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Dirk’s Brunch Bites, March 6
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald


That will be a buzzword for the Nebraska offense as spring practice commences. One year after switching conferences, coordinators and schemes, the Huskers suddenly have an edge. Same quarterback. Same coordinator. Same playbook.

You know how many Big Ten contenders can say the same?

Not Ohio State.

Not Wisconsin.

Not Michigan State.

Not Iowa.

Not Penn State.

Only Michigan. The Wolverines will be picked by all the pundits to win the Legends Division. But Nebraska’s offense finally has continuity. We’ll see how much it’s worth in October.


>> Today is Darin Erstad’s home opener as Husker baseball coach, the first of 17 straight games at Haymarket Park. It’s a real opportunity for Erstad. If his team can get hot and roll through March, you’ll see big crowds at Haymarket in April and May for Big Ten home series. You’ll see an atmosphere that resembles the glory years much sooner than people anticipated.

There’s a pocket of die-hard Husker baseball fans that will sit through 30-degree doubleheaders against Northern Colorado. But there’s a much larger block of casual Husker baseball fans waiting for a reason to believe again. Erstad has a chance this month to give it to them.

>> The home opener will be notable for more than the weather. The opponent is Kansas State. You know, the same K-State that Nebraska faced for decades in conference play. I hope the men’s and women’s hoops programs follow baseball’s lead in non-conference scheduling: Play as many old Big 12 rivals as possible. Why not?

>> A former bartender named Jimmy Patsos is taking his team to the NCAA tournament. Read his incredible story. You’re going to hear a lot about Patsos in the next week.

>> Four very different columns worth reading if you’re interested in Gregg Williams and the bounties. Here’s Charlie Pierce and Buzz Bissinger. Here’s Gregg Doyel and Peter King.

>> Count me among those who would rather see schools like Drexel and Iona in the NCAA tournament than schools like Seton Hall and Texas. The former pair lost in their mid-major conference tournaments after winning their regular-season titles. The latter pair have played a lot of good teams — and lost to almost all of them. When in doubt, give me the little guy.

>> Having said that, I care far less about “who’s in” and “who’s out” than about the actual bracket. Too often, the selection committee seems to spend too much deciding between 68 and 69 (they could just flip a coin) and not enough time on the national title contenders.

Priority one should be making sure the regions are balanced. Don’t put the best No. 2 seed, for example, in Kentucky’s bracket. I understand the hunger to know if Northwestern gets in the tournament over Oregon, I do. But my focus on Selection Sunday will always be those top-4 seeds. Make sure they’re treated fairly.

>> Aside from a bastion of sports intellect, the Brunch Bites is home to mindless sports phenomena! Like this one: With the exception of the Big Ten, every BCS conference’s best traditional basketball school wears blue; every conference’s best football school wears red — or a shade of red. (I would look at the Big East, but I can’t remember who even plays there anymore).

SEC: Alabama; Kentucky
ACC: Florida State; Carolina/Duke
Pac 12: USC; UCLA
Big 12: Oklahoma; Kansas

Go down the line. I’d say 80 percent of great basketball schools wear a shade of blue (Louisville and Indiana would be notable exceptions). Maybe that’s why Nebraska can’t win.

>> I stumbled Monday on this column. My ode to Creighton and Nebraska basketball, written two years ago this April. A few weeks later, the McDermotts arrived in Omaha, beginning Creighton’s renaissance. Meanwhile, Nebraska has dipped even further into the depths. I can’t imagine the gap between the Jays and Huskers could be much wider that it is right now.

>> Check back Thursday for more Husker basketball.

>> Finally, a little teaser to a story about Doug McDermott that will appear in Thursday’s World-Herald. This quote is from Bill Self, who recruited Doug’s high school teammate, Harrison Barnes:

“We all knew he was a good player; we didn’t know he was this good,” Self said of McDermott. “Nobody did. I don’t know if his dad did.

“This is a guy who, when people saw Harrison, they saw him because he put up numbers. He hadn’t really grown into his body yet. He was kind of gangly, but he just kind of had a knack for getting the ball in the basket…I liked him, but certainly he’s surpassed what I thought he would be in a short amount of time.”

What is McDermott’s gift?

“He’s been around ball. He understands how to score before he catches. He understands where balls are going to come off the board or the rim on rebounds and how to wedge and get position there. He’s a guy that, if he’s not going to out-jump you, he’s going to out-quick you by getting it off quick. He can go over both shoulders. He uses both hands. And he’s got touch. If I’m not mistaken, the kid’s shooting like 45 percent from 3, maybe better than that, I don’t know. Maybe 50. He just has a natural gift.”

“I’m really happy for him, but I’m really happy for his family because his dad’s a terrific coach and a great guy.”

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  1. Melvin says:

    Red and blue???? what a waste of time Dirk. you’re better than that.

    1. Fester says:

      No he’s not.

    2. Tyler says:

      He even said it was mindless sports phenomenon. Remember, this is a blog, not a column. Much less formal. You’re better than that, Melvin.

    3. Marv says:

      Its a blog. Not a hard hitting investigation piece. Get over yourself.

    4. Mosier says:

      Thought that was one of the more itnteresting factoids, makes you go, huh.

  2. Sooka says:

    Same QB….same Coord….same Play Book….

    1.) QB can’t throw…… bet is he throws more INT’s this year.

    2.) Same Coord……Yea they were a fire ball last year…

    3.) The Play Book…???? Oh Come ON MAN!!!! Really?

    You forgot 1 thing………….SAME OLE COACH BOO BOO!!!!

    1. CharlesNChina says:

      5) same Sooka. ypu know the one that spouts of trash talk and is so full of Husker envy.

      1. Mosier says:

        Same cut and paste as another thread. Tells you a lot when he’s so proud of this gebberish he cuts and pastes it.

    2. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

      Nobody cares what a MIZZOU fan thinks of NU when it is full of baseless accusations and it’s incredibly sad that NU is no longer part of the Big XII and you are still shooting blanks on a ‘Husker board.

      Missouri has never accomplished anything of substance in the entire history of the Big 8/Big XII in football, it’s why they made rings for North Division championship.

      They were the goat for the 5th down game and the putz that was victimized by the flea kicker

      Bob Stull, Woody Widenhofer, the list goes on, a big parade of little baby Tiger ineptness. Dan Devine’s little blip was 40 years ago.

      Why don’t you find a spot at Rock M Nation or the Columbia Daily Tribune where you belong? You contribute absolutely nothing to this board.

      1. macjones says:

        And has that JOKE of a MCB program- AKA Lil’ Herbie- accomplished anything in the grand scheme of major college basketball! Bloody well didn’t think so. LMAO

        Heck, even the Lil’Herbie mens baseball team SUX’s!

        1. Drew says:

          His post was about football, not basketball or baseball. What a pointless reply to his comment. Nebraska has never claimed to be a great basketball school, so tell us something we don’t already know. When you think of Nebraska you think football and volleyball. And the baseball team? Mizzou hasn’t been to a CSW since 1964! You give Erstad a couple more years and the baseball program will be where it should be.

      2. bob jones says:

        I wouldn’t be picking on Missouri’s football program, after all, it’s only been 43 years since they won a conference championship.

      3. R says:


        Why don’t you post that “stuff” on an MU site…?

        Let it go.

        1. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

          As soon as that Mizzou fan stops trashing NU with no substance behind his rants I will. Until then Mizzou’s football history, or lack thereof, speaks for itself in my posts.

          Got it? Good.

    3. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

      In fact, I think between Virginia or Maryland and Arizona State, Missouri is in the discussion with those three as the football program that has done the least with the most, with the resources they have available. It’s pathetic.

      1. Mosier says:

        UCLA has to be #1. Texas, FSU and Miami have been incredible busts the lately.

        I’ve always loved that with the exception of one Callahan year Nebraska has always done more with less.

        1. A Fan says:

          Penn State is another team who has been a bust lately. Texas A&M is another.

        2. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

          Good call on UCLA over time, and I agree with FSU and their recruiting classes not amounting to much recently, but at least FSU, UT-Austin and Miami have titles, those schools I mentioned in fertile recruiting areas with resources, a complete zero, like the Bruins

  3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Unfortunately Those teams will replace the people lost with qualified coaches, or players. I will go out on a limb and say every replacement they hire or start, has played football at some point in their lifetime.

  4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    For anyone to think Taylor, and or Beck will make BIG title contending improvements in 7 month has to have their medication increased.
    We all watched Taylor bore us to death last spring game, while the playmakers rode the pine, or burned valuable redshirts………….3 new O-line starters, including Center, with virtually no playing experience, business as usual.

  5. Farris B. says:

    T-Mart option right, FUMBLE!!! Another turnover! Geez!!!

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      “I don’t care if he punts the ball, as long as he get’s it there.”
      Nebraska Offensive Coord/QB coach.

  6. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    It really is sad to see NU football reduced to an OJT program.

  7. macjones says:

    Mizzou may not be a B.C.S. pigskin juggernaut. But at least the Missouri Tigers mens basketball and mens baseball teams don’t SUX in their repective sports. Eh.

    In other words, Lil’ Herbie MCB and baseball are absolutely INSIGNIFICANT in the grand scheme of college sports. UNLIKE the Golden Tigers. Howdy.

    By the way, Missouri is going to ANOTHER N.C.A.A. Tournament. dUh. Mean while, that Lil’ Herbie MCB team is adding to their SHAMEFUL, LAUGHABLE consecutive STREAK of 15 (FIFTEEN) seasons WITHOUT a Big Disco Dance cameo appearance. LMAO

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      It’s a ‘Process’

    2. matt says:

      What the…this macjones guy is bonkers.

      1. Mosier says:

        Yes he is, just try to enjoy it, he’s so dumb he’s kinda funny.

    3. Drew says:

      WHO CARES? You are so off topic it is laughable.

    4. Mosier says:

      Has Mizzou ever won a championship, even in basketball?

      Aren’t you a CU guy though, how come your not talking about CU basketball? haha

      1. macjones says:

        As for moi ALLEGEDLY being stupid. It’s all a matter of perspecitve. But then again, y’all Lil’ Herbie MINIONS lack in the perspective category. dUh

        And at least Missouri made a trip to the FINAL FOUR back in the day. Say the 1994 N.C.A.A. Tournament. dUh. And I’m quite certain that the Golden Tigers made a few Elite-8 runs and or Sweet-16 runs in their time, which is more than the typical ASTUTE major college hoopdom fandom can say about that J-O-K-E of a MCB program, in the small town Capital town. Howdy.

        Finally, I guess both Thomas Penders and moi share the trait of being ” dumber ” than a small town Lil’ Herbie Good Ol’ Boy Roy. Eh.

        Because Coach Pender said Lil’ Herbie MCB had a good thing going with the City Slicker, which y’all RUSTIC, PROVENCIAL, narrow-minded Lil’ Herbies happen to RUN OFF!

        Matter of FACT, the Lil’ Herbie MCB media-nexus and Lil’ Herbie Republican booster and most of all, the Lil’ Herbie SOUR PUZZ bUbba’s all share the glaring blame!

        And Mr. Penders, also, said he couldn’t figure out WHY y’all Hayseeds kicked Oh Danny Boy out of your realtively, backwards desolate, boring Hinterland enclave.

        Moral of the rant. The occult, mysterious ways of major college basketball KARMA continues to KICK y’all small town/suburban LOUSTS in the U know where. LMAO

        1. kevin says:

          NOW I GOT IT ! macjones is a Misery fan ? Gosh dang !!!!! if I was a Misery fan and got my pants pulled down every year by the ” good ole farm boys from the small town” and had to yell out,while getting spanked ” YOUR MY DADDY” as NU walked off the field with yet another ass whipping on the FBALL field, yeah I would probably post ignorant things on an OWH blog too – HOWDY !

          1. Vietnam Vet Husker says:


            Thanks kevin.

  8. firedog says:

    These trolls are so well fed they may have to consider lap band surgery.

    1. macjones says:

      As long as your NOT performing the surgery! U small town HAYSEED good ol’ boy Roy goon. LMAO

  9. reddog77 says:

    I recall NU WINNING a national title in 94. Nice try D-Bag.

  10. Les Torres says:

    What language is this?
    Good ol’ blah blah blah blah blah lil herbie. City slicker, hayseed goon LOL. That is hilarious, I am guessing this is how the feud between the Hatfields and Mcoys started. It all coud have been avoided by a little more communication, or a little more schooling duh. Awwhahaha are you for real Mizzou Jones, or are you Indiana Jones? Serious mac Obama has a grant with your name all over it!

    1. macjones says:

      I figure you for a RIGHT-WING, Good Ol’ Boy, too. Albeit a good ol’ CHICO HOSE. Ay Chichuachua. Say it ain’t zo. LMAO

      Is it SIESTA time… err, Is it Spring pigskin action time yet.

      Now get back to listening to Limbaugh, PEDRO!!

      1. kevin says:

        i always find it hilarious how liberals like slackjones will scream how unfair America is and scream how racist the country is. Hence is liberal opinion above. Right on Rush, Right on !