Published Monday, April 2, 2012 AT 4:44 PM / Updated at 5:03 PM
Video, Photos: Husker practice report, April 2
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World-Herald videographer Kyle Benecke was in Lincoln on Monday to gather up some Husker football practice highlights and some post-practice interviews. Get a glimpse of some drills with the linemen, the QBs practicing some throws, some work running plays and interviews with offensive coordinator Tim Beck and receiver Kenny Bell.

See those videos below, but not before you check out a photo showcase from World-Herald photographer Jeff Beiermann.

Video: Monday’s Husker football practice highlights:

Video: Postpractice interviews with NU offensive coordinator Tim Beck and receiver Kenny Bell:

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  1. Joey says:

    I love it!!!! I knew the second our coaching staff BABBLED about TM, and how grrrrrreatly TM is improving his passing mechanics was nothing more than a CROCK!!!!…LOL. Just watched his passing mechanics, it hasn’t changed 1 bit…lol He still side arms his passes, like he’s playing MLB…lol. Like I said TM is the starting QB til he graduates…lol. Hey fans, ESPECIALLY those ones that said I don’t have no crystal ball, so how would I know…lol. I tooooold yooooou soooooo…lol. I don’t need a CRYSTAL BALL to understand POLITICS I am so amused how you fans don’t see the political corruption. But you cut down each other, rather than complaining about it, and trying tostop it….lol. But everything is Bo’s fault…lol. When you know good & well it goes sooooo much deeper than just Bo and our AD Tom, but you knuckle heads DENY IT!!!!! Even when EVERY PREDICTION I MADE HAS BEEN RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!…lol. I tell you who was going to be our starting QB, AFTER the Corn Fed SCANDAL was released. Let me remind you of my words…ok? And I quote.. ” Well, I guess that tells who PURCHASED the NU starters position.” We get ALL great QB’s that did great in High School. Carnes, Turner, Marsh. But what happened???…lol TM is starter. NOW we got a QB that can BURN teams with a long pass. Who is the starter?… again?… TM. WHO will be starter on his SR year, regardlessly how ridiculous he throws this season?… TM. Who are the ONLY staff members bound for promotions, besides Bo?? Barney, and a DC with NO skills, and NO experience…lol. Are you FINALLY ready to OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THE POLITICS YET???…lol.. You fans are TOOO EASY TO MISGUIDE, AND MANIPULATE!!!! Why would I say that??? Bo does it all the time, and you buy it… Hook, LINE, and SINKER…. EVERYTIME!!!! AAAH HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!… too funny man, too funny.

    1. VanCleef says:

      Hey Joey, weren’t you the one who aspired to be the “valid victorian” in high school? But here you are twenty years later still fighting to get that GED while sacking groceries. How sad.

      1. Joey says:

        Wow, what a typical SO CALLED Husker fan type of comment you made. I endlessly listen to common day STEREOTYPERS like you everyday VanCleef. What you CAN’T prove wrong, you gotta add your little lies. Those CHILDISH comments I expect to hear from from an IGNORANT CHILD, by the way, how old did you say you were? Nevermind, I can clearly see, A Bo supporter is a little bit angry when the TRUTH is being told. But you know what makes me laugh there kid. No matter how much insults you throw at me, and try to make me look bad, which fails, oh so miserably. The funny part is, EVERYTHING I TYPED, you can’t prove me wrong. That’s why you resort to childish insults. It’s not what I said. It’s the FACT you know it’s the truth. Because YOU see the FACTS EVERY SEASON!!!!….lol.

        1. VanCleef says:

          The only FACTS I see EVERY SEASON is that about 2% of the posters on here are always Husker hatin’ half-brain miscreants spewing their usual inflammatory bile. When you do, I’ll be right there making it a little less pleasurable for ya!!! Enjoy!!!!!

  2. Sooka says:

    Great doooooooooo!!!!!

  3. ucanthandlethetruthhuskerfans says:

    once again, joey with another accurate take.