Published Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AT 1:34 PM / Updated at 1:35 PM
Recruiting: Valentine headed to NU
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine made his commitment to Nebraska and signed a letter of intent Wednesday, becoming the 17th member of the Huskers’ 2012 recruiting class.

He’s a 6-foot-4, 313-pound D-lineman from Edwardsville, Ill., who said it was a close race between Nebraska and Illinois. Florida was also in the mix.

“Nebraska is a great place with great people, and they’re very consistent,” Valentine told Huskers Illustrated, The World-Herald’s recruiting partner. “I didn’t just love my visit there. I loved the people. I made a few bonds with my future classmates. It’s just a great place, and I can see myself being there for the next four or five years.

Get the latest on our signing day page. That’s where you’ll find NU signees Michael Rose and Paul Thurston participating in an online chat with fans Wednesday afternoon. Future Husker Tommy Armstrong already answered a few questions.

Coach Bo Pelini’s set to discuss the 2012 class at 2:30 p.m., so stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Mosier says:

    Huge pick up! Literally. Welcome to the Big Red Family Vincent.

    I think VV 3*’s have made some people not as excited about this, but getting a huge DT with his offer list that we identified as a recruiting priority really, really early on is big. Great recruiting job here. Can’t wait to see how this class develops.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      yes sir…..this was a much needed pick.

    2. TROJAN says:

      Hooskers you gotta be kidding me. You are this excited about a three star DT Big Deal!

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Bigger than the Peat pick up, NU is depleted @ DT……….
    Coach him up Kaz, this kid should be playing by the Arkansas State game, if not sooner.

    1. TRUEHuskerfan says:

      agreed… who would be able to move him? lol

      1. Joey says:

        Still waiting??…lol Better grab your flavored water. You’re going to be waiting FOREVER, for the day I answer to you…lol.. ANSWERING TO YOU?…loooool. I NEVER have, and I NEVER WILL…But, keep waiting…lol

    2. Twitty says:

      Hey sure thing, BP has such a history of putting underclassmen on the field quickly!

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I count 6 offensive players last season?
        Its ok Husker Fans, Pelini will continue to waste a few recruiting classes b4 he realizez how crappy his assistants are, im curious to see how long Fisher lasts.

        1. Jason P says:

          He’s already been here to long…but Bo needs a golf coach.

  3. Joey says:

    ONGRATS on Valentine. But….wow, another 9 win season, NO BCS NT, NO division title, & a loss at a bowl game to an improving SEC team. NO FEAR, TM & Barney are still here…Creighton Basketball anyone?

    1. Joey says:

      oops I forgot the “C” Probably because I don’t “C” NU beating OSU, MICH, MICH ST,WIS, and I don’t “C” Tommy ” GUNZ ” Armstrong being a STARTER til TM is gone. Bo DOES have his LOVE FEST for TM you know.

      1. TRUEHuskerfan says:

        And I dont “C” how you are a fan. Even before the “C”eason starts you star criticizing the team and how poor they are going to do. Since you can “C” the future, how about telling us if we should be worried about 2012 apocalyptic prophe”C”ies. Please all knowing one, Im waiting.

      2. TRUEHuskerfan says:

        Oops, forgot my “t”. “T”o”t”ally sorry.

        1. Joey says:

          STILL WAITING? Good, nice to know I kept you in line…rotf

  4. Iowa Freshman Dad says:

    NUCORNDEVIL, in an earlier article on Vincent, you had said 100% Vincent Valentine was NOT going N. I called you out on that. You were 100% wrong.

    1. Mosier says:

      There is not enough time in the day for devil to apologize for all their mistakes.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Find it

      1. Jeromethechicken says:

        Lol. What a piece of work you are. It must be lonely with no friends.

  5. Mosier says:

    Great pick up for sure, not sure if I agree on the depth question though. Brought in 4 very good DT’s in last 2 years, now 6 in 3 years. In fact if Shelton and Peat were N the guy who wouldn’t get an offer would’ve been DT Curry.


    I like the class and I didn’t forget about the class that mostly redshirted. Remember, Kevin Williams redshirted due to injury. There is always a player or two who bypasses what the critics say. The only team with qb experience is Michigan. OSU will be breaking in a new offense. How much can he throw on the qb. OSU has no one to pass to and lost most of the offensive line. Stop crying……..look @ their rosters. Wisconsin – Mich State – all new qb’s………………..

    1. Joey says:

      Wow really? Is that why OSU is ranked above NU in recruiting, as well as Mich, and probably WIS too. As far as Mich ST goes, they’ll have a starter that can do what our Starting QB can’t do…. pass. If you reeeeeeeeally think Bo is going to replace TM with Tommy…lol. You may understand football quite well my friend. BUT, unfortunately you are CLUELESS to POLITICS buddy BOY.

      1. Jeromethechicken says:

        Joey, you certainly are ignorant aren’t you? Nebraska ended up about 36 spots ahead of Wisconsin in the recruiting rankings. Michigan State will have a new starter this year because Kirk Cousins graduated. OSU will have a lot of spots to replace on their roster which explains why they have so many recruits in their class this year.

    2. RoverBrian says:

      It’s an average decent class for any any top 30 team but that is all it is but it is not a decent class for a want-to-be top 10 team. Got some good LB recruits though. We may have a 2 year “starter” at QB but Martinez is the weakest starter we have at any position. He may try hard but he is simply a deer-in-the-headlights. Here’s hoping Armstrong gets a very big look at QB as a freshman.

      1. Jeromethechicken says:

        Every year I hear you clowns begging for the freshman to start. I’d rather have an experienced quarterback who may not be great, but at least knows the playbook and can read the coverages, over a more talented freshman with zero experience and little knowledge of what is going on out on the field. But, I hope you’re right, because if Armstrong does start over Martinez it will be because he is an absolute beast out there.

    3. Skers says:

      I like this class too. A class full of 5 stars isn’t guaranteed to make a huge difference their freshman year no matter the school.

      1. RoverBrian says:

        Nothings guarantees anything for any player be they 3, 4, or 5 star but the difference between a 3 star and a 5 star is generally SPEED, SPEED, and more SPEED. All stars are big and strong but SPEED kills. I’m sure all our new recruits are motivated and strong and will get nothing but better but it is very tough to coach SPEED. More stars generally means more SPEED.

      2. A Fan says:

        And there’s a chance a class full of 5 stars will make an immediate difference. You’re not telling us anything. Anyone can get it’s a 50/50 chance.

        1. Skers says:

          I agree. I just said there isn’t a guarantee on immediate results. 10 of the Husker 2012 recruits are rated 4-star on at least one of these site – Rivals, ESPN or 247/sports. I was just saying I think we have a good class.

          1. RoverBrian says:

            We need better than “good” to compete for championships be the they BIG conference or NC. Many if not most teams rated ahead of us on all the services have at least twice as many 4/5 star recruits. On a one year basis that is nothing but year after recruiting year that adds up to a significant difference in available potential talent.

  7. HuskerFromFuture says:

    2012 pridiction(by My Analysis):
    V.Valentine s/b offensiveLine
    Alonzo moore s/b Linebacker
    Aaron Curry – will start 2+ years (he Should be Good)
    I. Cross – Should be Linebacker
    Afalava – will start sometime
    Zaire Anderson – will play 2+ yrs
    Thurston – ok OL
    G.McMullen – ok DE

    Check Back in 2Yrs!

    1. Jeromethechicken says:

      Anderson is a juco and will only have three years to play two. Meaning he can only actually play for two years. I hope Valentine stays on the d line and turns into that run stuffing, block eating, monster that is so sorely needed.

  8. James says:

    2012 prediction. 4 or 5 losses

    1. Joey says:

      At least I can say you ARE looking at things with an OPEN and HONEST opinion.

    2. CharlieNChina says:

      Perfect. Good call. BoMustGo

  9. TROJAN says:

    Awesome Day!! Incredible-Stunning-Brilliant! No I’m not taking about your class ranked 45th in the country Ha Ha Ha I am talking about USC having the highest stars per player in the country. We averaged 4-stars which is number one… Here we go again. Lets be honest Hooskers the only way to compete for Conference and National Championships year in and year out is to sign 5 and 4 star players. Not 2-3 stars. Ha ha ha

  10. Colorado Springer says:

    Top 5 Team Rankings by Star Average by Fox Sports From 2007 – 2011
    1.USC 3.98
    2.Florida 3.84
    3.Texas 3.82
    4.Ohio St. 3.72
    5.Notre dame 3.64
    Teams of Note
    LSU 3.63
    Alabama 3.52
    Michigan 3.44
    Nebraska 3.10
    Wisconsin 2.82
    Boise State 2.41
    Dear Troll, You will notice that your team is ranked #1. Now either these rankings mean nothing or you generally have bad coaching because they FAIL to do anything with these fabulous players.

    1. Colorado Springer says: