Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AT 5:23 PM / Updated at 5:34 PM
Husker notes: DE Williams gone; Els to lead NU recruiting
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Defensive end Josh Williams, a soon-to-be senior, is no longer with the Nebraska football program after a violation of team rules, coach Bo Pelini said Wednesday.

Williams played in all 13 games for the Huskers last year, starting two. The 6-foot-4, 260-pounder from Denton, Texas, finished the 2011 season with 15 total tackles and one stop behind the line of scrimmage. He also blocked a kick.

Other tidbits passed on by Pelini Wednesday are below…

>> Linebackers coach Ross Els will be the team’s recruiting coordinator (now that John Papuchis has been promoted to defensive coordinator). Why Els? Said Pelini: “Experience. Thought it was the right choice.” Els will also oversee the special teams.

>> The NU staff is considering moving running back Braylon Heard to cornerback. “He’s a real sudden guy,” Pelini said. … It should be noted that signees LeRoy Alexander and Alonzo Moore were recruited to play cornerback, according to Pelini. Junior college transfer Mohammed Seisay joined the team this semester and is expected to make an immediate contribution at cornerback.

>> Pelini said Nebraska is offering multi-year scholarships (in line with proposed NCAA legislation that’s expected to be implemented soon). No more one-year renewable contracts — well, sort of. It doesn’t mean players won’t have off-the-field standards to live up to, Pelini said. “There’s still that level of responsibility that student athletes have to have in how they’re representing themselves and their program.”

>> Pelini said there will be a scholarship available for 2011 recruit Charles Jackson, the cornerback who’s still attempting to meet initial eligibility standards. “We’ll cross that road when it comes,” Pelini said.

>> Pelini gave senior Justin Jackson a shout-out Wednesday, confirming that the walk-on from Roca, Neb., will be working at center again. He did some of that last year before moving to the defensive line to provide some depth. “I think Justin has a chance to be pretty good over there,” Pelini said.

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  1. Mosier says:

    Hope he still gets his degree as he has been in the program 4 years. I remember him being a guy with a few issues coming out of HS. (he was a Cally recruit) Best of luck to the young man and hope he gets things figured out.

    Even though he was on the 2 deep this ultimately helps the program as we were going to have 4 senior DE’s next year with Martins move there and Carter signing last year. Graduating 4 seniors at a two positions leaves hole’s. See the secondary this year. We lost Prince, Gomes, Thenarse, West, and Hagg all at DB last year and that didn’t work out too well this year.

  2. Mosier says:

    There’s Maher’s ship.

    1. Colorado Springer says:


      1. Mosier says:

        If Jackson qualifies we were at 85 for next year. With Williams gone we’re at 84. I would assume Maher would be the first W.O. in line for a scholarship. I’m sure Long, Choi are deserving too.

        1. Shakespeare says:


  3. Mosier says:

    No offense to Jackson but I hope Reeves is healthy and ready to start. Congrats to El’s, hope he keeps up the aggresiveness. Hope Heard shows himself as a natural Corner. We had only 1 freshman CB this year so we could use numbers there instead of RB. Kid has already proven to be a trooper, hope he blossoms. I wonder if his inability to gain weight this year helped lead to the late cross ofer and move to CB?…

  4. SC Husker says:

    Well once again this recruiting class shows that Bo Pelini is without question the worst recruiter among the traditional top 10 football programs in NCAA history. Once again he failed to close the deal on the biggest catch of the 2012 class with Peat. This program will NEVER compete at the level it once did in the 90s as long as Bo Pelini is the coach. So Husker Nation get used to 9-4 and 8-5 seasons. Pelini’s personality is toxic on the sideline, at press conferences, and apparently causes him to come across as a coach the top high school players want nothing to do with.

    You can’t win poker hands holding two pair of 3s and 7s when the guys across the table are laying down straights, flushes, and full houses. We are kidding ourselves if we think this coach and his highly underqualfied coaching staff will ever win a championship of any kind. And if Tom keeps him around we will be having this same discussion 3 years from now.

    This is sad beyond comprehension what has happened to our once proud traditional program. I fear the glory days are gone forever. Greatness has been replaced by mediocrity. And most surprising is we have become so used to this state of affairs through Solich and Callhan..and now Pelini…that we have resigned ourselves that it will never be what it once was.

    1. Dougatthefort says:

      Peat did the best thing for his potential opportunities, not a reflection on Pelini or the Huskers.

    2. Huskerhandy35 says:

      I’ll reserve judgement until i hear where the experts place our class out of all division I schools? And whether the recruits we did get were tailored to what we really needed to fill and if that was indeed sufficiently accomplished.

    3. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    4. CORNANGEL says:

      “This program will NEVER compete at the level it once did in the 90s as long as Bo Pelini is the coach.”

      Newsflash: no program will ever compete at the level Nebraska did in the 90s (60-3).

      It took Tom Osborne 25 seasons & 7 seasons of consecutive bowl losses to get to the level of the 90s. He almost left for Colorado in 1976 because of the pressure of not beating OU. And minor changes like 85 scholarships, the proliferation of nutrition & strength programs, the Akron zips being able to get on TV, and kids going to schools for funky uniforms might have something to do with why things are a bit different these days.

      1. A Fan says:

        Here’s a newsflash. Nebraska is not going to get to the 70s or 80s levels of winning either. It’s been 10 years… let me repeat that… 10 years since we’ve been relevant on the national stage. There had better be a big improvement this fall and next year (compete in every game, cut down on self inflicted mistakes, win all the games we’re supposed to). If we do that and lose to better teams 3 or 4 times (and don’t get blown out)… that’s accepatble. But to continue to make the same mistakes, to fall apart at the first sign of problems, to quit… that’s not acceptable.

    5. Joe from Alabama says:

      SC Husker how many top twenty five classes did Dr. Tom have he was a great closer but rearly had a stand-out class. He was able to mold and coach the guys he wanted for his program. Growing up in Husker nation I ahve always watched or O lineman come from in state. I not saying by any means that Peat would not have been a great haul, but not the end of the world. It is however, time for Coach Bo to start showing the Husker nation he can coach these kids and once that clicks look out. All the hype surrrounding these kids is redicules half of the kids in the ESPNU’s 150 will not start one year let alone more.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        What happened to the talent level in Omaha?

        Where is the next Ahman Green? Keith Jones? Calvin Jones? Eric Crouch?

        I bet Bo would settle for a Tony Veland, Vershawn Jackson, Clinton Childs or a Damon Benning? If I remember correctly, they played a few downs in the 90s.

    6. GabrielNATL says:


    7. eVm says:

      THis post is like the Peat and Repeat joke.

      Peat and Repeat are in a boat, Peat jumped out and who’s left?

      Write sometime original and not a cut/paste from one of the many troll posts on previous articles.

    8. Mosier says:

      Nice cut and paste. What this class shows is that Pelini continues to improve as a recruiter. Signed a top 25 class with only 17 spots and filled huge needs while pulling in a potentially great walk-on class. He continues to improve, and having a bigger class next year with what should likely be more local talent next years class should be top 15.

  5. SC Husker says:

    You can put racing silks on a mule…but it still a mule…not a thoroughbred. Pelini is the one to take ownership of of his failings as our head coach. From losing home games to mediocre teams to rarely ever defeating teams higher ranked than us. Year after year his team for whatever reason sleep walks through at least 3 games. And he has stubbornly refused to acknowledge that what he is doing is NOT working! When is the last time you saw an Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, or Les Miles team show up not ready to play….every single game? I am tired of all the apologists for Pelini. You are enablers.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Did they listen to you when you called for Tom Osborne’s head during the 7 consecutive bowl loss streak that was a boon for national recruiting and NU’s overall image to “play in another Orange Bowl” to get blown out again by Miami or FSU.

      Did you try to organize a national boycott the Orange Bowl campaign?

      1. SC Husker says:

        No…and please don’t ever compare Tom Osborne with Bo Pelini. One is without doubt one of the greatest college coaches in history…and a gentleman. Pelini will never be a great coach. And why? Because he is not a great person. Can he change? Yes. Will he…no.

        I will never boycott my team. I didnt’ abandon them during the Solich fiasco and the Callahan train wreck. But supporting my team doesn’t mean I have to tolerate stubborn stupidity and incompetence in the coaching staff.

        Like Lee said, Bo can start by acting his age. Not a spoiled kindergartner.

      2. A Fan says:

        The Osborne excuse… yet again. The Osborne teams you cite were playing in the Orange Bowl. Against top teams. We are not beating teams ranked 10th in the country. We compete against them for what… one quarter or two? Then we make stupid mistakes and fall apart. There’s a difference between what happened with Osborne’s teams and getting drilled by 28 points to the 16th ranked team in the country. All you have to do is open your eyes. One other thing. The Osborne teams from the 70s, 80s, and 90s never made the repeated mistakes this team has made the last 4 years. How many elite teams have 3 or 4 penalties on the offense on the same drive. I’ve watched Nebraska football for 40 years and I’ve never seen that. I can give multiple games in the past 4 years where this team has done that. Pelini will get his time… but make no mistake about it. If we are 9 – 4 in 2013… there are going to be a lot of alumni questioning what’s going on with the program. When you keep making excuses for poor execution, poor fundamentals, poor whatever, you are not fixing anything.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Give Barney Cotton a line of 23 year old 5th year seniors and maybe there might be a few less off-sides penalty’s. Wasn’t two walk-ons on the OL this year a first? Wasn’t there a true Freshman starting “first”? Didn’t he get yanked in the Wisconsin game for an off-sides penalty? How many JUCO lineman do you remember Milt Tenopir working with? Wasn’t it a JUCO lineman that had two off-sides penalty’s on the same drive in the Capital One game?

          1. Red Stripe says:

            But if you recruit properly and plan accordingly, then you aren’t playing 2 walk-ons. Why put yourself in that situation in the first place? Granted injuries didn’t help, but the O-Line has been poorly coached for 4 years. Penalty statistics, running plays for loss and QB sacks prove this.

          2. CORNANGEL says:

            Until Callahan made changes to the roster, Nebraska usually had between 30-35 offensive linemen (walk-on & scholarship) on the roster. Callahan reduced that number to 20, and Bo had only 19 linemen on the roster for his first season.

            Over the last few years, we’ve built the O-line numbers back up a bit (28 on the roster in 2011)

          3. A Fan says:

            Then that’s part of the problem, CornAngel. We are not recruiting the right guys… and that falls solely on the coaches. How many years does it take for Cotton, or anyone else for that matter, to get the right guys for the OL? It’s ridiculous we have two walk-ons starting on the OL. Or we have to keep plugging in JUCO’s to fill in gaps.

          4. Mosier says:

            Traditional standards should be 4 to 5 years to completely Build a line. Pelini’s group will be going into their fourth year next year.

            Huge numbers of injuries were the reason for Freshman and walk-ons playing this year.

            The line played very well this year considering the circumstances. Thank God they had developed Walk-Ons like Caputo, Choi and Long so well.

          5. A Fan says:

            Ah… this fall is Cotton’s 5th year with Nebraska. The recruits will be Pelini’s guys Injuries happen with any program, and frankly, are just an excuse for poor execution and play. You know my opinion of walk-on’s making up a chunk of the starting positions.

        2. Mosier says:

          Angel’s dropping knowledge!

          Barney Bashers really need to realize we had exactly 2!!! fourth and fifth year O-lineman this year. That’s the recipe for disaster and that is CALLAHAN’s Fault. Just Look at next year, Pelini’s First class, we will have FIVE scholarship juniors plus Long.

          1. A Fan says:

            And we’ll see how they perform. There’s been a lot of talk about we have guys in the pipeline. This fall we get a chance to see it.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      its mind boggling how absolutely over matched this Pelini staff is, i remember being really excited we were going to get Pelini as a coach and he would put experienced people in position to develop this team and get them fundamentally right.
      Then came the neighbors, uncle Beck, cousin Els, and the Cardinal Mooney playbook.
      The dead give away is the out of control outbursts and rampages on the sidelines, thats a typical sign of ignorance , and or one being overwhelmed, in Pelini’s case its both.
      You are dead on about Pelini’s ‘Toxic’ EGO with High school coaches.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Just like you said earlier CORNDEVIL, we need proven commodities like HC Tom Rathman & OC Scott Frost. They would make all the right decisions that Pelini can’t.

        Bob Stoops & Mack Brown made Pelini look like a high school coach in both Big 12 Championship games trouncing him by a total of 4 points.

    3. A Fan says:

      You watch. There won’t be a competition for the QB position this spring. And as long as Martinez is the starter… we will be 9 – 4. Good enough for 3rd or 4th place in the Big 10 and that’s about it.

    4. Joe from Alabama says:

      Did LSU show up for the National Championship game? Look Alabama played well but Les was completely out coached.

      1. A Fan says:

        You can show up, and get out-coached. It happens.

  6. tbear says:

    It seems to me (sorry if a bit off topic) that the recuriting on the offensive side of the ball was much weaker this year. I guess with Bo being a defensive coach and with a 1st year OC, it didn’t sell well to the kids. The class to me seems thin and definently lacks offensive play makers. I am having trouble at the moment seeing how Nebraska can get to the promised land at this point. Who was the star in this class even?

    1. eVm says:

      Please refer to the 2011 class regarding O-lineman. I believe 3 of them red-shirted but were given some solid rankings. Not sure how many will pan out but at least we have some horses to work with in that race. As far as the D goes, we didn’t have enough to man a roster so attention went there. Had older brother not signed last year I’m not sure little Peat would have even considered Lincoln.

      As for offense, you can only use so many “athletes” before you have to address the D-Line and Linebacker positions. I feel we did that and I give the class a B to B+.

    2. Mosier says:

      4 Redshirts on the 0-line. Would have loved Peat but O-line wasn’t the biggest void this year.

    3. Mosier says:

      Probably Seisay. But it’s true that this class doesn’t have HS 5*s, however this is a very solid class with no weak links.

      1. A Fan says:

        Thurston is very good. Whitaker… not sold on him. He was offered by Nevada, San Diego State, Fresno State. I don’t think recruiting two OL men is going to get it done. We needed DL, QB, and DBs. We took care of that except we didn’t get enough DBs. When you’re moving a RB to DB… not good.

  7. HuskerRebel says:

    A Fan, you are correct. If Tom Btady showed up with eligibility, poor guy would have
    to wait for T-crumble to finish two more years as the starter, before Bo could figure
    it out.

  8. HuskerRebel says:

    That’s Tom Brady!

  9. r says:

    ..I seem to remember some “Genius” on here harping about N.Suh.
    Wasn’t he a Billy C. 3 star recruit (only) …that the Pelini Bros. “coached up” ?

    C’mon cut some slack, here.
    Who rates #1 in the recruitment “wars”…and did/do they automatically win a Nat’ Championship in 4 years ? Nope.

    I’d have been upset at Pelini if the Peat kid lazily went to …ASU or the U of A, instead of ….Stanford or NU or ‘SC.
    Good luck to the kid. Good school. Good selection by him. Hope he does well.

    What’s it say on the SW corner of the stadium ? Lets live that, instead.

  10. USMC RETIRED says:

    Now I know what Lamar Odom feels like. He has a Kardashian……but not THE ONE. Good luck Mr. Peat. (I am only joking)