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Dirk’s Brunch Bites, March 27
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Tim Miles: 4
Doc Sadler: 0

That’s how many native Nebraskans the two coaches signed to scholarship the past five years. But how will moving up to the Big Ten change Miles’ strategy on recruiting Nebraska kids? It’s one of the biggest questions I have entering NU’s new era.

Miles can’t win in the Big Ten with a starting lineup of Nebraska kids. But his strategy should absolutely prioritize in-state prospects more than Sadler did. Not only do those kids give you intangible qualities like pride and work ethic (see: Tom Osborne’s walk-on program), they can perform.

Look at the last five years. Take Antoine Young, Josh Jones, Elliot Eliason, Wes Eikmeier, Jesse Carr, Greg and Dwight Smith. I can’t make the NCAA tournament if those are my top seven. But I CAN make the NCAA tournament if those guys are 3 through 9 in my rotation.

Then add two Top-150 prospects (from Chicago or Detroit or wherever) who can compete for all-conference honors. That’s a blueprint for success.

Where it gets interesting, of course, is that Greg McDermott will want some of those same in-state prospects. We should see some good recruiting battles, starting in the hallways of Omaha Central.

>> Doug McDermott, AP All-American. That’s the big one. That’s the gold standard. Check out this list of AP All-Americans dating back to 1948. I could spend an hour looking at it. It’s college basketball history. And now McDermott is part of it.

As I wrote in today’s World-Herald, the best way to put in perspective McDermott’s accomplishment is looking at who WASN’T a first-teamer: John Havlicek. Lenny Wilkens. Jo Jo White. Bernard King. Clyde Drexler. Glen Rice. Hank Gathers. Corliss Williamson. Jacque Vaughn.

Here’s another way to measure McDermott: Look at the first-teamers from outside the power-six conferences: Jimmer Fredette. Stephon Curry. Chris-Douglas Roberts. Adam Morrison. Andrew Bogut. Jameer Nelson. Dwyane Wade. David West.

That’s the entire list the past 10 years. Only CDR was not a first-round NBA draft pick; he was a second-rounder. Can McDermott be a pro? That’s a discussion for another day. On this day, soak in what he’s already done.

>> The Kansas City Star accompanies the Chiefs’ brass to Iowa’s Pro Day. Check out this quote from Scott Pioli about Kirk Ferentz:

“So many other teams run spread offenses, and you don’t see a lot of guys playing the same type of game that’s being played in the National Football League. That’s not the case here.”

I guess that’s a friendly way of saying Ferentz is behind the times.

>> Clay Travis offers a mock draft of national media personalities. Cool idea, but I don’t agree with many of his selections. I would have Dan Patrick No. 1 instead of Scott Van Pelt. Kirk Herbstreit (8th), Chris Fowler (10th), Charles Barkley (12th) and Cris Collinsworth (24th) should be higher. Jay Bilas (27th) should be much, much higher.

Who’s overrated? Nick Faldo (15th), Marcellus Wiley (21st), Tony Kornheiser (23rd), Mike Florio (25th), Gary Danielson (31st) and, most of all, Tony Reali (22nd). How in the world is Reali even on the list?

>> Another great read from a terrific sportswriter. Jeff Passan on former No. 1 pick Matt Bush.

>> Russ Smith, Louisville’s wild card, may be the key to beating Kentucky.

>> How Harrison Barnesbranding plan may have backfired.

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  1. ATX HUSKER says:

    My top 10 national media personalities….

    1. Jim Rome
    2. Gus Johnson
    3. Dan Patrick
    4. Scott Van Pelt
    5. Al Michaels
    6. Jim Nantz
    7. Rich Eisen
    8. Kirk Herbstreit
    9. Charles Barkley
    10. (3 way tie) Sooka, macjones and the NUCornDevil – love those guys!

    1. kevin says:

      I would probably put mac jones higher. He has more knowledge than Bobby Knight

  2. Pat says:

    Reali rules, Dirk

  3. John says:

    I love Doug, I have tremendous respect for the kid, he will not be a good player in the NBA, though. I have no doubt he will maximize his physical abilities, but barring a three inch growth spurt, he’s going to dominate some mid-level European league for most of his professional career.

  4. Tom in KC says:

    Please do a thorough analysis of the past 5 or 6 years of NE bball players who played D1 somewhere else. You mentioned: Antoine Young, Josh Jones, Elliot Eliason, Wes Eikmeier, Jesse Carr, Greg and Dwight Smith. — but I believe there is a guy who is playing at Minnesota and also the guy down at Texas. The other factor, albeit a small factor right now, is NE Omaha moving to D1.

  5. Tony says:

    Doug McDermott will continue to amaze us for two more seasons. If you have not seen him in person for a full game, make sure you put getting to the C-Link on your “to do list.” I think that he still has some growing left to do. He is like a strong pony now but will grow into a horse before he is done.

  6. macjones says:

    The University of Omaha will EVENTUALLY become the SECOND BEST Division I team in the nothern prairie Hinterlands. And I’m being absoluely SERIOUS y’all Lil’ Herbie MCB bUbba’s!

    By the way, too bad those JC recruits are abandoning that SUNKED Lil’ Herbie program. Eh. But then again, those JC recuits don’t do the Lil’ Herbie DELUSIONAL thing and what not. dUh

    R.I.P. Lil’ Herbie… Hee hee, Hah hah

  7. Art says:

    Did you even read the article you linked to on the Chiefs brass visiting the Iowa pro day? If you did, go back and read it again. You didn’t get it. Pioli was complimenting the Iowa players for being better prepared for the NFL game rather than running a spread offense that doesn’t prepare them as well (according to him). Quit being a hater and start reading the whole article before you make statements that don’t come close to the tone of the article. As a Hawkeye fan, I find their ‘pro-style’ offense about as boring as you can get. But, you can’t argue with the success and number of Hawkeyes in the NFL. Last year at one time, the entire starting defense for the 2008 Hawkeyes were on NFL rosters. According to, Iowa has 32 in the NFL right now. For comparison, LSU has 34 and Alabama has 26. Coach Ferentz is definitely doing something right to get his guys playing on Sunday.