Published Monday, January 9, 2012 AT 3:13 PM / Updated at 4:10 PM
Recruiting: Westerkamp stays N
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

In what became one of the most interesting recruiting battles in recent years for Nebraska football, it appears that wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp will stick with his commitment to NU despite Notre Dame making a late, full-court press for the services of the Lombard (Ill.) Montini Catholic star.

“I’ve decided to stay a Husker,” he texted an analyst at 247Sports, a partner of The World-Herald.

Big win for the Big Red.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Sweet. That’s huge for this class, and the future of our offense. Glad he’s N.

    1. Johnny_Nebraska says:


  2. Asten says:

    woohoo. Double win. Any ND loss is a win!

  3. Cornboy says:

    Impossible–Bo can’t recruit!

    1. Mosier says:

      haha, this guy is probably just a 2-star loser right? since thats all bo can supposedly get.

    2. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      I know, it’s not like the old days back in the 1970s when Lincoln, Nebraska was somehow closer to both the state of Florida and California. Then we had to let Texas in and somehow those two states got further away and recruiting became a problem. ROFLMAO!!!!

      Good job Papuchis! Good Job Bo.
      Keep up the good work
      and you will soon be 13 – 0!

      GO BIG RED!!!!!

      1. AA says:

        I mean, wouldn’t 14-0 be the goal?

        1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

          Ah very good point. I stand corrected.

  4. hskrpwr13 says:

    Yaaaaay! Yaaaay! Yeah!

  5. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    He will come in handy when the new coaching staff arrives.
    Thank you Mr. Westerkamp!

    1. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

      Haha! That’s awesome.

    2. Bill says:

      By any other name, a putz…

      This outstanding new Mr. Devil!

    3. GabrielNATL says:

      Hmm…he’s only got 4 years of eligibility. Don’t think that will happen. :)

      1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

        Probably one of the reasons why he stayed with Nebraska is that ND has a rotating door on the coaches office.

  6. Idaho Husker says:

    That’s great news Jordan! GBR

  7. Mosier says:

    Great pick up! Welcome Jordan. Best HS WR we’ve gotten since Paul. Pelini and his staff did a great job getting this kid in. He could be another Swift type guy and perhaps better. Hit the jack pot here. NU has some great young recievers.

  8. Mel Halfon says:

    There is a problem with this commit! We need someone to throw him the
    football. You can recruit 20 Jerry Rice’s but, you have to get them the

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      This is a bigger point than most Husker fans who actually know football understand, this is also what erases any credibility or argument promoting Bo Pelini.
      Once SDSU shut Taylor Martinez down, Brion Carnes should have been getting serious snaps throughout the season and into this last one, that and the completely dysfunctional secondary and D-Line this past season only confirms Pelini cannot develop talent, and doesnt quite understand the concept of ‘depth’…….. ‘games’ are not live practices.
      I will be the first one to accept an oversigning of 5 star players every year, i hope NU snatches a top 5 recruiting class this year……….
      It’s not about the players, its about Bo Pelini’s lack of experience @ being the CEO of a major university football program.
      The man has ZERO past experience on institutional control, installing a practice system, understanding the idiosyncrasies of recruiting, ZERO offensive formula or identity, and or no experience with QB development.
      I get so tired of hearing all the 20 year Tom Osborne crap, Osborne should have won 3 national titles in his first ten years, he couldnt shake his (Coz) Charlie McBride.
      In all seriousness, one comparison to Pelini and Osborne that we should all pay attention to is, Osborne is a ‘Rocket Scientist’ when it comes to football intelligence compared to Pelini, and it took Tom 20 years to win the big one.
      This was Pelini’s breakout season, in a weaker conference, with a 3rd year ‘speedy’ QB working an easier faster playbook………. 9-4, and next season is looking grim.

      1. kevin says:

        I know you won’t answer this as you instead elect just to post drivel, and never respond, but you said something I thought was very interesting… ” You said Real Husker fans that understand football “. Your right most of us are simply fans, I guess by your post you have football knowledge… So go ahead and give it to us. What is your knowledge of the game. I mean Bo was only an ALL B1G safety, coached at GB, NE,LSU,OU, AND NU so what’s your resume ?

      2. Scott A says:

        It really doesnt matter who Nebraska recruits, we are relegated to mediocre teams with this coaching staff.

        Nebraska has the talent. Nebraska DOES NOT have the DISCIPLINE. It is embarrassing to admit to being a dedicated fan with the way the team plays on the field. Whether it is ball carriers FUMBLING the ball, 3rd or 4th down PERSONAL FOULS after stopping the opponent on defense, POOR TACKLING, DELAY OF GAME penalties AFTER taking a time-out. All these penalties are STUPID PENALTIES. To err is human, but to be a Husker is just ridiculous. (Husker = stupid, inexcusable mistakes.) Coaching staff needs to take responsibility and stress these points especially, and we could be competitive with the best teams in the country.

        Of course, if the receivers would catch the football when the ball is put on their hands, and if Martinez could deliver the ball on target when the receiver is wide open, it would help. I watch as he doesnt know how to step into a pass. A fade away jump pass, doesnt cut it. As stated before, Carnes, or any other QB should be given a legitimate shot, even if that means moving Martinez out to receiver. Thanks Taylor, but it may be time you change positions, and utilize your skills if you cant learn how to throw the ball.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Scott, i cannot express to you how simplified this offense was for Taylor, countless times he gave the ball to Burkhead when he should have kept it, this offense was designed to enhance Taylors speed on the edges with option pitches, and off guard keeps, a la Frost, he couldnt figure it out.
          The passing routes were designed to be hit quickly, and countless times he held the ball while the window closed, it’s all about his lack of confidence in his arm.
          Pelini has to see this, its not a game experience thing, its a comprehension level thing.
          I don’t blame Taylor, I blame the guy who puts him in position to fail.
          Taylor did great given his mental aptitude and physical abilities, but to disregard the fact he can only operate 30% of your simplified offense in his 3rd year should raise red flags.

          1. NUCornDog says:

            Let me translate for NUCORNDEVIL here.

            Ahem…”dooooooooooey ngarp duhh duh. Doopeeble duh ngat. I wriight duhhhhhh trop nnduh. Preeswah garp dweeple duh.”

            You’re welcome.

          2. Michael says:

            I think this is a well-written point, even if I disagree with it. My main issues:

            –Would you really want Taylor trying to hit tight windows?
            –While Taylor has been on campus for three years, he’s been playing meaningful games for two, and working in Beck’s offense for one.
            –In two years of starting, Taylor has faced 23 different teams in 25 starts. Can any other second-year starter say that?

            If you’re going to bash him for struggling, let’s at least be honest about the circumstances.

      3. Johnny_Nebraska says:

        Well I don’t want to question your vast knowledge and depth of understanding about Nebraska football there NUCORNDEVIL, however your point about Brion Carnes getting more snaps after SDSU shut down Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez would be and excellent point except for the fact that Brion is a Redshirt freshman this year and wasn’t on the team last year, when we played SDSU!


      4. Johnny_Nebraska says:

        However, do not let the fact that you had no idea who was on our roster in 2010 in any disuade you from continuing to point out Bo Pelini’s lack of experience and organizational control of a major College Football Program like Nebraska. I am eager to hear more of your insights on the matter.

          1. Michael says:

            Yes…as he said, redshirt. So you’re proposing when Taylor struggled against SDSU (before his great game at OK St., by the way), Bo should have not only benched Taylor, but skip over two experienced QBs and burned a true freshman’s redshirt, just to give an inexperienced, largely unrecruited kid a shot at the starting job? That makes no sense.

          2. Johnny_Nebraska says:


            I think he is trying to counter my use of the phrase, “no idea who was on our roster”that I had used in the follow up post. Just becase you are on the roster doesn’t mean you are on the team. You’re not active until you Red-shirt. In that you are correct, and he is wrong.

            Additionally, you are correct in that Bo would have been an Idiot to burn a true Freshman Redshirt in an effort to backup another true Freshman redshirt when there are more experienced QB’s to draw upon.

            He is simply attempting to counter my phrasing. I think even he knows he is wrong at this point.

  9. Skers says:

    Tommy Armstrong is the really good QB recruit that will will throw him the football.

    1. kevin says:

      skers I live in San Antonio and have seen Armstrong… what have you seen that I didn’t ? this kid isn’t anywhere near being ready to step into the fire yet….maybe after a couple of years, But again I am not a coach, just a fan, what have you seen that impressed you.

      1. NUCornDog says:

        I also live in San Antonio and know that Tommy is a rock-star. Tell me what you’ve seen that makes you think that he can’t melt your face with his abilities.

        1. kevin says:

          Has the speed, is well coached but also misses on alot of passes. His long ball seems to float. If we think this kid is ready to step intot he fire I don’t think so. Again I think after a couple years of understanding the game he has the ability, but his not coming and taking over next year. That’s ridiculous to think he can. What part the city do you live in ? nice to see another Husker fan in SA

          1. Jeff says:

            I’m not saying this to be condescending, but 5 years ago I bet there were people saying the exact same thing about Robert Griffin. As always with recruits, we can’t really evaluate them until they are here.

  10. Randy says:

    We have a quarterback that routinely hits receivers in the hands and they drop the ball. It is a really good ‘get’ to go head-to-head with ND (his Mom’s favorite team) and come out on top.

  11. kevin says:

    People we need to stop reacting to CD I think it’s like Sex to him. I think and I may be wrong.. But I think everyday CD writes something stupid just to get a response. After writing something stupid I believe he does all the following, 1) Seats at the computer naked playing with himself, 2) squirts a lil KY into his right hand, 3) Well I think you can take it from here…..

    1. Troy says:

      You hit the nail in the head, he thinks very highly of his inferior intellect

  12. Troy says:

    Nucornholio strikes again. He got run off the LJS blog for being a putz now he’s taken to poisoning the discourse on the OWH blog. Get over yourself NUCORNHOLIO you know diddly about nada.

  13. Cowboy says:

    This is big. Last week at the all-star game in Arizona, Westerkamp was the player not wearing the colors do the school in he committed to.

  14. Gary Johnson says:

    I understand BO is going all out to land one of the top Juco quarterbacks this recruiting season. anyone have the details ?

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      This is blasphemy

      1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

        No, it is smart. Cody Green is in Tulsa. Zack graduated. At this time you have Martinez as the starter, Burkhead as interim backup as we bring Carnes up. If these recruits are coming in next year, then they will be able to fill out the QB position with Carnes and move Martinez to a wide reciever, possibly in an attempt to replace Brandon Kinnie, whom I believe is graduating this year. This would put great speed on the reciever corpse with Bell and Martinez in the flats, Cotton on TE and Legate at FB for screens and of course Burkhead as the RB/HB for the run game.

        It may not be plan A, but it is a good contingency to have in your back pocket if you need it. Martinez has lined up in the reciever position several times while Burkhead is under center.

    2. Sooka says:

      Yes, Coach Boo Boo gets Daffy Duck…..

  15. @kholland007 says:

    NU gets a great recruit, and the so called fans want to take shots at the program. You are very ignorant if you don’t get the fact that these kids read EVERY BLOG or whatever else is out there! So do us all a favor, take your negativity some place else.

    I have been asking for their resumes (the famous haters) even gave them my personal email to send it to and nothing! Probably 400 lbs men with a bag of cheetos, on a sofa with a built in fridge full of diet soda. Pathetic losers.

  16. Carl says:

    I remember when the Huskers played in NC games and had almost no penalties like AL did last night. I hope we can get back to that someday soon.

    1. Carl, not sure if we can get back to those day as long as Barney is coaching the line. He has had 4 years now and the linemen are still making the same mistakes.

  17. BlueJay says:

    I am happy to hear this. Westerkamp is a very good player and a great kid to boot. Can’t wait to see him on the field.

    1. Johnny_Nebraska says:

      He has all the makings of a great asset on offense. Looking forward to it.

  18. Sooka says:

    Can’t be too bright………..coming to a school where the QB can’t throw…..mmmmmm

    1. WIHusker says:

      Good point, Sooka. And ND has been so settled, so rock-solid, at QB over the last two years.

  19. socalhusker says:

    Game-breaking speed strikes fear into opposing defenses. When you have it a QB, a well blocked play or a bad angle could cause a long TD run. It also backs defenses up when used at receiver. Zones need to back up as well as the safeties. I have always favored a strong running game for college football and using Martinez at QB seemed to be the right move. After watching many teams this year it seems to me now that it is crucial to have a guy that can set his feet and deliver a strike down field. Can you run a zone read/power running game and still have the guy who can throw a dart?