Published Tuesday, March 20, 2012 AT 9:45 AM / Updated at 9:45 AM
Dirk’s Brunch Bites, March 20
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Reports say that Scott Sutton of Oral Roberts interviewed for the Nebraska job.

No offense to Sutton, who I’m sure is a very nice man and a great coach. But he has never coached outside of Oral Roberts University, a Summit League school. I repeat: Never.

He was an assistant at the Tulsa school from 1995-99. He’s been the head coach the past 14 years. That’s who Nebraska might throw into the shark-infested waters of the Big Ten?

I don’t care if Nebraska hires a mid-major coach. But please hire one with coaching and recruiting experience in a BCS league.


>> Another week, another first-team All-America honor for Doug McDermott. This one is from the coaches. I can’t wait to see McDermott back on the court in seven months.

>> I’m not sure there could’ve been a more intriguing landing spot than Denver for Peyton Manning. He kicks Tim Tebow out of town. And teams with John Elway in an attempt to do what Elway did: win Super Bowls in his late 30s. The addition should put Denver atop the AFC West — as long as Manning stays healthy. That’s a big if.

Here’s three takes on the Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow situation: From Michael Silver. From Peter King. From Woody Paige.

>> One of the nation’s best sports writers spent the first weekend of the NCAA tournament in Vegas. Three years ago, I did the same thing. Unfortunately, I didn’t write this.

>> The ties that bind James Naismith and Bill Self. A great story from a talented University of Kansas student.

>> The story of the Sweet 16, writes Dan Wetzel, is the web of connections between Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana. Fascinating stuff.

>> Wanna skate by the NCAA? Just don’t lie.

>> Five band members from Southern Miss lost their scholarships because of their “green card” chant during the K-State game.

>> A 100-year-old former Mr. Universe is still lifting weights.

>> At Chris Mullin’s jersey retirement ceremony, Warrior fans booed the owner. Mercilessly. Check out the video.

>> The Kansas State women’s team was 10 of 57 last night in a Round of 32 against UConn. The ‘Cats lost 72-26. And you thought the Florida-Norfolk State game was lopsided.

>> Bad, bad news for the Royals. Joakim Soria has ligament damage in his elbow. Kansas City will find out today if Soria needs Tommy John surgery.

>> My favorite Sweet 16 matchups:

1– Kentucky-Indiana…The ‘Cats will be motivated to avenge the December loss.
2– Michigan State-Louisville…Doesn’t get any better than Izzo/Pitino. Both teams are hot.
3– Marquette-Florida…Two teams playing as well as anyone in the tournament.
4– Ohio State-Cincinnati…The battle of Ohio. Cincy can match OSU’s toughness.
5– North Carolina-Ohio…Without Kendall Marshall, the Bobcats have a chance.
6– Syracuse-Wisconsin…Watching Wisconsin is like watching C-Span.
7– Kansas-North Carolina State…KU could get another scare; NC State is rolling.
8– Baylor-Xavier…Tu Holloway against Pierre Jackson is a great battle of point guards.

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  1. BlueJay says:

    Nebraska needs to go after the Ohio coach.

    1. CDad63 says:


      Scott Sutton should be on the ‘L’ list of candidates. Why bother firing Sadler, then interviewing his twin?

      1. Homer Sampson says:

        Seems to me that NU already tried this route, i.e. Barry Collier and Doc Sadler, by bringing in mens hoops coaches from smaller programs and hoping that they were the next big thing. You see how that worked out. This sort of small thinking will get you right back to where they are now in 5 more years. They can’t do it on the cheap anymore. Not if they want to break through in this generations-long struggle.

        1. Larry says:

          Funny, it seems to work at other places. It’s not the coach, it’s the program.

  2. AP says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to criticize or write off Scott Suttton. The guy can coach. I’m not sure how “choosy” the Huskers can be.

    1. W. Wright says:

      Exactly … Dirk ever check Bo Ryan’s path to Wisky?! D3 UW-Platteville and a quick stop over at mid-major UW-Milwaukee. He’s turned out alright.

      A good coach is a good coach; doesn’t matter where there at.

    2. CDad63 says:

      Sadler could coach, too. Couldn’t recruit worth spit, though. Have you seen the dearth of talent we have to look forward to next season? Ugh.

      Yeah, a half-decent record in the SUMMIT league is reason to get excited. That plus 13 years at the ONLY PLACE HE HAS BEEN A COACH.

    3. A Fan says:

      Hiring Sutton would be a continuation of the Collier > Sadler > mediocrity cycle. Nebraska needs to put up the money to get a big name. The Ohio coach comes to mind.

  3. bigredinkc says:

    Greg Marshall, Greg Marshall, Greg Marshall.

    1. Mike says:

      Ha ha!

  4. Brian says:

    I sure hope this doesn’t mean their first few choices have turned them down. It seems like a Doc or Barry Collier type hire. Not that he can’t work out great, but sure seems like been there, done that with these underwhelming mid major guys. Oral Roberts is below most mid majors too. The Summit is not exactly the Missouri Valley as far as mid major conferences. That is a pretty big jump from the Summit League to the Big 10.

  5. Go for Groce says:

    In my opinion, Jim Groce’s the guy if Tom can get him. He has everything we are looking for: experience in the Big 10, recruiting prowess, success in the NCAA tournament, and coaches a Big 10 style of basketball. He fits Tom’s hiring mold very well also. He is a hard working, lunch pail, no-nonsense type of coach that Tom seems to like. I think he would have great success recruiting to our new facilities and would start making Nebraska basketball relevant again!

    1. Skers says:

      Sounds good to me. If he doesn’t work out, I’d like us to maybe go the route of getting an assistant from a major program.

  6. TD says:

    Let me see if I have this right. We fired Doc Sadler, will pay him $3.4 mil to fire him, and are talking to the likes of Sutton and Jeter? Wow. Someone please, please, please tell me this is just a smokescreen to protect the ‘coaches of substance’ we are really going after. If those are really the guys we’ve fallen to, we might as well re-hire Doc.

    1. CDad63 says:

      If this is our target zone, I will quit paying attention to Nebrasketball. Build great facilities, then aim low for a coach? Ugh.

      If Mark Boehm is the brainchild of this mess, just fire him now.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Might as well follow the football format……..have to keep tbe cost down.

    2. socalhusker says:

      I agree. We can’t fire Doc and hire a Doc-like candidate. It needs to be a guy who can recruit top talent and brings with him assistants that can recruit and are familiar with upper D-1 talent. You have to believe you have the talent to compete in every game on your schedule. Win or lose the fans need to see a definate talent upgrade to make this basketball upgrade and buy-out process worth it.

      1. ARP says:

        Yea, since Nebraska is such a highly sought position for a great coach.

        1. A Fan says:

          That’s why money was invented.

          1. Mike says:

            Beggars can’t be choosers

  7. Hastings Husker says:

    We wont get the Ohio coach,one more good season and he will be in line for a heck of alot better job than NU,not to mention there’s a ton of talent to work with @ Ohio,while Doc has left NU completeley void of anything even resembling a talented basketball player.But thats not 100% entirley his fault(only 99.5%),whens the last time Nebraska had a good in-state class????I just dont see why you would leave talent rich Ohio for drought stricken Nebraska,he’s already built Ohio into a more successfull bball program than we have here,why take the step backwards for possible career suicide?I think we are already onto the 8th or 9th choice because nobody wants to tackle the mess created by Collier and allowed to fester by Doc.

  8. Kelly says:

    I think T.O. is quickly realizing how bad this program is when very good mid-major coaches at good programs or top assistants at big-time schools don’t want to come to NU. Han Solo once said, “I got a bad feeling about this.” The hiring of a new men’s basketball coach at Nebraska is just that.

  9. jwhj says:

    Rehire Doc

  10. OldGold says:

    They shouldn’t have fired Sadler. I don’t think they can even get Sutton to come to Lincoln.

  11. Al Clinchard says:

    Simple solution, being as no one decent will come to NE. Do a “Trev”, except you’re not dropping the top sports for non-sports. Drop basketball, and get Big 10 hockey!

    1. VanCleef says:


  12. Skers says:

    Shaka Smart turned down Illinois so even the big programs get turned down too.