should, since Nebraska has more Academic All-Americans than any other college in the nation. About 72 more than a distant 2nd Notre Dame. Where Does SC stand?

        1. Brian Troyer says:

          I have no doubt that NU is a great institution…but also take a look at what these AAA’s majored in. From what I the only requirement is to have a hige gpa in your major of choice. Granted receiving honors in any major is a super achievement so congrats to them on that…but The USC boasts the top International Business School in the world. Academics are high here and those dedicated achieve great things. It was not my intention to get on this site and get into a pissing contest with anyone but to merely state the obvious and the facts that USC simply has the best team and deserved to win the game. Forget the what if and could have and should haves…simply fact is at this point in time we are the better team. I’m sure NU will again have its day in the sun but for the here and now we are on top…nuf said.

          1. Brian Troyer says:

            Well I’m sure if we had majors in corn husking, corn sorting, corn grading, corn etc…that might be different…we concentrate on higher academics. I guess we have gotten off the whole who is the better football team subject as that is obvious now and gotten into a different topic…more than willing to put up the academic reputation of USC against NU any time so bring it on…now go make you more corn hole games to sell to support your university athletes…GO COCKS!!!

            Oh…btw…nice move to the Big 10…or during bowl season should it be “the conference everyone wants to play because their teams just get spanked” conference. Guess you just couldn’t compete with the Big 12…doesn’t appear you will have anymore success in the new conference…oh well I hear the Big East is look around…maybe you can compete there!

          2. Brian, just a question and please notice I am not the imposter that uses a knock off of my name. Why would SC fans come to a Husker blog spot. I know you did not come here to tell us what a great game we played so to me the only other reason for you being here is to rub salt in our wounds. Please note that I am not the one calling you names but if you come to another schools web site after an embarrassing melt down to talk trash about another team then in my eyes you get what you deserve. I was on the computer here and watching some of the posts before the game drom SC fans and believe me those SC fans called Husker fans some very degrading names.

          3. Brian Troyer says:

            More than happy to answer your question Charles…the reason I came here is because you can alway gauge a teams fan base with how they react after a loss. I dont know NU any more than I know the man on the moon so I was interested in finding out how a program with a tradition (I’ll admit unlike USC) reacts to a loss. I was very surprised to see the reaction one of excuses instead of one of giving credit where credit is due. My first comment was just meant to state the fact that USC deserved to win the game and it was not some generous gift from NU. We outplayed and beat you all. My next comment certered around Jeffery deserving the MVP after someone who doesn’t even know the kid was saying he was undeserving. From there it went to me defending my position. Turns out NU fans are no different than any others fans so that just confirms my belief that we all react the same way no matter if there have been decades of tradition or if you are an up-and-comer. If you will see my earlier post I compliment NU and believe me my last intention was to get into a pissing match with anyone. So this is an open blog with no restrictions and is something that it is set up for…open exchange otherwise the moderators would make it a pay site or a restricted site. I invite you to come on to the USC board and exchange some words of wisdom on our board and generate some good discussion. Without a different view from others this site is just a Bo bashing site…needs a little variety. Bottom line did not come on here to rub salt into anyones wounds but simply to defend my university for those who know nothing of who we are…we have good fans and bad fans and from what I see a fan base no different than what is considered a traditional power. Hope this answers your question if not please let me know what else you would like for me to clear up…thanks and have a great day.

        2. GotYourNumber says:

          Hey Genious, you didn’t have 1 football Academic All-American in 2011 and only 3 since 2006. I wouldn’t be sticking my chest out too much on those numbers Ace.

          1. Brian Troyer says:

            See comment above

          2. Brian Troyer says:

            Oh…btw…you must be NE educated to…”genious”? Not sure in NE but here in the good ole south we spell it “genius”…that is too funny…again nuf said! Oh and obviously you weren’t one of those AAA from NU!

          3. Big Cock says:

            To bad they can’t play football

  27. BlueJay says:

    1) I could care less about an MVP award in a non BCS bowl game.
    2) Until Martinez can drastically improve his throwing mechanics the passing game will struggle.
    3) Husker D should have blitzed on that Hail Mary play.
    4) Nebraska’s red zone offense stinks
    5) South Carolina deserved to win. They took advantage of every Husker mistake like any good team should.
    6) I will still take that 62-24 beatdown of Smirking Spurrier anyday.

  28. Bob says:

    If all you people think your so good why are’t you coaching a collage team instead of runing your mouth.Nobody made you watch. Tom get a job coaching then you can run your mouth.Your a low life.

    1. HipHop2 says:

      Bob, why don’t you address the issues and the argument instead of attacking the writer. And it’s not “your,” it’s “you’re.”

  29. Eileen says:

    The Nebraska coach comes across as a sore loser with anger control issues. As for the troll who keeps insulting SC as being sister-marrying hicks you need to get out more and broaden your horizons. SC boasts Michelin,Boeing and BMW as some of the employers. It’s a beautiful state with southern hospitality towards visitors.

    1. Eileen why do you come to our site, is it to gloat. I can think of no other reason for any SC fan being here. That to me does not seem like southern hospitality to me. I would put Cargill up against any company SC has also.

  30. MTHred says:

    weak coach, weak performance

    sure glad we gave Bo a big raise and a contract extension to embarrassss us

    you would think a multi-million dollar a year employee would know when the cameras are capturing his rants

  31. jay says:

    Not as close as the final score. Make all the excuses that you want. Bo is the worst coach ever at Big Red. Spurrier complete out classed our leader who blamed everyone and spent his time yelling at the players and the refs while our team needed leadership.

    The final TD , Spurrier went 3 times on 4th down and easily pushed our black shirts to the ground. Bo answer to blame the players. The Gamecock where the better coached team and it showed. Bo is just a BITTER LOSER

  32. HipHop2 says:

    Huge coaching advantage to SC with Spurrier and his staff. What kind of adjustments did Bo make at half time? Apparently not much, as his team went on to score no points in the 2nd half after no points in the 2nd quarter. And the way the game ended was an embarrassment with Martinez being sacked at will. NU gets outscored 21-0 over the last 3 quarters. Nothing but coaching, nothing but coaching. And I will say it one more time: Bo is a bad ad for the State of Nebraska, pitiful compared to Osborne, the other end of the spectrum.

    1. macjones says:

      Bring back the DIMINUTIVE Frankie. At least he had CLASS and bled Lil’ Herbie pigskin extra-curricular action. Eh.

      1. HipHop2 says:

        I’m all for it. Let’s start a Bring Back Frankie Movement. He did have a 10 win season this year………….and he was a Husker………..and he certainly has more class than Bo, but then, who doesn’t.

    2. Firthyfan says:

      Spurrier’s been a head coach in college since 1987, and started coaching in 1983 in the “pros”.
      Pelini since 2008. NU has new D and O coordinators, new linbacker, receiver, and DB coaches.
      Experience does matter. This is a young staff.
      Even TO had to learn, and we watched him change his style and staff and made NU a national contender. It took until Turner Gill’s class for the program to really compete for a NC.
      Do you remember the Liberty Bowl or Blue Bonnet? Oh, the memories! Yippee!
      This will get better. And Pelini will cool-down on the sidelinejust like TO did.

      1. HipHop2 says:

        I disagree. Bo has gone backward already in terms of fielding competitive teams and showing any class on the sidelines or behind the podium. He just is a bad ad for NU, a very poor image of Nebraska for the rest of the country……….and our football team and our coach are about the highest exposure that we ever get.

  33. anonymushusker says:

    That game on Monday was a summary of our entire season. At times we look like a decent footballteam. At times we looked like a very average football team. And at times we looked like an awful football team. We was our speacial teams, did our real kicker make the trip to Orlando? The bottom line is, is that championship team are consistant, I have been disappointed with the coaching staff to provide a team that plays with consistancy, and discipline.

    1. Sooka says:

      To All of Husker Nation:

      You are spoiled from 3 Decades of winning…….

      The First lesson you must teach yourselves…. is to learn how to lose…… until you do this….. winning will not return.

      Second Lesson: Quit Crying

      Third Lesson: Man Up and Pull Yourselves Together……. There are more important issues in Life than Football.

      Last Lesson of Advice: Pay attention to your Basketball team….. they will help you forget about football..ha ha

      1. anonymushusker says:

        we don’t play basketball in nebraska! Ha Ha Ha

      2. macjones says:

        Yeah, Lil’Herbie bUbba should absolutely pay attention to the WOMEN’s hoop squad. Because Lil’ Herbie mens program is an absolute JOKE! Eh.

        By the way, Lil’ Herbie pigsking good ol’ boys and bUbba’s be some of the most WHINING, CRY BABIES I ever been exposed to. See the OWH and smalltown Capital town newsprints, as well as the A.M. radio shows. dUh.

        If it’s not EXCUSES they CONTINUALLY come up with, it’s the notion that the zebra’s HATE their state secular DEITY. LMAO

        Then, it doesn’t help matters for Lil’Herbie good ol’ boy and bUbba, that they are collectively BRAINWASHED by the Lil’ Herbie pigskin PROPAGANDA machine. Hee hee Hah hah.

        GET A CLuE Lil’ Herbie CLAN. Your pigskin football FACTORY ain’t been bloody RELEVANT for 15 years now!

        So my unsolicited advice, is to REMINESCE-sp. about the those Lil’Herbie bUbba, good ol’ boy seasons.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          Your greatest team in History beat one of our more average teams and had trouble doing it. Big deal.

        2. anonymushusker says:

          Hey Mac!, whose whining, I’m just stating the truth. We don’t deserve to win the way we play!

  34. Jeff says:

    Carolina – the mediocre mid-tier SEC many of you refuse to give any credit to:

    Had the #4 Def in the Country
    Beat the Snot out of this years ACC champion – and I mean we thumped them!
    Beat ALL of the SEC Teams we played this year, including SEC East winner GA
    Beaten Fla, Tenn, GA and Clemson 2 STRAIGHT Years. (2010 & 2011)

    Oh and more importantly! NO ONE seems to understand that Carolina was playing this game (actually the last 4 games) without SOPH RB Marcus Lattimore!!!!! – for those of you who are not familiar with Marcus – 1,197 yards and 17 TD’s & 29 rec. 412 2TD’s

    The #1 RB recruit coming out of HS
    First-team All-American by, (NOT JUST FR)
    Second team by Walter Camp (NOT JUST FR)
    Unanimous choice for National Freshman of the Year… also a unanimous selection as SEC Freshman of the Year
    Coaches First-team All-SEC (AS a FR)
    AP First-team All-SEC (AS a FR)
    TWO Time SEC Offensive Player of the Week
    SEC Freshman of the Week on four occasions
    And before he was hurt this year he was – listed as high as 2nd on many Heisman Watch Lists!

    So please know Neb fans – your team was beaten by a VERY GOOD upper tier (not yet Elite top tier as that is only held for 2 teams) SEC Team!

    A SOLID top 10 team that could very well end up as a top 5!

    1. HansJ says:

      Great recap Jeff! The Gamecocks were in fact the better team. But how did the Gamecocks get beat early in the season by mediocre Auburn who came very close to losing to Utah State and who had previously beaten the snot out of Clemson? Fortunately I still have fond memories of Jan. 1, 2009 to help wash away Monday’s nightmare. We sat across from some ardent Clemson fans on a bus from a parking lot to the Gator Bowl. They were delighted that Iowa was beating the snot out of the Gamecocks in the Outback Bowl [31-10]. And later I was delighted when the B1G RED came from behind to beat Clemson 26-21. It was a great day!

      1. Big Cock says:

        Garcia played instead of Shaw…Auburn was the better team that day with who we played to QB.

    2. Good team that had 8 wins from teams with a record no better than 6 _6. Please note that NU played without Crick so that sword swings both ways. While your patting yourself on the back please do it on your own teams web site so some class and stay out of ours no need to rub it in.

  35. Frank Vondra says:

    Is there any news of when Bo will be placed in an anger management class? He has embarassed NU and himself to often and TO needs to have a long hard talk with him. NU will never win any championships with a coach who cannot control his emotions.

    Tommie Armstrong is coming to Lincoln but so did Jamal Turner. Very good QB’s who would make TM look bad at throwing and running the football if given a chance. Did NU have a backup QB at the bowl game? 2 more years of Pelini and TM wil produce 2 more years of 9 and 4 or worse seasons. This team went backwards after their poor showing against washington in last year’s bowl game.

  36. macjones says:

    Shouldn’t the PASSING CHALLENGE Hose lay off the Tequilla. Eh.

    Because bloody well GUARANTEE, that Lil’Herbie WON’T be playing in NO B.C.S. title game next season! Let alone the Big Ten championship game. dUh.

    In other words, the ONE-DIMENSIONAL Pedro should make winning their DIVISION of the Big 10 conference, first and foremost.

    No wonder y’all Lil’Herbie bUbba’s and good ol’ boy’s are such DELUSIONAL, UNREALISTIC pigskin cheerleaders. Seeing that y’all subscribe to such NONSENSE as playing in the national championship game.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Typical. You finally have a good season and not being used to it, now you got to troll up our board. Y’all finally win a bowl game and now you got the big mouth. I personally thought you had a pretty good team but if that was your best ever, that’s pretty sad. We had one of our more mediocre teams and your best ever had trouble. A little less mediocre and we ought to be able to handle you.

      1. Big Cock says:

        Honestly…dont you want a little variety on this site? If some Cock fans weren’t here you wouldn’t be banding together and calling us names and saying how average you are…it would all be Bo bashing. You should be thankful we are here to bring you back together…your welcome.

        1. Sooka says:

          All I’ve read in here is that the Husker Fans don’t know how to lose graciously……. when you can’t do that….the best thing to do is to just shut up….you got your pants whipped….. 64 total yards in the 2nd half once the Gamecocks did the 1/2 time adjustments. About the only thing I saw Nebraska adjust was to more crying to the refs by coach Boo Boo.

          1.) Huskers need a Coach
          2.) Huskers need a QB that can throw the ball.
          3.) Huskers need to face reality… B1G is what you got dealt….now try to recruit in it…..good luck…. your slide has begun
          4.)Spurrier who can be a hot head kept his cool and coached while your Boo Boo embarrassed your entire State of Corn

          5.)Root for your Volleyball Team…at least those girls are coached.

          6.) Enjoy your off season….. and don’t drink so much Kool-Aid…next season won’t be any better….

          7.) and last….you whiners should go to therapy.

          1. macjones says:

            Lil’Herbie territory don’t need to be shamed on national telly by the likes of the MAD HATTER of Go Big Red.
            Heck, the absolute ENTIRE state of Lil’ Herbie-ville is an absolute EMBARRASSMENT. dUh.
            In other words, any SANE-MINDED vacationer wouldn’t take a step inside the Lil’ Herbie borders. Of course, the C.W.S. is the exception to the rule. But Omaha is eons beyond the rest of the PLAIN JAINE state in terms of culture and what not.

          2. Firthyfan says:

            It is impressive how much other fans know about NU’s athletics program. I don’t know anything about SC other than a guy won the heisman in the 80′s and the good running back with the ACL. (I do know about Myrtle Beach from when I was at Fort Bragg.)
            I’ll have to give SC the attention they give us.

          3. Herbie fan says:

            Sooka must be one of those squareheads from Minnesota who needs a boost in his own self worth by bashing the Huskers. Let’s all take this opportunity to point and laugh at him and make him feel at home….ready, one…two…

        2. Joey says:

          Im a Husker fan, and I think you nailed it on the head. That’s all they do.

  37. Red says:

    At what point in time will we hear the great news that Pellini is FIRED?? His immature sideline tantrums are disgracing Nebraska…I hear it regularly from friends all around the country!

  38. macjones says:

    Speaking of the Big Ten. Lil’ Herbie pigskin program RAN OFF to the Big Ten, because Lil’ Herbie was ANNUALLY getting bytched slapped by the likes of Boomer Sooner and Texas Tech and The Eyes of Tejas and Kansas (mensBBall) and Kansas St. (mens hoops) and occasionally Texas A&M and Mizzou in ALL mens TEAM SPORTS.
    Now, the Big Ten is returning the favor and making Lil’ Herbie a WUZZY PUNCHING BAG in mens team sports. Go figure.
    Who knows. Maybe Lil’ Herbie will have better relative success in baseball. But I absolutely doubt it! Because Lil’ Hebie hardball SUX’s too. Eh.

    1. Husker Hoops says:

      If Nebraska had won the game, we would have had 10 wins (1 against an SEC team) – and that would have been pretty darn impressive (especially for the 1st year in a new conference). We WILL win the Big 10 next year, and we WILL be playing for another national championship next year as well. GOOO BIGGG REDDD!!!!

      1. macjones says:

        Get back on your MEDICATIONS Lil’ Herbie bUbba!

        Seriously though, Lil’ Herbie pigskin program ain’t been relevant since 1997! And will continue to be just another Top 30 team, but NOT an elite-level Top 10 squad. dUh

      2. HipHop2 says:

        Husker Hoops, with all due respect to your enthusiasm as a Husker fan, did you watch ‘Bama and LSU this year? The Huskers are so far behind they cannot be revelant in the near future, especially not with Bo at the helm. And of the four losses this year, three were blowouts.

    2. Firthyfan says:

      Who are you Mac? You know a lot about NU. You’ve been watching, ie: care about us. You’ve taken so much time to address this site and read our concerns. Thanks for that. It’s a compliment.

    3. anonymushusker says:

      Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? Seriously.

      1. macjones says:

        My goal for now, is to pizz-off Lil’Herbie good ol’ boys. Eh.

        1. anonymushusker says:

          Sorry, but you will have to do a better job than that.

    4. Herbie fan says:

      No, the only thing that sux is YOU macky boy!

  39. No more Bobo The Clown! says:

    Whatever happened to Bobo’s motto of point the thumb? So, when you lose it’s okay to point your index finger at the players to take the heat off of the coaching staff not having the players ready to play. I’m sorry but the coaching staff does share in the blame for these penalties and mistakes. It looked more like they spend their time at the Magic Kingdom than on the practice field prior to the game. Just like last year the coaches did not have the players ready to play. All the complaining about unsold tickets returned……they better get accustom to that! One last thing, for God’s sake how about our A.D. sitting Bobo down once and for all and explaining to him that the TV contracts are what pay his contract….so the next time he wants to treat another sideline reporter like dirt…..Bobo too will be one of the many Americans on the unemployment line. if any of you watch much football you will notice that all coaches regardless of the score and regardless of how much “fire/emotion” er stupidity they have they all give a interview before the half…’s called CLASS!!

    1. macjones says:

      What’s that. That notion called CLASS. Because it seems to moi, that MOST, but not all, Lil’ Herbie pigskin bUbba’s be lacking in that trait. Just like their MAD HATTER head coach. Eh.

      Yeah, yeah poor Lil’Herbie TYRANT has shown improvement on the PSYCHO sideline antics and what not. So what. He’s still a LOOSE CANNON and what not.

      So, enjoy that 9-3 regular season campaign in 2012, y’all smalltown/suburban Lil’Herbie good ol’ boys.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Didn’t I see you on ‘Deliverance’. “Come on boy! Squeal like a pig!”

  40. HipHop2 says:

    Remember all of the early season hype about the Huskers winning the Big Ten in their first season? Then they face off against #7 Wisconsin with NU ranked #8. Result: blowout win by Wisconsin. It was downhill from there and further downhill in the rankings as the season progressed, with another blowout loss to Michigan, a loss at home to a mediocre Northwestern team, then another blowout loss in the Capital One Bowl, where Carolina outscores Bo & Company by 21-0 over the last 3 quarters. So, the Huskers end up probably unranked, maybe #24 or #25, but a failure of a season by any measure. Throw out the preseason games, where 3 out of 4 were played at home at Memorial Stadium, and the Huskers are 5-4. I think you have to look to Bo and his coaching staff as the guilty parties. With Bo at the helm, look for more of the same. It doesn’t look like much fun to me. Bo is just totally uninspiring and brings no admiration to the University of Nebraska, nor its Husker football team.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Now, now. i do believe you’re tryig to hurt our feelings Troll Boy! Yes, yes it was a disappointing season, but we will be back. With our tradition we have seen this before. We know what the highs and lows are and they make the experience bittersweet. But our lows are about like your highs. We are disappointed when we aren’t playing for a National Championship. And our disappointing team played your greatest team fairly well. You have a long way to go before your program will reach our overall level. Nebraska has won more games than any other in the last 50 years. Even though we are a state with a tiny population, the greatest college football teams in history wore Husker Red. Spurrier ran into one of them, ask him what that felt like! That’s why we can be disappointed with a 9-4 team.

  41. val says:

    Bo has an attitude everytime he speaks to the media! I personally am sick of it! He is an embarrassment to the University and the whole state of Nebraska. His attitude and temper is certain to rub off on to the players. No wonder Dennard was ejected from the game. Look at his role model! I used to think Bo was good for Nebraska but I have changed my mind. He needs to leave along with his brother.