Published Thursday, January 26, 2012 AT 11:58 PM / Updated at 12:00 AM
Recruiting: Cross commits
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska got its big back for the 2012 recruiting class. I’m not sure what that means for other “big backs” on scholarship — guys like CJ Zimmerer and Mike Marrow — but 6-foot-1, 222-pound Imani Cross is aboard the train.

He committed Thursday night after Bo Pelini and Tim Beck, who were making in-home visits, dropped by. He picked NU over Kentucky after decommitting from Tennessee in December. Virginia and East Carolina were in the mix, too.

Big assist here to RB coach Ron Brown, who recruited Cross. The Gainesville (Ga.) North Hall High School product is considering a ministry career after football.

“(Our relationship) means a lot,” Cross told Huskers Illustrated. “He’s a great, great man. He works hard and has a great passion. He loves football. It means a lot, it really does. I look forward to playing for him and have him as my position coach.”

He’s commit No. 14. I’d expect, oh, 3-4 more.

See a player card for Imani Cross here, or check out the full story on

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  1. Mike Caramba says:

    Nice. Good bit of news after hearing the Hawaiian TE committed to Arizona.

    1. ASDF says:

      He committed to Arizona after we told him we didn’t have room for him in the class. He wanted to come to NU all along.

      1. Thank you says:

        Are you Bo Pelini??? Oh my gosh everyone Bo Pelini is posting on this site!!!

        1. Too Smart says:

          Read some of the information out there, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it. We told the TE we didn’t have room. There are some silent commits out there.

          1. Mike Caramba says:

            Ah, good to know.

        2. TexasHusker says:

          Go back to your loser Colorado Puffalo board and celebrate the coming of yet another 3-10 season.

          Oh, that’s right, there’s NOTHING happening on the Puffalo board, is there?

          Shoulder to shoulder, still losing in Boulder.

          Uh-oh! I smell a Buffawo!

          1. Husker_Mort says:

            Come now, TH, the Buffaloes currently have the country’s 34th-rated class (two spots ahead of the Big Red). Nevermind that they have 11 more commits than us!

          2. Gravy says:

            Isn’t the city Boulder named for the matter that Colorado students have in their heads?

          3. noel says:

            Try again on the class being ranked 34th…this signing bumps us up a few notches. Rivals has us at 30 now (would have been more of a bump except that they only rank Imani as a 3 star).

            That will change quite a bit once Peat signs on.

          4. Jim says:

            The Puffs went 3-10? Wow! They’re moving up.

      2. Mosier says:

        Agreed. After all the handwringing about a 2 star TE we didn’t have room for him anyway. Would imagine we will look at a JUCO TE next year.

    2. TROJAN says:


  2. CORNANGEL says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Husker Imani! Your position coach has great character so it is a safe assumption that he saw it in you as well.

  3. huskerred says:

    One less question for fans, one more good catch for the team, congrats to you Imani! Glad to see you chose the scarlet and Cream, GBR.

  4. CharlieNChina says:

    Sorry folks. All I can say is BIG DEAL…SO WHAT…WHO CARES…

    1. York1 says:

      I do.

      1. KevinK says:

        good to see were getting that “big back” we could have used this year…I just wish we had a few more d-line commits this year, I may be wrong but i think our pass rush and our whole defensive line play was our biggest problem this year

  5. Where’s all the brilliant people how say Bo can’t recuit?!?! Here come’s Valentine, Curry and Peat! Welocome aboard Mr. Cross!

    1. drtopian says:

      Curry isn’t coming anymore. We told him we don’t have room (these are my sources anyway). However, this does tell me we’re definitely getting VV!

      1. Mosier says:

        Hearing rumors that VV is a silent commit. He would be a huge get. Big run clogging NT we’ve been looking for that had offers from ALL the big boys.

  6. ron frost says:

    Bo can recruit and he can develop talent. Barney is my only concern he needs to step up

    1. Husker_Mort says:


      1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

        Fans have been calling on Barney to step up for about 3 years now…..not going to lay odds it will happen now for some reason, I am afraid.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Has Barney stepped up the recruiting to your satisfaction? He has recruited more 4 star OL prospects in the past couple of classes than Solich & Callahan combined in the 00s.

    2. Twitty says:

      Developing talent is still an unknown, just like if the coach can get Red back in the top 10.

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        Seriously? The question on this staff was if they could recruit superior athletes — developing them is a STRENGTH. Now it appears they can do both.

        Every position, save QB, improved as the year went on last year.

        1. Mosier says:

          +1! People will always find ways to complain. We know this staff can develop talent. The last 2 years they are proving they can recruit too.

        2. Josh the Skeptic says:

          I think even QB improved, Taylor was one of the few players that I didn’t demonstrate regression in Orlando. He didn’t make the stupid decisions with the football that he did early in the season and last year. Hopefully, he can find a way to combine his first year explosiveness with his improved second year management and decision making. If the line makes better holes for him and improves in pass protection, the receivers catch more footballs that hit them and we get some weight on one of the back up RBs then the offense is going to be sick.

          I think we’ve got bigger questions on defense.

          1. MikeG says:

            Taylor made some huge mistakes in Orlando. Alot of misreads and several unnecessary sacks. True he needs more help from his recievers and from his line, but he certainly had his share of mistakes in the bowl.

    3. TrevForAD says:

      Don’t worry about Barney he’ll take care of his end.

      1. Husker Josh says:

        yeah, hopefully he will resign and go coach at some high school, where he belongs. he is a fugging clown show.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Finishing 3rd in the B1G in rushing is definitely grounds for termination. Especially when Wiscy is in the league.

      2. What?? says:

        Past performance is the best measure of future potential. I gotta ask what has Barney done in his time as O-line coach to make us believe we shouldn’t be worried? Disciplined lineme:un-check, nasty attitude:un-check; secured scholarships for all his boys: check

        1. Husker_Mort says:

          …just gotta put “hats on hats”, gentlemen! I swear if he explains the OLine problems in that manner again I will personally help him load the moving van. You guys are right on.

          No excuses with the talent on the OLine next season.

          1. Baltar says:

            I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who hates it when Cotton says that. The first time I saw it a couple of years ago, it made me laugh, then it made me boiling mad. This is the idiot whose producing our mediocre lines year after year.
            If Pelini doesn’t fire Cotton, then Osborne should fire Pelini.

          2. Colorado Springer says:

            (1. Played OL at Nebraska as an honored member of the pipeline
            (2. Played 3 years in the pros
            (3. Coached at Nebraska under Frank Solich
            (4. Offensive coordinator at Iowa St. & beat NU
            (5. Coached at Nebraska for 3 More Years
            (6. Coached NU to 3rd place in Rushing in the B1G inspite of an inadequate passing game to loosen up the defense and with competition made up of some of the strongest defensive lines in the nation.
            (7. despite your snide, unwarrented, & cheapshot remarks, I have seen nothing to indicate that his sons were anything but tough, hardworking, talented football players that we are lucky to have.
            (8. Hats-on-Hats is coach speak for man blocking rather than zone blocking which is sometimes warranted in certain situations if the defense uses an unexpected formation.
            (9. In several games, the announcers were talking about the Huskers use of very effective G-Blocking. Thats right out of the Milt Tenopir – Tom Osborne playbooks.
            In other words, I disagree with your whiny remarks.

          3. Husker_Mort says:

            I’m impressed with your knowledge of Cotton’s resume, ColoSpringer, but the critique is still self-evident if you read your own post.

            1.) Playing FBall at Nebraska does not qualify you to coach at Nebraska.
            2.) See #1
            3.) Our line play was equally weak then.
            4.) How is this a positive? What other major D1 experience does Cotton have, aside for coaching the powerhouse in Ames while publically demonstrating his lack of loyalty (“real big red” comment).
            5.) Okay…weak lines then too.
            6.) Running game was the only consistent offense we had. If our passing game comes around you won’t see Rex rush 38 times/game.
            7.) I have been neither snide, nor critical of the sons. Although the level of nepotism relative to the Cottons is staggering (especially when you consider that they would get free tuition anyway).
            8.) No &%*(, Sherlock. It is also completely patronizing to say it over and over again when not discussing scheme.
            9.) The “Belly G” is a scheme drawn up by the OCoord and Cotton was not intelligent enough to help his athletes break their blatant “tells” that give the scheme away and allowed opposing defenses to easily scout us toward the end of the season.

            Did you have any actual rebuttals to rebut the critique of the Linemen failing to live up to even a watered-down version of Nebraska expectations?
            2.) Why, when he was last let go at Iowa State, was he not recruited to a different college program (coached his son’s HS team).

          4. HuskerMark says:

            Well stated Colorado Springer!

          5. HuskerMark says:

            C’mon, Mort!

            How can you equate Cotton wanting to spend some quality time with his kids by coaching their HS team to not getting any job offers? Do you know that for a fact or did you pull that out of your corn-hole? A very ignorant statement that disregards any personal choices he made and with no knowledge as to whether he made himself available or even tried to pimp his resume.

            I whole-hardheartedly respect his choice to put family first. Especially after missing most of their lives while secluded in his office watching tape and recruiting and traveling and coaching and playing in the pros.

            Expectations and reality are rarely the same. Perhaps the problem is the fans expectation that just because kids don a Husker uniform they will be transformed into All-Pro prospects. The reality could be clearly seen when watching the national championship game, or any of the top teams play. Nebraska just doesn’t have the same talent level. Yet.

            (Pause for the morons to say “watching those games proved it was the coaching!”)

            No, they did not live up to my HOPE of what they would be, but did make me proud in their progress in a new system, scheme and league. The running game improved tremendously against stronger opposition and better defenses than we faced in the Big 12.

            It’s also not fair to hold Cotton accountable for changing philosophies in the middle of the 2010 season after Martinez went down. The focus of the offense changed overnight and unraveled most of the coaching to that point. Factor in the injuries with the lack of continuity under Watson and I think we did surprisingly well.

            Yes, the number of procedure penalties were/are frustrating and borderline inexcusable, but that will hopefully change with a stable offense. Beck needs more seasoning for sure.

            You may commence your name calling rant and response…… now.

          6. Husker_Mort says:

            No name calling, Mark. Anybody that has watched the line closely during Cotton’s tenure would know that it is the biggest factor in holding the offense back. I don’t care if it is scheme or talent; at the end of the day it is HIS responsibility. Simple as that.

            1989-1994 St. Cloud State (OC/OL)
            1995-1996 Hastings College
            1997-2002 New Mexico State (AHC/OL)
            2003 Nebraska (OC/OL)
            2004-2006 Iowa State (OC/OL)
            2007 Ames High School (vol. asst.)
            2008-present Nebraska (AHC/OL)

            Please point to an instance in which Cotton has overseen a dominant offensive line.

        2. bigdoghusker says:

          I believe that there is an NCAA rule that if a coach has a son on the team, that they must be on scholarship.

      3. TrevForAD says:

        Barney isn’t the ass clown you guys are making him out to be. He hasn’t had any real talent… and that my friends will change when Peat signs on the dotted line.

        1. Mosier says:

          Agreed, to this point Barney hasn’t had much to work with. If the line isn’t one of the best in the B1G in 2-3 years he will have failed but when you evaluate the players talent and more importantly depth he’s had so far he has done well.

        2. Husker_Mort says:

          Hasn’t had any real talent?! What are you talking about?

          2011: Klatchko (4*), Moore (4*), Sterup (4*), Reeves (4*), Price (3*)
          2010: Hardrick (4*), Rodriguez (4*), Moudy (3*)
          2009: Ash (3*), Coffee (3*), Qvale (3*), Sirles (3*)
          2008: Grant (3*), Henry (3*), Thompson (3*)
          2007: Burkes (4*), Jones (3*)
          2006:Jones (4*), Carl Nicks (4*), Barrett (3*), Haines (3*), Henry (3*), Williams (3*)

          Seems like there is plenty of clay there to shape into SOME KIND of consistency on the line.

          1. What?? says:

            Husker-Mort, you nailed it. He’s had as much overall talent to work with as any position on the team since these coaches arrived.

          2. Mosier says:

            Doesn’t look to bad since 09′ does it. Those guys are all still young. When that class is seniors he will have no more excuses.

            Nicks was already gone, DJ was not that highly hyped, Burkes looked to be special but had cardiovascular problems and had to quit, all the other 4 stars are to young to judge.

          3. Jeff says:

            Actually, when you look at the 2008 and 2009 classes you see where the problem is. Linemen take three to four years to develop. Let’s see how next year unfolds. I’m not particularly optimistic, because I don’t trust Barney, but next year is when things should start to take shape if they are going to.

          4. Mosier says:

            This has got to be a joke. How many all-conference players did he inherit?

            An oline should be made up of 4th and 5th year players. There were exactly 2 of those ship players on the roster this year.

            With all our injuries and inexperience on the line this year they performed admirably. The pipeline is being rebuilt as your signing class info shows.

          5. Husker_Mort says:

            He didn’t do much during his first stint at NU either, Mosier.

          6. Mosier says:

            Never thought he should be the OC. If he doesn’t have a great line in 2 years then yes, it’s time to move on. I for one think what he accomplished with 3 W.O.s staring last year against much tougher lines was pretty good. Nothing to be fired over.

          7. CORNANGEL says:

            Why did it take Milt Tenopir 5 years to develop offensive lineman? If I had a buffalo nickel for everytime I heard that a vintage NU lineman was a 5th year Senior I would be rich.

            Why wasn’t Milt fired for the 7 straight bowl losses where NU found itself in the Orange Bowl with another 100 yardish rushing game?

          8. CORNANGEL says:

            Why would walk-ons be plugged in as starters if their weren’t injury/depth issues?

            Is Barney faking injury’s to cover up the “well known” blogosphere fact that he should be coaching 6th grade YMCA football?

          9. Mosier says:

            People seem to forget NU’s tradition of excellence was built on developing players (rarely did someone play until they were a Junior or Senior) and staff stability.

          10. HuskerFaithful1 says:

            Let’s not forget that the we recruited a different type of o-lineman in 2010-12 than in 2007 or 2008. Just look at the stats:
            Rush Attempts vs Pass Attempts
            2008 486 295
            2009 512 364
            2010 634 282
            2011 611 293

            This guys need to be more physical than linemen of the resent past. We are generally getting the ball off quicker resulting in equal passing attempts (2009 the exception) but with more rushing attempts. That requires a different type of lineman. Barney has been using these more ‘finesse’ type linemen and he needs to now go after the ‘big bruiser’ types. I feel like the 2011 class will really make a huge difference for this offense. Just my opinion but I really feel that the O-line will continue to get better.

        3. Bozo says:

          Trev, u da man!!!!

        4. MikeG says:

          Sorry to disagree, but this team is full of alot of talent, it just isnt utilized or coached very well.

    4. honest john says:

      barney needs to step down.

  7. Husker_Mort says:

    Sam, both Marrow and Zimmerer are Juniors — Cross is a fantastic addition to the depth who will hopefully challenge both in their Senior years, although I wonder if Heard could play this role as well. As for Zimmerer’s recruitment, it remains a strange scholarship offer that felt like another forced in-state appeasement.

    TypicalHusker: Curry was informed that Nebraska no longer has room for him in this class after Valentine gave a silent commit last night. The others still in the mix appear to be Peat, Moore, Fuller, Lambert, Ford, Shelton & Goodman.

    1. Mosier says:

      Cross coming in shouldn’t have any impact on Zimmerer or Marrow. I predict a redshirt for Cross. Do you think we would take both Moore and Fuller? I think its Peat or Goodman and Shelton or Ford.

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        Sounds like Moore has already committed and you NEVER pass on an athlete like Fuller. With Okafor and Ward moving on we have room for both OLs and CBs you mentioned, so I don’t know why it would be an “or”.

        1. Mosier says:

          I see only 18 spots, we have 14. Moore, Peat, a CB would be 17. Then I would think we would want to hold one for C. Jackson. If he qualifies I wouldn’t be suprised to see him start.

          1. Husker_Mort says:

            18 was the number BEFORE Okafor and Ward made their intentions known. Many believe they have 20-21 schollies to work with.

          2. Mosier says:

            Maybe, looking at the roster I don’t see it. 15 seniors, Kerr, Ward and Okafor gone looks like 18 to me. Maybe I’m missing something. Does Marrow have a ship?

          3. Mosier says:

            Hope your right, would love to get more of these guys.

          4. Twauto22 says:

            16 Seniors scholarship players
            2 Graduated players leaving
            2 spots open from last year ( 1 Im guessing was suppose to be for Charles )
            We also lost one of the linebackers after the signing class so that is probably the other one..

          5. Mosier says:

            What LB did we lose?

            I was thinking our “open” ships were filled by walk-ons, thats what helped us get to 16 seniors. Regardless I still only see 17-18 (depending on Jackson) available at this point. Looks like sam agrees…

  8. Brad says:

    Wecome and good luck Mr Cross.

  9. Brad says:


  10. huskermike says:

    This year’s recruiting class is above average, The offensive cooridinator is above average, Coach Pelini is a great defensive coach but average head coach. Add that all up and the Huskers will remain a 9-3 or 8-4 team. We still need to have some changes in the coaching staff.

    1. mac says:

      not that any of our comments matter, but were I the AD or Chancelor, I’d give Bo three more years to make NU nationally competitive…no less than a B10 championship, competitive in every major contest, no blowouts, 1 loss as minimum standard, regular BCS participant. Giving him the benefit of the doubt by somewhat discounting his first year…maybe two… of recruiting and learning the head coach gig, the past two years plus this current recruiting cycle is ample time to see what he can do. Same for his asst coaches. three to four years of “recruiting and developing talent” is enough time to build depth and coherency in the system, even with a change in the OC and DC.

      1. A Fan says:

        Good post mac. Agree.

        1. MikeG says:

          Lets not get carried away or unrealistic. It wasnt the 4 losses that were so disappointing this year, it was the way we lost and the total collapse and unpreparedness of our team. 2 or 3 loss seasons are not the end of the world. But if you look at Osbornes teams, he didnt get blown out by 28 or more points very often. 3 times in 25 years if I am not mistaken. If we lose a game but fought hard and looked respectable but simply got beat by a better team, then I can deal with that. Blowout losses and losses to teams we should easily beat are the bigger issues.

      2. Husker_Mort says:

        “1 loss as a minimum standard….”

        Are you high? You are the type of “fan” that almost convinced Osborne to suit up in black and gold. 2-3 losses/season and a top 10 finish with an occasional run at the title are all that any of us should reasonably expect.

        1. mac says:

          okay…1-2 losses as a standard, 3 in a down year.

          1. Jeff_Georgia says:

            Mac, you really do live in lala land. To expect 1993-1997 to be the rule rather than the exception is to show you have no comprehension of reality in college football (or anywhere else, probably).

        2. NJW 73 says:

          1 loss seasons minimum? You’re a fool. You may as well go like a different team then pal.

        3. Mile High Husker says:

          I graduated from UNL in ’95 so you could say I was definitely spoiled with great football and I don’t expect them to lose only 1 game per season. You’re expectations are beyond pathetic….go like a different team.

      3. Ryan says:

        What the heck? If you had those standards around the country I’m pretty sure Chris Petersen (Peterson?) at Boise would be the only coach still at his school.

        1. Mosier says:

          One loss is rediculous. If Bo plays for the NC and loses he just met his min. standard? It’s more about playing for championships and in big bowl games, being highly ranked, than total losses. That’s why people had angst this year because it was the first time in 3 years we weren’t one play away from a Championship…

      4. Huskers23 says:

        thats why you not them…. Bo will come around as a head coach, but it won’t be at Nebraska…. Reason, because the expectation of the fans and the media will push him away. Nebraska will never have a great head coach again unless the fans and media back off…… And Yes I am a Husker fan, have been for all my life, I go to games to support the players and coaches, win or lose. I have not missed a home game in over 20 years, maybe when you all become real fans of the team, then you can come sit in my skybox

        1. Husker_Mort says:

          I agree with your sentiment, 23, but the expectations are no different at any other job that would be an “upgrade” from Nebraska. You should hear the sports stations here in Ohio speculating “how many titles” (not if) would make the Meyer hire a “success”.

          Bo’s only shot to reduce pressure would be to teach in the same town as 1-2 other colleges/pro teams (Miami, Boston, New Jersey, Los Angeles, SanFran, Dallas, Seattle).

      5. CORNANGEL says:

        So would you have fired Mac Brown already?

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      I don’t see what the 2012 class has to do with the 2012 record.

      1. mac says:

        The point i’m trying to make is the majority of an incoming class isn’t going to make a difference for at least 2 yrs. Thus we should have a good idea how strong the 2009-10 class really is this year. It’s the pipeline paridigm.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          My response was to huskermike.

        2. Husker_Mort says:

          Totally disagree. Commits: that will be competing for STARTING spots next season: Seisay, Afalava, Anderson, Brown, Rose, Thurston, Westerkamp, Peat*, Shelton*, Moore*, Fuller*, Goodman*.

          * not officially committed…yet

          1. Mike Caramba says:

            Whether or not the 2012 class plays is moot. If the Huskers go 8-5, no one can seriously blame it on this class.

          2. Husker_Mort says:

            I see your point. The 2012 record will, largely, be achieved with players recruited into the Big XII defensive schemes and Watson’s Offense. Not that either are an excuse. BUT the 2012 class WILL help pull out 1-2 games we would not otherwise.

          3. Mosier says:

            That’s pretty optomistic. I would say Seisay and Anderson, another LB, probably Rose and Peat* competing for starting spots.

          4. Husker_Mort says:

            Thurston and Westerkamp will be in the two-deep. Remember, special teams counts as “starting”.

          5. Mosier says:

            Missed Westerkamp, could definately be 2 deep. I thought Klachko and Reeves were better prospects than Thurston and they didn’t make the depleted 2 deep this year. Thurston’s listed at 275. I hope he gets some time to beef up and get stronger.

          6. Colorado Springer says:

            Wish I had a nickle for all the sure starters that never were. Got to see how they handle playing against men and not boys. Get ‘em in pads and then we’ll see.

    3. Mosier says:

      This class will be for above average. Will probably finish in the top 10 in average stars. Not to mention most of our 3 stars are borderline 4 stars (5.7) ranking.

      1. Husker_Mort says:

        100% correct

  11. mac says:

    does anyone know Imani’s primary strengths? good hands? is he a running threat? speed? cut back runner? a hard hitting bull dozer?

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      No one likes to be pigeonholed, but the last one.

    2. NU FB says:

      He’s a power back. Nothing real flashy, just will pick up the tough first down on 3rd and 2.

    3. Mosier says:


      1. Husker_Mort says:

        Helu’s character with Glenn’s bruising running style?

        1. Mosier says:

          That would be something…

          ESPN has him as a four star too.

  12. HuskerRebel says:

    Seems like we are getting some very promising position
    players. It’s time for one particular offensive-backfield
    player to step-up, or step-down.

  13. eVm says:

    Solid hands and his faith is stronger then his legs. Bull in a china cabinet type back we haven’t seen in awhile. Also the right type of person you want in your locker room. Just looking the kid up on Twitter and I see someone who is already mature beyond his age. Rip the coaches all you want, he sees what some don’t, the fact that they will leave the university as a better person/individual/adult then they arrived.

    1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      Man, would I welcome a Dan Alexander type back. His runs always stands out in my mind – I LOVED watching him bulldoze through the opposing defenses. I remember one very frustrated opposing player after another loss against the Huskers commenting: “We knew what they were going to do. We just couldn’t stop them.” Here’s hoping Cross brings that back.

  14. J says:

    Cool name! Welcome Imani!

  15. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Solid player!

    1. NU FB says:

      Something positive from you? Well that’s a new one.

  16. A Fan says:

    Great news. Glad to get him on board. Nebraska has moved up 5 spots on Rivals recruiting board. We have the 30th best class in the country. If we land Peat and a couple more 4 star guys… we’ll move into the top 25.

    1. Mosier says:

      Top 25 with 18ish players would be saying something.

  17. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Regardless of conference, Nebraska has lacked a big back since Buckhalter, and that converted LB Dan Alexander……..
    Lets coach him up Pastor Brown.

    1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      DAN ALEXANDER! Still my favorite.

      1. Jeff_Georgia says:

        I’m glad for you…

  18. Red Head says:

    Rivals and Scout view our recruiting class totally different. We have not even cracked the Top 50 yet with Scout. As I have been saying for a couple months on OWH, Bo has a lot of work to do and time is running out. I think Young Mr Cross is a very good player, a great young man and the type of player we need. But again for 100th time, I say we need game changers, both on offense and defense. We need the Peat’s and Fuller type players in this class, I think Valentine is a bit under rated and could be a star. I hope he can close on these guys because up to now we have a good, not great class. We need an over the top class with with over the top type players and no excuse about how it is hard to recruit to NU and every kid want to plays in the SEC or in TX That is just an excuse that too many Husker fans are using. Where was Rozier, Fryer and the Peter brothers, they were from NJ. Look at all the great talent we got out of Fl, Frazier etc. For Pete’s sake Vince Ferragamo became an All American QB and he was from CA and he came here in the 70′s To get back where we want to be, we need to close on these type of players again and it can be done, Bo needs to figure out a way. C’mon Bo were are counting on you to get it done

    1. Husker_Mort says:

      Have you been paying attention at all, Red Head? This year’s class is great with the potential to be phenomenal with potential NSD additions. This staff HAS gotten it done this year and your assertion otherwise suggests that you just don’t want to acknowledge the success.

      1. A Fan says:

        This year’s class is ranked 30th on Rivals. Scout doesn’t have it ranked very high. For anyone to suggest it’s a great class is ridiculous. It may get very good if we sign Peat and a few other 4 star guys.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          First of all, it’s silly to put stock in those star ratings. Second of all, it’s even sillier to put stock in the team rankings. Rankings are based largely on class size. Notice that Miami’s average player ranking is lower than ours, yet their team is ranked 7th in the country. Notice only one team with fewer recruits is ranked ahead of us.

          1. eVm says:

            Ranks are only a guide and to me only worth the paper (website) they are written on. ESPN ranked Abdullah as a 2 Star 74 ranking last year and look how he turned out.

        2. Skers says:

          When 6 of 14 are 4 star recruits according to 247 sports, it’s not a bad class at all. Quality is better than quantity and other schools having bigger classes is why many are ranked higher than us.

      2. Good retort Mort….The cupboard is not bare….

    2. Mosier says:

      Scout doesn’t give our two best recruits, Seisay, and Anderson, any stars what so ever, like they don’t even exist. Rivals has always been much more on top of things in my opinion.

      1. NU FB says:

        Because they are JUCO guys.

  19. Hskerfn says:

    Just finished watching the Highlights for Mr. Cross from this season. Here is my take on what I saw. This young man is quite the multi Talent. :-) he runs head up and sees the holes and goes to them. He follows his blockers and uses them very well. I wouldn’t say that he is elusive, but he is SLIPPERY! He makes people miss him. He’s not overly fast, but that can improve. He doesn’t waste time. He goes north and south real quick! He can put his head down if he needs to, but I didn’t notice him do it a lot. He’s quick to the hole… He can run the Wildcat! :-) He can catch the pass out of the backfield. He’s not afraid to block and he’s not a half bad Linebacker! I think he needs to get in the weight room and put on about 10- 15 pounds of Muscle! Then he’ll really be a BEAST! All in all a good addition to the Husker Backfield. :-) We’ve always gotten good players from Georgia! He ain’t no Dawg!!! :-D

    1. mac says:

      Awesome! how nice it would be to have a punishing fb who’d crack some skulls as a blocker yet be enough of a a threat to catch/run to require defenses to game plan against him…potentially quite a complement to what appears to be a stable of thoroughbreds chompin’ at the bit in the backfield.

  20. Red Out says:

    Yes to be honest, I thought we were going to miss out on some of the gusy we are probably going to get so I don’t think it will be bad at all.

  21. Hskerfn says:

    By the way…. I notice people knocking the 3 star players and where we’re ranked in Recruiting classes. Come on. Do you really place stock in all this stuff? Dr. Tom’s classes were hardly ever ranked in the recruiting ratings, yet they achieved great things! Notre Dame should be winning the NC every stinking year according to their recruiting, but what have they done lately! They Suck! Many other schools find themselves in the same situation and they don’t do much either. I find that it isn’t the stars…It’s the coaching!!! I want to see us get good players too, but I can’t stand the talk about the stars and the size of the class. It all works out in the end! You can watch the Highlights and see what you’re going to get from a player. When they play against a lot of smaller guys, you might be getting a man among boys in High School, but he may just be another young man when he gets to College. Maybe he’ll develope into a good player…maybe just and average player. Those are the chances you take. Some… become GREAT Players! Great! The most over used word in Sports!!! It’s all in the coaching and the attitude of the team. I like our Program. It does well! Sometimes it wounds my heart and other s as well, but We’ve got one of the Class Programs in the country and I’m going to keep supporting them. We’re HUSKER NATION and we need to have each other and the TEAMS back. That means Bo and all the coaches to. What we say on here, COULD decide the decision of a recruit, so let’s be positive! We’re down to the wire, and I’d love to see us finish STRONG! Go Huskers!!!

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      A very good post. Welcome the kids. All the kids. Remember that some of the starters will be walk ons who out perform the scholarship players. Welcome to all of them.

  22. MaylorTartinez says:

    Let’s give the QB (hopefully not Taylor) a wishbone formation with a 2 RB, triple option play. Depending on the defensive line’s formation the QB has choice of big back, speed back, or QB keeper. I’ll draw it up and send it in to Beck asap! Could really hurt the opposition on 3rd and short.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Last time I looked, the wishbone had three backs. I’ll bet that Coach Beck never thought of faking the fullback and then running an option. Better send it to him right away so he’ll have time to get it in for the spring game.

  23. Red Head says:

    Husker Mort
    I have been paying attention to Husker recruiting since the late 70′s. Back when very few people did. This class is not great…Not Yet. Can it become something special, Maybe, but only if Bo’ can close the deal on some of these guys, the special type players. I think the roster of walkons is a very good group, probably as good as I have seen in about 10 years. There are some kids I that think will fill out the roster nicely. But for us to become elite, we need special special players. I went to NU back in the early 80′s and for example, NU hosted the indoor track championships and I watched a sophomore named Irving Fryer compete and win the 60 Yd dash. And yes when he commited, people that knew FB, knew he was special. One of my best friends at the time ran track back in NJ, and he ran 4 x 100 relays against him in HS, he competed again Rozier in track during that same time period. Those were elite elite athletes. Tommy Frazier was the overall #1 rated recruit of high school, every single D-1 team wanted him. We need players like that or the countless others that have carried the torch before and after. Do we have a couple out of this group that are at that level, it would be a stretch to say we do

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      Agreed. Tommie is a great example of talent that paid off. On the other end of the spectrum there is Eric Crouch however, our homegrown heisman winner. It takes talent, development, and luck for success.

    2. Husker_Mort says:

      “Special, special” players in this class alone: Seisay, Rose, Thurston, Westerkamp, Peat*, Fuller*, McMullen.

      1. MaylorTartinez says:

        Argument for Armstrong could be made.

      2. Mosier says:

        Anderson, maybe Armstrong. VV*

    3. Mosier says:

      If this class finishes the way it looks and everyone qualifies it looks like it could be the best class since Carlos Polk came to town. That is something to be excited about, especially after so many people have been crying about our lack of recruiting.

      1. MikeG says:

        I agree Mosier, I think we have a good class all around. I think we have had a few good classes. Unlike many on here, I dont see us having a talent problem, but a coaching and utilization problem.

  24. Red Head says:

    Husker Mort. One more thing, I hate to admit I’m getting a little older but keep in mind, one of early childhood memories is not riding a bike for the first time, it was sitting down and actually watching the 71 NU/OU game of the century. And yes I remember the Johnny R. punt return as it happened. Not a highlight of it later but as it happened. And I remember Kinney crashing into the endzone to take the lead back at the end. I was one of those kids that walked up and down the aisles at Memorial stadium in the mid and late 70′s selling Coke. So trust me, I have paid attentionto this class and the last 30 plus classes. And to Maylor Tartinez, A guy I knew very well was a cousin of Crouch and I saw his 80-90 yds TD runs his sophomore year. His talent was no secret. We were already hoping his sophomore year that he was going to NU. He had looks from ND and other top of the line programs of the day very early in his career at Millard North.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      Lots of my friends at MN had 80-90 yd runs. Nebraska competetion is weak. Hell, even I had an interception in HS football ’01.

      1. MaylorTartinez says:


    2. Husker_Mort says:

      I don’t doubt one bit that you are a loyal fan who has followed this for awhile. I do think, however, that your opinion that this class “lacks special, special players” is incorrect.

  25. MaylorTartinez says:

    Cody Green, 4 to 5 stars depending on where you looked. Fumble machine.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      Projectile fumbles*

  26. Mosier says:

    For anyone who wants to cry about him being a 3 star ESPN has him as a 4 star. Even though we beat Kentucky he had a great offer list before he commited to Tenn.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      Agreed, he was a SOLID pick up for us. Will greatly add to the depth of our RB and is a class act. What more do you want? He’s also the heaviest RB in the top 25 of this years national class, the dude is a load.

      1. Mosier says:

        Nice info on being the heaviest. Should be a great complement to the triplets.

  27. Jeff_Georgia says:

    I’d be a little wary of track times. Particularly anything longer than 50-60 yards. Track sprinters train for speed endurance (and are biologically, neurally, and metabolically superior for that purpose). Power athletes like FB players need starting and explosive strength, with speed endurance of lesser importance.

    Here is a breakdown of the times for Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics 100m

    Lewis Johnson
    10m 1.97 1.95
    20m 3.0 2.93
    30m 3.89 3.81
    40m 4.81 4.67
    50m 5.65 5.52
    60m 6.53 6.37

    I’ll skip the rest. For some interesting perspective, Khari Reynolds, Husker RB in 1998 ran a 1.44 10 yards (yeah I know, yards to meters, but that doesn’t really change anything at this distance), Dani Busboom, NU woman’s volleyballer, in 2004 ran a 1.77 10 yards! Both embarrass both Johnson and Lewis in explosive start… It would be interesting to know our QB’s 10 yard time. Bet it is (was) blazing.

    1. Jeff_Georgia says:

      A quick addendum. NU wrestler, Tolly Thompson in 1996 ran a 1.59 10 yards. He weighed 285 at the time!

  28. Red Head says:

    Yea but Crouch’s runs were different. When he went 80 or 90, and he hit the end zone, guys that were chasing were at about the 15 or 20. The difference in his speed versus the other players on the field was almost unfair.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      This is true, he was blazing fast.

    2. socalhusker says:

      He also wore man-sized shoulder pads and used his explosive leg drive to knock tacklers backwards.

  29. rickenaz says:

    Welcome young man! Now we have better experienced big guys along with young talent at the big boy spot. This will help us
    a great deal. As far as the O-line, weve been getting a bit better each year and now were adding some good talent to go with it. I think things are looking great. We should be able to develope our O-line into one of the top lines in the country next year. Our O-line health was a bit down last season and got a bit better late in the year. Now I think we have a top 10 group of guys that don’t have much in the way of re-curring injuries. That bodes well.

  30. ron frost says:

    Mosier when milt was the offensive line coach he developed his players made them into the best they weren’t 3 stars or betterr

    1. Mosier says:

      I would love to have another Milt. Milt also got so good at it because he had help and TIME to develop his system.

  31. public hair says:

    I love how every Husker fan is a head coach, a playcaller, a recruiting expert, an official, an AP voter, an athletic director, a doctor, a lawyer, and an Indian chief.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      Spoiler Alert: all major program’s fans are *experts* and over analyze everything.

    2. Mosier says:

      Completely UNFAIR… I have never claimed to be an Indian chief. But I do like Indian cheifs.

    3. Public hair, you forgot rich man, poor man, beggar man thief.

  32. Red Head says:

    Have not seen a lot of posts from you yet today. With Fuller, have you seen anything that leads you to think we are seriously back in the running for him now that Schiano pulled a Kiffin on Rutgers. By what I had been able to see, before this all came down, he was set to announce on Sunday that he was going to commit to Rutgers.

    1. MaylorTartinez says:

      From what I’ve seen he wants to play QB. Rutgers will not be using his as a QB most likely and Neb. said he could have a shot at our QB spot. Rutger’s Pro style offense doesn’t match up with his skill set and our spread/option/pistol matches his QB style a helluva lot better.

    2. Mosier says:

      I think Schiano helps us a lot as he was between us and Rutgers and leaning Rutgers. Now? I am actually more worried about Zona with R-Rod, he could probably start at QB for them day 1. I like our chances still, but like our chances with Moore, more, and Armstrong better as a QB.

      But I am no expert. Just relaying what I see, and hear from others.

  33. Hskerfn says:

    Red Head… Watch the highlights of the Montini Catholic – Joliet Catcholic Championship game for the Illinois Cahmpionship and watch Jordan Westerkamp! He is one of those special Special Players… If he plays like that at Nebraska…Our Offense will be opened up real quick! They 2 and 3 teamed this kid and he still beat them and these teams have many D! players on them. The Joliet Catholic caoach said he was glad Westerkamp was graduating because he wouldn’t have to play against him anymore!!! We get a few more of these guys and we’ll be fine. :-)

    1. Mosier says:

      Really, excited about this kid. Coaches kid, high character, skilled and athletic. On film, he looks like our best WR recruit in a long time.

  34. Mosier says:

    Just saw Josh Garnett, 4 star 6.0 OL commited to Stanford. Peat would now give them 6 OL recruits in the class. I’m thinking this is very good news for DONU. Hopefully anyway. Maybe he was there plan B.

    1. Twauto22 says:

      I cant see Joshaua GArneet being their plan B, maybe plan A-2 but not plan B that kids on par with PEat

      1. Mosier says:

        Yeah, would be sweet to have a plan B like Garnett. I would imagine A-2 as well. Either way hope this helps our cause.

        I really thought Stanford would fall after Harbaugh and Luck left but they are bringing in a great recruiting class. 4, 4 star O-lineman.

  35. Mosier says:

    HuskerMort- FLAS on HuskerMax has a great break down of the classes. With the early grads we have 18 spots for this class not including schollies for Maher, C. Jackson or any other WO. I guess there is some talk we could oversign by up to 3 but I really don’t see how we can qualify for that with the information we have now. I don’t really see any likely canidates to greyshirt either as I believe Cotton isn’t allowed to.

    1. Twauto22 says:

      Leroy Alexander still has to qualify so more than likely thats one grayshirt, there also might be more defections that we dont know of yet.. I’m taking a wild guess that one of them is on the offensive line..

      1. Mosier says:

        Feel bad but I hope it’s Ash. Guy couldn’t get a sniff at guard with all of our injuries there.

        I was thinking that any more defections wouldn’t help us for this class unless it was for medical reasons, graduation or some special exemption. I’m sure there will be some defections/NQ’s which is usually where the ships for W.O.’s come from.

  36. Red Head says:

    I think Westerkamp sticking with his commitment to us was big, I agree. Could he become an all conference or all american type player. I hope so. We are developing some good sikll players with some of the younger guys on the roster, no doubt. We need to get to the point where every skill player on the field can burn you. Let me give you an example of what concerns me. This year on defense, in pre-season it appeared we had a potential all american in Crick, David and Dennard, at all three levels of the defense. But unfortunately we got hit with the injury bug and on defense we bacame very inconsistent the rest of the year. We just didn’t have guys to step in and play at that level. We need that again on both sides of the ball and actually I think you agree with me more than you realize, we need more of those types of commits to get to the next level. Look when Tommie had the blood clot, Brook Berringer stepped in and played great until he had a collapsed lung against OK. State. I was at that game and watching 2nd half warm ups and I see Matt Turman from Wahoo Neumann taking snaps with the #1 offensive line. He as we all know was a walk-on. a young walk on. The score was something like 9-3 at half and the entire team because it was so loaded barely missed a beat. Obviously that was a group that accomplished more than any other team in college FB history going what 64-3 in that period. So is that realistic to get to that dominance again, probably not, but that should be our goal

    1. Mosier says:

      Would obviously love to get back to the talent and depth we had back then. Berringer was special, not many stars would’ve stuck around. We all loved C. Green and he was a great guy, but most QB’s don’t want to be 2nd string to a guy in their same class. I think these last 2 classes are showing that the talent level is on the way up.

  37. Red Head says:

    you could be right, that could be very big news on Peat

  38. MikeG says:

    For some of those that have been saying Bo cant recruit. I think we have a very decent class. I think we have alot of talent already on the roster. I have always believed we have a coaching issue and not a talent issue. If Beck wouldnt try to be so multidimensional, we would be in much better shape. I wish he would set a base offense and teach our young talent how to be great at it, instead of trying to do so much that we our players are only average at executiing it. Just like our option game used to be, develop players to be great at it and dare opponents to stop it. Throw in a few wrinkles to keep defenses honest and we have a much more successful team. I think that is the “identity” factor that was missing this year with Beck. Defensively, if Bo is as good of a defensive coach as we all were lead to believe than he should be able to figure out how to fix our weakness, which is containing a mobile Qb while still getting pressure in the backfield. If we could rein iin these 2 things, I think we would be very successful, because I believe the talent is there, we just arent utilizing it very well right now. With the total exception of Martinez. I think he is a gifted athlete but should absolutely not be our QB if we arent going to utilize his main weapon or he isnt physically able to be that exposive anymore. If we wait until Taylor is graduated to use and develop one of our other talented QB’s (Fyfe, Carnes, Armstrong, Fuller if he comes, etc) than we are making a huge mistake. As much as I hate a Qb rotation, I wouldnt mind it to see what other talent we really have at that position. If we did, I truly believe that Martinez would lose the startiing job.

  39. Mr Football says:

    I like the class for the most part. I’m no star gazer….give me film and I can make my own opinions. I Cross? Just watched his film. Honestly, I don’t see him as a Running Back. I was not impressed. Was not explosive in any way. Speed or power. Pedestrian.

    1. Mosier says:

      Seems like the staff is looking for a goal line FB/HB type back. He averaged 9 yards a carry…

    2. Colorado Springer says:

      He looked more like a FB/LB type. Didn’t see him catching too many passes. I would like to see more FB running and I miss the the old Counter-Trey series that used to be the most productive of NU’s offenses under Osborne, including the boot pass to the tight end that broke many a game wide open.