Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AT 12:26 PM / Updated at 1:04 PM
Q&A: Recruit Tommy Armstrong Jr.
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During our signing day chat, fans asked the questions, and Husker recruit Tommy Armstrong Jr. — a quarterback from Cibolo, Texas — provided the answers. Here’s the best of the chat:

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What did you like most about the Huskers?

Tommy Armstrong Jr.: Just the atmosphere of the school and it just reminding me of home. A small town all based on football and supporting it.

What are your goals for your first year at Nebraska?

Just proving and competing for the job and making a statement. Establishing stable ground there.

What number would you like to wear as a Husker?

No. 10, but i know it’s taken, so maybe No. 7.

Did having current Huskers that were from Texas help make it easier for you to pick Nebraska?

I didn’t go to Texas because they wanted me as an athlete and it didn’t give me the chance to show I’m a QB. I actually played against a fewcurrent  (Huskers) and they understand how it is to be away from home.

What excites you the most about coming to play at Nebraska?

Being able to compete with the best and maybe even one day lead the Huskers to a championship.

What do you plan to do in the offseason to better prepare for the next level?

Just go to the gym and run as much as possible. I was told to not worry about getting bigger but to be conditioned.

What do you consider your strengths as a QB and what do you think you need to get better at?

I think my strengths are making a play when there isn’t really one. I need to work on getting better at trusting my offensive line and staying in the pocket a little longer.

Are there any current college or pro QBs that you feel your playing style mirrors?

I’m not really sure, but I would have to say I sort of like Donovan McNabb because he has the speed to get away and make the throws.

What major you are looking at for school?

I’m not really sure at the moment, but I was told that during my freshmen year I would be guided to make a decision.

What are your thoughts on playing Big Ten football?

My thought is Big Ten or Big 12 — bottom line is that we have to win games. That’s college football.

How far can you throw a football?

I’m not really sure, but in my mindset I know I have to make the throws no matter how far they run the routes.

Who were your favorite college and pro teams growing up?

Pro: Saints. College: LSU.

Do you consider yourself a team leader?

Yes sir. You have to be a leader to take control of the offense in the next level.

Are there any Huskers or 2012 recruits that you’ve already started to bond with?

Jordan Westerkamp. He and I have to have a great bond.

What does Husker tradition mean to you?

It means a lot. It just makes me work harder because I don’t want to let anyone down.

Who was your favorite football player growing up?

Drew Brees.

Are you excited to run offensive coordinator Tim Beck’s offense?

Yes sir.

Is there anything you’d like to tell Husker Nation?

I will look forward to doing my best to make everyone happy and to win a lot of championships while I’m there.

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  1. Mike says:

    Great kid, I hope he becomes the starter soon. I say Armstrong will lead us to at least two Big Ten Championship and possibly get us to the National Title Game

  2. Dave K says:

    Good to hear that “Yes Sir”, sign of respect. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders, doesn’t over promise and has a realistic viewpoint on what it will take to get it done.

  3. Mosier says:

    Great kid, great athlete. Really like the way he carries himself on and off the field. Looks like he could be a great QB leader.

  4. steve says:

    I just watched his highlight video and the bad news is he throws off of the wrong foot sometimes just like the current QB does most of the time.
    The good news is he throws a frozen rope even off the wrong foot unlike the pop flies we are used to seeing the last two years.
    If you watch the video the offense he’s running will look familiar to you and you will see he’s got alot of speed also.

  5. huskerfanz says:

    Nice to see you up here Tommy. Hope you work hard on and off the field and get your degree, whatever it is.