Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AT 4:14 PM / Updated at 4:16 PM
Recruiting: Pelini hopes to hit Dallas more heavily next year
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Coach Bo Pelini said the Dallas metro is one of a few areas he and his staff will spend more time in next year, evaluating and targeting potential prospects.

The NU coaches are still learning now that they’re a member of a new conference, Pelini said. Still trying to figure out the best recruiting approach.

The Huskers signed two players from Illinois and Ohio, so clearly they emphasized increasing their presence within the Big Ten footprint. But they want to re-open a few more doors. Maybe reset their strategy a bit, according to Pelini.

“I think there were a couple areas — where I thought we kind of moved out of a little bit last year because we went into the new conference — that we’re going to go back a little bit heavier into next year,” Pelini said.

>> Is Texas one of those regions? “I thought we got away a little bit from Dallas this year,” Pelini said. (Nebraska did sign defensive tackle Aaron Curry, from Keller, Texas).

>> Pelini also indicated that he’d like to be a little more productive with the players closer to campus. “Best case scenario? We’re getting 90 percent of our players from in-state and within 500 miles of this campus,” he said. “Every year’s going to be a little bit different.”

>> Pelini said they tried to get “a little bit more in-depth in Ohio.” He said the staff did well developing relationships on the East Coast — better than in the past, anyway. “I think (the Northeast will) be a good spot for us moving forward.”

>> One more quote from Pelini: “The Big Ten Conference, and our membership there, that’s new. And over time, you kind of start to learn how it’s going to change and how it’s going to affect your program. I think we have a little bit better handle on that after Year One. And I think one more year and we’ll have a pretty good understanding of what it’s going to mean for us going forward.”

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  1. Dear Bo: The only impact player remaining on your roster is from Dallas…..not sure why you’d take a year off from recruiting there???

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      Dear Melvin: Don’t forget to breathe.

  2. James says:

    Bo cannot fecruit and the bs he and his director/secretary say about location is bogus. Callahan had many faults but he did prove that you can land a top ten class to Lincoln with his savvy and Blakes contacts it happened. Pelini and his behavior embarass the entire state..just show a two min clip of his tirades and talk on sideline with Martinez. And no kid. Let alone their parent would go to neb

    1. BallField78 says:

      Bo cannot fecruit …

      I can’t either. Can you?

      1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

        Fecruiting is incredibly difficult. Not many people even know about it, much less master it. Much harder then vootball..

        1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

          Sorry. couldn’t resist.

    2. kevin says:

      Yeah James. Going to make alot of sense on these blogs talking about how great Callahan was at anything ? And John Blake… u want him ? isn’t he the same guy that the NCAA kicked out for his recruiting practices. Our class is good. Got what we needed. He missed out on ONE kid

    3. Colorado Springer says:

      And here we go! Let the whining begin. You mentioned John Blake contacts? He is a disgrace. Callahan’s savvy? Please! Another disgrace. I’ll tell you who else is a disgrace. The coaches of the SEC who have been cheating on their numbers, paying for athletes (Auburn), running players off rather than honoring their commits. Most of the NCAA “Elite” are becoming corrupted in the name of money. As far as class ranking, that has to come after their contributions. There are a lot of great athletes in this class, both scholarship players and walkons. Quit you whining and welcome the athletes who are coming.

    4. Mike Caramba says:

      It’s always funny to me when people bring Callahan’s recruiting prowess into the discussion. It *necessarily* proves either: top-ten classes don’t guarantee on-field success; OR recruiting services aren’t that great at evaluating class strength. Either way, it buttresses the very position they’re attempting to argue against. Right?

    5. HARLAN says:

      dear james:

      callahan also delivered the first losing season in forever, half of his classes were juco…so no committment to building up the program, and do you honestly think location does not affect recruiting? i am a die hard husker and i would consider going to milder climates to play

      as for Blake…is he even still coaching? he had a laundry list of violations w/ multiple programs if i remember correctly

      as for the media’s coverage of Bo…they follow him like a hawk now, so it is always going to be blown out of proportion

      and i did not even have to attack your spelling…it’s clowns like you on these posts that have a negative affect towards the program…r u a closet buff’s fan or something…ever since we joined the B1G alot of clowns like yourself have been on these posts running your mouth…it really serves no positive purpose

      oh, and have a lovely day

    6. tom says:

      James, you might want to take spelling class over again before spouting off on here. You might have more credibility. Then again, nah!

    7. CORNANGEL says:

      James, which booster club pays you to squat on the NU board so that you can spew negative fecruiting information to sour everyone on dear old Nebraska U?

      Is it our old friends @ Orangebloods?

      Do you aspire to be the next Chip Brown with a double platinum subscriber twitter feed?

  3. Husker_Power says:

    Callahan signed a great class… then provided us with the worst few seasons of Nebraska football EVER! Grow up James

  4. tayllor1234 says:

    One thing that is really missing here and that is why? Why? Why did they not offer in state Parade All-American Drew Ott?


      Maybe Drew has some personality issues. Maybe they had a bad experience with the kid at a camp. I’m sure they had their reasons.

      1. Bleeding Red says:

        Dude, I have to tell you that your name (NUCORNDEVILISMYBISH) is the best!!!….On another note, I think with a lot of small town Nebraska kids, they ask them to walk on with promise of scholarship if they are as good as they think. Anybody know who Drew Ott signed with?

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          Wasn’t he going to Iowa U?

        2. C Fan says:

          Ott signed with Iowa. NU said he could walk on. Rumor is Ott is as dumb as a box of rocks. Giltner education at its best.

    2. Mosier says:

      Because Parade all-american basically means nothing. If he ends up having a better career than McMullen then you can complain.

  5. Jeffy says:

    I can’t believe some folks keep harping about Callahan’s great recruiting classes, would you rather win games or land a top ten recruiting class? Get real people, Callahan was terrible. This class addressed the major needs: QB who can throw, great possesion receiver, top OL in Thurston, beef on the DL, top tier LB’s, and a lockdown cover corner. Why are you guys whining so much, grow up!

  6. James says:

    Another point on Espn u was a business report on recruiting spending we are not in top ten…You dont spend you dont get recruits

    1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

      You got a point there. Same as it is in every aspect of modern sports – you have to spend to win.

      1. Mosier says:

        For a National program that has to go outside our backyard for basically every recruit we need to be spending Big to bring people in. Pelini has a point with planes. His time is too valuable, he should not be flying commercial.

        Somebody brought up UO’s remoteness but Knight gave them their own personal jet with Duck logo’s and everything.

  7. James says:

    The point was Callahan proved a top ten class can be recruited to Lincoln. The pelini and jamrog excuses about location etc dont hold water

    1. Jeffy says:

      Agreed that the excuses are lame, but Callahan’s model did not prove out when they laced up the cleats.

    2. Jerry says:

      And where, pray tell James, did that Top 10 class get Nebraska? This class of 35 athletes has a lot of potential, a lot of heart and a lot of room to excell. Look at the highlights of these players and not just the numbers that Rivals and Scout throw out there. And look at the Top 10 and how they each over- recruit and then drop kids from scholarships after a couple of years, even though there are rules against it in there conferences. Yeah, a lot of integrity out there at Texas and the SEC.

    3. Mosier says:

      He signed like 32 kids for that top 10 ranking and most of them were busts and ended up winning the fewest amount of games in NU history!!!! is that what you want to re-create?!? Wake up people, I thought NU fans were supposed to be smarter.

  8. James says:

    I cant beleive you keep talking about ten wins and not about 4 years zero conf championships…zero bs. And a BO cam at every game waiting for the recruit or parent would want to be a part of that

    1. Jeffy says:

      If you expect conference and national championships every year, you are going to very dissapointed. Look at the teams on top right now, they all had down periods, and not everyone can bring on Nick Saban or Urban Meyer to lead their teams. You may not like Bo and you may like comparing him to T.O., but NE has been one of the most consistent teams W-L since Pelini took over. WHO do you want to replace him???

  9. James says:

    Anyone can beat up on sunbelt teams and the tenn Chatanooga. His only consistency is 4 losses and a big blow out loss every year. We were a 5 loss team if osu doesnt lose their qb. Oregon used 9 freshmen last year and kicked butt. Osu has a top ten class of recruits that will immediately impact

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      You always have the option of cheering for the Buckeyes, you know. Sounds like you might be happier.

      1. Jeffy says:

        Outside of Northwestern, we lost to three top ten teams. If, if ,if, who cares, NE beat Ohio State…

        1. Mosier says:

          Please leave James, I don’t think I can take your asinine comments anymore.

  10. James says:

    I doubt you will see a Urban cam…class act…..Bo just look and listen to the excuses….he is one ugly coach inside and out

    1. Jeffy says:

      I can see why Bo is tired of NE fans, the only thing they are good at is whining and crying, whining and crying. Enjoy the ride, life’s too short…

      1. tom says:

        James, why don’t you go to school and take PE to become the next Husker coach? We need you more than ever. Then we can all criticize you for doing such a great job! Ha Ha.

    2. huskerred says:

      Class act? Four years then vacate? Sounds pretty classy to me….

  11. ShawneeHusker says:

    To the editors of the World Herald. You can stop publishing these comments because reasonable people don’t read them. About the only posters are the naysayers who know little to nothing about what they write. Their comments only cast disgrace upon the Husker fan base.

  12. James says:

    U want disgrace see you tube videos of pelini tirades

    1. Jeffy says:

      See Bob Knight, IU fans didn’t mind his tirades because he won games, albeit without big name recruits. Were you yelled at once and had your feelings hurt, big baby…

  13. James says:

    Just like Bo and his woody hayes days they r done like knight is done grabbing players the new model r the coach k and boeheim type Bo would have been great 40 years ago with his caveman style…now with social media Bo is a waste of money

    1. Jeffy says:

      Does Nick Saban seem like a happy go lucky type of guy, no, he is a jerk who makes his players work hard. Have you ever seen video of Bama’s strength coach, he makes Bo look like a little puppy dog…

  14. James says:

    From Bo cams he looks more like a pitbull

  15. IDsker says:

    James – go read a book, get a girlfriend, anything, just get off of this board, half of the comments are yours.

  16. James says:

    Its fun watchin you guys drink the red kool aid. I stopped goin back to lincoln because we will be nothing as long as bo is in charge. 4 years 4 losses every year and a bo moment every couple games

    1. Z Fan says:

      You are boring. Just so you know, the only comment I read that you posted was this one because at this time, it’s the last comment. I’m sure 90% of readers are doing the same. Find a hobby. I hear that Angry Birds is fun…and it’s on your computer, bonus for you.

    2. Mosier says:

      Please don’t come back when we win the Big Ten next year. You need to root for a team like Bama with no morals.

  17. James says:

    Wait michigan and wisconsin killed we lose all our talent on defense. We have a recruiting class not in top 25. Michigan has a top 5 recruiting class went to a bcs bowl last year and bo has never finished with less than 4 losses…ru kidding me. We will have 4 or 5 losses after we lose our bowl game pelini is already makin excuses. Wake up

    1. Kevin says:

      James – what kind of a moron are you? Callahan had 1 class that managed to get into the top 10 in 4 years here – just 1 – what were his other classes? They were in the mid 20′s to mid 40′s in ranking. After his first year he could not get the recruits he wanted and he started makign excuses and then got blown out many times by mediocre teams like Texas Tech (70-7) – so I am not sure where you were during the 4 years of disaster that was Callahan but you need to stop posting – it just shows how stupid and biased you are against Bo. He knows he needs to do better. Some things just take time – Osborne sure didn’t get a National Champ trophy real quickly, so why should Bo be expected to. Let’s see how next season goes before we worry about titles.

  18. James says:

    U r so closed minded. One is all it takes to prove my point…..a top 10 class is possible in lincoln. Callahan was doomed like rodriguez at michigan……behind the scenes TO and his group. Especially the securities fraudster sokol. Undermined callahan and peterson for solichs firing…Callahan never had 100 percent husker nation support…our bball program is terrible. Our baseball team mediocre and a 4 loss every year football team. …TO was sad after losing the gov race and wanted to be back accepted by Nebraskans. He gave them their favorite and we have a anger management embarrasment to the state of nebraska

  19. James says:

    By the way TO wasnt paid 2 million a year we dont have time to waste BO must go

    1. tom says:

      Got time on your hands, James? Tell us what you REALLY think.

  20. James says:

    Yeah i do i lettered at Nebraska and it makes me sick to have Bo Pelini the face of Nebraska football. He is a embarrasment at least his philandering brother is gone…

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      The irony is that you are the face of the negative Nebraska football blogosphere.

      Was Carl cheating with the cheerleader’s younger sister that Frank Solich cheated with?

      Don’t you spend enough time on the Interwebs to have looked up what an Urban Myth is?

    2. CORNANGEL says:

      James, you have not posted in the past 5 minutes…getting worried.

      Now that you have slandered Carl Pelini, please tell us the inside scoop of the #1 NU fan of the blogosphere. Looks like Carl’s career succumbed to the same salacious rumors that ended Frank Solich’s career. Please enlighten us with the details!

      Carl Peliini:
      A booster’s daughter?
      A booster’s wife?
      A cheerleader(s)?

      Frank Solich:
      A booster’s daughter?
      A booster’s wife?
      A cheerleader(s)?

    3. huskerred says:

      James if you lettered at NU, why are you on these boards. As Alumni would you not do better addressing the University with your issues, being a letterman and all. I’m running up the BS flag on that one; your just another crybaby! It’s not any new news that Bo has a temper, most of us would like to see that improve as well. We get your point. Everybody seen Callahan and Pedersen topple great traditions in what NU football was (like walk-on programs, Blackshirts, etc.) and had become. Callahan was a good recruiter but could do nothing with the kids when he got them. Callahan had other issues as well, do you remember his “Hicks” comment? When Callahan and Pedersen was escorted out of lincoln and put on the train after the 2007 season was one of the happiest days of my adult life. Now if we could just get those like you on board….wait a minute….did you hear that? It sounded like “All aboard!!!!”

  21. Kid says:

    Jimbo – my guess is, you are never invited to any husker football parties and have NEVER had a girlfriend