Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AT 4:35 PM / Updated at 4:38 PM
Pelini: Local travel limitations can impact recruiting
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Coach Bo Pelini said Nebraska’s chances at getting a recruit considerably increase if the staff can get him to visit the NU campus. It’s even better if the player’s parents come, too.

But often, that’s not easy.

There aren’t many direct flights in and out of Lincoln. Omaha has some, but not enough for some recruits to find convenient and cost-efficient travel itineraries, according to Pelini.

“You can recruit a kid all day, but a lot of times, if you can’t get him here — or it’s real difficult for him to get here — it’s going to be hard to get that kid,” Pelini said. “It’s a lot bigger piece to the puzzle than you would think.”

Just as important for parents, too. Getting Mom and Dad in Lincoln to tour the facilities, the academic amenities and the campus — that’s huge, according to Pelini.

“They get to see the type of atmosphere here, the type of people that are here, the type of program that we have. And they’re able to see it firsthand,” Pelini said. “It’s real important to get their parents on campus, rather than (the recruits) go home and they try and translate to the parents.”

Listening to Pelini discuss this topic, it leads you to believe that he and his staff may tweak their cross-country recruiting strategy a bit. Pelini did admit on Wednesday that he wanted to have a bigger presence in Dallas. Maybe more within Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Colorado as well.

>> Pelini said he has no reason to complain about his own ability to travel and see recruits. “They give me all the resources necessary for us to have success.”

>> Pelini said he probably did about 90 percent of his traveling over the last two weeks. “That’s a lot of air miles to put in, in a couple weeks time.”

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  1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    yeah….that’s it.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Osborne had more stringent limitations on him when he coached but always managed to sign a Top Ten Signing
      Day class.

      Back in the day of 50 scholarships & no walk-ons. No big time CFB programs monopolizing recruiting & media coverage. Partial qualifies had not been invented. He also never mentioned that he thought it would be easier to woo a kid to Boulder than to Lincoln when he was thinking about becoming the HC of CU.

      1. Todd says:

        Tom did NOT always have a Top Ten class….far from it. And the restrictions were not more stringent, they were looser. It wasn’t til a few years ago that they put the 85 scholarship limit, and they added the partial qualifier rules in place to limit kids with lower academic scores. It was not tougher for Tom–in a lot of ways it was easier.

        There is just so much negativity out there. Lighten up. It’s just football, for crying out loud. Do I want to see DONU win some NC’s again? YES! But I also realize that it’s just a game–compared to our national debt and Iran getting a nuke, it’s pretty inconsequential.

        Let’s let Bo & company run the program. If he loses the team the way Callasham did, then we can talk about his deficiencies. At least he has brought some pride and a certain level of expectation back to the program.

        Go Big Red!

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Todd, sorry you made my point.

          Trying to get through to quite a few hard headed naysayers.

  2. Mufasa says:

    Not completely buying that excuse … there are a large number of campuses that are not that easy to get to or do not have direct flights that are doing better than NU. By Pelini’s logic, the best schools should be SMU, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Rutgers, UCLA and Utah.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


      1. CORNANGEL says:

        2012 Boise = no 4* Rivals recruits
        This one time Community College gets the California leftovers who aren’t worried about academics. The year OU played them they played more ranked teams (5) that season than Boise did in almost the past decade. Love to see how many perfect seasons (withmedia exposure) they would have in the B1G.

  3. Red Stripe says:

    Maybe they just don’t want to play for a hothead coach and a bunch of no-name unproven assistants. No, that can’t be it…it’s location. TO and Callahan were able to recruit better, so find a better excuse, coach.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Bring back John Blake!!!!!!!!!

      If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying!

    2. UpNorthHusker says:

      Or better yet, let’s hire you, Brown Stripe. I have no doubt your negativity and ignorance will draw ALL the 5 stars. If you think NU is in worse shape than it was 5 years ago, jump off the bandwagon!

    3. CORNANGEL says:

      Bring back 5-7 WCO Cali-han!!! Get r done!!!

    4. Kevin says:

      Hey Red – what r u smokin? Callahan had 1 class that was ranked top 10 – but it was #10 and that was only his first year – after that he never had a class that was ranked that high. His classes were mid 20′s for the most part – so even he had problems and he had that cheater blake on his staff.

  4. CORNANGEL says:

    John Blake never had these problems & I never heard him complain once.

    Osborne did voice recruiting concerns (excuses) when he was almost runoff (by concerned fans) & almost took the CU job in 1976. Obviously, Solich used NU’s superior recruiting advantages to their fullest.

    Bo, do you think it is wise to voice these concerns that could be addressed by the boosters & the fans that demand that NU be back at the level of 60-3 (5) year runs?

    Personally, I hope big time boosters like CORNDEVIL dump their Skyboxes – this will hit the program where it hurts. All the fans that donate so much of their hard earned money back to their Alma Mater and support it through thick and thin. With this kind of investment, it’s no wonder they expect nothing but the highest ROI.

    1. t-town husker says:

      Please don’t bring Blake up. His recruiting methods usually got schools in trouble.

      1. Mosier says:

        Yeah, we really shouldn’t be trying to emmulate dirty Blake.

    2. CORNANGEL says:

      My point exactly.

  5. Red Stripe says:

    Cramming 1 year’s worth of recruiting into 2 weeks produced the expected results. The top programs recruit year-round.

    1. Mosier says:

      You don’t recruit kids from 13 states with 2 weeks of work.

  6. Husker_Power says:

    Dumb comment red stripe… you really don’t think the coaches are going hard all year? Look at the dates of the commits… they’re pretty spread out. We have already landed a 2013 commit. Maybe you could be our next recruiting coordinator??

    1. Red Stripe says:

      Not a dumb comment. Texas has most of their recruiting class for next year locked up. I guarantee you Saban, Miles and Meyer weren’t spending 90% of their annual travel in the last 2 weeks to recruit…and they are already locking up recruits for 2013.

      Our recruiting class does not match up to the big time schools. To be big time you must recruit big time talent and you must act big time. Bo is acting like the kid who didn’t attend class all semester and is trying to cram for the final. He is way overcompensated for his lack of effort.

      1. t-town husker says:

        Yeah, the schools you mention ALWAYS have top classes and all they have to do is answer the darn phone and say, “Yes, we’d like you to come to our school”. They are in much more populated areas too. So, Yes, it was a dumb comment.

        1. Red Stripe says:

          Nebraska is 45 minutes from a major city = Omaha. There are many different flights to Omaha, so I ain’t buying the load of bull that Bo is feeding you. Schools that have recruited well over the last decade despite being in remote areas = Penn State, Auburn, South Carolina, Oregon (not an easy place to get to at all), Boise State, Utah, Oklahoma….et all.

          Again, not a dumb comment. I just choose not to follow blindly and nod my head at Bo’s excuses for not performing his job duties.

          How do you feel about Bo’s 2 week cram session, or are you choosing to ignore it?

          1. Confused Husker Fan says:

            Being a person born and raised in Nebraska, and know living far from home, I can assure you that finding a decent flight to Omaha is next to impossible. Please realize these things prior to commenting. In addition, compare Omaha to other big cities within a 1 hour drive of the schools you mentioned and you will quickly realize Omaha does not hold a candle to any of them. I’m sure it is tough for a person who has probably never lived anywhere other than the town they graduated high school from to understand. I am proud of my Nebraska heritage but get real man.

            In addition, for all you people calling out Pelini for making late visits please realize this is done to make the last voice the player hears prior to making their decision. The coaches know what they are doing. It took several years to recover from the Husker dark ages (Billy C.) How do you bring in great talent after two losing season in four years?

            Lastly, I am a TRUE HUSKER fan and stick with my team through thick and thin. You other fair-weather fans can get bent. Your negativity destroys the program more than any other factor. Cheer on the BIG RED or get lost!!! I’m a BOliever!!!!

          2. Todd says:

            Omaha is NOT a major city.

      2. realhskrfn says:


      3. realhskrfn says:

        your worthless

        1. realhskrfn says:


      4. Chris in Oxnard says:

        Right. 2 things: 90%of UT’s recruits come from withing 300 miles of Austin. They hardly recruit outside the state of Texas. Second, having a top 10 class didn’t guarantee them anything. They pretty much sucked last year.

  7. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Ok……the excuses are going to begin already, can’t wait to hear the new ones at mid season next year, “hey, we had to play some of those teams at their stadium this time, Bo needs a complete home and away experience to figure out what kind of players to recruit.”
    I’m betting on this one: “It’s not T-Melts fault Beck made the offense soooo simple the defense can read it.”
    Regardless, wholesale change needs to take place in order for this TEAM to DEVELOP, recruiting is meaningless when the institution cannot develop…….Fisher, Paupich, and Beck?!!! please.
    I know a lot of Husker fans want to kick Barney to the curb, thats really just an announcement of ignorance, I would take him over Pelini as HC any day, and not just because he played @ NU.
    My Ideal coaching staff would include Tom Rathman HC, Jim Leavitt DC, and Scott Frost OC/QB’s……..

  8. kevin says:

    Our recruiting is fine. Don’t believe Pelini is complaining about the talent coming in. Also people quit talking about Oz. Poor guy has been gone for 15 years…. Geez why don’t you still mention Devaney. Good Job Bo and crew, nice class.

    1. t-town husker says:


      1. tcf1998 says:

        Right on.

    2. CORNANGEL says:

      Fire Tom Osborne!!

      He set the precedent of not stressing the importance of National Signing Day!

      He never cracked the Top 20 Recruiting Class barrier and now Nebraskans have lowered the bar for all coaches that follow! Everyone meet at 72nd & Dodge in one hour!!!!!!!!!

      1. Todd says:

        Are you on CRACK? On your first post you say that Tom ALWAYS had a Top Ten class, here you say he never cracked the top twenty….


        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Correct…Osborne’s classes were never up in the national spotlight and he didn’t stress the importance of stars or class rankings.

          1. A Fan says:

            That’s the best you’ve got? Frazier wasn’t the top dual threat QB in the country in 92? Keep grasping at straws.

            Osborne always had top 20 classes. Did it ever occur to any of you, the excuse crowd, that’s one of the reasons we were so good for so long in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It wasn’t all luck, or Osborne’s brilliance or Joe Schmoe 2 star recruit from East Cupcake high school in Nebraska. We had a lot of great athletes from other parts of America playing on those teams.

          2. CORNANGEL says:

            It is a well known fact that Osborne took no stock in what the recruiting services ranked his classes which never got any national attention.

            Tommie Frazier was overlooked by Florida, Florida State & Miami.

          3. A Fan says:

            It came down to Nebraska and Notre Dame for Tommie Frazier. And he was the number one ranked dual threat QB out of high school. His high school ranking showed up for Nebraska later on in his college career, didn’t it.

    3. realhskrfn says:

      Thank you

    4. Todd says:

      Could not agree MORE, Kevin. Thank You!

  9. Mufasa says:

    Also, focusing closer to home to find recruits? Really? Bo’s buddy Dirk did a good story on where the best recruits are … and I don’t recall them being within 500 miles of Lincoln. DGB is the exception, not the rule in this 500 mile radius.

    It must be said, when compared to our neighbors, Pinkel just put Pelini in a clown suit when it comes to recruiting. Pinkel keeps going back to the well (Texas), Pelini can’t find the well with a map.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      I heard that Pinkel loves drinking from the well and is also great role model.

      By the way, who was that great young RB that he brought onto the team that was framed for a felony or two? Guess you can’t always judge character.

      1. tcf1998 says:

        Pinkel can also put his players in clown suit just ask Brad Smith.

    2. UpNorthHusker says:

      HAHAHAHAHA…Pinkel?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding! Out of all the lame-brained comments I’ve seen on here, that ranks near the top.

    3. Bigfred says:


    4. realhskrfn says:

      mufasa: EPIC FAIL!

  10. CORNANGEL says:

    2011 – NU plays in Big Ten
    2010 – NU plays in Big 12

    Is changing conferences a legitimate excuse for having to tweak your recruiting?

    Is the style of play of the Big Ten any different than that of the Big 12?

    Are there really difference in making inroads in other parts of the country.

    Bo is over-thinking this or is just making it sound complicated to justify his salary. He should come to the blog boards to get all the great insights.

    1. cbil says:

      Yes it does. Big 12 is a spread conference meaning more WR on the Field That’s how the peso defense came about so we could have 6 db’s on the field at once. Big 10 is more pro style running game offenses which means you need more linebackers and less DB’s, thats why we took 4 LB’s with this class.

    2. realhskrfn says:

      Big ten and Big 12 are completely different, wow its like people just got real dumb. This is just as bad as the guy who likes pinkel.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Dumb to showcase & put a pretty bow around dumb…

  11. Jeff says:

    Tom Rathman as HC???? Just what we need-another guy with ZERO HC experience!

    Scott Frost as OC????? Just what we need-another guy with ZERO OC experience!

    2 guys that get to learn on the job!

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      CORNDEVIL’S post shows the folly of the fire (fill in the blank) trigger happy crowd.

      They really can’t wrap their collective minds around why the Huskers aren’t doing a 90′s redux and rolling over everyone for 500 yards rushing so lets just get rid of the coaching staff every 2 years. This formula worked so well for our competitors in the Big 8 & Big 12.

      Did Tom Osborne have a 7 year bowl drought? How many bowl games did the NU offense barely crank out 100 yards rushing (Milt Tenopir OL / Tom Osborne OC) during this period? Did Charlie Mcbride get lit up for 500 yards plus by La Tech? Ever hear him tell stories about fans jacking with his lawn and threatening phone calls?

      This ones for you – the fire first & later take Houston Nutt crowd.
      AD – Gerry Gdowski
      HC – Trev Alberts
      OC – Seppo Evwaraye
      OL – Matt Turman
      DC – Terry Connealy
      DL – Patrick Kabongo
      Secondary – Mike Croel
      Special Teams – Sandro DeAngelis

      1. Red Stripe says:

        No you don’t understand. What we don’t get is why mediocrity and excuse-making is unacceptable. If we were recruiting strong classes and being competitive against the top programs and saw improvement, then you would have an argument.

        However, 2 weeks of recruiting effort (out of 52), in-house promotions over hiring experienced assistants, nepotism in recruiting, favoritism towards certain players on the team and buddy hires has us a little bent out of shape. Oh yes, and a hothead coach who embarrasses the state and university on the sidelines, lest I forget.

        So pardon us if we’re a little ticked off.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Make sure that you post all your firing comments on the boards in time for the 2012 recruits to see.

          Better yet, use all caps.

          If all you got is Tom Rathman as HC & Scott Frost as OC then God help us all.

          1. Red Stripe says:



  12. Jerry says:

    Okay- I have finally heard enough from the group of Husker fans hitting every article and comment about the recruits that are joining the Husker family. Listening to the comments from such distinguished and well informed fans such as “Jeff”, “CornAngel”, “NUCORNDEVIL” and “RedStripe”, I say we take the whole bunch of them- AD, Assistant AD, Head Coach, Assistant coaches, secretaries, trainers, and everyone of our players out to “Corndevil’s” palace, behead them all and start all over from scratch with new players, coaches and staff.. That is all some of you so called fans will accept. All of this negativity reflects badly upon YOU and ,if you never thought of it, might just be a reason some kids are turned off from coming to Nebraska. What happened to the best fans in college football? Where have YOUR standards gone. Maybe it is time to clean house- on you people who only want to bash the Huskers-players and staff. People should be celebrating what we have as a recruiting class and not bitching about what we didn’t get. Losing Peat to Stanford– good luck to him, he is going to a wonderful academic institution that is on the rise in football. Losing Dev Shelton to USC right down the street from his momma’s house- can’t stop other programs from headhunting your targets. We got Moore, Valentine, Rose, Westerkamp and Armstrong. Get real. We got a good crop of recruits and 20 kids who think we are where they play that they are willing to walk-on.

    1. A Fan says:

      First… Nebraska fans are not the best fans in the world. Next, losing the number one target he had (Peat)… well, it paints a picture, at least this recruiting year. Yes, the class is good… it’s a “B”. The point is… we can’t keep having “B” recruiting classes when our competition in the Big 10 (OSU and Michigan) is getting “A” classes. An “A” is better than a “B”.

  13. Bleeding Red says:

    When all you negative people get into it, I just bypass all comments till the end. Without reading, I’m sure I can recite the gist of what you guys said. “Bo sucks. He isn’t doing this right or that right. Someone else is doing better. You people that defend Bo need to wake up. We will never be anything more than an ok team with him as coach. If you think this recruiting class is acceptable, then you don’t know anything…” Was I close? Even your negativity is uninspired and predictable and too boring for me to read…

    1. TOM says:

      It is amazing there are so many ignorant so called “fans” on one page. It is not the Huskers nor the coaches who are the losers. It is the whole bunch of negative fans. Get a life.

      1. Red Stripe says:

        I find the blind sheep to be the least tolerable. If you question nothing and accept mediocrity, that is what you deserve, I suppose.

    2. Bigfred says:

      Then why waste your time searching this board out, writing, and then posting a comment like this.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Maybe the recruits reading this board should see a few comments from actual Nebraska fans and not the fire (fill in the blank) & then hope for the best crowd.

        1. Red Stripe says:

          See my note above.

          Bottom line – if you don’t strive the be the best and demand the best from those who have the power to do something (government, your employer, your vendor, your stockbroker, and yes, athletic department of your favorite team…..), then you deserve what you get….mediocrity.

          With the lack of effort on the part of the coaching staff, get used to not going to Indianapolis and playing in 2nd and 3rd tier bowls. 2 weeks of intense effort on Bo’s part is pathetic. We as fans of our beloved football program should demand and expect more…especially given the $$$$ that we give and spend to support the program.

          If you are ignorant enough to think that an internet comment will scare off a recruit, then you truly are blind.

          1. A Fan says:

            I think it’s too early to say Nebraska football trends to mediocrity. But there are troubling signs. Some fans respond to that by circling the wagons and hurling insults at anyone who dares to question things. Some other fans, who don’t have a lot of patience, respond to this by casting a negative net (fire the coach, we stink at everything, etc) on the state of the program.

            Pelini will have a Solich timeframe (6 years) before real serious questions come up. If we win the Big 10 between now and the end of the 2013 season, 99% of the questions go away. If we have a couple more 9 – 4 seasons, or worse, he’ll be on the hot seat.

    3. A Fan says:

      Too boring to read and yet you comment on it. Brilliant.

  14. Mentally Red says:

    Bo’s right. There are some built-in limitations that make recruitment difficult at NU. I don’t doubt that. But it’s hard to be sympathetic if we can’t at least do as well at K-State or Boise State.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      KSU & Boise are both known for keeping their OOC schedules as soft as possible to inflate their winning percentage.

      KSU recruited 20 JUCOs in one class. Is that the kind of program NU wants to have?

      NU has played 5x as many ranked teams in the Big Ten & Big 12 as Boise has in the past decade.

      NU would have a much different record in the Mountain West. But then they would get the same respect that Boise did. As long as they had a perfect record people paid attention to them.

      Would you be happy having a class of all 3 star prospects this year? Boise State had no 4 stars at all.

      1. jerry says:

        Blind sheep? Question nothing? Red Stripe, I question the intelligence of every one of you negativity-mongers out there. Your negativity is like a cancer to a program as tradition rich as Nebraska. Recruits want to see positive support from the fan base. What psychological effect do you and your buddies like CORNDEVIL think you have on the teenage recruits? CornAngel is right- recruits need positive feedback and attitude from the best fans in the land. I live in the Land of the Smurfs on Blue Turf, and they applaud three and four star recruits, not whine and bash them like you do. And their OOC is terrible, as is their conference schedule. QUIT YOUR WHINING AND NEGATIVISM, OR STOP CALLING YOURSELF A HUSKER. You must support the current liberal political agenda, too.

        1. A Fan says:

          Lighten up, Jerry. I highly doubt any athlete gives a hoot-n-he!! about what you, or me, write on this board. They probably laugh at it… well, I know they’re laughing at your post.

          1. Former Husker Athlete says:

            As a former Husker athlete, I was extremely affected by what fans thought about me, my team, and my coaches. I put enough pressure on myself, when I made a mistake, or disappointed in some way. I felt the full weight of my responsibility to the team and the community. As a 19 year old kid, having someone say, “Yes, I believe in you. I believe you will keep improving. Mistakes happen. Shake it off, and do your best next time. We’re not worried because we know you’re a winner,” was so empowering. I think sometimes fans forget that those are 19, 20, 21-year-old kids out there. They’re trying to learn and develop every day, but it becomes much harder when people are constantly ridiculing them. Now, after a while (maybe, say, six years), if things haven’t improved, then we have cause to start raising concerns. Give the program a chance.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid post Mental

  15. James says:

    Pelini and jamrog equals and 4 losses every year

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Then feel free to root for 5 million per year Mack Brown @ Texas! He has averaged 6 losses the past 2 years while nailing down multiple 5 star haul Signing Day extravaganzas.

      Unlike Pelini, he is a media darling. He was smart enough to hire a decades old right hand man bad cop Cleve Bryant who got hit with $400,000 dollar sexual discrimination suit. But Mack’s image is nothing but bright and shiny and he got an extension to 2020!

      2012 – 8-5
      2011 – 5-7

      1. A Fan says:

        Texas was 8 – 5 in 2011. They were 5 – 7 in 2010.

        What was Texas’s record before 2010? A national title in 2005. Played for another one in 2009. When did Nebraska last play for the national title?

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Nice…going to bat for the Longhorns while bashing the Huskers on a Husker recruiting article.

          Chip Brown must be tweeting Orangblood #LOLs all around town about the UT blog squatters pretending to be Husker fans.

          1. A Fan says:

            Pointing out what’s wrong with your post. Could care less about Texas. But they have a better record over the past 10 years than we do. There’s no arguing that.

  16. I agree with Pelini and Osborne completely on this. Schools which are not in population centers like NU would greatly improve their chances if parents could come on the trip. This needs to be a major lobby by all such Universities to make this change in the best interest of the student athlete. I think NU would fair very well in any responsible and caring parents mind when put up against Miami, Florida State, USC, etc for quality of the environment.

    1. A Fan says:

      Agree. Good post.

  17. James says:

    Like boise state college and oregon r easy to get too…boils down to pelini excuses…on espnu they showed recruiting spending and we were not intop 10…. Excuses

    1. Matt Svoboda says:

      Hey moron- Pelini doesnt get to set the recruiting budget.

  18. B Fan says:

    Even Grand Island, Nebraska has daily flights to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Lincoln does not. Maybe if Lincoln could muster up some air traffic, then they’d get some good connecting airports. I can attest, living in central Nebraska, that driving to and from Omaha to fly simply sucks.

    So, I can see his point. If Bo doesn’t ever say anything about what are recruiting challenges, then they never get fixed…especially those challenges he is not directly in control of (read: geography).

    Being 45 minutes away from Omaha actually hurts Lincoln.

  19. James says:

    Get real you need to get out of Nebraska a 45 min drive means nothing. Try LAX. You could sit on the 405 fo2 hours to go 15 miles. Its excuses because pelini cannot recruit . If Callahan proved only one thing it is that Nebraska can land a top ten class. Who would really choose pelini and his antics over a brady hoke or saban. Also remember these kids need a adults signature …would you want pelini as your sons role model. Get real and try gettin out of the corn fields

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Callahan hired ace recruiter John Blake. NU is lucky it has 85 scholarships total this year.

      This staff proved that if you tell all the kids that they have a shot at becoming a pro or that they will start you will have a leg up on a Pelini staff that doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.

    2. B Fan says:

      You’re missing the point. Try recruiting a guy from Nebraska to come to LA and sit on the 405 for 2 hours. That’s their achilles heel. Trade off? Nice weather all year. What’s NU’s good trade-off?

      Next time you fly into Omaha and drive to Lincoln, time yourself from wheels down to parking at your hotel in downtown Lincoln. It takes way longer than 45 minutes. Wheels down in Lincoln to same hotel, probably 30 minutes.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Do the kids know that they are going to sit on the 405 for two hours ahead of time? Does anyone really have the concept of how far Southern Cal can take driving from OC to and through LA?

        Doesn’t it come down to finding available flights into Omaha & that most kids would overlook sitting in a car in the land of Disneyland versus thinking that are taking a trip out in the middle of no where?

        Wasn’t there a calculation done by the UNL administration that the availability of flights to B1G schools would negate the overall travel costs due to the increased distance of joining the confernce?

        1. Z Fan says:

          I really wonder how much a private jet and an NU pilot would cost. Screw the commercial air services. Do an end-around on this recruiting hiccup. I’d be impressed if my parents and I received the red-carpet treatment with a 20-seat Beechcraft. Heck, let’s pick up your future team-mate on the way back to Lincoln.

          All athletic departments could use it. Offset its cost with what they’re paying now in commercial services…I bet the upcharge is only a million or two. Use the spring game ticket sales to pay for it.

          Just spit-ballin’ here…

          1. A Fan says:

            Not sure if private jets are allowed anymore, per NCAA rules.

  20. Tx Husker says:

    Bo makes a valid point re: “cost effecient” itenerary. Can NU pay for parent’s recruiting trips? It is expensive and schedule restrictive for families to make games, visits, or students to travel home with limited flights, connections,etc. I think that is very valid.

    1. Mosier says:

      NU would love to pay for parents but currently aren’t allowed to. Allowing this would really help NU’s cause in recruiting. Parents love NU and most that come here, there kid comes here in the end.

  21. James says:

    TO was genuine. Mcbride a defensive guru. We had class. Kids would go anywhere to play for these guys
    Bo is a fake…Carl is gone that helps. But no kid s gonna go play for pelini when there are better people to play for

    People wanna know you care before they care what you know! Bo is clueless and always will be

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Didn’t Bo have a hand in developing some pretty high Rivals 3 star NFL draft picks?

      Ndamakong Suh (4 star) – Bo told him he wasn’t giving the effort he needed and he recommitted to NU his Senior year.
      Prince Amukamura (3 star)- converted wide receiver
      Jared Crick (3 star)
      Alfonso Dennard (3 star)
      Lavonte David (4 star) JUCO – KSU, KU & Baylor were the Big 12 only schools interested in him.

    2. Mosier says:

      Kids go play for Miles, Saban, Petrino, and KIffin. This has nothing to do with antics and class. If anything, Bo’s character, straightforwardness and honesty actually really help our recruiting as almost every recruit has mentioned this when signing.

      1. Matt Svoboda says:

        Thank you Mosier.

        This James guy is a retard.

    3. B Fan says:

      Say “hi” to Bo for me since you obviously know him so well.


    4. A Fan says:

      C’mon. Pelini is not clueless. He’s a good coach. You don’t take a 5 – 7 team in free fall and get them to 9 – 4 the following year without some serious coaching skills. But I think he’s hit a speed bump the last couple years. I hope he can find the plan to get us to the next level (beating Michigan and OSU).

  22. Mosier says:

    Not sure why Bo is making excuses for a very good class. I think he just gets very annoyed by having to spend so much time at airports. Winning the Big 10 next year will go a long way to bringing in even better recruits.

    1. A Fan says:

      Agreed. And if we don’t do that… win the bowl game.

  23. James says:

    Keep drinkin the kool aid if Bo is so great Peats family would have been so impressed and even with family at nu BO could not land him…Maybe he told Andrus what really goes on in Bo practices

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Andrus Peat is Stanford material…definitely something that goes beyond your comprehension.

    2. Matt Svoboda says:


      Do you know what really goes on in Bo’s practices? No.

      Shut your freakin mouth. You are an ignorant fool that talks a lot and says nothing.

  24. James says:

    Heh corn angel. You are right Bo did great things with Callahan recuits

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      The same recruits that went 5-7 during Billy C’s last year in which Tom Osborne came back on board to fire him after seeing his recruits give up?

      The same recruits that played in front of the 97 National Championship team (that was relegated to south end nose bleed seats) who left at half time in disgust when OSU throttled NU because Callahan’s recruits gave up?

      1. eVm says:

        At look at what Brady did with Rich’s recruits at MI.

  25. James says:

    Yeah and TO has us back with 4 losses every year a crappy baseball program. are bball team not ranked and our football team was 24th…time for someone to retire..the callahan reference was to tell bo quit excuses you can land a top 10 class in lincoln…interesting. Bo did good at ou. With someone elses recruits. Good at lsu with. Someone elses recruits. And great with callahan recruits…Name 10 all americans bo has recruited at nu…he did have the most embarrasing loss ever in lincoln to snyder and ksu…his response. Chase the coach down and embarass our university he is a embarassment and recruiting is suffering

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      James, you really do bleed Husker red.

      I hope that you are on the short list for HC along with Tom Rathman & Houston Nutt when all the blogging naysayers take Pelini down via the interwebs

      1. Red Stripe says:

        Hey CornAngel, don’t let facts get in the way. James is correct.

        Sarcasm is the tool of the weak

  26. HuskerRebel says:

    Bo, Have done a credible job this recruiting session. That said, considering that
    The Big 10 schools normally get drilled by SEC team in Bowl games, why would you
    change your recruiting to meet Big 10 play. Why not recruit the SEC-type player?

  27. James says:

    Well said. Bo is clueless and he had to see the talent level when at lsu. He is just a terrible recruiter

  28. Wharf Rat says:

    Pinkel has landed great qb’s one after the other over the last 8 years and NU hasn’t had a decent qb since Eric Crouch. And please don’t give me Taylor and Ganz. Those guys were serviceable, but they were not championship caliber quarterbacks. Pinkel landed studs like Jeremy Maclin, B. Smith, Chase Daniels, B. Gabbert, and even stole Martin Rucker from Solich who was a legacy recruit living in St. Joe. He stole Hoch from Pelini a couple of years ago and he started for four years at tackle. I don’t like Pinkel or MU anymore than the next guy, but if you think he hasn’t out-recruited NU over the last five or six years you are just sound asleep. And by the way, he just landed a WR recruit that many services said was the number one overall recruit in the entire country. He may be a crappy coach, but he can recruit.

    1. A Fan says:

      These are very good points. It’s disturbing to see Missouri recruit these kinds of QBs… the guys we used to get… and we’re not getting them. I would take any of the Mizzou QBs over the past 10 years over what we’ve had. We’re not recruiting Missouri as good as we used to.

  29. Red Stripe says:

    I will refrain from posting anything negative if someone can present me with a coherent fact based argument that the football program and this coaching staff is on track and headed towards winning Big 10 Championships / competing for National Titles.

    Use facts. Sarcastic comments and insults only serve to display your ignorance.

    1. Z Fan says:

      First, present an argument that we are not. This is how debate works. But you already knew that, right?

      Remember to use facts and cite your references.

      1. Red Stripe says:

        Good point. Disprove the following:

        1) Bo refused to hire top notch coaching talent / recruiters outside of his own staff.

        2) Bo promotes and hires based on personal relationships and not on proven experience. Bo passed on Zook and Stoops for the D Coordinator position, for example.

        3) NU’s recruiting has declined under Bo. (Clarification – I am not saying Callahan is a better coach / motivator I am saying that Callahan and his staff recruited better). Recruiting ratings prove this.

        4) Scholarships are wasted on lower level Division 1 talent so as to placate instate boosters and other words….

        5) Nepotism – another Cotton was offered a scholarship, and managed to beat out Ohio U. for his services.

        6) Bo plays favorites (Martinez). It appears that certain players are “blacklisted.” Turner and Carnes are a couple of examples that come to mind.

        7) Too many players had to change positions during the season.

        8) Bo embarrasses himself and the program with his sideline antics and boorish behavior.

        9) Bo does not represent the program well in press conferences. He is terse and rude when asked questions, especially after a loss.

        10) 9 wins is not a high standard. 10-11 wins is the standard When Osborne was winning 9 games, teams played only 12 games per season (11 regular season + 1 bowl). The last 2 seasons NU played 14 games (CCG and a 12th reg. season game). 9 wins is not the standard for excellence as it was before as Bo had 2 more games to do it the last 2 years and 1 more game to do it this year and in his first.

        I wish I was wrong, but I don’t believe I am. I wish our program was in better hands, but sadly, it is not. It will end after a few losing seasons or Bo rips the head off of a referee on national television.

        The only positive I can think of is academics.

        1. Z Fan says:

          OMG! You did not cite references. Debate finished. You lose!

          1. Red Stripe says:

            Z Fan…You stated nothing to disprove any of my arguments. Counter them with facts.

            On #10, for example, shall I list out every game played over the last 4 seasons? Recruiting rankings? I think you can look them up on your own, or are you more content to live in the fantasy world that everything is great rather than deal in reality?

            The silence from the rest of the Kool Aid drinkers is deafening.

      2. A Fan says:

        Getting drilled by Wisconsin and Michigan and losing to an average Northwestern team, at home. Martinez at QB… with zero depth at the QB position.

        There’s two arguments for you. Good luck.

  30. James says:

    Well said red stripe 4 losses every year. Tirades of embarassment…no bcs….no cnf championship…… top 25 recruiting class
    We all know where the team is headin. But dont worry as gang members and bo say “i got ur back”

    1. Bigfred says:

      “i got your back” exclusive to Bo Pelini and gang members. Nice post.

  31. The honey badger says:

    Im not buying that when fuller went from east to west coast. So I guess only schools on the major plane flight routes can get top recruits. Wow I lost some respect after hearing that….how many players went cross country. Ps I bet if we did t have november meltdowns or if we were winning 11 games a year this wouldnt be an issue. Bad cop bo your better than that..

  32. Twitty says:

    You can’t operate a closed program and give the hungry fans crumbs, then come out and complain. From all that is said upfront and between the lines from this staff- Nebraska is the problem. Yes you fans and the State of, you are the problem. Never mind that I think the airport was the same for BC, see we can’t recruit.

    You win, just win baby and do it wih integrity and the airport doesn’t matter. What a tool!