Published Tuesday, January 24, 2012 AT 7:39 AM / Updated at 7:39 AM
Recruiting: Corey Whitaker commits to Nebraska
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Commit No. 13 for Nebraska’s 2012 recruiting class was little surprise after Murietta (Calif.) offensive lineman Corey Whitaker took his weekend visit to NU.

“I was leaning toward Oregon and halfway through the visit I was thinking ‘Wow, Nebraska is steering me away from the dream school,’” he told Huskers Illustrated. “That’s when I started to know that the team I thought was my dream team, wouldn’t be the team for me.”

The 6-foot-5, 270-pound Whitaker got two stars and a 74 rating from 247 Sports, but he figures he “slipped through the cracks” of a lot of recruiting services. His highlight film would seem to suggest the same. But the Huskers offered Whitaker as soon as he got on campus and they could size him up.

“There’s a lot of great opportunities for offensive lineman at Nebraska,” he said. “I just felt like when I got there the coaches were great to me. I went in there not knowing if I’d get a scholarship, but they quickly offered. They told me I could be a guy that could help make Nebraska a better team. I just loved the school, facilities and everyone there was pretty great.”

Whitaker is the second offensive lineman to commit.

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  1. Great, welcome to Nebraska Corey.

    1. Trojan says:

      Wow Welcome two star recruit!!!!!!!!!!

      1. John HUSKER Cress says:


  2. Fred says:

    GBR. Great pickup!

  3. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Welcome Corey! Looks like you caught CORNDEVIL on a day off from spewing hatred towards the program that he masochistically obsesses over.

      You must savor the opportunity to actually play football and not be relegated to blogging about it in middle age in ones underoos.

      1. John HUSKER Cress says:


  4. Mark says:

    I wonder how this affects Peat’s decision. And if we do get Peat, that would mean we’ve recruited 8 O-lineman in the last 2 years. If that unit doesn’t become THE strength of the offense in the next two years, Barney will be out of excuses.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Cant have enough linemen

      1. Colorado Springer says:


      2. NOLAsker says:

        Exactly. It starts at the lines on both sides.

      3. TRUEHuskerfan says:

        true dat

    2. Mark says:

      I couldn’t agree more…but eventually you have to start developing those lineman. Our O-line showed signs of life this last year, but they are far from dominant. With the recruits that we’ve had last year and now this year, there is no reason the line shouldn’t be dominant and deep by 2013 (the five guys from last year will have had three years in the system at that point).

      1. Pilk says:

        Realize most of last years O line red-shirted so the fun begins in the next few years.

        1. eVm says:


    3. Husker_Mort says:

      Absolutely, Mark. I think he is already out of excuses and should move on up to an admin position within the athletic department. The linemen have not played fundamentally sound, disciplined football under his watch.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Are you saying that the previous regime (Billy C) left the cupboard well stocked with 0 lineman? Did any of the previous lineman even know how to run block?

    4. DFresh87 says:

      Barney needs to go…..everywhere he has coached he’s had an undisciplined offensive line….idk much about iowa states line when he was there for a short period…but i think we need a different o-line coach….

      1. Colorado Springer says:


        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Strange, the teams rushing average wasn’t that far behind golden boy OC Paul Chryst’s. Do you think that savant Chryst would have had Wiscy’s kids laser focused if they had left the Big Ten and every one was gunning for them (including the zebras) and had to come into the Big 12 with OC/philosophical adjustments and a whole slew of new distractions & teams gunning for them again?

          Wisconsin – 237.4
          Michigan – 235.7
          Nebraska – 223.9

          1. KB says:

            Wisconsin- 234.29 yds per game passing
            Michigan- 182.84 yds per game passing
            Nebraska- 162.69 yds per game passing

            Wisconsin 11-3
            Michigan 11-2
            Nebraska- 9-4

            Your statistical argument holds no water. Both teams were better rushing AND passing than we were. And before you throw out your new conference new sytem analogy read this: Russel Wilson first year in system. Denard Robinson has started one more game at qb than Martinez and was also in a new system this year.

            I’m sorry CornAngel but your argument is pitiful. Barney Cotton needs to go. Our O-line has been the weak link of this team for the last 4 years (well tied with qb the last two). He can take MArtinez with him and this team will immediately be better.

          2. CORNANGEL says:

            Your argument to fire a coach that led the line to a 3rd place rushing yardage finish (2011) is ludicrous. Especially when factoring in that he went up against a Wiscy OC that had pumped out Outland Trophy winners and was approached by UT.

            Is Cotton the fall guy for all the errant & dropped passes as well?

            In 2010, the rushing stats were the following:

            Nebraska – 259.6
            Michigan – 251.1
            Wisconsin – 247.3

          3. Twitty says:


    5. Trojan says:

      What do you think Peat is afraid of a two star player???? Please what a stupid comment.

  5. Jeff says:

    Eight is not an exorbitant number of offensive linemen across two years of recruiting. Andrus Peat is not going to be afraid he just lost future playing time. This commit is good news, simply put.

  6. Nate says:

    Woo hoo, no destructive, anti-pelini, remarks posted on the blog yet.

    1. James says:

      I’m so sick of the fact that when anyone says anything even remotely critical of the team or Pelini, they get ripped apart, told to go root for a Sun Belt team, etc. What makes a program consistently great is that the fans and the university simply won’t accept mediocrity. If we lose that expectation of greatness, we might as well be Iowa: good once in a while, often bad. I’m not saying everyone should call for Pelini’s head every time they lose or miss out on a 5* recruit, but criticism of whats going on can be healthy. Can’t people see this?

      1. Mosier says:

        If you want to critically analize our 9-4 season or Pelini’s media/sideline demeanor fine. But don’t rip HS guys because they are 2 or 3 stars.

        I for one enjoy thought out criticism but most of the negative is just incoherent ramblings with little to no facts by Corndevil and the like that are usually meant simply to irritate the supportive and optomistic fans.

        1. DFresh87 says:

          haha i said that like 2weeks ago! i totally agree….people like that kind of turned me off from this blog

        2. KSU student w/red blood says:

          Yup. After a season I felt was not a step forward, or a loss during the season that I felt was inexcusable, I enjoy the (educated) criticism. It helps me cope with a loss to hear Husker fans come together, especially being in foreign territory.

          This criticism is what moves programs forward. Blind hatred and calling for a coach to be fired hurts the program.

          We Husker fans need to be somewhere in between, and it is hard for devoted fans to do.

          Anywho… good addition to the Husker roster. We will see what happens in 2-3 years…hopefully we don’t go all Pederson on Bo and fire him by then…

          1. KSU student w/red blood says:

            Almost forgot…
            Welcome Cory!!!
            Work hard and do your part

      2. eVm says:

        Big difference between CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comments that help tear down a coaching staff. State your opinion (good or bad) but try to finish it on a positive note. I’ve read more then 1 interview with Rose about how he’s trying to help future recruits downplay some of the negative comments on blogs like this.

        1. Mosier says:

          Great point. Hopefully they can see that the negative comments are from 1 or 2 trolls and that the overall fan base is very supportive.

          1. R says:

            ..Gee, the “Inny” discussion may possibly apply here…

      3. UpNorthDan says:

        Anyone who has negative comments should really read “What it means to be a Husker”. That book tells the history of the program and what it meant to the guys who played for the Big Red. I DARE anyone to slam Pelini after reading it!

        1. Trojan says:

          I know what it means to be a Husker nobody else recruited you!!!!!!!!

          1. Jeromethechicken says:

            I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sounds of your bowl ban and loss of scholarships. U$C’s motto “Univer$ity of $exual Baller$” Apparently your players have a different agenda.

  7. Lucky--13 says:

    Congratulations to Corey Whitaker, Husker Coaches and Husker Nation! Welcome Corey!

    I like how Bo and staff are approaching recruiting. They know what they need and are going strong to fill those needs. It would be tempting to lower the standards to fill the roster earlier. I also like the caliber of student-athletics that are committing to Nebraska and how Nebraska takes care of the student-athletes. In the end the results come down to character, desire, talent, coaching, fan support, etc. The Nebraska way is to do the right things in the right way to be the best. There is a reason why Nebraska is currently fourth in all-time wins in a state of less than 2 million population.

  8. Wrong Way Joe says:

    Nebraska has yet to get a tackle in this years class. Whitaker and Thurston are scheduled to be qaurds. But that is about to change.. I really think that Bo has done a really good job with Peat’s recruitment and I think he is N.

    1. Mosier says:

      Hope your right. Nebraska is a great place for family legacies.

  9. Red Head says:

    This won’t cause Peat not to commit but the fact that we offered this young man is because Peat has most likely already told coaches he is not coming here. Am I 100% sure, no obviously not but I would be willing to bet large sums of money on that one. Just because Peat has not told Rivals or Scout doesn’t mean he hasn’t told NU coaches. His brother is here so he knows Bo better than most recruits and I’m sure he doesn’t want to string us along. Seriously why would have offered this kid all of a sudden in the last week out of no where. We are only going to take 2-4 more more commits so the only way they would have offered him is if they already knew Peat was not coming. Again, not trying to be negative or destructive here, I hope he turns into an all conference lineman but this is not good news as far as Peat’s decision

    1. Pilk says:

      Wouldn’t count on it. :)

    2. A Fan says:

      Agree. I’ll be surprised if Peat signs with us now.

    3. Mosier says:

      People who know more than me about recruiting are still feeling pretty confident with Peat but obviously it’s not a lock. I thought the same thing for a minute, but with this kid being 17 he is an obviously a redshirt and he is being looked at as center/guard so I don’t think this has any bearing on Peat. Hopefully.

    4. keith says:

      We also just had 2 scholarships open up, too….so they had a couple to use. OL is a position of need…no reason not to take a chance on the guy. He’ll provide good depth if nothing else.

      1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

        That is an excellent point Keith, that I think most of the ‘Peat ain’t coming here’ crowd is ignoring.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          I guess the people who guaranteed that Westerkamp would go to ND are laying low or are they just changing their nome de guerre.

    5. Husker_Mort says:

      This commitment is in no way related to Peat’s decision. 75% chance that Peat is in according to the insiders on Huskermax.

  10. Joe says:

    For all the haters watch his highlight video on youtube. Clearley an underated player.

    1. Huskerfan87 says:

      Wow looks like a stud to me

    2. Mosier says:

      Wow, any reservation I may have had about the kid is gone. Impressive video, in a 7:30 min video there’s only one play where he doesn’t pancake his guy. at around 4:50 he runs stride for stride with his RB for 40 yards. He plays like Thurston but maybe with more athleticism. Looks like a great find to me.

    3. Skytown J says:

      Dang, not exactly shy, is he? Not sure how good the guys are he is going against, but he is just destroying them. If that team had a Rex Burkhead running behind Whitaker there would have been a whole bunch of long TD runs in the video. Very impressive.

    4. twauto22 says:


      I was trying to tell people that the other day when they said we were bringing him in for a visit.. The kid has more pancake blocks in his film then most high school teams have in a year.. Hes a good athlete just raw on the technique.. Good luck Corey Welcome to N!!

    5. kevin says:

      Let me save the negative bloggers from having to post…. what only a 2 star !!!! what happen did someone steal his other two stars ?

  11. redark says:

    Blarney ran out of excuses long ago. He was given Garrison because he. Qb gets 3 min.was not getting results. Husker off.linemen can’t hold blocks and def.linemen can’t get off blocks. Games are generally won in the trenches and until techniques are changed and coaching changes even on all 5 star recruits, the results on our line play will remain poor. I am exagerating but it seems TMART gets 3seconds and the opponent

    1. Mosier says:

      I love when bashers show off their intelect.

    2. English as a first language says:

      This has got to be one of the most incomprehensible posts I’ve read in a while. Can somebody please parse out what this guy is try to say and summarize it?

      1. R says:

        Hey Mosier…final chance…how do you spell intellect ?

        Doooh,…stupid brain!-H.Simpson

        1. R says:

          He is advocating for the replacement of the NU Line techniques currently used. Including Coaches. Both Offensive and Defensive. Lineman don’t stay on their blocks, nor do they shed blocks, on the defensive side of the ball.

          Until then, the unwarranted focus upon 3 or 5 star “recruits” is meaningless, as the technique instruction is so severely flawed, the output is the same depressing result.

          Then he digitally mumbled something along the lines of “Home is where the heart is”…and not “something is homoerotic”.

          See, the movie “Waterboy” for a fine example.

          Ebber buddy Know ‘Dat!

        2. Mosier says:

          I was more worried about logic than spelling. I’ve grown up with spell check and am admittedly not a great speller. I am very sorry to have offended you…

      2. Colorado Springer says:

        he’s saying opp. qb’s get 3 min. to pass, and Martinez gets 3 sec. because we can’t coach.

    3. Twitty says:

      Paraphrased as False Start Barney. No discipline HC, no discipline OL coach, and coach R dissing his own players. Not hate. Facts.

  12. Mosier says:

    Welcome Corey! Looks like a great recruit. I like these huge 17 year old lineman who are still growing and have big potential like Givens Price last year. Barney must really believe that you can’t have too many lineman because (if Peat or Goodman are N) this really isn’t a position of need. Maybe this means someone like Nick Ash is leaving the team?

  13. redark says:

    Pardon the misprint, I learned from Blarney.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      What does he need to do to meet your high expectations? The line played well, but inconsistently. With all the injuries over the past two years, it has been hard to keep a line patched together. With the style offense we have needed to keep strong running linemen at least two deep in the game for the no huddle. You seem to think that we should have linemen who are strong on run blocking AND pass pro blocking. Offensive blocking is the hardest thing on the team to coach, believe it or not. Offensive blocking and tackling are the 2nd most important fundementals in football. The single most important fundemental in football? Punt snapping. Try passing a football between your legs, upside down with a perfect spiral to someone standing 45 feet behind you, hit him in the hands, and then block some 300 lb lineman. See what happens when there is a bad punt snapp.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Poor fundementals in the kicking game are the fastest ways to lose football games. Those were the biggest weaknesses in the past season that I saw.

        1. Mosier says:

          We had one of if not the best kicker/punter in the country. Not sure I follow?

          1. Colorado Springer says:

            Check the Michigan film and others. There is a lot more to the kicking game than the kicker/punter.

          2. R says:

            I think our ‘Ol Vince Lombardi is referring to the perfect nipple high punt long snap to Maher, during the Michigan game.

            Inexplicably, Maher let it slide thru his hands , muffed the snap, the punt, and put NU in a hole.
            (Gee, there’s that thumbs up/thumbs down punters crap again–of course, ‘Ol vince knows that stuff COLD!)

            I Guess the ol Coach is blaming the long snapper for ……Maher’s screw-up….???

            PS–Maher stands only 14-14 1/2 yds deep –he’s a 1 & 1/2 stepper. Course the “Ol Coach knows this cold, too!

      2. Mosier says:

        I think people continually overlook what a poor situation this staff was given with line recruiting. All you have to do is look at Cally’s last 2 classes (fourth and fifth year players) These classes should make up most of if not all of a good O-line. This year we had M. Jones and B. Thompson, and that is it!! Not to mention all the injuries.

  14. Lyle says:

    Welcome to Nebraksa Mr. Whitaker! NU can always use another good offensive lineman and Corey looks like he could be a good one for the Huskers. This recruiting class is starting to shape up nicely both with scholarship players and a good group of walk-on commits. I’m anxious to see the improvements in 2012 in year 2 for Beck’s offense and hopefully from the defense too. Go Huskers!

    1. Mosier says:

      Good point on the walk on class. Looks to be a great one, Fyfe, and Frazier are standouts and the rest have great size, positions of need and a lot of potential. The walk-ons are our equalizer and I can’t thank them enough.

  15. Mosier says:

    Bruce Feldman just predicted Peat to Nebraska.

  16. Red Head says:

    I hope Feldman knows something we don’t on Peat

  17. Twitty says:

    Hey but I wonder what his GPA is? Any mentoring programs? Possibly he volunteers at a nursing home!

    1. Mosier says:

      Not sure but if he ends up similar to the guys on the team those will be great as well.

  18. Bahama-Bpb says:

    Welcome to NU. Good feet, great speed, good technique. Another 20 or 30 lbs and some work with the weights and you will be a beast. You will find that people in Neb actually appreciate O-linemen. I wish you the best in your future.

    To the clown who thinks 8 O-line recruits is excessive, you must not realize 18% of the team is on the O-line. Ergo, approximately 18% of the recruits should be O-linemen.

    1. Colorado Springer says:


    2. R says:

      I sure hope you don’t work in acquisitions for the Pentagon…Jethro Bodine !

      Count after me….there are 4 years of eligibility to be used in 6 years (Max) NCAA rules. “The Clock”
      5 Interior linemen.
      Frosh, Soph, Jr, Sr. Classes.
      Academic Eligibility–(see, Yahtzee game)
      Injury –(See, line 1 above)
      Algebra–( see, Middle East TV Channel)

      4 Gazinta 18 % = Ms Jane Hathaway –Ergo, Yee dawwgiies, I is an Genie !

      PS–He is a clown–but so is your “Math”, Bahama Jethro

      1. Mosier says:

        First my spelling now someone’s math (which makes more sense that whatever it is your post is trying to accomplish.) I sure am super glad yur hear to learn us all.

      2. Bahama-Bpb says:

        Funny how people without intelligence or a valid arguement always resort to name calling. Let me give you some football education, because you surely lack it. Most coaches prefer to rotate 8 to 10 O-linemen during a game. A good program will also have 5 to 10 more in development. This means out of the 100 or so players on your roster, 15 to 20 of them better be O-linemen. If not injuries, etc. will eat you up.

        1. R says:


          Say what you mean. mean what you say…
          Here is exactly what you said.:

          To the clown who thinks 8 O-line recruits is excessive, you must not realize 18% of the team is on the O-line. Ergo, approximately 18% of the recruits should be O-linemen.

          ERGO,…You should recruit (and sign) 8 Linemen each year–regardless of what is in the Hopper already and against the 6 yr “Clock” ? afterall…8×6=48

          What kind of bahamian rum gave you that epiphany?
          Gee, So who’s the Clown…. and Who’s calling other people Clown ??

    3. Mosier says:

      I think he said 8 wasn’t excessive. I think you need at least one guy per spot at least every other year. Meaning at least 5 minimum but I usaully think the lines deserve more players than say WR or CB as they can usually contribute earlier. So 8 seems about right. But you can’t just oversign one group too much or you end up with big holes like we have at LB and had at OL a couple years ago.

      1. R says:

        Aha !

        We have found the guy at the Pentagon who bought over 1,000,000 hammers …and no screwdrivers for the Military.

        Screwed again!

    4. Twitty says:

      Ergo? Git sum Latin on the football board. Are you one of Little Bo Peeps high intellect, super citizens?

      1. R says:

        Nay, Nay,….merely quoting (in context) the “Clown-killer”, a/k/a Brahama Bob, or somesuch… Pray tell the history, whence the”Twitty”..?

  19. HskrBll says:

    I only got half-way through the highlites and thought, GGM! this kid has one hellova motor. I say line him up next to Burkhead (or whoever) and “Give him the rock!” He really “sees” the field. I think he is going to be special.

  20. CORNANGEL says:

    Rivals gave Corey 3 stars.

    Bo has a proven track record of correctly evaluating & coaching up talent over the years. Look at Suh before Bo took over and the conversion of Amukamara from WR to CB.

    NU averaged the following stars (according to Rivals) adjusted for the B1G:

    2012 – 3.38 (#3 in B1G)
    2011 – 3.53 (#1 in B1G)
    2010 – 3.24 (#3 in B1G)
    2009 – 3.25 (#4 in B1G)
    2008 – 2.96 (#5 in B1G)
    2007 – 3.33 (#3 in B1G)
    2006 – 3.27 (#4 in B1G)
    2005 – 3.33 (#4 in B1G)
    2004 – 2.83 (#5 in B1G)
    2003 – 3.05 (#4 in B1G)
    2002 – 3.17 (#4 in B1G)

    1. Mosier says:

      Great anaylsis. Little perspective there. There is a broad range of rankings with in those 3 star and 4 stars. A 5.7 3 star could be ranked 50 positional rankings ahead of a 5.5 3 star. So even stars don’t tell the whole story.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        You are correct about the range. But the following players should have been above the 4 threshold or they were subsequently coached above the 4 threshold to become 1st round draft picks.

        Prince Amukamara – 3 stars
        Alfonzo Dennard – 3 stars
        Jared Crick – 3 stars

        1. A Fan says:

          Dennard and Crick haven’t been drafted yet. You’re assuming they’re going to go 1st round. Dennard… probably. Crick… no.

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            I think it would be safe to say that the coaching staff coached him up to be a preseason 1st round draft pick. I believe that his injury might have something to do with him tumbling all the way down to the 2nd round.

        2. Jason P says:

          Crick was only relevant when Suh was there, after Suh left he flopped.

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            Strange, with Suh gone Crick had 14½ tackles for loss and another 9½ sacks in 2010 which I believe was Suh’s rookie year. Is nearly 10 sacks typical for a DT? Maybe it was because he was playing next to Baker. In the end it will be a plus for the UFLs Nighthawks when the NFL pundits take your recommendation.

    2. Twitty says:

      You think Suh being a junior and a senior under Boop had anything to do with it? Fact is Bo hasn’t been the same since Suh left. Great coach when a once in a gen guys line ups, not so much after…maybe…possibly?

      1. Jeromethechicken says:

        And yet the defense was strangely strong in 2010 without Suh. Strong logic to your argument.

  21. GregEfta says:

    What I liked best about this kid was that he constantly had fight in him! After he pancakes his assignment and the RB runs past him, he gets up and chases the rest down the field. Watch him closely and time after time he is chasing, running, blocking and trying. There is no quit in this kid! Mr. Whitaker, I think your ATTITUDE is a bigger “get” than your incredible talents! Keep playing all sixty minutes (would love to see him on the pass rush as a… can you say iron man?) and you’ll infect the rest of your o-line! Thanks for giving us older guys something to keep coming back for! There’s some hunt in this dog, boys… getcha’ some!

  22. Trojan says:

    You guys gotta quit blaming Cotton for you lack of O-Linemen. What do you expect when you recruit two star players. I know you get butchered in the trenches. Checkout our O-Line next year. Even though we are losing our left tackle to the NFL after only his junior season. But don’t fret over it we will replace him with one of our five star linemen sitting right behind him on the depth chart. As you can see we have zero need for a two star player that “slipped” through the cracks.

    1. Jeromethechicken says:


    2. Mosier says:

      Yes trojan, you are the only school in the countries biggest population base. Congrats on getting 5 stars. I will take NU’s tradition and character over USC’s anyday. We’ll see who gets the 5 star o-lineman this year.

    3. A Fan says:

      USC is putting together a very good 2012 class. I hope Peat picks Nebraska over you guys.