Published Tuesday, March 27, 2012 AT 8:54 PM / Updated at 10:09 PM
Beck talks Taylor Martinez on BTN
Rich Kaipust Omaha World-Herald

BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo caught up with Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck for a segment Tuesday night on Big Ten Football Report.

The topic was a popular one of late — the dynamics surrounding quarterback Taylor Martinez.

“The biggest thing with Taylor we wanted to improve was his footwork and his depth and his drops,” Beck said, sitting with DiNardo recently in the Huskers’ offensive film room.

Beck showed a 2011 clip of Martinez starting with the wrong foot on a shotgun snap and then leaning back. He showed another where Martinez took too short of a drop, was set before his receivers were into their routes and then panicked — resulting in an interception against Wisconsin.

As with a golfer, Beck said oftentimes the tendency is to adjust to deficiencies rather than fix them.

“Now we have the ability, since it’s the offseason and spring ball, we’re fixing it,” Beck said.

Beck then showed clips from a seven-on-seven spring drill where Martinez pushed back on the right foot, planted and didn’t hop, and stepped into a throw.

“He’s really done a nice job so far,” Beck said.

When the segment was finished and DiNardo was back on the BTN set, he said: “Think about it. We just talked about a quarterback throwing the ball and we never once mentioned his arm. It was all lower body. I don’t think a lot of people have a lot of appreciation (of) that’s really where it starts.”

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  1. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

    He shoulda learned this in junior high school

    1. Should of but didn't ... says:

      Maybe he should of learned this in Junior High. But, if his Jr High (or High School) coaches were anything like what I’ve seen at most schools (inlucing mine many years back and my children’s recently), unless they have a former D1 college QB on the staff, proper technique isn’t given the proper attention.

      The same can be said for kickers and db’s who are not taught the proper techniques for their positions. Unless they are somehow lucky enough to have a coach who played their position at a high level in college, their technique will need some refinement once they get to college.

      1. Rickenaz says:

        Your exactly right!!! The average High School coach lacks in various area’s of knowledge. Heck I came home on leave at the age of 22 to see my brother in a college track meet. Latter that day fooling around in the tripple jump his coach changed my arm swings and I gained 2 1/2 feet on my high school jump. Coaching IS that important. I’m glad that Taylor is getting some help. Who knows, with his arms strength the sky’s the limit.

        1. HERBIE says:

          Todd Gerhart was Taylor’s coach back in Cali you know Toby Gerhart’s dad and he was able to win the state championship and have a perfect season to boot wit T-magic.

          1. Gary says:

            This is a dumb post. Why would he have learned in jr high if he ran faster than everyone on the field. You obviously never played jr high or high school football with a qb that has his kind of speed. QB’s as fast as martinez don’t throw at that level. They run, and then they win the California player of the year award.

      2. Mike Caramba says:

        Also worth mentioning he wasn’t a QB in junior high. Think he started as a junior in high school.

        1. you are correct. He wasn’t a QB until his Junior year after transferring schools.

    2. Adam says:

      He still had a dominant passing career in California. broke records. didnt even really use his running ability in high school..

  2. Tom says:

    He will be very good…don’t get me wrong…but his mechanics needed a MAJOR overhaul. Thank god they knew it!

  3. terrydarnall says:

    My question is, Why wasn’t this address two years ago with college coaches or 1 year ago. These are college coaches, and they don’t see and know what needs to be corrected? These are offensive, Quarterback coaches? Something is amiss here. We are behind the eight ball in coaching for Quarterbacks. First, if we want to have a Quarterback who can throw the ball, we need to recruit quarterbacks that have been passing quarterbacks in high school. Secondly, you must have a coach who knows the position. Doesn’t look like we have had or do now!

    1. James Maddich says:

      Come on guys, that video of Taylor’s improvement is impressive. Tim Beck looks to me like he is a great coach. Next season we will see some improvement in Taylor Martinez. I don’t think anyone takes TM seriously as a QB, and he and this offense are going to earn respect this year by surprising alot of teams on the front end of the schedule. Later teams such as Michigan will not be caught off gaurd, but if this video is accurate and telling of his improvement as a passer, our offense is going to be brutal. Enough with the negativity, spring time is for Kool Aid!

      1. A Fan says:

        When the results are on the field, then I’ll believe Martinez has turned the corner. Take the negativity comment and put it somewhere. How many times do we have to go over this? Some folks acknowledge Martinez’s problems with throwing mechanics, his issues with ball security AND they still point out that he is a decent QB. Why is it if someone points these problems out about Martinez, some homer jumps in and whines about negativity or someone hates Martinez? Here’s an idea… we’ll all hand out lollipops to Martinez after every mistake he makes and he’ll magically get better.

        1. BigFRed says:

          You are basically whining about people who whine about those who are whining aren’t you?

    2. the reason it wasn’t is because Tim Beck is a NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR…his first year was spent making sure he had a new offense in place…now that he doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, he can concentrate on this.

      Previously, Wats probably didn’t do much for him.

    3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid terry

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        As usual, barking up the wrong tree. Nebraska has never won with pass first Quaterbacks. Tom Osborne was the most innovative caoch in the nation when he was young. He was the OC for the two first National Chapionships. He went with passing QBs such as Humm and Ferragamo. He got tired of being beaten by Barry Switzer’s run first wishbone, so he started recruiting option QBs. He almost won the whole thing with an unbeatable offense led by Tyrner Gill (who could run and pass) and a so-so defense. But he finally won big with QBs Frazier, Berringer, and Frost who couldn’t pass well but were surrounded by brilliant offensive and defensive talent, and the best coaching staff in college football. Solich was close with running QBs. Calhan never got a sniff with passing QBs. Oh by the way, what was the score when Nebraska played Tennessee and the $95 million dollar passing QB? I’m getting really tired of explaining this.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          That would be Turner Gill, sorry.

  4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Last season Beck couldn’t care less if T-Melt punted the ball to WR’s
    Now he wants to turn him into a QB?
    This is basically OJT for Pelini and his staff, should be paying Yori to coach mens BB 3mil a year.
    I wonder how Cody Green may have turned out with real QB coaching……There may be a reason QB’s leave NU.

    1. James Maddich says:

      Sorry….he said he didn’t care if he punted it to the receivers if he got completions…..I believe arm chair qb are dumb is correct. Beck had to work with installing a new offense last year and had to prioritize. Now Beck is working with the finer details and it shows. I hope that every negative person on this site watches the video of Martinez. If you know football, you will agree that it was impressive. If you don’t think it is impressive then you don’t know football and your negativity is not welcome. There were D-linemen coming for him too, so no excuses like…oh what will he do under pressure…..he was under pressure in this video and Martinez threw much more accurately than last year. Like it or not….I believe Beck CAN develop QB’s including Carnes.

      1. A Fan says:

        When it’s gametime, and Martinez throws the ball well… then I’ll buy it. Until then… it’s just a video from practice.

        1. BigFRed says:

          You said the same thing 3 minutes ago on a previous post. We got it.

        2. HuskerMark says:

          This has been a head scratcher for me the past few years also. We rotate our line and get experience, but seem to be reluctant to do the same at skill positions. I understand needing to give TM more reps in a new offense, but if he goes down with an injury we end up having to scale back the offense and creating more excuses for not running the system. I know it won’t be plug-and-play, but an experienced backup is a MUST with a running QB. IMHO.

          1. HuskerMark says:

            Oops! Previous comment was in response to the post below… Send in my backup, I just lobbed an int. LOL!

      2. A Fan says:

        Saw a lot of development of Carnes last year, didn’t we? When we were getting blown out by Wisconsin and Michigan, Carnes could of went in and got some reps. It would of been good experience on learning Beck’s offense. Did we get that? Look James… you seen to be a good football fan with some insight. And I’ll tell you something. One big way Nebraska gets better at football is to get the 2nd and 3rd string guys into the game. Whether we’re blowing someone out (my hope) or we are getting blown out… the bench guys need to see the field. That didn’t happen enough under Solich, it didn’t happen enough under Callahan and it isn’t happening enough under Pelini. When Pelini stated Martinez stayed in the Michigan game until the bitter end because he needed to evaluate him more… that answer is assinine. Martinez needs more evaluation after 2 years as the starting QB? It’s those kinds of answers that make you shake your head.

        1. James Maddich says:

          I agree with you A-fan….we do need to get 2nd and 3rd teamers into more games to get experience. I think the coaches probably realize that they need to do that as well….I’m sure TO has mentioned that to them as advice.

          1. James Maddich says:

            Besides, now that Carnes has had time to learn the playbook and probably feels more comfortable going into games….I bet we do see more of him in games this year.

        2. Mike Caramba says:

          I see your point, but at the same time, isn’t forcing your qb to deal with adversity a valuable lesson, too? Would Martinez have bounced back against Ohio State if he hadn’t learned to stick it out against Wisconsin? Who knows?

          While I agree that I’d like to see more of the second-stringers in “meaningless” situations, I also see the value in keeping the starting sophomore in there (more when we’re getting blown out than when we’re blowing another team out).

  5. someguy says:

    From the tape I’ve watched Martinez still has a long way to go with his footwork. He still doesn’t step into throws correctly and he still arches his back which causes his head to move out of position. Plus, he doesn’t have pocket presence which is difficult (but not impossible) to teach. I would really like to see what Beck can do if he is able to recruit and land a more pure passer.

    1. James Maddich says:

      We live in the midwest, we aren’t going to get too many pure passers because warm weather teams are getting them (a good SEC recuiter is going to tell pure passing qb’s that they will look bad in late October/November b/c midwestern receivers will have stone hands/drop passes). Pure passers want good passing game all year long, they don’t like cold weather. Fact is, Beck will have to be able to develop QB’s and I think he can do that.

      1. James Maddich says:

        Ignorant? Really? Since when has Nebraska had a pure passing QB? We always take mobile QB’s and develop them into good passers. Work them into a run base offense with play action pass. Tommy and Turner. Ask TO why he would want to do that. COLD WEATHER! Better yet it works too.

        1. James Maddich says:

          By the way I didn’t say Nebraska receivers have stone hands….I said cold weather contributes to dropped passes.

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Isnt that kid from Michigan State projected 5th QB in the draft?

        1. James Maddich says:

          Yep…Cousins…and we also beat him too….because he was to slow and our D knew he was passing and frustrated him. I know…the midwest has had some good pure passing qb’s….but I am saying the midwestern teams get fewer pure passing QB’s like Cousins b/c not as many choose to play here…..some will play in the midwest….but if you get less of them than the southern teams do….and all midwest fans will agree….midwestern teams have to develop less high profile passing qb’s into great passers. That’s why the midwest has had good passers…develpment by the coaching staff…..but you’re not going to get a Peyton Manning (Look what the blackshirts did to him yet look at his pro career) type QB right out of the gates that often….so you have to stop saying….Beck sucks….Cousins is a good passer….we cant recruit guys like him so we lose…..we have to develop our QB’s bottom line….the practice film tells me Beck is doing that with Martinez. I can see it. Yes we have to wait to see if it equates to improvement in games…..but I am optimistic that it will. Since my statement has brought controversy….which I did not intend for….tell me the pure passing QB’s from midwestern teams that have won a National Championships recently besides Brian Griese. I simply think that midwestern teams are better off w/play action type/mobile qb’s and that pure passing QB’s don’t necessarily equate to Naty Champs. College football is not pro football…..all Beck needs to do is develop him enough to be an effective play action passer….not Peyton Manning….what better way to prove if he can do that …and it looks in the video to me that he has improved his QB drastically (not perfect….but obviously much better)…then maybe Nebraska will win more games this year and open some eyes to some new dual threat QB recruits….a more realistic goal IMO.

          1. Tired Husker says:

            yeah Aaron Rodgers is a run first QB that never throws the ball. They’ll never be able to throw the ball in Green Bay

          2. HuskerMark says:

            I wonder how much the announcers of Husker games contributed to this attention. They were so critical and dissected his mechanics every game. This year look forward to seeing many “before” and “after” comparisons during TV games. They’ll make it an issue as long as they can – just like always harping back to Bo’s sideline behavior in the ATM game…

    2. A Fan says:

      Agree. Martinez is decent QB, but we are not going to challenge Michigan for the division title with him as the starting QB. The same can be said of beating Ohio State and Wisconsin going forward. He can get the job done, most of the time. But against top competition… he’s not the answer.

      1. someguy says:

        Yep, I agree with you.

      2. Settle Down says:

        You guys know that teams have won conferences, even national championships, with decent quarterbacks. Plus, you guys are making your judgements on Taylor’s sophomore season, running a new offense, in a new conference. How about you give him at least this year to prove himself before you start telling everyone how much more about football you know than Beck and Pelini

  6. j says:

    More articles in the OWH this week about moving offensive linemen around and trying to get the best five on the field. That’s been the norm at NU since Callahan. Unfortunately, it seems to be the complete opposite of what Osborne always said. About how lines need time to gel and get used to how the others play. If Osborne was right, and his record speaks for itself, is this approach wrong?

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. Colorado Springer says:

      The 85 scholarship rule has changed college football. Now you have to use all available talent where ever. It is much more like coaching a high school team now than it used to be. Devaney had 250 players on scholarship plus unlimited walk-ons.

  7. Husker Bob says:

    I have always loved T Magic as a quarterback. I am glad that he took the time and worked on his mechanics over spring break that shows how he has turned into a leader. I like Carnes as well, but T needed the reps, as well last year, because he was learning a new system, as well. T keep your head head up; I love what you are doing and I support you and all the team as well as the coaches 200%. I trust this coaching staff and I love what they are doing. Keep up the great work and Go HUSKERS!!!!!

  8. division one teams should have a QB who can throw and shouldn’t have to teach him. burkhead is the best passer in the backfield, sadly enough.

    1. Chris Petska says:

      You sir, are a joke. Burkhead throws EVERY pass on the run or off his back foot and his success is the product of deception. I believe in Martinez, but he did need to work on his mechanics. You are probably one of the so called fans that was booing Martinez at the end of the first half of the Ohio St. game.

      1. Troy says:

        Ya i mean Taylor Martinez is a good QB but we need production out of him, as they say usually by your junior and senior years you progress better so we will just have to see

    2. HuskerMark says:

      You’re right, all high school players should be polished and ready for the NFL. Then we wouldn’t have to pay the coaches so much. Give me a break. College is about developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses. TM is trying. Props for that. He is maturing and turning into a man and a leader before our eyes. He may not be the best, but he is trying his best. When is the last time any of you asked for more than that from your own kids? If he leads us to a championship most of you naysayers will be yearning for the good old days of TM in a decade… “Why can’t we recruit and develop more players like TM?”

  9. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Bottom line people, look how long Oz played HC, OC, and QB coach.
    How many National Titles, and Heismans did NU produce after Tom hired A QB coach?

    1. Bill says:

      Holy cow… do I actually agree with the biggest troll on the Internet?

  10. C-H says:

    And we wonder why Pelini gets irritated by the fans.

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      True, but I have to roll my eyes a little bit. I do support Pelini, in general. But, man, doesn’t he get paid mega-bucks to tune that stuff out and focus on his work? Personal attacks on unpaid players and high school recruits are uncalled for, but, like it or not, criticism just comes with Pelini’s turf.

  11. Troy says:

    I mean ya Taylor Martinez is a good QB but not all comes in with being a QB with just leg work if you cant throw the ball then you shouldnt be at the position. As they say usually by your junior or senior year you get better and progress so we will just have to see

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Unfortunately this sudden attention to T-Melts throwing is only going to encourage him and Beck to throw the ball more.
      This season is already 7-5 8-4 to me, now were just going to have a T-Melt thinking about ‘more’ things during a game, D-1 QB’s do in their sleep.
      In all seriousness, Tim Becks ability to coach QB’s should not be determined by T-Melts abilities from this point forward. T-Melt was never a D-1 QB to begin with. Carnes on the other hand, is Becks canvas.
      There is nothing all the kings horses, and all the kings men can do to improve T-Melt as a QB in 7 months.
      Hopefully he has improved on his pitches, that’s where he is going to be the most effective, sucking up the LB’s, and shot putting over their heads to Turner, and or Bell.

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        Got to call you out on this one. You’ve been saying for months that Nebraska would be 4-8 or 5-7 next year…now you’re saying 8-4 or 7-5? What happened, man? Did you finally come up for air?

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          With the addition of Idaho State, and NU having a 3 game home stand ending with Wisconsin, and knowing Wisconsin has horrific QB’s, I’m thinking a rerun of last seasons Michigan State game, unfortunately Wisconsin will barely be .500 so the win wont be as impressive.
          7-5 is prolly more accurate.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Check that, i didn’t realize Wisconsin pulled in another gunslinger, Blowmea is desperate, his scholarship QB’s are dismal.
            So Obrien from Maryland will go @ Pelini’s D in Lincoln.
            I mean seriously, what team do you Husker fans believe NU will automatically win?
            With the addition of Obrien, this game is 50/50.

          2. Mike Caramba says:

            I don’t really believe in “automatic wins”. I believe in probabilities. O’Brien isn’t a very good QB — not in the same league as Wilson. I’d say they’re a favorite in that game. Underdog v. Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State.

            The thing is, I don’t generally speculate until I see them play a game. After one game last year, I pegged them at 9-3, and even called the games they’d lose (technically, I said they’d lose to either Northwestern or Penn State). I’ll get back to you with predictions in September. But I’ll tentatively say anywhere from 8-10 wins wouldn’t surprise me; 7 or fewer (or 11+) would.

      2. HuskerMark says:

        Throwing you can coach. Speed and running ability you can’t – you either have it or you don’t. The Husker D gets burned by mobile QB’s and Pelini has taken an “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach at the QB position. Same thing TO did by switching to the option after Oklahoma caused us fits with the wishbone. Doesn’t anyone else see the similarity in the evolution of our offense?

        As far as TM “thinking” more during games, I agree to some extent. If you take golf lessons and play without practicing the new swing, you are destined to have too many thoughts before hitting the ball. Practice turns those thoughts into afterthoughts. TM is already scheduled for more QB coaching after spring practice and has been throwing outside of practice to work on these new mechanics. Only reps and time will tell.

  12. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Thats fair