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Dirk’s Brunch Bites, Jan. 3
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Late in Monday’s fourth quarter, I turned to a colleague and called this the “worst-case scenario.” Nebraska not only got blown out, it lost a game it could’ve won. That’s a double-whammy.

There’s so much to dissect following a dark day in the Bo Pelini era. You will find a ton of great coverage at (my column is here). So I won’t cover all the bases.

But what stands out 24 hours later is how a team dominates the first 35 minutes of a game and still trails on the scoreboard. Early on, the Huskers failed to perform at critical moments. Then they failed to step up when things went wrong.

The loss continued Nebraska’s bizarre roller coaster ride. Down at Wisconsin, up against Ohio State. Up against Michigan State, down against Northwestern. Up at Penn State, down at Michigan. Up against Iowa, down against South Carolina.

Is the leadership structure strong enough — and steady enough — to generate consistency?

Look at Nebraska’s last two years of conference play. Not just wins and losses, but how the team performed. I’m not sure NU has played at a top-25 level two weeks in a row since Oklahoma State-Missouri since October 2010.

Championship teams play at a high level week after week after week. Even if Bo Pelini develops top-10 talent — that’s a big question — does Nebraska have the ability to bring its “A” or “B” game for an entire month — or an entire conference season?

There are way too many “C” and “D” performances, especially in the second half of games.


>> Here’s a strange statistical nugget. In 2003, Frank Solich lost three games by a combined 70 points. In 2011, if you eliminate the Northwestern loss, Bo Pelini lost three games by a combined 76 points.

>> The most interesting interview after the game was with Corey Raymond. The secondary coach wasn’t convinced Nebraska had enough talent to beat South Carolina, especially in the secondary.

“Just be honest,” Raymond said. “Look at them, look at us. It’s pretty obvious.”

What did Raymond mean? He didn’t spell it out, but he made veiled criticisms of Nebraska’s personnel. For instance, what did he take from this game going into the offseason?

“Hopefully it helps recruiting. Get athletes.”

Was he encouraged by how NU matched up man-for-man? “Not necessarily.”

Raymond went on to compare the mentality of Southern players versus Nebraska’s players. His guys needed to learn how to punch back once they got “hit in the mouth.”

“You can’t live on what other guys have done in the past around here,” Raymond said. “You have to live on yourself…We’re not Prince. We’re not Eric Hagg. We’re not those guys. We have to do much different things. We have to work harder. We’re not the same athletes as those guys.”

Of course, Nebraska’s two best defensive athletes — Alfonzo Dennard and Lavonte David — are leaving.

>> Hope you read my SEC column in Sunday’s paper. It examines how the SEC became a juggernaut over the last decade.

LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are excellent, but after the Capital One Bowl, I’m not sure South Carolina is a top 10 team. Remember, the Gamecocks didn’t play LSU or Alabama. Had Marcus Lattimore gotten hurt before the Georgia game, South Carolina doesn’t win that one.

This was probably Nebraska’s best bowl opponent since Miami 10 years ago. It would’ve been a really good win. But South Carolina isn’t your typical 11-2 SEC team.

>> The national columnists (and SEC homers) will get after the Big Ten for another bad day. Four losses looks bad, especially when the only win is a triple-overtime game. But Ohio State is good enough to beat Florida. And Wisconsin could’ve beaten Oregon.

The Big Ten had a bad day, yes. But the league wasn’t overmatched like a year ago. If Michigan wins the Sugar Bowl, the Big Ten comes out of this bowl season with dignity intact. Of course, if the Wolverines lose…well, the floodgates will open again on Jim Delany.

>> I’ll have more NFL playoff thoughts later in the week. But it’s time for the NFL to prioritize wins and losses over a division championship. The Denver Broncos don’t deserve a home playoff game; the Pittsburgh Steelers do. All division champions deserve a playoff berth, regardless of record. But they don’t deserve a home game.

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  1. macjones says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. dUh With a little bit of IRONY throw in.
    By the way, that Miami, F-L-A Hurricane bloody well MOLESTED Lil’Herbie in the Grand Daddy of them all. Eh.
    Speaking of irony, it is IRONIC that the best teams Lil’Herbie plays in bowl games lately, Lil’ Herbie goes on to get beaten down by DOUBLE-DIGITs. Say it ain’t so.

    1. Marv says:

      Lil’ Herbie? Did I miss something? Is that really the best dig you can come up with?

      1. Dos Passos says:

        Forgive macjones, he’s struggling to complete his correspondence course, Smack Talk 101.

  2. The Big Ten is a bigger joke than you, is everyone in the Big Ten as big of whiners as you and Bo Pelini. You got physically pounded yesterday by the Gamecocks, take it like a man, regroup and try to use the experience as a learning tool, you currently sound like a bunch of whiny bad losers.

    1. Me says:

      You mean physically bounded like NU was running the ball down the throat of SC’s defense in the first half?? There was no physical pounding. Jesus. Watch the game. You don’t think a botch PAT, a missed chipshot field goal, a fumble on the 5 yard line, and a fluky hail mary played into the outcome of the game? Holy hell.

      1. Me says:


        1. Husker_Power says:


      2. Want some cheese with that whine, go watch the 2nd half again

        1. mr football says:

          Shaw didn’t even make it out of the game. He left like a whiny beeotch.

          1. Jeff says:

            Did you watch the game – Shaw was out 1 play! Didn’t make it out of the game…

            USC held Neb to 150 yards less than their AVERAGE this year.

            You also want to mention plays here and there that cost Neb the game – how about the fact we beat you with a Soph QB who was only playing in his 7th game and WITHOUT our Heisman Canidate RB Marcus Lattimore.

            Speaking of plays – how about USC getting it to the 1 yard line and not being able to score- or the dumb facemask call on Neb punt which GAVE you the ball back – in which you scored.

            Neb only had 1 decent drive however both of your scoring drives started on the 40 & 48 yard line.

            Its no wonder why so many Neb fans embrace Polinni – they whine just as much as he does.

    2. Al says:

      That’s one of the downsides to being a fan of a program that has a history and can recognize the flow of the game…you realize that the scoreboard absolutely didn’t indicate the action on the field.

      Notice how none of the “never were” South Carolina fans mention it was a 3 pt game with 12 minutes to go…this after they hit a miracle hail mary and got a 3 point swing on a tailor made bounce from a blocked extra point.

      No…all they say is 30-13! SEC SPEED BABY! WHOO HOO…look how GREAT we are!!!

      What a joke…South Carolina loses 6 games (again) next year and all the cheap talk disappears from the boards.

      Enjoy your empty trophy case. Well, the baseball team was good i guess…congrats

      1. Tony says:

        You’re an absolute football idiot.We also had two missed opportunities. Totally dominated 2nd half.

      2. Brian says:

        Don’t be an idiot. I thought it was a slugfest, really a pretty good game, both teams missed opportunities but clearly the bigger, stronger, better coached team won. Face it gang, the husks ran out of energy and depth and got manhandled in the 4th quarter. Nobody is forgetting the first 3 quarters but we have been that team that hung on with the big boys for three quarters until the depth factor kicked in. As a SC fan, I never ever, not for a second, even when we were down thought that we were going to lose that game. We played 4-5 teams this year with equivalent talent and enjoyed watching our talent overcome.

        Face it guys your no longer a powerhouse. You are rebuilding and should enjoy the ride but do us all a favor stay classy in the process. Our program is finally heading to the place that your program was and is trying to get back to. Trust us Nebraska, your not in the same league with us right now and we would beat you 8 out of 10 times. It’s really frustrating when traditional teams get nasty when a new kid has a run? All we want to do is enjoy some of the tradition your incredible program has for many years.

  3. Kevin Chalk says:

    I find it almost comical that the articles coming out of the Nebraska media keep referring to their performance as “dominating” for most of the game, and how “lucky” South Carolina was to escape with a win. Frankly, it’s quite disrespectful to our program. Sure the hail Mary was lucky, and your kicker missing from such short distance was shocking. But, we also left points on the field with a sure TD drop in the end zone, and after a huge play by Alshon Jeffrey, a 1st-and-goal at the 4 yard-line that turned into zero points on a missed 22-yard field goal. And, the ejection of both players was primarily due to the officials letting your cornerback practically rape Alshon the entire first half without calling anything. Watch the replay and you will see that Alshon NEVER threw a punch, and while maybe deserving of a personal foul, should never have been thrown out. The fact is the offical that made the call was terrified of Pelini, and what may have happened had he ejected the Nebraska player and not Alshon. Your comment about us not beating Georgia without Lattimore is without merit; you cannot say that after watching this team win down the stretch without him and without Stephen Garcia. Furthermore, while we didn’t play ‘Bama or LSU this year, we DID play – and beat – Alabama last year, and we have swept the SEC East two years in a row, while also beating media-darling Clemson three straight years. We are used to getting no respect from the college football world, and we will continue to go out and put forth incredible efforts each year as we try to shed our image of football ineptness in the years to come.

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      So it’s okay for Alshon to push every cornerback that covers him, but it’s not allowable for a defensive back to get physical back? I’m not justifying the punch by Dennard. It was pretty obvious that he was getting frustrated by the battle between he and Jeffrey and lost his cool, but, come on man. Jeffrey pushes off every time he runs a route.

      With the way that you guys trash talk you’d think that you would have some national championships to back it up. It’s too bad that the rest of the world needs someone to translate for us whenever a Gamecock is near a microphone.

      1. thetruth says:

        That game was not close…..Nebraska is an average team at best that got curbstomped….

        1. mr football says:

          I agree. USC wasn’t impressive. Struggled to beat the #3 team from the legends division. Work of a fringe top 2010 team

          1. thetruth says:

            Struggled??? What game did you watch?

      2. Brian says:

        2 titles in your back yard and a 3rd coming. Stay classy while you rebuild please. Let some new programs enjoy being a top tier team. Nebraska will be back no doubt, no reason to hate us because we are winning and are currently ahead of you. We have been rebuilding since the 1800s can’t you come out and say, wow sc has come a long way, you lost to a pretty talented team, and you hope to climb the same ladder we have in the past 7 years

    2. Me says:

      You have to be kidding me. Alshon is was pushing off the entire freaking game. The refs were letting them play and it was coming from both sides. As far as the punching goes, Alshon was open hand shoving/slapping Dennard under the chin repeatedly. The fact that his fist wasn’t closed is irrelevant.

      SC is far and away the most classless team NU played all season. I even saw a freaking SC defensive back practically give a ref a forearm shiver. And the ref called nothing. The SC players yakked and yakked after every freaking play. Jesus, act like you’ve been there before. Reminds me of the classless morons who used to play for Miami. Loud mouthed knuckleheads.

      1. MLPB1972 says:

        Problem with the media. We have gone from having journalist to having fans that get to write sports columns that have no objecitivity and make escuses and whine when they lose. Disappointed in what sore losers your media types are. But it is funny to read.

      2. Brian says:

        Wow classless? I went out of my way to chat with husk fans as they were great to us in Omaha when we took back to back national champs. Cmon, stay classy and let us have our time? We know you are frustrated as rebuilding a program is tuff. Trust us we know this as we have been doing it for 100 years! USC is currently far superior to UN and you should have seen this; your team gave it all for 3 quarters but could not continue at the pace of athleticism in the 4th. Nothing to be ashamed of, great season and let’s meet in the national championship next year

    3. Al says:

      Clemson is 100 times better than South Carolina.

      Nothing to even compare between the programs.

      And Georgia would have destroyed South Carolina if they didn’t have Lattimore…

      1. thetruth says:

        So, the Nebraska team that got beat 30-13 and the Clemson that got beat 34-13 are better than the team that beat them……Makes perfect sense.

      2. Brian says:

        Clem son just got killed by an unprecedented number…..

    4. Dos Passos says:

      alshon pushed off on the hail mary and got away with it — i hope for his sake that the NFL refs are that chartiable

  4. Ben says:

    I find it funny that the gamecocks held you to a season low in yards, DOMINATED you in every aspect of the game and this loser says South Carolina isnt a good team. Defeat can be an evil thing. Hold on…….they’re playing the replay of Alshon tea bagging the Nebraska defense for a touchdown on espn. I understand it hurts to see nebraska getting worked like they did, even more so having to watch Alshon make that catch over and over again on espn…..hold on it just came on again. If South Carolina isnt a good team then join the SEC and we’ll let Vanderbilt and Ole Miss make the Cornshuckers look like rag dolls. nebraska is the epitome of the big 10. a big joke. 30-13

    1. Me says:

      Ben – did you watch the game. SC absolutely did NOT dominate Nebraska in ever aspect. You might want to watch the first half. SC could not stop NU and SC could not move the ball on Nebraska.

      You’re the epitome of an SEC fan. Ignorant and claiming conference dominance for what other teams in your conference (Bama and LSU) do. This was SC’s BEST season. This is one of NU’s more disappointing seasons. Might take a reality check for a second.

      1. uscrob4 says:

        I understand that you are ticked that NU lost the game, heck, I was pretty upset at the Gamecocks during the first quarter. I will admit that no one dominated the game statistically, however, the same points I hear Nebraska fans making for why this game should be closer is the same reason Gamecock fans are saying it should have been a bigger blow out.
        1) Nebraska fans say the Jeffrey Hail Mary was a busted play and shouldn’t have been a td and who knows what would have happened if NU wouldn’t have busted the coverage at the end of the half. Well Nebraska’s first touchdown was a was a busted play by our defense and who knows what would have happened if the coverage wouldn’t have been busted.
        2) The idea that only NU shot themselves in the foot with penalties and bad special teams. NU fans are making such a big deal about the blocked PAT, however, I don’t hear anyone saying thanks to the Gamecocks special teams for handing NU their 2nd td. A kickoff out of bounds that allowed NU to start at the 40 and then after our defense stopped NU we had a 15 yard face mask penalty. NU only had to move the ball 45 yards to score a td and it wasn’t because of anything NU’s offense, defense, or special teams did.
        3) How many points were scored by NU after the 1st quarter? I hear you that there was no domination but NU is supposed to take pride in running the ball and if I am not mistaken the Gamecocks held NU to a season low. How many yards did NU have total in the 2nd half.

        I agree with you that the game could have been different and that Nebraska could have played a lot better. The scary thing is that the Gamecocks didn’t play that great either, imagine what the score would have been if they would have played a “mistake free” game.

      2. U Mad? says:


        Nebraska isn’t any good.

      3. Rob says:

        As to the comment above…..if only the game were thirty minutes instead of sixty!!! Maybe SC was outplayed in the first half. Even if it was by the slimmest of margins. The bottom line is u guys got a big dose of reality yesterday. If we cant beat lowly SC then our football program is going the wrong direction. Bottom line SC played sixty minutes and NU played a half.

      4. Brian says:

        We are 11-0 versus BAMA, UT, UGA, CLEMTECH, UF IN 2 years. Think again

    2. Huska says:

      I hope your players enjoy the rings they had made for themselves after their “spectacular” 11 win season. Around here, rings mean championships and anything less is a disappointment. At least Bama and LSU understand that. Maybe you will someday too.

    3. Al says:

      South Carolina is a joke and was dominated by Nebraska throughout the game.

      Hitting a fluke hail mary now constistutes “SEC Offense” these days…

      Enjoy your underserved win against a team that was clearly better than the “other” USC.

      Pathetic joke…

      1. U Mad? says:

        Al = one upset, lonely man.

        I’m sure Bo will be more than happy to hold you in your time of depression.


      2. Him says:

        Nebraska couldn’t stop USC when it mattered. You act like USC scored all 30 of those points on that hail mary. So if USC is a joke, what does that make Nebraska?

      3. Rob says:

        held scoreless for 3 straight quarters….joke team, scored 21 unanswered points….joke team…..had 3 sacks in a row at one point….joke team…..joke team must equal domination

    4. Al says:

      Nebraska dominated South Carolina and Alphonso Dennard shut Jeffrey out.

      Once miracle hail mary and he’s the MVP?

      What does that tell you about the performance of South Carolina…there was NO OTHER OPTION for an MVP because they did NOTHING.

      1. Forrest Edwards says:

        Your boys gained 65 yards of offense in the second half. I guess the Gamecocks were just lucky because the Huskies were cramping up? You have slow, white, fat offensive linemen who couldn’t keep our defensive front off of Martinez. Deal with it and quit whining. Y’all are the biggest bunch of babies that I have ever seen, except for Clemson. They are as delusional as you guys.

      2. Robert says:

        4 catches for 148 yards isn’t exactly “shut out”.

        But since I’ve spent about two minutes scanning the comments on this blog and see you keep writing the same thing over and over, I’m going to assume that you really don’t have any idea what actually happened in yesterday’s game. Let me try to put it in a context that you might be able to understand…


        Also… I’m not even a Nebraska fan and I know his name is spelled “Alfonzo”.

      3. MLPB1972 says:

        Shoutout..4 catches for 148 yds and 1td. Yeah that hail mary was 51 yards so where did the other 3 catches for 97 yards come from? Where I am from that means as the ESPN guys say..Denard was starting to get worked and got frustrated. Amazing how you can stick up for a thug like db who will likely get tossed out of the league based on his attitude. NFL has a 5 yard no contact rule so he needs to adjust.

  5. Gil McCall says:

    In my lifetime, which spans 50 plus years, NEVER have I read anything close to “Had Marcus Lattimore gotten hurt before the Georgia game South Carolina doesn’t win that one”…Speculation surrounding a player receiving a season ending injury is pathetic…YOU are pathetic…you coach is pathetic..The great fans of Nebraska…Dr Tom deserve better. Bo Pelini has turned a once respected Big Red nation to a buncha whiney ass….excuse making bunch I ahve seen in a long time. Your entitlement mentality, should be disturbing to anyone that wishes success for Nebraska football.

    1. Dirk Chatelain Dirk Chatelain says:

      Gil, I appreciate your constructive criticism :) I may have phrased my position improperly…what I meant is that South Carolina doesn’t beat Lattimore without Georgia.

      1. mr football says:

        What does this even mean? And that is your correction?

    2. Al says:

      Nebraska is a better team than South Carolina and handed them the game due to their own mistakes…South Carolina deserved NOTHING in a game they were dominated in throughout.

      If you need any further evidence…the MVP OF THE GAME WAS EJECTED AT THE 13:00 minute mark of the 3rd quarter! He caught one fluke hail mary and was RUN DOWN FROM BEHIND (see SEC speed) in the only other meaningful catch he had in the entire game!

      That being said, the ONLY player from the QUOTE “winning” team who anyone could find to name MVP was gone 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

      The best team lost and South Carolina is a joke…

      1. Me2 says:

        It’s hard to dominate a team when you only have 250 yards of total offense, most of which came on the first 2 drives of the game. Also, you can’t give up 30 points when you are dominating a team like you did. How does it feel to get beat by a team that is really playing with it’s second string quarter back and the 4th string running back. Yes, I said that right. He’s a good kid, and graduated, but will not see the field next year. Your thug CB picks a fight, because he is being handled like the JV waterboy at Penn State. I know it is frustrating to be pushed around and it looks like you are so close to getting the upper hand, but in the end you have no control over it and you weren’t even close. By all means tell your self you coulda, woulda, shoulda, but we all know you weren’t the best team and you weren’t close.

  6. Old Duffer says:

    I’ve been a Husker fan all my life. Simply put, NU has average D-1 talent. We will be able to beat the likes of Wyomings and Tenn. Chatts. It’s all about having GOOD players. For years, people wanted T.O. out, as he couldn’t win the the big game. Then, in the 90s, he got SMART. (The pool of talent elevated.) We were patient with T.O., be patient with BO. When T.O. got to start as head coach of the Husker program it was at the top of the heap. BO did not get the same luxury. The NU program was down. (Thank you Peterson/Callahan.) If, in the future, BO is courted by other (better?) programs, it will be because he has elevated the program and gained stature in the coaching ranks. Then, NU will have some decisions to make. Let’s hope that day will come. GBR

    1. Me says:

      David, Dennard, Crick, Burkhead, Bell, and Turner are not average D1 talents. We have better than average D1 talent. We are very average at a few positions, but overall we have top 15 level talent. Not elite, but much better than “average.”

      1. Old Duffer says:

        Past “elite” Husker D-1 players were NOT all 5 Star Blue Chippers, but were the likes of:
        Jerry Tagge, Johnny Rodgers, Willie Harper, Larry Jacobson, John Dutton, Rich Glover, Jamie, Jimmy & Toby Williams, Maury Damkroger, I.M. Hipp, Vince Ferragamo, Danny Noonan, Kris Brown, Joel Makavicka, Roger Craig, Scott Frost, Mike Rucker, Christian & Jason Peter, Mike Minter, Grant Wistrom, Jared Tomich, Broderick Thomas, Michael Booker, Adam Treu, Aaron Graham, Rob Zatecha, Zach Wiegert, Jarvis Redwine, Dean Steinkuler, Mark Schellen, Mike Rozier, Tom Rathman, Turner Gill, Irving Fryar, Jim Skow, Marvin Sanders, Mike Croel, Will Shields, Johnny Mitchell, Trev Alberts, John Parella, Tommy Frazier, Calvin Jones, Brendan Stai, Cory Schlesinger, Ndamukong Suh, Prince Amukamara and Alex Henery, just to name a few.

        Some have National Titles, but many don’t. Yet, all played at a level that had NU among the nations best. Losses were gut wrenching. People wanted T.O. to go in the 70s. Then, he got smart in the early 80′s (Scoring Explosion years), then bad again, until the 90s (Frazier years). Hopefully, the talent level of the TEAM and not just a few players will elevate and so will the team play.

        Coaches don’t fumble, jump off-side nor throw interceptions. And, they don’t teach it either! I do not question the efforts of the Coaches and the Players. Both did the best they could with the talent they have. Maybe next season will bring a more positive ending (& maybe not).

  7. Me says:

    That’s a pretty remarkable statement by Raymond. Especially considering their #1 WR was matched up against Dennard, both of which are projected 1st round draft choices.

    In my opinion, there was very little talent gap overall.

    Even if there was, it makes me want to vomit when I hear a coach make that kind of excuse. Think how his current players must feel right about now.

    I’ve now heard Raymond and Pelini both blame the loss on the players. What was that line about “pointing the thumb”…might want to start doing that.

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      I agree with you for the most part. Two plays for 126 yards otherwise Dennard had kept Jeffrey in check. Now, before anyone else brings it up, they were huge plays, but it’s not like Jeffrey was dominating Dennard on every play. I’ll agree that South Carolina has better a defensive line and a better secondary. Those boys are quick and make plays.

      Raymond did say something that was spot on though. Nebraska does not know how to take a punch. They fold up like a lawn chair whenever they get hit with some adversity. Talent, and this team has it, doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t tough enough to fight back when things aren’t going in your favor. It reminds me of that scene from the Replacements when they are in the locker room talking about quick sand.

      1. Rick says:

        Don’t know how to respond to adversity? See Ohio State game. Personally I’d like to see another QB get a shot. Martinez runs straight up and moves awkwardly when cutting. He did improve on the option throughout the year though. Also, way to give MVP to player who got ejected, way to set an example. What’s next? Giving daycare jobs to sexual predators? Come on, SC’s QB was well deserving. Huskers may want to mix in a scheme to stop mobile QB’s too, developing Rep that they can’t stop that and its deserved.

        1. Dave Hickman says:

          I stuggle with accepting Taylor M as the Neb quarterback. He is most definately talented but when I watch him play he is so timid and it looks as though he is very concerned about contact. At times he looks great but there is just something about the way he plays that bothers me. Is it just me or do any of you feel the same.

  8. Carl says:

    So for a positive comment…. can’t agree more with the articles intent. Inconsistency I believe, and the necesity to replace the talent they are losing.
    I would not take anything from South Carolina though they played a great game especially defense and capatalized Nebraska Did not. There was no domination by either team nor was there a blowout. It was a defensive game with a few errant offensive plays that lead to scores and a few plays that didn’t lead to scores for both sides, then the fourth qtr happened and the Nebraska offense started to move the ball the wrong direction (field position) with a defense that had been on the field most of the half already.
    The game was won by the SC defense in the 4th QTR and Shaws running. But could have easily went either way. Even worse for Nebraska, horribly wrong for SC, or it could have been a great game. better than it was….I enjoyed the game and had a great time and look forward to our next bowl game against the SEC.
    I think we can all agree that on both sides the officials were very far off.

    @ macjones he gave a nod to that miami team…what is your complaint or was your point to just to encite hate
    @ jake most of the big tens bowl games they were lower ranked and underdogs or in the other teams geographical region and several of them were not decided until the fourth qtr. Physically pounded no Nebraska was not, And if you read the article other than putting down SC the intent is to regroup and fix the teams inconsistency this year and regroup by replacing the talent we are losing.
    @ Kevin I agree with everything but alshon Jeffrey.. both were being physical the whole game to each other and its where the game was going to be won (jeffrey was winning this game) or lost (another point of the article) and both lossed there cool Jeffrey attempted to throw denard to the ground by his facemask and then attempted again to push him to the ground and thats when denard threw a punch, Both players should have been ejected without consideration for MVP, Your defense should have been the MVP or if a specific player Shaw who picked up key first downs in the 4th and threw the balls to Jeffrey, and was there for his team in the 4th QTR.

    1. Carl says:

      forgot a couple things.
      Much Kudos to the SC fans in Orlando would love to meet again in a bowl game.

      If there is any bites that need to be taken off this season…Discipline/Penalties/BallControl/Leadership,
      To many mental mistakes…

    2. trey says:

      Carl, you are exactly what I expect from fans of a storied program with great tradition! We were honored to be able to compete with and ultimately best a program with tradition like NU. While we will never be able to rival NU’s historical significance, we do aspire to relevance in the college football conversation. I am pleased that yesterdays game helped us in that endeavor. I also firmly believe most Nebraksa fans are rooted in that tradition and accept the responsibility that goes with it. You obviously do! Until we meet again Go Big Red!!

  9. Patrick says:

    I don’t understand why everyone has to say that the Huskers lost a winnable game. To the same extent, South Carolina could have won a game that it won by even more. Both teams missed opportunities to score more points or stop the other team. Those opportunities pretty much cancel each other out and South Carolina won by making fewer mistakes and stepping it up on defense. Sure, SC got a hail mary at the end of the half, but they also had an idiotic delay of game at the 1. Sure, Nebraska committed some stupid penalties, but so did South Carolina. Sure, Nebraska missed a field goal, but so did South Carolina. I just don’t understand by the beat writers and bloggers for Nebraska can’t give South Carolina credit for winning the game. You cannot analyze a game in a vacuum and ONLY look at the things that Nebraska could have done differently. If you do that, you also have to look at what South Carolina did differently. I understand that the loss is hard to take, especially given the momentum Nebraska had in the first quarter, but in the end, South Carolina was the better team on Monday and they were able to finish the game.

    1. Al says:

      There is no credit due to South Carolina…Nebraska dominated the game and handed a cheap “win” to South Carolina on a fluke hail mary and countless bonehead penalties fumbles inside the 10 yard line.

      Enjoy your big “win”…anyone who objectively watched the game could see Nebraska was the better team.

      1. Robert says:

        I objectively watched the game and can objectively say that you are a sore loser. Better teams don’t fumble in the red zone. Better teams don’t have extra points blocked. Better teams don’t let the other team’s best receiver stand unencumbered next to the goal line at the end of a half to catch a pass and dive into the end zone. Better teams don’t lose their cool and get called for 10 penalties in a game (most of them were illegal procedure, which also points to piss-poor coaching). Better teams fight to the end instead of letting defensive linemen take horrendous shots at their quarterback on the last three offensive plays.

      2. Tony says:

        This has got to be coming from a guy that never played but filled water bottles most of his life.

      3. Patrick says:

        Hmmmm…I can’t help but smell the scent of a bitter fan. Al, were you there? For both of our sakes, I was and I respectfully disagree.

        I don’t know where to start with your post. Let’s just start with the penalties. Everyone loves to say that Nebraska was the only victim of penalties or lost only because of their penalties. I guess the facemask play by South Carolina doesn’t qualify as boneheaded and must have been because our defender was just too intimidated by the Nebraska offensive line. I also guess that the false start penalties had nothing to do with the fact that Carolina fans were pretty loud when it counted, unlike the Nebraska fans that went too quiet too often. As far as pass interference penalties, each team committed an idiotic one on an uncatchable ball, but your red blinders probably only allowed you to see the one called against the Huskers. As I said before, the penalties cancel themselves out. Heck, you’re lucky Alshon retaliated against your guy or the end of the game might have been worse.

        Fluke Hail Mary? I’m not sure how it was a fluke. Probably more like poor coverage and a great play for someone to dive across the goal line without touching the ground. It would be a fluke if it hit a Nebraska defender or the ump or Herbie Husker, but it didn’t. Alshon caught it over your defenders and scored. I guess you might as well add a fluke blocked punt due to the sun in one of your lineman’s eyes.

        I’m still looking for where Nebraska DOMINATED. Nope, I didn’t see it. Sure, Nebraska had early success and a great drive at the beginning of the second half and did nothing with it, but as I noted earlier, South Carolina did the same thing in the first half. If Connor Shaw doesn’t overthrow his receivers in the first half, the game is totally different, but as I said earlier, you can’t analyze a game in a vacuum.

        I know it pains you to give any credit to South Carolina, but maybe you would realize that they’ve adjusted well to option teams in the second half. Unfortunately, for Nebraska, you didn’t make the most of your opportunities early and South Carolina didn’t make the mistake of turning the ball over. Once they took notice of blocking schemes and put it together, T-Mart took some hits and the option wasn’t as much of a threat as it was earlier, but I’m sure you’ll find some way of blaming that on Nebraska without giving Melvin and the guys credit. How do you explain those sacks on the last drive? Must have been a fluke, too.

        In the end, regardless of what adjectives you want to use and what you think happened, South Carolina won and Nebraska lost. Call it a fluke or whatever else you need to in order to make yourself feel better. I’ve done that, too. This year and last year, I would say “If only Lattimore didn’t get hurt” or “If only our quarterback wasn’t an idiot and could stop partying.” You take the good with the bad. I just wish you were as classy as the Nebraska fans that sat in front of us and said, “Good game.”

        Just do me a favor and watch the replay of the game. At some point in the second half, number 50 for Nebraska tried to block Jadaveon Clowney and got thrown to the ground like a stack of newspapers. He got up wobbling and had to go to the sideline. A microcosm of the game. Well, that and the false start penalty by Nebraska immediately following it, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the crowd or the South Carolina defense. It must have just been because Bo wanted a higher degree of difficulty for the comeback.

      4. MLPB1972 says:

        Al, you obviously can not see things objectively but usually those who can’t are not aware they can’t. Posters like you make message boards entertaining.LOL

    2. Kevin Chalk says:

      Patrick, you make very good points, but you might as well give it up when it comes to Al. He has five phrases copied on his word processor so he can cut and paste them, and you could tell him that the sky is green and the grass is blue and he would disagree with you. He watched two plays in that game – the Hail Mary, and the fumble on the five-yard line. Uh, let’s play a game: let’s take away the Hail Mary, and let’s give you a TD instead of a fumble. That’s a 14-point swing. Guess what? You still lose the game 30-27. Move on dude.

  10. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    So i get to watch Penn State, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Nebraska play on 4 big screen’s sitting next to Alonzo Highsmith, he was all dressed up in Okie State garb in support of his friends. We were at a sports bar across the street from the Hotel where the Okie State players were staying. I didnt know he(Alonzo) worked for Green Bay, he didnt have the same glowing remarks for Pelini the local Nebraska press seems to vomit, he did proclaim NU will never win another National Championship being in the big slow. In all of Alonzo’s experience in the football profession, he expressed the unfortunate no passing QB type cast of Nebraska football, and that Bill Calliham was actually our best chance @ becoming a major contender in college football once again. Then i had to explain to him the Cozgrove situation, and he replied, “The same thing might happen to Bo if he continues with Martinez.”
    I began to feel jealous watching all his friends having a good time getting ready to support a team we beat last year that’s now going to the Fiesta Bowl.
    Looks as though NU represented a mediocre mid level big slow team the best they could. I was planning to attend some games next season, but seeing there is really no signs of improvement, or emerging talent, i’ll just keep the money in the bank, and gamble NU winds up in the Insight Bowl, then i can just walk down the street and watch the game.
    oh yeah…………..GBR!

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      Good to hear that you won’t be attending any games. Should free up a seat for some real fans.

      1. Al says:

        hear hear, brother!

        This tool is on every message board he can find to spout his great “insight” into something he knows zeero about…

        Big man! Oooooh…sitting at the bar trading football philosophies with the great Alonzo Highsmith??? Wowee Zowee!

        Say…how DOES his jock smell anyway, sniffer?

        What a complete moron.

    2. Ruddman says:

      So let me guess….. your not a fan of Bo? Why don’t you do something to put all your wise Nowledge (Spelled the way I want b/c thats the brain power of NUCorndevil) to better use. Go get a job as a coach, have 100+ people work under you, have everything you do get attacked by the media. Truth is Taylor improved on his passing. If the WR held onto a ball then the whole game changes. When you get to play at a D-1 school you have to be able to catch a ball. How would you of reacted to Coach Tom going for two or what would you like to of done when Gill came up short vs Miami? Either standup for your team or just shut up and become a K-State fan.

      1. David says:

        He is standing up for our team, but why do you guys all stand up for Bo year after year, excuse after lousy excuse? NU will never be better than they were this year or last year as long as Bo is here. Bo is too much of a hot-head, can’t control his emotions, and is simply not head coach material. It’s fairly obvious. Next year we’ll be lucky to win 8 games.

        1. Al says:

          …and your candidate to replace Bo Peline is whom?

          You figure Urban Meyer, Les Miles or Nick Saban are just pacing by their phones waiting for the call from Lincoln?

          Same ridiculous crap…everybody spouting how Bo needs to go…of course no ideas on who should replace him…and even fewer ideas on who’s going to buy out contracts and buck up for $5M for next Savior.

          Certainly none of these posters who have donated exactly nothing to the program (unless buying a ticket to the Fresno St game on Stub Hub counts)

          1. Ruddman says:

            I agree but I don’t think we settle for Bo. I think he is a good coach that is still growing into his position. It’s what we get when we bring in a first time coach. His sideline antics have improved this year but he still has room to improve. I could care less about his relationship with the media. Could someone please tell me how Barney is getting a pass on all this? Where was the blocking?

    3. mr football says:

      Wow. What a clueless NFL honk. What’s with thin skinned and ultra sensitive NFL types?

  11. BlueJay says:

    What frustrates me the most is seeing the same mistakes over and over. I see teams with lesser talent play better. It also appears that the minute something negative happens it is full panic mode.

    The Huskers seem to save their biggest meltdowns in front of a nationwide audience. Pelini does not help with his ragging to the refs. I don’t expect the guy to be Osborne stoic, but he does his team no favors by getting so worked up.

    Finally I am convinced that a better QB is in order. Martinez competes hard, but he is not a championship cailber QB.

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      BJ, I’ve defended Martinez all year long….but I have been mistaken. I think he’s a talented kid and a wonderful athlete. I just don’t think he’s a quarterback. The offense seems to lose composure and there is no one on the field to step up and demand focus. Good quarterbacks do that.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      over and over and over and over and over and…………

  12. Jed says:

    Love the Huskers but they suck and will continue to do so under Pelini.

    1. David says:

      agree 100%

  13. Bullwrinkle says:

    Bo thinks we are as good as USC. I think I look like Brad Pitt. Stop whining and win games. Suddenly the officials wont be an issue. Congrats Huskers, you have built yourself a lower tier team in a lower tier conference. Keep adding onto the stadium until you screw up the only thing you have left, the sellout string. In the words of Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon“.

  14. huskerfan says:

    One quick question…Why are people reading a BLOG about Nebraska FOOTBALL if they hate the team? Just a question.

  15. Peeknuckle says:

    I think its a lot of frustrated fans just tired of it, not trolls

  16. HskrBll says:

    “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” _ Abraham Lincoln. Even Abe had it right, it works BOTH ways.

  17. matt says:

    I have been on winning and losing teams in my life. Losing teams are great at finding reasons why they dont win. Winning teams just find ways to win.

    Not arguing with the article, maybe just adding to it. But from the additional posts, i see us Nebraska fans starting to act like a bunch of losers.

    Let’s acknowledge the fact that between mistakes (drops/penalties/turnovers) we are consistently a team that works against ourselves. This is what losers do, they find ways to lose.

    A few great leaders (both players and coaches) are what it takes to reverse something like this.

    1. Ruddman says:

      Very smart comment Matt! We need leaders and it can not be from the coaching staff it needs to be from the players. I really liked Zach Taylor because he was a leader on the field and got his teammates to buy in. I love Rex but he has to become more vocal and he needs some help.

  18. David says:

    It’s football and it’s over. Just take a deep breath and relax. It’s just a game. One team wins and one team loses. Sometimes…… it rains.

  19. socalhusker says:

    Bo’s strength when he was hired was to implement a defense that didn’t allow the big plays that were killing NU before he arrived. Now the big play is creaping back in and stinging the Huskers more and more. That needs to get fixed for next season. On offense Bo needs to choose an offense and recruit to it. If the zone read is his choice, get a QB with some shake and wiggle and use him as a running threat. Move Martinez to slot or wide and put in a package for him to utilize his staight-ahead speed. If they plan on using a fullback with their talented I backs, get a QB that can operate under center and play action pass. Finally, the melt-downs absolutely do alter the teams mental make-up and do affect their on-field performance. It’s not panic time yet but “the process” needs tweaking.

  20. NstyN8 says:

    Most if the Husker fans that have commented on this need to give credit where it is due…..Sc found a way to win we did not! BO is the head coach and will be for a while. He needs tostart holding his assistants accountable if not getting rid of.them. Oline terrible this yr. Receivers terrible this yr. Qb terrible this yr…these seem to be a common theme year after year. The D plays well enough to win most games if they have an offense that doesn’t suck! The best assistant big red has is.the RB coach! We all know Bo can take care of the.D but now he needs to start hiring some offensive staff that have been around and know what they are doing! Line coach and qb coach need to be out! Also the longer we are with Martinez the worse off our program is! He has never been the same since his.injury last year and he never will be. He is a good athlete but he is.not a a qb. There are reasons most other programs weren’t recruiting him as such. There was no reason not to be putting Carnes in more….At the end of the Wisconsin game he should have been in other games as well. Sure he would have struggled but it would have been a valuable learning experience for him. If we continue with Taylor then we continue to lose. He has proven many times that he is not a field general like he should be and seems to turn the.ball over at the most pivitol points in big games! The int he threw yesterday was the turning point not the hail marry. I’ve gone on long enough but its time to cut ties.with Martinez and find a qb that can run the option consistently and affectively and be the leader this team needs.

  21. Dos Passos says:

    Corey Raymond needs to quit making excuses for his own shortcomings. He’s certainly a coaching downgrade from Marvin Sanders.

    1. mr football says:

      I agree. What a negative person to say what he said.

    2. mr football says:

      Sounds like john cooper. Blame slow white guys like pelini.

  22. MikeG says:

    I was sick to my stomach going into halftime from the interception and then the big plays to give SC momentum. It was so foreseeable. How many times did we see a bonehead interception lead to points for our opponent right before halftime? We went from great momentum after a strong drive and about to score, to a fumble, interception, hail mary and a 73 yard pass from Connor Shaw. Our coaches need a kick in the butt. Be3cause Nebraska which was looking strong up until then had a complete meltdown. And yes, this is a coaching problem. Not Martinez problem because he sholdnt be QB anyway. It wasnt Ameer Abdullahs fault, because he is prone to fumbling and we know that, we get down in scoring territory and take Burkhead out???

  23. John says:

    30-13. Nothing more needs to be said.

    1. NUCornDog says:

      So why are you saying it? Everyone already knows it. Go fly your Confederate flag somewhere else.

  24. Jac says:

    Congratulations on the win, NU. You guys dominated South Carolina in every phase of the game. Your fans are classy like no other.

  25. von says:

    I figured out who Al is…it’s Bo Pelini. Man up for crying out loud. You got beat. I have lost all respect for NU fans after reading the countless claims by you and your media of how much better team you were. There was nothing that you did to show that…and frankly, you act like a bunch of sore losers. If you were dominate, then the scoreboard would reflect that…it doesn’t. Even the stats from the game do not support your claim. I’m not even going to waste my time argueing with you. You obviously had to convince yourself of your team’s superiority so you can sleep at night. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. WE DID that…YOU DIDN’T. I really hate to tell you this, but that was really our second string QB and third string running back…and we were down a running back coach and defensive coach…oh and our best receiver only played one half. I think that shows who has the better that faced adversity all season long and still won 11 games. And regarding that stupid comment about we wouldn’t have beaten GA without Lattimore…first of all, you can’t know what the outcome could have been. Secondly, that could be said probably of any one of your don’t beat whoever without Burkhead or Martinez. Face it, YOU LOST…get over it. Stop making excuses.

  26. Jlevy13 says:

    I can’t understand how people forget that in all those cases but 1, we made our breaks. 1. The hail mary- Shaw avoided rushers and threw a 50 yard pass, Alshon outjumped 2 nebraska players and dove into the endzone. 2. The blocked extra point- TR blocked the XP attempt, and Gilmore scooped it up and out ran everyone to the endzone. 3. Nebraska’s False Start penalties- (yes we made this break) The nebraska oline was having trouble with the speed and strength of our Dline, they were false starting bc they were worried about our Dline. 4. Nebraska fumble on the 5- DJ came in and layed a great hit right on the football and we recovered the fumble. 5. second half gameplan leading to a win- Our coaches went in at half time(possibly after the 1st quarter) and changed our defensive gameplan some to stop burkhead(I was very impressed with this kid), and Nebraska was just completely out coached in the 2nd half. 6. Missed fg- Ok this is the one break that we didnt cause, but we also missed a chip shot fg. We didnt dominate but we also had as many penalties as nebraska, we were clearly the better team and the better coached team. This game could have been closer(but we still would have won, better conditioned and better ajustments for the 4th quarter) and this game could have also been a much bigger blowout. kudos to Nebraska for having a great 1st quarter gameplan and out playing us that quarter, but bad coaching job by not making any adjustments after that. Also my thoughts on the Alshon “fight”, he definitely deserved a personal foul penalty, if the UN defended does not throw that punch, neither player would have been kicked out, they both would have received a 15 yard penalty, but bc un guy threw a punch(he was the only one who threw one) they tossed them both. Which i am ok with, but witht hat said, where were the refs the entire game, this battle got too physical from the start, both pushing and the refs did nothing. Also anyone who says that the UN was getting the best of alshon is clueless, he was muggin alshon on every play(alshon was also pushing back) but the UN guy had atleast 1 safety and sometimes 2 safeties helping him, and alshon still had 150 yards recieving on them. Thats about it….

  27. MLPB1972 says:

    Reality is reality. 30-13 can’t be argued, no matter how you look at it is whooping. Maybe SC just has coaches that can adjust during the game and not whine to the officials. You can see the true character of a team not by how it reacts to wins but how it acts in defeat and Pelina and Nebraska are not impressive. In the end whether you believe it or not SC will finish up in the top 10 and start next season in the top 10.
    GO COCKS!!

  28. Skytown J says:

    I think the teams are probably closer than 17 points apart, but that’s what it was, so that’s that. They won, so there is no point in arguing about how we could have stopped this pass play, or made that catch, or whatever. It’s done. Really frustrating to see so many mistakes at this point in the season. Coaches get the credit when things go really well, and also when they go to hell. So be it. But hey, now we can focus on the basketball team. Oh crap, i need a drink.

  29. trey says:

    It is a sad sad day for what has historically been one of the most successful and classiest programs in college footbal! Not because you lost, that can happen to anybody even Big Red. What is sad is that so many of you think you are entitiled to something based on your past. Yes you have tradition! Yes you have won alot of championships!! Yes based on history and tradition you should have won. I agree!! But that is not what happened. Somehow now your coach and your quarterback and the guy that wrote this story think that entitles you to victories. It doesent and it never will! Show the tradition of Nebraska football the proper respect. Dont make excuses for it.

    1. BleedingBigRed says:

      Amen. And that comes from an alumn, season ticket holder,and booster of several NU athletic clubs. I am the biggest Big Red fan I know, and I could not be more embarrassed by the monumental idiocy exhibited by some of the so-called Husker “Fans” on this board. Congrats to the Cocks! Let’s move on.

      1. NUCornDog says:

        And for those who read too much into anonymous blog posts, get a life! You are the embarrassment. To buy into the trolls comments makes you look stupid.