Published Wednesday, January 18, 2012 AT 9:23 AM / Updated at 4:15 PM
Recruiting: GI QB Fyfe down to NU and UNK
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Over the last two years, Grand Island’s Ryker Fyfe drew some favorable comparisons to an in-state quarterback who got away from Nebraska football: North Platte’s Nathan Enderle, who had a strong career at Idaho and now plays in the NFL.

Fyfe isn’t going to get a scholarship offer from NU. But, like Tyson Broekemeier before him, he’s getting courted hard to walk on, where the 6-foot-4, 195-pounder would have an opportunity to grow.

“I’d get to play Division I football and play in the Big Ten,” Fyfe told Huskers Illustrated. “They have a great coaching staff and great facilities. It’s just a whole different level, I know that.”

Fyfe’s other option: A scholarship to the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where the potential to play earlier and more often is attractive.

“That’s the only thing that really throws me,” he said. “Nebraska said if I work hard and I choose to walk on, there’s no doubt I can improve. But Kearney said I can go for four years and have a scholarship and have that sort of thing. It’s a great opportunity there, too.”

Fyfe threw for 1,921 yards and 20 touchdowns, and ran for 746 yards and 14 touchdowns at Grand Island.

The kid’s definitely a prospect, but one considerable plus with Fyfe is his height, which could open up some of the running back screen game Nebraska has struggled to use in recent years.  If Fyfe were in Texas instead of Nebraska, he’d probably be a Sun Belt/Conference USA offer. NU could be getting a steal here. Or UNK could.

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  1. TheGov21 says:

    I wouldn’t say that Enderle is playing in the NFL. He’s the 3rd QB for the Bears and when Cutler got hurt and Hanie played horrible, he couldn’t even get on the field. However I do realize he is a rookie and a developmental player. But he still isn’t “playing”

    1. Big Red in KC says:

      playing or not…kid is making tons of money…not bad from a NP kid who “wasn’t good enough” to play at Nebraska. Whose the last QB Nebraska had anywhere close to 3 deep in the NFL. Probably Frost and he was on defense. T Magic will never get that close to playing in the NFL.

      1. Edgar F Greenwood says:

        You really cant compare the two QB. They ran two completely different offensive schemes.

      2. G0B1GRED says:

        It wasn’t the first time Nebraska screwed up in picking up some serious North Platte talent…………………………

        1. mosier says:

          Cally missed on both these guys, I thought he was such a great recruiter…

    2. Bill says:

      If he’s on an NFL roster, he’s one of the 100 best QBs playing today. That’s an amazing feat. How many of us are one of the 100 best at what we do?

      1. CremedCorn says:

        I AGREE! some times i think Boo Pelini just doesnt care about in state talents

        1. TheGov21 says:

          Well Pelini wasn’t here when Enderle was being recruited.

          And why should Pelini go after every in state kid? This kid isn’t getting offers from other Big 10 or even Big 12 schools. Sounds like his only offer is from UNK. I don’t want Nebraska to be wasting scholorships on Nebraska kids if they aren’t at that talent level.

          1. John says:

            We have an in-state Parade All American in Drew Ott (Giltner) and Nebraska NEVER offered him a scholarship! Where is the recruiting headed when we don’t even offer this kid even after he hit all the Husker camps.The Huskers handed this one to Iowa.Huge mistake…we’ll see.You can NOT lose these kinds of in-state kids without a battle!Either the Huskers screwed-up or Parade is wrong.We’ll just have to watch and see.

          2. Gravy says:

            Yeah who wants an in-state kid–BOOO!I believe,if I recall correctly, an in-state kid from the Millard area did pretty fair as a college player a few years ago.Anybody remember a character named Crouch???

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          But they end up saving his butt time after time.

          1. Confused Husker Fan says:

            Seriously…how often did instate talent such as Thorell, Cassidy, O’Hannoln (spelling?) (with the exception of the last three games of his career), and going way back Rickets get burned throughout their careers. Please get off this kick that in-state talent is the solution to your football woes. Pelini knows what he is doing and realizes the lack of talent in the state of Nebraska. The heart and passion in-state players bring is second to none, but their talent is not there.

          2. kevin says:

            John Parade is wrong alot. Where is Giltner ?

        3. JDR says:

          and by that, you are blaming BC for not recruiting Nate? that was all callahan, BO was not coach then

          1. Edgar F Greenwood says:

            Very true

      2. Dan Conner says:

        Nebraska (the state) has great football players, just not enough of them. I live in Portland, Oregon and often debate football with friends from Washington state. Nebraska has about 2 million people living within it’s borders, total. Seattle metropolitan area alone has more more than 3.4 million, and the state was at about 6.5 million in 2008. It is remarkable that Nebraska does as well as it does with such a small population base.

        1. socalhusker says:

          I agree. Nebraska actually does quite well for not having a recruiting base of 3 and 4 star talent. Here in socal, LA provides the base for at least 10 D1 schools and probably more. When you think about it, the high quality product that NU has put on the field for 50 years is nothing short of amazing.

          1. A Fan says:

            The biggest reason for that run is Nebraska recruits from across the United States. Especially Texas and California.

        2. Tom says:

          Nebraska has 1.7 million people and 1 FBS college football team. Ohio has 11.5 million people and 8 FBS college football teams.
          That means Ohio (the forth best state for recruiting) has a lower percentage of available players than Nebraska does, 1.4 million people per team versus 1.7. Stop saying that Nebraska doesn’t have the population base, the facts don’t support it. Time to recruit more in-state players, I saw 4 juniors in the Class A state championship game that deserve to have offers now.

          1. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

            C’mon, you aren’t being honest here. Ohio State is the alpha dog for recruiting in the state of Ohio, everyone else from Ohio U., Akron, Cincy, Dayton, Kent St. etc…gets the table scraps

            You want to make this kind of comparison use a state with 2 or more legitimate BCS conference schools otherwise it is meaningless.

          2. Charles says:

            The 8 teams in Ohio aren’t equal. OSU is the first choice for 80% of in-state players. You really think that, all things being equal, that a prospect is going to pick Akron over the Buckeyes?

            Ohio State is a bad example anyway. Most of their star players are from outside the state. Stop thinking that in-state talent is going to fix anything. You go after the best talent and potential you can find, whether in Nebraska or not, then turn back home for 3- and 2- star recruits.

          3. Jeff_Georgia says:

            Thanks for your evaluation, coach.

          4. UltimaRatioRegum says:

            Tom, that’s just a lazy. There is ONE school in Ohio, then there are the “well, if you HAVE to stay on Ohio” schools. And even in Nebraska you have your second string schools like Ohio has. In reality Ohio has 11.5 million population base to recruit from while everyone else gets fights for the leftovers. No matter how you slice it, the Huskers have only a 1.7 million base to recruit from, period.

          5. Tom says:

            Glad to stir it up, if you do a little research you’d see that yes indeed Ohio St. cherry-picked 13 total recruits from in-state last year.

            Again looking at total population that was an average of one player out of each 800,000 people.

            So y’all are right, Nebraska should not recruit more than 2 in-state players a year. Never mind the team I played on had a future All Big 8 DE, a Sugar Bowl MVP and a several game starter/valuble back-up. But that was ages ago, obviously there isn’t any talent in Nebraska anymore.

            Seriously, can anyone assure me that NU could have definitely beaten Ohio, Cincy or Toledo this year?

    3. Me says:

      He’s in the NFL. How many Nebraska QBs can say that? You can split hairs if you want, but the point is NU missed out on a nice QB prospect.

    4. RJ says:

      what a hater. the kid is on an NFL roster, which is more than we can say for joey ganz, sam keller, zac lee, etc. don’t me wrong, i love ganz and lee but they did not make the nfl, enderle did. you ever make it to the NFL Gov? i didn’t think so.

  2. Husker_Power says:

    Love his size.. get him here! GBR

  3. TheGov21 says:

    I think it would be great for him to come to Nebraska, but if he wants to get on the field right away then UNK is probably a better choice for him. Maybe Carl could come in and get him to go to FAU? If he has Sun Belt potential.

    But I wonder how he fits in Nebraska’s scheme. He seems like a pocket passer (I haven’t seen him play, so correct me if I’m wrong) but Nebraska seems to be going with a system with mobile threats. Every other QB they are recruiting is a mobile guy. So maybe NU isn’t the best fit for him.

    1. Andy says:

      Am in GI. Seen Fyfe play any times. Kid can run and is mobile. Great arm, throws well on the run and more mobile than people think. GI ran the spread and he ran the ball often.

      Here is something to think about. By size and ability Fyfe has a lot of the look of Patrick Witt. Witt got run out of town by Bo (can say what you want about going to Yale). Witt had a nice career at Yale and will likely get a shot at the NFL if he chooses.

      Not saying Witt will do anything if he does get the chance in NFL but if he does Bo really screwed the pooch on that. Think about P. Witt throwing the ball behind that o line in 2008 and 2009 instead of Lee.

      1. Josh says:

        Witt in the NFL? Damn, is that you Walter? That meth you’re brewing is getting to your head.

        1. Andy says:

          CAn’t deny that he had a nice career at Yale. Smart kid with the physical tools if given a chance. Ivy Leaguers have gotten a shot in the NFL before. Not saying he will, but wouldn’t that stick in every Cornhusker fans craw if Witt even made an NFL team let alone had some success.

      2. Joein L-town says:

        Actually, Barney Cotton ran Witt out of town. Cotton didn’t like him and made things miserable. Cotton can go F himself.

      3. Marv says:

        Witt wasn’t that good. He would have struggled to beat Lee out for started QB. Remember…that Lee that was average at best.

      4. education? says:

        Unless one has a legitimate shot of making the NFL and making a lifetime’s salary in just a few years, choosing a Yale education over a Nebraska one is an easy decision.

        1. Jeff_Georgia says:

          Maybe. You get out of an education what you put in, regardless of what school you go to. Yale is a nice name, but some real idiots have Yale degrees.

  4. Mark says:

    In all likelihood, this will be one of the last time I hear about this kid. Whether he goes to NU and disappears on the depth chart, or goes to UNK and disappears at, well, UNK, I don’t see getting or losing this kid as that important. Sure wish this kid the best of luck though, where he chooses to go!

  5. Todd says:

    I would like NU to have a starting quarterback from in state Nebraska. I know the coaches are big on the kid from Auroa and hope they give Bronson Marsh another chance at quarterback. Hope he chooses NU. All of our quaterbacks from out of state never seem to quite pan out.

    1. TheGov21 says:

      Joe Ganz wasn’t from Nebraska and he did well in his year and a half. Zach Taylor did a good job and he wasn’t from Nebraska. How did Tommy Frazier do? What about Brook Berringer?

    2. Mark says:

      Yes, guys like Tommy Frazier, Steve Taylor, Turner Gill and Jerry Tagge definitely did not pan out for Nebraska.

      1. Bob says:

        Who? LOL

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          How about Eric Crouch?

          1. Colorado Springer says:

            He’s from Omaha, but a lot of Nebraskan’s figure that’s out of state. LOL

    3. Me says:

      You are not serious with this comment are you??

    4. A Fan says:

      You’re in… over your head. All of the great Nebraska QBs, except Scott Frost and Eric Crouch, were not from Nebraska. Jerry Tagge (Wisconsin), Turner Gill (Texas), Steve Taylor (California), Tommie Frazier (Florida). Theme… out of state.

    5. Mark says:

      check my list below and you’ll see a long list (since 1987 of in-state QB’s who never panned out)

  6. Don’t down talk this young QB from GI. Nebraska needs to keep the local pipeline going. The walk on program has a great tradition at Nebraska and is valuable to the entire team and program. Look at some of the great walk on’s who just graduated. Tyler Legate…kids was one tough Fullback, Saftey, Austin Cassidy, Center, Caputo not flashy but solid enough and smart enough to start. Be proud of them for all they accomplished during their college careers. Great kids, great student / football ambassadors for NU.

    Stop all the T magic BS. I let the coaches to do the coaching and recruiting, not the fans They are the professionals and know the most about it. Then I hold them accounatable. Bo knows best in my book!

    Be proud of the Huskers and our great football program!

    1. Mark says:

      I will give you Caputo and Legate…but not Cassidy. I really thought Cassidy was one of the most overrated players to come through Nebraska recently. My only recollections of Cassidy from this season was dropped interceptions and routinely failing to play the ball. He had a nice stretch at the end of last year, but in my eyes, he was more of a liability than a positive this year. Seriously, tell me one play you can remember him making from this season.

      1. Bob says:

        Austin Cassidy was a valuable asset at NU.
        2011 (Senior)
        Chattanooga: Totaled four tackles, as the Huskers limited Chattanooga to just 230 yards in a 40-7 win. Fresno State: Broke up a career-high two passes, while also adding four tackles in Nebraska’s win over the Bulldogs. Washington: Made a then-season-high six tackles and snuffed out Washington’s final scoring threat with a diving interception with 1:32 remaining. Wyoming: Notched six tackles, as Nebraska held the Cowboys to 305 yards. Wisconsin: Totaled five tackles, including two solo stops from his safety position. Ohio State: Totaled five tackles and a pass breakup, as the Huskers held Ohio State to 6-of-18 passing. Minnesota: Tied for the team lead with six tackles, including three solo stops and also scooped up a fumble and returned it 11 yards for a touchdown to give NU a 27-0 lead. Michigan State: Recorded three tackles to key a defense that held MSU to three points and 11-of-27 passing. Northwestern: Totaled a then-season-high eight tackles and snuffed out a Wildcat scoring drive as he intercepted a pass in the end zone and returned it 50 yards to set up a Husker touchdown that made it 14-10 in the third quarter. Penn State: Keyed Nebraska’s win over No. 12 PSU with a season-high nine tackles, including five solo stops, in a 17-14 win in Happy Valley. Michigan: Totaled six tackles in the loss to the Wolverines. Iowa: Tied Andrew Green for third on the team in tackles with six, including three solo stops, as the Blackshirts held the Hawkeyes to 270 yards of total offense in a 20-7 Husker victory. South Carolina (Capital One Bowl): Totaled two tackles and earned a quarterback hurry against the Gamecocks.

      2. Bob says:

        He also was an excellent student which is very important to me. I don’t know how guys like Austin do it. Maintaining a great GPA while having to put in beaucoup hours for football. Thanks Austin for being a Husker. You are a great role model! Best wishes for a very successful career.
        Honors & Awards

        Honorable-Mention All-Big Ten (Media, 2011)
        Campbell Trophy Semifinalist (Most Outstanding Student-Athlete, 2011)
        First-Team CoSIDA Academic All-American (2011)
        Academic All-District VII (2011)
        Academic All-Big Ten (2011)
        First-Team Capital One/CoSIDA Academic All-American (2010)
        First-Team Capital One Academic All-District VII (2009, 2010)
        First-Team Academic All-Big 12 (2009, 2010)
        Four-Time Big 12 Commissioner’s Fall Academic Honor Roll (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
        Four-Time Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring Academic Honor Roll (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

      3. A Fan says:

        He recovered a fumble against Minnesota and returned it for a TD. That’s the only play I remember. His stats for 2011:

        30 solo tackles
        40 assisted tackles

        Started 13 games. So… he’s making less than 3 tackles, by himself, a game. And 3 more with help. About 5 total tackles per game. Not bad… but nothing more than average.

        1. Jeff_Georgia says:

          What was your D1 tackle total?

          1. A Fan says:

            Who cares? Try and keep up.

      4. Mark says:

        Caputo stepped on T-Marts ankle and ruined his running in 2011…that’s how “solid” your 5’11″ Petito-groomed Mustang was. He played simply because of a lack of options and was routinely destroyed by D-Tackles from every opponent including South Dakota State’s 1-AA guys!

    2. Me says:

      Who is down talking the kid??

    3. A Fan says:

      The guys you mentioned… none of them would of started at Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State. If we’re going to beat those kinds of teams, we need better football players. If you don’t like what other posters have to say… get in line.

  7. W. Wright says:

    And some wonder why a school like UNK has to go out of state to get its QB’s. All the good NE kids at the position would rather walk on, and sit behind scholarship QB’s, at UNL.

  8. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    This is what Husker Football is all about, this kid is already better than T-Melt.
    I would get him reps w/the first string A.S.A.P!!!
    Homegrown and hungry, this kid cant get here soon enough!

    1. CaliforniaHusker says:

      You, sir… are a clown.

    2. Well, just be content with nine wins a season then.

    3. Jeff_Georgia says:

      How the h e l l would you know? Where did you learn you talent evaluation skills? NFL? D1? HS? Back yard? Madden 1999? Mother’s basement?

  9. Kansas Husker says:

    I’d take a Gdowski or Blakeman as backup on the team about now wouldn’t you? Heck Blakeman’s still in the NFL after all this time..

    1. Skytown J says:

      About Blakeman, correct. And funny. But seriously, Gdowski was a similar type of player to Martinez, but probably a better QB at NU than Martinez will ever be. When I look at Taylor, his electric/long scoring runs disappeared 2011, and his passing improved perhaps marginally (to still not acceptable by D1 stds). I hate to say it, but I think Bo better take a real long look at Carnes or Turner this spring.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        You guys all cut down Martinez but remember next year will only be his JUNIOR year. Also it will be his first year with a year of experience in the same offensive system and with the same coordinator. Comparison: Scott Frost had two years under BILL WALSH & 3 years under TOM OSBORNE, never started till his JUNIOR year, and still threw like the shot putter he was. Tommy Frazier – not a great passer. Never played pro ball. Brook Berringer – not a great passer. Eric Crouch – not a great passer, but a Heisman Trophy winner. The difference is the OFFENSIVE LINES those people played behind. Period.

        1. A Fan says:

          Nebraska will never win anything of importance with Martinez as the starting QB. He’s been the starter for TWO years. In that time, his explosiveness running the ball has dropped off significantly, he doesn’t have pocket presence, he still makes too many mistakes with the ball… and I’ve seen women throw the football better than him. Why anyone would think all or any of that is going to get much better… well, only fools would believe it. The most important stat with Martinez… his W/L stat as a starting QB. He’s 17 – 7, in two years. He might get to 30+ wins as a 4 year starter… but he’s going to have 15 losses to go with it. None of that compares to the W/L records of Gill, Taylor, Frazier, Frost and Crouch.

          1. Husker Josh says:

            he will not have 15+ losses and if you watched the games this year, you would know that he can’t throw the ball and catch it too. his passing was miles better this year and he will only improve…

          2. Colorado Springer says:

            Any of the players you named would have the same record as Martinez if they started as freshmen or sophomores with the present players on NU ‘s team today.

          3. Colorado Springer says:

            Or vice-versa, if Martinez was the starter on their teams with their talent & THEIR COACHING STAFFS he would have been a national championship qb.

          4. Mark says:

            has nothing to do with crappy offensive line play? 5’11 Caputo at center getting destroyed by D-Tackles? If you recall it was Caputo getting blown back and stepping on T-Marts ankle that started his demize in 2011.

  10. Skers In So Cal says:

    I had the same choice long time ago. I’m still paying off student loans. Get the free education AND play pretty good high level football.

    1. Marv says:

      You can have the glitz and glamour of being on a D1 FB team or you can be top dog at a very good DII program…oh and have no student loans.

  11. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Darn, one gets all excited about a player, then one remembers the coaching he will be infected with.
    One can only hope this team develops enough character, and wins at least 7 games in spite of the staff nxt year.

    1. Bozo says:

      Don’t you have a job to go to? Please stop trolling these Husker sites.

    2. Colorado Springer says:

      Would you rather that Urban Meyer coached him? Remember, he had Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow for four years and still couldn’t teach him to throw. Or Coach Gundy at Okie State who lost a shot at the National Championship because he couldn’t get his team up for Iowa State? How about Bob Stoops, whose team was Pre-season #1. How did they do. Or Stoops #2 who you guys all wanted for DC. How many points did he give up to Coach Pelini last time they hooked up? Hmmm. How ’bout Brady Hoke, B1G coach of the Year, who lost games because he tried to turn Denard Robinson into a pro-style QB, finally relenting and letting him run the Spread against Nebraska? The truth is that there are no Superhuman coaches that can press magic buttons and turn average players into great players or lure 5 star athletes in without any kind of scandle in their programs.

  12. I’ll take all the walk ons we can get from where ever they come from. If they want to play for the Big Red and have their hearts set on great D 1 ball let them come here. The true fans absolutely love these kids. They may eventually start or they may not, but they are still important to the program. Those that start no matter who they are, are judged by their coaches to be the best players available at their positions. They are also mostly great kids from this state and others that give of themselves in a huge way both in season and off season to be their very best. Plus they are mostly really great students and young people we can all be proud of. Look at all the NCAA all american scholar athlets that come through the football program and the other fine athlectic programs at the university. Many of these bright students stay here in the state and provide the educated people we need to have the great state we live in. Be proud of all the huskers!

    1. Husker Josh says:

      you are the kind of fan who is keeping the program back. walk-ons are okay,but with scholarship restrictions being what they are, we have to have high quality talent, and we ain’t gonna get it from Nebraska. you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to talent recognition, especially compared to the coaching staff. those guys live and breathe recruiting 80 hours a week and you work security at the local mall or something. shutup. you are losing your friends, all three of them. take a deep breath, no,out of your nose dummy. quit eating your own boogers. choke on a gas pipe.

  13. Huskerchick in Mo says:

    Why wouldn’t Bo give him a chance,were giving hom another one!!

    1. Mark says:

      25 years of futility recruiting in-state Nebraska quarterbacks is why…see my list at the bottom…dates back to 1987.

      1. Twitty says:

        EC = futility?

        1. Mark says:

          yes…one QB out of 4000 Nebraska high school quarterbacks in a 10 year span = futility.

  14. Karl Connealy says:

    I think we need all the edumacated peepal we can get in this staight. Cuz after reading all this hogwash I’ve cum to the cuncluzhun you peepal aren’t all that brite!!

  15. Nebraska Fan stuck in MN says:

    It used to be apx. 6o% of the players were from Nebraska… probably isn’t so now. Not since Tom left. I agree wih Kansas Husker. Blakeman could have went to Kansas or Iowa conference schools, what would have happen to Tom if he would have … and back then … beat Nebraska…? Keep your best in the state… they have dreamed about playing for BIG RED, their heart will be in it and so will their home town win or lose.

    1. Me says:

      You mean not since scholarship limits curtailed roster sizes?? 60% of the roster might have been from NE, but 60% of the starters were not. NE can’t afford to promise scholarships to the 5-10 best kids in the state anymore. Its the way the times are now, its not the coaches fault. And with every team now playing on TV and sharing in more of the glory players aren’t so willing to just go be a backup at one of the top 10 to 15 schools. Kids can go play at Ohio, Colorado State, and Wyoming and still play on TV several times a year. Tom Osborne wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

      1. Twauto22 says:

        according to we had 55 out of 120 players on our roster from the state of Nebraska. Like “Me” said they cant give scholarships to 10 nebraska kids every year like they use to or we have 10 Nebr kids and 8 from other states.. Not really giving you much of a chance to recruit top athletes.. I think 45 % of the roster is a pretty darn good number.. I also back him on the fact that these kids now can go to Ohio, Western Kentucky, Idaho, and such and still get a full ride and play occasionally on Tv..

      2. Colorado Springer says:


        1. Colorado Springer says:

          A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y ;~}

      3. A Fan says:

        I’d like to see the football roster go down to 33% Nebraska kids. The rest… obviously out of state. I have to laugh at these Nebraska fans who think some kid from East Cupcake High School in Lollypop, Nebraska is going to compete against the best from Houston, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, etc. Those kids see more competition in a month’s worth of games than a typical Nebraska kid will see in 4 years of high school ball. Look at running back. The last good back out of Nebraska was Ahman Green (Omaha Central). That was 15 years ago. In those metro areas I mentioned… you’ll see a good back, sometimes two or three, come out every year.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          How about Danny Woodhead?

          1. A Fan says:

            Great player at Chadron State. I’m talking about backs that play at division 1A schools.

  16. IDKboutU says:

    Instate player talent is not the problem. The state of Nebraskas has the talent, but the players lack solid skill sets. Players lack solid skill sets because the high school coaches lack talent and can’t provide the coaching and teaching our instate kids need. They can’t coach and they can’t develop good players. They aren’t breeding superhumans in Texas, Florida, and California. They’re simply coached better in those states.

    1. Me says:

      Sorry, you’re wrong. Check the population differences and the demographic differences between Nebraska and Texas, Florida and California. Nebraska has a fraction of the talent as though places. You can’t coach a 4.3 forty and a 40 inch vertical jump. Yes, player development is important, but to suggest that the only difference is coaching is just naive to a laughable degree.

      1. Nebradska says:

        He didn’t say Nebr has the same amount of talent as Texas. Read it before you call someone naive.

        1. A Fan says:

          He said… “Instate player talent is not problem. The state of Nebraska has the talent…” No, the state of Nebraska does not have the talent. Or better put… it doesn’t have enough of it. Texas, Florida, and California, because of much larger populations, have loads more talent than Nebraska will ever have.

    2. Nebradska says:

      Exactly right. Those little towns that churn out state championships every year are blessed with “different” kids than the next town, it’s coaching.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        You nailed it

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          All he nailed was that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I coached at all levels of high schools in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and even Florida for forty years. When I had talented kids, I won. When I didn’t, I didn’t. I got beat by terrible coaches who had great kids. I won against great coaches who’s kids weren’t as good as mine. I never once found a way to make average kids great. I rarely “outcoached” anybody. I had the honor to coach with some great men. The upcoming Shrine Bowl North & South Head Coaches were both my former assistants coaches. They are both extremely fine coaches. I really believe that you and NUCORNDEVIL do not know much of anything about “coaching”.

    3. Andy says:

      No coach can coach speed or size.

      Nebraska 1.7 mill

      Texas 25 mil+ Simple math and statistis tell us a state with 25X the popultation base is likely to turn out more faster, bigger players. All those really fast large players tend to make coaches look pretty darn good.

      Ever heard the saying, ‘It ain’t the X’s and O’s (that means coaching) but is the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s”

      Not sayingthat Bo is the greatest, cause he is far from it but players make plays and make coaches look good.

      Nebraska does not have near the talent base that Texas does. Not even close!

      The state of Texas annully turns our 250 or more D 1 football players. In its best year the state of Nebraska may turn out 15 players. High school coaching is fine in the state of Nebraska. Many finecoaches, they just don’t have the athletes to work with that a state like Texas does.

      1. A Fan says:

        Exactly right. That there are Cornhusker fans who believe a bunch of over-achiever types from good ole Nebraska are going to compete against USC or Alabama or Florida is laughable.

    4. Colorado Springer says:

      You are totally full of bullfeces. California = FORTY MILLION PEOPLE!!! They all want to play for USC! Texas = 25 Million People & they get their pick of the crop. Florida has probably 250 Division players a year that graduate. Miami has more D-1 players than entire Mid-West and they don’t want to play where its cold. As for Nebraska Coaches, I think they are better at developing talent because most of them were taught by Boyd Epley and Tom Osborne. What an ignorant statement!!!

    5. Josh says:

      Yeah, that’s just dumb. There are genetics involved. Unless you believe that coaches all over Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas, and New Mexico all magically can’t coach, and in that case, you’re blind.

      1. MikeG says:

        You all are missing the point! It doesnt matter a stitch where the talent comes from. A good coach will go to Dogpatch North Dakota if there is a player there who “FITS” their scheme and style of play. 5 Star, 4 Star, it doesnt mean jack if they dont fit into your programs style. I think too many people worry about where a player is from and how many stars he has. Once we have an offense with an identity (hopefully Beck pulls his head out soon) then we recruit players from wherever we need to that can fit into the scheme.

  17. Sooka says:

    Don’t take the Carrot….. take the scholarship to UNK and make your parents proud…..

    Send me the carrot and stick….. I know where to put it for you….

    1. ibjohncorn says:


  18. WA Husker says:

    One item which appeared late last week and which deserves attention, IMO. The Husker football team apparently achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 for the first time ever. Most players at Nebraska go on to careers for whom an education truly matters. As a fan who has plenty to say about Bo’s demeanor and conduct of the program which does not always line up behind him, this attention to the real concept of the student-athlete (lost in too many “marquee” programs) is admirable. This aspect of NU’s return to a great program is not easy. Coach Pelini, AD Osborne, and the staff are to be highly commended.

    1. Twitty says:

      There ya go, we got the gpa sunshine pusher in for the day. I see no where in the article mention of this kids gpa.

      1. Josh says:

        Not that it would matter to you most likely, given your awesome sentence structure.

  19. KC says:

    What does it say when a recruit is down between Nebraska and UNK? I wish it said QB down to Nebraska and I don’t know, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn St. Why are we not in on any other legit QB?

    1. AA says:

      see Armstrong, Tommy. Fuller, Devin.

    2. Twitty says:

      To legit to quit…

    3. Josh says:

      Learn to differentiate between walking on somewhere and accepting a scholarship somewhere. KTHXBAI

  20. Twitty says:

    Man mention walk-on and in state. If you could bottle that, you Bo bleeding fanatics would pay through the nose for it. But get this, Bo had no love for Husker kids, just ask coach R. Husker football left the building with Frank!

    1. Mark says:

      The list of in-staters who were a waste of scholarships far exceeds the number of scholarship winners who did pan out as in-state athletes. The Walk-on program was in its hay day when you could stockpile marginal athletes and partial qualifiers and hope one panned out (Jared Tomich). The NCAA demanded parity and you have it. In-coming freshmen DEMANDING to play now rather than work hard and bide their time so they can leave as juniors. Would love to see how any of you would handle 100+ athletes like Bo has to, all with their own individual attitudes and agendas that don’t necessarily mesh with yours as a coach. Half of you would end up punching a kid, or having heart attacks within 2 years.

      1. Twitty says:

        Sounds like Bo. Well in his case it’ll be an anurism and maybe a body check on a player.

  21. Ed says:

    Nathan Enderle was not heavily recruited by anyone as far as I know. I don’t even know if Nebraska or any of the Big 12 schools looked at him. Zac Taylor, Big 12 Player of the year was QB when Enderle came out I believe. You can’t always say Nebraska “missed” on a player just because that player goes to a different college.

  22. Larry Bird says:

    Fyfe can throw the ball as well as any high school kid I have seen in Nebraska. He technique is great. If he would have had receivers this year he would have thrown for a bunch more. I really hope he goes to NU, reminds me of Brook Berringer.

    1. Husker Josh says:

      the problem is that nebraska high schoolfootball sucks buddy. watch from other places. great opportunities await you on that magic “google box” called a personal computer. who cares what you’ve seen anyway….

    2. ibjohncorn says:

      WOW! Can I have your autograph?

  23. mac says:

    Great athletes with intuitive God-given skill sets can somewhat overcome medicore coaching, but no amount of coaching can compensate enough for an average-to below average skill set. You have to have the goods to develop the goods. People are born with natural talents and they learn skill sets. One who possesses the natural talent will get better and better and better with practice. One who lacks the natural talent, will only get marginally better with practice. Playing the piano – lots of people bang their way through piano lessons, and some become serviceable and play in church or maybe for a wedding. But only those who have the natural talent continue to grow and get better and better. Not dogging T Mart, but I liken what T Mart offers to one who works hard, bangs out enough to be servicable, but lacks the intuitive skill set to continue getting better and better and better. All this to say, I’d like us to recruit “more natural talent” and less “learned skill sets.” The upside is way greater.

    1. Twitty says:

      Jeez can we leave god out of it? We got enough problems with Bo without getting god involved.

  24. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    andy dolton is ginger. not too bad a qb there.

    1. Joe Pelini says:

      lets leave race out of this okay?

  25. UNK/HUSKER Fan says:

    This kid will be a great get for UNK! Bring him to Kearney and make a name for himself!

    Go Lopers

  26. redark says:

    Austin Cassidy playing at NU shows how weak the defensive backfield was. He avoided contact like the plague although he was in the right place at the right time to make a play or two. Historically, he would be scout team meat. A highlight film of his mistakes would be two hours long.

    1. Husker Josh says:


  27. Mark says:

    These names ring any bells: Ron Kellogg, Kody Spano, Latravius Washington, Beau Davis, Zach Ruiz, Patrick Witt, Jordan Adams, Joe Dailey, Harrison Beck, Garth Glissman, Ryan Goodman, Zach Miller, Brett Lindstrom, Scott Siefken, Joe Chrisman, Mike McLaughlin, Jeff Perino, Jay Runty, Monte Christo, Sam Gutz, Frankie London…all Quarterbacks who essentially amounted to jack squat at NU after the Osborne-era. Now…look at this list of In-State QB’s during the last 10 years of the Osborne run: Chad Wiles (Wood River), Jay Runty (Elkhorn), Monte Christo (Kearney), Matt Turman (Wahoo), Jay Staehr (Kimball), John McMillen (Council Bluffs), Tom Haase (Aurora), Gerry Gdowski (Fremont), Mike Preston (Millard North), Clete Blakeman (Norfolk)…only Scott Frost and Eric Crouch made an impact as in-state QB’s since 1987! And you wonder why nobody recruits QB’s heavily in the state of Nebraska? It’s time to wake up about this recruiting thing boys! The NU roster archives are littered with in-state Nebraska SCHOLARSHIP winners who managed to waste the coaches time and valuable scholarship money simply to please the masses who demand in-state “talent”. Fact is, most of Nebraska’s talent is only D2 talent or in the case of Enderle…the edge of 1-AA out in Idaho.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      These names ring any bells. Gayle Sayers, Joe Orduna, Johnny Rodgers, Kent McClouhan, Dave Remington, Jeff Kinney, Joe Blahak, Tony Davis, Dean Steinkuhler, Rik Bonness, Bob Martin, George Andrews, Danny Noonan, John McCormick, Zach Wiegert, Jared Tomich, Matt Herian, Alex Henery. Most coaches refuse to recruit in Nebraska because it is a lost cause trying to compete against Nebraska in its home state. However, 1.7 million is a tiny population. You cannot support a Division-I program without recruitng nationally.

      1. Mark says:

        No quarterbacks in your list there…and I was specifically talking about QB’s…(by the way, Gale Sayers went to Kansas not Nebraska). Going from your list, for every Dave Remington for example there are: five David Kolowski’s (Millard West), Josh Sewell’s (Lincoln Southeast), Brian Nelson’s (Millard West), Nate Manley’s (Lincoln Christian), Cameron Loos (Lincoln Southeast), Scott Koethe (Central City) who don’t make at as in-state players….and those are just the offensive linemen from ONE season who didn’t do squat for Nebraska put take up jersey space.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          #1. I was making the point that Nebraska high schools produce as much talent per capita as any place with comparable demographics. I don’t believe coaching is any better in other places. #2. I understood what you were doing with the QB’s. I just wanted to point out some athletes from Nebraska. #3. Gale sayers played at Central High School in Omaha and as such is a Nebraska product. #4. Another Nebraska High School QB was Kelly Stouffer from Rushville who played at Colorado St. & the Seattle Seahawks. #5. Ed Burns Omaha Bishop Rummel – New Orleans Saints. #6. Marlin Brisco, Omaha South, Omaha U. Denver Broncos, the first Black Quarterback to start in the NFL, soon to be subject of a movie. #7. The linemen you name may also be scout team players who are necessay to carry on a practice, sparring partners as such, but how do you know in advance who will make it and who will not?

          1. Mark says:

            Your last sentence sums it all up nicely…you don’t know who will. But you can be pretty sure that a D2 prospect at UNK is not worth offering a scholarship to when nobody in Division 1…including Frank Solich at Ohio is sniffing around this kid. With scholarship limits you have to go by the gamefilm and how you see a kid fitting in your scheme. Just because he has great size and passes the “eye” test doesn’t mean anything in college. Harrison Beck ring a bell? He was going to be the savior that brought Nebraska to the spread offense hunting grounds….flop. He had the size and looked good against sub par high school opponents but got to college and couldn’t get it. Think of all those 6’5″ 300 pound offensive linemen that have walked the tunnel in Huskerland and never started a game. They look the part, but were missing something. Marlin Briscoe was a wide receiver in the pros primarily even though he did get some snaps at QB. Stouffer is about as close to Enderle as you are going to get in a pro career comparison. Could Stouffer have played at NU? Nope…he didn’t fit the scheme.

          2. Mark says:

            And your comment about “sparring” partners on the scout team. You don’t recruit “scout teamers”. You offer scholarships to players you expect to contribute at some point in their careers as a starter. If you are filled to the brim with sub-par practice squad players you get a sub-par varsity squad. The Championship teams battled the ones-versus-ones A LOT. And you had back-ups like Adam Treu getting shots in the NFL. Who was the last non-starter at Nebraska to make and stick for more than 2 years on an NFL roster (not the practice squad…the 53 man roster)?

  28. Dave says:

    L.A. TIMES in SoCal listed the top FB players by School Division and their college verbal commits. Nebraska was completely ABSENT – with NO SOCAL RECRUITS. This is the pattern year after year. WHY ? WHY is Nebraska U. not recruiting top talent from SoCal when they can sell the Rose Bowl Big 10 yearly appearance and the newly announced B10 / PAC10 schedules for future home and home games. Wake up Nebraska – RECRUIT CALIFORNIA.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Baloney: Taylor Martinez – Corona, CA, Daimion Stfford – Norco, CA, Josh Mitchell – Corona, CA, Dijon Washinton – Lawndale, CA, Cameron Meredith – Huntington Beach, CA, Eric Martin – Moreno Valley, CA, J.T. Kerr – San Diego, CA, You guys make me laugh.

  29. Derferd64 says:

    Didn’t see the names of Dave Humm or Vince Ferragamo mentioned when listing your out-of-state QBs.

  30. Derferd64 says:

    Hey Colorado Springer, what about Jerry Murtaugh or Bob Churchich or captain Mike Kennedy (with Frank Solich as co-captain)? Didn’t play pro ball, but still great Nebraskans.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Great Players. Jerry Murtaugh was one of the toughest men to play at NU. He and his family were highly respected in North Omaha. Nobody messed with them.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Mike Kennedy, when was the last time we saw 200 lb guards. Had to be tough. Frank Solich was left off the list because he was from Cleveland, OH. By the way, Frank was doomed from the time he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The last Husker to be snake bitten by the curse… Jared Crick.

  31. If you want to get back to where we were when we expected to win every game, then expect to recruit across the country. Maybe one from Nebraska every Ummmmmmm, I’ll say 5 years for a scholarship. Sure, there is talent in-state, but is there someone better in Florida or California who might give us a better chance? Of course there is! Almost every year! Where do you want to be as a program? If you have a chance to recruit the best talent in the country, why wouldn’t you?

  32. Tom says:

    Enough talk about Nebraska high school coaches not being up to par, what they don’t have is spring football and junior high football, that is what hold’s back development of players in the state compared to Texas and Florida. Do I think spring football is a good idea for high school, NO, but it gives southern coaches more time with the players.

    Junior high football is a whole different matter, my brother coached 7 and 8th grade football in Brenham, Texas, a huge football school. Cut down from over 100 players to 85, guess how many coaches they had? Three, that was it, couldn’t have volunteers, couldn’t afford any more teachers. Did they get great coaching? my brother is a soccer and track and field coach. I think kids get solid coaching in the Lincoln Midget League.

    I still think kids who play multiple sports are better off, later on…Rex Burkehead anyone? And I think most players develop so much more after high school. If all those 5 star kids that Texas recruits were so good, they would always be undefeated, right?

    I saw good football watching the Nebraska Class A championship and six players that should have NU offers in hand (including 4 outstanding juniors, we might lose a couple to Scott Frost.) Time to stop the “woe is me” attitude and offer 5 to 10 in-state players each year, there is talent out there!

    1. A Fan says:

      Forget that. I’d cut in-state offers down to 1 or 2 per year. Go out of state for the top talent.

  33. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

    Remember when the state champion was Lincoln Southeast in football …and they scheduled a game with Kansas City Rockhurst?

    Blown out 56 to very little….can’t remember the exact score but it was a severe whipping.

    Point is that chances are, 9/10 times, some kid from a large city school, or very difficult metro league is probably the better bet than the pride of the Islanders or any other school in NE. How many times you think out of 100, does the Nebraska state champ beat Lavonte David’s HS, national powerhouse, Northwestern High of Miami, or Yoshi Hardrick’s HS, South Panola, HS in Batesville, MS? How about Mater Dei or De La Salle in California? I think I can count it on one hand.

    Nebraska is a national brand and thus recruits nationally, I trust the coach’s evaluations, when you want to be the best, their shouldn’t be any thought of a hometown discount. Nebraska’s title teams and the best they had to offer mostly lead by dynamic talent out-of-state with a sprinkling of Duncan, Cozad, Fremont, etc….This isn’t Louisiana with the highest capita of BCS-quality talent per population base, or Broward-Dade counties in South Florida, where 4.3, 4.4 speed 5 star athletes seem to fall out of palm trees. NU must go for the best talent fit upon coaching evaluation, period.

  34. huskerred says:

    Why would Fyfe come to NU as a walk on when he has been offered a scholarship at Kearny? I understand he is a born and bred NU fan as he is from Neb, but has anyone seen the cost of going to school now-a-days? With T-rattle in the drivers seat two more years and Carnes and Armstrong in line his chances of success becomes severly diminished. If Bo and crew are not offering a scholarship the kid would be foolish to let one that has been offered through his grasp. Sort of like the old saying a bird in hand is always better than two in the bush.

    1. Twitty says:

      T Rattle. Hey that deserves a bump. Ha! Daddy will woe the day he came up with the T stuff.

  35. Texas high school football is as big as Texas. Had the oppurtunity to watch and meet Tommy Armstrong (a Nebraska commit). Many at the game spoke so highly of him and he is definitly a leader on and off the field. He exhibits the knowledge necessary to see and command an offense. Great arm, elusive in the backfield, and can beat the corner to head down field. Offensive leadership at quaterback will be great for Nebraska, welcome Tommy Armstrong in 2012!

    1. huskerred says:

      My hope is NU redshirts Armstrong. My take is we as Neb fans now understand Bo and crew refuse to to have Martinez earn his spot; so if Tommy Armstrong is redshirted we could have him start three years instead of only two. Plus it gives him time to get Neb offense mastered. I agree he’s the real deal!

  36. California Husker says:

    It does not matter how many qbs that the Husker program recruits. As long as Martinez is there, the likes of Carnes, Kellogg, and Armstrong are going to be buried on the depth chart and will not see the field. Husker fans barely saw Carnes this entire year. With Martinez at qb and the offensive line struggling, this team will be a 7, 8, or 9 win team at best. Plus, Martinez is at the wrong position.

    1. MikeG says:

      Bingo!! We could land 10 five-star recruits at QB and still none would get a chance over MArtinez. Martinez is as pitiful a QB as we have seen at Neb for a while. It was easy to get caught up in the flashiness of his early nonconference games last year, but since then he hasnt produced much. Martinez was only decent at one thing, running the zone-read, and how much do we run it now? Some. And when we do run it, Martinez is not near as effective as he was.
      Martinez now is either:
      A) Still injured
      B) Afraid to get hurt
      C) Told by coaches to be more careful

      Either way, it isnt working. Martinez wasnt impressive in a single game this year and some people say they saw him more mature and a game manager, most dont see that. His running is worse, his passing is still as unpredictable as ever. He still makes stupid decisions that costs unnecessary sacks and turnovers. With our talent at RB, we should focus on a more polished passer to extend drives and make better decisions. People want to say he is much better and he is only a Sophmore and he will grow. He didnt grow this year, he moved horizontally with a good game, followed by a poor one, a good decision followed by 3 bad ones. We need a decent, well balanced, QB before we win any championships, or even get close to one. Hopefully Bo and Beck see this and make a few changes next year.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        You people need to spew your hatred for these kids somewhere else. If you want to attack the coaches, well, they are men being paid tremendous salaries to produce a winner. They are fair game if they don’t produce. But you act as if these are professional athletes insted of teenage kids. You need to get some professional team to root for and then go ahead and spew your bile on the spoiled millionaires. We don’t boo our kids in the stadium or in print. They deserve your respect and support. My son was a Husker, and I know how much your thoughtless words hurt them and their families.

        1. MikeG says:

          With all due respect to your opinion (which you are entitled to). Thes eboys are over 18 years old, old enough to go fight for our country, and most of whom are recieving over $100,000 worth of free education that is paid for in part due to contributions by boosters and fans. They do not need to be coddled. As I recall, it was the comments by fans and media that supposedly made Taylor Martinez fight that much harder to as he said it “Silence his critics” before the Ohio State game. Its called building character. If a player wants to play at this level and cant handle some criticism than he should be playing in the powderpuff league. Professional or amateur doesnt matter, they are recruited to come to a school and receive huge benefits that are not available to most students and should also be held accountable for their actions both on and off the field. A little criticism never hurt anyone. And to be clear, I am not spewing hatred at all, I dont hate Martinez, I am voicing an opinion that he should be playing a different position than QB because he isnt suited for QB very well.

      2. Mark says:

        IT’S THE OFFENSIVE LINE! Instead of watching TV like a spectator and following JUST the ball, try watching a quarter of offensive line play. It’s PATHETIC. Cotton is the worst line coach in post-war history at Nebraska!! So what…you have 6’7 340 linemen? They can’t get low enough to block anyone, they are slow out of their stance, do not get to second level (and when they do, it’s because they forgot to block the guy in front of them and the QB, RB or FB get smashed by an average D-tackle who has an All-American highlight film day against the leaking and busted pipeline. Get rid of Cotton, get back to recruiting nasty linemen like Wiegert, Incognito, Aaron Taylor, Aaron Graham, Stai, Will Shields, etc., and you will finally get to see the beloved run game come back to consistent life. Until then, NU is stuck in mediocre limbo with an uncertain identity…are they power running, or a passing team with big, slow offensive tackles and a midget at center.

  37. Twitty says:

    133 comments. Oh the walk ons. Tag and bag it OWH and watch the hits roll in….

    1. Mark says:

      One final thought on recruiting…Nebraska’s 2002 class was touted as an “outstanding improvement in speed on the offensive side of the ball”…the recruits:
      QB – Curt Dukes
      RB – David Horne (Omaha)
      FB – Grant Miller
      FB – Dane Todd (Lincoln Southeast)
      WB – Ronnie Smith
      WR – Mark LeFlore (Omaha)
      WR – Isaiah Fluellen
      WR – Ross Pilkington
      TE – Matt Herian (Pierce)
      OL – Jamayel Phillips
      OL – Kurt Mann (Grand Island)
      OL – Jermaine Leslie
      OL – Cory Timm (Yutan)
      DE – Jay Moore (Elkhorn)
      LB – Demorrio Williams (JUCO)
      CB – Fabian Washington
      S – Andrew Shanle (St. Edward)
      RB – Antoine Bagwell
      DT – Brandon Greeson
      DE – Adam Carriker

      8 in-state, 1 – juco, 11 out of state.

      That class, even though it had Washington, Williams, and Carriker shine on defense (sound familiar to David, Dennard, and Crick?)….it was scholarships wasted and got Solich fired. 8 Nebraska boys who, although boasted to be on-par with the speed of Florida State gave the Huskers no punch….read the list again and ask yourself “who were these guys?” Ya…big money spent on those kids for nothing.

      1. Tom says:

        There were 6 worthy in-state players on that team, Shanle still playing in the NFL, Herrian unfortunately had his career cut short and I would have loved to have a Jay Moore and a Kurt Mann this year. Dane Todd certainly earned his scholi. LeFlore contributed, but had some injuries.

        Did two players not work out, 6 out of 8 not bad.

        1. Tom says:

          Whoops, that was Scott still in the NFL. But at least Andrew started his senior year and had 4 interceptions that year.

        2. Mark says:

          It depends on what your definition of “working out” means. Dane Todd was no Legate. Shanle is average just like Cassidy…Herian was no Tracy Wistrom. I don’t know what you saw in LeFlore but he didn’t accomplish much with all of his hype which was the same hype the Omaha media spewed about David Horne. Pilkington ended up being the go-to receiver, not LeFlore. I would say 2 out of 8 “worked out” in my definition, but when it comes down to it, Jay Moore is no Grant Wistrom, Chad Kelsey or Donte Jones, and Kurt Mann was no Zach Wiegert or Brenden Stai…so if Mann and Moore are your idea of “working” out…you will wait a long, long time before you see a National Championship come NU’s way again.

          1. Tom says:

            Yeah Mark, I understand your frustration, but I think Herian would have been a star if he didn’t have that nasty leg break. As far as the rest, at least they contributed something, no defensive back had 4 interceptions this year. 85 scholarships means almost 4 deep at all positions, not all play on Saturdays, but hopefully they all contribute somehow.

            Next year will be interesting: the offensive line has to start looking like a Nebraska line again and stop the stupid penalties, the D needs to find a pass rusher or two, receivers stop dropping passes and finally win all the games they are supposed to win.

  38. redark says:

    I agree with Mark on the offensive line–fat, slow and clumsy. TMART is scrambling for his life as soon as he takes the snap way too often.Blarney is a failed experiment.Give me some athletic,285 lb guys that explode and knock people down not just lean on people with their girth.

    1. Tom says:

      I think Reeves and Klachko are ready to start cracking heads!

  39. walk says:

    I like how all these people try to talk mess but in all reality there sitting at home watching not playing wat a bunch of jokes