Published Tuesday, January 17, 2012 AT 12:37 AM / Updated at 12:37 AM
Recruiting: Hawaii TE back on Husker radar
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska seems pretty committed now to landing a second tight end prospect, and when Brent Wilkerson essentially reaffirmed his commitment to Penn State, NU sent Ron Brown out for a home visit with Keoni Bush-Loo, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound Honolulu prospect.

“I’ve been hearing from them throughout the process,” Bush-Loo told Huskers Illustrated. “I started talking to them again last week and Coach Brown decided to stop by and that’s a big thing to come all the way to Hawaii from Nebraska. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.”

He’ll take his visit Jan. 27. Before that, he heads to Arizona.

You’ll notice Bush-Loo’s two-star rank and 70 rating doesn’t set any evaluation records. But he has BCS-level offers and Hawaii routinely turns out good players. Nebraska should know; it’s had a few.

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  1. Joey says:

    Agreed, Hawaii ALWAYS has great players on BOTH sides of the ball. BUT who is going to coach these TE,OL??? Barney Cotton??? See when Barney started at NU, and see he’s not improved anything.The BIGGEST disappointment is, Barney can’t stop the NU penalty woes, nor inject our OL with any OL attitude. Look at past films, and see the OL’s attitude from then and now. If NUcan give Barney the pink slip, and recruit a OL coach thatcan turn them back into power houses, and a OL coach that has GREAT amount of RECRUITING SKILLS, and most important EXPERIENCE!!!!! Until that happens, NU and their offense will struggle to win games they should win by 25 to 30 points. They’ll win by 10 to 17 points… not good, not good news at all. So if NU fans are hyped about Mich, Wisc, OSU, MSU, and think it’ll be different. Statistics DON’T lie, so unless NU gets a NEW OL coach, NU will face an offense that will choke against ligit BCS teams.

    1. Yes Man says:

      Truer words have never been spoken.

      Too bad NU is putting his entire family on scholarship. I would be that helps his job security. I am counting the days until Sam Cotton graduates and please tell me there aren’t any more behind him.

  2. rickenaz says:

    Yep, we like the boys from Hawahii. They just always seem to fit in well at Nebraska.

    1. “Hawaii routinely turns out good players. Nebraska should know; it’s had a few.” Seems like Sam agrees with you.

  3. HuskerJones says:

    Unless there are other polyasians on the team, the transition from the Islands to the mainland can be extremely difficult. Nebraska is very far away and cold.

    1. Maybe a little closer than South Korea though.

      1. ruggerhusker says:

        Actually South Korea is closer then the mainland. It is very difficult for someone from the islands to go to Nebraska, you are talking about someone that grew up wearing flipflops year round, and when the trade winds come in and drop the temp down into the 50′s, they are cold. Someone that looks out a sees blue ocean everyday, finds it tough to look at corn fields in exchange.
        However, if he wants a great education, and play for a coach that will take good care of him, he will show up at Nebraska!

        1. Drew Meyer says:

          If he is going to go to UNL he won’t see cornfields when he goes outside. The campus is right downtown and doesn’t have a rural feel to it at all.

  4. Twitty says:

    Another example of the scramble. Just started contacting him? The long term -big time – targets went poof. Thats what happens during a season ending meltdown. Now your scrambling to steal MAC recruits and 2 stars from the Island. It’s a part of the Process. Come on OWH, where’s the gd GPA for this kid?

    1. Michael says:

      Someone didn’t read the post…

      1. Josh says:

        No, someone is just being a stupid troll. Just ignore it.

        1. Twitty says:

          Cept you have no response to the way the recruiting world works cept “troll.” I got sum news for ya, just cause someone posts something you don’t agree with doesn’t make it a “troll”. Ok?

          1. Michael says:

            Yes. I disagree with your original comment, but I agree with this one. Not every dissatisfied fan is a troll; not every satisfied fan is drinking kool-aid.

    2. Mosier says:

      We’ve been in on this kid all along so I wouldn’t be upset with this. I think we were set with cotton until Kerr (Mr. troublemaker) was officially released after the season, so then we started looking again. Can’t blame the PSU kid for staying and Bush-Loo could work out very well. TE isn’t a position where you need highly ranked guys.

      1. Drew Meyer says:

        You are right. You rarely see high ranked tight ends. And the rating system doesn’t always give an accurate depiction of the player. Look at his size and attributes. Many of the other skills can be developed, especially at a school like Nebraska with the facilities that it has. Teams are not only built on high ranked prospects. They are more built on the development of other players. Nebraska is all about this as it has such a great history with walk on players. They have been a big part of the success in our history.

  5. Melvin says:

    why would NU want a TE? it’s had two all-america caliber TEs that they’ve wasted in the last 5 years. need a QB to throw it to them

    1. TRUEHuskerfan says:

      youre right… cause TE’s are only needed for passing situations. They arent suppose to be blockers.

  6. Redrage says:

    We already passed on a TE from Nebraska that made the Parade All American team and now he is on his way to Iowa next year. So now we are trying to get a TE from Hawaii to come all the way here! I know the Nebraska kid wanted to be a Husker but was asked to walk on, even after he made the Cotton kid look silly last summer at the Husker football camp.

    1. Twitty says:

      Rage, Process! Fans don’t know, Bo against the World!

    2. Ram says:

      I hope the Nebraska Parade All American burns us the next few years in Iowa. You know damn good and well that if his last name was Cotton, Blarney Baby would have him a full ride at NU. Get rid of Blarney!!!

      1. lt says:

        I’m with Ram I think Cotton brings mediocre players, (his sons) for full rides when even the Pelini young man walked on.

        1. Mosier says:

          Like our 3 year starting TE, and a Red Freshman that looked to have a potential starting spot on the line before injury. I’ll take all the “mediocre” players like that we can get, especially if they are Nebraskans.

  7. TrevForAD says:

    We have plenty of in state kids that can play this position. Best of luck in Arizona.

  8. Sooka says:

    Weather forecast for 27th….. low of only 13 degrees. He won’t be playing at Nebraska….

    1. Adam C says:

      You do realize that Ron Brown is going to Hawaii right?

  9. Lyle says:

    I didn’t know we had so many genius recruiters in Nebraska up before 7am to give the Husker staff advice. I’ll trust Bo and his staff to find, recruit and develop the talent. Hopefully this kid will like Nebraska and it should be in our favor that Coach Brown is the one recruiting him. For all the criticism of Martinez and his throwing motion, it’s obvious that the passing game is a key component of the Beck’s offense and kids that can run routes, Block and CATCH the ball are going to flourish at NU. For the Huskers to do well in the Big Ten they will have to be a balanced offense with short pass ability and deep ball threats to keep the defense off the line to free-up our running game. A little more support for the team and the coaches from the fans would be appreciated and I think it is deserved as well. GBR.

    1. TrevForAD says:

      Are you a blind athletic supporter? Why can’t you see that Bo doesn’t know how to recruit talent? The only good players have come from BC(Ganz, Suh etc.) or fallen into his lap (Lavonte David). Accept that we’re going to hire Trev and Bo will be replaced…It’s a fact.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Can only hope

      2. Lyle says:

        Let’s see how the whole UNO experiment works out for your buddy Trev before we worry about NU and replacing Bo. Maybe you have a little bromance going on with Trev but I’d rather take my chances with Pelini right now than throw a bunch of stones at the current coaches and demand that they (and T.O.) get replaced by Trev and whatever football coach he could hire. By the way, how’s that football program at UNO working out? Oh, and that national championship wrestling team too? Both gone? Geez.

        1. TrevForAD says:

          How many championships has that 2.4 million dollar sallry won in Lincoln?

          1. Mosier says:

            He took over 5-7 and was a few seconds/plays away from 2 Big 12 championships. Have a little perspective.

      3. Huskerfan87 says:

        I love the Huskers but sometimes I cannot stand Husker fans. Pelini is doing a great job recruiting and getting talented players in. If it was easy to win National Championships then more teams would do so, but as you can see, only ONE team can do it per year. He is putting solid teams out every year and is doing a great job coaching them. We are going to end up with a top recruiting class in the conference by them time everyone is signed. Seriously if you have such a problem with the team and the very talented players playing on it (including Martinez for all you haters) then go be a fan of another team. How awful is it that a team has to worry about the criticism and hate from its own fans? Give me a break and go troll somewhere else.

      4. Mosier says:

        Bo has been good at both evaluating and recruiting talent. He took over a program in shambles. He was/is absolutely money in bringing in the JUCO’s we needed to patch things up after Cally left and he has found a lot of diamonds in the rough (Gomes, Dennard, K Bell etc.) His classes have gotten better and better every year. I think he deserves another few years to prove he’s the right coach.

  10. Kansas Husker Fan . says:

    To all those complainers all i have to say is if your not grateful for the 2 & 3 star kids then your not deserving of winning. Those 2 & 3 star kids usually try harder to prove them selves so you never know when your getting a diamond in the rough. Gee how did we ever know how good our recruits were before the star rankings became popular.

    1. A Fan says:

      2 and 3 star talent is not going to win the Big 10. It’s not going to get you to the BCS bowls either. Anyone who thinks Nebraska is going to win it all, or even compete for it all, with a bunch of 2/3 star talent from East Cupcake High School, Nebraska… is a fool.

      1. Huskerfan87 says:

        The star rankings are a joke anyways. It is better to look at what all schools are recruiting a player. Recruiters could care less how ESPN ranks a player. They do there own recruiting a do a better job of evaluating whether or not a player is a good fit for their system then ESPN can do. Many of our 3 star recruits are getting recruited by big time schools, including many of the ones that have committed to us. Star rankings are kind of like projections in fantasy football. It gives you an idea of what might come out of a player but you really don’t know until the player gets on the field, and in college football’s case, develops and grows into the player that they can be. Nebraska has a long history of developing players that were “nobodies” into some of the best players in the country. We do it with walk-ons all the time and have done it for years.

      2. doug hemke says:

        are you refering to sheriff bill’s east cupcake county high school?

    2. Mosier says:

      Disagree, 2/3 stars have done well in the B1G at Wiscy and Iowa. Besides our avg. star ranking is 3.45! TE is almost like kickers, not many are rated high and the lower ranked guys often out perform higher ranked guys.

    3. Not so Fast says:

      The comment that 2 & 3 star players try harder has absolutely ZERO basis in fact. Its like saying that mutts are healthier than pure bred dogs. Its thrown out there alot, but there is nothing to back it up.
      Yes, many 2 and 3 star guys work very hard. So do 4 & 5 star guys. Fact is some players of all star levels work hard and some do not; some succeed and some do not.
      I’ll take a hard working guy who runs a 4.3 who can juke, catch, block, or whatever over a hard working guy who runs a 4.6 who can equally juke, catch, block, or whatever.
      Putting stars on 17-18 year old kids is an inexact science. Just because a guy who is rated with 4 or 5 stars doesn’t work out doesn’t mean he didn’t work hard. The only common denominator is that pretty much every kid of every star level who succeeds has had to work hard at the D1 level.

    4. TO knew says:

      Before the rankings came out, TO and his crew knew their system and which kids fit their system. Then they actually taught them and coached them.
      Other than dual threat QB (or more accurately a running QB), I don’t think this staff goes after too many guys that most everyone else isn’t also trying to get and have fall back guys (who aren’t getting heavily recruited).
      O-line is the most obvious position. Tenopir and Young knew what guys would fit their system and turned them into beasts. Cotton, uh, not so much.

      1. KSU student w/red blood says:

        Yeah but Dr. Tom Osborne found that skill after 20 years of learning with fans who wanted to fire/kill him for 9 win seasons.

  11. Bob says:

    Recruiting is getting harder. NU can’t afford another non-BCS bowl year. Next year will determine Bo’s future.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Im counting on it

      1. Bob says:

        I was always in the Turner Gill camp. I think he would have been successful here. He knows how to recruit and wasn’t given enough time at that empty cupboard of a Kansas team…but now that he’s employed again, I say: bring on Scott Frost.

        1. twauto22 says:

          I think Turner Gill is an amazing man, but come on , you think he could do better than Pelini is?? He has too strict of rules for kids these days , therefore he will not be able to bring in the athletes you need..

          1. Bob says:

            Oh…I see…he’s just too amazing for them? And what a better way to discount and give up on the youth of America than to say…”he is too strict.” While at the same time you have stereo-typed “athletes” as nothing more than tools to bring you victories. You totally represent the mental illness of the majority of football fans in this country. Talk about drifting down to mediocrity…

          2. KC Star says:

            KU fans would disagree about Gill being too strict. Check out the comments from KU fans regarding Weis releasing players. Many say Gill was too soft and the players did what they wanted, or, in the case of strength and conditioning, didn’t do what they were supposed to do.
            I think the world of Turner Gill as a man, but don’t know how he would have done here. I do agree with your comments about him at KS and I’m sure Weis will discover how hard it is to succeed at football at KU.

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            I think Ron Brown would do better than Pelini

    2. A Fan says:

      I agree. If we have another 4 loss season… the drums begin.

      1. Twitty says:

        It’s not losses, it’s how you do it.

  12. Joe Pelini says:


  13. BallField78 says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Football will never be the same again! Some of the 4* recruits actually said no! We’re digging at the bottom of the barrel! There’s no one left who can play football! Somebody save us!

    1. A Fan says:

      Have another glass of Kool Aid. Red.

  14. huskerj says:

    When will sportswriters start following the coaches on “some” recruiting visits?

  15. mac says:

    wouldn’t it be great if we were actually able to recruit top tier players at complimentary skill positions, like qb & wide-receiver, i.e., thrower to receiver of throws. I still don’t get why we have never, ever, been able to put these two concepts together in a way that scares someone…literally anyone.

    1. Rick says:

      Mac….Dont you remember the Callahan experiment. We recruited top players at skill positions. Remember Harrison Beck?? Marlon Lucky?? Mo Purify?? They were all hyped up and came with bunches of stars, however they were indeed a joke on the field, and certainly SCARED me everytime I see them strap on the N.
      I believe we are fine where we are at. I support Bo, his staff, and the players.

      1. mac says:

        the fact that none of the guys you mention were competent on the field speaks to BC’s staff’s incompetence in either recruiting or developing talent…more than the legitimate concept of pass the ball and catch the ball. just sayin, wouldn’t it be nice to literalize a pass and catch philosophy into reality?

    2. twauto22 says:

      Tommy Armstrong is considered the #5 QB in the country by and Westercamp is a four star reciever.. Hopefully that helps

  16. Hskerfn says:

    Twitty… why don’t you just shut up! With all Due Respect! :-)

    1. TRUEHuskerfan says:

      He cant. Hes a Troll. And to top it off, hes not smart enough to realize it.

  17. Red Out says:

    As crunch time gets closer, all I hear is that we are missing out on our top targets. I know we will probably get Peat, and we got Westerkamp, McMullen, Seisay, and I guess you could put Armstrong on that list to, but other than those names we are not even getting close to the top targets we were trying to get at other posistions. I’m sure that is how it goes for most schools unless your Alabama, Flordia State, LSU, and USC to some extent.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      A 13 point 1st qtr meltdown in a bowl game goes a long way……..actions speak louder than words.
      This kid would be a good catch, I see him becoming a NT.

    2. mac says:

      This hits the nail on the head from my view. Too little depth to compete on the big stage. It won’t be long, if wer’e not already there, that NU will be looking up at OSU, Mich and Wisc…three schools in our new conference with loads of recruiting advantages. Meyer, Hoke and Beilema are on the rise, while Bo & Co not only continue to struggle to get enough top-tier talent to compete, but to add insult to injury, suffer to build any legitimate depth. It’s not that we’re “bad,” it’s that by any objective measure we’re overmatched compared to cfb’s new heavy weights. We no longer “reload” since these days we’re just trying to find a gun that shoots.

    3. Lyle says:

      Uh, how about Rose at LB? He’s been a lock from day-one.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        can he throw?

      2. Mosier says:

        Probably. But more importantly Armstrong sure can.

    4. Twitty says:

      Wake up. We’re done on all the big guns. They don’t want no ride on the weezin P machine.

  18. BallField78 says:

    @mac: “complimentary skill positions” – that’s a cheerleader. I think you mean “complementary”

    1. mac says:

      nice! thanks. missed that one. fortunately I don’t fail on “their, they’re and there, or, to and too.

  19. Todd says:

    Why are they chasing these unremarkable players from one side of the country to the other while leaving Ott unrecruited?

  20. doug hemke says:

    really? now we’re getting jazzed up over 2 stars? nice. maybe he’s got a one star brother who wants to play dline. at least the browns got a second honeymoon out of the deal!

    1. Michael says:

      really? now we’re evaluating players we’ve never seen play based on stars? nice.

      1. Huskerfan87 says:

        People don’t understand how recruiting works. Teams and coaches could care less how ESPN ranks a player with stars. They go and recruit for themselves and they have a much better idea of what a player is worth to a team than a generic star ranking that gets put on a player.

  21. Lyle says:

    Maybe I just like to see the cup half full, but here’s my outlook: NU is new to the Big Ten but we made a pretty decent first impression. With another good year or two, Nebraska can start making a serious run at recruits out of Ohio and Michigan. When NU can start pulling kids away from those schools then it’s a win for us and a lose for the other schools. Nebraska will always be at a disadvantage to OSU and Mich in recruiting just like we were with Texas. There’s a ton of exposure for NU now that we’re part of the Big Ten. Honestly, I don’t think a lot of the country really cares about the Big XII and so Nebraska wasn’t even followed by a lot of highschool players. But now, we’re on all the time and we’re playing big name schools in populated states with a lot of televisions carrying the games. We’re going to get more looks from 3, 4 and 5 star athletes simply due to our conference alignment and greater TV exposure. Same goes for basketball, for all the Doc-haters out there.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      classic example right here

      1. 4NU says:

        Classic example of what? Someone looking at the situation without all the doom and gloom that so many posters on here have? The sky isn’t falling in Lincoln or in the rest of the state. We are a lot closer than most of the people on here to returning to elite status.

        1. A Fan says:

          And your statement is based on what? Another year with 4 losses? That we can win 9 games each year… with D-1AA competition as non-conference game(s)?

          We’re not going to get to elite status if we don’t face up to what’s staring at us in the mirror. We don’t have a very good QB. We make too many mistakes. We fold up when adversity strikes. Those issues go to coaching. In a lot of positions, we don’t have enough depth.

          1. 4NU says:

            Good points for the most part. We fold up when adversity strikes? Always? There have been numerous times where this team hasn’t completely folded under pressure. There have been games every season since Pelini has been here that we have thrived under pressure. You can’t just look at the bad without taking the good. At least Pelini can get us to win games when down at halftime. The previous regime never was able to. There is some good in the midst of all the negatives.

        2. Twitty says:

          Trust me if Bo keeps up the gpa crap the sky boxes in Lincoln will fall…

    2. A Fan says:

      Nebraska was picked to either win the Big 10 or compete against Wisconsin for the title in 2011. We did neither. For someone to say that’s a decent impression… well, I’d hate to see what a bad impression is. We’re overrated, right now. And the only way we lose that tag is to beat Wisconsin, beat Michingan, beat the teams we’re supposed to beat… every time. None of that is happening, consistently enough.

      1. Huskerfan87 says:

        Beating good teams like that every time is just fantasy. No team can beat good in-conference teams like that EVERY TIME. It was our first year in the conference anyways. We are adjusting to the system, getting very solid recruits, and developing the players we have. Lets try something new as “the greatest fans in all the country” and support our team and our coaches, rather than having backseat driver attitudes and criticizing everything they are doing. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Especially compared to the everyone who sits on their butts and bashes the team that they say they love. Yes we want championships. What school doesn’t? But if it was that easy, then it wouldn’t be a true championship because every team could do it.

        1. Mosier says:

          great post, the greatest fans in the country need to support their team. Bashing never helps, especially when it is just illogical drivel.

          1. Twitty says:

            No real fans call it like it is. The flying P is not bigger than the Program. Who’s gonna polish olde Red’s statue after BoBo is done?

          2. Colonel says:

            I love my country but that doesn’t keep me from being honest about its flaws and admitting that people with other views about how to fix it also love this country. We just disagree on the fix.

            Same for Husker fans. Some think we need alot of change and some think everything is perfect just the way it is.

          3. KSU student w/red blood says:

            Colonel…. That was a great comparison. Kudos!

      2. Lyle says:

        Beating Minnesota, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa and Northwestern on a regular basis should be expected. Michigan St. and Penn St. hopefully we’ll beat them more often then they beat us. But, right now, it’s ridiculous to expect that NU is going to do any better than 50:50 when playing Ohio St., Wisconsin or Michigan. If any fan is expecting to go 8-0 every year in the Big Ten, then they are delusional.

  22. Mosier says:

    Kid could be a good pick up. Would definately trade him for Kerr anyway. Wish there was a good Juco TE out there to take though. Maybe next year with more schollies? TE depth is going to be a little weak with Reed and Cotton gone after next year.

  23. Mosier says:

    TE rankings don’t mean much. Very few are highly ranked, and often walk-on/3 star players become very good contributors. Anybody know who our highest rated TE recruit of the last 10 years was? Herian? T. Wistrom? Reed? McNeil? Nope, it was Josh Mueller. Remember him? Didn’t think so.

    1. Bozo says:

      Josh Mueller…..what year did he come in? I missed that one….but what do I know, I’m just a clown.

      1. Mosier says:

        4* #10 overall TE in 03′. Stayed 5 years but always backed up his 3 star #40 classmate JB Phillips, despite no other TE’s being brought in for the next 3 years for competition.

  24. DFresh87 says:

    can’t handle this NUcorndevil guy…………..all he does is s h i t down his leg about NU football…..this is the last time I’m on this, b/c this guy is not an educated football fan, and thinks he is the end all about NU football…..10bucks says this guys never even played the game……..

    1. DFresh87 says:

      p.s. now i see why fans around the country hate us husker fans cuz they run into ppl like this guy

    2. Mosier says:

      He is a troll. Best not to feed him. He comes in, spouts non-sense with nothing to back him up. He is a spoiled child that is mad at the world because when he turns on the TV in his mothers basement he doesn’t see the same product that won 3 out of 4 NC’s. I have heard he was banned from LJS and sometimes I wish the OWH would do the same.

      1. Twitty says:

        The devil just wants you to take Alice’s red pill and pull the koolaide tubes…

  25. redark says:

    Blarney woud turn five 5 stars into a mediocre offensive line.Just look at his history at NU. Keep his kids, they play hard.

    1. Mosier says:

      Blarney has never had a 5 star O-lineman… I like Barney, and think he deserves more time as the line was in complete shambles when he came in. (only 2, 4th and 5th year O-lineman this year). If last years class of lineman don’t develop by the time they are Juniors though he should be replaced.

      1. Twitty says:

        Time….time…time….time…it’s a commodity that’s quickly running out…

      2. Wow says:

        Of all the things in shambles when Pelini and Co took over, O-line wasn’t one of them.

        This staff has brought in as much or more talent on the o-line as any other position on the team and it consistently under performs with stupid mental mistakes and no attitude whatsoever.

        By all measures, Barney isn’t getting it done.

    2. Mark says:

      Agreed. He needs to go.

  26. SE3KACT says:

    Wow! I think these Pelini bashers need to step back and get a reality check. National Championship? How long did it take Tom Osborne to win one? He’s won 9 games every year. And even though we’ve had some offensive woes, remember, we just changed conferences, played 12 new opponents this year (including South Carolina). The 80′s and 90′s huskers were well oiled machines pushing out quality SYSTEM quarterbacks in their junior and senior seasons. Martinez has problems, but he’s only a sophmore! I do agree with a new OL strategy, I think we already have good, young talent.

    1. Twitty says:

      Another Bo to TO comparison. Bo can’t hold a candle to TO. And I just read somewhere it’s not 1973. A soph with how many games under his belt coach? Good talent? Ask coach R about that.

    2. BallField78 says:

      Let’s then compare to Devaney. It took him 10 years to win a NC. Somewhat similar fiery disposition. Took over team is a somewhat similar position, record-wise, versus the NC team Osbourne took over.

  27. Mark says:

    I agree with some of the comments here that Barney should go. He can’t seem to recruit or coarch at the standard expected of him. Also we need to find a new QB since Tyler lack leadership skills to lead the offense.

    To all those so called fans who call others trolls simply because they disagree with you: Grow up. I bet some of you didn’t even go to school at UNL. I’ve been through the system and I’ve personally met Dr. Osborne and let me tell you Bo is nothing like him. He is obviously better than Callahan, but I have always doubted his head coaching abilities. His style doesn’t seem to motivate and encourage players. Players playing for TO loved him and loved playing for him and gave it their all on the field. I’m yet to see Bo’s bunch play with the same passion, intensity and focus.

    1. NUCornDog says:

      Weird. I’ve met Tom and Bo. Both are fine coaches, but not clones.

      And yes, it is possible to know both people. Tom’s brother is quite a nice businessman in Hastings. I do business with the Osborne family.

      My son plays baseball in Lincoln. Bo coaches his son’s team. One of the nicest people you’ll meet, albeit very competative.

      I like that the discussion here is free of obstruction, but it seems like some Husker fans lose track of reality. We are talking about kids and coaches. It’s fine to expect good results a good part of the time. But, all of the time? Get a grip!


  28. Mark says:

    I agree with some of the comments here that Barney should go. He can’t seem to recruit or coarch at the standard expected of him. Also we need to find a new QB since Tyler lacks leadership skills to lead the offense.

    To all those so called fans who call others trolls simply because they disagree with you: Grow up. I bet some of you didn’t even go to school at UNL. I’ve been through the system and I’ve personally met Dr. Osborne and let me tell you, Bo is nothing like him. He is obviously better than Callahan, but I have always doubted his head coaching abilities. His style doesn’t seem to motivate and encourage players. Players playing for TO loved him and loved playing for him and gave it their all on the field. I’m yet to see Bo’s bunch play with the same passion, intensity and focus.

    1. jason t says:

      BO is going thru tough times with his loyalty. Cotton and Dobson have step up. Or they must go!!! AND tho Bo is no DR. TOM (LORD)OSBOURNE,Bo WILL bring NEB . back to a top 10 player year in year out.

  29. Cowboy says:

    Evan Goodman from Floridia will be Husker.

  30. Franz says:

    NU will not fully compete until TM is not the QB. Not trying to bust on the kid, there are lots and lots of guys who are good players and good people not in the starting lineup. This team needs a Frazier or Frost kind of QB who can will the team to victories and bring everyone else along. TM is by far not the only thing holding this offense back but Field Generalship goes a long way. Watch how great QBs do it-they are confident and their teammates have confidence in them. In times of adversity, you just don’t see that with this offense (arguably OSU, but it had as much to do with OSUs QB situation).
    Whether he gets beat out (unlikely since Bo seems to have hitched the wagon to him) or he graduates, the offense will immediately improve when the next signal caller is under center.

  31. KSU student w/red blood says:

    I’m much more worried about player development than stars. We have the best (IMHO) weight room in the Nation, yet we consistently get beat. I’m talking PHYSICALLY beat…

    What happened to the maulers of the 90′s? I mean, I’m pretty young, but I seem to recall Nebraska athletes who were so well conditioned that for 45 minutes the game would be close… then the fourth quarter would happen…(“scoring explosion”)

    Remember Warren Sapp and company struggling to breathe against our pipeline? In the National Title game? Where Nebraska lineman were being taunted for being “too short and fat to play true competition”?

    Why has our strength and conditioning dropped so much?

    1. BallField78 says:


  32. jason t says:

    When we sign A-PEAT to this years class our O-LINE looks loaded. I PRAY Cotton and Dobson dont fail these kids. Athliticly speaking.